because it's not only BIG

She’s the betta half of the two

SPACE ROSE 💫🌹 The Last Jedi

I was so happy when Kelly Marie Tran was cast in Star Wars, and Rose is by far the character I’m most excited to meet!!


this scene was incredible

Look I knew that Derek Jacobi was in Murder on the Orient Express but I did not know that his character’s name is freaking Edward Henery Masterman.


The Indigo League has the highest turnover of Champions. As it is a conjoined League between Kanto and Johto, it faces a higher number of challengers than singular ones, as well as attracting trainers from both the rest of the Japanese regions and overseas. Because the Indigo League was the first of its kind and remains the best in the world, triumphing over it offers unrivalled prestige. Likewise, Kanto and Johto are thought of as ‘the binary centre of battle innovation’, so many serious trainers would rather train in those regions over their own. 

  • Net neutrality because you need to apply for a job, apply for medical insurance, talk to your doctor, or access medical information. Because thats how I accesed my medical information after I went to the emergency room last month. Its how I got my new prescription last week.
  • Net neutrality because you need to compare schools for you, or for your kids. Transfering schools already involves a fee, so why pay more to access learning? Also sometimes you have to file online for graduation because it takes my school a week longer to submit, scan, file, and assess paper document submissions. You should know ahead of time that you child isn’t going to go to a place thats safe, and the employees are given background checks.
  • Net neutrality because its your only way of accessing job listings that aren’t big or small businesses. My friend found a job at the local factory through an agency, and its not a small buisness or giant corporation, most of which have their jobs listed on their websites.
  • Net neutrality because you need to check your tax records. To make sure your accountant files everything, and you don’t discover they’re irresponsible when you try and buy a car 10 years later and you’re denied because a debt settlement hasn’t been updated because they never filed it.
  • Net neutrality because your a student and you 🌸need👍to🍍file😭 your🙏fafsa.

thanks carly rae jepson for making this happen


Small Tales from the Borderlands/Doctor Who crossover! :D

Basically… Yeah, I got inspired by Wikipedia xD

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Concept: Kaito disguises as Shinichi and wears shorts. It takes all of one minute for Ran to to nearly knock him the heck out because Kaito’s skinny legs can’t compare to Shinichi’s soccer tones ones. ( And only takes that long because she has to not be talking to him and pay attention elsewhere. )


My kind of aesthetic, Taekook’s body differences. Dem shoulders, peck and arms doe jeon jungkook.

Solar Eclipse

It’s impossible not to be aware of the event, even if one wasn’t in a weird live-in situation with two sun gods.  

All over the news and social media, there is constant talk of the solar eclipse.  People make jokes about not buying mysterious plants, or make plans to invade the Fire Nation.  They share instructions for creating pinhole cameras and seek out friends living in the path of totality, so they can stay there to see the moon completely eclipse the sun.

At the observatory where Icarus volunteers, there is a planned field trip for employees who can afford to pay, to spend a few days in Oregon before and after the eclipse. They’ll be going to watch it via one of the local observatory’s powerful telescopes, recording data about the sun’s corona that will only be visible during this eclipse, and otherwise having a great time.  

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Huge Spider in My Room

Time spent deciding whether or not it’s morally acceptable to kill it: 20 min

Time spent watching it in horror, holding a cup that is only just big enough to fit its spidery legs in, as it creeps across the ceiling: 50 min

Time spent holding said cup against the ceiling once it was over the spider, unsure of my next move: 5 min

Time spent staring into the void now that the spider is in the cup with a book over the top: 40 min

Total years taken off my life due to this incident: incalculable

OKAY so we finally got another poster!!!

Most of this all looks like stuff from seasons 3 and 4.:

the original paladins (appeared at the end of season 3)

the voltron show (season 4) Allura and Lance look so cute here for some reason???

dude who gave coran the ear worm (same episode as the voltron show

The Alternate Reality folks (season 3)

The rebels (season 4)

Those guys from Kuron’s escape to the ice planet and Kuron himself (season 3)

we got kuron and sven but i have yet to find the real shiro in this poster

The people from Puig (season 3)

Matt Holt (season 4)

And of course Lotor and his generals as well as some new Galra generals that we were introduced to in seasons 3 and 4.

This leads me to believe that this is the poster for what was supposed to be Season 3 (what is now season 3 and 4 since they split it up).

However we do have some things from season 6:

Well hello there, Dayak, Lotor’s nanny.

as well as the space whale that Keith and his mom live on for 2 years. (both introduced in season 6, which, if having kept the original season size would have been season 4)

So this  poster is for seasons 3 and 4 which ever way you look at it??? 

Or really only for the seasons 3 and 4 that we got (just season three if not split) with some future characters?

Does anyone know who this is?? I don’t remember seeing them anywhere, but I could have missed them if they were in the background…




Anyone some other things that need to be pointed out:

Original Zarkon just being surrounded and climbed on by 5 cats (yo is this a parallel to the lions?? yellow is the one in alfor’s arms, black is laying on zarkon’s shoulder blue is the one poking at his head, read is the calico in his hands, and green is the one climbing his leg) while Coran and Alfor just laugh at him

That guy (can’t remember his name) being attacked by Kova, which i find hilarious

HONERVA holding baby Allura looking nervous, while Allura’s mom looks like she’s having a great time.

Keith drawing??!!!!! but that’s not all…

KEITH DRAWING THE SHIRO FANART FOR THE FANS OF THE VOLTRON SHOW!!!???!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!???!??!?!!!!?!???!??!??!!?!?!!!

Hi there, Hetalia fandom!

I am taking requests! I will literally draw any character you ask me to, so feel free to do so!

Also, I don’t mind drawing ships! The only ships I won’t draw are Fr/Uk, Ro/Chu and incest pairings.

One more thing: if you don’t specify that you want any character you ask for to be canonverse, I’ll draw them in their Nyotalia version (because there’s not enough Nyotalia in this dead fandom of ours).

This is the colour palette I’ll be using! It’s done by @/drawthisshitt.

Send a character/pairing and a number!


I got over thirty in just a few hours! I’ll be drawing them whenever I can. Please, bear with me! 🌻

(I’ll draw every single request! It’s gonna take some time, but I’ll do it!)


Some moments from billdipwirt fic The Paths We Travel by llyrical (pokespec)


my x-men OT3! kitty, kurt & piotr. 

one of them can walk through walls! one of them teleports past the walls! the other just busts a hole straight through them!

i ship kitty with piotr, but the most important relationship to me is always gonna be kitty & kurt. my favourite thing is in evo when it’s getting toward the end of the series, and kitty & kurt are in some pyramid talking about colossus. kurt’s all ‘i do not like him’ and kitty’s all ‘he’s a sweetheart really, trust’

and then colossus busts through the wall and kurt’s all ‘I TOLD YOU’ but piotr’s like ‘i grew concerned’ like. this giant dude was probably stressing out like ‘oh dear those two may be in danger inside this pyramid what should i do to make sure they’re okay welp here i go better just knock a me-shaped hole in the wall’

they’re just. real good. one gentle giant, one tiny geek girl just too into dragons, and one wannabe pirate elf. they have this one danger room playfight scene in ‘wolverine and the x-men’, it’s fun.