because you were always too shy to talk to them

Sing For You // Hong Jisoo


the prompts: (1) whenever I think of joshua i get this “boy next door” feel. but maybe have it where joshua or the reader has just moved to the neighborhood and the reader hears joshua play the guitar near his bedroom window and he starts to notice her and play songs that convey his feelings for her. (2) personally i would love a joshua scenario with a flirty josh and oblivious reader cuz!!!! why not!!!

words: 3834

category: fluff

author note: he’s not that flirty in this like maybe a subtle flirt. anyway this is for my older sister, for her graduation gift. I’m proud of you, you loser, and I hope you like this scenario. (good luck choosing between joshua and yuta now muahaha)

- destinee

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When you and your family moved into that ugly green two-story house at the end of a cul-de-sac, you assumed there would be no one your age to hang out with. It was the summer after you graduated high school, and you were pleased to spend it leisurely, doing nothing but catching up on the latest Netflix series available. You would start working as soon as the summer was over, and so your goal was to spend as much time as you could enjoying being lazy.

The bedroom you chose was at the end of the hall on the second floor, far away from your parents’ room. There, you could watch Netflix on your laptop day after day, without a care in the world at who was outside (or inside) of your house.

Your mother was sociable, and always on the prowl for new friends she could chat with. That’s how she found Mrs. Hong, who conveniently lived next door along with her son, Joshua.

To say Joshua Hong was cute would have to be the understatement of the century, since he was downright princely in every sense of the word. Luckily, his bedroom seemed to be right across the yard from yours, so you were able to see him from time to time whenever he opened his curtains. He never seemed to notice you when he sat on his window seat to play his guitar. Sometimes, he would crack open his window and you could hear the experimental twang of the strings as he learned new melodies and songs. That wasn’t very often, though.

Usually, Joshua had friends over, and they would play in the in-ground pool in his backyard. You found out he had handsome friends too, and lots of them. Sometimes they picked him up in a beaten up old van. It obviously didn’t fit thirteen boys, so you always watched in amusement as Joshua would squish into the trunk with a few other boys. They were a wild bunch, and loud. They were the soul reason you bought noise-canceling headphones.

Some days, when you didn’t feel like Netflix or the internet, you would watch Joshua and his friends hang out, since it was rather comical to see them playing around. Especially when they had sleepovers at Joshua’s place. Apparently they were fans of truth or dare, unless Joshua really did have a boyfriend named Yoon Jeonghan, as he had shouted out for the neighborhood to hear one night. That was the first time you ever heard him speak, funnily enough. His voice was soft.

Soon, Netflix became boring to you as July found it’s way into the year. You found yourself at your window seat more often than not, watching Joshua as he fiddled with his guitar. He was quieter alone, away from the the hustle and bustle that his friends offered. With his and your windows cracked open, you could hear his gentle voice as he sang a familiar song. Without realizing it, your eyelids began to droop as you leaned against the window pane. Joshua’s soft voice sang you to sleep that night.


She is the sweetest thing that I know…“ Joshua sang, ”you should see the way she holds me when the lights go low. Shakes my soul like a pot hole, every—dang it!”

He exhaled in frustration as he once again messed up the simplest of chords. Where there was a D, he had played a C. He had never messed up something like guitar chords. He could play a song by ear if he wanted to, as he had been playing since he was in middle school.

He blamed you. Ever since you had moved in a few months ago and he saw you going out to collect mail, his mind hadn’t been the same. He found it cute how you would give the mailman a wide smile whenever he brought a package for you. Often times he didn’t even have to wonder very long what it was that you were so happy to receive, as you would open the package right there in the front yard. He got to see your interests, which mostly consisted of miscellaneous fandom merch or something even stranger like a box of food from who knows where. Although once, you received a tin of cookies and Joshua had considered introducing himself right there just to take a few of those chocolate chip treats home with him.

The point was, Joshua found you rather interesting and pretty, but he was too shy to actually strike up a conversation with you. His mother told him a lot about you, because according to your mother you were always watching Netflix shows or making strange conditions in the kitchen.

Joshua had the developing desire to keep learning about you. He wanted to know more about you, outside of your mother’s opinions and his observant assumptions. However, he wasn’t very outspoken when it came to girls. In fact, he barely even talked to them in high school. Even now, in college as a struggling music major, he didn’t really talk to girls. He was too shy and uninterested. He had his entire life to find someone that made his heart race. For now, he just wanted to hang out with his friends. Your moving right across from him sort of wrecked that plan, however, as now he found his heart racing every time he saw you outside.

As he repositioned his fingers to play the song again, he glanced out the window, towards your house. His curiosity for you was quenched when he realized your window was right across from him, and you were sleeping against the partly-open windowpane. He quirked a smile at your sleeping form.

Had you heard him singing? The thought flustered him, as he wasn’t sure he sounded good. Sometimes he just fooled around on his instrument, and it probably sounded stupid. He wondered how many times you had heard him singing his heart out to Ed Sheeran songs. Then, he cringed as he remembered his favorite activity to do when he felt bored was to freestyle his own raps for whatever reason. Perhaps you would find them funny. That would be a plus, right?

Whatever you had heard, Joshua was going to make sure you heard only the best songs from him. From then on, he kept a mental note that you could be listening to his songs.


You were awoken bright and early the next morning, to the usual legion of boys shouting and yelling.

Did they not know it was morning?

Splashing was quickly heard along with loud voices, so you sat up begrudgingly and looked at your phone. You groaned, Who went swimming at the crack of dawn, anyway?

They were disrupting your precious sleep, and so it was only logical that you would disrupt their precious fun. As desperate times call for desperate measures, you got out of your bed and grabbed the Nerf gun that lay in the messy underside of your bed. After finding a spare dart laying around, you crept over to your window seat and hid behind the decorative throw pillows you had set on the cushions. You pushed open your window and aimed for the first boy you saw near the pool: a tall, dark boy busy slathering sunscreen on his shoulders. You pulled the trigger and grinned as your target met it’s mark.

“Ow! Wh—” he turned around quickly, and locked eyes with you.

You squealed in alarm and ducked behind your cushions.

“Joshua! Your neighbor just shot me with a Nerf gun!”


You peaked your head over your throw pillow and watched as Joshua pushed himself out of his pool and walked closer to your house, his brows furrowed as he looked at your window. Then, he opened his mouth without a sort of Aha! expression. “It’s really early. My mom told me her parents were on a trip so I just assumed she was with them. We should keep quiet.”

You sighed in relief as all the boys seemingly agreed and got out to get some sun instead.

If you were honest, you might have watched the shirtless boys tan for just a bit longer before returning to your bed.


Cause I know that I let you down, but is it to late to say I’m sorry now?“ Joshua strummed his guitar rather recklessly to the Justin Bieber song.

His thoughts were that if he couldn’t speak to you, then he could very well sing to you. At least from his bedroom. He still felt guilty for waking you up on a Saturday at six in the morning. So he thought of the only semi-apologetic song he knew the chords to. If that was Justin Bieber, it would have to do.

He could see you even now, with your head against the windowpane, listening to him. You seemed to be listening casually as you scrolled on your phone, occasionally stopping to double-tap. When he stopped singing and playing, he chuckled softly because you had peeked up and looked over to his window, wondering why his voice had cut off abruptly. He quickly put his head down and waited until you went back to your phone before he looked at you again.

Was there a sort of unspoken communication between you two? He would sing and you would just listen along?

Joshua bit his lip in thought as he mindlessly strummed random chords. Maybe he could sing for you every night.

Before he could begin another song, his mother called him to help her make dinner.


He went downstairs into the kitchen, where his mother was busy tossing a salad. “Can you cook and cut the chicken for me?”

“Of course,” Joshua said, moving over to the fridge to grab the chicken.

“What happened this morning?” Mrs. Hong asked as they both worked together. “I was drinking my morning coffee, listening to you guys play in the pool and then all of a sudden all the noise just stopped.”

“Oh, well apparently Y/n didn’t go with her parents on that trip, and we woke her up. She shot Mingyu with a Nerf gun to let us know that we were being too loud.”

Mrs. Hong giggled and shook her head fondly. “Maybe you should invite her over. She might be lonely during dinner.”

Joshua groaned and turned to narrow his eyes at his mother, “Are you trying to set me up?”

“Maybe, maybe not.” Mrs. Hong shrugged her shoulders coyly, “but it would be nice for her to come over and you two to meet properly.”

“I don’t know…” Joshua mumbled, his ears turning pink at the thought that his mom might embarrass him before he got to even properly talk with you.

Mrs. Hong rolled her eyes. “I won’t bring out the baby pictures, just go and invite her over before she starts microwaving pizza pockets or something.”

“Yes, Ma'am,” Joshua sighed, making his way out the back door.

The walk from his house to yours felt rather slow for him. Especially since his legs seemed like lead, and his feet were dragging with anxiety as he thought of seeing you face to face.

He stood in front of your pea-green home and lifted his fist, knocking on the creaky screen door.

He heard quick footsteps from inside, and then the door was swung open. It was you, with a bright smile on your face until you saw him. Your smile quickly turned down in disappointment. “Oh. I thought you were the delivery man with my clothes.”

Joshua scratched the back of his head, “Ah… Sorry. I’m Joshua Hong from next door.”

“I know who you are,” you said sweetly. “I’m Y/n Y/l/n.”

“Yeah. Um, my mom wanted to know if you wanted to eat dinner with us? Since your parents are out and everything.”

“Oh!” You looked genuinely surprised. “I’m sorry, but I’m going out on a date with this guy from the mall. I don’t have his number to cancel or anything.”

“Don’t cancel!” Joshua said hastily, ignoring the frantic and nervous beating of his heart as he thought of you going on a date with someone else. “If you’re going on a date then go! Have fun,” he laughed awkwardly and turned on his heel, marching down the stairs towards his home.

