because you're such a tease

"Everyone says I'm so whipped for you."
  • Jungkook: Everyone says I'm so whipped for you
  • Jimin: Because you are?
  • Jungkook: ...
  • Jungkook: Because you're such a tease
  • Jimin: How so...
  • Jungkook: Like right now
  • Jimin: But what am I doing?
  • Jungkook: Breathing.

You’re unbelievable.
I know.

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Hiiii can u do a BTS reaction when they tease u by not leaning down, because you're too short to kiss them ,so u refuse to kiss them after that, ignoring all their attempts. Omg i dont know if my english is correct, hope it makes sense. Thanks 😘

Your English was great babe! 


Wow. Rude. You were so rude. He’s going to guilt trip you a little bit, still teasing you of course. “Wow jagi, you don’t love me anymore? You don’t want me anymore?” He’d sigh dramatically and lay on the couch face down. “Someone tell me what to do to make Y/N love me again!” 

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It’s okay if you want to ignore him after he teased you. He knew you’d get over it eventually. Depending on his mood he’d either nag you until you stopped ignoring him or he’d fight fire with fire and ignore you right back. Either way by the end of it you guys would be making out.

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He didn’t mean to make you upset. The fact that you were shorter then him was so cute to him. He thought he had seriously upset you so he’d give you your space after a few tries of apologizing. Please forgive this soft man and give him many kisses, he’s trying his best.

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He would pout so much. He’d apologize a thousand times just so you’d forgive him for teasing you. (Honestly you should be used to it by now) He’d keep trying and just get more and more whiner. “JAGI. WHY DON’T YOU LOVE ME ANYMORE?!” Just give him a kiss please, he’s an angel.

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You really couldn’t blame this lil mochi babe for teasing you. He got teased all the time for being smol and he finally got to tease someone else about it. He would cuddle you, look like a sad puppy, talk sweet to you and try to give you kisses. Honestly if you can resist all that you’re not human.

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He would bust out the aegyo. His mission was to be so cute you couldn’t help but forgive him right away. He would cuddle you and talk cute to you in his deep voice. Tons of winking and blowing kisses too. He would do The Most to get you to stop ignoring him.

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He would be unphased by you ignoring him. He’d actually just tease you more because of it. “Aish Y/N… Should I just date someone taller?” He’d try and get you mad enough to stop ignoring him. Once it worked he’d laugh and bend down to give you a kiss. 

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Different Levels of B.A.P smiles
  • Yongguk: Charismatic smile, Gummy smile, Mentally-killing-ovaries smile, Shy smile, Proud appa smile, Smile-smirk, Full-on smirk
  • Himchan: Its-not-very-funny smile, full-on dimple smile, aegyo smile, admiring-his-precious-babies smile, admiring-yongguk smile, smirk, sarcastic smile, tired smile
  • Daehyun: OMG-ITS-FOOD smile, having-fun-with-youngjae smile, cheeky smile, pedo smile, kitty smile, torturing-jongpup-smile, conman smile, natural smile, wide-eyed smile, smirk
  • Youngjae: fluffy smile, smirk, i-know-you're-wet-because-i'm-sexy smile, teasing smile, laughing-at-daebutt smile, lip-bite smile, hell-yeah smile, simple smile, playing-with-jello smile
  • Jongup (because i can't find the right words to describe his precious smiles): ( ´∀`) (´ヮ`) ( ̄ー ̄) (●´∀`●) (≧∇≦) (◠‿◠) (︶▽︶)
  • ( ・ω・) (T∇T)(ノ´ヮ´)ノ*: ・゚✧
  • Zelo: sheepish smile, shy smile, awkward smile, adorkable smile, full-on smile, pearly-white-little-teeth smile, boyish smile, watching-his-hyungs-mess-around smile, giggle-smile, throwing-his-head-back-and-covering-his-mouth-with-the-back-of-his-hand smile

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Google einfach mal "vong", dann löst sich das Rätsel um halo i bims xD

this is so interesting??? there are german memes apparently???? and i’ve never heard of them??????? i asked my 13 years old sister just in case i don’t know them because of my age but she hasn’t heard of them either. @thepastelpinkwitch hasn’t heard of “i bims” either :’D maybe it’s a regional thing??? ??????? wHO KNOWS :P

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Thistle the reason you're teased for it is because you react to it. Try ignoring the pushy askers. Trust me, as an ex-bullying victim i know its gonna be difficult.

“I don’t wanna screw things up… This is still pretty new to me. In Naturefell, monsters don’t HAVE relationships. It’s like… Frowned upon? That’s how I was raised. I know i’m in Naturetale now but…People makin a big deal about me n Gear just… makes me nervous? So many people like…freakin out and tellin me what to do and how I should feel… it’s confusing..”

