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Books and Prince Charming’s (S.M. Fic)

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AN: I’m thinking of continuing The Rapture, but for the time being I may post some small drabbles to fill the void! Just a short, cute fic to fill the days! No warnings! Because I love a fully college Shawn

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(Word Count: 1728)

 Books and Prince Charming’s

The university library had always seemed to amaze (Y/N). It’s tall, curved, grand ceilings that showcased glass art in multicolored arrays. The beautiful curve and sling of each and every little crevasse of wood that was carved along the sides of the tall bookcases, creating intricate designs and murals for all to see. The room itself was a dark old oak color that seemed like enchanted wood, one which (Y/N) often fantasized about, dreaming that it was cut from a forest beyond her world. 

The library never seemed too busy, which is why she loved the building. There were no fussy sorority sisters, no buzzing groups of friends that seemed to scream every second of their time, and defiantly no incompetent fraternity boys creating havoc for (Y/N) to clean up endlessly for hours.

 (Y/N) stood placing books from a cart carefully on the row of bookshelves, both from and in back of her, creating a protective shield. She hummed to herself, tucking a piece of hair behind her ear and drummed her fingers on a blue tightly bound book and then slipped it into its matching bookshelf puzzle piece. She ran her fingers along the bottom of each spine, feeling the thick paper and leather covers of each book that sat in front of her. A finger tapped on her shoulder, lifting her out of the dreamy state and snapping her back to reality, just as her alarm clock did this morning. 

“Sorry,” the voice said. “Could you help me with something?”

(Y/N) turned around, coming in contact with a strong chest. She blinked and squeaked, her hands pushing out.

 “Oh,” the boy rushed, his hands catching under her arms, pulling her away from the bookshelf that she so ungracefully was about to fall into. “Sorry, again.” He laughed slightly. 

She looked up and felt herself grow extremely nervous. He was handsome, tall, strong from what she now happily smacked right into, and his eyes, dreamy was an understatement. Perhaps her daydreams and books were coming true. She silently prayed hard to a falling star somewhere in the world. 

“Uh, yeah, sorry. What is it that you need?” She stumbled over her words like a penguin learning to fly. He smiled, dare she say shyly. Her insides fluttered, and she realized butterflies really did swarm in stomachs.

“I’m looking for this book,” he took out his phone from his jean pocket and pressed his finger down, swiping through then handing her the device. On the screen showed a picture of a large book, titled something in Latin, and (Y/N) knew just the book. She smiled and nodded. 

“Oh yea! We have that down near the back,” she smiled and walked away from the cart. The boy followed after her, like a duckling to his mother. 

“So,” he spoke up beside her as they walked down the middle isle of the library. Students of all sorts sat at tables, their green marble desk lights alight, studying for beginning of the year exams. “You’re a student here?”

She looked to the side and smiled lightly. “Yeah.” He nodded and smiled. “You, uh, work here at the library.” She laughed and nodded slowly. 

He chuckled a little, looking down and scratching the back of his neck, running his fingers through his soft brown hair. (Y/N) blushed for an unknown reason other than the fact that he was just so handsome.

“What’s your name,” she questioned, turning down a row of bookshelves. 

He quickly stepped closer to her, tugging slightly at the neck of his light blue short-sleeve university shirt. “Shawn,” he smiled. “Yours?”

“(Y/N),” she beamed. He looked at her with interest, with eyes that seemed to dissect her. She blushed pink and turned around towards the books for social cover, bending down and reading the names. She felt his eyes on her, and she could swear she was on fire, or maybe that was just her knees.

“Here!” She smiled to herself and slid the book out of the shelf, standing up. She slightly wavered, feeling dizzy. She regretted not eating breakfast this morning.            

Shawn moved behind her and grabbed hold of her sides, steading her from falling on top of him. She stood for a moment, opening her eyes and blinking slightly, then turned slowly in his hands. She looked up at him, faces inches apart. ‘Movies really do come true’ she though with a bursting heart. 

“Do you tend to fall often?” He said with a lopsided boyish grin. She felt heat slam around her body and she shook her head. 

“Not usually,” she said with a half-smile, tucking a piece of hair behind her ear and in her black hair clip. “Here’s your book, all ready for check out.”

He took the book awkwardly from her hands, not stealing his gaze from hers. She walked back down the aisle, feeling her fingers burn with nervousness. She glided up to the librarian desks and logged in the computer, pushing the books to the side and taking out the tan piece of noting paper and a pencil. Shawn moved up to the desk, placing the book down in front of him. She took the book, looking up from her eyelashes every so often to steal a glance, noticing he watched her the whole time with a soft smile on his face. Her cheeks burned so much she thought she would never have to wear blush again. 

“Hey, um, are you by any chance bus—” Shawn began, but was interrupted by a group of three boys, slapping their arms around him and all smiling wide. 

“Shawn-y boy!” One laughed, rubbing the back of Shawn’s head, messing up his curly hair that (Y/N) so badly wanted to run her hands through. “We’ve been looking everywhere for you. The boys have the whole house kicked up the game after-party.” 

(Y/N) looked down awkwardly at the computer and typed quietly. She scanned the book and slid it in front of Shawn’s fingers. He looked up at her and sighed. One of the other boys eyed Shawn, then lifted his gaze dramatically to (Y/N).

“Well, well, well. What do we have here?” The one smirked and punched Shawn on the shoulder. “Now we know why it took Mr. Shawn a billion years to get a book.”

(Y/N) looked to the side of the desk, avoiding Shawn’s eye contact. She coughed slightly, feeling intense mortification grow in her stomach. Shawn tried to speak, but the boys pulled him away. He grabbed the book, letting himself be sauntered away from (Y/N), who stood at the desk alone, watching him walk away.


 It was about three days after that shift when (Y/N) saw Shawn again. She was walking along the university greens, the tall, old, brown brick buildings glowed against the setting sun and she tugged the light blue knitted sweater by the satin tie around her waist. She couldn’t wait to be back the apartment, sitting happily on the couch watching a scary movie with her pet.

As she was walking, a body smacked into the side of her and she yelped, dropping her purse. Sighing, she bent down, pushing her black glasses up her nose and kneeling to the ground. 

“Holy shit, I’m sorry!” (Y/N) looked up, that familiar calming voice blinking in her memories. 


He looked up from the ground and suddenly smiled brightly. “(Y/N)!”

She grinned softly and picked up her belonging, throwing them in her bag. He held her arms while pulling her to her feet. 

“We have to stop meeting like this,” he laughed. She giggled and nodded, brushing off her pants. 

“How are you?” She questioned. He tucked his hands in his jean pockets and shrugged.

“Ok, I guess. Hey, I wanted to apologize about last time, at the library. My friends, they’re uh, kind of obnoxious.”

(Y/N) half smiled and sighed. “It’s ok.”

Shawn chuckled a little, looking at his feet, then back to her eyes, moving closer to her. “You have something in—,” he moved his hand to her hair, pulling out a crispy green leaf. “There.”

He let his hand slightly brush her ear, hesitated, then pushed her hair behind her ear and slowly moved his hand. She stood, shocked, body zipping with bees and excitement. Her face heated and she laughed breathlessly. 

“Hey, I was actually wondering,” he flicked the leaf to the ground and shifted on his feet. “I was actually coming back from the library, because I thought you were working, but you weren’t, which is why I’m here…” he started rambling slightly, which made her laugh sweetly. He looked up and pressed his palm to the back of his neck. He flexed his arm slightly, his blue hockey jersey complementing him so well, (Y/N) felt like fainting just so he could catch her. 

“You wanna go to my fraternity party tonight? I was going ask you at the library, if you wanted to, uh, be my date.” 

(Y/N)’s eyes widened and she hesitated. She had never been to a fraternity party before, and she knew how many of them went. But, when would she get another opportunity to be with Shawn Charming as a date. She knew that shooting star was smacking her in the face. 


Shawn’s eyes widened as though he wasn’t expecting her to say that. “Really?”

“Yeah,” she smiled, walking back down the path. He followed with haste behind her. “But I’m warning you, I’ve never been to a frat party before.” 

Shawn nodded quickly. “That’s ok! It’ll be fun. I’ll pick you up at eight.” He started to walk backwards from her, then stopped, remembering to get her phone number.            

 She laughed, pulling his hand out and taking a pen from her bag. He watched her with warmth in his eyes, like a child waiting for candy. She wrote her phone number on his palm, then curved his finger’s inwards. 

“Call me,” she smiled, walking away. She felt herself wanting to explode like a firework in the sky. She was proud of herself, for getting out of her shell, for actually walking away before he did. She wanted to stamp a gold star on her chest and sing to the world. But instead, she only smiled, and walked down the path, feeling Shawn watch her from behind. She had a party to get ready for. 



People tend to think that growing up asexual in a conservative Christian home is simple. Your parents don’t want you to have sex, you’re not going to have sex. Simple.

When in fact, it still fucks you up, just in a much subtler way.

Conservative Christians are actually obsessed with sex. It’s no wonder, because sexual feelings are a natural part of the human experience for many people. You have to work hard to do away with something that is a natural part of you. You have to shove it into a little box and every time it slips out (cause it will, you’re human) you have to shove it back in. And then beat yourself up for letting it slip out.

It becomes this mystical force that will ruin your life, unless you let it out at the right time. When there’s a ring on it and not a moment before. Unless of course you’re attracted to the same sex, and in that case, Never.

Everyone knows that puberty is when sexual awakening starts. And if parents want to nip it in the bud they have to stay on top of that shit, and this is the time when most teenagers start considering sex. If you’re a “normal” sexual individual starting to get those urges, you have to sneak around your parents boundaries to pursue or even learn about this stuff. Your parents know that, and are waiting around corners to catch you with promise rings and pamphlets about STDs and passages in the Bible that say “don’t have sex”.

