because zu was there !

to the just-beginning ba'alei teshuva,

to the ones who can barely read hebrew,

to the ones who don’t know why cheeseburgers are wrong,

to the ones whose parents say they’d have a heart attack if they came home with a kippah,

to the ones who don’t have a shul in a fifty mile radius,

to the ones who are somehow drawn to this half-forgotten religion of your parents’ parents:

i know it can be discouraging.
G-d knows I’ve made mistakes in my time.
and G-d knows that there’s so much to learn,
so much to do,
the journey of return is so long that you can barely see yourself at the end of it

i’m not going to tell you gam zeh ya'avor (this too will pass). i want you to know that gam zu l'tova (this too is for the good). i know that mitzvot-wise your situation is not ideal (to say the least). but now, you are flaring with passion like the head of a match, you’re on your first date with hashem and falling harder than you thought possible.
and i know it’s agonising to to stumble over your words mid-bracha, but you need to hang on to this passion for the day when you risk saying it fluently but completely without feeling

rubiam tattoos
  • I feel like liam would at first be totally against ruby getting a tattoo
  • and ruby like the boss she is would get one anyways 
  •  then he would see it and after a while have to get the same one because they are exactly that kinda couple 
  • and of course it would be something meaningful that expressed there experience and survival 
  • But chubs is another story 
  • At first they would try to hide them from him and he would get suspicious 
  • and then when he found out he would lecture them for hours and hours 
  • “you permanently marked your body” 
  • “do think you will like those symbols when your 87 and wrinkled from head to toe″
  • “what will your children think”
  • after a while he will get over it but every once an a while whenever he sees the mark he will  throw a disapproving look their way and make another comment about skin damage  
  • though liam isn’t intimidated you bet he still gets another one of ruby’s name somewhere on his body
  • he doesn’t tell ruby then one day he takes of his shirt or moves his arm and she freaks out and thinks its the sweetest thing ever 
  • zu would love the tats because they are cool and different 
  • liam would get worried he was setting a bad example and try and tell her she couldn’t get one until she was 45 or NEVER 
  • vida would be supportive because shes probably the one who talked ruby into getting one in the first place giving chubs a even bigger headache 
  • eventually ruby or liam would get something like a flame to remember cole and  something to remember jude as well and they all break out in tears at the tattoo parlor (just like i am right now)
  • it would just be supper emotional and sweet because it keeps them still part of the gang even tho they are gone 

  • (i’m done now! Please add on if you want)
Ausklammerung "Exbraciation" [German Grammar]

So this is an interesting concept (where you place something in the ‘Nachfeld’) which I only really /fully/ learnt about recently and is about word order. First of all you need to understand that this concerns part of a sentence called the 'Nachfeld’ (Post-field) which is the bit after the 'sentence brackets’ which is /usually/ after a verb/verb prefix:

E.g. [ ] = Sentence brackets (Mittelfeld), < > = Nachfeld.
Sie [hat ein Buch erhalten], <das sie sofort las>.
[Gib ihm sofort das Geld zurück], <das du ihm gestohlen hast>!

Or with just one simple predicate it comes after the object normally:

Der Großvater [schenkt seinem Enkel ein Buch], <das rot war>.

Now in German there are rules as to what can be placed in the Nachfeld, and it is important you understand which because otherwise you’ll be like “whyyy?!”

Subordinate Clauses in Nachfeld

Subordinate Clauses often appear in the Nachfeld (like the first two examples of this post!), but can be in the Mittelfeld.

e.g. Wir sind nicht in den Wald gegangen, weil es so stark regnete. (Nach)
e.g. Wir sind, weil es so stark regnete, nicht in den Wald gegangen. (Mittel)

German prefers the Nachfeld because otherwise it’s less comprehensible with long sentences, e.g. Wir sind, weil ich, meine Tochter und ihre neue Freundin damals keine Lust hatten, nicht in den Wald gegangen.

