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trimberly prompt: “seven minutes in heaven” (2.7k)

Kimberly is the first over the lip of the chasm, collapsing to the ground once she reaches the top, coarse gravel digging uncomfortably into her shoulder blades. She considers moving, but only manages to lift her head instead, biting back a groan, watching as Jason climbs out of the ravine, close behind. He splays on the quarry ground next to her, reaching out to pinch weakly at her arm.

“Maybe it’s time we invest in a rope,” he says, “or like a really long ladder.”

Trini is the next up, and she greets them with a glare, tossing a handful of gravel halfheartedly in their direction.

“Who made you the leader again?”

Zach hauls himself over the edge, reaching back to pull Billy up behind him. “I think that was the giant disembodied head,” he says. “If I remember correctly.”

Kimberly laughs and Jason mimes a frown, swatting his hand vaguely in Zach’s direction. “It’s not my fault I have the coolest color.”

Trini scoffs. “As if.”

“Yeah,” Kimberly says, snapping at the elastic of her pink sports bra, the hem visible under her low-scooped tank, “that would be me.”

If the motion draw Trini’s eyes, Kimberly doesn’t notice.

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Dating Zach Herron Would Include... ♡

could you do dating zach herron would Include??

-Being called “Princess” and “Baby Girl” 24/7

-Him spoiling the fuck out of you

-Forehead kisses

-Him always wanting to cuddle, even when he has to be somewhere, or doing something

-Always taking his sweaters to wear on tour because “they smell like him”

-Him at first being angry that you stole his hoodies, and then getting over it and buying more

-Having movie nights with his family every night when he’s home, and him always letting reese pick because “Zach picks boring movies”

-him always holding your hand, or giving you some display of affection in public so everyone knows you’re his.

-Hugging forever when you finally see him when he gets off tour, making the boys wait because you’ve missed him so much.

-Him talking about you so much the boys get annoyed.

-Him wanting to go on younow/ig live with you, but you’ll be too shy, so you’ll just sit their why he talks to his fans and then he’ll randomly point the camera at you and talk about how much he loves you

-When he’d want attention, he would come sit by you, and bother you in any way possible. like, laying his head on your shoulder, and messing up your hair on purpose.

-Him wrapping his arms around your stomach and placing his head on your shoulders 24/7

a/n: everyone always loves these, so I decided to make my own! I hope this isn’t like anyone else’s on tumblr, but if it is, credit goes to them :). and, as always don’t forget to leave requests/feedback here :). 

Team USA candidates if their team is eliminated.

Matthew Tkachuk
Johnny Gaudreau

Ryan Kesler
Chris Wagner*
Josh Manson*
Jared Boll*
Nate Thompson

Kevin Hayes
Chris Kreider
J.T. Miller
Derek Stepan*
Adam Clendening
Steven Kampfer
Brady Skjei
Ryan McDonagh*

Brian Flynn
Alex Galchenyuk
Michael McCarron
Max Pacioretty*
Jeff Petry
Al Montoya

Auston Matthews
Brian Boyle
James Van Riemsdyk
Matt Hunwick
Connor Carrick
Jake Gardiner

John Carlson
T.J. Oshie
Matt Niskanen
Nate Schmidt
Kevin Shattenkirk

Patrick Kane
Trevor Van Riemsdyk
Ryan Hartman
Vinnie Hinostroza
John Hayden
Tanner Kero
T.J. Motte
Nick Schmaltz
Scott Darling*

Craig Smith
Auston Watson*
Colin Wilson
Anthony Bitetto*

Paul Martin*

Patrick Maroon

Jordan Schmaltz*
Zach Sanford

Charlie Coyle
Zach Parise*
Jordan Schroeder
Jason Zucker
Nate Prosser
Ryan Suter*

Nick Bonino
Matt Cullen*
Phil Kessel
Bryan Rust
Tom Sestito
Conor Sheary
Ian Cole
Brian Dumoulin
Ron Hainsey*

Cam Atkinson
Brandon Dubinsky
Nick Foligno
Brandon Saad
Jack Johnson
Seth Jones
Zach Werenski *

Ryan Dzingel
Bobby Ryan
Colin White
Tommy Wingels
Chris Wideman
Craig Anderson*
Mike Condon*

Jimmy Hayes
David Backes*
Noel Acciari
Sean Kuraly
Tim Schaller
Drew Stafford
Torey Krug
Brandon Carlo*
Frank Vatrano
Kevan Miller
John-Michael Liles*
Charlie McAvoy
Tommy Cross

*unlikely to participate (personal opinion)
P.S. Can you tell I’m bored with my team not being in the playoffs.


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Pairing: Zach Dempsey x Reader

Requested: Nope

Summary: You both have a crush on each other without the other knowing.

Song: Yuna, Usher - Crush

GIF Not Mine

It was a Saturday afternoon and you were bored from studying when you phone chimed signalling a text. It was from your friend slash crush Zach.

Zach: Hey

You: Hey, what’s up?

Zach: Nothing much, you?