When you’re asexual, you’re watching all this from the outside. You see your peers sneaking round corners, and you don’t really care. When you were twelve your parents said “don’t have sex!” and you said “Ok!” and went back to drawing dragons. Nothing has changed since you became a teenager. But your parents are watching you with hawk eyes, and they’re even more frustrated when they see you showing no interest in sex at all. EVERYONE has sexual urges they have to curb, so you must just be really good at hiding it. So they watch you closer and closer and closer. You saunter round the corner your peers would be sneaking round, and your parents pop out and scream “Were you having sex!?” and you scream “No?!” because you were startled by this ambush and the idea of sex that couldn’t be farther from your mind but they take your vehement denial to be a sign of guilt and they keep pressing and pressing and pressing…

It gets even weirder when you’re assigned female. Cause you can say “I don’t have sexual feelings at all” and your mother will say “you’re a woman, of course you don’t. No woman does.” But they’re still waiting round those corners for you to slip up and do the sex. And they give you this picture of the future that “you’re a woman and you don’t want sex, but men NEED sex they NEED IT SO BAD so it’s something you’re going to have to do to keep your man happy”. If you’ve got a somewhat progressive mother she’ll add, “don’t worry, you’ll love it you’ll have so much fun once you’re married” to keep it from becoming a creepy lay-back-and-think-of-England thing, but it still becomes this thing that people will do TO you. You don’t need to have feelings at all on the matter, it’ll just happen.

Not to mention there’s the idea that marriage is the highest of achievements cause like, God is both male and female so when a male and a female marry they are basically the closest to God they’re ever gonna get. It’s ultimate happiness AND you FINALLY get to have the sex that’s been denied you and how on earth does a kid tell their parents they don’t want what is, for them, the greatest prize in this life?

All these messages are weird as fuck for an asexual kid. You don’t really care about this mystical force, but your parents, your pastor, your church peers, are always shoving it in your face as something awful and wonderful. So you get the idea that it’s something super important you never got the memo for. Just like in mainstream society, where sex is the Best Thing Ever, no one believes you when you say you don’t want it.

All of this has, for me at least, led to severe anxiety surrounding the topics of sex and marriage. It may be different for other people, but I think it’s safe to say that things aren’t simple for any of us when it comes to a heteronormative, sex negative and yet sex obsessed society.

With Star Wars: The Force Awakens, director J.J. Abrams sought to prop up and revitalize the most popular film franchise in movie history, to preserve its qualities in amber for a new generation. The Force Awakens was very concerned about what you, the moviegoer and fan, thinks about Star Wars. It wants to please you. It wants to be comfort food. And it’s very, very good at that.

But with Star Wars: The Last Jedi, director Rian Johnson wants to burn Star Wars to the ground. Not because he harbors ill will toward it, but because he loves it. He loves it so much that he wants to cleanse the garden and allow something fresh and new to grow. The Last Jedi is not concerned about what you, the moviegoer and fan, thinks about Star Wars. It wants to challenge you and make you question what Star Wars is and what it can be.

(This post contains major spoilers for Star Wars: The Last Jedi.)

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Happy holidays! You write the most wonderful stories :D For the fic prompt... any thoughts on a genderbent Harry Potter?

oh, oh do i

you see, the thing is, everything would have been different if harry was a girl. do you know how i know?

lily potter.

harry didn’t do anything. he was a baby, they call him the boy who lived, because that’s all he did - he just didn’t die. and that’s not on him, that’s not because he was some extremely powerful one year old. no. it’s because of lily potter, because of her love, or something, because i very much doubt she was the first woman who loved her child enough to die for them. but whatever it is she did, that’s what killed the dark lord.

harry didn’t defeat voldemort. lily did.

and no one cared.

so when little harriet survives the killing curse, no one cares. because it wasn’t her, it wasn’t anything she did.

it was james potter!

james potter, who died, but saved his daughter and defeated the dark lord! and it doesn’t make any sense, but neither does lauding a baby as the defeater of darkness, so when has the wizarding world ever needed to make sense? harry survives, is marked as an equal, by voldemort, and no one cares.

but do you know what that means?

harry doesn’t go to live with dursleys, because why would voldemort ever be after her - she didn’t do anything, she was just there, it was all james potter. and maybe dumbledore knows better, and tries to put his foot down, but - no one cares. she’s james potter’s daughter, the daughter of the man who killed voldemort, she’s not going to be sent to live with some muggles!

and the next safest place is hogwarts, but none of the professors can raise a child, they’re all either too old or busy or snape, so who raises little harriet potter?

why, rubeus hagrid of course!

and people aren’t happy about this either, but it’s better than the muggles, and it seems right, to them, that the daughter of james potter grows up in hogwarts.

so hagrid builds an addition to his little cabin, a nursery that will one day be a bedroom, and harriet potter grows up. she knows the forbidden forest like the back of her hand, knows all those creatures in the forest as her best friends. firenzes somehow ends up babysitting her, multiple times, and he never knows how it happens. she rides unicorns and thestrals and hippogriffs, and is good friends with aragog, and all sorts of other creatures.

she grows up in the forbidden forest, really, and it knows her, it loves her

the kids adore her, and she has hundred and hundreds of older siblings. she’s james potter’s daughter, and a cute kid, and “i was playing with harriet!” is an excuse that works with almost all the professors for a large array of misdeeds. by the time she’s eight, she’s helping kids study for their owl and newts in care of magical creatures.

oh, and herbology, of course, because a forest is not just animals, it’s plants too. and she loves her forest, so she’s constantly getting underfoot with professor sprout. and all the other professors care for her too, and by the time she’s eleven they’re all internally fretting about what she’s going to do in class, because they’ve already taught her most of it.

she meets draco malfoy, and they should hate each other, they should. but draco understands what it’s like to grow up in your father’s shadow, to always be the child of someone instead of just your own person, and harriet can’t help but be friends with him, they become friends seemingly against both their wills.

and harriet’s in gryffindor, of course, with that reckless courage she can hardly go anywhere else. and she knows the weasleys of course, they’ve all been her friends, and she’s delighted now that she gets a weasley of her own. which is what she tells ron on the first day of classes, who was warned about her by all his brothers, and has in fact met her before on multiple occasions, so he just rolls with it.

and harriet adopts hermione and brings into the group, because just like her father, just like hagrid, she can’t stand someone being alone and upset without trying to help, that’s not who she is, it’s not how she was raised.

so she has her friends and her experiences, and she’s james potter’s daughter, which is fine, she likes her life, and her friends.

but nothing good can stay. voldemort returns, and he doesn’t even target her, why does he care for her, it was her father who did this (he was there and still he goes along with the narrative, it couldn’t have been lily, couldn’t have been harriet, no, it had to be james) but somehow harriet and her friends keep on foiling his plans, keep on getting in his way, and for the first time -

she’s not james potter’s daughter, not rubeus hagrid’s daughter -

she’s harriet potter, and she’s in voldemort’s way, and she’s not planning to move for him. she wasn’t raised to bend, and if that breaks her - so be it.

As it was and as it always would be…

It’s been a long, wonderful journey and Voltron Season 6 was everything I hoped for. My heart is still raw from bawling over the beautifully scripted, animated and voice acted work of art. Here’s my contribution to the massive outpouring of love and affection for our favourite boys and the amazing team behind it all.

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This is really stupid but like since peter and pepper have the same initials the other avengers could mix up their monogrammed stuff. I feel like they'd both roll with it and then one day they'd figure out why nobody ever gave them the correct bags

NOOOO DUDE this is such a great concept oh my god

  • The first time it happens, Pepper and Peter’s luggage get sent to the wrong rooms at the hotel they’re staying at. And it’s four in the morning and neither of them have slept and they don’t even notice until Peter realizes he’s trying to pull on Pepper’s nightgown, and Pepper’s forearm is stuck in Peter’s spider suit she’s sleepily trying to yank on.
  • They run into each other in the hall and just stutter in embarrassment about how there was a mix-up
  • They exchange luggage eventually and silently agree to NEVER let Tony know about this
  • The next time there’s a mix-up is with their monogrammed Stark Industries Jackets. They’re relatively close to the same size, so neither of them notice until Peter realizes the scent of Pepper’s perfume has been following him all day, and Peter’s phone starts blaring the Star Wars theme song in Pepper’s pocket and she can’t shut it off
  • They always, ALWAYS get handed the wrong bags by the (trying to be helpful) Avengers
  • That’s how Pepper discovers that Peter takes mini lego sets with him wherever he goes
  • And Peter discovers the handwritten note from Tony Pepper carries with her everywhere
  • And the emergency first-aid kit in the front pocket of her purse
  • It has Iron Man and Spiderman and Thor band-aids in it
  • Pepper denies all knowledge of it
  • It’s terrible whenever Tony, Pepper, and Peter go to Starbucks or any other coffee shop and the place marks the cups with initials and not their full names. Pepper almost chokes the first time she accidentally sips Peter’s drink (jeez the kid likes a lot of extra sugar in his lattes), and Peter is awake for the next 48 hours after accidentally downing Pepper’s special three-shot espresso.
  • Peter secretly loves Pepper’s extra-soft monogrammed bath towels, and never complains when they’re accidentally sent to his room
  • Whenever they’re hosting an event/interview/have to read something from a prompt or script they always end up talking over each other because each line is only marked by ‘PP’ and they can never figure out who’s turn it is to speak. Pepper and Peter saying things at the same time becomes a meme.
  • Tony always has little ‘PP’s scrawled or engraved or written everywhere, and Pepper and Peter like to have fake arguments about who it refers to
  • Pepper and Peter like to send people texts from unmarked numbers signed with only their initials, and watch their team members panic as they try to figure out whether it’s The Boss or Spiderkid texting them
  • More than once Peter’s accidentally gotten a message about some important secret Stark Industries thing, and Pepper’s received some mystifying texts in Gen Z lingo that she reluctantly has to go to Peter to decipher
  • It’s all fun and games until an anonymous kid from school admits their crush on Peter to Pepper via text, and Tony accidentally sends a flirty message to Peter. After that they decide to NEVER prank people over text again.
  • They laugh about it later though, and Pepper tells Peter he can do better than that random kid, and Peter tells Pepper that Tony needs to upgrade his flirting game
  • Tony refers to the pair of them as the ‘PP duo’ and both of them groan and shake their heads every time Tony says that out loud
  • Tony thinks it’s hilarious
  • Honestly though, Peter and Pepper grow closer than they thought they ever would over all these shenanigans
  • Pepper becomes a kind of super cool mom/another aunt to Peter and he loves it
  • And Pepper kind of secretly enjoys looking out for the kid
  • The PP duo lives on
I know that one day im going to lose you too, as much as i hate to say it because it always brings tears into my eyes. But one day you are going to forget about me and all the beautiful memories we shared. Forget about the feelings we had for each other and the conversations we had about the way the stars line up in the sky. or that picnic we had, and the times we laughed at the same about lame jokes in all of the movies we watched. You going to forget about my smile and the way i talk. Im going to forget the smell of your perfume and the tattoos on your arm. You will forget about the kiss and i will forget the taste of your lips. There will be a time where you will get bored of me and can’t keep up with me no more. The time you will get tired of me and the way i look after you. You will stop caring about me and put all your focus on yourself. And to me that’s not selfish because i wish i could be selfish and take care of myself and put me on number one instead of number two or three. One day we would have to say goodbye without even knowing it. Or maybe one day you will tell me that you need to let me go for the better. Or one day you will just cut me off and never talk to me again. It’s always been a thing i feared, because when i get too attached to someone they always leave you at the end of the day. You will leave with all those secrets of mine and you would tell them to your new friends. I’d be the “I once had a friend” in those conversations. And we will both grow apart. One thing i’ve learned is that everything in life is temporary.
You will only be here for a limited amount of time.
But as long as we are still together i will count every minute of the day as a blessing.
Until it’s too late and we forget about each other and how many nights we spent talking to each other and both exposing ourselves to the secrets we hold and the things we fear.
—  yungogsyd 
🌟💖 to jonghyun: my sun, my moon, my stars, someone who i'll love forever  💖🌟

