because the story itself is never actually about murder or covering it up

i want to make a list of movies/books/etc where a major plot point is “mom helps daughter kill a man who hurt her, or at the very least helps her hide the body” but in general that is never what the actual plot is about, so it’s huge spoilers, which is ACTUALLY KINDA WEIRD now that i am thinking about it. with dad movies it’s the whole plot of the things, SOMEONE HURT HIS DAUGHTER AND NOW THEY’RE GONNA PAY

but i read a book once that was entirely about a girl going back to her hometown after twenty years and trying to reconcile with her mother after The Incident. then they finally reveal 80% of the way through the book that The Incident was that protag thought she’d killed her date rapist and had been scared to come back because she’d somehow made it twenty years without consequences, but actually she’d only seriously injured her date rapist. protag’s mom had found the guy while looking for her wayward daughter, realized what happened, and ran him over with her truck and buried the body under her garden. she never said anything because of Mom Code.

there was no indication at any point prior to this that this was a book about a murder. it was a heartwarming coming-of-age story about a woman entering her middle years learning to better understand her mother. that just happened to include covering up a murder. protag thought her mom was just an obsessive gardener.

Title: Conflicted

Summary: Y/N has been playing the Winchester’s sister on the show since season 1, so Jensen and Jared feel like her actual brothers. Lately, Y/N has been acting weird, and the boys find out why the hard way.

Pairing: Jensen x cast!reader, Jared x cast!reader, platonic relationships!!

Warning: implies domestic abuse between the reader and her boyfriend. Also, the timing with the episode mentioned and the age of the boys’ kids don’t match, but for the sake of the story, just go along with it.

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Another late night, another morning late for work. Your boyfriend flew in to visit you in Vancouver yesterday, and you guys stayed up all night, but unfortunately it wasn’t to catch up. Your heart was broken and your body was sore. You knew your relationship with Kent was toxic, but every time he hurts you, he apologizes and convinced you that he loves you and that you love him too, and he promises to never do it again. But then he does. It was an ongoing circle that you couldn’t leave, and you didn’t know if it was because you couldn’t or you wouldn’t.

When you get to set, you immediately take a seat in the makeup trailer where your makeup artist Marissa gets to work covering up the bags under your eyes.

“Late night?” She asked to make small talk.

“Yeah.” You nodded. But you didn’t say more than that. It was 6 in the morning and your brain was barely functioning.

After she covered up your flaws, you met the rest of the gang on set. Jared and Jensen were already dressed and ready to go, passing time by eating the donuts and drinking the coffee laid out on the buffet table for the cast and crew.

Today you were filming the episode about a siren, disguising itself as a stripper to trick men into committing murder for it.

When the director saw you he smiled and rounded up the rest of the crew, “Everybody get into position. We’re gonna start with the scene at the strip club.”

“Hey kiddo,” Jared patted you on the back and walked over to his mark.

However, Jensen barely passed a glance your way. It was like he blatantly ignored you. You tried not thinking too much of it, but it was hard not to considering Jensen always says hi to you in the morning.

“And…Action!” The director calls out.

The scene actually went by smoothly. It was too early for the boys to mess around with each other plus Misha wasn’t here yet so it wasn’t as fun to play tricks without him being the center of it. You couldn’t help but pay extra close attention to how Jensen was acting around you. He only looked at you when he had a line directed at you, and if he grinned, you could instantly tell that it was forced.

After about six hours, you finally got a break and pulled Jared to the side after Jensen walked off to his trailer without muttering a word to you.

“What’s his problem?” You asked Jared.

Jared sighed, and it was obvious he knew what was going on. “You should talk to him?”

“About what?” You asked, confused and somewhat annoyed that Jensen was ignoring you for a reason you didn’t even know about.

Again Jared sighed. You knew he didn’t like to take sides when anyone fought and most of all he didn’t like getting into battles that weren’t his. “Just…just talk to him and I’m sure everything will be fine.”

You sighed but respected Jared’s decision to stay neutral. “Fine. Whatever.”

Your character didn’t have another scene for a couple more hours so you spent your break catching up on some sleep in your trailer, figuring you would just talk to Jensen at the end of the day.

During the evening, you did your last couple scenes for the day, and by the time you knew it, the day was done and you would finish up the episode tomorrow. You were exhausted physically and emotionally and just wanted to go home to your bed, but unfortunately you were going home to Kent. In fact, he was here now picking you up.

You wanted to talk to Jensen about what was wrong, what you did, and how you could make it right. But Kent texted you that he had been waiting for 15 minutes…and Kent wasn’t patient.

You grab your belongings from set and walk out to where Kent was waiting in his white convertible. Kent was born on a stack of money. Hell he bathed in it! It’s probably how he got his cocky and bossy attitude.

“So that’s it? Your not gonna bother talking to me?” Surprisingly, Jensen followed you out.

You turned out, surprised that he followed you. Kent was only a couple feet away, so he could obviously see that you were coming, but something told you he wasn’t going to watch you talk your best friends for long. Even if it was important.

“J…” you sighed. You obviously cared about his feelings and wanted to do everything in your power to make it right, but in reality you were just drained…and numb.

Jensen looked over and spotted your boyfriend. Realization washed over him and he rolled his eyes. “Oh I’m sorry. Didn’t realize your boss was here.”

Jensen and Jared didn’t really approve of Kent when you first introduced him. But it was because his ego was too big and he had a ‘better than you’ attitude. They have no idea that he physically hurts you when he gets mad.

“Whatever I did I’m sorry,” you sighed.

“You don’t even know?” Jensen scoffed. At this point, Jared had walked over as if to act like a mediator for your conversation that sounded like it was going to get heated pretty fast.

“Look, whatever I did I’m sorry but I have to go.”

“I’m sure you do,” Jensen said, acid laced in his voice. “But don’t throw your worthless sorrys at me. Maybe you should talk to JJ in the near future.” Jensen said as your back was turned.

You froze in mid step, reality hitting you like a brick wall. A couple weeks ago was JJ’s birthday dinner, and you missed it. However, you didn’t forget, you had a valid reason for missing it. But that didn’t stop the overwhelming guilt eat at you.

Jensen and Jared’s kids looked up to like a biological aunt. They called you aunt Y/N, most of the time said you were their favorite, and would never leave you alone at their family parties. You loved those kids like they were your own. Thinking about JJ’s disappointment when you didn’t show up actually tore your heart into pieces.


“You know what, just forget it. Maybe it’s for the best that you didn’t come anyway.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” You asked, now feeling yourself get defensive.

“Look at yourself Y/N!” Jensen’s voice was raising as all his frustrations just poured out of him Iike an erupting volcano. All this pent up anger towards you was finally coming out in full blast mode. “It’s like I don’t even know who you are anymore. You ignore everyone when you’re here, and when we finally get to talk to you, you become this major bitch that doesn’t care about anyone but yourself!”

You mouth dropped open, and you were stunned frozen. Jensen never talked to you like that, never called you words unless they were playful banter. You didn’t even know how to respond. Was he right? Have you really changed that much?

Jared walked over and stood in the middle of you two, and placed his hand on Jensen’s shoulders.

“Maybe You should walk it off,” Jared suggested to Jensen who just shrugged him off angrily.

“No. No, all right? It’s about time she heard it. Look, Y/N, we’re trying to be your friends and stick by you, but your making it difficult for anyone to be around you!”

“You have no idea what’s going on -“

Cutting you off, Kent honked the horn impatiently, having no care in the world about your conversation with Jensen, and that made you snap.

“Hold on!” You shouted at him. Your heart plummeted to the pit of your stomach immediately and Kent lowered his sunglasses to stare at you quizzically. You knew you were going to pay for that one.

“Then tell me!” Jensen said loudly. “I know you better than the back of my hand, and it’s driving me crazy that I have no idea what’s going on. And every time I ask you about it, you ignore me and change the subject!”

“We just want to help,” Jared added, watching you sympathetically.

You paused to look between the two men you consider to be your actual brothers. Your brain was telling you to admit what was going on and beg them to save you from the man behind you, but your heart was telling you to walk away and get in that car.

Jensen shook his head angrily at your hesitation, “You know what? Fine. But don’t talk to me until you grow up.”

Refusing to make eye conact with Jared, you turned around and sped walked to the car. You nervously glanced at Kent before he veered off out of the parking lot. He looked pissed, and he was silent which was never good. Right there and then, you knew tonight was going to be a bad night.


Part two?

Doesn’t Like You 2


Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Story: Bucky Barnes doesn’t like you, and you don’t like him either. Your hateful relationship gets tested when you have to go on a mission with the Avengers together.

Warnings: swearing!

A/N: this is the second part even though i posted the first part very recently. doesn’t matter. also i don’t know how to use links and stuff, but i’ll make it work eventually. enjoyy!! 


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Admittedly, it was the middle of the night. And you were acting like an asshole.

But nothing could stop you from turning up the volume of your speakers and blasting the music as loud as you could, dancing through your room at full speed and power, dancing like no one was watching. You leaped in and out of bed and joyfully waved your blankets around your shoulders, pretending to be a superhero. Dancing and singing along to the lyrics of the ear-deafening music, you had a great time.

Bucky came busting into your room, black strokes of hair wildly flying before his eyes. He shot over to the speakers and turned down the volume. “You fucking fucker,” he cursed loudly. “You know that we share a wall. Thin walls, Y/N! Stop blasting your fucking music in the goddamn middle of the night.”

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Have you seen the vid 'Shonen Anime's Biggest Problem' by Reality Punch Studios? Bleach is briefly mentioned in it and the guy basically says that Kubo did a great job with the plot and characters during the Soul Society arc, but then later failed with all the other arcs after it. Thoughts?

I haven’t, but that’s pretty accurate. This is long, but fuck it, I want people to see it.