You: Studying. It’s kicking my ass. I’m so bored :(

Zach: Do you maybe wanna hang out? I promise it’ll be more interesting than studying ;)

You: I’m down! :)

Zach: I’ll be there in 10

You call me on a lazy afternoon
Asking me what I’m up to, let’s find something to do
Baby I’d be down, down, down, down, down,
Down down down down.
You know I’d be down, down, down, down, down,
Down down down down.

You were ready in five and was waiting for him to arrive. Sat in your window you saw him pull up to your house. Your breath hitched in your throat when he looked up to your window and smiled at you. He looked back down to his phone and texted you.

Zach: You ready? :)

You: I’ll be down in a minute :)

I see you arriving in your car.
Jet black mercedes, built in the 70’s
Classic like you and me
I’ll be coming down, down, down, down, down,
Down down down down.
I’ll be coming down, down, down, down, down,
Down down down down.

Putting your phone away in your bag you stood up and took one last look in the mirror and took a deep breath to calm your nerves before turning to leave your room. Once you got outside Zach reached over to open the door for you, you smiled graciously at him and climbed into his car. “So, where are we going?”

“That’s a surprise.” Zach grinned. He started the car and drove off. The wind flowed through your hair and some Drake song was on the radio. The whole time your heart fluttered, every time you were with him it would. You had fallen for him, fallen hard.

You had reached your destination, an ice cream shop. Zach got out of the car and jogged to your side of the car and opened the door for. He put his hand out for you to hold helping you get out of the car, not that you needed it. “After you.” He motioned.

“Thank you.” You thanked taking his hand. “An ice cream shop?” You asking arching one of your eyebrows in surprise.

“It’s only half of the surprise.” Zach replied giving his notorious smile, the same smile that makes your heart skip a beat, and placing a hand on the middle of your back leading you to the counter. You tensed up a little at his action but relaxed immediately after, you hoped he didn’t notice. “What flavour would you like?”

“Umm… vanilla, please.” You decided, taking a quick look over at the menu.

“Vanilla? All right and I’ll have…” Zach trailed off deciding on his flavour, staring intently at the menu which you thought was cute. “Ah, I’ll have the raspberry ripple.” He ordered, the barrister started on the order and you went to get your money out but was stopped by Zach. “I got this. I am taking you out after all.” You reluctantly agreed putting your purse away. Your ice creams were ready and you thanked them before heading back to his car. “Don’t eat it just yet.” Zach laughed.

“It’s going to melt if I don’t eat it!” You pointed out which caused Zach to laugh more in which you joined in.

“It’s not far from here where we’re going.” You looked at him in confusion, there was not much to do around here. “And don’t eat my ice cream.” He added in a serious tone but soon a smile spread across his face.

Zach took you to a ledge that overlooked the town. It was quiet up there, not many people come up here so you wondered where he found it. “So this is where the great Zachary Dempsey takes all of the girls.” You said sarcastically.

“Haha, Y/N.” He replied with the same sarcasm as you used and took his ice cream off of you. “I come up here to clear my head. It’s peaceful.”

“It is.” You said looking out to the town.

“I have to ask, why vanilla?” Zach wondered.

“Why not?”

“Umm because it’s boring. There was so many more interesting flavours to choose from and you chose vanilla.” Zach replied shaking is head whilst eating his ice cream.

“Are you calling me boring Zachary?” You asked with fake offence.

“No, I’m calling your food choices boring.” Zach pointed out.

I feel a little rush
I think I’ve got a little crush on you
I hope it’s not too much
But boy when I’m with you I hear it
My heart is singing
La la la la la la…
La la la la la la…

After sitting in silence for a bit eating your ice cream he finally asked you what’s been on his mind. “So, you and Brad… no it’s Brendon, right?”

“Brett, and there’s no me and him.” You replied playing with the remnants of your ice cream.

“Oh, I’m sorry Y/N.” Zach hated seeing you down like this. He wanted more than anything to make you feel better. He swore to himself that if he was with you he wouldn’t break your heart and he would treat you better.

“Don’t be. He’s a huge ass.” You shook your head wanting to forget about him. You didn’t want to think about him when you were having a fun time with Zach.

“You’re right about that, he doesn’t deserve you Y/N.” He assured you.

Honestly you shouldn’t waste time no more
Cause all these little boys you’re chasing did
They break your heart?
I know you’ve been down, down, down, down, down,
Down down down down.
I won’t let you down, down, down, down, down,
Down down down down.

All Zach wanted to do was tell you that no one deserves you, not even him but he knew that if he had a chance with you he would treat you better than any guy before him did. He has a crush on you, has done for a while. Every time he saw you his world stopped spinning, to him you were the only person in the room. Even when you have your ‘lazy’ days, as you call them, he still thinks you’re the most beautiful girl he’s seen. Your laugh was like music to his ears, he loved it along with your warm smile so he made it his mission to make you smile and laugh around him.