i don’t know how to start this properly so i’ll do so by saying i’m coping the best i can be given the circumstances but it still feels like there’s this void in my chest. 

when i first started listening to k-pop i figured it’d just be a fun pasttime for me and, for the most part, it has been. i just didn’t think i’d get as attached as i did to an idol as i did jonghyun because i’d never been the type to get super attached to celebrities to begin with but i was really drawn to him from the get go. i remember the first time i saw him in the “lucifer” mv. i was like: ”wow, who is that dude“ so i started looking into him and grew to like him quickly. this was before he started to show more of himself to shawols / the world. after that point he made his twitter and began to interact more with fans by showing how clever, intelligent, fun loving and socially conscious he was. and his sense of humor was so strange - which was something that i could relate to. that’s probably when i knew he was going to be my ult for a long time.

i remember when he supported kang eun ha back in late 2013 and i was so relieved because i was just starting to really come to terms with the fact that i was queer and it was comforting to know that my ult would accept me for that. in the short time that followed we were able to see him grow and develop as a person. he started to bare his soul to the world through blue night, always more than he was obligated to, and he was always graceful and thoughtful in doing so.

i remember at shinee’s fifth anniversary party when he debuted “beautiful tonight” to shawols. i was so proud of him because i knew that it’d always been his dream to make his own music and that was the FIRST time that he was able to share something with us that was completely his. 

when it comes to shinee .. i haven’t been here since the beginning. i became a fan during the summer of 2011 but i’ve always felt like i was present during the timeline that was the most pertinent in his growing as a human being.

blue night was always so special to me because it opened us up to a side of him that he had been careful to share before then. people had these fixed stereotypes about him and, while some have lingered on, he was able to blow most out of the water through the show. without blue night we wouldn’t have been able to hear a large percentage of his beautiful solo work. looking back i can see that this was a burden to him and it makes me ache knowing something he loved became such a weight for him but i’ll always cherish the work that he gave to us.

he was always trying so hard. it doesn’t take what happened to know that. he never shied away from telling us when he felt lost or lonely or upset and he never made fans feel as if they were wrong to feel that way either. honestly he never made fans feel like they were in the wrong for anything. he’d support them through even their most ridiculous (and some of the funnier stories he got on blue night were proof of that) and the love he had for us was undeniable. you could see it in his eyes whenever he was given the chance to be face-to-face with us: at events with shinee, for blue night, for himself. it always looked like he was … ridiculously content just breathing the same air as his fans. this extended to international fans as well. he didn’t speak up on it often but it was obvious he knew about the disconnect / distance that we’ve always felt in being so far away from him and shinee. we got “selene 6.23” to show for that one.

it was also thanks to jonghyun and the rest of shinee that i was able to make most of the close friends that i have today. that, and they were also so charming that i was able to have my older friends become a fan of them as well. they also gave me a reason to be able to travel twice in the last year and a half: once to chicago and another time to los angeles. i’ll always be grateful that i was able to see them twice - that i was able to see him twice.

i’m starting to feel too introspective so i’m going to switch over and talk about a few of my favorite things about him:

1) he wasn’t perfect. he made mistakes but he always apologized and tried to make amends for them in the end. he was constantly trying to better himself and become education / sensitive to a variety of issues. i feel he excelled there, really.

2) his love for roo. i think it goes without saying that a good deal of the funnier content involving him was related back to roo. and remember the time she photobombed minho taking a picture of jjong with his music show trophies? yeah.

3) how much of his life he dedicated to making his mom and sodam feel loved and appreciated. i really don’t know what else to add here that isn’t obvious already.

4) he wasn’t afraid to show the world the side of himself that was what most would regard as being “childish” or in geeking out about things that made him happy like naruto or how much he had fallen in love with (and been touched by) kimi no na wa.

5) when he wanted to cry he cried and he made sure that others were aware that it was alright to cry too, to be weak sometimes because to be “weak” is to really be strong.

6) he was such a great and caring friend. he just … was. there’s no denying that. he was always nonjudgmental and willing to be there for his friends at the drop of a hat when they needed him (like when he drove two hours to pick up dongwoo when he needed a ride home from a random location).

7) jinki. he was always a pillar of strength for him and this worked both ways. he took the spotlight for him when he wasn’t able to do it himself and he was always the first to understand his strange jokes and puns and play off of them.

8) kibum. he was kibum’s first friend when they became trainees. we’ll never know what kind of connection they had in full but it was obvious it was something special that went beyond words.

9) minho. minho is probably his biggest fan. he could read him like an open book and he was always the first to be there when he needed him most and it’s obvious that hasn’t changed even now.

10) taemin. he was HIS biggest fan. we all know that. he wasn’t just his friend and brother but his baby and you could see how proud he was to see him develop as both an artist and person. i’m glad he got to see up to now even though it hurts me he won’t see all he is capable of achieving.

11) the relationship he had with his blue night family - listeners included. they helped him so much. they gave him stories to use that helped broaden his work as a singer-songwriter and he developed meaningful friendships with both regular guests and pds.

12) taeyeon, suho, yoona, krystal, heechul, donghae, jungmo. all the friends that he made within sm when they began training who he knew for just as long as the other members of shinee. and all of those who have left sm since that were close to and meant a lot to him at a point as well, like luhan, jessica and tao. plus those that he became and stayed close to after debut. yeri, lee jonghyun, hongki, crush, zion.t, jung joon young, younha, tablo, wheesung, minkyung, gray, zico. i know they’re all hurting too.

13) he wrote a beautiful book where he used all main characters as a template to show different sides of himself to readers. he was writing another book too and i’m glad he was at least able to share his idea for it with us.

14) he was able to release four amazing solo albums in such a short amount of time and i honestly feel like he helped to break some of the bias sm had toward allowing their artists to release their own work.

15) he wasn’t afraid to gush over other men that he found attractive. looking back on his fanboying over gong yoo is always going to make me laugh.

16) i really loved how much he loved the moon and stars and space and mythology and all that whimsical stuff because he could be pretty whimsical himself at times.

17) how much of a dork he was for poetry. remember when he sent that wreath to wheesung with that bertolt brecht poem? iconic.

18) he really admired and looked up to prince. you could see his influence in both the sound and styling of his solo work and that makes the stereotypical minnesotan in me happy.

19) more of a random anecdote but how excited he was when he was dying his hair pink for “she is” promotions. the story about how he’d kept on showing the other members a photo of the shade he was trying for excitedly will always be one of my faves.

20) he was the kazoo king.

21) random little physical traits of his like his blingspot and all his pretty moles and birthmarks, his bottom teeth, how his legs were bowed.

22) how he pretty much laughed with his entire body and how his nose scrunched up when doing so. how expressive he was. how you could pretty much see every emotion he was trying to convey in his eyes and they’d sometimes sparkle like there was an entire universe in them (i used to say that a lot).

i’ll move on from the facts from now but this is … a lot. emotionally.

(death tw, suicide tw) honestly i feel like i can’t say much else that hasn’t already been said and that i won’t be able to completely do justice to who he was as an artist, bandmate, brother, son, friend, colleagues, so on and so forth. but you can feel it at least. i guess words?? aren’t really needed always?? you can feel it in how many people have went to pay their respects to him in the last day. he was SO loved and he left such a mark on the industry, not just of his immense and unique talent but because of how kind, generous, soft and understanding he was.

i’ve said this a few times already to close friends of mine but as much as it kills me to know that he’s gone and that he was in as much pain as he was i’m also relieved that he isn’t feeling that pain anymore. what else can you really say in situations like these. he hurt more than anyone deserves to and maybe it’s cheesy to say but a part of me feels like he was too good for this world. i’ve never really been religious but i hope that if there is an afterlife that he feels content, warm, happy and comfortable for once. maybe now he’s a star, hanging around the moon, or maybe he’s a star pup. that’d be wild. he’d probably love that. or maybe he’s jamming out with his favorite musicians who’ve passed. who knows.

anyway. i think that’s all i’m gonna say for now. in the future i may revisit this post - maybe i’ll add on to it or maybe i’ll use it as a template to make a new one. who knows but the only other thing i can say before closing this off is that he’ll always have a special place in my heart and i’ll never forget him.


