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One my kitties has been missing for a few days 😔😔

It’s a long shot, but if any of my followers happen to know anybody that lives in Hemel Hempstead (England, idk if there’s any others in the world but just in case) please can you pass these photos along to them to see if they’ve seen her.

She’s got a funny little face and even funnier personality, she’s 10 years old but still going strong. We’d really like her home

Unfortunately she’s the only one of our cats not chipped (we got her from my sister and she was already spayed, which is when we usually get them chipped, so we just never got around to it because we suck).

Macy Gray Has Written A Love Song To Her Vibrator – And We Kinda Like It

Macy, you never fail to surprise us. [Photo: Rex]

There’s no doubt that Macy Gray is one talented lady.

The R&B singer still gets us all screaming along to ‘I Try’ whenever it pops up on a playlist, but we have to admit we’re slightly, OK, massively, baffled by her latest hit.

The 47-year-old singer is back with a brand new song – all about her number one sex toy, BOB the vibrator.

If you let the words wash over, you’ll probably find yourself absentmindedly singing along because the tune is everything a top hit should be; on point and catchy.

But listen carefully and you’ll realise that Macy is singing a love song to her dependable dildo – or “her baby” as she refers to him. Or should that be it?

From applauding the fact that ‘BOB’ (which stands for Battery Operated Better, obvs) “fits like a glove” and is the only ‘man’ that a woman needs between the sheets, the lyrics will definitely get you sniggering – if not agreeing, ladies.

Plus, the animated music video is pretty comical…

We can imagine the tune blasting out of radios this summer – except it won’t, because it’s NSFW.  

The tune seems to be racking up the likes and listens already, with YouTube fans labeling it as, “The feminist song for 2015” and commenting that it’s the “song of the f*****g year.”

Well done Macy, you’ve definitely put a smile on our faces this Friday morning.

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Katy Perry As Elizabeth Taylor For Harper’s Bazaar

Singer Jane Birkin Wants Name To Be Removed From Luxury Crocodile Skin Hermes Bag

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Hi I just wanted to tell you a story. On Taylor's instagram, everyone was asking how old he was. (On the happy bday post), so by doing everyone a favour I told them his age. And they started asking questions about what age taylor was when she started dating him. She deleted all of the comments, I feel as if she's self conscious and afraid of bad press, even though it wasn't bad press. I know she can do whatever she wants but it's awkward

How she’s trying to delete comments that aren’t even bad, I know she is a private person and likes to keep her life under wraps but it wasn’t like I was bashing her bf?

Thank you for telling me this story. For myself I would never comment on her Instagram photos to tell everyone how old he his or answer questions about their relationship because I don’t think it’s my place to be telling other people that, but I understand what your saying. I know I get sometimes asked about her and Michael but the only info I know about them, is that they have been dating for three years and how old he is nothing more.  I also think that I don’t need to know more, I think her personal life should just stay personal. It looks to me that she definitely doesn’t want to people knowing her business which we should respect even though they where not bashing her boyfriend. There are many people here who have sent my messages to say that he’s to old for and other stuff but I seriously don’t see the problem as long as she happy. I also haven’t seen the comment’s I looked at her photo so it seems to me that that she deleted it all so it’s quite hard to answer this message because I did not see the comments!

“Girls compete with each other, women empower each other.” The 3 hour road trip we had last night was BEYOND worth it because we had nothing short of an AMAZING time at women’s empowerment. There’s stories you can hear over & over again, and let me tell you …. They NEVER get old! Each time you hear it, something else happens where they keep adding & it makes you want to strive more because more is possible. All of these women are there to lift you, show you how you can create the life you have always dreamed of, and be that open ear when you need help/someone to talk too! @aclayton8422 @ncosta_22 @melissa_folster @liz_cort_team_fit_mom #dreambig #dontgiveup #helpyourself #believe #anythingispossible #workhard #goalcrusher #motivated #determined #onestepatatime #keeppushing #empower by st_4307

Carnivorous plants love classical music.
Well mine do anyways. Cleopatra (venus flytrap inspired by Mortica’s strangling vine in the Addams family tv show) and Thing (another Addams family name, sundew plant) are almost 5 years old. Which apparently is a big feat for someone whose never owned a carnivorous plant. Apparently they’re easily killed.

Anyways. Every week the plants get music for about an hour. I do believe it’s aided in their growth and health. I took this photo because as soon as the music started one of Cleos mouths opened and it looks like she’s singing into the headphone.