He walked into the kitchen, his stomach turning as he saw his mother’s hopefully face. “Is she coming?”

“No,” Joshua sighed, going to take the chicken out of the oven. “She has a date.”

The two of them agreed not to talk about you any longer, as Mrs. Hong could sense the melancholic tone in her son’s voice. He was a bit hurt, but he wouldn’t mention it as he sat down to eat with his mother.

The two of them sat down and prayed before digging into their light dinner, easy conversation distracting Joshua from his worry about where you might be going and what you might be doing on your date.

The loud honking of a car suddenly jolted the two. Poor Joshua had been drinking water as it happened, and so he accidentally spilt some of it down his thin t-shirt.

“Go see what that is,” Mrs. Hong told him, her eyebrows furrowed in worry that there might’ve been an accident in their neighborhood.

Joshua obeyed and walked over to the window over the sink, dabbing his shirt with a paper towel as he did so. He peered out the window to see a sleek black car in your yard, honking. Suddenly your door opened and you came outside, your hair flying behind you as you ran over to the car.

“It’s her date,” Joshua informed his mom, “He didn’t even ring the doorbell.”

Mrs. Hong rushed over and tutted, shaking her head. “Where’d she pick him up?”

“The mall,” Joshua said spitefully. “What guy picks up girls at the mall anyway?”

Mrs. Hong patted him sympathetically on the shoulder. “Why don’t you go call it a night?”

“M'kay,” Joshua said softly. “Thanks Mom.”


You returned home later and tossed your bag onto your bed. You plopped into your window seat and sighed. Your date had been a jerk, and after flirting with the waitress, he had made you pay for the entire meal (which wasn’t any MacDonald’s by the way). After that, he tried to initiate a make out session in the front seat of his car, to which you politely declined.

You opened your window slightly, hoping to hear some of Joshua’s singing. You wished you had just stood the jerk up and stayed with Joshua and his mom. You were sure that dinner would’ve reaped more benefits than the one you had been on.

You heard the sweet melodies of a Shawn Mendes song, followed by Joshua’s soft voice. ”‘Cause I know I can treat you better than he can, and any girl like you deserves a gentleman…

You suddenly looked up and met Joshua’s gaze for a second before he finally looked away, still singing.

Had he played that song for you? Did he know that it was a botched date or was the song just a coincidence?

Either way, you grabbed a blanket and curled up in your window seat, letting Joshua’s voice lull you to sleep.


The next few weeks were rather quiet, save for Joshua’s nightly songs. Each night was a different love song, and you liked to listen to them as you feel asleep, imagining he was singing to you. It wasn’t like the two of you hadn’t ever talked, but the words were nothing more than greetings from him, and occasionally his friends, when they saw you outside.

Your parents had returned, yet they were still put most of the time, working. You spent the morning cleaning up the house, and had finished well before noon. Out of boredom, you decided to make cookies.

After a few hours, you were surrounded by cookies and cookie dough, your music blaring loudly with whatever random Spotify playlist you had chosen. In your excitement, you hadn’t realized that you had made literally fifteen dozen chocolate chip cookies, and there was no way to eat them all.

Your thoughts were interrupted by the sound of yelling and hollering outside. The boys! You could give them each a dozen to take home and you’d still have two dozen left.

With that decided, you put the cookies in individual ziplock bags and stuffed them all in one of your mother’s oversized grocery bags. You turned off your phone and pocketed it before leaving the house.

The boys were all near the pool again, as they had been since the early morning when you started your chores. With a few steps, you were outside the pool gate, opening the latch and letting yourself into what looked to be an intense chicken-fight competition. There were nine boys standing at the pool edge with their backs to you. They hadn’t noticed your presence, as they were too busy cheering on the four boys in the pool. You snuck beside one of them to see Joshua sitting on the shoulders of the boy you had shot with a Nerf gun just a couple of month ago. His hands were linked with another boy’s, and they both were straining to push the other off.

In the excitement of the other boys’ cheering, you played along. “Go Joshua! Take him down!”

Joshua froze at your voice, allowing the other boy to shove him into the water. Each of the boys turned to look at you, and the one in the pool was the first to speak, “It’s Nerf girl!”

Joshua resurfaced and pushed his bangs off his forehead. “Y/n?”

“Hi, Joshua,” you said with an awkward wave.

The boy you had shot spoke again, “Don’t think you’ve gotten out of the punishment, Shua. Jeonghan won so he gets to flick your forehead.”

All of the boys agreed, and so Joshua and the other three boys pushed themselves out of the pool. Joshua walked over to the towels and quickly wrapped one around his shoulders before making his way towards you. “What are you doing here?”

You shrugged and held up the bag. “I made too many cookie so I thought I would share. There’s a bag for each of you.”

Suddenly, Joshua’s punishment was forgotten as each of the boys scrambled to get their bag of cookies. They each thanked you, but you could hardly reply after seeing their handsome faces up close. When there was only one bag left, you pulled it out and handed it to Joshua with a soft smile. “Here you go.”

“Thanks, Y/n.” Joshua scratched the back of his head, “Do you want to come swimming?”

The thought of Joshua seeing you in your swimsuit made you blush, but it was hot outside and you were bored. “Sure. Let me go get my swimsuit.”


Joshua thought his ears were going to absolutely burn from the heat that crept up them. Your bathing suit made you look even more stunning, and Joshua was finding it hard not to stare as you smiled and laughed with the other boys. Everyone was taking a break to eat their cookies, which were no longer separated by dozens, but instead passed around and mixed up until nearly all of them were gone by you and the thirteen hungry boys.

“So, what’s it like living next to our Joshua?” Jeonghan asked you with a smirk as he leaned back into the lawn chair.

Joshua groaned, a cookie in his hand. “Guys… don’t bother her.”

“It’s okay,” you answered Jeonghan, ignoring Joshua’s pleas. “When you guys aren’t waking me up, that is. Actually, when you guys aren’t over at all, it’s quite pleasant.”

Jeonghan rose his eyebrows, “Hear that, Shua? She likes it when you’re the only one home.”

“That’s not what she meant—” Joshua started, but he was quickly cut off by all the boys’ suggestive cooing.

“Leave him alone,” you said, your own cheeks aflame.

Joshua found it endearing that you were sticking up for him. In fact, as the day progressed, and he talked more with you, he felt absolutely enamored with you to the point where he wasn’t sure he could hold it in any longer.


After you showered and cleansed all of the chlorine off of your body, you made your way to the window seat. As you dried your hair with a towel, you listened for Joshua’s song through your cracked window, ”Leave this blue neighborhood, never knew loving could hurt this good, oh, and it drives me wild. ‘Cause when you look like that, I’ve never ever wanted to be so bad, oh, it drives me wild. You’re driving me wild, wild, wild…

The thought that he could be singing to you crossed your mind yet again, and before you could stop yourself, you pushed open your window and hung your head out. "Hey, Joshua!”

Having been staring at his guitar, he jumped when you called his name. The song stopped abruptly, and Joshua turned to see your head out of your window. “Yeah?”

You sent him a smile, “Can I ask you something?”

Joshua opened his own window all the way so he could hear you better. As he retuned his guitar to keep his nervous fingers occupied, he replied, “Shoot.”

“Are you playing those songs for me, or is it just a coincidence?”

Joshua’s eyes widened as he realized that you had caught on to his act. He cleared his throat, “A–Anyway, here’s Wonderwall.”

As he played his new song, he heard your laugh as it echoed across the way. “Joshua, stop! I wanna talk to you!”

Reluctantly, Joshua did stop. “Yeah. Okay, well, I guess I like you but I didn’t actually know how to convey it. I was sort of hoping my songs would charm you into liking me too.”

You smiled brightly, “Oh, they did. Especially those freestyle raps you sang about how much you wanted tacos.”

Joshua laughed nervously. “You heard that?”

“Yeah,” you answered, “It was cute, though.”

Joshua stared at your confident smile for another moment before biting his lip. “Would you like to go on a date with me tomorrow night?”

“I would love to, as long as you’ll keep singing for me. I expect a rap about how much you enjoyed our date as well.”

“You got it,” Joshua said. “Any requests before I head in for the night?”

You hummed in thought before replying, “How about Can’t Help Falling In Love by Elvis?”

Joshua’s cheeks turned pink. “Oh. That’s a good one. Okay. Right. Cool. Let’s go.”

He began to sing, and once again you curled into your window seat, listening to his soft voice conveying not only your feelings, but his own as well.

~the end~

BTS Reacts - You’re Insecure About Your Accent

Park Jimin: Jimin can’t believe you’re saying this for the millionth time. He’s not tired with your lack of self-confidence in the way you speak, but he really wishes you could take more pride in it. He’s said it many times, and he’ll say it again: you underestimate how many people admire the way the way in which your voice peaks at certain words, how it mellows when a sentence ends. He stares at you when you tell him once more about your insecurities, as if trying to send a message right to your heart - that you have nothing to be ashamed of. He’s backed up by two rays of sunshine - Hoseok & Taehyung - who sign a heart to you (they adore your accent) as Jimin says:

“Your fanboys here seem to think otherwise about your accent, you know, including me.”

Jung Hoseok: Hobi really likes listening to you speak, but he knows he can’t deter you feeling embarrassed about your accent, especially since it’s a problem that stems from being insecure - he can flatter you all he likes, but he knows you’ll start feeling the same way soon enough. Instead, he’ll do what he can to distract you by making you laugh. When you’re at Bighit, you stay relatively quiet because you’re shy, but when you do talk, he makes sure he has an award they’ve won, ready at hand, to be picked up. He fakes his tears, howling on about how your authentic you sound. He’ll do this until you can understand: it’s okay to want to hide it, but the bottom line is that you shouldn’t feel forced to all the time.


