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The Color of Love - Crimson1 - The Flash (TV 2014) [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 4/?
Fandom: The Flash (TV 2014), DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (TV)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Barry Allen/Leonard Snart
Characters: Leonard Snart, Barry Allen, Mick Rory, Roy Bivolo, Sara Lance, Iris West, Caitlin Snow, Cisco Ramon, Joe West, Lisa Snart
Additional Tags: Altered Mental States, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - PTSD, First Kiss, Unrequited Love, Angst with a Happy Ending, Love Confessions

Len gave up on love a long time ago. In the aftermath of the Oculus explosion, when an old flame comes back to haunt him, he just wants something normal to distract him from it all. He never expected that two of his favorite things—a heist and the Scarlet Speedster—could end with him drowning in the very emotion he spurned.

OR Rainbow Raider strikes again – Len gets hit with LOVE.

Lisa doesn’t take to Barry’s presence very well, but at least in the aftermath of disaster, Len and Barry manage to get closer by talking things out before the next disaster strikes.

I’m only still awake because I love you…

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i know it's already been said like a million times, but i figure a lil extra show of support never hurt nobody. i just wanted to let you know how much your work and your commitment to your passions despite the difficulties you're going through inspires me to keep on keepin' on. i possess 0 literary talent, i can't give a good enough description of how amazing you are, so a thank you is all i got lol. but its a v v big thank you from the bottom of my well-meaning heart. <3

Aw man anon your ask made me smile. <3

(Also I bet you don’t possess 0 literary talent, but in the meantime, a very big your welcome, and just… thanks for reaching out and I hope you have an awesome week and weekend :D )

Imagine Oswald Introducing You To His Mother

Originally posted by viscountnelson

“Oh, Oswald, it’s so wonderful that you stopped by,” Gertrude clasped her hands together, although her cheerfulness faltered as soon as she noticed you, “Oswald, who is this?”

“Mother,” Oswald said happily, “This is Y/N. She means a great deal to me, and I thought you’d like to meet her.” You felt yourself tense at her calculating gaze. You knew she was judging you, and you desperately wanted her to approve.

“…Come in,” Gertrude walked you inside ahead of Oswald, whispering carefully, “Do you love my son, Y/N?”

“Of course,” you nodded.

“Will you take care of him?”

“Yes, of course.”

“And do you promise never to break his poor little heart?”

“I promise,” you looked into her eyes. Gertrude smiled, and Oswald beamed at the sight of his two favorite women getting along.

“She’s perfect! Now, tell me, dear, how do you take your tea…?”

All you did was smile in relief and gladness. 

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Rock on! | Always Move Forward | You've Got My Vote

Let Me Know How I’m Doing! Send some!

  • Rock On!: I love to read your writing, even if it’s not for one of our threads.
  • Always Moving Forward: I’ve seen improvement in your writing during the time I’ve been following you. Keep up the good work!
  • You’ve Got My Vote: Your dialogue is nearly always impressive and spot-on.

|| Whenever Kat appears it’s to attempt on my blushuness fight me bruh. 

NO BUT OKAY I- THANK YOU?? We’ve been mutuals for a long time already and before few months ago you and Lizzie were just goals for me? A writer goal, so you saying these things I’m just sdfhkjdshbkjdshksahkjas *aggressively hits the keyboard*

I’m glad to hear I improved in my writing, even if just a little, I still have a long way to go and I’ll try my best haha gonna learn by reading amazing stuff like your replies, reading your writing helps a lot to improve really! So I’m super grateful I can write with you and I’m even more grateful that you’re in my friendo zone, you’re awesome and just always so supportive with me and I don’t know anymore what to say I’m hungry and I’m rambling sdgsgsdgh



Isana Yashiro || Happy Birthday to the sweetest cutie ever, Annie!!! (人*´∀`)+゚:。*゚+

Engineering adventures

[[Starter for @kabulathestrongcannon]]

Another day, another set of mercenaries docking at his station. It’s not his station, of course, not really, but as the best engineer and weapons-manufacturer around he can get away with saying things like that (usually). This ship, apparently, was called the Zep (strange name, but he’s heard stranger, he’s going to forget it soon) and was piloted by someone who was only somewhat human. No bother. They didn’t have to be human to appreciate his brilliance, and, well, they wouldn’t have docked unless they needed something. 

He rather hopes this will be a weapons commission. He hasn’t had one of those in a while. Failing that, he hopes they pay him with something interesting. He’s been marooned here with nothing to experiment on for far too long. (It’s safe, true, but so boring his fingers itch.)


an angel during Angel

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*proceeds to like every single mysme comic* Because, let's face it: you're funny and awesome and so good at drawing~! <3 How did you like Jaehee's route? I take it you liked it? *winkwink*

YES I LIKED IT SO MUCH T_T i loved how we were the jaehee protection squad with zen <3 i was just disappointed because we was friendzoned in a good end of a dating game but ok jaehee and mc together > just a matter of time and in my dreams we are happy and lesbians!!!

ALSO how come we don’t have any image of jaehee with judo clothes??? what?? let cecel fix this!

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For the drabbles, could you possibly do a Dagcup Drabble with possessive Dagur and sassy Hiccup? (If you don't want to it's totally okay because you're awesome and stuff so asdfjklahsgwjxhq)

No, it’s alright. I’ve only done meanish Dagur before so sorry if it’s not good enough!

It was lunch for Hiccup and he was already annoyed. He had managed to come in late and only snag a ham sandwich that looked two days old and he couldn’t even find his boyfriend who was probably going to scold him later. Not to mention there was the guy sitting across from when he explicitly told him to go away. “Can I help you?” He finally asked before taking a tentative bite of his sandwich. Yeah, definitely two days old.