Hello There! I’m kinda new to tumblr, not sure what i can do here yet, but it looks like a lot :) I’m a 27 year old single woman who lives in Gouda (cheese city) in the Netherlands. I love food, my animals, making photo’s and shopping on aliexpres. You never know what you get from China. Always a surprise. I think i am creative, at least…i try to be. I love fashion, especially for curvy girls, because i am one myself. Well, thats it for now. Probably no one will read this anyway. I’m not sure how to get “friends” on this platform yet. 

Elvira (thats my real name, Millie is the cat)

Candy and castles! Well... actually a palace... | 29th May 2015

Another cold and windy day in London had us shivering out the door after breakfast. We were heading to a few places and started off on the good old 88 bus into town.

Our first stop was St. Paul’s Cathedral, but along the way i made it a point to take photos in a telephone booth because i never got one when i was there in 2013. Andie and I have iPhone photos down-pat and have a good system to get the perfect one. When we want a photo we get the other to stand with our iPhone and continuously press the capture button until the other says stop. We end up with 50+ photos on our camera rolls but it works and we are never disappointed in one another as a photographer!

There was also an amazing candy store that had tall walls full of British candy and sweet treats. I was literally like a kid in a candy store and bought some lollipops. The ladies that worked there were so sweet (pun intended) and gave us free pieces of fudge to take home. It was such a cute store and i wish we had stores like that in Sydney.

The Cathedral was really interesting and I love the architectural structure and detail of building like these because it makes me feel like i’m back in the time it was constructed and when that style was popular. We wanted to go inside but we had to pay so we walked right back out because we wanted to go to other places and not spend too much time there, so it would have been a waste to go in and pay for a 10 minute walk around.

Next up was High Street Kensington! We took the tube and there were a lot of people looking to do the same thing as us in the popular area. This area is so pretty and is a more luxurious part of London. Our first stop was Kensington Palace and the Kensington Gardens. It was so pretty and green, just like what you expect parks in London to look like. We took some photos and strolled around the garden grounds for a while and the sun was lovely enough to come out!

On the way back we popped into some shops and i bought some wallets for myself and my mum and a really nice bag from TK MAX. They’re all real leather and English brands so i was very happy that i got them for a discounted price. There was also a Whole Foods in the area so we ducked into it to get some food and to buy some goodies! A lady that worked there told us that David Beckham and other celebrities shopped there sometime so it was pretty cool to be there but we didn’t see any on that day. We went up to top to get some late lunch and also bought some good stuff as well. I got some fresh juices, tea and organic popcorn. My Aunt was also lovely enough to pay for some of the things i got!

It was getting dark and colder towards the end of the day so we just ended up heading home after Whole foods. We took the tube back to my Aunt’s house and had a hot dinner back at home. I also made a plan for the next day because I wanted to see a lot of stuff but needed to know how to get to the places. I used an app that showed bus and tube time tables to get times and routes for our day and also used google maps to save the addresses and places i wanted to go to. The good thing about google maps is that you can save a place and use it without internet (which i didn’t have on my phone) and you can even follow where you are on the map because the satellite your phone uses for the app shows where you are as a little blue dot. Good tip for anyone worried about using old school maps!


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Zane with the Mane :) Sorry I just had to :) Are you passionate about anything else other than surf?

Absolutely.. One of my biggest passions is creating art with photos videos etc never gets old to me because there’s always something different you can do. I also love flying, skating, anything outdoors 🌴

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do you have any advice for someone trying to get better at art?

Don’t get frustrated because you hear this all the time: draw a lot. I’ve been drawing for ten years, all the time looking at certain art senpais and feeling like I’d never be as good as them. The only way to get better is to practice. Try different styles. Start simple. Use reference (I like using myself as photo reference because no credit required).

For comparison’s sake, look at something I drew ten years ago:

Compared to what I drew yesterday??? That’s ten years and a lot of drawing later.

If you don’t want to take ten years, draw a LOT! I’ve always done art as a sort of secondary hobby (my real passion is writing) so it took me longer to improve than if I’d been doing it every single day.

Acrylic seems lika such a thing that I will never learn. This is my second try ever, so there is a lot of room for improvements. I just feel like I have so many ideas and I just need some help or practice with the execution. But hey everyone starts somewhere, right?

Okey so the little painting I just did. I painted of a old photo from my childhood and tried to get a “vintage” feeling. I also made it a bit abstract because I want it to feel lika a memory where you remember the big picture but maybe not all the details. 