“Draco?” Harry was very surprised to see his boyfriend sprawled out on the couch of his flat when he came home. “Aren’t you supposed to be having coffee with your parents right now?“

“Yes, but I left.” Draco let out a deep breath and rolled onto his back. Staring at ceilings was a big part of Draco’s bad moods, Harry had discovered. “They were fighting again. Or ‘having an adult discussion’, as my father always calls it. Though I need you to promise me that if we ever start fighting like that we’ll break up. There can be no love between people who degrade each other like that.”

“I’m sorry.” Harry dropped his stuff on a nearby chair and sank to his knees next to Draco’s head. The man was smiling, but in a very odd, sad kind of way. He quickly kissed the smiling lips in the hope of making that look go away. “Is that why you came here? To be cheered up? Or do you just want tea?”

“Oh, that. No.” Draco let out another deep breath before he spoke again, though this one seemed less devastated and more nervous. “I just said home when I went through the floo and this is where it send me.”

“Oh.” Harry wasn’t sure what to say to that. It felt amazing, like an honour even, that Draco would see his flat as home. But it was also completely inappropriate to be happy and pumped when his lover so clearly felt down and in the gutter. “Do you… Do you want this to be home?”

Draco huffed. “That’s a stupid question.”

“Sorry.” Harry blurted out as soon as he heard the word stupid. “This is a completely inappro-,”

“Of course I want this to be home.” Draco turned his head as he spoke, making Harry shut up. “I’ve never felt welcome like this before. Not anywhere.”

“You-, You really mean that?” When Draco nodded Harry could do nothing to keep the smile from his face. He vividly recalled the moment when he’d first stepped into The Burrow, way too early in the morning now almost fifteen years ago. Being able to make someone else feel like that for the first time in their lives… It was a privilege. A wonderful yet sad privilege. “Move in with me.”

Draco’s eyes went wide. “Harry, you don’t have to-,”

“Shut up.” Harry grabbed both sides of Draco’s face and kissed him, hard. “Shut up and move in with me. You deserve to feel at home. To be home.”

“And you deserve to live your own life.” Draco tried to sit up but Harry didn’t want to let go of his face. “Don’t sacrifice your own space to make me happy.”

“I’m not sacrificing anything, you git. I’d gain the most amazing thing. I’d gain you.” And then Harry kissed his most amazing thing, because he was right there, looking all surprised and Harry couldn’t stand the thought of Draco thinking he was lying. “I’ve always dreamed of making a home for someone, because I didn’t have one growing up. Please let me be that home for you.”

“Okay. Okay I’ll let you.” A shy smile broke through on Draco’s face. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” Harry beamed as something shifted inside his heart. Something that made him feel like he was glowing all over. Something that made him understand the way Mrs. Weasley sometimes smiled when her garden or kitchen was filled with people, laughter and good stories. “And I love this home. Our home.”

“Our home.” Draco repeated the words as if he was tasting them. And then he smiled. “I have a feeling we’ll love that for a very long time.”

“I’d like that.” Harry kissed Draco’s smile. “I’d like that very much.”

I wrote this while rusty and tired so pls forgive me for typos, grammar stuff and spelling…. Also I hope you’ve enjoyed this!

The Signs as how I know them
  • Aries: there’s no reasoning with you. you care for others so deeply, but you’re stubborn as all hell. that doesn’t stop you from giving your all to every situation you’re in. you’re a hard worker with a hard head but I still adore you. you can be a little irrational without knowing it and “I’m sorry” is not a favorable phrase for you.
  • Taurus: you’re incredibly smart. you know things that’s most people don’t and I truly don’t know where you get it. you love being the center of attention and being praised, but you’re very humble about it. you aren’t afraid of confrontation, and when you’re hurt, you show it in a quiet way. you feel guilty, but sometimes that guilt translates into anger. you’re stubborn and sometimes selfish, but you also have a sense to you that begs for attention.
  • Gemini: you are night and day. we get along for the most part, but when you’re mad, you go for the jugular. you don’t talk about your feelings a lot unless they’re the brunt of a joke. you’re unmotivated, especially when you’re deep in your sadness. but you still try to feel valid, yet have trouble getting there. it’s as if you’re at a constant conflict with yourself.
  • Cancer: you are a snake in sheep’s clothing, but it’s only because you’ve been hurt. despite that, you care so much. you would give everything, even the shirt off your back, if it meant helping the ones your care about. you have a small circle of people in your life sine you can’t trust many. you’re more judgmental than you realize. you will do anything you have to to get through your struggle, but you often lose yourself in your sadness.
  • Leo: you are hilarious. you don’t care what anyone thinks, at least on the outside. I never got close to who you are the inside. you never calmed down, you were always laughing and lightening the mood no matter how early or late. you are extremely loyal and a friend to anyone who needs it. you have a big heart and bug personality. family is important to you, and you have family everywhere whether blood or not. you could conquer the world if you wanted to, but you’re so chill I don’t think you ever would.
  • Virgo: everyone I’ve been closest to ever has been a Virgo. wild crazy people. I have a bias for loving you all the most. you Virgos are crazy smart, so talented and gifted yet so unaware of your own power. you are such giving individuals, both practical and material, but special nonetheless. you can learn anything you want and you can excel at it so quickly it never ceases to impress me. you Virgos can sometimes be selfish, but without knowing really. sometimes you guys just get too caught up in your heads that the rest of the world stops.
  • Libra: ahhh so sweet just absolute sunshine. you care so much and you’re honestly such a cutie. you, however, don’t really know your identity quite yet, but you constantly search for it. even through your trials in life, you have this contagious and constant love to you. you always were ambitious and I always got excited planning things with you (even if those plans didn’t exactly come true)
  • Scorpio: you’re a hot mess. I truly don’t even know who you are. you were sometimes fun then sometimes a complete asshole. you confused me a lot and made me feel uneasy at times while also feeling super comfortable? you have this energy to you like everything has meaning to you while at the same time everything means nothing to you.
  • Sagittarius: two faced. you aren’t a bad person, you’re just not the person you acted like you actually are. you are loyal and easily hurt, but that hurt projects onto others. you can be insanely petty and hold on to things for super long. it’s as if your mentality can’t change, but it can grow. It always seemed there was just one version of you and that’s where it begins and ends.
  • Capricorn: I adore you. you are so you and so shameless about it. everything about you is hilariously poised. I love it. you were an amazing friend and we could talk for hours and hours. you kept things real and radiated confidence. you were super into your appearance and upkeep (especially your hair and nails) and everyone adored you like you were a magnet for happiness. you didn’t talk about you as much as you did others. I feel like you had a lot of emotions but didn’t know how to talk about them so you made a lot of jokes. I know you struggled a lot with figuring out your path but you eventually found it and I’m so happy for you.
  • Aquarius: you were my best friend. you were wild and addicted to life. sometimes you didn’t know what you wanted but you got stuff done. You’re a confrontational one, and you get easily offended, and you can certainly hold a grudge. still, you’re so fun and there was never a dull moment with you. you made life feel special and like something to look forward to. you, however, can be conniving, and I think that was because you were trying to figure yourself out. eventually you sought me out and apologized for what you did be it years later that you did LOL but I admire you for doing that after all the shit we went through
  • Pisces: BITcH!!! Well I’m a Pisces so it’s hard not to go in on how stunning and horrible I am all at once, so I’ll speak on other Pisces I’ve known seeing as that’s the point. Pisces have no in between. It’s either WAY UP HERE or way down here. Pisces are unique in it that they know how to use their words to snake out of situations, they can be very manipulative. but, they’re some of the most compassionate and loving people even when they do fuck up. Pisces are massively indecisive and can often play the victim even when they’re at fault. despite that, they wield a certain creative love that boils over into something very compelling.

The Seductive Character - Part I - From Robert Greene, The Art of Seduction

Every seduction has two elements: first, yourself and what is seductive about you; and second, your target and the actions that will penetrate their defenses and create surrender. This post is dedicated to the first element: “The Seductive Character”. Studying the types of seducer will make you aware of what is inherently seductive in your character.

We all have the power of attraction—the ability to draw people in. All we need to do to realize our potential is understand what it is in a person’s character that naturally excites people and develop these latent qualities within us. Successful seductions begin with your character, your ability to radiate some quality that attracts people and stirs their emotions in a way that is beyond their control. 

The Siren 

Example: Marilyn Monroe

  • A man is often secretly oppressed by always having to be responsible, in control, and rational. The Siren is the ultimate male fantasy figure because she offers a release from the limitations of his life. In her presence, which is always heightened and sexually charged, the male feels transported to a realm of pure pleasure. 
  • It is not beauty that makes a Siren but rather a theatrical streak that allows a woman to embody a man’s fantasies. A man grows bored with a woman, no matter how beautiful; he yearns for different pleasures, and for adventure. All a woman needs to turn this around is to create the illusion that she offers such variety and adventure. Create the physical presence of a Siren (heightened sexual allure mixed with a regal and theatrical manner) and he is trapped. 
  • The incarnation of sex and desire, her time never seems to be taken up by work or chores; she gives the impression that she lives for pleasure and is always available. But she has a touch of innocence and vulnerability. The mix is perversely satisfying: it gives the male the critical illusion that he is a protector, although it is actually the Siren who controls the dynamic.
  • A Siren must distinguish herself from other women. She is a rare thing. A Siren is preeminently a sight to behold. A highly feminine and sexual presence, even to the point of caricature, will quickly differentiate you, since most women lack the confidence to project such an image.
  • The notion of danger is critical in seduction. Sirens are often fantastically irrational, which is immensely attractive to men who are oppressed by their own reasonableness. Keeping a man at a proper distance creates respect, so that he doesn’t get close enough to see through you or notice your weaker qualities. Create such fear by suddenly changing your moods, keeping the man off balance, occasionally intimidating him with capricious behavior. 
  • The most important element for an aspiring Siren is always the physical, the Siren’s main instrument of power. Physical qualities— a scent, a heightened femininity evoked through makeup or through elaborate or seductive clothing—act all the more powerfully on men because they have no meaning. 
    Voice: The Siren must have an insinuating voice that hints at the erotic, more often subliminally than overtly. The Siren never speaks quickly, aggressively, or at a high pitch. Her voice is calm and unhurried, as if she had never quite woken up—or left her bed.
    Body: Your presence must be charged, larger than life, a fantasy come true. The Siren can use clothing to hint at the sexual, at times overtly but more often by suggesting it rather than screaming it. Related to this is the notion of selective disclosure, the revealing of only a part of the body—but a part that will excite and stir the imagination.
    Movement: Your air must be languorous, as if you had all the time in the world for love and pleasure. Your gestures must have a certain ambiguity, suggesting something both innocent and erotic. Anything that cannot immediately be understood is supremely seductive, and all the more so if it permeates your manner.