Kim Seokjin: Jin is supportive, so he’ll probably want to help in any way he can. His mature mind knows that you’re old enough to make your own decisions, so if you feel like hiding your accent would make you more confident, he’d back you up, but he always makes sure that you know that the way you enunciate your words isn’t a problem with him. He would think that you’re silly for fussing over something so small, but he knows it matters to you, so he doesn’t give you much opinion on the subject. While he may show a slight sign of disapproval, somewhere deep inside, he’s kind of glad you want to stow it. He’s always worried how your accent might draw attention that you don’t want, particularly because you’re nervous about it.

“I guess it’s good you want to hide it - I’ll help teach you how to pronounce certain words better.”

Jeon Jungkook: A member that probably wouldn’t pay any mind to how self-conscious you were when it related to your accent. He would know and try to sympathize, of course - but he just wouldn’t hold back punches just because you were unconfident about your intonations. He’d treat you just like anyone else he’d make fun of, and that in itself is a testament to what he thinks about the way you speak. He doesn’t feel like it should set you apart from anyone else, and if they did ever poke fun at you for it, it wouldn’t be because you sounded distasteful - he actually thinks quite the opposite. You’re talking to Park Jimin about plans to hang out with the maknae line later in the day, when Jungkook interrupts upon hearing your pronunciations:

“What was that? Can you say that again for me to hear?”
( You elbow him in his stomach, and Jimin glares at the maknae. )
“But it’s funny!”

Kim Taehyung: Tae is no stranger to masking his accent (like his other fellow members from Busan & Daegu), but he’s definitely much more rehearsed in it because he’s trying to become an aspiring actor. When he hears you trying to do the same, he can’t help but laugh - your Seoul dialect isn’t exactly on point just yet. He asks why you’re trying to change the way you speak, and you tell him it’s because you’re hesitant to talk with your existing accent. Tae thinks you’re cute for being so embarrassed. The two of you are talking a walk by a riverside in the cold; he turns to you and places his hand on your cheek when he notices a fleck of snow close to the edge of your lips, wiping away at it while he reassures you.

“Yah, stop being so ridiculous. No one’s judging you; if anything, it’s unique - but if you really want, I can show you a few tricks to having a Seoul accent.”

Kim Namjoon: After a lively dinner with the boys, you and Namjoon walk behind the group. He starts to talk to you, and you reply in short, concise phrases. After a while of conversing, he can’t help but feel like you’re holding back from chatting freely with him, which results in him asking if you’re uncomfortable being in his company. You shake your head, confessing that you’re self-conscious about the way you articulate your words. This surprises him, so knowing now that you feel held back because of your accent, he’s set on getting you out of your shell. He would want you to be able to be yourself around Bangtan, especially him. He’s not usually one to be this forward, but he feels you should probably hear the truth behind his thoughts:

“You really feel that way? Well… I personally think your accent is kind of hot.”

Min Yoongi: You’re sitting wordlessly in Bangtan’s dressing room, before the shooting of one of their music videos. Hoseok and Yoongi are talking amongst themselves, and the Daegu boy occasionally throws suspicious glances your way, attempting to be casual by smiling when you meet gazes. You’re not sure if he’s asking you over, so you make your way to them just in case. You don’t say much, timid because of your accent - but the both of them still wait for you to say something, anything. Yoongi bites his lip in expectation, eyeing your own supple lips, as if unable to wait any longer for you to talk.  He’s always enjoyed having you around, even though he tries not to show it too much; he’s shy to admit your accent intrigues him.

“We were just talking about you, actually - Yoongi-hyung said that he thinks your accent is really -”
( Yoongi cuts him off. )
Yah, Hoseok!” 

I hope you like this react, anon! I have an accent too, but I’ve learned to cover it pretty well, so whenever I speak English, I sound relatively (?) American. However, when I’m with my fellow friends from home, I don’t restrain myself from switching back to my regular accent - but I could care less, because I’m enjoying talking in my native dialect so much! So, what you’re feeling is completely natural, but don’t worry too much about it, okay? <3

When Matchmakers Get Matched

A/N: This is such a cute request!! Hope you enjoy! This was supposed to be u two days ago for my 300 followers celebration, but hey, I’m Jordan and I can never do anything on time.

Request: Hey, it’s the Anthony Ramos cupid anon. Sorry I was vague, I meant that you and Anthony are like BFFs and you just target potential couples and try to bring them together. And then one day the entire cast works together to bring you and Anthony together. It’s slightly cheesy, but I love me some cheese. Thanks! 😊

Prompt: or in which, the two times you and Anthony were matchmakers and the one time you two were matched.

Pairing: Anthony x reader

Warnings: cursing, fluff, it gets a little suggestive during the end. What can I say? I couldn’t help myself.

Tags: @fangirl-072 @always-blame-jefferson @linmanuclmiranda @hxmiltonmusicxl @sunriseovertheroomwhereithappens @femilton @ahhhhamilton @angerybisexual

Masterlist | Request!

Seven. Seven was the number of couples you and your friend Anthony had gotten together. You two were the “Matchmakers of Richard Rodgers Theatre” as the cast and crew liked to call you. Your next project was getting your friend Yasmine together with Oak.

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anon said : CAN you please (pretty,please) write one where you are dating Mark but the GOT7 members are high key jealous?

Jaebum: He’d keep his jealousy to himself for the most part. Mark’s older than him so he wouldn’t want to be rude or cross any lines, but he’d probably sulk if he noticed you and Mark being very lovey-dovey around him. 

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Jackson: He would simply accept the fact that you and Mark were in love and instead of being jealous he’d try to befriend you. By befriending he’d be able to spend time with both you and Mark, so it would really be a win-win in his eyes.

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Jinyoung: King of being Passive Agressive™. He would probably be very curt with Mark or even you if he was jealous. He’d greet you whenever he saw you and nod to Mark, but otherwise he most likely wouldn’t say much until he warmed up to the idea of you and Mark being together. 

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Youngjae: He would try his best not to show that he was jealous of Mark’s relationship. He wouldn’t want to be disrespectful or ruin his friendship with Mark, so he would probably do his best to pretend that he wasn’t jealous and that everything was fine.

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BamBam: He wouldn’t say much, but it would be easy to tell that he was jealous by the glances that he always threw at you and Mark whenever the two of you showed a lot of pda. BamBam would try his best to keep his attitude normal though because he could tell you and Mark were happy together.

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Yugyeom: The quietest out of all of them. He wouldn’t say much to you or Mark, though at first you’d think he was simply too shy to talk to you. However, it soon became clear that he was jealous of your relationship with Mark. If you ever asked him why he jealous he’d stutter out some excuse. Overall, he wouldn’t want to end his friendship with Mark. Yugyeom may eventually warm up to the idea of you and Mark together and try to befriend you.

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Mark: “Listen…. they can all stay jealous. I love you too much to ever let you go.”

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NCT Dream reaction to their crush having green eyes

nct dream reaction to their gf/crush having green eyes^^

A/N: I just wrote about their best friend/crush if thats alright! xx :)

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Mark: I’m sorry, what were you saying?

Mark would constantly get lost in your eyes whenever you had a conversation with him. He’d always stare at them innocently and forget what you were talking about. They’d be his favourite feature on you ever

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Renjun: ……..

Renjun would flat out stare at your eyes like mark except he probably wouldn’t even realize that he’s doing it and not listen to your words on accident. He wouldn’t mean to do it, he’d just trail his eyes slowly to yours and keep them there without even thinking. 

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Jeno: You have really nice eyes, has anyone ever said?

I think out of everyone in the group, Jeno would probably straight up tell you that he adores your eye colour. Of course this boy would be very shy to do so but he’d rather you know that in case he’d caught staring at you. 

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Haechan: You’re eyes aren’t even that cute… *inwardly screams*

Haechan would love your eyes dont get me wrong here guys but if you were to ever talk about your eyes he’d make cheeky comments to get more of your attention. He’d smile when he says those things to let you know he’s lying and would definitely reassure you they’re beautiful if his comments get to you.

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Jaemin: Hey can you look my way once again?

Jaemin would love to look at your eyes and he’d make that obvious. He’d constantly ask you to look at him again, eye smile, wink etc. Being his best friend, you’d go along with it but little do you know he’s just adoring you more and more every time. 

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Chenle: Have I ever told you how amazing Y/N’s eyes are? yes chenle you have told us a million times now shh (Mark)

Chenle would talk about how beautiful he thinks your eyes are to the other members so much that it bothers the other members but they’d let it go because of how cute it is that he does that. Chenle would never tell you about how he loves your green eyes but he’d let everyone else know

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Jisung: Your eyes are so cute

Like Jeno, I think Jisung would just tell you that he loves your eyes but he’d still be too shy to confess his feelings for you. When Jisung first met you, your eyes were the first thing he noticed and loved. He’d probably always talk to about them to his members like Chenle to be honest

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Hello and good luck! Is it ok if I ask for Bokuto, Iwaizumi and Kuroo reacting to a shy girl who always go their matches but it's too shy to approach them? Thank you so much :)

Ayo! first request! Let’s do this thing! Thank you for the support!