Infinitive Clauses in Nachfeld

Infinitive Clauses usually appear here, but can be in the Mittelfeld.

e.g. Geht bitte nicht weg, ohne euch zu verabschieden! (Nach)
e.g. Geht bitte nicht ohne euch zu verabschieden weg! (Mittel)

Modern German prefers the Nachfeld because for the love of God look how more comprehensible the first one is.

Comparative Clauses with Als/Wie

Comparative Clauses with als/wie are often placed in the Nachfeld, and rarely the Mittelfeld.

e.g. Wir haben die Aufgabe anders gelöst als ihr. (Nach)
e.g. Wir haben die Aufgabe anders als ihr gelöst. (Mittel)

However if you’re using als not in a comparative way then you need to put it in Mittel… usually… since it’s a prepositional phrase, but see below for the section on that!

e.g. Wir haben ihn als aufrichtigen Menschen kennen gelernt. (Mittel, Nach impossible)

Prepositional Phrases

This is the thing that originally got me confused, but prepositional phrases can appear in the Nachfeld and usually do if they are complex - this is so a German doesn’t have to remember to keep the verb in their head and it makes it easier.

e.g. Die Aufgabe wurde diesmal gelöst durch eine zehnköpfige, aus Vertretern verschiedener deutscher Universitäten und technischer Hochschulen zusammengesetzte Expertengruppe. (Nach)

e.g. Die Aufgabe wurde diesmal durch eine zehnköpfige, aus Vertretern verschiedener deutscher Universitäten und technischer Hochschulen zusammengesetzte Expertengruppe gelöst. (Mittel)

This can only happen with prepositional phrases that are objects or adverbials in a sentence. You CANNOT do it with pronominal adverbs either (Niemand kann mir dabei helfen dabei).

Sometimes smaller, less complex ones will appear but this is usually for stylistic choice/emphasis:

e.g. Niemand kommt mehr zur Ruhe in dieser hektischen Zeit. (Nach)
e.g. Niemand kommt mehr in dieser hektischen Zeit zur Ruhe. (Mittel)


Long, complex appositions usually appear in the Nachfeld (for comprehensibility), but can appear in Mittelfeld.

e.g. Wir wollten die Notre Dame du Haut besuchen, eine Wallfahrtskirche, die vom Architekten Le Corbusier in den Fünfzigerjahren oberhalb des Dorfes Ronchamps erbaut wurde. (Nach)
e.g. Wir wollten die Notre Dame du Haut, eine Wallfahrtskirche, die vom Architekten Le Corbusier in den Fünfzigerjahren oberhalb des Dorfes Ronchamps erbaut wurde, besuchen. (Mittel)

Sometimes smaller, less complex ones will appear but this is usually for stylistic choice/emphasis:

e.g. Er ist an Krebs gestorben, dieser heimtückischen Krankheit. (Nach)
e.g. Er ist an Krebs, dieser heimtückischen Krankheit, gestoben. (Mittel) 

Enjoy :-) The only really “difficult” one here is perhaps the Prepositional Phrase one as it took me like 1.5 years before I even encountered that example in writing lmao.

jeneelestrange  asked:

Silim! Is there a way to say in Sumerian the command, "Trip over your own feet"? Thank you for all your hard work!

Hmm! This is a tricky one, let me see what I can do.

The verb for “to trip” in Sumerian is the set phrase ngiri zeer, literally meaning “to remove (the) feet” (which I know sounds unpleasant!) The present-tense root of this verb is ngiri zeze.

Commands and bare imperatives are used extremely infrequently in Sumerian; much more common is what is called the precative mood, meaning “may you” or “let it (happen that)”. This is done by conjugating the verb and adding the precative prefix he-, in this instance forming ngiri hebzezen “may you trip.”

To say “over your own feet”, I’d probably use ngiri “feet” in the terminative case. Normally meaning “to” or “towards”, the terminative -sh(e) also means “because of, caused by” in situations like this. “Because of your own feet” would be ngiri-zu-sh “feet + your + terminative case”.

