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Hi, Tess I recently started going to a group workout that focuses on HIIT and I'm experiencing a LOT of hunger even during rest days. Have you ever experienced this and if so, how did you deal with it? Although I eat clean 90% of the time with a Whole Foods based vegan diet, I still worry I'm going to overeat and mess up the progress I make at the gym.

Your hungry because your body is burning more calories from exercising and you need to replenish your body. The more exercise you do, the more oxygen you intake which means you’ll burn more cals after exercising + you burn a lot from just being alive (bmr)

Eat and fuel your body up as its recovering and needs energy to do that! Food is fuel, that’s why your body wants it!

I’m definitely more hungry from training hence why I eat a lot of food. So I can sustain my training and build muscle :)

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Why is it many people feel that you need to start young in order to be successful in skating? Why can't skaters who start older learn to do more complex jumps? There are plenty of incredibly fit 20-25 year olds and I can't see how with proper practice and training they couldn't do a triple?

Adult 2016 Masters Men I Free Skating Scores.pdf

Adult 2016 Masters Elite Ladies I Free Skating Scores.pdf

These are the protocols for the top adult figure skaters (28-37) who would have all most likely started training in mid to late teens/early 20s. 

You can be an incredibly fit 20-25 year old but the strain out on your body to land triple jumps would still be very rough on your older body. Triples are generally learnt before or during puberty for the top senior skaters because at this point your body can spring back from the strain easily.

Here’s a fact. The force of landing a triple jump is equivalent to dropping a fridge on your leg. All the force of that height and speed needed for those 3 rotations is all coming down into one knee and ankle and on fully grown joints this just won’t be something you can really learn, you may be able to hang onto one or two triples but getting all of your triples (that is, only starting to learn them) after you hit 20+ is pretty much a superhuman feat. 

Take a look at those protocols and you’ll see that the winners do not have triples, in fact only one person out of both those lists has triples (ladies 3rd place) and both were not jumped round enough to qualify as triples and therefore downgraded to doubles.

It doesn’t matter how fit you are, its the amount of force the muscles, joints and bones in your body can take.

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I think I understand how you feel... but despite of the body shape maybe you should eat healthier because it does amazing things for your body and mind <3 I don't follow a strict diet but I try to eat a little bit healthier, less sugar, with more balance. Of course I eat trash now and then lol but eating it after a few days eating healthy stuff makes it taste even better (and eventually you won't want it as much) <3

Ahh thank you!! thats what im trying to do lately heh hopefully it’ll work out and ill stop doing that ramen past midnight thing :)))

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BRuH... I FEEL YOU, OTHER ANON... I recently fell for a large, strong, absolutely SHREDDED character, and I, an average height, weak marshmallow bab, am AMAzED. BUT FRET NOT,,, because I def picture my fave loving my softer squishy bits. (Augh, be still my beating heart! He's lovely) And I'm sure your bae loves your softness, too! Because what's not to love? So good for snuggles!

HONESTLY chub chub marshmallow sweethearts are precious and I doubt any fave would disagree, all you chubby babes with totally ripped f/o’s need not worry at all because your fave loves your body and they love you even more

- mod princess <3

It’s such a rare and incredible thing, to be alive.
     To laugh so hard your body forgets how to breath and scream because you can and change in every way without ever trying. To kiss and cry and eat dessert and stare at the ceiling and wonder if you’re happy enough.
     Think yes (flowers that grow without being planted and old dogs and children who reach out to touch the sky because they don’t know the limits of the world just yet)
     Think no (big storms that erase small costal villages and the boy with sad eyes who broke you so bad you don’t recognize your own reflection and stolen wallets in misfit hands)
     Close your eyes and think what you think and don’t ever stop.
     Because here’s the truth as I know it: to be alive is to be everything all at once. The yes and the no. This, but also that. Something so far beyond what we can see and touch and understand.
      How rare. How incredible.
pro annnnna tips

I figured that it might be helpful to some of you to have some tips how to lose weight. AT least those are the things I do :)

Drink, drink drink. drink a lot of water and tea (greantea)

make some rules for youself e.g. only eat between 6am-6pm

write down everything you eat and its calories. If you see the numbers going up, you´ll lose your appetite

keep yourself busy or you will eat out of boredom

sleep at least 6h a day (you´ll be more relaxed, the day won´t be as long as e.g without sleep, because of some stuff being released in your body you´ll be tempted to eat more if you´re tired)

eat from small, dark plates/ plates that contrast the color of your food ( a smaller plate makes your food look like more, the darker plate makes you eat less, the contrasting color makes you differ between food and plate more easily)

