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Someone asked me recently how to get over someone that was never truly yours. And I’m not sure how to answer that question. Because there is no closure, no moment of relief, no acceptance of what has come and gone. You don’t get to take down the photos and delete the messages. You don’t get to give away his old sweater and rip apart the ticket stubs. There is nothing there. Nothing to hold onto and nothing to let go of. No birthday cards and no anniversary presents, no roses or valentines chocolates, no favorite songs and no go-to date night movies. There’s nothing there. Nothing at all. It’s just one giant “what if”. And I still haven't figured out how to let go of the “what ifs”.
—  f.a.w
10 Things People Don’t Realize You’re Doing Because Your Parents Are Divorced By Holly Riordan 04/22/2017

1. You avoid talking about your childhood.

You hate looking through your old photo albums, because the memories aren’t as happy as the pictures suggest. That time you were smiling at the camera in front of Cinderella’s Castle was right before a huge fight that you don’t even want to think about. And, yeah, there are photos where you actually were happy too, and those are even worse to look through, because they remind you that your family will never be the same again.

2. You get scared when things start to get serious.

Once upon a time, your parents were happy. And that’s the most sickening part. Even if you meet someone that changes your life, someone that you can call your soulmate, who says that your love is going to last forever? Your parents are proof that things can deteriorate — and you never want to stick around for long enough to watch that happen.

3. You no longer count down the days until your birthday.

You used to be excited about holidays, but now you dread them. It means that you’re going to have to split your time between your mother and father — either that or you’re forced to ask them to sit in the same room and soak in the awkwardness. It’s much more stressful than fun.

4. You’re overly protective of one of your parents.

You didn’t want to pick a side, but it happened anyway. Maybe everyone knows which parent you’re closest to — or maybe you kept your preference a secret. But either way, there’s one parent that you feel bad for and one that you’re pissed off at, and it’s going to take you a while to forgive them.

5. You cringe at the idea of marriage.

You aren’t the type to daydream about white dresses and red roses. Sure, the idea of marriage is nice in theory — but you don’t know if you actually want to go through the trouble of walking down the aisle. You’ve seen how messy divorces can get. You’d rather have an escape plan.

6. You censor yourself when you talk about your family.

You don’t want to say anything negative about your mom when you’re at a party with your dad’s family. And you don’t want to accidentally tell your mom something that your dad probably wanted to keep a secret. You’re forced to tread carefully and it sucks.

7. You’re skeptical of every ‘happy’ couple you see.

Your friend’s boyfriend is always away on business? Probably cheating. Your cousin got married to her high school sweetheart? You give her three years before the divorce. Even if a couple genuinly looks like they’re madly in love, you feel bad for them, because you know it’s only a matter of time until that passion fades away.

8. You have a modern definition of family.

There are some asshole relatives that you don’t want anything to do with, because they showed their true colors during the divorce. And there are some friends, who don’t share your blood at all, but feel like family. They’re the ones you care about the most. The ones you want to spend the holidays alongside.

9. You keep a lot of emotions bottled up inside.

You’re angry, but you don’t want to make your parents feel even worse by yelling at them over something that had to happen. You’re depressed, but it’s been a while since the split, so everyone expects that you’re over it by now. Their divorce really fucked you up, but you don’t want to make the situation all about you, so you act out by drinking and dating a little too much — anything that doesn’t involve talking through your feelings.

10. You try hard to take care of yourself.

Your parents’ divorce taught you an important life lesson — that you should never rely on someone else to pay your bills or to fill your happiness. Because of them, you’re self-sufficient. Because of them, you aren’t afraid to leave unhealthy relationships behind. You won’t let anyone treat you like crap, because you know that walking away is always an option. 

@inquisitor-apnea replied to your photo “GUESS WHO’S BACK!!”

this looks so good already, i’m fucking jazzed for new art bro!! Like i legit wish I was as good as you are at your age; you’re gonna get so much better and better and be fucking amazing when you’re old like me (so old ((in 3 years hhahh))


This means so much coming from u because ngl you’re one of my biggest art inspirations & I absolutely wouldn’t have gotten where I am now if I never found ur blog :’’’)

When I see photos of home, my heart is filled with so much emotion. The view NEVER gets old, and it really is this beautiful in person. I have photos that look like this, and it’s not photoshopped. It’s more than homesickness, it’s sorrow, because I don’t think I’ll ever get to go home again. The way things are with my family… My home is lost to me.