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Imagine the episode were Pride has to wear the mask. And your wearing a mask too at the time and you end up getting lost in the moment by yourself, dancing and being all sexy with pride, teasing him because he doesn't know how you're dressed. Or something.



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Show: NCIS New Orleans

Summary: A masquerade mask sometimes can prove to be very interesting and sexy as hell.

Pairing: Dwayne Pride x Reader

Warnings: Fluff!

Word Count: 809

Reading Time: 3 minutes-ish

Request: @spaceemonkeyyxd always has amazing requests ♥ Requests are open - check out the prompts list here.

A/N:  This is the last one for the night, but woohee this got away one me. Thank-you for reading ♥ Feedback is always welcomed and requests are open XoX

Tags: @emilyymichelle @lucifersagents @ncisfanficsandmore @spaceemonkeyyxd @of-badges-and-guns

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post-KH3 headcanon: because of their height differences, Aqua always kisses Terra on the cheek and Ven on the forehead prior to splitting up for really tough missions, but then Ven hits a growth spurt and ends up taller than her so one day she suddenly switches to kissing his cheek too (◕◡◕✿)

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Bucky is a personal trainer but also teaches mixed martial arts classes. You come in one day to train but there are other guys that are teasing because you're shy/quiet until you get in the ring. Bucky is proud because he's your bestfriend that taught you how to throw a proper punch.

I love the idea of Bucky teaching self defence

Spinoff Saturday

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Alex hoards the bedclothes when she is asleep, so when it's cold Maggie has to wake up in the middle of the night to get herself a blanket. Eventually, she wakes up because it's so. damn. hot. It turns out that Alex-the-sheet-hoarding-monster is also a cuddle-fiend. When Alex wakes up she teases her because "ew you're sweaty" and Maggie just jumps on top of her to rub the sweat on her, because seriously, the audacity her gf has.

send me sanvers headcanons

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Being embry's neighbor and one day following him because his mother asked you as a favor and the pack teases him because you're all he talks about you .:)

triggers : none 

Mrs. Call was a woman that you looked up to, she was sweet and had a relationship with her son that you hoped you would have with the kids you wanted in the future. That was until Embry, who you were close with, joined Sam’s group. He snuck out of the house and would never tell his mom where he went and he had a short temper with her. It was like she had lost her son. You felt bad for her, and thats why you were sitting in your car with a pair of binoculars focused on her son. They were cliff diving, something reckless that you thought was utterly stupid, and Mrs. Call would too. The group of boys started to move again and you groaned for this was as close as you could get your car and it was freezing outside, Trudging in the direction of the group of kids you shivered, teeth chattering and hair whipping in the wind. How where they not cold? Mrs. Call would be angered to know that Embry wasn’t wearing a jacket, let a lone a shirt, in this kind of weather. Finally you were in earshot and you slowed your pace to match theirs. The one that you thought was named Jared shoved Embry with a laugh. 

“Dude! Either shut up about Y/N or talk to her!” he shouted while laughing. Your ears perked. Why were they talking about you? Have you been spotted? Embry shook his head and let out a sigh of protest.

“Man, you know I can’t do that” he answered in a defeated tone. You were beyond confused, was this just a mind trick that they were playing since they knew you were following? Brushing it off you kept walking. 

A huge gust of wind blew and you stopped, shivering even harder. Letting out a quiet sigh you stared out at the ocean, of course you loved Mrs. Call but this was getting kind of ridiculous. Pulling your sweater up your shoulders you started heading back to your car when you heard someone shouting. Turning your head around you spotted Embry running towards you. You hadn’t talked to him much since he started treating his mom differently and when you had, you’d been short with him. Crossing your arms you waited in the freezing cold air as he jogged towards you. 

“Hey!” he shouted over the wind “What are you doing out here in the cold?” He asked coming to a stop close to you. Rolling your eyes you scowled at him 

“I could ask the same, you’re not even wearing a shirt” you answered, gesturing to his bare chest. 

“hey” he stared again, quieter this time as he took another step closer and grabbing your wrist, noticing the scowl on your face. You yanked your arm back and a look of hurt appeared on his face. Something in you broke as you noticed the hurt expression he had so you slowly lowered your arms, still shivering. 

“Im sorry, It’s just- your moms worried about you and Im on her side of this” you answered, suddenly being engulfed into his warm arms and your heart melted so you wrapped your arms tightly around him as well, nuzzling your face into his neck. He smiled as his face was buried into your hair. 

“I promise Ill talk to her as soon as I get home, if thats what you want me to do?” he asked you pulling back slightly so he could see your face but not letting you out of his arms. 

“Yeah, I’m sure she’d be happy with that” you answered getting lost in his eyes. You were sure you could tell Mrs. Call all that went on later 


Imagine teasing Woozi for being a cuddly, touchy person when he’s tired and sleepy.