(this was waaayyy longer than I intended it to be)


  • you were intentionally just planning to go to only one game to support your school because one of your friends would not stop talking about how good the volleyball team was
  • that flew out the window as soon as you saw Bokuto playing 
  • his enthusiasm was just so contagious you yourself were having a hard time containing your excitement 
  • He was just so inspiring to a shy girl like yourself you couldn’t help but admire him
  • So you started going to more of their games just to catch a glimpse at the excitable captain 
  • eventually one of your friends teasingly asks if you have a crush on someone on the volleyball team since you’re so eager to go
  • cue embarrassing blush and realization
  • after that every time you go to the game you you find yourself crouching down trying not to be noticed with a big blush covering your face 
  • you eventually start avoiding the games all together 
  • meanwhile, a certain owl captain has notice the lack of that cute girl in the front row cheering him on
  • cue emo mode
  • Akaashi, being the brilliant boy he is, has already figured out everything, and manages to convince Bokuto to go introduce himself  to you the next time they see you at a game
  • so the next game you go to that your friend now has to drag you to, you end up running into the owl himself 
  • “Hey, hey, hey! I’m Bokuto! I’ve noticed you in the crowd for a while now, and was wondering if we could talk?”

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Past Loves

Summary: Although the reader now hunts with Sam and Dean, they weren’t the first brothers to introduce her to the supernatural. Salvatore is just as much a meaningful last name as Winchester to the reader. The past is brought up when a trip to Mystic Falls leads the reader to run into her past love, Damon. Let’s just say Damon is perfect at making Dean jealous. 

Word count: 2818

Author’s Note: I love the vampire diaries and Damon just demands to be written. If you guys are fans too I think I’m going to start writing TVD imagines too! 

The Winchesters hadn’t been the brothers to introduce you to the supernatural, but they were your family now. As it always went, you’d had a life before you’d met them. You’d never really talked about your past life, Sam knew certain things. Keeping your past life hidden, meant keeping a past love hidden, Damon Salvatore.

You didn’t know where to begin when it came to Damon, he’d helped you through so much. The reason you’d kept him somewhat of a secret was because your current feelings for Dean. You knew how Damon was, and if he knew you were hopelessly in love but too shy to do anything he’d intervene.

The problem was that your current case called for a trip to Mystic Falls. You were sitting at the table with Sam as Dean was making coffee. Sam spoke up, “So (y/n) is today the day we meet the infamous Da-”. Sam knew you were head over heels for Dean, and he was totally up to something. You cut him off, “Maybe if you stay alive to actually work on the case today”.

Dean didn’t miss anything, “Who are we talking about?”. You sent daggers at Sam, “Oh uh no one”. You hoped Dean would just give up, he had his own past love affairs, so many in fact that why would he even care about yours? Sam continued regardless of your glares, “Not just anyone from what you’ve told me (y/n)…”.

You choked on your coffee and Dean raised an eyebrow. You blushed, “You guys aren’t the only two that have past loves”. Sam smirked at watching Dean’s reaction as he questioningly asked, “Past loves?”. Blushing you got up from the table, too confused as to why Dean cared so much when he never made a real move.

Sam smiled, “Well guys let’s get on the road today should be fun!”. He was loving Dean being jealous because he knew his brother just needed a push to really accept how he felt. You were Sam’s best friend, and if anyone were to be with his brother it should be you. Everything was packed and within a half hour you were on the road.

The ride included Sam hinting at your past and Dean getting jealous. You didn’t understand how he was so jealous because on every hunt you ran into someone Dean had known on a…more personal level…so why wasn’t it okay for you? Regardless his emotions were getting the best of him.

Finally the impala pulled into Mystic Falls and you lead the boys to , “The Mystic Grill” because you knew burgers and beer would lighten the mood. You were sat down at a table and when the waiter came to take your drinks she said, “The man at the bar ordered you this shot, said he remembers how you like it”.

You smiled and rolled your eyes, this had Damon all over it. You looked to the bar and there he was, smirking raising his drink. Dean spoke up, “Little early for a shot-”, but you were already gone from the table. Walking over to the bar you took him in, sexy as ever but then again he didn’t age.

Damon smiled, “So (y/n) I can’t tell if you miss me and that’s why you’re here or if I’ve been replaced”. He looked to Sam and Dean and you smiled. You hugged him, “Damon no one could replace you”. For a second he pretended to be the carless wild Damon many knew him as, but he soon melted into the hug and held you tight.

He whispered in your ear, “Next time don’t go so long without calling”. When the hug ended you explained yourself, “ Life has been so crazy I’m sorry”. He raised his shoulders telling you that all was forgiven, then he grabbed your hand and made you do a slow spin. He clicked his tongue, “Hmm hmm hmm, time does you well”.

Before you could speak he raised an eyebrow, “Okay why is the shorter lumber jack giving me a death glare right now?”. He must’ve been talking about Dean, and you had to admit it was a funny description. You decided to take the shot before explaining but he knew you too well.

Damon let out a sigh, “You’re in love huh? Please don’t tell me-”. You shook your head, “Damon he’s just too good for me, and he doesn’t seem to care, so I’ve kept my feelings quiet”. Damon got that look in his eyes, the classic “I’m about to put things in motion” look.

He raised his eyebrows, “Doesn’t care, if I’m hearing correctly short lumberjack is asking tall lumberjack just who the hell I am and why I’m all over you…I can work with jealousy”. Damon was a vampire which meant super hearing, and you had to trust what he said.

You put up a finger, “Damon no, do not-”. Too late, he’d set his mind on something. He compelled the waiter to give you another round of shots, alcohol would make things interesting. Smirking evilly he asked, “Never too early for a body shot right?”. Before you could object the bartender was back with salt, lime, and tequila.

Rolling his eyes he said, “ Come on, he’s jealous and he should be. You’re too good to wait around for something, I’m showing him what he’s missing”. You hated to admit it but he was right, and Dean deserved a taste of his own medicine. You smiled, “ You’re right, but don’t go falling in love with me again”.

You both started to laugh, “Same goes to you (y/n), but we should make this look real”. Damon placed the salt up your next and you happily took the lime between your lips. He pouted, “Missing something” and before you knew it the shot was placed between your breasts. Your mouth opened but you laughed, this was classic Damon.

Damon took down the shot and winked at you. His tongue slowly licked up your neck and to add effect he sucked a little, of course leaving a mark. He whispered in your ear, “Oh this is funn”. His lips soon met yours as he took the lime in his own mouth. When it was over he licked his lips, “My work here is done, the dynamic duo is walking our way as we speak”.

Dean was the first to speak, “Let me guess this is Damon”. Before getting up to greet Dean he took his thumb and wiped the lime juice from the corner of your mouth before dragging down your bottom lip slowly, man was he good at this. Damon smiled, “Sorry, had a little something there”.

Damon got up and went to shake Dean’s hand, “The one and only”. Sam looked to you and you just grinned. Sam tried to defuse the anger, “Well I’ve heard a lot about you from (y/n)”. Dean added, “You know I can’t imagine you two having a past”.

You opened your mouth to speak but Damon spoke first, “Oh (y/n) and I had fun, you know I might still have a couple scratches on my back to prove it”. Deans jaw clenched and Sam tried not to laugh. Damon continued, “Wasn’t it fun (y/n) sneaking around trying not to get caught, but you were always too loud..but I mean I’m not really complaining”. Now Dean’s fists were clenched and you wanted to break the tension.

Sam beat you too it, “You know I have a feeling (y/n) was totally different back then”. Damon looked at you and winked as he said, “It’s always the quiet ones”. Dean was about to combust and he barely got out the words, “(y/n), outside”.

He pulled your hand and dragged you to where the impala was parked. You were telling him stop and within a flash he was suddenly pinned against the impala. All you could say was, “Damon?”. Dean was trying to push him away but Damon had a couple hundred years on him, “Why so angry?”.

You went next to them and pushed them away, “Okay Damon that’s enough, point proven”. Dean fixed his jacket but looked angrier as ever. Damon backed off but not before asking, “You know you can’t be angry, she’s not even yours”. With a flash he was gone, all he really wanted to do was emphasize the fact that you were never Deans.

Dean ran his hands through his hair, “Vampires, it had to be fucking vampires”. At this point you were angry too, you never acted like an ass when you saw him hitting on girls on cases. Crossing your arms over your chest you answered him, “Damon’s right Dean, why are you so angry? Why do you get to be angry?”.

He looked lost for a moment, trying to find the right words. He let out a sigh, “ I don’t know okay? All I know is that I didn’t like some guy all over you as I watched”. The irony caused you to laugh. Really? Rolling your eyes you spoke the truth, “Dean what do you think I’ve had to watch every hunt, but you don’t see me freaking out. You know what why are you freaking out, the thought that someone might want me is too much for you?”.

Walking closer to you he uncrossed your arms, “I’m sorry that’s not what I want, or think. I just, I’ve…never been in love and-”. Love, were you hearing him correctly? Dean continued, “I was scared of what I felt, Winchesters don’t have a good track record when it comes to love, but that was no excuse”.

You were still hurt, “You’re right it wasn’t”. He laughed and took your hands, “Damon just got me so angry you know? All his little remarks”. You couldn’t help but shake your head and smile, “ He’s known to have that effect on people”. It seemed like Dean was still not telling you something so you raised an eyebrow.

Finally he spoke up, “Was what he said true?”. You were confused, “About what?”. Suddenly you were catching on and you grinned. Biting your lip you replied, “What do you think?”. Dean stepped even closer to you, “I think I’ve done enough waiting”. His lips were on yours, a mixture of whiskey tequila.

His hands frantically roamed all over your body, trying to makeup for lost time. You smiled, “Dean I think we’d both be a lot happier somewhere more private”. Dean was already one step ahead as you heard him open the impalas door for you.

Dean turned on the radio and you slid closer to him, the best part of the impala was the fact that there wasn’t individual seats. You started to kiss his neck and he laughed, “ Where is somewhere more private?”.

Sliding your body down you were now hovering over his pants zipper. You looked up to him, “Until we find somewhere more private I figured I could keep you occupied”. Before Dean could question what that could possibly mean you started to unzip his pants and pull them down.

