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Wouldn't it be a wonderful twist in the tale if one of the artists Harry worked with, and maybe dueted with was Louis Tomlinson?!!

Wonderful? Yes. My death? That too 

HZD spoilers like whoa below


I honestly don’t think i’ve ever felt as much rage towards a fictional character as I do towards Ted Faro which I take as a sign of bomb ass writing.

Because like, it wasn’t enough for this dude to cause the literal end of the world and what was probably the largest (and certainly the most devastating) extinction event ever. Literally stripped the atmosphere and killed every living thing. 

But that wasn’t enough because Ted Faro is mansplaining and the male ego taken to maximum levels

because this man caused the end of the world and still thought he knew better than the people working on Gaia/Apollo. he took away human history because he thought it wasn’t enough that they had been building fail safes into gaia/apollo. it wasn’t enough that the alphas were working on preventing exactly what Faro was worried about. No he had to go and literally delete every recording of human history and then murder all the alphas because of course he was right and they were going about things wrong

where’s my DLC where I can go back in time and punch him in the face

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hey i know ur all about bottom cas but i need help finding a fic where dean gets cursed by a witch to feel phantom sex sensations. like if he turns on his stomach he felt someone sucking his dick, if he turns on his back he felt someone fucking him. again im sorry to ask you bc u only like top dean but i dont really follow anyone else in the destiel fandom anymore and i really want to find this fic ;-;

Yeah. I have zero ideas because that’s not a fic I’d read. I’m just going to put this here.

(Maybe you can also connect with some bottom!Dean folk. I know some people. *shady dealer*)

I got a few anon’s asking me why I hate bioware and Andromeda. I don’t hate either. I’m still playing Andromeda and for the most part enjoying it. I’m upset because they teased Jaal would be at least Bi but from found cut dialog, unused voice lines and data miners he was suppose to be bi but was changed last minute.

I’m upset because M/M have ZERO fireteam options while every other preference has them. Straight Female/Male Ryder have options and Lesbian (Bi) Female Ryder have options but Gay Male Ryder has zero fireteam options. All M/M Ryder has is two secondary character options (One which is treated more as a fling then actual romance) and neither are even remotely as in depth as every other romance option.

Not to mention there is an achievement called Matchmaker which you have to complete a romance with 3 different characters in all playthroughs to get which M/M can’t even get because we don’t have enough options and would be forced to do a straight one to get it. AND YOU KNOW if Male Ryder only had 2 straight options and were forced to do a gay romance the backlash would be ten times more insane then this. 

To everyone else who is upset please tweet Bioware or the head developers with your concerns but BE POLITE ABOUT IT. Yelling at them and calling them names is just going to get your post ignored. 


The Steamfest cancelled SPG because of insufficient revenues! I know I get to see them more than a lot of people but it’s still a blow… if only because of Zero (who I have seen perform but not in person)! Doodle really wants to give him a hug. But also, our little friend Izzy was really looking forward to it (and has also expressed an interest in hugging Zero). Sigh. At least she can try tea dueling.

I know there’s other concerts around but there’s no way in HELL I am going to San Diego during ComicCon.

  • Yoosung: Hey, Seven. What would happen if I cut off one of your ears?
  • 707: I would become half deaf.
  • Yoosung: Okay, and if I cut off the other one too?
  • 707: I would, probably, become blind.
  • Yoosung: Huh-? Why?
  • 707: Because my glasses would fall off.
Dear Fellow Otayuri Shippers:

It’s been exactly a month since episode 10 of Yuri!!! on Ice aired and our darling prince Otabek Altin was introduced to the anime, which gave birth to the Otayuri ship. I am so, so proud that in this one month, we have collectively built an Otayuri empire with hundreds and hundreds of fic, artwork and just content in general! Thank you all so much for being in this fandom with me and making it absolutely magical!

To commemorate our one month anniversary, I decided to break down and record just exactly how much screen time Otayuri got in the anime…

Episode 10:

5:11-5:19 (8 seconds) - Otabek notices Yuri standing in the corner after turning down JJ’s offer to have dinner together. Yuri aggressively reacts by calling Otabek an asshole and asks him what he’s looking at. Otabek just turns around and walks away. Yuri looks after him with a look of bewilderment.

9:39-10:15 (34 seconds) - Yuri is hiding in an alleyway from his fans. Otabek appears and tells Yuri to get on the motorcycle while Yuri looks freaked out. Yuri realizes who Otabek is and Yuri’s fans find him in the alleyway. Otabek asks Yuri if he’s coming or not. Yuri stares at Otabek. He then gets on the motorcycle and Otabek drives away while Yuri’s fans take pictures. Yuri looks up at the sky, probably wondering about Otabek and his intentions. The news that the hero of Kazakhstan “kidnapped” the Russian Fairy goes viral.

10:15-11:41 (1 minute 26 seconds) - Otabek and Yuri walk up the stairs to the top of a beautiful structure. Otabek tells Yuri about their shared past and his own past. He tells Yuri that he thinks that Yuri has “the eyes of a soldier.” Yuri shares some of his own past in return. Yuri asks Otabek why he came and approached him. Otabek tells Yuri that he just thought that they were alike. He then asks Yuri if he’s going to become friends with him or not. Yuri looks shocked. However, Otabek and Yuri eventually clasp and shake hands, while being bathed in the Barcelona sunset.