  • Karakura I: Great! Minor flaws, e.g., Ichigo leaving Rukia to fight Shrieker while he escorted Karin, rather than having the clearly less-than-combat effective Rukia do so, and learn about Ichigo; not covering a whole month of their time together (including Ichigo’s birthday); ultimately dispensing with Tatsuki’s importance to the plot; could have probably stood to be about twice as long to show more of Ichigo and Rukia’s early relationship and flesh out relations with the nakama more. 
  • Soul Society: Great! No real flaws until the end, e.g., you just killed off Central 46 and had a great upheaval in the power structure of the to-date main antagonists; this was the perfect time to have some exposition on them (e.g., who the other two Great Noble Houses are, what their role in Central 46/Soul Society is aside from being strong, etc.); good pacing, dramatic, memorable and contained fights, even for supporting characters (e.g., Uryuu vs. Mayuri, Renji vs. Byakuya).
  • Karakura II/Arrancar: Not so great! So, Ichigo’s just spent his summer break, what, moping over “the Hollow?” Why does everything in this series revolve around no one (Kisuke, Isshin, Juushirou, Yamamoto, etc.) telling Ichigo what the fuck is going on and just solving the problem? One of the only times I can remember an authority figure just saying “We’re here to do X because Y,” is Toushirou in this arc, so good for him? The fights against the Arrancar are when Bleach started to go bad with F I G H T S  N O B O D Y  C A R E S  A B O U T  because they don’t involve the protagonists. Grimmjow was an effectively introduced villain even though he’s really just Kenpachi + Zangetsu (”Shirosaki”). The moments with him, Ichigo, and Rukia were good. The Visored were neat but were ultimately a waste. Most damningly of all, Orihime didn’t learn a goddamn thing from going to an alternate dimension and watching Ichigo almost die over and over to save Rukia.
  • Hueco Mundo/Fake Karakura+: Really bad! When FNCA became a real problem. Just all kinds of shit that didn’t matter and wasn’t satisfying. The entire premise of them being there was stupid, as was the entire structure of the war. Aizen’s grand scheme turned out to be a bunch of bullshit. Overall just a terrible inversion of the Soul Society arc featuring a bunch of poorly-realized villains that were way overhyped. (Also, the final demonstration of the worthlessness of the Visored!) Our protagonists had to be rescued for the plot to continue on stupidly. (This can work, e.g. Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, but this isn’t the way to do it.) An unsatisfying conclusion that explained nothing about why what happened, had.
  • Lost Substitute Shinigami: Garbage. Okay, this arc has some great character-building for Ichigo and Rukia, and Xcution have memorable designs. I like Riruka. Ginjou, Giriko, and Tsukishima are really hateable villains. I like Ikumi. But. But. Fullbring is dumb and makes no sense, or needed to be introduced much earlier. The story of the substitute Shinigami is dumb and doesn’t fit well with what we know. The contrivances necessary to make Bleach work like a horror manga are ridiculous and just make the adults around Ichigo (e.g., Isshin, Ryuuken, Kisuke, Yoruichi, Shinji, et al.) look like fucking negligent assholes at the same time as Ikumi is telling Ichigo to trust adults. Also, the way the time skip was handled was that it wasn’t. It literally never gets addressed outside of about a dozen panels. It speaks to my heart but it wasn’t well-executed (hah!) at all.
  • Thousand-Year Blood War: Total shitshow where everything is on fire. The Sternritter were awful and utterly lacking in interest. (They’re all amoral psychopathic murderers, whoo!) FNCA go on forever, nobody does anything of importance, Ichigo and Rukia barely appear for large sections of it, and nothing sensible or satisfying happens except for an explanation of Ichigo’s powers that, while making a kind of sense, still doesn’t really explain anything. Don’t get me started on the ending, that requires War and Peace to fully deconstruct with how it doesn’t fit any of what came before.

If Kubo was just going to stop the manga, he should’ve stopped it after Soul Society arc. He couldn’t, because Aizen was still on the run, but if Aizen had been taken out there, it would’ve been okay. Open-ended, maybe an epilogue panel or page of Rukia putting on civilian clothes to see Ichigo again. Cool.

If he was going to stop after the Aizen saga, he should’ve done that. Again, an open ending. You could maybe have an epilogue of Ichigo thinking he sees Rukia out of the corner of his eyes over time. Whatever.

But no, this guy had a plan. Bleach is kinda like The X-Files, in that there’s a bunch of episodes, and then an overarching plot arc, except instead of being episodic, it’s archic; a bunch of small arcs under a larger one. The larger arc is that Soul Society, and existence itself, is fucked up. The smaller arcs are about what passes for “mundane” or “the usual” within this fucked up existence.

That alone probably answers your question, but I’m me, so I’m going to continue on to talk about what I want to talk about.


Let me explain my theory of what Bleach was supposed to be about, before Kubo got bogged down in thinking he was Tolkien II Turbo DBZ edition and got his series cancelled with his fuckery.

There’s this interesting video about how, in The Matrix, Neo isn’t “the One,” but rather, Smith is.

The Architect tells Neo that he’s the sixth “Anomaly” which resets the Matrix. Their arrival is expected and anticipated. Smith, unwittingly “created” by Neo, is what causes this particular iteration of the Matrix to end very differently than the previous five.

Okay, what the fuck does this have to do with Bleach?

Check it out: Ichigo (and Rukia) is (are) the One. That is to say: they’re Smith. The planned outcomes, the “Anomalies,” were Aizen and Yhwach.

They would go about their plans, get up to the Royal Realm, and then be summarily murdered by Zero Division and turned into the new Soul King, as a Soul King only lasts a certain amount of time and needs periodic replacement. (Check how old and busted the current one is.) This is why Zero Division gave zero fucks about whatever happened down below: it not only didn’t matter to their outcomes, it was necessary. (Kind of like Soul Society requires suffering to work properly.)

There’s evidence of this in Sajin and his grandfather. Their existence is never explained, but Clifford the Big Red Dog says “The world’s ‘bearer’ will simply change. We won’t change. No matter who holds the world. All we can do is lay low.” This is strikingly similar to The Merovingian and his motley crew of exiled programs from previous iterations of the Matrix: they are remnants of a bygone age, after successive resets.

What resets Soul Society (or possibly reality) is swapping Soul Kings.

Now what fucks everything up and makes this time different is the existence of Ichigo and Rukia. Ichigo is directly created by the fuckery of Aizen and Yhwach, much like Agent Smith was turned into Smith. The existence of Yhwach’s descendants, plus Aizen’s machinations, produces an unplanned-for feature. Something new. He’s easy to explain.

But Ichigo isn’t alone. He would’ve never gotten anywhere without Rukia. And Rukia is harder to explain.

Now Aizen says “The ‘true’ power of the Hougyoku is to read the minds of those around it and make manifest of what it finds there. […] You don’t understand? I’m saying that all of the ‘miracles’ that have occurred surrounding Kurosaki Ichigo, Kuchiki Rukia, and Urahara Kisuke thus far were manifested by the Hougyoku’s will.“ He goes on to say "And then I, armed with a hypothesis about the Hougyoku’s abilities, sent Kuchiki Rukia in the direction of Kurosaki Ichigo. Of course, there are limits to its abilities. The Hougyoku manifests what’s in the minds of those around it. But this will not happen unless the subject inherently possesses the power to fulfill their desire. By that token, this could also be called the ‘power that guides people toward their desires.’ … But living creatures are strange, they are made in such a way that they can actualize only what their minuscule minds wish for.”

First, notice how utterly fucking pissed Isshin is. Nothing else makes him remotely this upset. Nothing to do with Grand Fisher or Yhwach makes him even fractionally this agitated.

Now, stop and think for a moment. Does what Aizen said actually make sense? The Hougyoku does what those around it want, but it can only do so through what they are capable of. He also says that the Hougyoku has begun to understand his will… only just prior to explaining all this. Why does Aizen think he was previously outside of the Hougyoku’s influence?

Kisuke’s incomplete Hougyoku was hanging out in Rukia for a long time; presumably, out of anyone, it understood her will best. Aizen sent Rukia to Ichigo? No. Rukia wanted to go to Ichigo, and Aizen was the means to facilitate that, which coincidentally accorded with his desires too. Aizen is confusing cause and effect here through his own hubris.

How did Rukia know of Ichigo? Well, you could say she was looking for someone like Kaien. But there are inevitably many people like Kaien in the world and it could’ve guided her to any one of them. It took her to the only person who could do something about the world, which Rukia saw as fundamentally unjust. But how would the Hougyoku know about Ichigo? From reading Aizen’s mind? Maybe, but can it understand things like genealogy and ghost genetic engineering? It’s much simpler to say that it saw their connection.

I’m not going to relitigate all the material in Bleach which asserts that Ichigo and Rukia are connected and fated to meet one another, like the Sand and the Rotator chapters. But it’s out there, and the Hougyoku knew, so it put them together and warped everything around it to make that happen; to execute Rukia’s will, not Aizen’s.

My feeling is that Rukia and Ichigo form a single unit for the purposes of reality-disruption. They are the Pair, rather than Smith’s the One. Surprise, this is why Kisuke leaves it to them when he thinks he’s gonna die. He’s like the Oracle. Or something, this analogy is getting a bit loose.

Also, Ichigo’s whole thing is power, and Rukia’s whole thing is control. You might say they’re like a power source and a regulator. Water and a water wheel. Sand and a rotator.

So, much like Smith, they were going to change the outcome of their iteration in a way that couldn’t have been foreseen.

Then Kubo got his series cancelled because he spent too long drawing Doctor Juggalo fighting a giant hand, and Sword Hobo fighting Imagination Boy and Thor, so none of that happened.

tl;dr Kubo’s inability to stop himself from fucking with unimportant characters and unimportant plots, i.e., getting bogged down in the minutiae, is exactly what killed Bleach, along with trying to be too clever by half with things like Hueco Mundo as inverted Soul Society. Dude lost the plot and couldn’t see his own damn forest for the trees.

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I think the met as teens verse is my favorite thing you've written so far! (And I love all your stuff so that's saying something) can you maybe write how murderous mask would have gone down in that verse?

(You guys are lovely, you know that?)

What’s hilarious is that the first Murderous Mask prompt actually predates the Mag betrayal prompt. When I got that one, I just stared at it in puzzlement for a while– because if Juno’s on Brahma, then literally the entirety of Murderous Mask can’t actually happen– Cecil would be dead and the Mask would still be buried in the desert, and besides, there’s no way Peter would have failed to retrieve the Mask if Juno was there helping him out.

Then I got the request for Mag’s betrayal. And then I got some help from my friend Kya about how to make that all work without breaking character (fun fact: the version I sent you guys is the second one I wrote; the first one just didn’t feel right.) 

And just like that, the pieces are in the right position to make MM work again. Sometimes it just requires a little suffering along the way.

Like any of my episode-based fics, I’m gonna jump around to the scenes that are actually different. There’s no need to make you read through the entire episode. 