Don´t eat something if you don´t know its calories

Don´t eat at least 3h before you go to bed

if possible, eat in front of a mirror naked (you´ll get disgusted by yourself and won´t be hungry anymore)

only eat if you really have to (don´t be too extreme though and make sure to still eat enough so you don´t faint and get into a hospital before you have reached your goals)

make a list of bad foods and cross some out every once in a while and don´t eat them anymore

chew gum

eat high calorie stuff in the morning, low calories in the evening

eat tastful stuff (sometimes you don´t want the food but the taste)

I eat sweets every day. some dark chocolate. That way I can controll myself better and don´t binge 

don´t take extra cash with you or you might spend it on food

brush your teeth more often. food won´t taste as good and you can controll yourself better not to eat

apple cider vinegar. (2-3 tablespoons before a meal and you´ll feel not so hungry anymore)

watch your posture

habits like touching your hair etc burn some calories too

in general: move as much as possible

Move your fat ass and do some sports. Not is it only healthier but you´ll lose weight faster and if you started once you´ll get a craving for more

do sports if you´re boring e.g. crunches in your room or squats

if you´re about to binge or just want to taste the enemy, chew it and spit it out. Mia does not work for me and the last time I puked was when I was 8 (well and the onle time I got drunk when I was 15). Plus spitting it out directly saves your teeth from the acid, you save yourself from that disgusting feeling and you don´t have to worry about your body still absorbing the calories or not getting it out of your tummy in time. Just make sure to wash your mouth before you swallow.

watch/read something you consider disgusting before you eat. Heck, even watch a pimple popping video if it stops you from eating too much.

ruin your food. if it is burned or too salty you won´t eat much of it

punish yourself for thinking about food.

don´t reward yourself with food, you´re not a dog

put one euro/ pound/ dollar/ whatever money you have in your country in a box for every meal you skip. Just don´t skip breakfast (you may only do that if you are fasting) do it like this: breakfast, school food, lunch, dinner. I usually skip school food and dinner. and If you have enough money, buy yourself whatever you want (as long as it is no food)

drink warm water

lemon in your water is supposed to help with weightloss (I don´t do it though)

get up on the scale at least once every day and write down the number. I weigh myself about 4 times a day: after getting up, after running, when I come back from school and before I go to bed

look at some thinspo/ meanspo

drink coffe, 0 calorie soda 

I guess that´s about it. If I remember something else, I´ll add at to this list. Feel free to tell me what you do:)

Also: If I was you, I wouldn´t try mia because it is bad. you´ll get a lot of problems and the acid will come out even without you wanting to puke, also your teeth will fall out and shit like that. i have a friend who once was mia but because of reasons like that she had to stop. she still is ana though.

oh and please don´t use diet pills. I never have used some but I never take pills anyway (unless I am on the edge of dying xD)

after all, I can´t tell you what to do but this is my advice for you. That does not mean that the things I do are much better though but you probably know that yourself.


EB: i’m apparently really good at not freezing.

TG: its not my fault you lived up in jack frosts asshole

EB: haha ew.

EB: maybe you’re just being a total wimp because your tiny baby texan body can’t handle anything below forty degrees.

gentle reminder

there is no perfect body; some bodies are big, some are small, some are soft and round, some are angular and thin, some don’t even fit into the usual description of bodies, and that is awesome, because it makes you and your body beautiful and unique - your body is gorgeous, please try your best to not listen to anyone or anything that tells you otherwise

50 Things I’m Convinced Harry Styles Does: A List

1. He requests exactly four kisses before bed.

2. He drums on your shins while you rest your legs in his lap.

3. He calls your mom and dad by Mr. and Mrs., no matter how many times they’ve told him not to.

4. He says, “I should’ve gotten what you got.” every time you go out to eat and then demands half of your plate in trade for half of his.

5. He gets drunk and orders things like a pound of unrefined shea butter through one-click AmazonPrime.

6. He uses your body wash in the shower because, “’t smells nice. Like a field of daisies.”

7. He swerves in the car because he gets distracted by a dog on a walk or a baby in a stroller.

8. He says, “You too!” and giggles knowingly when the ticket-taker at the cinema says, “Enjoy your show!”

9. He pinches your bum whenever he walks by, just to hear you squeal.

10. He asks you to pronounce “aluminium” over and over again because you say it so weird and it makes him smile.

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