The Ideal Lover

Example: The Marquise de Pompadour

  • Most people have dreams in their youth that get shattered or worn down with age. Ideal Lovers thrive on people’s broken dreams, which become lifelong fantasies. Attuned to the fantasy that is missing inside you, the Ideal Lover reflects your ideal—and you do the rest, projecting on to her your deepest desires and yearnings. She is an artist in creating the illusion you require. In a world of disenchantment and baseness, there is limitless seductive power in the Ideal Lover.
  • Upon meeting a man, study him, go along with his moods, find out what is missing in his life, and provide it. You have to focus intensely on the other person, fathom what he is missing, what he is disappointed by. People will often reveal this in subtle ways: through gesture, tone of voice, a look in the eye. By seeming to be what they lack, you will fit their ideal. To create this effect requires patience and attention to detail.
  • Most people believe themselves to be inwardly greater than they outwardly appear to the world. They are full of unrealized ideals, but the world has crushed them. This is the key to their seduction—and to keeping them seduced over time. Don’t appeal only to people’s physical side, as many amateur seducers do, but appeal to their better selves, to a higher standard of beauty, and they will hardly notice that they have been seduced. Make them feel elevated, lofty, spiritual, and your power over them will be limitless.
  • The key is the ability to observe. Ignore your targets’ words and conscious behavior; focus on the tone of their voice, a blush here, a look there—those signs that betray what their words won’t say. Often the ideal is expressed in contradiction.
  • Men often idealize the Madonna/whore, a woman who combines sensuality with an air of spirituality or innocence. They remain an ideal, if for no other reason than that they offer such a range of pleasures. The key is ambiguity—to combine the appearance of sensitivity to the pleasures of the flesh with an air of innocence, spirituality, a poetic sensibility. This mix of the high and the low is immensely seductive. 

The Dandy

Example: Lou Andreas-Salomé

  • Most of us feel trapped within the limited roles that the world expects us to play. We are instantly attracted to those who are more fluid than we are—those who create their own persona. Dandies excite us because they cannot be categorized, and hint at a freedom we want for ourselves. They play with masculinity and femininity; they fashion their own physical image, which is always startling. Use the power of the Dandy to create an ambiguous, alluring presence that stirs repressed desires.
  • The Feminine Dandy: seduction is the female form of power and warfare. The man who uses it on a woman is in essence turning the game around, employing feminine weapons against her. The Feminine Dandy lures the woman in with exactly what she wants—a familiar, pleasing, graceful presence. Mirroring feminine psychology, he displays attention to his appearance, sensitivity to detail, a slight coquettishness—but also a hint of male cruelty—and leaves the woman vulnerable to a bold, masculine move. 
  • The Masculine Dandy: the two emotions you want to create are confusion and excitement. Intoxicate people by being a strange mix of the masculine and the feminine: beautiful, graceful, flirtatious, but independent and intellectual. The Masculine Dandy succeeds by reversing the normal pattern of male superiority in matters of love and seduction. A man’s apparent independence, his capacity for detachment, often seems to give him the upper hand in the dynamic between men and women. Never give yourself completely; while you are passionate and sexual, always retain an air of independence and self-possession. You might move on to the next man, or so he will think. You have other, more important matters to concern yourself with, such as your work. 
  • The Dandy displays a true and radical difference from other people, a difference of appearance and manner. Since most of us are secretly oppressed by conformity and a lack of freedom, we are drawn to those who are more fluid and flaunt their difference. Dandies seduce socially as well as sexually; groups form around them, and their style is imitated. The Dandy is by nature a rare and beautiful flower. Be different in ways that are both striking and aesthetic, never vulgar - go in a direction opposite to current trends, and be supremely uninterested in what anyone else is doing. Most people are insecure; they will wonder what you are up to, and come to admire and imitate you, because you express yourself with total confidence. 
  • The Dandy has traditionally been defined by clothing, and certainly most Dandies create a unique visual style. But a Dandy’s style cannot be obvious, for Dandies are subtle, and never try hard for attention—attention comes to them. Remember, there must be a reference point. If your visual style is totally unfamiliar, people will think you at best an obvious attention-getter, at worst crazy. Instead, create your own fashion sense by adapting and altering prevailing styles to make yourself an object of fascination.
  • The nonconformity of Dandies goes far beyond appearances. It is an attitude toward life that sets them apart. Dandies are supremely impudent: they don’t give a damn about other people, and never try to please. Dandies are also masters of the art of living: they live for pleasure, not for work; they surround themselves with beautiful objects and eat and drink with the same relish they show for their clothes. 

The Natural 

Examples: Cora Pearl

  • Childhood is the paradise we are always trying to recreate. The Natural embodies the longed-for qualities of childhood—spontaneity, sincerity, unpretentiousness. In the presence of Naturals, we feel at ease, caught up in their playful spirit, transported back to that golden age. Adopt the pose of the Natural to neutralize people’s defensiveness and infect them with helpless delight.
  • Children effortlessly seduce us and make us feel happy. Natural seducers are people who avoided getting certain childish traits drummed out of them by adult experience. They can be as powerfully seductive as any child, because it seems uncanny and marvelous that they preserved such qualities. Natural seducers learn early on the value of retaining a particular quality, and the seductive power it contains; they build upon those childlike traits that they managed to preserve, exactly as the child learns to play with its natural charm.
  • You have to be able to let go to a degree, since there is nothing less natural than seeming hesitant. Remember the spirit you once had; let it return, without self-consciousness. People are much more forgiving of those who go all the way, who seem uncontrollably foolish, than the halfhearted adult with a childish streak. Remember who you were as a child, before you became so polite and self-effacing. To assume the role of the Natural, mentally position yourself in any relationship as the child, the younger one.
  • The innocent: The qualities of innocence are weakness and misunderstanding of the world. Innocence is weak because it is doomed to vanish in a harsh, cruel world. The weakness of children elicits sympathy, their misunderstandings make us laugh, and nothing is more seductive than a mixture of laughter and sympathy. The adult Natural is not truly innocent. Yet Naturals act like they still see the world through innocent eyes, which in an adult proves doubly humorous.
    Learn to play up any natural weaknesses or flaws. A display of weakness will make you instantly lovable, both lowering people’s defenses and making them feel delightfully superior to you. Put yourself in situations that make you seem weak, in which someone else has the advantage. Without any effort on your part, people will feel sympathy for you. 
  • The imp: Impish children have a fearlessness that adults have lost. That is because they do not see the possible consequences of their actions - how some people might be offended, how they might physically hurt themselves. Adult imps are seductive because of how different they are from the rest of us, like breaths of fresh air in a cautious world. If you play the part, don’t worry about offending people now and then - you are too lovable, and they will always forgive you. Whatever you do, don’t apologize or look contrite, and keep a glint in your eye that says you do not take anything seriously.
    Act like a spoiled child: affect a powerful air of independence, and men will want to possess you, tame you. A man’s relationship with you is on your own terms. The moment he tries to change that, you lose interest. Want to be spoiled? It is all in your attitude. People are drawn to those who expect a lot out of life, whereas they tend to disrespect those who are fearful and undemanding. Wild independence has a provocative effect on us: it appeals to us, while also presenting us with a challenge—we want to be the one to tame it, to make the spirited person dependent on us. Half of seduction is stirring such competitive desires.
  • The wonder: A wonder child has a special, inexplicable talent - a gift for music, for mathematics, for chess, for sport. True spontaneity is a delightful rarity, because we have to learn to act carefully and deliberately, to think about how we look in other people’s eyes. To play the wonder, you need some skill that seems easy and natural, along with the ability to improvise.
    If your skill takes practice, you must hide this and learn to make your work appear effortless. The more you hide the sweat behind what you do, the more natural and seductive it will appear. Remember: the role you were given in life is not the role you have to accept. You can always live out a role of your own creation, a role that fits your fantasy. Learn to play with your image, never taking it too seriously.
  • The undefensive lover: As people get older, they protect themselves against painful experiences by closing themselves off. The price for this is that they grow rigid, physically and mentally. But children are unprotected and open to experience, and this receptiveness is extremely attractive. In their presence, we become less rigid. That is why we want to be around them. Undefensive lovers retained a playful, receptive spirit. They often manifest this spirit physically: they are graceful, and seem to age less rapidly than other people.
    Defensiveness is deadly in seduction; act defensive and you’ll bring out defensiveness in other people. The undefensive lover, on the other hand, lowers the inhibitions of his or her target. Bend instead of resist. Human beings are immensely suggestible; their moods will easily spread to the people around them. In fact, seduction depends on mimesis, on the conscious creation of a mood or feeling that is then reproduced by the other person. But hesitation and awkwardness are also contagious, and are deadly to seduction. If in a key moment you seem indecisive or self- conscious, the other person will sense that you are thinking of yourself, instead of being overwhelmed by his or her charms. The spell will be broken. As an undefensive lover, though, you produce the opposite effect: your victim might be hesitant or worried, but confronted with someone so sure and natural, he will be caught up in the mood. It is a matter of rooting out the fear and awkwardness that have built up in you over the years, of becoming more graceful with your approach, less defensive when others seem to resist.