Meeting Mary, your Mother, for the first time would include...

- Feeling pretty guilty because you were the one in the cot when Mary died

- Being lowkey jealous of Sam and Dean’s closer bond with her at first because they both have actual memories with her

- You’re shy around her and find it hard to open up

- You thinking she’s the most badass Hunter and wondering if you’d ever reach that standard

- Finally having another woman in the house

- She tells you how proud of you she is

- She can be very stern

- You help her out when she’s trying to get used to technology and how it all works

- You act more serious when she’s around, but so do your brothers so no one calls each other out

- It’s hard to call her Mum at first, but it doesn’t take long to get used to it

- You teach her about modern-day times and help her to adjust

- She finds you looking through one of the old photo albums and you can finally hear stories to go with the pictures

- You asking about what your brothers were like when they were really young

- “John would be so proud of you.” (You doubt it very much, but keep quiet)

- She picks up on small things about you such as eating habits, musical interests, general preferences etc..

- Mary admits how she feels like she can never get to know you properly because she wasn’t there for the majority of your childhood

- When she asks about John you go very quiet and look over to your brothers in hopes that they’ll help change the topic

- She calls family meetings to drag you from out of your room

- Sharing looks every time your brothers do or say something stupid or strange

- You finally taking in the fact that you have a Mum 

Requested by anon

Hi! Could you please do a headcannon where Sam and Dean’s little sister is meeting Mary for the first time? Thank you ❤️❤️
Of course! Hope this is okay, I tried to think of as many as I could x

I do not own these gifs

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If you take requests it would be amazing if you could do RFA+V&Saeran coming to MC with their friend and that would MC's abusive/mean ex? Just if you want, ofc. And I like your blog tho

omg this is gonna be angsty also thanks for liking my blog~ if you’re into MC seeing their ex lmao I got a funny headcanon where they Meet MC’s Ex. :)

P.S. I gave them names because y not??? don’t be offended when it’s ur name or whatever ok pls :( ily


  • they decided to meet at a nearby cafe but when he walked in, all he saw was MC standing in front of his friend
  • she had tears in her eyes, and coffee stains spilled down his friends white t-shirt
  • “MC? Allen? What happened…?”
  • his question was left unanswered
  • Allen grimaced at Yoosung apologetically
  • Yoosung looked at MC for an explanation, but her expression went dark, she looked at the floor and avoided his confused gaze
  • “MC, is everything-”
  • without another word, she ran out of the cafe with tears streaming down her face, pushing aside anyone and anything in her way
  • “MC!” he chased after her, but lost sight of her immediately after the door closed behind her
  • where did she go?
  • when he found her, it was already dark out
  • she was huddling against the wall of a back alleyway, shivering from the chilly winter air
  • “MC? Are you okay?” he approached her cautiously
  • “H- he’s my ex. The one I told you about. The one who hurt me every day like I was a pest under his control.”
  • he was so stunned he couldn’t speak
  • “Why did it have to be him, Yoosung? Why?”
  • MC looked like she was about to break
  • “It doesn’t. Not anymore, anyway. He’s no longer my friend. No one who dares to hurt you is my friend. No one.”


  • he felt a little iffy about it at first, you know, introducing MC to his friend
  • sure, he was the one dating MC but his friend was good looking too
  • maybe not as hot as he was ;)) but still, he was a little insecure
  • so fast forward to the day of
  • MC was waiting at the park bench, where they’d promised to meet
  • and as she saw Zen approaching, she excitedly stood up to greet him
  • but as soon as she saw the guy next to him, her expression changed completely
  • “MC! This is Michael, the guy I’ve been wanting to introduce to you for…”
  • “MC, are you listening?”
  • MC’s hands were clenched into tight fists, shaking slightly with anger
  • “I know who he is. I know him better than you ever will.” her voice was low, it sounded as if she was choking on every word she spat out
  • “What do you mean?” Zen reached out for MC’s hand, but she flung his hand away; looking up at him, he could see her face twisted with horror, fear and pain
  • “He’s my ex, Zen.” 
  • Zen’s eyes widened at that statement, not before long, he realized what she meant by that - who she meant
  • without a second thought, he punched Michael in the face
  • with barely enough time to react from the blow, Michael was then pushed to the ground with a loud thud
  • “I can’t believe it. And to think I thought you were a good person. I must’ve been blinded by your face - but not anymore. Now all I see, is the ugliest person in front of me. You disgust me. Get out of here.”