Monsta X reaction : when you're teasing them with food (lollipop, banana...)

Because i’ll not write the next days (exams are coming o-o) i wrote this reaction some days ago, i’ll write requests soon, but you can request if you want :3
(gifs are not mine crédits to owner )

Shownu : He was searing for an ice-cream in the freezer, but it hadn’t anymore. He asked you if you saw his ice cream because he was keeping it for after his practice. But when he saw you licking sexily the ice-cream, he stopped himself. « It was my food…But i love the way you eat it »

Jooheon : When Jooheon saw you eating a lollipop, he took food out of the fridge and began to eat « Eat my sweets as much as you want, i don’t mind, I HAVE PIZZA AND COLA » I think he wouldn’t understand in a first way x3

KiHyun : Kihyun would see you eating sexily a chocolate square, and begin to raise his shirt « You wanna tease me ? I can tease you too ! Look ! »

WonHo : Damn. This boy was drinking a glass water, when he saw you eating a banana in a really sexually way. He smirked and teased you « So you wanna play with this ? Okay, we’ll play » as he teared off his shirt. My lord be ready for this, you started, he’ll finish

HyungWon : At first, HyungWon wouldn’t notice what you were doing, but when he saw you eating whipped cream, he would stop everymoves for 5 minutes, then, he began to smile widely and licking his lips « What about putting this on you ? I always loved whipped cream » -call an exorcist for my soul please-

MinHyuk : I think this boy would understand what you want, he would see it in your eyes, but he would be like so awkward with you, that he would just scream in the room « NOOO WAYYY Y/N I’M NOT GONNA FALL FOR THIS »

I.M :  You were celebrating his birthfay together, and he would play with a plastic gun that you had bought for mocking him a bit. But he began to play with it to making you laugh. And when he turned the head in your direction, he would see you eating sexily your piece of cake, he would smile and say : « I think the activity you found is really more interesting jagi »

Seventeen as older brothers
  • Jeonghan: The brother you go to for clothing and hair advice. He is never afraid to tell you what he thinks. "That bow looks terrible with that dress"
  • Hoshi: The brother who tries to make you like everything he does. He always drags you to the mall with him so that he can show you what "good style" is. Sometimes he makes you get up at 5 in the morning so he can show you a new dance he has been working on.
  • Jun: The secretly super protective brother who never lets you hang out with him and his friends, but always hits on your friends when they are over.
  • Wonwoo: The older brother who is completely opposite of you but you still manage to get along. He seems cold on the outside but you know he loves you even if he refuses to admit it.
  • Seungkwan: The twin brother who is older by 2 minutes and feels the need to tell everyone he is older than you... all the time.
  • Vernon: The chill brother who is quite unless you guys fight than he stands his ground. He hates making you feel bad though and always takes you out for ice cream after.
  • Woozi: The older brother you always tease for being shorter than you. He always gives you free concert tickets and music, you're not sure where he gets all the free stuff... and you're not going to ask because it's probably illegal.
  • DK: The brother that teases you ALL the time and asks if you have a boyfriend almost everyday. Even though he messes with you a lot he is always there to catch you when you fall.
  • Scoups: The older brother who is like your best friend, you two are super close and he would do anything for you. He always tries to hook you up with his friends because he is afraid you will get lonely while he is away at college.
  • Joshua: The brother who watches over you from afar, even though it might not seen like he is protecting you he always is. He also gives you all his old essays and homework so you don't have to struggle in school.
  • Dino: The annoying brother who is ALWAYS taking your crap. When you have friends over he cracks your door open to spy on you and your friends. You swear you don't know how he is older.
  • Mingyu: The hot brother who is rarely home, you don't really know where he goes but he always brings you something cool back. Every time you have a friend over they ask "Is Mingyu home" It used to piss you off but now you just ignore it. Although he is always gone he never forgets to call you every night to make sure you are okay. "Don't forget i'm just a phone call away"
  • The8: The brother who makes you get up at 2 or 3 in the morning to go get food because he doesn't want to go alone. You don't mind though you love spending time with him he never fails to make you laugh until your side hurts.

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Can you do an imagine where you're dating Grant and you're always teasing him because of the flash😂 and he gets "mad" and is all cute haha pleasee😳🙊

I kinda missed doing Grant/Barry ones.. I just got caught up on the Flash though…

It had been a long day of basically doing nothing besides binge watching Archer and eating all the junk food in mine and Grant’s apartment, hence messaging him around midday, telling him to get more on his way home from a shoot. I had since fallen asleep on the couch with the dogs, Nora taking up refuge at my feet, keeping them warm, and Jett slotting himself between the back of the couch and my warm body.