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 (The Talk) | Part 4Part 5

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Kingsman: The Golden Circle

*heavy breathing*

External image

My brother, cousin, and I just watched Kingsman: The Golden Circle last night (Sept. 20). It was glorious. And, also, I’m feeling a bit conflicted about it.

To summarise: A LOT of what happens is pretty dark (to Seriously Dark) if you actually stopped to think about it. But the movie doesn’t let you do that, pretty much how the first movie ended. It’s very fast paced and exciting, with very little breathing room in between scenes. Definitely recommend that you go see it, whether you’ve seen the first movie or not. It’s worth the watch.

Apparently, I can’t discuss it completely without talking about spoilers, so here’s the only warning you’re gonna get. SPOILERS!!!!

To be upfront, Hartwin is one of my favorite ships, and I CANNOT WAIT for the waves of new Hartwin, and other Kingsman fanfics to flood in. Because this movie, okay, this movieeeeeee. So much stuff was going on, so many things happened, that I know fandom is just gonna collectively pick it apart and BOOM hundreds upon thousands of fic ideas born. But I digress.


I.      The Characters: Don’t get too attached.

External image

The whole gang is back. And I mean this in the weirdest way possible. As the entire fandom called Harry’s not-death years ago, there wasn’t much surprise for his return (excitement, yes, surprise, no).

The surprising Returning Characters were: Charlie (whose not-death is explained quite early on), and Princess Tilde (who I was so not expecting to be part of this movie, much less play a huge part in the first and last act).

Princess Tilde and Eggsy in an actual relationship was surprising, and while I wasn’t completely happy that there was romance in this movie, I was more than willing to ignore this little fact (seeing as I had the warm embrace of ao3 to look forward to). Then KTGC hits me with The Ending. Like, seriously, I was laughing, but mostly in disbelief (more on this later).

We also get brief, but meaningful instances of Eggsy mourning Harry, missing Harry, and feeling so very deeply for Harry. Thank you, Taron, for pulling it off so beautifully.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle starts off pretty much like the first, only, remember the part in the first movie where we meet Lancelot, who gets snuffed out a few moments later? I was not expecting them to gut us with Character Death so early on.


Roxy and the rest of the Kingsman agents, including the newest Arthur, are all blown up. Due to a meet-the-royal-parents dinner, Eggsy was away from home (Eggsy’s home is HARRY’S HOUSE!! THE FANDOM CALLED IT). His buddy was dog-sitting JB at the time. Guys, JB is dead.

External image

One, I refuse to believe Roxy got blown up. Even if it was impossible that she’d survived that explosion *sobs*. Two, why would you kill JB???

We then meet the Statesmen agents and are suitably impressed. Also, Tequila (Channing Tatum’s character) made me fantasize a lot about future one or two (or twenty) size kink fics of him and Eggsy. Tequila is also barely in this movie, and is mostly there for laughs. Prince Obe–I mean–Whiskey (Pedro Pascal) is so sexy, in spite of his American accent. Ginger Ale (Halle Barry) was adorable.


F*ck man, cried like a baby. I know things are not always as they seem, and characters we think died can always have been miraculously saved. (Harry, Charlie, etc.)

But, fuck it, Merlin was never supposed to die.

You read that right. He dies in the most bad-ass, self-sacrificing way, while also showing off his vocal range.

External image

II.      The Story & Themes

There were scenes that were pretty Dark, especially near the end where Eggsy kills Charlie. Most of these scenes are slathered in an attempt at comedy and light-heartedness which was mostly hit and miss.

There are also two main villains in this movie. The first one is Poppy (Julianne Moore), an eccentric Drug Lady. All you need to know is that she’s crazy. Delightful. But crazy. I’m sure someone in the fandom’s gonna write a really in depth character study on her, but this isn’t it. She supplies drugs all around the world, wants drugs to be legal, holds her user base hostage to get what she wants.

The second villain was pretty much POTUS. You have to understand, this movie is more blunt force trauma than subtle hits. The themes hit you in the head and don’t even try to cover up what they’re doing. (not to mention the characters barely use their codenames. I mean, the Statesmen do. It’s just Harry, Eggsy, and Merlin, screaming each other’s actual names. And not in the good way)

POTUS couldn’t care less for the hostages, mostly because these hostages are drug users, and thus, don’t deserve humane treatment and have no right to life. Just watch the movie.

I’m a Filipino and our citizens are being murdered in droves in the name of the ‘war on drugs’. It struck a chord. What with President Duterte still remaining popular in the public’s opinion. His supports are many. And crazy. While the movie gets a happy ending (Poppy dies, and POTUS gets impeached), I doubt countries with similar problems will get the same happy ending.

External image

III.      The Ending

While I appreciate getting to see Prince!Eggsy (or close enough as we’ll ever get in canon- Prince Consort) come to life in the big screen as compared to just imagining him while I read Hartwin Prince!/Royal!Eggsy; and while I also definitely appreciate Eggsy and Harry sharing a moment in the dressing room, I did not, and was left with a pretty wtf feeling at the ending.

Eggsy marries Princess Tilde in a fairytale ending.

Eggsy looked dashing and Tilde was beautiful. It was just wholly unexpected.


Final thoughts: I didn’t love the movie for itself. I loved the movie for the characters and the fandom it represented. It was a bit sad that it hadn’t exceeded the first movie in greatness (IMO), but I was happy enough to get anything to give fandom more material to work with.
Gotham: Showrunner Talks Batman Rising, Solomon Grundy & More
Showrunner John Stephens discusses Gotham's villainous rebirths, Bruce's destiny, Nigma's setback and Harley Quinn.

Evil seems to thrive in Gotham City. No matter what Jim Gordon or the GCPD sacrifice, the villains keep plotting and scheming to take over Gotham City – and take out the competition. In the Season 3 finale, Barbara executed Butch, so in retaliation, Tabitha electrocuted Barbara. Oswald commanded Mr. Freeze to put Edward on ice; a brain-washed Bruce stabbed Alfred in the chest; and Selina turned to Tabitha for guidance and an ally. Now, more than ever, the people of Gotham City need a Dark Knight to champion them – and they may finally get one in Season Four.

Ahead of the season premiere, Gotham showrunner John Stephens recently spoke with CBR about Bruce’s destiny, the Scarecrow’s fearful return and the coming of Solomon Grundy. And, he addresses once and for all, whether Barbara is actually Harley Quinn — and whether the popular character will even arrive in Gotham at all.

CBR: Last year ended with plenty of cliffhangers and various characters at crossroads in their lives. What was your mandate or main objective that you wanted to achieve in Season 4?

John Stephens: It’s a couple of things. One, we wanted to continue to deepen Jim Gordon’s character and find new complexities, sides and angles to him – and have him continue to compromise himself ethically. Then, we wanted to have Bruce take a couple bigger steps towards becoming Batman. We’re not going to get there, obviously, in this season, or probably the show. But, we wanted him to do things where the audience could look at him and say, “Oh, I see that’s where that piece of the Batman myth came from.” I think we do that over the course of this year. A couple of big pieces of that personality get put into place. And, also, you want to do it an unexpected way.

Bruce adopts a secret identity. What motivates him as he moves forward?

A couple of different things — the biggest thing motivating him at the beginning of the year is the knowledge of Ra’s al Ghul being out there, perhaps in Gotham. Bruce feels he needs to prepare himself for the day that Ra’s actually makes a move against him. That motivates him into taking a more active “vigilante” position in Gotham. While Bruce is doing that, he actually starts to see he physically has an effect on the city itself, apart from whatever Ra’s might be doing, and that it feels to him like he’s somehow making up for the murder of his parents. It starts to make Bruce think, “Hey, maybe this is the right course for me to follow.”

In the finale, Jim Gordon lost Lee and was infected by the Tetch Virus. Now, Gotham is once again under siege by supervillains. Where is Jim’s head these days?

When we find Jim at the beginning of the year, he’s in a particular position because at the end of last season, Oswald took advantage of all the chaos to seize power like never before in Gotham, where he wasn’t just the King of the Underworld. He made it in the legitimate world as well. What we’re saying is, he’s trying to unionize and legitimize crime. In a way, the GCPD is more on Oswald’s side than on Jim’s side. Jim, once again, finds himself fighting a battle for law and order in a city that doesn’t seem to care that much about law and order.

Oswald is no longer the man in charge. How does that sit with him? What’s his game plan?

At the end of last season, Oswald had the epiphany that it was his emotions that had weakened him. He took all of those emotions and pushed them down. He decided he wasn’t going to be that emotional soft person anymore. Part of that desire for everyone’s love, he felt was driving him to be the mayor. Now, he says, “I’m just going to be the person who has all the power and be in charge. I’m not going to let anybody get close to me ever again.” He’s doing that at the beginning of this year, becoming the most powerful person in Gotham, until somebody comes in who, once again, finds a way to pry open the manhole cover of his emotions and starts to let them out again.

Oswald’s emotional Achilles’ heel, Edward Nigma, is literally on ice. Once Edward defrosts, what becomes his top priority?

Vengeance is the number one thing on his mind. But what Edward quickly finds out is his time on ice had a negative impact upon his intellect. So, then, before he can get his vengeance on Oswald, he has to get smart again. That becomes his trajectory for a while as you have someone who knows he is the smartest person in the room, but just can’t think of any good answers.

Barbara experiences a rebirth. In what way does life after death change her?

It changed her in the sense that the passage through the Lazarus Pit changes anybody. Historically, it affects different people in different ways. With Barbara, it’s given her a connection to Ra’s al Ghul that is going to play forward throughout the entire season. It’s also given her a new sense of calmness that she didn’t have last year. There are hints of madness still buried inside of her, and we see Barbara far more in control of herself than she was in Season 3.

Viewers keep speculating that Barbara will transform into Harley Quinn. What kind of conversations have you had about that development?

It’s not going to happen. Let’s put it out there. The discussions we’ve been having is – Look, we know Harley Quinn is never going to be on our show. However, there are elements of that Harley Quinn personality that we have liked, that sense of fun and anarchy, that we said, “Well, we can actually have those qualities embodied in Barbara without actually having to do Harley herself.” I think Erin Richards carried it off really well.

How does Tabitha impact Selina now that the two are BFFs?