  • Jaehee was going through a few old photos of her highschool graduation
  • she was suddenly struck with a sudden realization
  • MC had never meet her best friend Sophie
  • “MC, come over here!”
  • she ran from the kitchen to join Jaehee on the living room floor with her stack of photo albums
  • “Look, this is was my best friend in college. She helped me through a lot of tough times. I haven’t contacted her a while because I’ve been busy with work, but I’m sure if I give her a text we could meet up some-”
  • “No.”
  • Jaehee was shocked at MC’s blunt answer
  • “It’s okay, she’s nice. And she’ll be so happy to hear that you and I’ve started dating!”
  • “No. No, she wont Jaehee.”
  • “But..”
  • MC was shaking, her eyes watering with tears who threatened to fall at any moment.
  • another word, and MC could fall apart
  • “Tell me.”
  • “She’s only hurt me from the moment I met her. I knew her back in college too, Jaehee. She was in my tutorial, and we hit it off right away but as time went by… she became exceedingly possessive. She hurt me because she didn’t trust me. She thought that leaving scars would-”
  • “That’s enough. I don’t want to hear anymore. I don’t want you to think about this anymore either. Let’s… let’s just go to bed, okay?”


  • aside from V, he didn’t have many childhood friends who lasted with him through all these years
  • there was, however, someone he really wanted MC to meet
  • and that was Chris, a nice guy who was outgoing but hardworking as well
  • “MC, tonight we’ll have dinner with an old colleague of mine, is that fine?”
  • “Sure, what’s his name?”
  • “Chris Lee”
  • MC tensed up at the sound of his name. it was surely just a coincidence… right?
  • when they arrived at the restaurant, Jumin began to approach the table nearest to the window that panned over the cityscape of lights and skyscrapers 
  • from afar, MC had already began to feel a wave of anxiousness twist her gut. Chris Lee. Blond hair, cobalt blue suit, black tie. 
  • It was him, and he hadn’t changed one bit
  • MC stopped walking as they passed by the bar
  • “MC? The table is up front, do you wish to visit the ladies room first?”
  • “Y- yeah.”
  • Jumin left for the table and had a nice chat with Chris, catching up on their business issues and other news
  • but soon, Jumin noticed that MC was taking an exceptionally long time; he was worried that she might have fainted
  • He asked a waitress to help him check the ladies room, but when she came back, she told him the bathroom was empty
  • Jumin ran outside and found MC sitting on the curb of road
  • “MC, what are you doing out here? It’s cold and not to mention rude for us to-”
  • “I can’t get any closer to him than this. Any further and I’d throw up.”
  • MC was wringing her hands, a sign, Jumin remembered, something she did whenever she mentioned her ex, Chris L… oh.
  • “I’m sorry, MC. Let’s go home. I’ll let him know dinner’s off, and so is our business deal.”


  • most hackers didn’t have friends - only enemies and government authorities
  • but Seven was different. he did have a friend: Mason
  • Mason was his church mate, a friend who knew his secret, but kept it regardless.
  • Seven decided that a beach bbq outing would be perfect for them to get to know each other
  • they got there first, setting up all the food and cooking utensils
  • “MC! Mason’s here!”
  • just as MC was dealing with the grill forks, she watched his friend approach
  • the similarities between her ex and Mason were eerie, except for the different name, she would’ve thought it was-
  • “Hey MC, remember me?” Mason grinned
  • there was no mistake, that was Mae, the sly smile confirmed it all
  • MC held out the grill forks in defense, distancing herself from Mason as much she possibly could
  • “MC, what’re you doing?” Seven laughed at her off pose, “Put those down, it’s okay, Mason doesn’t bite.”
  • “Yes, he does, Seven. In fact, that was his specialty. He used to bite me when we were dating. He teased me relentlessly, but I wouldn’t even call it teasing. He bullied me, Seven. He made fun of me and my insecurities, he used my trust in him against me.”
  • “W-what?”
  • “It’s true, Seven. I won’t lie that I was an asshole, but she was a bitch too. She ratted me out to my mom about my drug usage and-”
  • “ENOUGH.” Seven’s mind was going on information overload, but all he knew was to take MC away before she seriously hurt someone or even herself with one of those forks.
  • when they got back into the car, Seven noticed MC’s upset expression
  • “I’m sorry, I didn’t know he did such a thing to you in the past. I won’t be involved with him anymore. You can trust me right?”
  • “Yeah”
  • “You won’t threaten me with grill forks?”
  • he got slapped on the arm for that, but at least MC smiled at his remark


