because i wanted to use the latin alphabet

Hello everyone!  I’ve had some friends asking me to give them a reference sheet to see if they can learn to write in my Phonetic Script, and I figured maybe some of you nerds would be interested.  I know it’s a little crowded, but I wanted to fit all of the notes onto one page.  This should contain everything you need to start reading my diary and writing like a wizard! 

I’ve been writing in this alphabet in my sketchbooks for about 2 years now, and it’s getting harder and more strange to write in the Latin alphabet and use Arabic numerals.  I started doing this project for a number of reasons, but largely as a way to visualize the sound of words and the cadence and music in spoken language, but also because there are so many redundancies in the English written language as well as holes.  We have sounds we have no letters to accurately describe, and letters that have multiple sounds so that you don’t always know how to say a word just by reading it.  With this script, I’ve tried to make it possible to describe the pronunciation of any word from any language.  I have mostly been writing in English and French, and I find I am constantly combining characters to make certain sounds that are more rare.  Some of the permanent characters in the alphabet were constructed in this way.  For instance, you can see that TH is a combination of T and H, as in English.

A particular favorite section of mine is the color notation - if you can get yourself to adopt the associations of colors to these 10 basic shape/line forms (numbers?!), then these complex glyphs at the bottom of the page will start to read as colors mixing.  Or maybe not, I have no idea how much of this can be learned by a muggle.

At some point I will post about the calendar and time notation, if there is interest.

send me an Ask with any questions or if you want a little tutoring, or even a piece to practice translating! 

ya nerds