Again, this is also like the Bruce model. Because we always know where Bruce is going to end up, part our story is tracking a voyage towards that. We all know that Selina, in our show, is this street kid who is really tough. But, the Selina of the comic books is the Selina who is the world’s greatest burglar and has a taste for the finer things in life. Part of her evolution this year is surrounding herself with a woman who is physically able in terms of martial arts, like Tabitha. Then, there is Selina’s taste for the finer things. Both of those personalities start to get infused into Selina as we see her moving towards the Selina Kyle of the comic books.

Butch also gets resurrected. What is Gotham’s take on Solomon Grundy?

He rises from Slaughter Swamp. We’re saying his real name is Cyrus Gold. There have been various iterations of Grundy throughout the years. He has the same mental capabilities as the most well-known version of Grundy. The way certain things will change is there are moments when elements of Butch’s personality and memories will come back into the fore of Grundy. One of the themes for the show has always been the idea of the fluidity of identity, and the creation of identity. So, even when he gets reborn as Grundy, we’re asking the question of, “Is this Butch’s new personality?” Or, “How does he create a third personality that is part Grundy and part Butch?”

The Scarecrow is back. What is he doing to strike fear into the city?

At first, he gets co-opted by a gang who want to use his abilities to get back at Penguin. Unwittingly, they create a monster. They create Scarecrow. So, initially, he wants to get revenge for the death of his dad. But deeper down, he wants to deal with his own sense of fear. By doing that, he sort of highlights the fear that Jim Gordon is carrying around.

Every season, we’ve seen these characters grow and progress. How closely do you feel they are to becoming those iconic heroes and villains that audiences know and love?

It depends what you mean by close. Bruce is not going to be wearing the costume. Selina is always going to be steps away from becoming Catwoman. But, I do hope by the end of the season, you’ll be able to look at Gordon or Bruce or Selina and say, “Oh, now I can totally track the next three or four or five steps that will take them to the person they are.” There are enough building blocks that are there that you can do the math problem yourself, and see that it equals Batman at the end of the day.

anchestor  asked:

You wouldn't happen to have any fic recommendations lying around, would you? (Bonus points if Gaster and/or Grillby is involved, but anything Undertale related would be much appreciated ^^)

Woooo you’re gonna make me do some real searching around aincha? Ahaha that’s mostly my fault. I always binge read without abandon and then have to go back and find things again later. But here we go!

AO3 Fic Recs:

First Impressions by WatteauYouDoing
This one I originally found because I was looking for Grillster comics and they illustrated what later became one of my favorite parts. It’s an AU where monsters were never trapped underground and the war between humans and monsters is more like a future-past-tech civil rebellion than an actual war between races. Swaps between Grillby, Gaster and a nondescript monster reader with them all eventually becoming a sort of poly relationship (though it’s only briefly touched on near the end of the story that I remember). 

It’s Not Too Late by The Ninja Mouse ( @theninjawrites​ on tumblr)
You’ve heard me rant about this one before. I’ve made fanart for it. It’s beautiful. One of those rare romance fics that I’ve actually managed to fall in love with (so!! cute!!). Don’t dismiss it just because it’s Sans x Reader. Even if romance isn’t your thing, the characterization and personalities and just… I like everything about this one. You should’ve seen me when I read it for the first time, desperately clinging to a treadmill because I refused to put it down for even a second, screaming whenever something shocking happened and trying to hide from the stares of the strangers around me minding their own business. Oh yeah, and there’s like 2 seconds of Gaster / Grillby interaction that literally had me in tears because I just want everyone to be happy goddamnit.

“Acting” by fireweed15
Short and sweet, maybe 3 paragraph flash fiction about an AU where Grillby and Gaster are spies under deep cover as a couple and this is the exact moment they realize they actually have feels for each other. It’s just cute.

Hellfire by renwhit
The first fanfic I ever read that involved Grillby being summoned for the war. I read it after I’d already started Casting Rain, when I realized I had no idea what I was doing. This is the fic that made me also realize I shouldn’t read other wartime fics because they’re Too Good ™ and I’ll inevitably give up on mine because – yeah. Anyway! It’s a good one. Gave me a lot of feels. I did not cry. But I came really fucking close.

What are Friends For by ichikoWindGryphon ( @ichiwashername-o on tumblr)
Also read during my “I have no idea what I’m doing with this fic so I’m reading other peoples’ so I can have some perspective” phase and stopped because I didn’t want to accidentally appropriate anything (though you’ll probably remember I directly referenced it in CR once). Haven’t finished it yet but I really liked what I read so far of it. Papyrus is so well written!! And Gaster has good motivation (cool motive, still murder). 

The Pools at the Cliffs by Starfog
One of the most unique concepts I’ve seen come out of this fandom. It’s a cute Alphyne AU where Alphys is an intern ichthyologist and Undyne is a frickin’ hellfire mermaid. I fell out of reading it because of how long the chapters took to update, and I’m actually not sure if the story was ever finished. But if you want a unique concept then have at thee!

Never a Lovely So Real by Kaesa ( @kaesaaurelia on tumblr)
The best frickin mob/mafia AU story to ever grace the face of the planet I am so so serious. Honestly even if the story wasn’t as good as it is (which it is in fact extremely good) it would be worth reading because of the inner monologue of the main character. And wouldn’t you know it, the MC is Sans. And lemme tell ya, the way Kaesa writes Sans’ inner thoughts is amazing. It sounds real. Like an actor walked off the screen and narrated the story for me. Phenominal. Not finished yet I don’t think, and it hasn’t updated in a hot minute, but totally worth the binge read regardless.

Sticks & Stones by OneType
This one is NSFW, big warning for that now.
The only reason I even recommend this one is because I fell in love with it before the NSFW elements came into the story and the concept is still amazing regardless of their implementation. Underswap Papyrus thinks he gets his time machine working and in a hilarious twist of fate, accidentally get’s stuck in his Fell counterpart’s body instead. After which ensues a conglomeration of embarrassing moments where Stretch has to try and get used to a pointy body and an even pointier reputation, try not to be too over conspicuous with how out of place his moral compass is in Underfell and - you guessed it - try not to get caught doing it. I love it to bits, but unfortunately the NSFW elements are actually fairly important to how the plot progresses, so if you are underage, you shouldn’t read this one, as you probably can’t skip the naughty bits without being confused. This is another one of those fics as well that’s slow to update and - arguably - will not be finished, so take that with a grain of salt.

Trust by Keetaspacecat ( @spacegate on Tumblr)
This one is for the GasterBlaster!AU, and while I’m sure everyone is familiar with that by now I’ll explain anyway: Imagine bone werewolves. Except they’re bone dragons really. And also the skelebros. It’s a fucking cool concept.
This one is about a very confused Grillby who stumbles on the poor baby skelebros as they are rifling through his trash, and does his best to help them out. The rest is a montage of Dad!Grillby moments where he does his best to take care of a pair of skeleton shapeshifters while slowly unraveling why they’re even a thing in the first place and being horrified with the answers he’s getting. This one is also a slow to update, and comes attached with some pretty heavy trigger warnings for child abuse topics, so be prepared.

Souls Entwined by Thrones_of_War
This one holds a special place in my heart because I haven’t technically read it. It’s been read to me over Skype by the author and their friend. It has found new life in my soul because of how outstanding their character voices are. Holy shit.
Anyway! Technically a ‘book one’ in a pretty expansive series, it follows Frisk (and the disembodied Chara) as the two try to live normal lives and - oh wait, who the fuck is that godthing trying to kill everyone?? Aaaaaa???
The main antag is a pretty overpowered OC, which I know can grate on peoples’ nerves sometimes. But the characterization is fantastic, and the inner banter between Chara and Frisk is pretty priceless.

The Scientist by talkingsoup
A pretty kickass story about Gaster and how he fell from grace - and into the core. Has a pretty believable fall-into-insanity arc and a really epic final fight scene on a catwalk above the melting core. I found this one originally because of a comic and am beyond glad I took the time to check out the fic itself! It’s basically my headcanon for any evil!Gaster you can think of. I can’t remember too much from it now because it’s been a little over a year now since I read it, but I fondly hold it as one of the first and best short fics I’ve read in this fandom.

Strike a Chord by LilyHellsing (they also have a tumblr but I can’t remember what it is, sorry!)
The first long Grillby-centric fic I ever read. I actually can’t remember why I started reading it. I think I kind of just stumbled into it while I was enamored with Grillby and was following literally every Grillby blog I could find. Anyway. It’s a Reader x Grillby fic so smothered in fluff and cuteness that I could suffocate and die happy in it’s cocoon of warmth. I can’t remember a lot of the plot now (it’s been a hot minute since I read it) other than several of the most adorable dancing scenes I’ve ever read on paper. And also an ending so satisfying I actually sighed and laughed with relief when I read it.

A Promise for a Lifetime by Anchestor ( @anchestor on tumblr).
Yes I know it’s you. Yes I’m recommending yourself to yourself. Fight me!!(Actually I just realize you’re not the only person who’s gonna read this ahaha, so for anyone else who wants to see my fic recs, here you be!). Fucking adorable and bittersweet and hurts my heart you monster. Gaster and Grillby get married and they stay married and happy forever you cannot tell me otherwise. //is still grossly sobbing//

Literally anything written by @procrastinatingbookworm you want your goddamn Grillster feels punched in the teeth you read their stuff and it’s well written so you better go read it I swear to god.

Flowerfell is a good one that most people have read that doesn’t exist anymore except as a dramatic read on Youtube I think. I know I had more Underfell AU ones that I liked during my Underfell phase last year but like… that was before I had an AO3 account so I didn’t bookmark anything god help me.

Another one I desperately want to read is “A Flame in the Dead of Night” by Sliver_setting_sun. It’s a Grillster wartime AU fic! But I don’t wanna read it until Casting Rain is done so…… uh……. if you have read or do read that one, like, tell me if it’s good? But no spoilers please!

Tumblr fic recs:

A Year Every Minute by @askull4everyoccasion
It’s been awhile since I read this one but it will forever stand out to me as the reason I started reading fanfiction in general, my favorite characterization of Gaster, and my headcanon for a lot of things to do with Undertale behind-the-scenes shenanigans. Follows Dr. Gaster and all his mishaps while raising the skelebros, and beyond. Their writing is fantastic, especially given how they literally uploaded a new chapter every fucking day while it was being written. I am still disappointed in myself for not drawing fanart for it, but now I feel awkward because it’s been out forever and I like… feel as though I’ve missed my chance. Anyway. If you read it and can’t get enough of the universe like I couldn’t then good news! They have / had a running RP with AU versions of their Gaster as well as 1000 shorts to do with the AYEM universe, and a sequel/prequel in the works currently. It’s fucking insane they should be a professional author I swear J K Rowling couldn’t expand on her universe the way this goober has.