I feel a little rush
I think I’ve got a little crush on you
I hope it’s not too much
But girl when I’m with you I hear it
My heart is singing
La la la la la la…
La la la la la la…

Zach didn’t know that you felt the same and you didn’t know whether he felt the same. Both of you were afraid that the other didn’t so no one acted upon the feelings you had for each other. All you know was that what you had with Zach was different. If he called you would drop everything and he would do the same if you called him.

I wonder if you feel the same
I see it in the way that you behave around me
And I can tell
What we have is different from anyone else
Cause you stop doing what you doing
When I call you come up to me running
And I would do same for you
So tell me that you feel it too

You were both perched on his car talking about anything and everything. Smiles plastered on both of your faces oblivious to fact that both of you had a crush on each other.

Think I’ve got a crush, baby
Feel a little rush baby
Think I’ve got a crush, baby
Feel a little rush baby

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A/N: so this is the first time doing something like this and yeah im not really sure how well it turned out. I honestly just thought of this idea when listening to the song


Top 10 Splices as of Jan 19, 2013

Zach was bored, and he dug through the archives of all the splices the 5 of us have done, and found the top ten Pokemon splices made by the five of them! And, after much sorting out and using third person narrative, Zach presents the Top 10 Splices!

#1: Bidoof God (37,782 notes)

#2: Luginub (18,118 notes)

#3: Kuromonsu (4114 notes)

4: Bram just named this Senpai. (3269 notes)

#5: Bravinine (1153 notes)

#6: Buff Shuckle (1141 notes)

#7: Waisprout (1089 notes)

#8: The Pink Terror (868 notes)

#9: Legendary Splice Trio (727 notes)

#10: Arceuskern (664 notes)

Honorable mention to Sam’s femtag splices and also her 4th of July Braviary, which technically aren’t Pokemon splices, but would actually knock The Pink Terror, Legendary Trio, and Arceuskern off the list and send anything below Senpai down at least one notch.

If Zach really has ADHD and he’s not taking medication.. dammit. It explains SO MUCH.

A person with ADHD is VERY impulsive and comes off as rude because it’s very hard for them to control themselves.

They don’t usually act their age, but younger because they are easily distracted and irritated.

They always need to be doing something, that’s why it makes sense that Zach just starts shit up because he’s “bored”. They feel this restlessness that makes them want to do something, anything. His brain goes faster than normal and they need stimulation all the time

It explains a lot of his insecurities (low self esteem masked by a fake big ego), his change of mood (sometimes extremely hyped and sometimes acting really sad and with lack of motivation) and his passionate emotions. 

((Here is some info if you want to know more but it describes Zach’s behavior pretty well –> x))

It makes me really sad because someone with ADHD is really misunderstood, and can have big problems socializing because they have all these behavioral issues and complicated emotions and thoughts. to the point where they can become very defensive (rings a bell?).

If it is really what Zach has.. it makes me understand him way more and my heart really goes to him because the pressure of that house has affected him greatly. 

((Edit: To the person saying I’m just spreading rumours, Zach himself talked with the HGs about his ADHD and being diagnosed when he was 9. He even said he stopped using his meds 2 months ago.So please fuck off with your accusations, because I would NEVER make stuff up about someone’s health))

anonymous asked:

is Zach straight with Frankie being his "exception" or is Zach bi? so many people keep saying Frankie is Zachs exception but I mean, Zach did say "id/I've made out with guys". and wanting to fuck Frankie day 2 but this is supposed to be a new found attraction to men? lol I know this has been talked to death. anyway do you think Zach has/will act on his feelings for Frankie? or will he just choose to live as a straight man?

i don’t really think frankie is zach’s one exception, although that would be very romantic. zach once said he only hangs out with guys because girls can’t keep his interest. now, if zach can’t even hold friendships with girls because they’re so boring to him, how is he going to hold a romantic relationship with a girl? romantic relationships begin with friendship and zach rarely seems to have genuine friendships with girls. if i had to guess, i’d say zach is sexually attracted to girls, but sexually and romantically attracted to guys.

plus, like you mentioned, zach being comfortable telling cody (knowing the feeds weren’t on yet) that he wanted to fuck frankie is huge. this means he was okay with cody knowing, just not all of america. and isn’t that the same thing that’s happening now? zach whispering to cody something about how frankie is in bed, and then panicking when he thinks the microphone picked up on it?

zach did come out as bisexual, so he’s comfortable with his attraction to frankie. the thing he isn’t comfortable with yet is the public knowing that. i would be kind of shocked if zach hadn’t acted on his feelings. the ear biting (especially now after knowing he associates ear biting with sex), the handjob motions he made while talking about frankie during murtz, the way he said something so scandalous about frankie to cody that cody lost his shit over it.

zach saying he’s only a fraction straight is a huge step forwards. he won’t be living as a straight man for forever. technically, he already came out once, so we should still be honoring that. the only sexual orientation that falls under the category of someone “swinging both ways” is bisexuality. indicating that he prefers one gender over another (by means of fractions) is saying he is attracted to both genders. which is bisexuality. he doesn’t have to equally be attracted to both genders to be bisexual. he also was blatantly referring to himself in the second person by saying “you can be 10% straight.”