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Mood Ring

Fandom: the avengers
Characters: Pietro, Wanda, Clint, Natasha, Bruce, Tony, Fury, Steve
Relationship: Pietro/reader
Request: Aou pietro x reader please. Where after pietro died they found the reader who is being experimented. Then they saved her then recruited her. Then held a meeting, then pietro suddenly entered the room, they where all shocked you can do the rest pls :)

The death of Pietro Maximoff had came as a shock to all of the team. Wanda had taken it particularly bad, but she channeled her anger into her work. The loss of a brother would be enough of a blow, but because he was her twin, it was like she had lost part of her soul. They had been through so much together and he had always protected her in anyway he could. She decided that she would take Clints offer and join The Avengers to protect people from losing family like she lost hers.
It was early one morning when Fury called a emergency meeting. Wanda sat beside Natasha and Clint as everyone filled into the room. Thor stood behind her and Bruce, Tony and Steve sat at the other side of the long table. Fury walked into the room and connected a laptop up to the projector.
“We have a situation on our hands.” Fury begins after the equipment is set up. He puts his hands behind his back. “There has been a number of tip off that’s illegal experimentation is taking places on a small island about 20 miles off the coast.”
Fury taps the laptop and a picture of a sky view of the island shows on screen. There was a long and wide white building in the centre off it with fencing around it.
“We are unsure as to exactly what they are doing here, but we do know one thing that is inside.”
Another tap of the screen and the image of a girl flashes up. She must have been about Wandas age with [hair/length] [hair/colour] hair and bright [e/c] eyes. Her hair was messy and she had a number of cuts around her face. She was looking straight into the camera with sad eyes. The photo had been taken for her file.
“This girl here, is called [y/n] [l/n]. She was an orphan from a young age and ran away from her orphanage age 12. We believe that she was picked up and has been in captivity since then. The group we are going to call X have been experimenting on her.”
Fury pauses as Steve raises his hand.
“What type of experiments?” Steve folds his arms as Fury nods.
“That’s the fun part. We don’t know. But something going wrong in there became we got ahold of this video.” Fury taps the laptop and the video starts.
It was of [y/n] sitting in what to appeared to be an interview room. The camera was set facing her on the desk opposite where she sat. She was sitting on a wooden chair in a long white dress that was tattered and stained, her hair hanging around her face as she avoided the camera. There was cuts along her arms and on her bare feel. The group looked at the poor and mistreated girl and their hearts broke. She looked so broken, so drained. Not a hint of happiness about her.
A male voice made everyone jump slightly.
“Experiment 184. This is the 28th of March [enter year] at 4.23 in the afternoon.” There is the sound of a pen scratching on paper that makes [y/n] wince slightly as she watches the man off screen.
“Right, how do you feel today, 184?” The man asks the young girl. She looks down to the floor, her hands on her lap. She then shook her head slightly and muttered something that wasn’t audible.
“What was that?” The male asked.
“My name is [y/n].” She spoke, her voice soft but strong. There was sigh from off screen.
“Fine, okay. [y/n]. How are you today?” There was a little anger in his voice as he continues to scribble with the pen. [y/n] shrugs and look at the blank walls.
“I’m fine.” She sighs again and twiddled her thumbs.
“Good, good. Now, 184….” The man begins.
“Don’t call me 184!” The girl screams, her hands flying down to grip the sides of the chair as she leans forward, her eyes full of hatred.
This is where everyone gasps.
The girls hair began to change from the [h/c] to blood red. Her eyes become black as well. There was a click off screen that sounded like a gun being loaded and the red fades to a black as her eyes change to a light red. She was obviously fearful of what ever had clicked.
“Dont make us take you back in to the dark room again, [y/n]. You control that or we will shave off your hair and pull your eyes out!” The man hisses and the girl sinks into the chair and closes her eyes. A tear runs down her cheek and her hair begins to change back to its original colour. When her eyes flutter open, they are back to [e/c].
The video pauses and the image of the frightened girl stays on screen as Fury stand in front of it and study’s the group.
Mixed emotions ran through everyone, mostly anger and pity. This poor girl was being subjected to who knows what and they were forcing her to control something she doesn’t even understand.
“As you can see, I don’t think she signed up for that like some.” Furys good eye falls on Wanda who nods. It was true, her and Pietro had agreed to be experiments. This [y/n] hadn’t.
“So what do we do?” Bruce asks, walking forward to Fury.
“Well, let’s start with rescuing the little mood ring and finding out why she was there.” Fury smiles at the group and plan start in your rescue. Wanda was the one who volunteered to find you.
Wanda ran down the long dark corridors of the centre. She looked through the small windows into the cells, desperately searching for your face. The others had managed to get into the building without sounding any alarms (thanks to Tony/Jarvis) and most of the doctors were being held in the lower levels of the labs.
Wanda was growing frantic in search of the girl with the coloured hair. She felt like she needed to protect her. To find her and keep her safe.
Maybe it was because Wanda was still grieving for her beloved brother, or because she knew what it was like to be alone, but she felt a loyalty to the girl.
There was no other humans in the cells, just beds and chairs. Glancing quickly through a window, she starts to run then stops and takes a few steps back. That’s were [y/n] was, curled up in a ball on the corner of the cell, her face hidden by her arms. Wandas fingers flexed the lock and opened the door. The girl didn’t move or respond to the opening of the door, she just sat there. Wanda approached her, cautiously.
“Please, leave me alone.” [y/n] sniffed as Wanda crouched down in front of her and placed a gentle hand on her shoulder. [y/n] looked up and her eyes widened and turned a dark blue with her hair as she tried to scramble away from the stranger, but she was already up against the wall. Wanda let her hand waver in the air, to show the girl she meant her no harm.
“I’m sorry to scare you. My name is Wanda Maximoff. I’m here to help you. There is a group of us here to get you out of here.” Wanda turns her hand so it is palm up. [y/n] looks at the outstretched hand them to Wanda. She nods slightly and takes Wandas hand.
The two of then run through the halls and to where Natasha and Clint were waiting for Wanda.
Wanda quickly introduced [y/n] to the two of them and [y/n] nodded a greeting to them. The door suddenly burst open and gunfire echoed through the room as a couple of the guards entered the room. Clint put his arm around Wanda and pulled both her and Natasha to the floor, waiting for the pain that came with death. But it never came. Only the sound of metal striking metal. The three look up to see [y/n] standing tall with both her hands held up in a protective pose, her hair and eyes glowing white, around her was what could only be described as a bubble. A shield, even.
Wanda got to her feet and watched as the bullets bounced off the shield that surrounded them. She turned to [y/n] who was looking at her with a worried look, as if she was afraid of what she would think.
“Can you shoot things out of here?” Wanda asked as she looked back to the men who were continuing to try and shoot the white shield.
[y/n] shrugged.
“I’ve never tried.”
Wanda turns her whole body to face the men and raises her hand. The purple mist appeared in her palm as her eyes glinted the same shade of purple. [y/n] watched in awe as Wanda threw the mist through the shield and it struck one of the men, sending him flying.
Natasha and Clint got the idea and got to their feet and started shoot the other 4 men, killing them.
Once the shield had died down, Wanda walked over to [y/n] and took her shaking hand. It was the first time [y/n] had ever been able to show her powers and use them.
The rest of the mission went smoothly, Clint and Wanda took [y/n] to the plane while Natasha told Tony and Steve to fall back. Bruce examined [y/n] wounds while the aircraft took off, just to make sure none were infected.
At headquarters, [y/n] his behind Wanda while she introduced her to Fury.