“I was just wondering if it hurt?” He said.

Hiccup shivered, knowing exactly where this was going. “If you mean getting my leg ripped off, then yes,” he said flatly. He was referring to his prosthetic that they both glanced at.

This threw the guy for a loop and he blinked. “Uh-oh, n-no I meant when you-you fell from heaven…” His voice cracked. 

“Oh it did, but then the pits of hell caught me and I’ve been just fine ever since.” He smirked and pushed his sandwich away. “Now can you leave?" 

"I was just-” A large shadow loomed over them and Hiccup didn’t even bother to be surprised. An almost animal-like growl filled the air between them and the guy looked like he crapped his pants.

He felt a hand clamp down on his shoulder protectively and he snorted as the guy tripped running away. “You know I can take care of myself Dagur,” he sighed. He turned around to face his boyfriend who was still glaring at the guy. “Are you really that jealous?”

Dagur’s gaze softened when it fell on Hiccup. “You should call me if someone is bothering you.” Hiccup reached up to cup his cheek and kissed him softly, murmuring a thank you. 

I’ll still take prompts (one word or aus) if anyone is willing.

Is it Fanfiction Writer Appreciation Day already?


Alright, sit down, buckle up, and enjoy the recs cuz it’s my favorite not-actually-a-holiday holiday of the year, FANFICTION WRITER APPRECIATION DAY, and I’ve got a bunch of new writers to appreciate! As well writers I’ve already appreciated cuz they deserve all the appreciation!! I LOVE LOVING YOU GUYS AND I DON’T DO IT ENOUGH SO TAKE MY LOVE!!!

Also, chances are that I’ve more than likely forgotten to add many MANY amazing authors that I love to this list, so if you’re an author and don’t see your name on here: YOU ARE AMAZING AND TALENTED AND DESERVE EVERY BIT OF APPRECIATION AS EVERYONE WHO WAS MENTIONED DURING THIS DAY!! KEEP ON WRITING YOU BEAUTIFUL WRITERS!!!

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You are not rude at all. You're my favourite person in the world after Jo and my mum.

Originally posted by vviktoriaa


Yesterday I finally hit 1,000 followers (yay!) so I’ve decided to do something for all of you amazing people. I’ve been excited for this for awhile, and so I’m glad to announce that I’ll be doing a bit of a giveaway to thank you guys for being absolutely wonderful!

So here’s how this is going to work. I’m going to be giving away one larger item – either the mug or one of the t-shirts pictured above – to whoever wins. The winner will get to pick which one they get.

The giveaway will only take place if I get at least 20 entries! For each 10 people who enter after the twenty, I will add a vinyl to the giveaway (also pictured above). Meaning that additional names will be drawn, and they’ll receive these smaller prizes.

I’ll continue adding vinyls up until 70 entries (for a total of 5 vinyls). If I surpass this many entries, I will add another big item to the giveaway.

Additional info:

— A person can only win once. So if I draw your name twice, sorry – you still only get one prize. You can also only enter once, but feel free to reblog this as many times as you want!

— I will have to ask for your address for shipping. I’ll do this through private messages.

— WINNERS WILL NOT HAVE TO PAY ANYTHING. This included any of my amazing international (I’m from the USA) followers, with ONE exception. I will ask for additional shipping costs on the t-shirts, but that is IT. If you win a big prize and are from Europe or Australia, you can still get the mug without having to pay for shipping. If you’d prefer a t-shirt, I will request something to help with shipping, but it will be relatively cheap. As for my followers in the USA, you don’t have to worry about this at all.

— If I don’t hit 20 entries this will not happen. But, hey, free stuff. Why not enter?

— If you’re confused, send me an ask or a private message. I’d be glad to clear things up :)

— After I choose the winners it may take some time for the items to arrive. I’ll keep you all updated.

— I plan for this to run for about a week. Maybe two. Again, I’ll keep you all updated.

Anyone interested? Here’s how to enter:

- Be one of my outstanding followers. Not a follower? Then follow me.

- Reblog this post. Put in the tags what you would want (one choice from the larger prizes, and one choice from the vinyls). Also, tell me your favorite Wentworth ship ( not required, but you’ll make me smile! :D )

In addition to the giveaway, I will also be following everyone back for the next week :)

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Uta coming home after doing whatever (probably destroying lives) and finding his s/o asleep on his work desk there they doodled and fell asleep waiting for him. (Hugs you because you're awesome)

Awe! Thanks so much! And a cute Uta scenario for you dear :) Hope you like it!

Uta: Uta’s s/o had truly tried their best to stay awake. They’d done everything they could think of from taking a cold shower to drinking coffee to doodling to stay awake while sitting at his work desk in their flat, but eventually they gave into their exhaustion, not entirely willingly. 

When he came back, later than heh thought he would, he was shocked to see his s/o asleep at his desk with their head resting on their arm. 

Uta instantly found the sight in front of him to be rather adorable and allowed a genuine smile to slip onto his face as he walked to their side to carry them back to their bedroom. He was, however stopped when he noticed the sketches on the paper under their arm, for once sketches that he had not drawn. 

“Come now, sleeping at my desk must not be very comfortable.” He whispered to their sleeping form as he picked them up, making them mumble something unintelligible in their sleep as they clung to him.  

After making sure they were comfortable in bed he went back to look at the sketches they had drawn prior to falling asleep. 

YAY! Congratulations on hitting 5 million subscribers, Markiplier!!

I know this isn’t much - especially compared to a lot of the really awesome stuff people have created for Mark -, but I wanted to try my hand at some Markimoo fanarts for this momentous occasion!

We’re all so happy for you, Markiplier! You are wonderful.