  • he didn’t have many friends - given what he’s been through, but he met one at his recent job and he was a nice guy
  • he wanted MC to meet Nathan because he thought that they’d get along and MC could help him if he ever made him mad or something like that (human interactions weren’t really his forte)
  • he opened the apartment door and invited his new friend inside
  • “MC, I’m home. I brought a friend.”
  • MC was in the kitchen, and answered him through the wall
  • “We have a guest? Give him a seat, I’ll get him a drink in a sec”
  • they sat down in the living room and made small talk until he heard MC’s steps approaching
  • “Sorry, we don’t have much at home, do you want coffee or tea-”
  • before she could finish her question, she dropped both cups and the glass splintered upon impact with the floor tiles
  • “MC! are you okay? did you get cut anywh-”
  • “Get him out of the house, Saeran.” her voice shook with fear, eyes dilated to an unnatural size. She looked like a deer in headlights
  • “GET HIM OUT OF THE HOUSE!” she screamed, covering her ears like she was suddenly afraid of the shrill in her own voice. 
  • Saeran ushered Nathan out of the apartment and carefully examined MC’s state of panic
  • “MC?” he asked just above a whisper, “are you okay?”
  • MC had tears streaming down her face as she grabbed onto Saeran for support. 
  • Her body was shaking violently. she was having an anxiety attack from something much too close to home for him to not realize
  • she was traumatized from previous abuse, and there was no denying that his nice friend, Nathan, wasn’t so nice after all.
  • “Sorry, MC. I didn’t know. He seemed nice, but nevermind that. I’m sorry, I won’t work there anymore.”


  • MC and him were going to go on a couple date
  • or.. more like couple photography session
  • he knew a guy who was just as good as him - Andrew
  • “Andrew and his fiance will be here soon, do you want to wait or we could start first?”
  • “Let’s wait, it’d be rude to-”
  • “Hey! Jihyun, we’re right behind you!” a voice called out from the distance
  • a voice vaguely familiar to MC, but she was unable to put her finger on it
  • as the other couple approached, she realized that this “Andrew” was also her “Andrew” from 2 years ago. 
  • “V, I want to go home. You guys can go ahead.”
  • “But MC, they just got here and today’s supposed to be a coupe photo-”
  • “I’M NOT FEELING WELL OKAY?” MC snapped at him unintentionally, but it had already taken effect. V’s face was evident of the painful shot he experienced just then
  • unfortunately, MC was louder than she thought, and Andrew had overheard as well
  • “Just let her go, Jihyun. This ass was always like that when I was with her. Complaining about this and that non-stop. I can’t believe you managed to seduce Ji-”
  • whoa that was unexpected
  • MC stomped away, back towards their car
  • V chased after her at a loss for words
  • “MC, I-”
  • “Its okay. You don’t have to say anything. You didn’t know, and I over reacted. I’m sorry.”
  • “No, I’m sorry. I should’ve let you know who were meeting up in the first place, it’s my fault. This could’ve otherwise been avoided. Will you forgive me?”
  • MC pulled him in for a hug, “I’ll always forgive you. Will you forgive me too?”
  • “Of course, MC.”

LOL i was low key gonna write drabbles but ya gurl was also lazy so here’s a mix of em’ both

~Cherry L.

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Winchester!Sister headcanon for you and Sam dealing with Dean's death? Congrats btw hun x

Thank you so much! 💘

Originally posted by jayqueenofhell

- You clinging onto Sam for dear life, as if you were scared that he would die and leave you too.

- Sam telling you that he won’t.

- You take a break from hunting for a little while.

- Always being there for each other, especially during your worse days.

- When the other needed space, you give it to them.

- Making sure the other doesn’t do anything stupid. You can’t do a lot if you’re both gone as well.

- Sam always keeping an eye on you, as if he’s worried you are going to crumble because of the grief. 

- You telling him to stop, that you’re not. He looks sad and you quickly apologize, realizing that you had snapped at him, but it was only because you’re so tired and sad.

- Waking up in the middle of the night by Sam screaming, because he has a nightmare. Getting out of bed, crawling into his to calm him down.

- Sometimes he just want to cling onto you for dear life too. You of course let him, and whisper comforting words, that you’re not going anywhere.

- Trying to get back into normal life, because you both feel like you need some normalcy in your lives.

- And after a while, when you’re ready, you begin talking about Dean, reminiscing. You look at old photos, remembering funny moments. 