Part 2: The Rake, The Coquette, The Charmer, The Charismatic, The Star is HERE.

So, sugars: which seductive character are you?

So rey/los aren’t getting why so many factions of the fandom are upset and are just labeling them under the broad scope of “antis” which is…exactly what you should expect. But I think it’s worth looking who this movie honestly does shit on every single fan besides specific people in the reylo fan: 

Let’s start with the big one: Luke Skywalker. Luke Skywalker is not just some random character that you can wave away in Star Wars. He is the beginning of Star Wars, the great everyman who both inspired many pieces of fantasy and sci-fi media beyond him and subverted what we’d call common notions of those genres. Unlike Han Solo, for example, Luke Skywalker’s main weapon at the end of the Original Trilogy is his kindness, compassion, and bravery. He doesn’t defeat the Emperor and the Dark Side by swinging his lightsaber but through deciding to love his father and believe in the goodness inside of him. 

Luke Skywalker is the heart and soul of Star Wars: period

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PISCES: This month I want you to remember that love is not a race, or a competition, or something tangible that you can hold in your hands. You are not being held against an hourglass where your possibilities for happiness are slowly ticking away. If you feel as though you need to fight to keep people in your life, and they wouldn’t do the same for you, reconsider who you’re giving your energy to. Reconsider who you want to be remembered as. Reconsider the route you’re taking in order to reach your destination.

ARIES: Every time you walk into a room, your first instinct is to search for the nearest exit route. Things haven’t always been easy for you; there have been toxic environments and people that have left and you have learned how to grow in spite of that. But it hasn’t been easy, not by a long shot. If another person were in your shoes, you would be much kinder to them than you are to yourself. Just because nobody is telling you that they’re proud of you, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a reason to celebrate.

TAURUS: It’s always been easier for you to function when things are laid out on your bed for you, all decisions predetermined by someone else. You take comfort in not having to be in charge, yet still find yourself upset when things don’t pan out as you would’ve liked them to. Start acting as though you’re the boss of yourself, again. Your body is yours, despite everyone and everything that’s tried to tell you it isn’t. Reclaim autonomy over yourself, sooner rather than later.

GEMINI: You can count the number of people you fully trust on one hand, and while that isn’t necessarily a bad thing it does prevent you from existing as comfortably as you could. Practice vulnerability in the coming weeks with people that you wouldn’t normally, and try examining both sides of a situation before making judgments. Opening yourself up and communicating with unfiltered honesty is a process, but one that will do you a lot of good.

CANCER: There are some troubling events from the past that are going to be making themselves known in the coming weeks, and you can’t let these memories deter you from all of the progress that you’ve made. If life is a crack in the sidewalk you’re the dandelion growing out of it. Be kind to yourself in the difficult moments. Accept the love that you give out so generously, and surround yourself with those that remind you of your worth. You’re going to be okay. What’s already past cannot touch you.

LEO: Keep a level head when faced with sticky situations. It’s easy to open your mouth and say too much at the wrong time, and you need to be cautious of how you’re presenting yourself. Your intentions may be completely evident to you, but that doesn’t mean they’re automatically clear to everyone around you. Allow yourself to close the book this month and open up another one. If an opportunity to reinvent yourself presents arries at your door, take it. You won’t regret trying to be happy again.

VIRGO: Something else has gone wrong and you’re running out of words to articulate your disappointment with. Even though you approach life knowing that it’s going to take its best shots at you, the punches never seem to stop stinging. Try to remember that you don’t have to go through all of this alone. Your heart may be strong, but that doesn’t mean you need to refuse the help that’s offered to you. In case nobody’s reminded you, lately: you’re a good person. You really, really are.

LIBRA: Maybe the reason you continue to find yourself bored with your life isn’t because of the people you’re surrounding yourself with, but due to your attitude regarding it. When’s the last time that you looked in the mirror and asked yourself who you really are, without the aspects of your persona that you crafted specifically for the outside world? Go back to your roots and apologize to those that you still think about every so often. You’ll feel a lot better once you obtain closure.

SCORPIO: Lately you’ve been looking at the people you thought were your friends, wondering why they always seem to abandon you when things get difficult. But it’s important to remember that if you don’t tell people that you’re hurting, they won’t be able to help you. Sometimes the warning signs that you think are obvious don’t come across to those that you love; give them a hand. You know better than anyone how terrible it is to suffer in silence – stop forcing yourself into it.

SAGITTARIUS: So, you’ve been reminded that nothing is permanent and you’ve been letting that terrify you for no good reason. Your future aspirations don’t have to be concrete, unmovable things; there’s no shame in making alterations, or changing your mind, or backtracking in order to figure out how you arrived at your current location. Having to make readjustments doesn’t mean that you’ve failed, or that anybody is looking at you differently. Talk to someone you trust. Don’t shoulder all of that uncertainty alone.

CAPRICORN: You’re teetering on the edge of a new era of your life, and it’s hard not to feel as though you’re grossly unprepared for what’s next. Take everything in the coming months one step at a time. Look at it not in terms of its big picture, but in terms of the parts that contribute to making it whole. Time has opened up for you lately, and instead of berating yourself for your lack of productivity, start utilizing it. Sometimes just acting as though you know what you’re doing is enough to carry you through life’s variability.

AQUARIUS: It feels as though you’re constantly being peppered with unanswerable questions and, in response ,your self-doubt has skyrocketed. Don’t let people that haven’t been inside of your head dictate where you should go, and what you should do with your life. It’s unnatural to know what the exact effects of your choices will be, but you’ll never find out if you don’t settle down and choose something. As difficult as it is to resist the influence of people that you admire, try your best. You’ll thank yourself later.

The Frog Prince

halim has loved prince darius since he was a young boy. he thinks the prince is kind, and beautiful, and has kind, beautiful eyes.

but halim is just a servant.

he is not of noble birth or bearing. he was a servant in the kitchen, always watching, always waiting for adventure to come looking for him. one day, when halim is not even ten years old, the whole palace is in an uproar because emperor ordered them all to bring him his son, and the prince is missing. they can’t find him anywhere. but halim is always watching, so he slips out of the kitchens and into the gardens. so much of persia is sand, but within the palace gardens it’s impossible to know that. it’s green, and lush, and the prince’s very favorite place in the whole world.

adults are running through and yelling, and halim doesn’t want to get in trouble, so he waits. once the coast is clear, he darts into the gardens and goes running to the tall tree in the corner, and gets to climbing. in less than a minute he’s reached the top, and finds himself face to face with the prince.

prince darius is his age, and he’s sitting on a branch, hugging his knees to his chest. pale little green tree frogs with brown stripes down their sides cover the branches and the prince, on his shoulders and head and knees.

“people are looking for you, my prince,” halim says.

“i do not wish to be found,” he answers, voice scratchy and eyes red from crying.

halim doesn’t have many thoughts about the emperor. but he knows he loves his prince. so he disregards the emperor’s orders and says, “okay. do you want me to leave?”

there’s a long moment where prince darius just stares at him, then he slowly shakes his head and reaches out a hand. “no. will you sit with me?”

halim takes his prince’s hand.

after this, prince darius demands that halim be made his personal servant. it’s his job to dress the prince, to bring him meals, to stand by his side at official functions and fetch his carriage and look after his horse. more than anything else, it’s his job to be the prince’s friend.

it’s a job he does gladly.

they grow up together. years pass and the prince grows handsome, and stays kind, and halim never learns how to stop loving him. instead his love only grows. he has been the personal servant to the prince for ten tears, and he thinks of him every second, would kill and die for him, and every inch of him is in love with his prince.

but he is only a servant.

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Serial Killer Oh Sangwoo’s MO

So, Sangwoo definitely meets all the criteria for Antisocial Personality Disorder, but he does have the ability to feel guilt, remorse, and emotional attachment, which is not as commonly explored in media as the archetypal “psychopath” who is biologically incapable of it. I think that’s what I find so compelling about him—he’s not killing and torturing solely for the adrenaline high, he’s acting out one specific psychosis over and over again, as a result of his upbringing.

Without having inherited any healthy emotional tools from his parents, and unable to talk to anyone who could help him cope with what he went through as a kid, he has no options but to bury that pain as much as possible–which results in endless nightmares about his mother, and his reliving the same scenario out over and over with his victims.

What scenario, exactly? Well, we haven’t actually seen what exactly goes down with Sangwoo’s victims—what behavior flips the switch for him, and gets the women thrown in the basement. We’ve only seen the scenario he arranged with Jieun, which he clearly stated wasn’t for him—it was for Bum. 

Jieun was a woman Sangwoo knew would hurt Bum, wrongly having assumed that Bum’s resentment toward getting picked on was on-level with Sangwoo’s resentment toward his father—enough to flip his “killer” switch. (More on this later.) 

But for Sangwoo himself, I think he’s after something else.

We know from the detectives that his parents died at the same time, and Sangwoo admits to Bum that he’s responsible, but I don’t think he meant to kill them both. 

I think Sangwoo killed his father, thinking it would please his mother. He clearly loved her, was unhealthily obsessed with her, probably because she was the only source of love he had growing up since it’s common for abusers to isolate their family members pretty radically. Sangwoo probably felt like he was saving her from her tormentor by doing this…but, rather than being pleased, she told Sangwoo he was just like his father, and that she didn’t love him anymore.

My guess is, Sangwoo and his mom had a very strong trauma bond, rooted in their need to survive his father. But abusive relationships aren’t all violence all the time—they’re (not always, but frequently) just as they’re portrayed between Bum and Sangwoo, built on heavy undercurrents of need, attachment, and a dysfunctional but genuine kind of love.