You were still looking up at him and you could tell how flustered he was, “ Uh (y/n) I don’t..are you sur?-”. You cut him off by slowly taking his member in your hand. All thoughts left his mind as he watched you.

Laughing you reminded him, “ Uh Dean shouldn’t you be watching the road?”. He half smirked and reluctantly took his eyes off you and brought them to the road as he drove. You slowly licked up his shaft stopped before you got to the tip.

You were still watching him and you wanted to laugh as his eyes frantically darted from the road to you. Continuing you circled his tip with your tongue before sucking lightly. You put your other hand to use by lightly grasping his balls and massaging.

Suddenly you felt his hand slid up your back before resting on your head. You knew what he wanted to do and you encouraged him, “I like it when you take what you want Dean”. He then had the courage to guide you down onto him.

Dean was still being reluctant and to encourage him even more you took as much of him as you could into your mouth, which was a lot more than he’d originally thought. You took your mouth off of him and looked up at him smiling.

He was biting his lip and his grip on your head tightened, “ I want you”. You took as much of him as you could again and bobbed your head up and down. His hold on your head guided you and caused you to pick up speed. Dean’s moans and groans were so loud they rang out over the radio, “ Fuck baby”.

You took your mouth off of his penis to begin sucking on his balls and you thought he was going to crash the car right then and there. Your entire body moved as Dean took a turn. Looking up you realized that he’d driven to a dead-end surrounded by trees, as private as he needed.

His voice was coarse, “ That feels so good but I need more”. Taking the hint you straddled Dean, feeling him press into you. You smiled, “ I need this too Dean”, and with that you both took off the rest of your clothes as quickly as you could.

Dean had one hand on your hip while he held his penis in the other, “ You sure you’re ready?”. You wanted to laugh, you were dripping wet of course you were ready. To convince him you kissed him passionately, lightly biting his bottom lip. With that he entered you, and you instantly groaned.

Slowly you moved your hips and Dean’s hands grabbed them. Once again he started to guide you, making you go faster. You started kissing him again until he stopped to kiss down your neck.

Dean moaned, “You feel so damn good (y/n)”. This only made you want to go faster and before you knew it you were bouncing up and down. His mouth moved to your breasts, sucking your nipples tenderly.

You nearly screamed, “ Dean fuck, fuck”. Knowing it would feel even better you turned around, your back now to Dean. You leaned against dashboard, arching your back. He slapped your ass, “ Shit that feels good huh?”. You moaned, but that wasn’t enough.

Dean grabbed a fistful of your hair pulling you closer to him, “Talk to me princess”. Again your face was right next to his as your head rested in the crook of his neck. Looking at him you answered, “you feel so- fuck- so good Dean”.

One hand found your clit and began rubbing while the other lightly gripped your neck. He continued, “You’re so fucking beautiful baby”. Dean began to thrust deep and hard into you. You began to close your eyes, everything was too intense. Dean spoke again, “ No baby, open those eyes”.

You felt your orgasm coming, but you fought it. He didn’t slow down, “ You’re gonna come huh princess, tell me who’s making you cum!”. You were unable to reply so his grip on your neck tightened.

Your voice was faint but you answered, “ You are Dean”. Dean actually laughed, a new side of him showing. His hand and hips somehow went faster, and he knew what he was doing to you. He demanded, “ I want you to cum for me princess okay? Tell me who’s making you feel so good when you do”. You nodded your head in response.

Once again his grip tightened, “ Need to hear you say it baby”. It was now seconds away but you yelled his name out. You felt him coming undone as well, “ Fuck (y/n), fuck yes”. As Dean came so did you, everything was so intense.

Your eyes shut, and your body was trying to cope with every nerve suddenly being on fire. If Dean hadn’t been holding you up you surely would’ve fallen. As your orgasm shook over you all you could do was scream his name.

When you both finished all you could do was attempt to catch your breath. You turned around to face Dean again and saw the happiness in his eyes. He ran a hand through your hair, “ I really fucking love you princess”. Dean kissed you on the forehead, and it was your turn to beam with happiness.

You suddenly heard your phone buzz and saw you’d gotten a text from Damon. Out of curiosity you read it and it said, “ Nice performance, princess, next time try not picking a place so close to our house. Super hearing is a bitch”. You couldn’t help but laugh, and be insanely thankful for Damon. You kissed Dean again, realizing how lucky you truly were.

Too Cute (Minho x Reader)

Character: Minho

Fandom: Maze Runner

Categories: Reader Insert, Female!Reader, Shy!Reader, Fluff

Title: Too Cute

Requested by the-perils-of-being-inlove:

Hey! Could you please write a MinhoXy/n imagine where y/n’s the new greenie and is really innocent and kind and really likes Minho who has a soft spot for her and always flirts with her/makes her nervous. So the glazers try and set them up but y/n is clueless bc she’s so innocent and it Minho makes her really shy by asking to kiss her and he thinks she’s just kind of adorable? Really fluffy ☺️ tysm 😌

Requested by anon:

Hii! I love your blog, could you do a Minho and reader imagine where the reader is British and quite short (like 5"1/5") and Minho finds her really cute and always teases her. So like Gally gets so mad and yells at her because she accidentally messed something up. she gets scared and tries to leave but Minho gets seriously over protective of her and like gets super worked up, then comforts the reader and confesses he likes her and it’s all really cute 😊

I squealed as I felt two arms wrapped my frame from the behind and attract me towards whoever was hugging me.

“Hi, Y/N” A charming voice whispered in my ear, making me blush really hard.

It was Minho again. That shank was always trying to make me feel shy because it amused him for whatever the reason.

“Stop…” I pleaded with a childish voice, wriggling in his grip to get away from his arms.

Minho cheerfully chuckled and took my hand to spin me around so I would face him.

“Do you come here often, gorgeous?” Minho smirked gallantly and made me laugh a little.

Still, I looked away from him as he made me blush harder.

“Every day” I joked, nervously looking anywhere but him.

I noticed Newt and Thomas talking not too far from us. The both of them were looking in our direction, with amused grins that let me know that they were enjoying watching the scene.

“Want to come with me to have something to eat, Greenie?” Minho offered me, squeezing my hand as I noticed he hadn’t let go of it.


We started to walk, so I let my glance wander around the Glade as Minho placed an arm over my shoulders.

As we approached Frypan’s kitchen, I briefly looked at Minho.

“Why are you always like this with me?” I asked him shyly, making a great effort in holding his glare when he looked at me. “I bet you weren’t like this with the other Greenies”

I hadn’t thought about the fact that I was the only girl in the Glade until he opened his mouth to reply.

“Of course I was, stupid” Minho laughed and attracted me towards his torso. “I was always flirting with the boys and hugging them. Ask Newt, he knows”

I softly pushed myself away from him and chuckled at his joke.

“Here’s the lovely couple!” Frypan cheerfully yelled as we sat down in a table.

“We’re… we’re not a couple…” I reminded him coyly.

“Isn’t she the cutest?” Minho playfully pinched my cheek.

“Yes, and you make a great pair” Frypan then put two plates on the table and stared at us for a moment.

I cautiously looked up to Fry and saw him smiling widely.

“Dude, stop it” Minho pushed him away so he would leave me alone. “I saw her first”

I grinned a little and began eating.

All the boys in the Glade mentioned from time to time how good we looked together. Like Minho had asked them to play along him and embarrass me further.

Newt, Thomas and Alby had a blast in doing so, especially.

The thing was that it made me really nervous, because I genuinely liked Minho. But something told me all his flirting was just friendly.


The next day, I was helping the Builders because Newt and Alby hadn’t quite decided yet what my job in the Glade would be.

I had tried all the jobs but they said I was good for them all except for Runner and Slicer. Probably Minho had something to do with me not being a Runner seeing as he was so fond and protective of me.

So that day I was helping the Builders. Just like the previous day I had been helping the Med-Jacks and the Track-Hoes the day before that.

“Hurry it up, Greenie!” Gally, the Keeper of the Builders, yelled at me.

“Coming!” I replied, gathering the wood he needed to build a very needed wall in the Kitchen.

“Oi, Greenie” That was Newt, the only other British person in the Glade besides myself. I turned my head to see him slowly making his way towards me. “Minho was looking for you”

My first thought was ‘when is that lovable shank not looking for me?’ but I replied with something different.

“Did he need something from me?” Unlike Newt, I didn’t swear that much, I barely said ‘bloody’ or ‘bugging’ or anything like that. But my accent was quite strong.

“Probably not” Newt chuckled, crossing his arms over his chest calmly. “That lug just can’t keep away from you, love”

“I don’t understand why…” I coyly said, carrying the wood and looking down in embarrassment.

Newt grinned and fondly patted my head.

“That shank is right” He mumbled, amusedly. “You’re too bloody cute”

I smiled a little, loving the idea that Minho thought I was that adorable.

“Greenie!” Gally screamt angrily.

“I’m coming!”

“Good luck with Gally, love” Newt placed a friendly hand on my arm and then walked away.

“Thanks…” I mumbled as I made my way towards Gally.

I wanted to go look for Minho, but that’d have to wait.

The wood was heavy and I didn’t want to drop it because I knew that Gally was waiting for me to make the tiniest mistake to tell me off. He had done so when I tried out for the Builders the first time and would definitely do it again.

So I took my time to get to where Gally was. I’d rather him telling me off because I was slow than to have him shouting at me because I messed up somehow.

“Y/N!” Someone pinched my sides to tickle me, and I didn’t have to turn around to know who it was.

Still, Minho scared me big time because I didn’t hear him arrive. So I squeaked and jolted up in surprise. The wood I was carrying fell to the floor.

“Oh, no…” I mumbled, turning around and looking at Minho worriedly as I heard footsteps approaching. Very angry footsteps.