- Promising and then reminding each other that you will get Dean back. And until then, you’re not going to stop thinking or talking about him. To never let the memory of him go away.

Just AgreStone (Gabriel/Jagged) things
  • your local wine dads 
  • just kidding they had to compromise days of the week where they drink either obscure american microbrews and fancy wine
  • Jagged picks out the music for Gabriel’s fashion shows (as long as it isn’t Jagged’s music, Gabriel could care less)
  • Penny and Nathalie (married and too old for this bullshit) have to referee arguments
  • Adrien can’t referee because he never sides with Gabriel on principle
  • Jagged convinced Gabriel to get a tattoo when they were teenagers. It’s a butterfly on his calf
  • Gabriel loathes it now
  • Gabriel is terrified of Fang and this results in games of ‘the floor is made of lava’
  • Jagged stole Gabriel’s makeup brushes and Gabe is still mad about it
  • Jagged has a professionally done and edited coffee book of all the drunk photos of him, Gabriel, Nathalie, and Adele in the early nineties and breaks it out constantly.
  • Jagged wears ugly sweaters that are too big for him
  • he messes up gabriel’s hair when he’s being a jackass
Still Listening

So, @prompto-loco came up with this really sad, yet semi-fond idea of what would kind of be the tone for the boys after Noctis’ sacrifice and as a product of the conversation, this drabble was created. Enjoy!

“He’s gone, Prompto. It’s time to make your peace with that and move on,” Gladiolus said as he moved to pull the tent back up.

It had been a year now with Noctis gone, meaning light had flooded back into Insomnia and Lucis, chasing away the daemons. A year Prompto had suffered without a hand in his, without lips against his own, without a chest to lay on while he pretended everything would be okay, if only for that moment. It was still hard, accepting that his boyfriend of four years was gone again, but he didn’t think ill of it because it was selfless. Noctis had lost almost everything and he gave up what little he had left for the good of his people.

For the good of all people.

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Baby Liam Series - Part One


Got done early, fam.

Okay, So I guess this will be a series if you want?

Given by anon. Not gonna put it all cuz it’ll spoil it all ;) Just know, baby Liam and daddy Derek <3

This made me really happy while writing.

Rating: Do you really care? There’s cussing, that’s it =)

1710 Words 

You were out hanging with Scott and Stiles, eating at some restaurant near the high school. You were asking normal questions. How is school? Are your grades good? Any new werewolves? Y’know the normal stuff. You stuffed your face with some waffles. Breakfast just seemed like a good idea at the moment, even if it was six at night.

It was nice, until you got a call from the house phone, of course. If someone called from there, it was important. Stiles’ head shot up as he recognized the ringtone of Stewie’s voices yelling mom. Scott looked up slightly before continuing to eat.

“Momma Hale speaking.”

“Y/N, that’s how you answer the phone? Nevermind, you need to come over like right now. It’s like code fucking red.“

Scott’s eyebrows rose at the sound of Derek’s urgent voice.

"Uh, okay, I’ll be there in like five minutes.” You said before he hung up. You sighed and looked up at the boys. “Looks like I’m going to have to leave. Take forty, that should be enough for all this,” you said as you dropped two twenties on the table. “Um, Don’t do drugs, be safe, see you guys later.”

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I don't know if you will answer that or maybe you can answer in tags, so basically I'm a neutral fan, so I don't have a solid opinion on everything. And I was reading some of larries blogs and they talked how Louis was papped with his kid so much and how celebrities don't do it. And it rubbed the wrong way cos they totally do. John and Chrissy were papped with Luna multiple times, Pink were papped with her newborn son, Mila and Ashton did it too. Ik it's not a proof but still, it's not uncommon.

i can’t speak for other people in fandom but my personal opinion/the opinion i’ve always seen expressed on my dash is not about louis being papped with the baby per se but rather the context surrounding the times he’s papped.

because yes, it used to be A LOT. and in places that the paparazzi aren’t just hanging around. this isn’t exclusive to louis. a lot of celebrities call the paparazzi on themselves and their kids.

the problem is we’re supposed to believe louis wants privacy (his team released a press release saying as much) and then he’s out there calling the paparazzi on himself every week at the calabassas commons or on the beach like in those tmz pictures (there is no way in hell the paparazzi ~just happened~ to stumble across them there. they were called).