I only read AYEM and the related extras, but I have only heard good things about the rest of the fandom this amazing author has created for themselves so like… go for it. Read it all.

BOTWOT and SOS by @abadtime

Another of the very first fics I ever read for this fandom and also forever one of my favorites. This one is an Evil!Gaster story. Tons of mystery especially at the beginning of BOTWOT. SOS is the sequel and is still in the works as far as I know. I’m not caught up on the SOS chapters, but BOTWOT was my lifeblood for awhile there. I used to crouch by the computer clamoring for an update. Another one as well that I wished I’d drawn fanart for, but now feel as though I missed my chance. Plus like… giant bone dragons are really frickin’ hard to draw.

Pressure by @themanicmagician
Ah yes, I did remember one Underfell story that I enjoyed. I can’t remember much from this one now since I read it so long ago, just that I adored it at the time. Lots of Sans / Papyrus angst. I know someone is currently making a comic of the whole thing which is frickin’ fantastic and the writer really deserves it! It’s good. And a cool Underfell Sans / Flowey dynamic is involved in this one as well, which was cool to see. I’ve also been curious about “You’re Gonna Have a Sad Time” by this author because it involves the Empress Undyne Nuetral Ending in the game, but I haven’t taken the time to read it yet. If you read that one you should let me know how it is!
Fair warning that some of this author’s other content is NSFW, so please take care of your likes/dislikes/triggers/age/etc while going through their other stuff.

Spectrum by @that1nkyone
Another one I should draw fanart for at some point :’D
This is another in the GB!AU, is currently ongoing and is frickin’ fantastic. I can’t wait to see how all the ties come together - and I even more want to know what the holy heckaroo happened to Gaster to make him the way he is. A lot has been implied but nothing specifically said. Anyway! This fic is a goddamn labor of love, including an entire chapter in comic form - and lemme tell ya, if you think they’re a good author you ain’t seen anything until you’ve seen their artwork! Anyway, Undyne. So many people forget how epic Undyne is. 1nky does not. I frickin’ love their depiction of Undyne. i would read this story for Undyne even if the rest of it was terrible. As it turns out, the rest of it is far from terrible. In fact, it is all very much on par with how epic their Undyne is, which is pretty damn epic. This fic has made me so emotional. I have literally cheered out loud while reading some parts of this.

Flowey Is Not A Good Life Coach by @unrestedjade
I know everyone and their mother has recommended this one at some point, and I’m going to politely recommend it as well. I could say a lot about this, but all I’m actually gonna say is I probably shouldn’t have been reading it while my anxiety was at one of it’s peaks. It was good. Too good. 

A pretty cool unnamed Grillby shortfic by @saucissans
I link this one because I have no idea if this person writes more fanfics or if this was just a one-time thing. Anyway!
It’s basically a kind of flash-fiction-esque ficlet about Grillby stopping a forest fire on the surface, expanding on a headcannon by sushinfood. It is probably one of the first Grillby-centric things I’ve ever read and marks the beginning of my slow descent into obsession with the fire man. Give it a like and a reblog! It’s adorable! Fic Recommendations

……. none. Zero. Zilch.
Though to be fair I haven’t looked very much. Their tagging system over there sucks though? The only Undertale fic I remember reading on that site was definitely not something I wanted to read, but I was so confused by the writing style that it didn’t dawn on me what I was reading until it was already too late. It’s about like eating one of those bamboozled jelly beans? I didn’t realize until after it was already in my mouth just how bad it tasted, so to speak.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand I’ve been too busy (and scared) to search through there ever since!

That does it for my fic recs I think. That’s everything I can find/remember anyway. Have fun!

Megatron - What Happened?

I was trying to fall asleep earlier because my eyes hurt, and I wanted to get some more snoozes in.

(That’s not the phrase but bear with me here)

I was frustrated I couldn’t find a clear, or at least indirect, presentation of Megatron’s change from a Decepticon and ruthless genocidal maniac, to an Autobot with a thousand regrets. Nothing really connected and the more I read series leading up to Dark Cybertron, the more confused I became. Nothing was leading up to it. Nothing was really connecting dots that might explain how this happened.

But I realized something after I laid there long enough, and reading Drift’s mini-series solidified my realization.

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Brian Jacques was an English writer who was most beloved for his Redwall series, which included 22 books in total. Other books of his include a short series about the Flying Dutchman, a few picture books, and a cookbook, but the never-ending stories of Redwall were the ones that won him popularity. His descriptive use of storytelling, and the warmth in Jacques’s delivery, from delectable made-up foods, to his admirable characters, shines through even in ink on a page. His purpose for writing and his profound sense of imagination and inspiration are only part of the reasons he should be better acclaimed.

Jacques was born in 1939, Liverpool, England, where he grew up by the docks. From a very young age his family and friends discovered that he had a special skill for telling stories. In grade school at age ten he wrote a story about a bird and a crocodile, which his teacher thought was too good to be written by a child. In fact, the teacher accused him of copying the story, and he was since framed as the classroom liar. This didn’t discourage him from writing; rather, it made him realize that he loved to write.

At age 15, Jacques quit school and left home to be a sailor. He traveled across the Pacific and Atlantic, purely for adventure—but after the sea life took its toll on him, he returned to Liverpool where he had several different jobs. He’s been a stand-up comedian, a Bobby, a bricklayer, a boxer, and a bus driver among other things. However, during the time he was a milkman he wrote stories for children at a School for the Blind. This is when Redwall really began.

One of the things that makes the Redwall series so unique is the detail and description—this was so that those who were blind could visualize for themselves the exciting, terrifying, and suspenseful stories told to them. While Jacques’s literary debut was actually a few playwrights that were brought to life on stage, his good friend and English instructor read Redwall the manuscript and, unbeknownst to Jacques, sent it to a publisher. One thing led to another, and Jacques suddenly had a contract with the publishing firm and his very first book was bound and printed—respectively titled Redwall.

Redwall is the abbey he created in a country called Mossflower, which he based off of his childhood neighborhood. Here was the setting in which mice and rats waged war. Like J.K Rowling created the world of Harry Potter, Jacques created a world of talking animals in the least childlike way. Villainous sea rats were based off of men he encountered on his travels over the ocean. The constant rivalry and conflict in the stories are based off of life in World War II, as Jacques experienced the Battle of Britain. Hares were based off of the RAF’s (Royal Air Force), who protected the people of Liverpool during daily bombings.

However the most prevalent factor in all of the Redwall books is courage, as well as pride and bravery. Each story fosters a main character—whether it be a mouse, a squirrel, or a badger—who has been wronged in some way. These “wrongs” span from oppressive tyrannical forces, slavery, and kidnapping. As a result the characters overcome and defend themselves, their home, or, more specifically, Redwall. This theme comes from Jacques’s determination to protect his home and to be proud of where he comes from.

Something else that occurs in Jacques’s writing is incredible loss. In every Redwall book, several characters die or are murdered, if not severely mistreated. Jacques experienced war firsthand and lost a brother. He includes tragedies such as this in his stories to, as realistically as possible, draw connections to his readers. Reason being, grief is something everyone endures one day, and it’s in literature that some find comfort and a sense of coping at the same time.

Why Jacques uses animals to convey these intense, real life lessons, is simple: “Mice are my heroes because, like children, mice are little and have to learn to be courageous and use their wits.” This is partly where his purpose for writing comes through. Jacques started Redwall for children in the first place. They are the intended audience.

Redwall was first published in 1986. The main character was a mouse called Matthias, who discovered a sword special to the Abbey, and with it beheaded a snake and defeated villain Cluny the Scourge. In 1989, the sequel Mattimeo was published; this covered the topic of Matthias’s son, who was captured and enslaved by a fox named Slagar. Matthias and others set out to bring back the kidnapped and defeat the fox army. Martin the Warrior, published in 1993, takes place before Matthias and Abbey itself. Martin is a slave of weasel Badrang the Tyrant and escapes with companions to Mossflower country, where in the end he establishes Redwall. These three books among the 22 are associated together because they have related characters who eventually all use the same sword to defeat oppressing forces.

In all of the Redwall stories, however, Martin the Warrior has been linked to each of them. It’s in this way that Jacques manifests in great detail an entire world. Although Jacques has told Redwall readers again and again that there is no religion in his world, in a way Martin the Warrior is portrayed like God. In Redwall Abbey there’s a tapestry of him with rhymes and prophecies on the back. One of the rhymes reads, “I am that is,” which, unscrambled, spells Matthias. The Abbey dwellers tell stories about Martin and continue to remember his legacy. In addition, Martin the Warrior visits characters in their dreams, and for a select few villains, haunts them.

Jacques also created languages. There’s Loamscript, which only few characters are able to translate—it’s an equivalent to Latin for modern-day English speakers. There’s also something called Mole Speak, which is described as more of a dialect than a language. All of the moles in the stories talk like this, and for first-time readers it’s usually a bit difficult to understand. For example: “Harr, he’m be noice an’ soft, sur. Baint no rock nor root to stop us’ns, straight furrer we’m a-thinking” (63). Jacques has also had to explain that “burr” and “hurr,” phrases most used by the mole characters, means “um.” It has been concluded that when Jacques was a truck driver and drove into the Somerset region of England, the accents he heard inspired Mole Speak. What’s more, he uses parts of old languages to enrich his characters’ dialogue. “Eeulalia,” just for instance, is a war cry badgers say; Jacques has explained that it is Celtic/Norse for “victory.”

As song writing is another thing Jacques has been experienced in doing, he includes lullabies and ceremonial songs in his stories. These songs are written as poems in the structure of the books, but they actually have melodies and tunes. In the 60’s, Liverpool had a light shine on it when the Beatles became popular. It was then that Jacques, his friends, and his brothers started a band together. They were called The Liverpool Fisherman. Not only did Jacques include in this world historic figures, godlike deities, and various kinds of accents, he made an entire culture.

There was, evidently, a TV show adaptation of Redwall. There were only three seasons, each one covering the stories of Redwall, Mattimeo, and Martin the Warrior, of course. The first episode aired in 1999. It was relatively popular in the UK, France, and Canada—because it was French and Canadian television programs that most wanted to launch Redwall the show; eventually it appeared on American PBS, as well. Each episode opened with Jacques himself, either describing a brief summary of the episode, or saying his famous line: “In our imaginations we can go anywhere. Travel with me to Redwall in Mossflower country.” Potentially, there was going to be a fourth season starting in 2003, but because there was no financial support from American broadcasters, the show never picked back up.