So the final sentence would be Ngirizush ngiri hebzezen! “(May you) trip because of your feet!” Here it is in cuneiform:

Thanks so much for your question!

Dortmund - Dorstfeld 1935

DE: Ich bin Sozialist, weil es mir unverständlich erscheint, eine Maschine mit Sorgfalt zu pflegen und zu behandeln, aber den edelsten Vertreter den Arbeit, den Menschen selbst, verkommen zu lassen.

EN: I am a socialist, because it seems to me incomprehensible, to maintain and treat a machine with care but to leave the finest representative of the labour, the man himself, to waste away.

— Adolf Hitler


A conlang where the titles of royalty are made from an honorific prefix, the root for royal, and then a suffix for the relation in the following way:

honorific: o- for males, a- for females root: -zu- meaning royal suffix: -i for man, -la for daughter, -ko for son so, king is o-zu-i, but internal sandhi renders it ozai princess is a-zu-la and prince is zu-ko, because it can’t find its honorific.


There’s a PeChi AU bingo happening on FB, and this is my first entry. Coffee Shop AU~

Basically: Manu is stressed out, broke as hell and having a writer’s block, and Miguel is the owner of the coffee shop who treats Manu to cake and successfully bribes him into going there all the time (because free cake). Incredible plot I know :’)

can you imagine how cute liam and rubys first apartment would be oh my god

•when they first move in the don’t have any furniture so their first night there was spent on a bare mattress on the floor but they still loved it

•there’s stacks of rubys books EVERYWHERE because no furniture means no bookshelves

•when they go to ikea to finally get some they have to bring zu because she knows what’ll look good in their apartment and what won’t

•they have to call harry to help them build said furniture after liam accidentally manages to build a dresser inside out, effectively putting a damper on their whole “WE’RE ADULTS LOOK AT US GO” thing they had going on

•sometimes their sink does this weird thing where it starts shaking if you get the water too hot but they can’t call a plumber bc they broke af so they just leave it and hope for the best

•ruby has really thick hair so they have to draino the shower like twice a month (I know from experience friends this is a real struggle)

•they have a bunch of mismatched silverware and towels and plates/bowls/pans

•Liam is a surprisingly good cook so there’s always something good to eat around the house

•if the neighbors hear those two dancing to wouldn’t it be nice at 2 am one more time god help them

•they live next to a nice little old lady who’s name is Judy (goes by Jude) and ruby becomes exceptionally close with her

•imagine all the general domestic rubiam cuteness oh my god Liam waking up and making ruby breakfast and showers together because Liam’s “fiscally responsible and cares deeply about the water bill” and rainy days where they stay in bed and watch movies all day im weak

•they aren’t that messy they generally try to keep their house clean but sometimes they just get so behind on laundry

•liam’s flannels=rubys pjs

•there’s usually music playing around the house since they have such similar music tastes

•they had an office but neither of them do any kind of office work so they turn it into a music/book library and it’s pretty cool

•when they finally get a dog Liam’s lowkey jealous because he thinks she loves ruby more+ the puppy likes to take his place in bed snuggling next to ruby and that will not stand (also for more rubiam puppy go look at @bookwild
Instagram edit because it fuels me)

•they’re lazy and broke so they use the same head and shoulders shampoo and dollar store body wash

•liam is frequently asked to buy tampons and spends like half an hour in the tampon aisle each time not knowing what the hell to buy

•honestly what even are pants at this point they never wear them at home

•when rubys reading in bed and Liam wants attention but she’s just like “one more chapter” and he accidentally falls asleep

•have to call chubs because what the fuck are taxes

mememorgan-inactive-deactivated  asked:

I just wanted to say that I love you and The Darkest Minds series is my favorite series, and I just wanted to ask a question. have you ever considered Ruby, Liam, Chubs, Vida, etc, to be gay, bi, pan, etc? I always kinda pictured that Vida would be pan because she seems like she wouldn't care about gender, but I wondered if you ever put thought into it. thanks xx

Hi! Thank you so much <3 

This is a hard question in the sense that I truly, firmly believe that you can interpret the text any way you’d like, but I also feel like I can’t retcon what I wrote and declare something like sexual orientation without true textual evidence to back me up. (Does that make sense? My coffee hasn’t kicked in yet.) I know that’s not what you’re asking, but I just want to make it clear up front that I’m not trying to win “points” by claiming there’s good representation where there isn’t.