celebrities typically use paparazzi pictures to promo themselves or to stay in the headlines/stay relevant. the same applies when their kids are in the pictures (for example: let’s say jessica alba calls the paps to take pictures of her and her kids out at the park and then the pictures ~just so happen~ to coincide with her  ‘honest’ line of products in being mentioned in a people magazine article).

what has louis had to promote for the first 10 months of this year other than ‘being a dad’? what is the strategic purpose of being papped more often than taylor swift if he has nothing to sell, one direction is on break, and we’ve got stories in the daily mail and the sun every other month telling us louis has no plans but to ‘focus on being a father’?

that would mean he’s totally chill with using his kid solely to stay famous and stay relevant in the headlines (despite the fact that he was probably the member of the band papped the least often up until partyboy!Louis started in 2015) and it makes absolutely zero sense.

you can tell when celebrities give the paparazzi/tabloids permission to take and publish pictures of their kids because the child’s face is not blurred out. ‘freddie’s face has never been blurred out (when he’s with louis or with briana/her family). meanwhile doris and ernie’s faces consistently are -meaning the press did not have permission to publish pictures of those kids.

and yet:

lastly (and for me probably the most important point) is the absurdity of expecting us to believe that a child less than one week old is being dragged out for daily pap walks and photo ops with the paparazzi IMMEDIATELY AFTER BEING BORN. doesn’t that strike you as cruel and complete unnecessary?

there are more but i think you get my point.

and yet. it happened. over and over and over again. almost like someone we know who’s also suspected of faking his own baby scandal *cough simon cowell cough*

it was a circus and there was ZERO reason for it. i’m glad we could tell they were legit just dragging around an empty carrier because the implications of louis being complicit in hauling around a newborn purely for the publicity and attention leaves a really bad taste in my mouth.

Take the time to read this.

Imagine this, not seeing her anymore. Like not having the opportunity to maybe run into her in the future and catch up. Imagine hearing from a friend or family member of her’s that she had “left”, and not for a little bit, but forever. Imagine waking up each day hoping to get a good morning text from her but only to get “I’m sorry for your loss” paragraphs from people who knew how much you loved her. Imagine looking at old photos of you two enjoying life and wondering where things went wrong. Because she was so happy wasn’t she? She was so excited about everything wasn’t she? It’s true she was, but not until every night she’d return home to abusive parents who didn’t give a damn about her and a razor on her night stand. Imagine trying to remember her scent, because it’s been so long, it slip from your memory. You never really seemed to care about that mole on her cheek until you could never see it again. Imagine going to her funeral with a bouquet of her favorite flowers. Imagine seeing her lifeless body on stage for viewing. Imagine having to say your goodbyes but not sure if she can even hear those words. Imagine every night you keep repaying your last moment with her in your head. Imagine that. Embrace every moment with her, you never know what she may be going through.

Pete once said of Bronx...

…that he didn’t want to put photos of him on the internet anymore, because he wasn’t old enough to decide for himself if he wanted to be someone’s LJ icon, yet.

I know we all adore Patrick, we all want to be his kids’ doting internet aunties and uncles, but until they give us the material, the best thing we can do to honour his wishes and treat him with the love and respect we all have, is to not post or share things that were never meant for our eyes. 

I really, really get how excited people are - even wanting to know the name is understandable, because we all care and want to share our happiness for them - but things like this in the past have already damaged Patrick’s relationship with the fans. Right now, we have an opportunity to mend that, by having that information and making the collective decision to not spread it further - showing that we care about what he thinks and his family’s privacy more than having this piece of gossip. 

Make a choice.

my heart lets nothing die. even the small wars interrupt my sleep. i wait for people to ask me what’s wrong and then i lie. i stayed home four weekends in a row because i didn’t trust myself to say the right thing. i’m just not the life of the party. i’m trying to live with that. the worst thing that happened to my family happened three years before i was born. i don’t know how to keep answering the same question. i’m impossibly alone. i made myself this way. i stared at someone from a distance to see if they’d ever look my way. they didn’t. they went on with their life and did not know they existed to me at all. i wonder sometimes if my heart will always feel this far from me. i heard someone say something terrible and i counted the ceiling tiles to make the world stop spinning. i considered my body and how it’s changed. i wrote to a person i never had the chance to meet. sometimes i have to stay away from the old photo albums because it just gets too hard. i don’t know how to forgive myself this time around. when people look at me i wonder if they notice the parts of me that are gone for good. they don’t flinch but that means nothing. i still have dreams about a country that forgot about me in its sleep.