Even near the end of his life, Jacques could not believe himself as a writer. Meaning, he could not believe he was doing what he loved for a living. He wrote in his garden, no matter what kind of weather there was. He wrote with a typewriter and his favorite pen. He once told the New York Times, “I have a working-class ethic. I get up in the morning, and I still feel guilty about being a famous author.” His very last book from the Redwall series was published in May of 2011, The Rogue Crew. It was in this book that the main character was inspired by a fan. Although he was known for vastly detailed writing, throughout his entire writing career Brian Jacques believed that he did not create characters well. As such, most all of his characters are created after real people in his life. Constance the Badger was created after his grandmother. Mariel the Mouse was created after his granddaughter. He, himself, is a character, too—Gonff the Mouse Thief.

As for the School of the Blind, Jacques had been an active, loyal patron until he died in 2011. He will always be remembered for his generosity: the creation of fantastical adventures following mice, squirrels, badgers and moles, for the sake of those who could not see. Moreover, for those who found great pleasure in growing up with stories developed from the very ground of Liverpool, the very source of compassion, and loveable characters. For these reasons, Brian Jacques should have been better recognized when he was alive, but also appreciated now that he’s left his legacy of Redwall.

you appeared in kindergarten with a dress your mama sewed you
and hands that would never stop trying to taste the world,
hunt-pecking and unsettled with a body full of blueberries you
picked out of the bushes in the backyard right by where
the nightshade berries grew (stop-your-heart-like-nothing-do berries)
and when ms. music teacher sits up pretty
with her white bird neck and trembling
body and pretty dress she says, “repeat after me,”
and the whole class does  mouth open cheerio-style
into a beehive hum of discord trying to
repeat that pretty white neck note and you do it the best out of
everyone. she asks you if you sing
and you have to check ;  does this body sing ? does this body
know more than how to dance pretty ?
you say, “ no , i’m just good at copying things ” your mouth like
jelly and your tongue rough because you don’t like speaking up
and she laugh-laugh-laughs at that so you laugh too, because you’re
good at copying things and that’s what little girls do

your mama wasn’t ever as disappointed as when you said of her friend,
“ robin looks more like a chicken, ” but you were in second grade then
and you didn’t know yet that cancer comes
with skinny waist and raw skin and bare head.
the gospel grows in her too harsh and she’s surrounded by tumors,
you cry at night for fear of them growing like termites in your skin and
cheat on your math test and your teacher says,
“she’s not her brother, that much
is certain” and your father says, “girls just aren’t good at math”
and you think: my brother’s crooked nose and mine are the same
hawk-witch melding. i smell just as good as he can. math means nothing.
there are people out there dying like chickens.

brother genuine genius, tested, brother learning-disability, brother
certified sociopath. tests came back. he says he can’t trap emotions
they flutter like fireflies for him, he says, “i’m blind and everybody else
pretends like i could see if i just tried harder,” so you learn for him.
you learn tiny train signals people got
to organize their faces. you learn their inside ways like you are a peeler. when your parents take you out of school
for three weeks so you can set foot in all 48 states,
your spine is devil’s tower, your ribs are sequoia, your father
says, “stay in the car” while your brother changes the tire.
when you come back to fourth grade bright lights
nobody asks what the fog in san fransico tastes like.
you fail the music test because you were busy listening to the stars out in the desert and you picture
your kindergarten teacher’s white lily throat as it sings out
a note.

there are people out there who are dying like your mother is.
she smells so much of radiation, a church choir ringing out hospital trips. you swear you hear the devil surging in your ribs but you hide it. your eighth grade social studies teacher bellows,
“all of you girls are so over dramatic
none of you have any idea what real pain is.”
eighty-four percent of your daddy’s ancestors
died in political prison and
your mother’s body is a multiplication table
nobody remembered to finish and is now completing itself
ad infinitum no matter how sick it makes her and
you say “ i turned down the boston ballet because
they are all crazy ” but if they asked it’s because you once
saw your mother with her white neck bobbing up and down
in hushed sobs about a hospital bill and you saw your daddy
degrade himself to afford dance class and
if people were cars you would have swerved into oncoming traffic
by now just so somebody would hear the low-key screeching
that’s been
building in your system

teenage girls are a laughtrack. in ninth grade maddie takes apart her father’s razor and uses it to spoon out
the river styx that was boiling bright inside of her.  lex says she’s
addicted to the way puking feels after it’s all over, she says,
“it’s like love, it hurts and then it doesn’t" and in tenth grade
sylvia serves herself up to a boy and comes to your party
with her teeth chattering and tells you that if regret was a 
spoonful of sugar, she is all of cuba’s export and then some
teenage poets with their pathetic broken hearts like yours
who holds two sides of a coin your father would spit out
if he knew it read “has kissed a girl and has kissed a boy and liked both of them” because
catholic rocks don’t grow down they only make
straight diamonds never  rainbow bismuth’s bisexuality
and besides the vast wild empty that has no name or place
outside of a poet’s page is only hormones anyway, this crippling
numb which swallows
all and all and all and
teenagers obsess about their hair and never stop texting, right,
in the eleventh grade you finally make the choice to cut your father’s
heritage out of your head and look like one of them and
act like one of them and in the same year you lose two friends to suicide and in the same year 
your friend says, “i haven’t eaten in three weeks” and in the
same year, you discover that maggie is a bully and you’re
easy pickings and the
next year, you go to prom alone with nothing but a red dress and
excellent hair and makeup and
suddenly the boys who pushed your body to the ground and
stepped on you and made you gravel and disheveled and punch - line, the ones who
took your soul and smashed it between their palms, they say,
“listen, you seem cool, we should hangout more often” and it doesn’t
feel like victory, it sounds like wind through a dead tree, all rattling
branches inside a heart that doesn’t stop flinching at things

teen girls grow up to go to college where teen girls take too many shots
and swallow themselves in the process,
where you hold back hair and hold
back tears and hold a girl who won’t stop crying
about her stepfather and hold your tongue when
some frat boy with a guitar you can play better than he does says,
“you’re a pretty girl, what could possibly be heavy inside you”
and you laugh but later alone with your roommate
half sleepdrunk and half too tired to carry it any farther
what comes spilling like whales out from your lips are big fat heavy memories from that summer
and the funeral for your mother’s murdered friends 
who were killed by their sociopathic 18 year old son
you kissed when you were both seven and eating mangoes
and how at his trial they said sociopath sociopath sociopath
“he beat them to death with a hammer so that
he could have a party” says the prosecution, sociopath -
your brother’s face is melting into a puddle and late that night
he wakes you up and says
“i would never, i would never, i would never”
and you say, “ i know, i know i know ” and when you tell her your roommate says “oh my
god” and later she’ll pour you six extra shots
teen girls pretty girls ugly girls who
learned to be funny before they became somebody,
devil’s tower spines that are crumbling in the desert heat the dress
you’re wearing is too slutty not slutty enough come on
let’s party until our heels break or maybe our hourglass hearts
nobody wants to read the poetry of somebody who tastes like you do, honey, if you call out, the world won’t answer,
if you howl, when you inhale, you’ll just inhale the night and
maybe your skin keeps calling for a great divide,
a break in the music, a white throat, a garden you can grow, a place that’s actually real-life, no-joke
teen girl freshman college co-ed syndrome,
a nirvana that nobody reaches without first feeling nothing, a
body already covered in every insult they know, a body already
used to catcall heads hanging out of windows and the fear
that creeps up in their throat
and a body ready to explode, never a person, no,
just a body, trying to be better, trying to copy more, trying to trap emotions on butterfly pins against pretty white corkboards, always sorry, always
apologizing for something even if it’s just existing,  at nineteen
you are a spiral, an
EKG cart, a warning label, a scream

girl as hymn. girl as ugly turned pretty cinderella dream,
a knife in her pocket and hurt crunched like feathers between her teeth, girl with fingernails covered in bones and dirt, but girl who crawled out of her own grave like
lazarus, a demon or a daughter or a twenty-one year old who
counts birds and touches puddles with one shaking finger and hands
who cannot stay steady but instead are palm trees, bending easy,
a locker full of bad dreams but one that is slowly being emptied,
being cleaned, being made livable by re-narrating the story, bed as nest not bed as anchor
girl as offering plate instead of empty place, girl as
round cheerio mouth holding one’s own whole note, not copying,
one’s own body, resonating, one’s own catastrophe made flesh made
savior complex made self made fists made gentle made
accidental poet
made it
and made it
and somehow thank god
made it.

—  girl as plate glass, or: a winnebago with two flat tires // r.i.d
Jet Wolf Summarizes Act 43

The manga and I kind of hate each other. This is unfortunate, but still, I’m determined to come out of this with something. Rather than spend energy on a liveblog that’s increasingly negative, I’m reading each manga act (mostly) silently, and then writing up summaries at the end. I won’t pull my punches. There’s going to be criticism and snark about the manga, either wholesale or in details. If that isn’t a thing you feel like reading, please skip this post!

One of the classic, most beloved tropes in all of literature is that of hubris: an excessive amount of arrogance or pride that leads to the character’s downfall. It’s a basic element of storytelling that we learn from before we’re able to read those stories to ourselves. You’d think, then, surrounded by millennia of cautionary tales, that none of us would fall prey to hubris.

That’s why, I think, it always manages to surprise us when it happens. Feeling you’re safe from the perils of excessive pride: perhaps the greatest act of hubris possible.

These are the thoughts I was left with as I finished Act 43 today. As I dared think for a moment that I could celebrate something in the manga, as I had the audacity to believe this would for a change be a summary filled with mostly pleased commentary. I might even try a bit of deeper analysis! This will be great!

You fool, Jet Wolf. You beautiful, doomed fool.

We open this issue with Concerns About Mamoru, and we stay there for nearly half of the entire thing. Seriously, this act is 49 story pages and we don’t leave Mamoru’s side until Page 21. Yes I am petty enough at this stage to count.