“Oh, no…. Minho…” I stared at him, figuring he had arrived from his run judging by his tired and sweaty looks. Still, he might have enough energies to protect me from Gally.

“You idiot!” Gally was really close, so I started to run away.

Still, Minho held me by the arm and stopped me from leaving.

“I’ll handle this” For once, when Minho spoke to me, his voice didn’t sound cheerful or playful.

“You useless slinthead, if you drop the wood like that-“ Gally was already going crazy and yelling at me even if I was still facing my back to him.

“Hey, Captain Gally” Minho’s voice sounded mad and stern. “Slim it”

For a moment the both of them remained silent, observing each other with the hatred of two people that had been rivals for a long time.

Minho took that time to place a strong arm over my shoulders and shove me into his broad chest to comfort me.

Since I was shorter than him, I hid my face in his chest, not wanting to face Gally.

“Don’t defend her, she’s ruining the wood” Gally yelled, still very mad.

“And your ugly face is ruining my mood, so?” Minho defied him.

I would have laughed if I wasn’t scared about Gally’s anger.

Still, I knew a few Gladers were listening to the argument because I heard people laughing and cheering what Minho just said.

Gally probably knew Minho could be intimidating at times, because he dropped the subject.

“That girl won’t ever make it as a Builder” Was all Gally said, sounding a lot calmer and docile.

“Ugh” Minho sassily groaned. “I don’t think she can survive without seeing you every day and working with you, shuck face”

I smiled, feeling safer as I felt Minho’s steady heartbeat, and wrapped my arms around him.

“Slinthead…” I heard Gally walk away, mumbling things under his breath.

“It’s safe now, cutiepie” Minho rubbed my back fondly, so I looked up at him.

“Thanks, Min” I rarely called him like that, but apparently he loved it so much that I couldn’t help myself.

Indeed, he grinned when he heard me calling him that.

“It’s alright, girly, he’s a stupid shuck face”

Since I was still hugging him from the side, I stepped aside and shyly smiled at him.

“Thanks…” I told him again, starting to walk away.

“Where are you going, stupid?” Minho held me by the hand and kept me from leaving again.

“Bloody hell, Minho…” I heard Newt tell him in exasperation.

“Minho, you shank, just do it!” Thomas encouraged him.

I looked at him, wondering what they were talking about as I was confused.

“Slintheads…” I heard him muttering to himself, but then he cleared his throat and he stared at me. “You wouldn’t mind it if I kissed you, would you?”

I opened my eyes wide and looked down, inhibited.

“N-no… I wouldn’t really…” I fiddled with my hands, so nervous that my heart had gone crazy beating inside my chest.

He held my hands to keep me from nervously playing with them and took them in one of his big hands.

Minho laughed in amusement and placed his knuckles sweetly under my chin, tilting it slightly up so that I was glaring at him.

He bowed his head down while I stood on my tiptoes so I could reach his lips.

The kiss was so sweet and so warm and loving that I melted on the inside. Who knew Minho could be so extremely sweet!

When we broke away I saw his satisfied smirk. He tenderly put my hair behind my ear and playfully wriggled his eyebrows at me.

He kept making me nervous on purpose, so I looked down again.

“Those lads….” I mumbled in embarrassment, trying to get the attention off me.

Minho then suddenly engulfed me in a hug, squeezing me fondly against his strong chest.

“You’re too cute, Y/N, too shucking cute”

“Is that why you’re always flirting with me, because you think I’m cute when I’m shy?” I asked, hugging him too and smiling a bit as I wrapped my arms around him tightly.

“That and because I like you, stupid” Minho squeezed me tighter and was so affectionate in the hug that he raised me from the floor for one moment, making me laugh a little.

“It’s not fair” I complained with that childish voice again.

“Never said it was” Minho chuckled and kissed my head.

I smiled wide as I pressed myself against him.

He liked me. And he thought I was ‘too cute’.

anonymous asked:

I have a really hard time making eye contact with people because of my anxiety and my friends always make fun of me for it. I laugh about it with them, but I feel really hurt on the inside. They don't know that I have anxiety, how can I tell them in a way that they'll take me seriously and not tease me. Thanks 😌

Babe, If i were you i would just tell them to shut up and just during some casual conversation, when they tease you about this, I would just tell them “can you stop with this teasing i have an anxiety”.
Or If you are too shy to do this then go and talk about this with your best friend that you trust with your life and ask her to talk about your friends about your anxiety.

The World in Her Eyes- A Kris Wolf!Au (part 6)

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3,Part 4, Part 5 , Part 7

It wasn’t every day that you had the chance to have dinner with a pack of wolves so you couldn’t give up on that offer. But honestly this dinner was nothing like you had ever imagined before meeting Kris.

You all sat around the table, eating and chatting animatedly, and just by looking at the way they ate, you could easily recall everything Kris had told you about his pack. It almost made you laughed how Chanyeol, Jongdae and Baekhyung bickered over who was to have the last piece of chicken, which Kai ended up sneakily stealing from the center plate. You saw Sehun whine because there was something in the food he didn’t like, but then Tao smacked him around the head and pointed to the wooden spoon next to Suho’s fiancé, who calmly sipped on her glass of water while glaring at them, and you could just see, she was holding Suho’s hand under the table.

You smiled at them, at all of them. You felt truly happy, it was almost like you belonged to the family, like you had always belonged. Everyone talked to you, and even if you were too shy to speak up, they would bring you into the conversation, and make you feel at home.

The younger boys messed with you, teased you, and joked with you, making you laugh to the point of tears, and the older ones always asked about your interests, and tried to get to know you. Kris squeezed your thigh reassuringly a few times, when you got awkward, or embarrassed, and would constantly smile at you throughout the dinner, to let you know he was there for you, that he was right there with you. As if you needed him to remind you, you could smell his cologne, and his whole presence intoxicated you in the most delicious and positive of ways.

“You’re doing really well” Kris whispered into your ear, as he squeezed your thigh under the desk again.

“Do you think they like me?” You asked him with a low voice, eyeing everyone with worry.

“They love you, can’t you tell?” he asked, looking around at how Tao was trying to get your attention from the other end of the table, but was too scared to interrupt Kris.

You watched as Suho’s mate stood up from her chair to grab something from the kitchen, and you almost laughed at the way Suho’s eyes opened widely and asked her not to make any efforts.

“Suho, I’m pregnant, not dying. Stop being such a fool.” She replied teasingly, kissing the top of his head. He pouted.

“I’m the alpha, you can’t call me a fool in front of my pack!” He replied, jokingly, making you chuckle.

“It’s okay Suho, we all know you are an idiot. But we still love you.” Jongdae sassed, making everyone laugh. You noticed him cower when Suho’s mate glared at him, but then she walked away laughing.

You turned back to look at Kris with a sparkle in your eyes.

“She’s pregnant?” You asked him, and Kris nodded with a smile on his lips. Her pregnancy had been the best news they had received in a while, and as a pack they all felt happy at the idea of the arrival of a new pup. You cooed, imagining a cute little baby in the huge house, but then you thought of the noisy boys and you frowned.

“So when are you and Kris hyung making a baby?” You heard Sehun ask, and you turned to stare at him, with your mouth  hanging open and your eyes wide. Your and Kris’ cheeks blushed bright red.

“Yah Sehun shut it or I will smack you.” Kris growled at the younger boy, who just laughed mischievously.

“What? Have you guys not done anything yet?” Asked Baekhyun with a surprised tone that was too high pitched to be natural.

“Baekhyun I swear…” Kris threatened, glaring at the little lion boy. You wanted to hide under the table and never come out.

“But you are mates… I thought…” Lay muttered, very confused, and you laughed nervously at it, thankful that his cluelessness eased the atmosphere a little.

“Kris says your name in his sleep.” Jongdae blurted out, and you saw Kris’ expression become horrified and his cheeks turned bright red, as he gave the boy a death glare that would have frozen your blood in your veins.

“You dream about me?” You asked him softly, turning to look at him with your face slightly flushed, but a shy smile on your face. He saw the happiness hiding behind your eyes.

“I do… I have ever since I met you, ever since I bonded with you…” he whispered, caressing your face with one of his large hands. You leaned into his hand on instinct, you heard a couple of annoying voices coo at the sudden action.

“You guys should shut it, because if you don’t, Kris getting to you will be the least of your worries.” You spoke sweetly, grinning at them, making Kris chuckle.

“I like her, keep her.” You heard Suho’s fiancé say with a laugh, as she sat back down, and passed the salt around.

“I intend to, even more so after hearing that.” Kris replied proudly with another chuckle, as he kissed your cheek.

“Oh lord… not another crazy woman with a wooden spoon…” You heard Chanyeol mutter under his breath.

“I have a hammer at home.” You replied nonchalantly, making Suho, his fiancé, Kris and D.O burst into peals of laughter.

“That’s my girl.” You heard Kris praise you absentmindedly, and you smiled, because he had called you his, and that implied you had something between you, and honestly, you had just met him as a man, but you were head over heels in love with him.

“By the way, who cooked this? This is perfect.” You asked, pointing towards the food with your fork. D.O raised his hand shyly. “Wow, let me tell you, you’ve got talent, I think I’m going to come here more often and take cooking lessons from you”

“Ah… I’m not that good… But I’d gladly teach you, if Kris hyung is okay with that…” D.O replied shyly, smiling with those gorgeous heart shaped lips of his. You turned around to look at Kris, who just nodded happily.

“If she learns to cook as well as you do, I will be a very happy man, because everything I cook is practically poisonous.” Kris spoke, making you laugh, covering your face with your hands.