Lost in Translation (Chapter 2)

A million thank yous to Jessa, who took pity on me for completing my submission at 12:01am. You are a wonder, in so many ways. Thank you for hosting this amazing challenge.

Thought it only fitting that my submission be the next chapter for Lost in Translation, which is a follow up to my other PiP submission, Video Relay. Best to read up before checking this one out.

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anonymous asked:

It's open~! Relationship headcanons for Kankurou, Sai and Kisame please! Stay awesome~ ♡

Relationship Headcanons for Kankuro, Sai and Kisame 

Originally posted by dailynaruto


• Kankuro can definitely be a sly, sarcastic boyfriend. It’s all in good fun, but he just isn’t he type to be loving and adorable all the time. His wouldn’t be caught dead calling his s/o babe or sweetie in public because he has a reputation to maintain. Instead he’d call them things like “shorty” or “gremlin” because he knows it gets under their skin a little and he thinks it’s cute when they get all riled up.

• Will walk his s/o around town with his arm slung casually over their shoulder, pointing out certain places and reminiscing about the stupid, dangerous things he’s done there like he’s boasting about it. He fondly imagines it makes him seem tough and extra masculine.

• He is such a cuddler in private. He pulls his s/o down into his lap and wraps his arms around them and refuses to let them move unless there is a bathroom emergency. But if his lover were to mention it in front of his siblings or his friends, he’d claim he has no clue what they’re talking about. Gaara and Temari don’t buy his crap though, and Temari never loses a chance to rib him out it.

• Would lowkey do something stupid like late night puppet shows when his s/o stays the night. Not with his combat puppets, but with small puppets he created just for this purpose. He has a whole comedy skit lined up, and honestly it’s pretty hilarious to watch him stand in a corner in his boxers and socks and make exaggerated, silly voices for his puppets. It never gets old because he switches it up all the time.


• Sai has had to learn to pay close attention to his s/o, but he still can misinterpret signals so bad. His s/o could stand in front of him half naked and say, “let’s go to the bedroom” and he’d be like, “you’re tired already? It’s only 7? Where are your clothes?” and he’d just slowly get more and more confused the more he tried to figure it out. He means well, he just has to be directed.

• He takes photos of his s/o a lot, because he likes to use them as a reference when he’s drawing pictures of them making his favorite expressions. They all have direct titles based on what he thinks that particular expression means like “happy”, “confused” and his personal favorite “amusement.”

• Sometimes when his s/o tells him a good joke it takes him a while to process it, but some time later he will start laughing out of nowhere and explain that he now understands why the joke is funny. It’s strangely adorable and endearing.

• If his s/o values their dignity, they will not engage in a playful roast battle with him. He doesn’t understand the concept of going too far and will likely hurt their feelings in the process. If he does notice that they look hurt, he will immediately apologize though he may not fully understand what he’s apologizing for. He just knows he doesn’t like to be the one who made his s/o make that face.

Kisame Hoshigaki

• Kisame would want a scrappy s/o. Even if they aren’t very strong, it’s the feisty side of them that he likes the most. He likes to pick on his s/o to the point where they are ready to launch at him. On occasion, he will indulge himself and wrestle around with them, but usually he just ruffles their hair, puts his arm around their shoulders and says something like, “I was just playing. You know I think you’re cute when you’re mad.”

• If his s/o was ever foolish enough to try their hand at an actual friendly spar with him, it would probably turn him on a little bit? I mean, it’s probably not like they have a chance of winning but that serious look in their eyes when they’re trying to hit him would provoke him to get a little handsy when it’s his turn to counter.

• He is not really sure how he feels about someone thinking he’s cute. He’s torn between being flattered and being outright indignant about it. On one hand, he is the Monster of the Hidden Mist, he should be feared and respected and no one in their right mind should think he’s cute. But on the other hand, it kind of makes him feel good when his s/o compliments his physical appearance. He doesn’t know how to react to it at all, so he usually just brushes it off at the risk of seeming rude.

• Being that he’s a hulking giant of a man, he will carry his s/o around a lot. He has no problem scooping them up and throwing them over his shoulder if they’re being annoying, or letting them ride on his back if they’re feeling a little tired. In fact, he secretly kind of likes it.

SPN 12x02: We’ll always end up here.

Mamma mia aired three days ago and I’ve seen many discussions about everything that happened in the episode. In my case, I’ve had a very busy week, so that’s why it took me some time to write something myself. However, here I am to contribute to the discussions already started.