15:01-15:03 (2 seconds) - Mari and Minako-sensei spot Otabek and Yuri having tea together, and they watch through the shop window as Yuri speaks enthusiastically to Otabek and Otabek listens fondly with a small smile on his face.

15:13-15:14 (1 second) - Otabek and Yuri are shown sitting next to one another during the group gathering.

15:19-15:22 (3 seconds) - Yuri turns to Otabek and asks with a look of disgust why they all had to get together.

17:58-18:02 (4 seconds) - Otabek and Yuri walk away from JJ side by side.

Episode 11:

14:53-14:55 (2 seconds) - Yuri yells “davai!” at Otabek and Otabek responds with a thumbs up.

15:45-16:02 (17 seconds) - Otabek reminisces about his time training at Yakov’s summer camp in St. Petersburg and his impression of young Yuri.

15:45-15:47 (2 seconds) - When Sara mentions how Otabek is different now, the shot pans to Yuri and zooms in on his face.

16:16-16:19 (3 seconds) - Yuri looks shocked and then impressed by Otabek’s triple axel, his lips curling up into a smirk.

16:26-16:28 (2 seconds) - After watching Otabek complete his quad toe loop flawlessly, Yuri smirks and says “heh…?”

17:38-17:39 (1 second) - Yuri utters a happy little “yeah” after seeing Otabek’s score.

Episode 12:

17:10-17:13 (3 seconds) - Otabek shouts “davai!” to Yuri, and Yuri responds with a thumbs up.

19:49-19:50 (1 second) - Otabek claps while watching Yuri’s free skate, a small smile on his face.

Total: 2 minutes 48 seconds



Why did I even draw this

  • MC: Take me to art museums and make out with me.
  • 707: But they said to not touch the masterpieces.
  • MC: Did you just-
  • 707: But you know something?
  • MC: What?
  • 707: Somebody's gotta pin the artwork to the wall.
  • MC: *turning red*

klaus opening up to caroline

langst because I have zero self control

Lance has learned many things after being a part of Voltron. He actually can learn things, especially things about people. especially about his team.

He learns that his jokes just get sighs and exasperated looks. 

 He learns his flirts just get a cold store and eye rolls. 

 He learns that he’s just a placeholder for the real Blue Paladin. 

 He learns that he’s not a sharpshooter, he’s just someone who happened to be picked by Blue and that Voltron had to accept him. 

 He learns that Lance being Lance is one big fucking joke no one can take seriously. He learns that Lance being Lance will never be a useful thing to Voltron.

 That he’s pathetic, stupid, and that he should just listen to Shiro and Allura’s orders. That he, as some boy from Cuba he should just suck it up and listen to Keith when he becomes the Black Paladin. No matter how better he thinks his plan is. No matter how many times he wants to protest at becoming the Red Paladin, how he’s not instinctive and quick and fiery, no, that’s not who I am.

 Lance learns that people don’t want Lance, they want someone better. someone better than this stupid joke of a Paladin. So he changes. Lance no longer cracks a joke anymore or flirts with Allura, he follows orders solemnly without a response and whenever he messes up he stands there as Keith or Allura scold him, biting back tears and screams. He locks away Lance, the Lance that nobody wanted, and becomes the person he thinks is useful.

 He skips the skincare routine that kept him in touch with his family, he barely thinks about his family and just trains and trains, just like Keith did. 

 He’s better now. He’s the sharpshooter everyone wanted, and can make a clean shot without even blinking. He’s an expert marksman that obediently follows the leaders orders. 

 Everyone seems to appreciate him. until shiro comes back. 

All his hard work had been for nothing, as Shiro becomes black paladin and now Lance is the blue paladin, but it’s him and Red all over again. He’s no longer friendly and goes with the flow, he’s a carbon copy of Keith that he thought everyone wanted. He can’t find the key to the original Lance. It’s too late when everyone notices.

 At first they smiled and laughed in relief when Lance didn’t make jokes or flirted with Allura, but now the Castle is silent. The silence tears through them and leaves them in shock, merely staring at Lance as he replies with a numb, “Yes sir,” to Keith or Shiro and mechanically carries out his task. They haven’t seen his smile in weeks, they hadn’t heard him say anything more than a “Yes sir,” in days, they hadn’t seen the twinkle in his eyes for god knows how long. 

They stare numbly as dinner is silent that night, as Lance scoops up his food solemnly and leaves. All he does is train and train, he’s reached levels beyond Keith but still follows his orders. 

Everyone is horrified at what they’ve done, desperately trying to return the Lance from before with dumb jokes and space goo, Allura invites Lance to spend some time with her. 

 Hunk bakes him space goo cookies or makes a pun. 

 Pidge creates toys and knick-knacks that scream songs Lance loved.

Coran tells Lance the funny things that happened back when Altea was around.

 Allura tries to have a beauty day with Lance, tells him to braid her hair or play with it. 

 Keith pushes him around, telling him that he needs to stop acting like this and just be Lance. 

 Shiro gently nudges him, tells him jokes and praises him. 

 But the damage they have done is permanent.

(Lance doesn’t know who to be anymore.)

I have zero sympathy for Straight Parents who make trans-/homo-/biphobic jokes in front of their children because they are just too narrow minded to even consider the possibility their child may not be cishet and could be negatively affected by those “jokes”.