You helped clear the table, and do the dishes, as you chatted animatedly with Suho’s fiancé, who you could feel would become almost a sister to you. She was so sweet, so open and sincere, and so motherly, you could see just how she and Suho fitted perfectly with each other. She had the firm hand Suho lacked, but she was just as sweet and caring, and you could tell she was ecstatic about the baby she was carrying.

“Come here, I want to show you my room.” Kris told you shyly, as you finished putting the forks away, grabbing your hand, and tugging you up the stairs.

You heard the boys wolf whistle at you, but you casually turned to look at them with a smile on your face, and mouthed the word “hammer” and suddenly they all fell silent.

You were liking this whole being part of a large pack. It felt like being part of a happy family, and you really missed that feeling.

“This is my room.” Kris said, stopping in front of a door, nervously playing with his hands. You smiled at him, and grabbed the door handle, opening the door, and walking inside.  


Jungkook: He always knew that you don’t talk much with other people because you are shy, so he always tries to make you feel confortable in parties, includding you in quick conversations so you get used to it and respecting your silence moments.

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Namjoon: “You don’t need to be so shy, baby. They are nice, you can talk to them.” he would say, telling you how these people at the party are nice to make you a little less silent.

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Jin: He think you’re red cheeks are the prettiest thing in the whole world when you try to talk to someone. But, if he sees in your face that you are not going well, he will approach and talk too because Jin knows his presence relaxs you in these moments.

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Suga: He wanted to introduce you as his GF to his friends but saw in your red face that you were too shy to start a talk with the boys. “Hey, jagiya, if you don’t feel well, we can go home now.”

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J-Hope: He talks to you at home before the party because he wanted to know if you would feel ok to know some people that day. If the answer is no, he wouldn’t mind if he loses the party. He just couldn’t lose you.

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V: “Oh, you don’t want to talk to them because you are too shy? That’s good because no one will know how perfect you are and will never take you from me.” he would joke, but would always try to make you contact people, without making you feel embarased, obviously.

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Jimin: You were doing well at your conversation with some girls at the party, Jimin was keeping his eyes on you. Sometimes, he’d aproach, with a proud smile on his face, and would ask if everything was fine and if you needed something. He was proud because of your courage.

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anonymous asked:

i saw that you tweeted a lot about idol!osomatsu and basketball star!karamatsu on twitter but since i'm not the best in korean i could only understand very little wahh,, if you can, could you do a rough summary on what you were talking about? i was too shy to tweet to you/// thank you so much!!!!!

i did tweet a lot about them it was all improvised hc i had

so i doodled some of the hcs

i’m gonna draw comic of this AU using that hc(hopefully) later but these are some of the AU settings

and some summary of hc tweets ↓

it was about how kara felt jealous when the fandom of oso’s idol group started to ship oso w/ other idol group members. 

in oso’s interview the interviewers always ask about how’s karamatsu because all the media knows that oso is close friend of kara 

kara does not have sns because he always posted itai things which can decrease his fandom(so oso told him to delete the account telling him that because all the popular ppl are using sns, it will look cool and mysterious to not have SNS accounts and Kara believed it). 

and im adding more as i get more idea haha

Tutor (Part II)

Request: Part 2 for tutor pleaaassseeee?

I had A LOT of requests asking for part two of this, so here it goes… (you can read part1 here.) 

this part isn’t smut, at all… just a fluffy Evan imagine. Hope u like it, tho Xx

We kept “studying” for the next couple of weeks, and suddenly we stopped using that excuse. He was cute, and of course he was hot as hell. He met my family one morning when he picked me up for school, and I met saw his mother a couple of times, too. We were really good friends, and we noticed we had so much in common… talking not only about sex.

We spent a few  days studying, like, for real. He was patient and sweet with me, and he helped me to turn my grades up. My teacher was surprised, but not as much as my friends were.

“you’re acting so… different” they said “it’s like you’re one of them now.”

Them. I knew who they were talking about, because I used to think the same about the “””nerds””” of the class, too. Of course, that was before I met Evan and his friends. They were all really cool, and to be honest, I liked them more than what I liked my friends.


“You’re pretty today” Evan said caressing my back while we were watching a movie in my bed “you always do, but today you’re like… glowing”

“You’re extra handsome today, too” I said kissing his arm.

“You know… there’s something I’ve been wanting to tell you” he seemed nervous and his shy side came up. I was a little bit afraid.

“Okay” I reply looking at him, but his eyes were focused on his hands.

“The thing is… I don’t know how you’ll react, and I’m afraid I–”

“You don’t have AIDS, do ya?” I joked.

“What? God, no, (Y/N)”

“Well, it can’t be THAT bad, then” I said trying to calm both, him and me, down.

“It can, believe me” he laughed sarcastically. 

“Evan, for God’s sake, just say it”

“I’m in love with you” he said and then he closed his eyes, like he was trying not to see my reaction.

“That’s it?” I said sitting straight in my bed “You love me?”

“Uhm, yeah, and… that’s pretty huge for me”

“Yeah, it is for me too… no one ever told me that before”

“But… you had a lot of boyfriends before me, no offense” he seemed surprised.

“But, they were not like you, at all.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean” I said sitting above his hips, his hands touching mine “that no one ever made me feel the way you do” I kissed his lips softly, tasting every bit of his mouth “I’m hopelessly in love with you, too”


Request – “Taehyung is talking with Jimin about how much he loves you. Jimin call you and let you hearing Tae by the cellphone. You’re very confused, but after it you go to Tae and say all that you listened? (fluff ending pls) (I think its very confused)”

Word Count: 605

“Taehyung, I get it, you love Y/N.”

Taehyung shakes his head dramatically, “But bro, you don’t get it, being in a relationship is awesome!”

“What does that have to do with me?”

“Stop worrying so much and go ask out your crush, they might say yes.”

Jimin groans, “How did you even ask Y/N out anyways? You’re shyer than I am around people you like!”

Taehyung dazes out thinking back to when he first met you and instantly, a grin appears on his face.

Jimin pulls out his phone in hopes of embarrassing Taehyung with all the stuff that you never get to hear, that he hears all the time.

“Hello, Jimin?”

He doesn’t answer but you hear him yell Taehyung’s name, ““Tae! Stop dazing off!”

You laugh, lightly, he must’ve butt dialed you. You hear the chuckle of your boyfriend, “I’m sorry but I’ve fallen hard for Y/N, everything about them is perfect.”

As you were about to hang up you heard your name and couldn’t help but want to know what they were talking about.

“What’s so perfect about Y/N?” Jimin is prying into grounds that Taehyung is too shy to ever talk to you about. If this call really was an accident then thank goodness for it.

“Y/N always looks amazing, sometimes I’m just so blown away with how lucky I am. Y/N has the most attractive voice I have ever heard in my entire life, when I hear them speak I get this weird feeling in my stomach. Not bad weird but I don’t what it is but I get really happy because of it.”

You hear him chuckle again, “Oh my goodness when Y/N speaks I can’t help but feel proud and impressed because they are just so smart. Y/N is the sweetest most caring person ever, remember that time when we all had the flu and even though Y/N had work, they came over right after and aided us all. Can I also tell you about the smile Y/N gets over little things like watering the plants or opening up the curtains to a brand new day? It literally is what keeps me going and wanting to be the best I can be for them. There is just so much I love about Y/N that I-“

You hear the boy sigh after his mini speech about you and you feel all giddy inside. He finally continues, “I-I just really love Y/N.”

The call ends and you can’t wait to see Taehyung later.

“Babe, I’m home!”

You run over to the door and attack him, “Welcome back!”

He laughs, “Why are you so excited?”

“Because you lovvvveeee me.” You had to drag out the love part.

“Was that not obvious?” He stares at you with confusion.

You giggle, “I heard every single thing you told Jimin.”

His eyes widen, “How?!”

You shrug, “It was either planned or he accidently called.”

Your smile widens, “But the point is you love me, all of me, you want me. Oh and apparently I am perfect?”

He cringes at you bouncing around and chanting that he loves you but he laughs, “Okay, yes, I love you but I really rather we cuddle than you attacking me at the front door.”

You pull him to the couch and plop down together, “I love you too, Tae. You are the most perfect person ever to possibly exist.”

He smiles and kisses your nose, “Y/N loves me, all of me, and wants me!”

You laugh at him trying to imitate you but failing miserably, “Ew, gross.”

“But you love it.”

“Indeed, I truly love it.”