“Babe,” a soft voice called, making me mumble incoherently, swatting blindly at the hand on my shoulder. “C’mon, get up…”

“‘m tired,” I muttered, attempting to roll over but stopping halfway after hearing the dogs growl in response to the movement.

“I have cookies,” the voice sung, making me sit up in alarm, Jett barking and jumping away from me, Nora not even bothering to move. “Knew that would get you up…”

“Oh shut up Speedy,” I pouted, sticking my tongue out at my grinning boyfriend, smirking when he scowled at the nickname. Grant absolutely hated it when I gave him Flash nicknames. “Be a doll and go get some for me?”

“Get your own damn cookies,” he huffed, his bottom lip pouted out without him even realising it as he moved to Jett, lifting up his dog and plopping down in the seat, letting his dog get comfortable in his lap. “I don’t do things for mean people.”

“You love me still,” I winked, sliding my feet out from under Nora and pushing myself off the couch, skipping over to Grant and attempting to peck his cheek, giggling when he moved away, groaning in mock disgusted when I planted a wet kiss on his cheek. I ruffled his hair slightly, running to the kitchen and raiding the bags on the bench, getting out all the junk food and frowning immediately. “Where the hell is the popcorn?”

“Oh… I knew I forgot something…” he hummed, scrolling through Netflix, trying to find a movie to watch.

“That was the one thing I was insistent about!” I squeaked, leaving the food on the bench and storming back over to where he was, yanking the remote out of his hand and holding it away from his protesting hands. “We were supposed to have a movie night! What’s a movie night without popcorn?!”

“You don’t even eat popcorn when we go to the cinema,” he raised a brow, moving Jett off his lap and instead pulling me onto it so I was straddling him, my arms crossed over my chest to prevent him from hugging me close to him, much to his annoyance. “I’m sure you can survive one day without it…”

“Nope, you have to go get it now,” I grinned, chuckling a bit when he let out a loud groan. “C’mon, it won’t take that long, you’re the fastest man alive remember!”

“Remind me why we’re together again,” he glared at me, making me giggle at the pout that always came with him being ‘mad’.

“Because I make awesome Flash jokes,” I sighed, flicking my hair over my shoulder and winking. “Now come on Speedy, you’ll be back in a flash!”

“You can’t steal my line!” he huffed, scooting forward on the sofa and standing up, turning around and letting me fall into his previous spot.

“You love me, so yes I can,” I smiled innocently, puckering my lips slightly. He rolled his eyes, leaning down and giving me a kiss, pulling back with a soft smile on his face.

“You’re lucky you’re cute,” he sighed.

“I’m like the Iris to your Barry,” I twirled a piece of hair around a finger, laughing when he stalked off in a huff. “Don’t take to long!!”

10 minutes later

The apartment door opened, making me snap my head up from where it had been stuck in my phone.

“Geez Speedy, I think you’re loosing your speed…” I chuckled, looking up at him innocently when he shot me a ‘bitch no’ look.

“If you make one more Flash joke, I’m never getting you popcorn ever again…”  he warned, toeing his shoes off at the door and throwing the bag of popcorn on the bench, shuffling towards me and collapsing on top of me, making me let out a groan.

“I know you have to eat like 800 tacos a day to keep up with your speed, but damn you need to lay off the guac!”

Fans tease you because you're a bigger girl (4/4 Preference)

Anon: Can you do an imagine with each boy where you are a bigger girl and a fan makes fun of you, and he stands up for you and takes you home and you get some? Please and thank you. :))

‘and you get some’ OMG LOL

So I’m going to make it general because it’s pretty hard to write 4 different scenarios of that when pretty much the whole imagine is in the ask. You’ve basically just written the imagine for me! :)

Each time a boy is going to be mentioned, I’m going to write [b/n] to stand for boy’s name just like it would be for [y/n]. So pick a boy of your choice to imagine this with and let’s get started!

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53. He teases you because you're tall (requested)

Dan: “What is this? The giant convention?” you asked as you stood on your toes trying to see. Normally, you were the person who was blocking everyone’s view, instead of the one who couldn’t see. But everyone here seemed to be at least six feet tall. “You wanna get on my shoulders? Oh, wait. That wouldn’t work. Cause you’re like ten feet tall. We’d end up falling over,” he joked. “Right. Because I’m the culprit here,” you laughed.

Phil: You were in your room, trying on a pair of pants that your sister had recently given to you as she had grown out of them. “I look ridiculous!” you laughed as you looked in the mirror. Phil was walking by and he peeked his head in and began laughing. “Why did I think that these would fit? She’s like six inches shorter than I am!” you exclaimed. The bottom of the jeans came up to your mid calf. “You look like you just had an instantaneous growth spurt,” he laughed.