If I were feeling charitable, I might add that probably half of THAT is Big Bad Exposition Theater, but I think you’ll find I am out of charity. Pegasus having the unmitigated gall to praise Mamoru for single-handedly saving the world for the past four seasons doesn’t help. Pegasus says he and Mamoru are both cursed with a black rose growing in their chest, which is somehow both figurative and literal at the same time, and they need to find the golden crystal which is now super more important than the SILVER crystal because it’s really Mamoru’s. I think? I don’t know, the anime never made sense either. It’s all really just an excuse for Mamoru to be all “I AM USELESS I CANNOT PROTECT YOU” A-FUCKING-GAIN.

You know those types of people who insult themselves, and it’s entirely so other people will be “Oh no, that’s not true, let me tell you how wonderful you are!” MAMORU IS ALL OF THOSE PEOPLE AT ONCE. You don’t get to play the “poor useless me” card for the thirteenth time when five minutes ago someone LITERALLY GAVE YOU AND YOU ALONE CREDIT FOR EVERYTHING THAT HAS HAPPENED IN THE ENTIRE STORY AND THE STORY ITSELF IS SO IN LOVE WITH YOU IT KIND OF BACKS THAT UP

Also it’s been two days, Mamoru, calm your fucking tits.


By the way, I know I said it was 21 pages before we left Mamoru, but the next page has the Inners talking about him, and I think that should count.

Speaking of, the Inners try to figure out what to do, and this leads them to the conclusion that they wish the Outers were there.



What the shit is this? Seriously? For this entire arc, even when the Inners ostensibly HAVE a chapter, it manages to be about the Outers, which is a separate complaint I’ll scream about in a second. Right now though, I say yet again, THIS IS LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE WITHIN THE SCOPE OF THIS FUCKING STORY.

Half the drive of the last arc was how the Inners and Outers couldn’t work together. More than that, they literally didn’t get the opportunity.


By “Inners” I mean specifically Rei, Ami, Mako, and Minako. NOT USAGI. Usagi interactions do not count, because Usagi is not the one conjuring up inspiring images of the Outer Senshi to fuel their power-ups and help them do their basic fucking jobs. With me here on the conditions? I’m looking for the totality of all non-Usagi-based interactions between the Inner and Outer Senshi in the manga Infinity arc. Okay, here we go.

  • Act 27: Haruka and Michiru are at the arcade where they are cool and only speak meaningfully to Usagi and Mamoru. Later, Uranus threatens the non-Usagi Senshi for literally no reason.
  • Act 28: Haruka body slams Mako and then insults, pissing them all off. Michiru is (not) also there.
  • Act 29: The Inners show up just as Uranus runs off. Later, Uranus and Neptune bail them out of their mini-boss fight and are assholes.
  • Act 30: The Outers literally attack the Inners. Later, Ami fights bad guys. Haruka and Michiru are also there.
  • Act 31: Uranus and Neptune + Pluto show at the very end and say nothing.
  • Act 32: Haruka blames the Senshi (including Usagi) for blowing their cover at Mugen. Later, under the Death Buster’s influence, the Inners and Outers try to kill each other.
  • Act 33: Still trying to kill each other when Usagi whines for them to stop and they do. The Inners happen to be in the room when the Outers drop some SilMil backstory. The Outers once again tell the Inners (+Usagi) that they can’t work together.
  • Act 34: The Outers aren’t there for these moments, but as the Inners are attacked, they don’t for a single second draw on the Outers to break free of the spell. Whatever strong motivating connections we’re supposed to believe exist, demonstratively do not to this point in the story.
  • Act 35: The Inners and Outers split up, with Usagi going with the Outers. The Inners are abducted.
  • Act 36: The Inners are unconscious all issue.
  • Act 37: The Inners wake up and get knocked out again. They land next to an Outer, but it’s the end of the world, and so they all just watch dramatically.
  • Act 38: Usagi saves the world, and the Outers take their baby consolation prize and immediately leave.


The best opportunity anybody had for anything at all – by which I mean the two groups were both conscious and present in the same location when the Outers weren’t being assholes to or directly threatening the Inners, and the groups were not actively attempting to murder each other – was in Act 37 when they were separated on rooftops AND THE WORLD WAS LITERALLY ENDING. Everyone was angsting about Usagi disappearing into the maw of Pharaoh 90, to the point where Haruka literally has a screaming breakdown about not being able to protect her.






I know I’ve said several times over the course of this liveblog project how infuriating and frustrating I find the manga. PLEASE KNOW I HAVE MEANT EVERY FUCKING WORD.

If Takeuchi wanted to go this route, she had AMPLE opportunity to do it. But as with R, it’s like there are two realities: the flat, one-dimensional Usagi/Mamoru-centric story she tells, and the slightly more dynamic story she tries to TELL US she told us after the fact.


It makes everything that stems out of this limp and flavourless. You can’t hang major emotional points on hooks you never bothered to put up. And I’m frankly insulted that she keeps fucking doing this. YOU HAVE WONDERFUL CHARACTERS RIGHT THERE. YOU ARE THE WRITER. IT’S NOT MY JOB TO GIVE YOUR STORY ACTUAL SUBSTANCE. If you want us to be able to play around with that shit, maybe don’t waste so much of your goddamn time hammering home points you’re going to directly contradict the moment you realize they don’t carry any emotional weight whatsoever.



812: The Incredibly Strange Creatures who Stopped Living and became Mixed-Up Zombies

Okay, first off, fuck that title.  You know how I write out the full title of Attack of the The Eye Creatures every time I refer to it, out of sheer spite?  I’m going to do the opposite here.  I’m not even going to type out the full acronym. From here on, this movie is known simply as Mixed-Up Zombies, which would be a perfectly good title for a movie made by somebody better at movies than Ray Dennis Steckler.  Apparently the title he originally wanted was even longer, being a riff on the full title of Dr. Strangelove. You can google if you want to know what it was, because I’m not typing that either.

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Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes: A comic guide for tv only Fans

Supergirl and the Legion of Superheroes was a book series, that is collected in 4 trades. The first three were written by Mark Waid. Fans of the show might feel right a home, as the main threat are the Dominators. 

The setup: Legion is set in a kinda repressive (almost Brave New World style) future where rebellious teenagers get together and formed the Legion. At the beginning the book they beat the bad guys but also blew up their headquarters and ran out of money, so they have to strike a deal with their version of the United Nations (the United Planets) to stay in business, which makes some of their followers really unhappy. 

The books: 

Strange Visitor From Another Century: Supergirl shows up, introduces herself. Just like Superman Supergirl is a figure of Legend for the Legion and everybody fangirls her like crazy. However, Supergirl just arrived on earth from Krypton before being thrown into the future and has decided that all of this must be a dream. Meanwhile the Legion comes across some mysterious activity, including a closed door murder. 

Adult Education: The Legion take Kara to a planet where the descendants of the survivors from the shrunken city Kandor live to convince her that indeed she is not dreaming. They clash with a rival group there that has just revealed itself. Kara decides to go with the Legion rather than staying with this pseudo Kryptonian planet. At the end they discover the phantom projector containing Mon-El in a Kryptonian museum. He is trying to warn them of something. When he comes out he is crazed from too much phantom zone time and attacks everybody before they can feed him the cure. Some more intrigue keeps brewing in the background. 

Dominator War: Arguably THE core story of the book. Robots set off by the Dominators attack earth, Legionnaires get abducted and tortured, that mysterious group the Legion has come across reveals itself to be a rival group who thinks the Legion is to nice and weak to take out the Dominators. 

The Quest for Cosmic Boy: Cosmic Boy, the de factor leader of the Legion has been picked up by fanboys from the future. But his friends don’t know that. Kara gets elected leader of the Legion without running for it. She gets manipulated by Brainiac to set up 3 search teams to try to find Cosmic Boy. Kara comes across a portal to the past and her Legion friends persuade her to go back (Brainiac also takes away her memories of her time with the Legion). 

(note: if you are confused why Strange Visitor is called Volume 3 on some covers, it’s because the book was called something different before Supergirl joined)

Recommended? Yes or No? IMO Dominator War is an excellent comic book, very well written. Lots of twists and turns, pretty dark in some surprising ways. However, you need to understand one thing. This series of books is very Cosmic Boy centric. Heck, there was a letter column in an earlier book that almost made it sound like Mark Waid took on a dare that he could make Cosmic Boy actually interesting. So Cosmic Boy gets all the interesting moral decisions, the emotional moments, he’s the one who gets to smart. That said, it is still a really well constructed book and it is imo interesting to read stories about people trying to outsmart each other. 

I also think Mon-El’s part in the story is kinda tragic, even though, or rather because he gets shoved around and is everybody’s pawn. If you are interested into the Karamel aspect of it, again, don’t walk in with expectations. They are just in the same book, though at least hear they actually exchange some words with each other, which is more than happens in some other team up books. And of course there’s a big drag out punchy fight between them, instigated by Brainiac. 

Beyond that, I think the moments of Kara on the planet with the Kandor survivors had some really good emotional moments, when she wakes up and mistakenly thinks she is on Krypton. 

Personally, even though some nice and fun moments came out of it, I got kinda uncomfortable with the whole “Kara thinks she is dreaming, everybody thinks she is brain damaged” story, especially when it seemed like it was used mostly so Cosmic Boy could get to make yet another tough!moral!decision! And of course all the “every second boy is in love with Kara immediately and it never goes anywhere”. (though the Kara/Cosmic Boy stuff is mostly over/resolved/put on the shelf by the end of Adult Education)

That said, this is probably one of the sweetest, friendliest, nicest, fluffiest bunny Kara characterization I’ve ever seen (and Kara generally already is friendly, nice and fluffy in most books) and it really tugged on my heart strings. She also gets some cool superpower moments, like punching out an asteroid, stopping an earthquake by whistling and fighting without superpowers using only her flight ring and her knowledge of Kryptonian history. (Mon-El btw, doesn’t really have much characterization other than being nice and easily excitable after that much time in basically sensory deprivation in the phantom zone)

The last book, Quest for Cosmic Boy was written by a different author. I would argue it is more Lightning Lad centric. It mostly features Kara being elected Legion leader for cool moments. And it’s a good book if you want to fume over what an ass Brainiac is. 