Sangwoo wasn’t reliant on his father for love. He relied on his mother and, because of his, he felt mostly anger toward his father. But this probably wasn’t the case for her.

From his perspective, Sangwoo probably thought he was doing his mother a favor, giving the ultimate gift to the person he loved most by killing her tormentor. But he didn’t understand how deep the bond was between his parents, and in an (appropriate) response of terror, hysteria, and grief, Sangwoo’s mother probably told him he was just like the man he loathed.

My guess is that he felt so rejected and betrayed, he couldn’t handle it. He went into a blind rage, and killed her too, despite not having meant to do so.

Because he did that, Sangwoo lost the only meaningful and rewarding human attachment he had, his only source of love. 

I think, because of what happened with his mother, he feels intensely insecure about women who claim to love him. I think he compulsively lures woman in, simply so he can punish them when they inevitably do what his mother did–freak out over his intense violence.

I’d bet, crazy as it sounds, Sangwoo genuinely wants his partners to love him. But he also goes in expecting them to betray him emotionally. (That’s why he keeps setting up “tests” for Bum.) And because he can’t handle his fear of betrayal, that unconscious terror of rejection has transformed into a bottomless well of rage. 

I’m pretty sure at his level of psychosis, even if a woman managed to remain docile and obedient when he got violent, he would continually escalate the violence until they cracked, then he would punish them. I don’t think women stand a chance of survival in Sangwoo’s grasp. 

Despite assuming it to be a drawback at the beginning, Bum’s gender is actually an advantage. Sangwoo tells him right from the get-go that he hasn’t killed a man since his father. He probably doesn’t like men, but he doesn’t have such irrational rage toward them. As a man who reminds Sangwoo of his mother (docile, agreeable, obedient, affectionate), Bum is compelling without unintentionally incurring the full wrath of his maternal resentment.

Sangwoo has every intention of killing Bum when he first finds him in his basement, but as soon as Bum explains that he’s there because he loves him—despite it being clear that he’s a psycho—Sangwoo swaps him for the woman without hesitation. 

He may or may not know it consciously, but Sangwoo is after the security of having someone love him first, and everything else second. 

Even though Bum’s a man, Sangwoo feels much better having him in the basement than his usual victims. Though he doesn’t know why at first, he figures it out quickly:

Sangwoo is desperate to find someone who will love him despite the fact that he’s a murderer. Someone who will understand him, and appreciate the “gift” his mother rejected.

This explains why he did what he did with Jieun, and the reaction he had to Bum’s response.

Sangwoo makes it seem like he went way out of his way to lure her in—and that’s probably true. I don’t think Jieun was actually Sangwoo’s “type” of victim. She was Bum’s type, or so Sangwoo thought.

Because he hadn’t yet learned about Bum’s uncle, Sangwoo assumed Bum’s self harm and depression rooted from his being a powerless, picked on loser. He tells him, “You never had a happy past … you were ridiculed and bullied all your life. And now you’ve escaped that life…congratulations, Mister Murderer,” because that was his ultimate goal. He was trying to free Bum from his tormentor—like he’d tried to free his mom from hers.

I imagine, in the few moments before his mom lost it, Sangwoo probably felt elated that he’d finally escaped his father, and he wanted his mother to feel that too. She did not, so now Sangwoo is trying to make Bum feel it instead.

As a consequence of his mother’s “betrayal,” of her rejecting his actions rather than appreciating them, he’s been searching for someone to understand the joy of “killing one’s tormentors” ever since–but they had to be capable of getting past the fact that he’s a violent killer first, and clearly no one else ever made it that far. He likely (subconsciously) hopes that someone understanding the feeling will make him feel loved and accepted again, and help heal that wound.

This is why he was so angry and disappointed with Bum when he said he felt nothing after killing Jieun. He didn’t become violent—just kinda half-heartedly tried to throw him out. This is because Bum didn’t “reject” the gift or blame Sangwoo, he didn’t act like his mom and therefore trigger the core dynamic of his psychosis, but he also didn’t experience the “elation of freedom” Sangwoo had wanted him to.

I’ll bet you anything he’s going to try again, now that he knows that Bum’s uncle is the real source of torment. And who knows, maybe Bum actually will enjoy killing his uncle, the way Sangwoo wants him to. I have my doubts though. 

While Sangwoo is in jail and the uncle comes to pick Bum up, Bum slashes at him but begs him to leave saying, “I might really stab you next time.” This suggests to me he doesn’t really want to do so. I don’t think revenge killing is really in his temperament the way it’s in Sangwoo’s. 

Koogi made a point of adding the scene where Bum’s grandmother tells him, “Don’t hate your uncle too much … he went through a lot when he was a child … he can’t help hurting you … try and understand.” This mentality is probably a big part of why it’s easy for Bum to forgive Sangwoo’s violence toward him, but it’s also likely to interfere with any real enjoyment over killing his uncle.

And Sangwoo better be careful tampering with that, because he might break the only thing keeping Bum from stabbing him in the eye, like he’d first considered.

On a related note, I can’t tell you how compelling I find the scene where Sangwoo thinks Bum has run away. 

While choking the telephone poll, thinking of choking Bum, he remembers choking his mother, and cracks his knuckles open trying to punch the image out of his head. She’s laughing at him, probably at his proving her right.

This quick sequence of concepts tells us straight up that Sangwoo is in danger of repeating the situation with his mother, with Bum, and he’s at least somewhat aware of it.

As he wanders back into his house, at first he’s smiling like a madman, but by the time he gets to his kitchen he’s not smiling anymore, he looks quite sick. 

I think, on some level, Sangwoo is aware that Bum is about the one and only shot he’s ever going to get at having someone who loves him despite his being so compulsively violent.

Sangwoo has a clear weakness for being needed and loved. It’s why as soon as Bum says he wishes they could mix together, he treats him right for like 10 minutes. “Make me feel nice, too,” he tells him. He wants that so badly. Which is why even though Bum tried to run, rejected his advances, and didn’t tell him about Sungbae, he doesn’t ever kill him. He punishes him then immediately bandages him up again—because he does not want to lose Bum, in fact he’s terrified of it. 

The misery of losing mommy dearest comes right back any time there’s a threat of Bum leaving, no matter if it’s due to Sangwoo, Bum, or the police. 

He needs Bum alive and he knows it.

Sangwoo was so insecure after he couldn’t find him, he put Bum back in shackles even though he hadn’t really run, he’d hid obediently. Before that, after being released from the cellar, after killing the old dude, he’d had free run of the house again. His punishment was over, that’s why Seungbae was able to see him crawling around and why he was able to hide so effectively. 

But after tasting the terror of potentially losing him, Sangwoo put that (somewhat extended, how generous) lead right back on him until his plan with Jieun was ready to go. Because he couldn’t handle the terror of not being able to find him again. Dude is petrified…both of getting betrayed by him the way his mother betrayed him, and of losing Bum for other reasons.

He couldn’t bear another scare like that, so he hatched a plan that would ensure Bum could never betray or leave him ever again (with the exception of suicide of course, which I don’t think he’d realized was an option until that point), no matter how unsupervised he was.

And it worked.

As for “The serial killer Oh Sangwoo,” I think knowing all this makes his MO a little clearer. When it comes to his own victims, he likely chooses women who say they love him first. He then plays along, seduces them, lures them home, does something extreme to or in front of them, then punishes them for being liars “like his mother.”


Edit: Sorry I edited a few things, after rereading it I wanted to make a few points clearer.

I Need You

A/N: I’m back and not better than ever! I lost my motivation and I still don’t have it back but whatever it be like that sometimes. Anyways, enjoy!

Pairing: Y/N & Calum Hood

Word Count: 1,562

Warning(s): Swearing (like one word lmao)

Credit to gif owner

Originally posted by ghostsofhood

You and Calum could never not be best friends. He knew way too much about you and you knew way too much about him. The both of you were connected at the hip and it doesn’t get any closer than that. You knew everything there was to know about him. You knew his favorite foods, movies, bands, songs, his fears, his darkest secrets etc. And of course, knowing everything about him meant that he told you everything. From the heartwarming, exciting things like his love for music down to the heartbreaking things like his sexual relationships or him being dumped. Literally Everything. 

Apart from hearing the heartbreaking things, your inseparable bond came with another downside; It was a rather simple one. You had to deny every assumption and question of an intimate relationship. It was easy to deny the assumption because it wasn’t true, but that didn’t mean it was easy having to push away the long desired concept. It was something the two of you had forcefully gotten used to. It had been a question the both of you had received since middle school and it followed you up until today. Most of the time it was a brief conversation starter between the both of you and an assuming stranger.

“You guys are such a cute couple”

“Oh, we aren’t a couple.” Calum would say.

It was also a long-held theory for 5sos fan accounts. For all that, you knew that that specific question of if there was something between you and Calum and the million speculations had a different effect and meaning for the two of you. You were wounded every time, he was just over it.

Lately, he had been distant, almost as if he was tired of you; that was one thing you always anticipated. Growing apart. Growing apart scared you. Why wouldn’t it? You go from seeing a person you love every day until it slowly becomes never. It was an unbearable, mind suicide thought.

You were whipped for him. You would do anything for him no matter hardship and he would take it as a sign of friendship or kindness. Of course, you knew he would do the same thing for you, but maybe not in the way you meant it. And you see, that was the whole toxic thing about this friendship; you were secretly in love with your best friend and everything about him, but to him, you were just a friend.

Calum left for tour in a couple of days and you tried spending as much time as allowed, more than usual. His departure and absence during the times of tour were always hard but never impossible. He always came back. Comfortable silence was a big aspect of this friendship, but the silence in this situation wasn’t silent at all. It was a cry for help. It was different, yet you couldn’t figure out why.

“You leave for tour in a couple of days are we excited or sad?” You patted Calum’s thigh as you sat next to him on your couch.

“We? Whose we?”

