because you're dean too

10 Ways to Imagine Dean Giving You His Jacket Because He Thinks You're Showing Too Much Skin (without making him a msyoginistic a$$hole)

Author: coltsandquills

Original ImagineHere

Warnings: Few swears, mildly suggestive content

Word Count:  Varies (few hundred words each)

A/N: s or reblogs of the actual drabbles are appreciated, since I won’t see activity on this post! ☺


#1. Miscommunication

#2. Situationally Challenged (Dean x Reader)

#3. Murphy’s Quantum Law (Sam x Reader)

#4. Summer Lovin’  (Dean x Reader)

#5. Card Collusion (or, The One Where Dean Cheats at Strip Poker)

#6. Sticky Business

#7. Little Black Dress   (Kevin x Reader)

#8. Three Hunters and a Baby

#9. Break Time  (Dean x Reader)

#10. Promises (Dean x Reader)