because ziva looked to adorable here

Tell her - Tiva AU (taking place at Senior’s wedding)

“Where is your company for the night, junior?” Tony startles out of his trance as his father appears next to him with a glass of wine in his hand.
“I didn’t feel like bringing some meaningless girl to your wedding.” He stares at his shoes, knowing it seemed so unlike him to attend any kind of event without a woman at his side.
Senior seems to sense where all of this is coming from and decides to poke a little.
“Ziva, huh?” Tony had told him about his feelings towards her before, or at least he had mentioned how much the Israeli meant to him and for a moment he is surprised that his father still remembers.
“I just miss her, you know?” He replies quietly, unsure what to think about being so vulnerable in front of his own father.
“Have you ever told her how you feel?” The question surprises him even more but he clears his throat and thinks about it for a moment.
“We kissed right before I left but I think I never told her. It isn’t one of my strengths.” Tony shifts his weight from one feet to another, uncomfortable with where this conversation is heading.
“I think you should tell her.” Senior pats his son’s shoulder before nodding towards the other end of the room. At first Tony doesn’t understand but when he does his breath gets caught in his throat.
In the corner on the other side stands a woman, a woman he would recognize among thousands of other people and he can’t help but blink once, twice, to make sure he isn’t seeing things.
He doesn’t know where she is coming from or what made her come here after all but he is glad to see her and without noticing it he walks towards her with anticipation coursing through his body.
“Ziva.” His breath hitches as he stands in front of her, scanning every inch of her glorious body, and he just has to touch her, has to feel her skin under his fingers.
“Tony.” She replies in a similar manner and looks into his emerald green eyes and before she knows it she finds herself in his strong arms taking in his overwhelming scent that makes him so uniquely himself.
“Why are you here? How-?” He dares to ask after bathing in her presence for just a moment longer and stares at her with pure adoration. The dress she is wearing is simple and yet takes his breath away because it’s hugging her in all the right places.
“Your father called me.” She simply replies and as she mentions him Tony remembers his words from earlier.
“I love you Ziva and I’m sorry I didn’t tell you this before.” His voice is laced with emotions as he thinks back to their goodbye all those months ago, knowing he would never make the same mistake again and not tell her how he feels about her.
Instead of giving a reply she simply pulls him closer until their lips meet in a sweet kiss that is filled with all the emotions that run through both of their bodies and when they part she smiles at him and finally says the words he had wanted to hear for so long.
“I love you too Tony and I am sorry it took me so long to come back.” With these words a weight seemed to be lifted off her shoulders and she leans in again to rest her head against his shoulder to simply take in his presence.
“Dance with me.” He speaks up after what feels like an eternity and they both are immediately brought back to the last time they had danced together. This time it’s not hard for her to act like she’s just with him, she has only eyes for him and the room around them is just a blur as he starts to lead her over to the dance floor. Taking one last glance around the room Tony spots his father, smiling at the both of them, and he knows he has to thank him later for bringing Ziva back to him and ultimately for bringing back his happiness.