Genova is beautiful! We spent this evening exploring the Old Town and Boccadasse area by the seaside. I’ve never seen so many dogs in my life, and babies! So many babies. I’m going to try and get some photos of dogs because in Italy you’re allowed to take your doggy everywhere. Also, everyone seemed to be hanging out with their families, and it was just so nice to watch them greeting each other and looking so happy. Another plus is that there’s virtually no tourists here! Nobody speaks English either so we learnt some basic Italian which has been going good so far. (I’ve also been cheating and using some Spanish phrases but making them sound Italian, haha!).

Let’s Dive into the World of Analog Photography

By Photosiast

Even though most of the photographers consider analog cameras as out of date instruments in the ever developing never stopping photography world, there are still lots of us find them charming. Maybe the yearning for the old days, maybe getting tired of this boring digital era, whatever the reason is, some insist on using them and trying to capture the very moment with these oldies while enjoying the click of the mechanism.

Photography is a passion, where analog photography is an excitement. Firstly it excites you when you take the photo. Because every click is irreversible and cost you something. (Here I don’t want to debate on the high prices of high end DSLR’s and the real cost of a digital photo  when it is compared to film one. Never ending story.) Moreover, even if you decide on taking another shot after an unsuccessful and not to be printed one, you will be obliged to develop and preserve that frame with the others in case you don’t cut and discard it.

Secondly, it excites you while you are developing it or waiting it to be developed. Could I focus on the subject properly? Did my son blink at the time of shooting? The expiry date was 10 years ago! What will I get? Not sure if they use fresh solution when developing! You may add lots of stressful expressions to those above that show your concern. However some frenzied people including me, and I believe that their number is above the assumption, insist on shooting film. Though I think they’re crazy, I respect them. Because after taking photo they get more than 0’s and 1’s. They get something solid !

Despite those difficulties I mention, people want to shoot film have lots of camera options. There are a great variety of them : rangefinders, point and shoots, SLR’s, medium formats, instant cameras, disposables, vintage cameras, etc. If we keep the professional ones, like some Hasselblad and Leica models or 35 mm cameras like Canon EOS 1V’s or Nikon F6’s apart, you can purchase a clean second hand camera for a fair price. You have to be careful when buying one, because apart from Leica and Lomo almost all the producers discontinue manufacturing film cameras and it is not easy to obtain spare parts when facing problem. You’d better find a carefully used and mechanically in good condition camera that lets you mount new lenses.

Because 35 mm films are cheaper and easier to find, I suggest obtaining a camera uses them. Those are SLR’s, rangefinders and point and shoots that let you load 35 mm films. To be honest, when we mention a 35 mm film camera, the ones grow nostalgia in our hearts are the classics like Nikon F series cameras or Canon FD system models. Additionally, some Pentax models as K1000’s and ME Super’s or Minolta X-700 or X700’s arouse excitement. However rather than those old war horses I preferred to buy a “Canon EOS 300V”. It was introduced in September 2002 and known as the “EOS Rebel Ti” in North America. Anyway, why did I choose it?

  • It is quite small (130 x 88 x 64 mm / width x height x depth) and light (365 gr without batteries).
  • Its design is quite easy to hold and operate.
  • It is modern type of a camera that allows you to use current full frame Canon lenses with its stainless steel lens mount.
  • It has all shooting modes of a modern digital camera.
  • Its metering types are evaluative, partial, centre-weighted averaging.
    Maximum shutter speed is 1/2000 second in the meantime minimum shutter speed is 30 seconds.
  • It has auto wind function that helps you shoot fast.
  • It has auto focus function with 7 auto focus points.
  • Motor drive speed is 2.5 frames per second which is not bad for a consumer film camera.
  • Can be operated with wired and wireless remotes.
  • Dioptric adjustment is possible for glasses wearers (2.5 to +0.5 dpt).
    It has an internal flash which can auto pop-up and useful for quick snapshots.
  • Supports E-TTL and A-TTL metering systems for its flash products.
  • There is a dedicated DOF button helps you determine what photos will look like before the image has been taken.
  • It has a dedicated ISO button.
  • There is an illuminated  LCD on the back panel which is useful for low-light and night photography.
  • Charms like self-timer (10 sec) and red-eye reduction lamp.
  • It is operated with two CR2 batteries (Not so cheap but still available on the market).