IMO Dominator War is a standout book, just genuinely a good read, all the others are okay, but it helps if you like or are interested in the Legion characters. My ranking would be: Dominator War => Adult Education => Strange Visitor => Quest For Cosmic Boy

Shipping News: if you hate the Supergirl/Brainiac or Mon-El/Shadowlass pairings? This is the book for you. Seriously, from this book? You would have no idea that those were even a thing. Kara is hung up on Comic Boy instead. Brainiac is a huge asshole and romantically obsessed with Dream Girl. Shadowlass gets a more punk-y makeover and a storyline where she goes from dating Karate Kid to dating Ultra Boy complete with Karate Kid explaining that she was never happy with a thinky guy like him and much more happy with a caveman style punch-y guy like Ultra Boy.  

Want More Supergirl and The Legion? Supergirl Annual 2, also called Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes featured a more Kara/Brainiac 5 centric story and a more pre-crisis style Legion. Smallville Season 11: Argo featured both Kara and Clark with the Legion. The Justice League Unlimited Episode Far From Home also shows Supergirl in the 31st century, with the Legion (and Brainiac 5). 

tsureh  asked:

mmm I was going through my likes this morning and I got to the post yall made about akuatsu headcanons. And I might need to know more. 🙃✨


🌟 neither of them know anything about making food but to them, nothing is too hard as a duo—because shin soukoku will kick anything’s ass—so they team up to cook and it goes…… horribly wrong…. because atsushi knows next to nothing about cooking and akutagawa never had the patience for it and in the middle of the thing they ended up in a food fight which then led to some kisses on the kitchen floor and long story short they burned their food and decided to never do this again. (the floor kisses were so nice though…)

🌟 the transition from man-tiger and akutagawa to their actual names is smooth but painfully slow because both of them are disgustingly awkward—there’s a few hesitant calls of ryunosuke every once in a while, a few months after their friendship is officially settled, and akutagawa teases atsushi by calling him nakajima after calling him man-tiger ten times, but it’s only after they start dating for real that they end at ryuu and atsushi. atsushi decided to call akutagawa ryuu because, let’s be real, ryunosuke is too long a name, and akutagawa simply felt comfortable enough around atsushi to call him by his name—an honor, all things considered.

🌟 as atsushi finds out, akutagawa has a very nice singing voice, but there’s a 0.0000001% chance he’d willingly sing out loud—but every time atsushi catches him humming a soft tune it’s almost magical because of how nice aku’s voice is. one time he asked aku to sing him to sleep, but that night he only did it after atsushi actually fell asleep—but atsushi knows aku would do that, so he only pretended to be asleep so he could hear it, and it took him every bit of self control he had to not move or react to it. the morning after, atsushi tells aku what he did, and aku can only react with aggressive face-covering because his face goes tomato red. it’s adorable.

🌟 i think they’d fall for each other much the same way magnets are attracted to each other—because they’re opposites, and they slowly learn from each other, and one ends where the other begins; like their souls are connected. even though the love was met with reluctance (especially on aku’s end) at first, he’d eventually let himself be consumed by it, exactly because he can see so much of himself on atsushi and yet, they’re complete opposites. honestly? it pisses him off, and he loves it. as for atsushi, he feels empathetic towards akutagawa and wants to help him, to see him become a better person, and somewhere in that quest he fell for aku’s mannerisms and odd ways too—and then they confessed.

🌟 their confession would be really sweet and aku is the one that confesses; he’d be really awkward about it. he wouldn’t really know what to say so he’d just. grab atsushi’s hand and say “i… think you’re nice…” but atsushi would Understand,, so he’d smile and say “i think you’re nice too” (after about two seconds of nothing but blushing of course). they actually wouldn’t kiss right after that; it’d take them a few days to get used to it, and atsushi would initiate the kiss—while they’re alone, at the agency, after a mission—and it would be soft and sweet. akutagawa would want more of it, which means they’d spend at least fifteen minutes just… kissing…

🌟 they both have little things about each other they find cute—for example, atsushi always notices that akutagawa longingly looks at every cat they pass by, and akutagawa never fails to notice that atsushi unintentionally purrs like a true furry. they both tell each other, in their own way, that those little mannerisms are cute, but sometimes atsushi is just so enthralled by how aku can down hundreds of sweets in half an hour like he’s in a battle murdering people and aku is so enamored by atsushi’s bright smile that they just… forget… and go for the typical red-faced blush that seems to haunt their relationship; which in itself is another thing they find cute. they both find each other very cute, actually; it’s sweet.

🌟 in bed they switch

Letting the teacup shatter: a “Primavera” meta

From denial to acceptance

When Will first opens his eyes in the hospital, after regaining his bearings and getting a sip of water (a dutiful nod to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs), his first mental effort is to reconstruct Abigail out of death, to visit him in the hospital. As an audience, we see her coming into focus at the foot of his hospital bed, but before the scene plays itself out–and after the title sequence and commercial break–there’s an insert of Abigail emerging in reverse from the bloodbath in Hannibal’s kitchen, her blood drawing up inside her neck, and Hannibal un-slicing her throat.

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Romance in One Piece

It’s a much debated subject and there are usually a few different views that divide the fans. We have the ones who say there should be no romance in One Piece at all, those who thinks a little is ok or doesn’t care either way, and of course the shippers. Who to various degrees wish or think that certain pairings will eventually become canon.

In this post I want to talk about where I stand when it comes to romance in One Piece as well as a few of the topics most talked about in regards to including romantic themes and relationships into the manga. Mostly I just want to stand against all the comments I’ve seen where people immediately think that romance is and would be a bad thing in the case of One Piece.

I have quite a few things I want to talk about, so let’s jump right to it.

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anonymous asked:

I'd love to hear your thoughts on how fiction can best be feminist/your favourite feminist (or just not sexist) fiction (especially bc it's national novel writing month)

When it comes to how fiction can be “feminist”, it’s honestly not as difficult as people make it out to be. The only reason why we seem to have such trouble with it is because people are conditioned to view women as plot devices, not people. Once they’ve served their purpose, they’re cast aside until they’re useful again. So I guess I would say that some of the easiest ways to make sure that your fiction is “feminist” (or at the very least, not problematic) is to

  • Include diverse characters, which is honestly waaaay easier than people think. Instead of making everyone white/straight, bring in people of different ethnicities/races/genders/sexualities, etc. and just treat them as people. If you’re not sure how to write people with different identities as you, consult people who are of the identities that you plan to write about and allow them to help guide you to a non offensive portrayal (some easy ways to do that are to ask what parts of their identities shape them the most, their speaking mannerisms, how they view the world as opposed to how you view it, etc).
  • Think about the implications/repercussions of certain storylines. For example, do you REALLY have to kill the protagonist’s mother/girlfriend/daughter/female mentor? Fridging women is a cheap tactic to elicit emotion from your reader and I encourage you to explore other ways to evoke sympathy or sadness. In the end, it’ll make your writing stronger since you’re not relying on shock value to pack an emotional punch. 
  • Be careful who you’re vilifying. Is your villain a marginalized identity, or coded that way? Why is that? Is there a real reason for your villain to be coded as a PoC or as a gay person? Or is it just because in your quest to include more diversity, you accidentally gave all the negative traits to the character with the flamboyant style and effeminate voice? Obviously, this isn’t to say that marginalized people can’t ever be cast as villains, but if you only have one PoC in your story and they happen to be the villain, maybe reconsider. 
  • This goes hand in hand with the last point, but stop overly punishing your marginalized characters. With this one, I’m no longer referring to villains, but your protagonists or characters on your protagonist’s side. For example, is your one Black character currently dealing with the death of her brother, a severe injury, emotional trauma from an abusive relationship, recent homelessness, and a sudden deadly disease? If she is, definitely dial it back because you’re unintentionally dumping every negative event on your character of color because you either view her as “strong enough” to handle it (which in itself has racist connotations) or because you don’t see a problem with making her life hell despite no one else having to deal with what she deals with. 

So this is what I have off the top of my head and, of course, this doesn’t even scratch the surface of the number of ways someone could make their work more feminist, but it’s a good place to start, I think.

As for book recs, any I make are probably gonna be for older books since I don’t do a ton of reading anymore (Shame on me, I know). Fair warning, I used to exclusively read (straight) YA romances because I really only had access to mainstream books so if that’s not your cup of tea, then I’m sorry! Alright, here goes:

  • Anything by Sarah Dessen is a win for me because I always like seeing teenage girls be portrayed as real people with real flaws. Because they’re meant to be from the perspective of actual teenagers, they do have their problems: they can be slut shamey, they’re all very white, they’re very hetero, but I really enjoy them. Of her books, though, I’d have to say my favorite is “Just Listen”, which was the first of hers that I ever read. It’s told from the perspective of a rape victim as she tries to navigate her life after her rape and I think it’s a really good portrayal (disclaimer: I am not a rape victim, so if any actual victims who have read it have any other input, I’m glad to hear it!)
  • The D.U.F.F. pretty much carried me through my sophomore year of high school because I had NEVER read a book with a fat protagonist, much less one who we’re made to sympathize with and relate to. Warning, it is SUPER slut shamey (it gets better toward the end, but it spends a lot of time on it) and kinda white feministy but again I will always have a soft spot for it because it was the first time I ever saw a fat girl be portrayed as actually fat but still desirable (by multiple people, too) and that was something that I really needed. Plus it portrays teen sex as a normal, healthy thing but it also touches on using sex as a self harm device. 
  • This has a really different tone from the last two recs but I really liked The Lovely Bones growing up and I think it fits here. It’s about a girl who gets murdered and the story takes place after her death as she watches the people she knew in life try to move on from her murder and deal with it in their own ways. I really appreciate that it’s told from the victim, Susie’s, perspective because any time you have a book covering that subject, you never actually get to know the victim (who is of course usually a woman) and they just become a plot device rather than an actual person. It really turns the fridging women trope on its head because, yes a female character died and we view everyone else’s pain because of it, but we view it from the female character’s eyes so it’s about her pain/struggle more than anything. 
  • There’s also a short story by Toni Morrison that I might have mentioned on this blog a while back called Recitatif that I LOVE. I’ve waxed poetic about my 10/11 grade English teacher here before, but she totally changed my life and the first way she did it was by making me read that story. It’s about two girls growing up in the 20th century. One is black, one is white. But you’re never explicitly told which is which. The whole point is supposed to be that race/race roles are a social construct (which you can imagine blew our 16 year old minds), but yeah definitely check that out. And her other stuff, Toni Morrison is seriously amazing.

Again, this is just off the top of my head, but these are the ones that came to mind when I took a moment to think about the books I used to read. Most of them are far from perfect, but this is where I started, so I figured it might help someone else. 

I hope this was a good response to your question, anon!

Mod Ely