Looking back, I think Ruby can be read as bi. My intention was really just to show how deeply she relied on Sam’s friendship and how Sam was a refuge for her… until she wasn’t, but her feelings are SO intense. I could definitely see Vida as being pan, too, though I would just interject here that she doesn’t have romantic feelings for Cate or anyone on her CL team. (I’m sorry!! Cate is a mother/sister/savior figure to her, and is the most important relationship in her life.) A lot of people also read Jude as being gay, though I don’t think so–he was a character that always felt very asexual** to me, in the same way that Zu did. I’m guessing because even though they aren’t wee babes, they FEEL very young, so my brain didn’t dip into that territory with them. Liam and Chubs are both straight, but Nico and Clancy are gay. The latter is a bit more ambiguous because of how complicated he is, but I think if none of this had ever happened, his orientation would have been much more apparent to himself and everyone around him. 

** Just want to clarify that by this, I mean that I never truly examined and questioned or explored their sexuality because of their age + emotional maturity (I realize that many people identify their preference at a young age, though), so maybe instead of using the word asexual here, which I know both describes the intention of an action as well as a person’s state of being, I should say that I simply never teased out their orientations while writing on the series, likely because I feel more maternal toward these two character than to pretty much every single other character. If you really twisted my arm, I’d say both are probably straight, but Jude is such a late-bloomer I’m not sure what might have happened with him. :(

  • What people think will be the worst part of learning German grammar: the case system.
  • What actually is the worst part: okay so to translate the preposition 'to' you use nach in this case (but nach doesn't always mean to), but then 'zu' in this case, but then as an exception you say nach Hause not zu Hause because that means 'at home', sometimes you say 'in' and sometimes people might say 'auf'. Oh and also there are about in excess of 10+ different ways of translating 'by' and you may think that you can just say ich warte für or ich suche für but actually it's ich warte auf and ich suche nach :))
  • Coincidentally, what Lucifer did when he first descended to hell: created prepositions for the German language.

Alright, they’ve finally cast one of my favourite YA boys and I really don’t know if I like it. We don’t know much about him. All we know is :

- He’s new and he’s just been in a few movies and two tv series I think??
- He has a movie called beach boys coming out this year.
- He’s british and is like 6 ft tall ( Isn’t Amandla 5"3 ? That’s gonna be cute)
- He doesn’t look anything like how I pictured Liam to be.
- His eyes are pretty tho
- He looks a little too old to play Liam
- Alex said that she’s seen his work and she likes it.
- I’m very sceptical and I can’t see it really BUT he’s read all the books and that’s good, that’s great, that’s fantastic actually. That’s a start.
- Let’s give this guy the benefit of the doubt. Also I kind of trust Alex.

Also stay strong TDM fam, because we aren’t too far from finding out Chubs and Zu.


//Tries to escape this art slump//

Attractive human beings for ka-zu-ya and zura-ja-nai-katsura-daaa. ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

  • NU'EST: *Wins award for Best EU Performance at the International KMusic Awards *
  • LOVES: *continue rising from the dead*
  • Antis: "........"
  • NUEST: *preparing for 2016 comeback with Kye Bumzu*
  • LOVES: *continue to resurrect from heaven*
  • NUEST: *practice room updates*
  • LOVES: *preparing their future graves because Nu'est is here to save kpop*


It’s Lon’qu from Fire Emblem: Awakening! He is my favourite male character in one of my favourite games and one of my favourite characters of all time!!!

I am obsessed with the headcanon that he has dimples when he smiles!

(I know on the photo it says “Lon’zu” but that is because I am german and in the german version of the game his name is written that way!)