Over the next few days, [y/n] settled in nicely to the spare room at Starks Tower. All the members of the Avengers worked to make her feel safe and at home. Unfortunately, [y/n] wasn’t much help since she had spent the whole time in a cell and hadn’t been told anything about what was going on. But no one held a grudge against her, in fact, they had grown to like her. She started to let her emotions show in her hair and eyes, allowing her to show who she really was. It started being discussed that she could become part of the Avengers since her powers would be useful during battle. So Fury approached [y/n] and asked her if she would want to become an Avenger. [y/n] said yes, because she wanted to help the people who had helped her.

Fury called another meeting, this time inviting [y/n] along now that she was an official Avenger now. Sitting around the table, Wanda sat next to her as support as Fury started telling her about everyone’s part in the missions.
“Wanda works beside Clint and Natasha mainly but it is a team effort.” Fury nodded towards Wanda.
The door was flung open and a familiar face waltzed in. A young male with jet blue eyes, silver hair and muscular build. [y/n] glanced around and saw everyone staring at this male as though they had just seen a ghost. Wanda raised to her feet and slowly walked towards him, her eyes wide with tears falling from them.
“Pietro?” She whispers as she holds out a hand up to his face. Pietro walks towards her and let’s her hand rest on his cheek. She let out a laugh and threw her arms around him, crying onto his shoulder. He wrapped his arms around his sister and looked around, seeing all the avengers, and a new girl.
She was beautiful as his eyes locked with hers. He watched in amazement as her eyes changed to a light pink colour.
Wanda pulled back and saw Pietro staring at [y/n]. She giggled as she knew that look while she pulled him around to [y/n] and introduced them both.
[y/n] stood up and smiled slightly at Pietro. Once Wanda had finished introducing them, Pietro took [y/n] dainty hand and raised it to his lips, pressing a light kiss to the soft skin. [y/n] flushed pink all over, hair, eyes, skin.
“If you would like to take a seat, Mr Maximoff, I assume your staying.” Furys voice broke the two apart and the group giggled slightly as [y/n] fell back to her seat with a slight smile.
Pietro couldn’t take his eyes off her the whole meeting.
After all, she was a little mood ring.