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Romanogers: 5 times the Avengers walked in on Steve and Natasha having sexy times and the 1 time someone finally decided to do something about it. ;)

I tried to stretch it to 5 + 1 but it ended up as 3 + 1 because I felt like I was getting repetitive after a while. Also how do you end things?

“romanogers! 5 times they were interrupted + 1 time they weren't” requested by @roomtemperaturewater​​ + “Natasha has a certain pair of heels that are a like a signal to Steve and when she wears them he knows…( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)” requested by @otptilltheend​, originally posted by @heyfrenchfreudiana


She finds them in the back of her closet, when she’s looking for something to go with the dress that Tony sent her for yet another Stark Industries event. Tonight is a banquet of some sort, and apparently a big enough deal to require her to be in a ballgown. But, whatever. Pepper has excellent taste, and she knows the woman loves having them here at these events for the support. The fact that there’s always free food and an open bar at these things makes it a lot easier to have to mingle all night.

Her heels are black stilettos, strapless and opened-toe. They’re a little taller than something she’d usually wear, and they make her legs look killer, but they aren’t all that special. She owns at least a dozen variations of them.

Steve seems to like them, though.

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that headcanon made me think about the first time Tony doesn't feel up for sex. He's had a horrible day, he's drained, tired and really, really sad inside. So when they are laying in bed in the evening he just asks "Can we, you know, not do anything tonight? Just cuddle?" Because he's kinda insecure about it - people didn't used to stick around when they weren't having sex with him - but he's just so sad and tired that he just /can't/. He only really wants Rhodey to hug him.

Knowing Tony he’s been feeling down for a couple of days now and on this day it’s really, really bad. He really just wants to lock himself away in his workshop and not face the world for the next seventy-two hours please. Tony can’t do that though, can’t lock Rhodey out. (He doesn’t really want to.)

What he doesn’t want is to have sex. Not in general, just not tonight. It’s not a big deal, Tony’s just not in the mood. Besides it’s not like their relationship is built on sex or anything, of course not. Logically Tony knows that he can simply tell Rhodey that he doesn’t feel up for it, that he has the right to do that. Rhodey will understand, he always does. It’s not a big deal.

The more Tony thinks about it though, the more it feels like it is a big deal. He’s Tony Stark after all, he’s not supposed to have off days. With his work and all that superhero business quiet evenings are still rarer than either Rhodey or Tony would like, and it seems selfish to ruin their night together like this. 

By the time evening finally rolls around Tony has worked himself into a state of frenzied panic. The kind that makes him unable to focus on anything else but also incapable of putting his thoughts into proper words. Which is why the first thing Tony blurts out when Rhodey enters the room and presses a gentle kiss to Tony’s cheek in greeting is, “I don’t wanna have sex!”.

Tony’s eyes widen in horror when he realises what he’s just said, how he’s said it, how it must sound to Rhodey. He clings to the screwdriver he’s forgotten he’s holding like a small child seeking comfort from a stuffed toy, all the ways in which this conversation and his relationship and his life could fall apart flashing before his eyes and-

Rhodey’s long since become used to Tony’s antics and lack of filter though, and the only reaction the blunt words cause now is a blink and, a moment later, a shrug. “Alright then.” Rhodey tilts his head to one side and studies Tony, who stares back at him in an odd mixture of guilt and befuddlement, through narrowed eyes. “Everything alright?” Rhodey asks eventually, voice gentling.

“Yes,” Tony says, then promptly shakes his head because this is Rhodey and Rhodey knows Tony. He’s allowed to.

As though instinctively understanding that this is what Tony needs, Rhodey steps closer, one hand loosely curling around Tony’s waist. “Anything I can do to help?” he murmurs, carefully relieves Tony of the useless screwdriver and gives an insistent DUM-E an absent pat on the head.

“Just hug me?” Tony whispers, the words out before he has the time to talk himself out of it and Rhodey wraps his arms around him immediately, reassuring and safe and just the right amount of pressure to keep Tony anchored to him, carefully held together. Tony melts into the hug, slowly relaxes into the familiar warmth, lets the steady movement of Rhodey’s chest soothe him.

It’s not a magical cure but it comes pretty damn close. 

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  • Tony: This is a weird request, but I need you to face time me if you have the chance tonight. Frank refused to go to sleep last night because you weren't there. He just kept on meowing and pawing at the door.