“Me and you. Calum and Y/N. The bestest of friends is who I mean by we.”

“You can’t think or feel for yourself?”

“Ouch.” You felt your smile plummet. You looked at him for a sign of sarcasm, but he meant it.

“Look I have to get going.”

“But I thought we decided on you sleeping over?”

“Yeah well, things change. I Have to get extra stuff and I have to pack ev-“ He stopped himself. “I don’t have to tell you everything,” Calum said bitterly. Your heart ached and mind race.

“But we already packed your stuff like a week ago Calum,” you titled your head to the side, examining his sudden change of tone and attitude.

“Would you stop saying that.”

“Stop saying what?” 

“We. Stop saying we.” He demanded, getting up from the couch.

“Oh alright, I’m sorry.”

“And stop apologizing for everything. You always apologize even when you don’t need to.” He added.

“Right. I’m sor-” You unintentionally responded making him pinch the bridge of his nose.

“Are you still coming to the airport to say goodbye?” Calum asked you, turning the knob to your front door. You noticed he wasn’t looking at you. He was looking down at the ground with his mouth tighten, something he would only do when he tried to hold himself back from saying something he’d regret.

“Yeah, I wouldn’t miss it.” You smiled.

“I wish you would,” Calum muttered under his breath and closed the door. Your eyes furrowed in confusion, your heart ached some more, and your smile fell once again.

Your mind went into panic mode trying to figure out what exactly you had done in a matter of seconds to make him act this way. Maybe he was just in a bad mood? Whatever it was, it made you realize something. He never told you when their flight was set to depart or when you were supposed to be at the airport. He never told you about his day or how he felt like he betrayed Duke for smiling at another dog on his way here. He didn’t confirm that you were going to be the one to take care of Duke like you always did. And most importantly, he never mentioned what you had done to bother him like he usually would. For the first time in years, he didn’t tell you anything. The idea of growing apart from your best friend and the love of your life wasn’t too far-fetched.

Today marked the day Calum and the guys left for four months. It had also been a week since you last spoke to Calum and a week since you had slept a decent sleep. He hadn’t tried contacting you and you tried your best to back off. You couldn’t quite piece together why his attitude and tone towards you had changed. No matter how bad he made you feel, you weren’t going to let that stop you from saying goodbye to him or the boys. You texted Ashton knowing he had to be aware of the time they had to be at the airport; he was confused as to why you didn’t already know but so were you.

You drove down to LAX and you nervously waited at their terminal guarded by security and fought back tears when you saw Calum and the group walk towards the terminal discretely. Surprisingly no one had noticed them.

“Hey! Y/N!” Luke yelled, attracting the attention of some people and an elbow to the ribs from Michael himself.

“Ow dude what the fuck,” Luke moaned rubbing his ribcage.

“Boys! Sierra! Cryst- Oh my god is that Southy!!” You nearly yelled as you noticed the beige puppy.

“Nice to know who’s your favorite.” Ashton pouted.

“Oh c’mon, you know you’re my favorite pet out of everyone’s,” you teased Ashton, receiving laughs from the group. All but Calum. “How’s it going, guys?”

“First of all, I’m offended. And second of all, it’s three in the morning, Y/N. How do you think it’s going?” Ashton giggled while pulling you in for a hug. As your chin rested on his shoulder, you quickly glanced at Calum who was looking everywhere but in your direction.

“Are you all excited for Japan!?” You asked the group hoping to start a conversation so that you could analyze Calum. You knew everyone had noticed the awkward tension between the two of you when you hadn’t greeted him first. No one dared to acknowledge it and you tried your best to ignore it.

Seconds felt like hours as you felt Calum’s mean stare burned through your skin.

“Guys its time to load it up.” Everyone turned to one of the security guys.

“I wish you were able to join us,” Michael frowned.

“Hey, no worries. I’ll be fine. Plus, it’s nice to get away from you guys sometimes,” you laughed.

“You’ll join us for the LA show, right?” Luke questioned.

“Yikes, I don’t know dude. It’s not like I live here or anything.”

“Holy shit whose gonna be the sarcastic asshole of the group for four months?!” Luke said with a fake panic.

“Whatever, come here.”

You hugged all of them, said your goodbyes, and wished them nothing but the best of luck until it came down to Calum. He silently stared at you with a cold glare. You tried to go in for a hug, but he moved away from your touch and walked towards the terminal. Everyone, even Southy, looked at you with eyes full of sympathy and pity. You felt embarrassed.

“Calum, mate. Are you not going to say goodbye?” Ashton questioned. 

“Ash, its fine.” You instinctively defended him.

“She’ll find a way. She’ll text, call, and facetime. She’ll find a way to annoy me, she always does,” Calum sharply spat before he fully entered the terminal. Everyone’s mouth dropped including yours. You felt your eyes itch with tears, but you held them back since crying at an airport full of paparazzi and fans was not the ideal place to do so. You pulled yourself together.

“Good luck to all of you. I’ll be watching from home.” You weakly smiled and quickly headed towards the exit. 

You heard your name being called multiple times, but you knew that out of all those voices it wasn’t the voice you wanted it to be.

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Part 2!

Seafoam and Lilac || Pt. 1

Pairings: Steve Rogers x Reader x Bucky Barnes

Warnings: Language, a bit of angst at the end, don’t want to give too much away

Word Count: 2500+

Request: “You’re doing requests!! 😱🙌🏻 could I have either a Steve or Bucky one please?! Where the reader is new & has coloured hair, piercings & tattoos? She develops a crush on Steve or Bucky but overhears then saying they would never date her because they like ‘normal’ girls. So she gets really depressed & upset and tries to change? Loads of angst but with a fluffy happy ending! Thank you! 😘” -Anon

A/N: Okay so I know I said I wasn’t going to touch angst, but I had already started and I couldn’t/didn’t want to stop. It’s not a lot, but more towards the end. Also I kind of changed the prompt a little, when I started writing, it just kind of happened. This is also going to only be two parts. I don’t plan on continuing past that. I was going to just post the full story, but I’m still not done with the second half yet wanted to get this out. Let me know what you guys think! Like and reblog, please! Enjoy!!

The gifs is not mine, credit to the owner.

Originally posted by nomadssteverogers

Part One | Part Two

Time and time again, Y/N was told that she shouldn’t keep doing what she was doing, that she needed to fit in. She’d roll her eyes at the comments, ignoring the words that stung less each time. She was proud of who she was, proud of what she’s become, and no one was going to tell her otherwise. When she was younger, she hated how she stood out because of her gift. It wasn’t like she had anyone to teach her how to control it at first. Her father died from cancer when she was just two months old, leaving her mother to deal with her daughter’s sudden manifestation of powers.

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the signs as people i know 2018

Aries- the friend of mine that is the most patient with me. so forgiving and kind through so much pettiness from both sides. such a genuine and real person, with such a deep and complex personality. endless conversations with so much to talk about that we run out of time, not topics.

Taurus- one of the most important people in my life. so selfless, but also isn’t afraid to ask for help or even just to have someone to talk to. so kind and wonderful and someone who i know will always be there for me. a real person with genuine feelings, traits, and words.

Gemini- someone who i feel like i can trust with anything, although there is no pressure to talk about anything at all. we are able to have comfortable silences, we get each others humour, and they are someone who gives the warmest hugs, even though they don’t come around often.

Cancer- so many things i could say about the one i know. they put on a very different exterior to how they really are on the interior which can really cause issues for them even though the intention of it is to make people like them. deep down they are so sweet and have such in depth and interesting thoughts. they are full of stories. i could sit and listen to them all day.

Leo- someone with which i have the deepest connection with. so selfless but also growing more and more assertive each day. someone who i always have such pride in. we can talk for hours on end, we can sit in silence, i can be with them for days, and i could never ever get sick of them.

Virgo- such a deep and feeling person. is always honest and cares deeply about what others need, want, and feel. they try their best to love themselves, and although it may not always come straight away, they are strong enough to keep going and try again.

Libra- seems scary from the outside, but is just super cute and soft when you get to know them, although they can still throw a good punch which i know from first hand experience. i have the most amazing talks with them, although they are rare, but when they do happen it is amazing. they care about everyone around them and is a true born leader. they will go far in life im sure of it.

Scorpio- for starters, such a beautiful person inside and out. so compassionate and aware of others and their feelings every moment of the day. even though we are the same sign and we have a few similarities, they are so so different to me in a good way.

Sagittarius- really intimidating but also just genuinely a soft little puppy on the inside. such an amazing human inside and so beautiful inside and outside too. really actually cares a lot for other people, and has a good balance between that and caring about them self.

Capricorn- so strong, independent, and powerful. although they can be hypocritical in some areas, it’s only something they need to work on as long as someone can stand up to their natural intimidation as i can’t. genuinely kind and free spirited.

Aquarius- ive only ever met one in my life, and they were the most sweet and wonderful person i ever had the pleasure to talk to even for the small amount of time that i did. i wish i had more experience with them and i wish i knew more about them, but all i know is that i love them to bits and they are always the sign that pops into my head when i think of the nicest or most pure sign.

Pisces- such an interesting person. so many things to learn about them and so little time. i dont talk to them anymore but i will always remember them. i never knew how to talk to them because they were so intimidating,but i knew once their surface was cracked they were an amazing, talkative, humourous person. i just never got to that part.

the bedtime contract

  pairing: taehyung x reader

➢  genre: roommate!au, major fluff and a sprinkle of angst

  word count: 13.4k 

  a/n: testing out different styles of writing! so this may be a tad different than my usual angst-y writing. 

➢  summary: life could have been so much better if you didn’t end up living with him because then you wouldn’t have to sign a stupid contract to help you sleep better at night.

The dorm smelled like old wood and a fresh start.

Walking into the depths of your new home, even if it was temporary, seemed surreal— too surreal. Ever since you were little in a small town, the one thing that you looked forward to was growing up and being able to live without the rules invoked by your parents along with them breathing down your neck, expecting for the best from you.

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