First of all, the episode was written by the dreadful duo: Brad Buckner & Eugenie Ross-Leming. Anyone who has been following me for some time should know that they’re my least favorite writers because (I’ll quote myself from a post I wrote about them): “Their episodes are almost always problematic due to non-con, racism, sexism, misogyny, and some “no homo” among other things. Even our boys are sometimes OOC.”

When I saw the scene between Sam and Toni in bed, I wasn’t even surprised. It wouldn’t be the first time these writers include problematic sex scenes. Do you remember Cas and April in 9x03? Yeah? Well, they did that. Lack of consent, dubious consent, rape… they don’t even think about such things when they write their episodes. Even if Sam and Toni didn’t actually have sex; even if it was only a hallucination, everything happened inside Sam’s head. Toni was taking advantage of Sam, and I seriously think that she could have created a hallucination about any other thing, but apparently, she believes that sex works on Sam (as she later mentioned Ruby to him).  

There was only one good thing about the scene between Sam and Toni (and I feel bad for saying it). Many people thought that there was even a small chance that Toni could hook up with Dean. I mentioned in another post that such thing was NOT going to happen. Toni was obviously a love interest for Sam (which didn’t really make me happy because I prefer Eileen). However, I wasn’t expecting something to happen so soon. The scene between Sam and Toni (even if it was a hallucination) cancels out any possibility of Dean/Toni happening, thank Chuck! Due to what happened between Sam and Toni, I’m not sure if they will give Toni some kind of redemption arc. I still believe they want to do that. Let’s remember that she left her child back in London. We probably need to know her backstory to be able to understand her actions.  

I received this from an anon, and I will share it because I had thought exactly the same:

I think Toni’s motives are personal and not just of the BMoL’s. Mick said that her mission was to identify American hunters and gain their trust”. He said nothing about the Winchesters, like she had to search for THEM first. Plus, she was very emotional in the car. It felt clear (to me) that she has some grudge against the Winchester boys, like she wants revenge or something – and Mick knows that too. Especially against Dean. I don’t know… her behavior seems different towards Dean, like you can see the pure hatred in her eyes. She acts much colder and sadistic towards him, than Sam (okay, it may sound weird, but I got that feeling). She’s kind of curious towards Sam and I don’t think she wanted to torture him that much at first. It was after she learned that Dean was alive and later killed her partner. And when she captured Dean, she became much colder and sadistic. And she asked about Dean when she first met Sam in the bunker.

I think the Nonny has a very good point here. Ladi Toni has a son, but we have gotten the idea that the child’s father is not around, right? So, is he dead? Does Toni think the Winchesters have anything to do with his death? Or maybe it’s not a late husband but a late father, mother or both? Look at this from her house in London:

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RFA Smartphone Headcanons

Jumin : The latest iPhone, always black. Tends to change phones often, as a phone this price is no big deal to him. Doesn’t have a phone case and doesn’t want one. Addicted to Neko Atsume.

Jaehee : Black iPhone. Often gets Jumin’s old phones (and has to save all of Jumin’s cat pictures on his iCloud because he never does it himself). All apps are neatly organized in related folders. Has one of those heavy-duty phone cases (think Otterbox Defender) to prevent damage during cat-sitting duties. Ringtone is a song from one of Zen’s musicals.

707: Black Google Nexus with red and yellow phone case. Definitely rooted. Photo album is full of memes, cars, funny gifs and cat pictures. Has a photo of the MC’s on his lock screen at some point, no matter the route. Has a second phone for agent duties.

Zen : Silver iPhone, probably a 5S, with a black phone case. His photos are almost nothing but selfies of himself - and of himself and the MC later on, if she’s on his route. Watches a lot of videos on YouTube for acting references. Often busts his data plan because of aforementioned YouTube.

Yoosung : Has one of the more affordable Android phones because he’s a college student - something like an older model of the Samsung Galaxy or a OnePlus. Uses a lot of gaming-related apps like Discord or Steam. Text tone is the Item Get jingle from LoLoL.

Happy Monday (and Labor Day for some) to all of you wonderful people! Let’s just get right back into things, shall we? 

How are you guys doing today? Why does it never let me add an answer box? Tumblr- how you hate me! Anyway, I hope you are all doing well. I’m including an updated photo of Gemma for anyone who is curious (she is now 7 weeks old!) and because…look how freaking cute these diapers are! 

She’s currently beside me playing the game she always plays with her pacifier: do I want it or is it disgusting?

Love to you all!