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My favorite theme of Voltron is the idea that the thing you are uniquely talented at and suited to may not be the thing you are called on for. 

Keith is textually the most naturally talented pilot on the team, a speed demon, a loner, a risk-taker. He is uniquely suited to the Red Lion. But he was called on to lead and he worked hard to learn to do it well.

Allura is biologically and magically bonded to Altean technology, the only one who can operate the teludav, and inherited command of the Castle. But she wanted to be on the front lines and she overcame her self-doubt to pilot the Blue Lion. 

Shiro is the most natural leader of the team and the one who immediately formed the strongest bond with his lion. But circumstance took that away from him, and opened him up to a new opportunity: Atlas. Magical like the lions, but by and of Earth, new and exciting with boundless potential. A gift he could never have realized if he had stayed rooted in Voltron.

Lance was in search of an identity. The Blue Lion claimed him because it is dynamic and allowed him room to grow. He wanted to grow into command. But he was called to a support role and he embraced it both on the battlefield and off - instead of bouncing around looking for attention and glory he now brings out the best in others.

The best part is that these transitions aren’t easy or clean. They take time, and each person’s individuality is sometimes at odds with their role. Allura wears pink to honor her Altean heritage even after she’s accepted by the Blue Lion. Lance still wears blue - he can still be playful and mercurial. Keith still wears red - he is still an ace pilot. Every transition Shiro goes through leaves a visible physical mark on him. 

Because even if you think you know who you are and what you’re good at and where you belong, the world is more complicated than just one person. You might want to try something new, or you might be needed elsewhere, or you might fight against your nature to find a new path. You might be called on to do something you don’t want to do. You might not get the chance to use all your talents. Sure, you might be a Pidge or a Hunk - your calling might be obvious, immutable, and something that brings you joy. But more likely, you might have to change.

It is okay to be talented at something. It is okay to be uniquely suited to something. It is okay to be the best at something. It is okay not to do what you are talented at, or suited to, or best at. For a variety of reasons.

I just think this is such a mature, complex, wonderful message for a show aimed at young people to tackle and I’m constantly impressed by how well they pull it off.

reblog if you appreciate hyunjins dancing

reblog if you appreciate hyunjins dancing

reblog if you appreciate hyunjins dancing

reblog if you appreciate hyunjins dancing

reblog if you appreciate hyunjins dancing

reblog if you appreciate hyunjins dancing

reblog if you appreciate hyunjins dancing

reblog if you appreciate hyunjins dancing

reblog if you appreciate hyunjins dancing

reblog if you appreciate hyunjins dancing

reblog if you appreciate hyunjins dancing

reblog if you appreciate hyunjins dancing

Beyoncé, Adele, Rihanna, and Lady Gaga are expected to drop an album in 2019….. which means they’re all eligible for the 2020 Grammys…

It’s LITERALLY the 2017 Grammys all over again


When the rest of BTS can’t even separate these two from each other anymore.



Everything my father had seemed ill-gotten, dirty. So I turned my back on it. Then yesterday, seeing all that gold, I realized how untenable that position is. It would just sit in an account waiting to be transfered to you when I die, and then again – sitting there – waiting for you to die. I gave it all away. To who? Charities. I borrowed quite liberally from your Holiday Giving list. I’m proud of you. I think you’ll be pleased with the new venture we’re funding for the NYPD. Gun Buyback Programs have reduced the number of firearms fatalities everywhere they’ve been attempted. I thought it fitting to make that donation in your name.


Demon!Logan goes to the surface for an assignment. He was supposed to scout an area and come up with an average amount of people in that area desperate or greedy enough to be snagged into a deal. He hates the grunt work, but he’s been waiting for a promotion and this is his opening. 

He starts by scouting coffee shops. He doesn’t know why at first, but his superiors insist upon it. (After seeing the amount of college students in coffee shops…. He understands.)

In every single coffee shop, he sees a skinny guy in a big hoodie who looks like he exists solely on caffeine. Logan gets curious after a few days of seeing this guy in every. Single. Coffee shop. 

His curiosity changes to intrigue when he realizes the guy noticed him, no matter how well he faded into the background. This guy meets eyes with him once and narrows his gaze like a hunter locked on prey. This guy looks helpless, but somehow he can tell who isn’t human.

They play a little cat and mouse, where each is trying to corner the other into a conversation without losing the upper hand. They chase each other all over town as they try to investigate the other and find out the other’s motives. Logan’s coworkers get worried.

Logan has never been this focused on anything that wasn’t work before. He admires this human like nothing and no one else before. He didn’t even know humans came this smart. 

But eventually, through witty banter and attempts to trap the other into spilling their secrets… They get to know the little things about each other. Virgil loves extra whipped cream in his coffee and warm buildings. Logan loves the rules and certainty of books and chess, loves winning and a good challenge. They get to know each other in the ways that matter.

Logan blames his distraction when asked why he never noticed how Virgil always avoided paying for his coffee. He got it on the house, had someone else pay, even had Logan pay once… But never once did he actually buy the coffee himself. He didn’t buy anything, actually, that Logan could tell.

It was then that he realized the too-poor-for-a-non-ripped-hoodie look wasn’t an aesthetic choice. It was the truth. Logan took a good look around for once, without the clouding of Virgil and the hatred of his job… And sees how many poor people and college students there are, just scraping by as they fail to get by.

He bands together with Virgil and they do the only logical thing: They take over the city and make it better. 

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Are you a descendant of Sappho because you are doing the work of a lesbian god... making me more gay than ever before- men who? Sorry I only know beautiful gem ladies- most of whom could crush my little 5ft 2 self no problem.

AAAAASKDFJDS OH MY GOD this is like one of my favorite asks ive ever gotten??! THANK U SO MUCH YELLS! i just… i love girls so much… ALL the different kinds,, just,


Maybe One Day - Part 3

A collection of one-shots of Jay Halstead as a dad. Because we all need that in our lives. Co-written with @halsteadpd

When canon gives you lemons, you make fluff…

In case you missed it: Part 1Part 2

Christmas had been Jay’s favourite holiday for as long as he could remember, and he had always hoped to instill that same joy in his own children one day. Erin didn’t have the happiest holiday memories, but she wanted to give her children the childhood she hadn’t been lucky enough to have herself. Together, Jay and Erin were determined to create the perfect Christmas for their own family.

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He is such a gentleman!

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