because she really is the one showing the path

now that we’ve got the start of a possible PAIN FILLED AMETHYST ARC…. i’m really worried about what’s to come when bismuth finally resurfaces, and if our purple puma’s going to feel as if she isnt needed in the group anymore seeing as one of the original crystal gems is back for whatever reason. i guess we’ll see on thursday…….. but i’m really hoping someone can be there for amethyst during this time of feeling unnecessary to those who obviously need her…..

though i’m hoping next time she crosses paths with japser, amethyst shows her whats good because holy shit jasper needs a necessary beat down 

sooner than later

I know everyone keeps pointing out how different Rick’s relationship with Michonne is from his “whatever the fuck that was” with Jessie, but I also think it’s worth noting how different it is from what he had with Lori.

Because Lori was never his partner, she was nerver really on his side. All she did was expect things from him, question him and blame him for everything. I wouldn’t be surprised if on some level she blamed him for the entire ZA.

And with Michonne it’s the exact opposite. She has had his back from day one. And when she doesn’t agree with his decisions she always tries to show him a different path, and if she doesn’t know what the better way is either, she makes sure he understands that whatever happens, she’ll be on his side 100%, because she knows that he’s doing everything he can in a very bad situation.

Lori never did that. Whenever she didn’t agree with something she would just act dissatisfied and follow him anyway, pointing fingers the entire time. And she was never clear as to what it was exactly that she wanted from him.

And we see this even before the ZA. It is made clear that they were already having problems before the whole shit went down, and Rick wants to mend things but he doesn’t really understand what it is he’s doing wrong, because she just keeps giving him mixed signals, expecting him to read her mind, and then getting upset when he doesn’t, and saying that he doesn’t love his family in front of their kid.

There’s even a flashback to the day when he was shot and we see her talking to a friend of hers about their marriage problems, and she tells the friend how it annoys her how hard he tries, and how calm and reasonable he always is, and that’s just WHAT??!! Are you being serious right now?!

It always felt to me like Lori and Rick were never really meant to be, and had the ZA not taken place they would’ve gotten divorced eventually.

To be honest I don’t need Emma to feel the same about Killian as he does about her, at this moment in time, as long as she is on a consistent path to allowing herself to realize the things we know she already really does feel. With obvious push and pull along the way because two steps forward, one step back is a pretty basic pattern of human behavior when making fundamental changes, regardless of how frustrating it might be.

And her feelings for Killian have been consistently evolving since Tallahassee- slowly and organically- which is what I believe makes this couple so dynamic and intrinsic to the show. I feel like anyone who truly understands Emma as a character has seen this evolution. And they are going to continue to do so as Emma slowly heals a lifetime of hurt and leaves herself open to the vulnerability of loving someone. 

Honestly, Emma has made leaps and bounds from where she was in the beginning and this season starts them off in completely new, exciting territory-where do they go after there first real, mutual kiss-where do they go after Emma has admitted to herself that she has real, romantic feelings for this man? She let him fully into her life, now she has to fully let him into her heart.

I have never once doubted the trajectory of Emma and Killian’s relationship and I have yet to be disappointed, nor do I think I ever will be. I am beyond excited to see these characters continue to bring out the best in each other on their journey as individuals and as a couple.

I really thought they were never going to hire me,” she remembered. “It was scary because I had never actually considered this path for myself. In my head, I was going to New York; my life was on this very specific path and it was like someone suddenly lifted me up and said, ‘No, go here instead.’ It’s very disorienting to have this as my first major job, but also really great in a million ways I never expected.”

One of the hardest things for me to do with this job is maintain growth within my career in terms of my acting,” she said of the show, which is about to launch its fifth season. “I think there are amazing opportunities as Spencer. I’ve done so many scenes with an animal scaring the crap out of me, or being trapped in a house. And sometimes, when I read the scripts, I think, In the five years I’ve acted on this show, I’ve had my life threatened this many times, I’ve had to defend the people I love, I’ve had to do stunts, I’ve had to cry and have my heart broken, I’ve had to do really funny conversations, comedy, drama, all this stuff, all in this one character. It’s a huge exercise as an actor, but it’s a very specific show.”

“I’m most interested to see, when I’m out of this show, what kind of a woman I’ll play,” she wondered aloud. “I can’t audition for my age yet. If I find a role that’s my age, they’re like, ‘Send this child away.’ It’s interesting because I’ve done so much growing in my life, but the world has only seen me in this age range. I literally will go home from a day of being yelled at by my ‘parents’ to the house that I own and pick out the dress I want to wear to my friend’s wedding. Life around me is such a dichotomy as I sit in a high school desk all day and meet my friends’ babies at night.”