Though this camera was launched to the market with its all plastic but fairly good 28-90 or 28-80 mm kit lenses, I prefer my new all plastic but low budget/high quality 50 mm f 1.8 “nifty fifty”. It is very fast and highly successful in low light. Furthermore, sharpness and contrast are pretty reasonable for such an inexpensive lens. 

Canon EOS 300V 50 mm lens mounted on it

Canon has similar versions named EOS 500N, 300 or 3000N but 300V is the most capable and feature-equipped model among them. It differs from them with its stainless mount, faster shutter speed and large rear panel.

Back panel of Canon EOS 300V

To say the truth, the quality of your shot highly depends on the film you use. It is another area of research and I have never made such an examination and comparison on films. So, I can’t make a judgement on what film can be used in what condition.

What I can say is, if you are interested in shooting film, Canon EOS 300V, along with 50 mm f 1.8 lens, is a good, cheap and easy to use option. Yes, it is a plastic consumer camera. Maybe its curvy shape may not appeal to some of you. It is not as sophisticated and performing as EOS 3 or 1V. But its some of features are included only on more advanced EOS models.

Canon EOS 300V with 28-90 mm kit lens

It is possible to find a 300V for about 20-100 US dollars with a kit lens. If you think the kit lens is enough, it is good for you. Otherwise by spending additionally about 120 US dollars, you can purchase a prominent nifty-fifty. This combination will give you an insane full frame photo satisfaction with analog charm.

Why are you waiting? Take your camera, go out and shoot!


Friendly reminder that you don’t KNOW Katie Cassidy. You’ve never met her. She hasn’t actually done anything to you. You all are hating on her because her opinions about a fictional TV show differ from yours. She isn’t “using” Emily. Emily is a 24 year old woman who makes her own choices. She doesn’t need you to ‘look out’ for her. If they weren’t genuinely fond of each other they would not be hanging out. When are people going to realise that cropping people out of cast photos, sending hateful commments, and being down right mean to someone isn’t fucking ‘cool’ or ‘helpful’. It’s disgusting and people need to stop. You’re making someone feel shitty for nothing. Katie has done nothing wrong and hating on her just makes you petty.

Been up since 4am here in Georgia. So many things running thru my head. Grieving for a 28 year old black woman I never knew who’s life was just getting started. I am a very vocal committed activist in this fight for justice for people of color. My heart is sad because now black women are the target of this corrupt America(I am a target) we live in it makes me angry and sad at the same time. Do Not be distracted by the Media focusing on this rap beef going on between the little sheep they have working for them. Do Not be distracted by the edited version of the police cam of Sandra Bland. It’s coming ya’ll whether you choose to believe it or not. Revolution! The killings are not gonna stop until everyone everyone stands up and says enough is enough!! I would advise folk now to unfollow me because I’m on another level of beast mode right now in regards to BlackLivesMatter. #IAmSandraBland by chef_tk_kyle

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jan 25th

January: Do you rather warm weather or cold weather?

I much much MUCH prefer warm weather, theres something much more comforting for me because I never really experience cold weather (where I live my summers get close to 50C and my winter is like ??? around the 20Cs most times) so warm reminds me of home

25. Favourite childhood memory?

my favourite childhood memory that always makes me smile is being at my grandma’s old house playing with her dog and I - as i was just walking at the time - crawled through the doggy door to follow the dog and I my grandad took a photo and that photo always makes me happy

send me your birthday and I’ll answer these questions

Do you ever look back at
🌚🌚old photos🌚🌚
and get sad because the
people in them have changed
so much and you know
things will never be how they

why are there so many aesthetic posts that have closeups of pale hands and limbs but i’ve never seen one with dark skin? oh right, because poc just aren’t “aesthetic” enough

“but what about aesthetic posts with pale-skinned east asian ppl!!!!” that’s still more like fetishization than representation, since half those dark pale / pastel aesthetic posts with photos of east asian ppl are playing into what white ppl this is “asian culture”

and let’s not even get into those fashion lines that so many tumblr aesthetic/fashion bloggers loved so much — you know, the one from Saint Laurent with the clothes covered in prints from old paintings, most of which include scenes of slavery and colonialism

and then there were the Dolce & Gabbana “black mammy” earrings that were just so obviously and disgustingly racist, but that got thousands of notes in fashion posts.

like. just. no. you are literally turning racism into an aesthetic. you’re saying that racism and colonialism are beautiful. i run into this every time i try to find posts for my aesthetic sideblog and im just so fucking done