*insert smooching scene here*

{I finished my first final exam today and it went well and now that I’ve finished this request, I am officially hiatus until after mid-December. Thank you for requesting, I hope you liked this!}


there aren’t many prince!junhui scenario posts (not that I’ve seen), so I’m making my own! Hopefully you guys like it! (not a request just something i wanted to post since i haven’t posted in so long;;)

  • claims he is the most handsome prince of all time
  • spends most of his mornings getting ready to go out into the public by checking himself out in the mirror 28397384 times
  • to which butler!hansol sighs every other second
  • “prince junhui you’ve been checking yourself out fOR the pAST thirty minutes yOU HAVE A MEETING TO GET TO”
  • “five more minutes!~”
  • but seriously beneath all his good-looks he’s actually a really smart and good prince
  • will make a great leader some day
  • likes to walk around the kingdom and teach kids some martial arts
  • spends his free time playing the piano or painting
  • or flirting with the maids
  • there is no inbetween
  • is good friends with prince!minghao and prince!hoshi
  • they wreak havoc together whenever they hang out in each others castles
  • besides flirting, jun likes to give compliments to the castle staff and lets them know he appreciates all their hard work
  • you probably met because you’re a maid that works at the castle
  • he’s never flirted with you though
  • but you don’t care because secretly you hate him
  • well you say you do but everyone knows that thats not true since you check him out 24/7
  • when cook!seungcheol notices you staring at jun he teases you for it a lot
  • “someone has a cruuush~!!”
  • “shUT up i dO NOT havE a cruSH on hiM!!”
  • the reason why jun has never flirted with you is because he thinks you’re cute and is actually too shy to say something to you
  • butler!hansol knows this and always says things like
  • “just go talk to them, how hard can it be?”
  • “nO i cAN’T!!”
  • “what happened to your confidence”
  • “nothing but have you seen them??? they’re too cute”
  • he ends up pretending to bump into you and helps you pick up the clothes that fell out of the laundry basket you were holding
  • “thanks”
  • “no problem! let me know if you ever need help with anything else!!”
  • he plays it cool but really he’s sweating buckets
  • after that you two start getting along and hang out often whenever you’re both free
  • one time you gave him handmade cookies for his birthday
  • which he never ate because!! it’s decorated so cutely!!
  • keeps the bag of cookies on the corner of his desk in his study
  • “prince junhui why haven’t you eaten those cookies yet”
  • “bECAUSE!!!!!”
Love Letters (JB)

Request:  Scenario where you were sending a love letter for a couple of weeks and he found out it was you and he confronted you about it:) Happy ending ^^ (GOT7 JB)

Author’s Note: This was such a cute request and I loved writing this. A bit longer but I hope you like it nonetheless ^^ 

“Hey guys. I’m going to drop off my textbook and head to my next class…see you guys later!” You grabbed your bag and smoothed out your uniform skirt before walking out of the cafeteria. Making a right at the intersection, you headed towards the lockers. 

“…1505..1506..” You stopped at locker 1507 and glanced down the hallway in both directions before opening your textbook and taking out the envelope from earlier. You slipped the envelope into the locker and quickly walked back down the hallway, heading towards your own locker.

Slipping into his seat near the back of the classroom, Jaebum opened his textbook and took out the letter. Today’s envelope was sealed with a red heart, yesterday was pink and the day before was blue. He quickly opened the letter and read it twice before he put it away. Smiling to himself, he glanced around the classroom. He knew the person writing him these letters, had at least one class with him. The contents of the letter varied in length, sometimes only asking about his weekend or something the author was curious about, sometimes the letters mentioned something that happened in his classes. 

You tried not to turn around to sneak a peek at him. You knew he always read your letters during this class because you always delivered them right before the end of lunch. You and Jaebum had a total of 3 classes together, but you two never spoke to one another. You had mutual friends, but you were much too shy to ever initiate a conversation with him. Jaebum was one of the most sought-after males in the Senior class. Jaebum wasn’t talkative but he was good-looking, smart and a very good dancer. You had walked past the dance studio a few times after school, had seen him practicing with his friends. 

“When are you ever going to confess to him?” Minah plopped down into the seat next to you and handed you a bottle of water. You sighed and shook your head. “You ask me this every day and the answer is still the same. He’s way out of my league. Why would I confess and make a fool out of myself?” You pulled out a notebook and pen from your bag as the teacher started writing on the board. Your best friend frowned but decided to not start arguing about this matter in the middle of class. 

Jaebum’s eyes landed on you as you ran your fingers through your light brown hair. He smiled to himself and watched you for a few more minutes. You were the quiet but popular type of girl. Jaebum had noticed that since the beginning of high school, you had quite a few admirers among the male population. He tilted his head to the side and quietly observed you from across the room. If he was honest with himself, you were exactly the type of girl he would date. Quiet, polite but spontaneous. You two had a few mutual friends and he has heard that you were quite a fun person once you warmed up to someone. 

You could feel someone’s gaze on you. Without thinking, you turned around and found yourself staring directly at Jaebum. Your eyes widened and you couldn’t help the slight blush at forced it’s way onto your cheeks. Jaebum smirked a little at you and you glanced down shyly. Looking up again a few moments later, you nodded your head as a greeting and turned back around. Using your notebook to fan yourself, you mentally scolded yourself for getting so flustered from just looking at him. 

Jaebum chuckled quietly. For the rest of the period, Jaebum’s undivided attention was solely focused on you. You could feel his gaze but you refused to turn around again. 

As class ended, you tried to pack up as quickly as possible but luck wasn’t on your side. You ended up dropping your bag and a few things scattered onto your desk. You noticed the envelopes and letter paper you used for Jaebum’s letters were out on the table. Panicking, you quickly shoved everything back into your bag and bolted out of the classroom. 

Jaebum raised at eyebrow as he watched you fuss with your bag. He noticed the stationary that you owned looked oddly like the ones used for his secret letters. But before he could ponder on the matter any longer, he felt a tap on his shoulder. “Ready to go? I’m starving.” Mark, one his best friends, stood next to his desk. Nodding Jaebum gathered up his things and they left the classroom together. 

You stared blankly at the piece of paper in front of you. I like you…a lot. You sealed the envelope with a white heart and quickly finished the rest of your lunch before you left to go deliver the letter. 

From a few tables away, Jaebum found himself observing you. He couldn’t help the odd feeling he got when he looked at you, especially not after yesterday’s incident. He watched as you rushed out of the cafeteria. His curiosity got the better of him and bidding goodbye to his friends, he quickly followed you out. He peeked around the corner and watched as you cautiously made your way towards the lockers.

Glancing around, you quickly stopped at Jaebum’s locker and as you slipped the letter in, you held onto the end of it. You hesitated for a moment but let the letter slip into his locker. Jaebum watched as you turned around and started walking in his direction so he quickly walked away. 

Jaebum watched you all through class, hands fiddling with the letter. The letter was only a sentence but it was all the encouragement he needed. When the bell rang, Jaebum quickly packed his things and made his way towards you.

You took your time packing, your mind occupied with thoughts of Jaebum and how he would react to the letter. You barely paid attention so when you stood up to leave, you were surprised to see Jaebum standing right in front of you, the letter in his hand.

“Uh..hey.” Jaebum rubbed the back of his neck and glanced around the room before looking back at you. You blinked at him, you knew you were blushing but there was nothing you could do about it. Jaebum gestured towards the letter in his hand. “I know it’s you…I saw you today after lunch.” You bit your lip but didn’t acknowledge his statement. “I like you..a lot too.”

Your head snapped up and your gaze locked in with his. He was smiling, his eyes disappearing adorably. You tried to bite back the smile threatening to overtake your face. “How about I take you out after school today? If you’re free?” Jaebum took a step forward and waited patiently for you answer. 

“..I’d love that.” You whispered, but you knew he had heard you. You smiled shyly when he placed a gentle kiss to your forehead, his hand slipping into yours. 

5sos preference 1 :: The trait of his that you acquire

Michael : His cursing. When Michael first met you, the only time a profound word would ever leave your mouth was only when you were angry. You stubbed your toe, you’d curse. Stuck in traffic? Fuck everything. Times like these were the only time you would curse. But on the other hand, Michael is the total opposite way, cursing is practically a second language for him. And you found that the more you were hanging around him and his band mates, the more common it was for you to cuss. Michael didn’t start to notice it, until one day after they finally ended a show, he was met with you, wrapping your arms tightly around his neck. “You guys did fucking amazing!” You smiled, letting go of him. You were met with a very amused face, as a light blush crept onto your own. “Fucking? What, did someone steal your food right before this or something?” He laughed, and you lightly punched his arm. “Shut the hell up, Clifford. Maybe it’s the fact that you’re a bad influence.” He raised his eyebrow at you, the little bit of sass that you were throwing his way all of a sudden was catching him off guard. “I wouldn’t say it’s bad… just different.” He smirked, tossing an arm around your shoulders. From that moment on, Michael had gotten used to hearing words that would normally come from his own mouth, coming from yours, and he loved it.   

Ashton : His laugh. Everyone that hung around with Ashton knew well how contagious his laugh was, and no one ever complained about it. Everyone loved his laugh, including you. Ashton always laughed about the smallest things, and it was one of your favorite things about him. He had a laugh like no other, because it was always changing. He would sometimes laugh extremely loud, and other times, it would come out as a quiet giggle. You loved all of his laughs, no matter what the situation. When they guys weren’t on tour, you spent nearly every day together, talking about random things, which often led to laughing. One day, you were walking around Ashtons house, where all of you were currently hanging out at the moment. You were in the kitchen, cleaning up some dishes while the boys played FIFA, when you suddenly thought of a time in this kitchen, when you and Ashton had a water war, and he ended up slipping and falling onto his ass, causing both of you to burst into laughter. The thought alone made you laugh, and the more you replayed the visual of him falling, the harder you laughed. You hadn’t noticed that in the living room, the boys grew silent, the game paused as they all looked at each other, extremely confused as to why they heard a laugh that sounded a bit like Ashtons. The boys turned, glancing at him to see a wide smile on his face. “She sounded like me just then, didn’t she?” They each nodded, and he began to laugh too, the sounds meshing together and you could hardly tell the difference between them. 

Calum : His shyness. You had never really been a shy person before you and Calum started dating. You’d had boyfriends before, but you never understood how all of your friends always talked about how shy they got around their boyfriends, because you were never that way. That all changed one day when you were talking to Cal. It was any normal day, and he came up to you, as nervous as he always was around you. By now you had grown used to it, you’d come to love it, actually. This time though, when you went to respond, you felt this feeling in your stomach, like a twisting and knotting, and you found yourself unable to form words without stuttering. When you stumbled over your words but finally finished the sentence, you were confused as to what had just happened. Calum looked at you, not used to you being the one to act shy. A smile crept onto his face as he watched your confused expression and a shade of pink fall over your cheeks. A ping of pride washed over him, because you had told him before that you didn’t really know what it was like to feel shy around one of your boyfriends. From that day on, you found yourself getting more and more shy around him, and the boys always teased the two of you about being the, ‘shy power couple’ of the group. 

Luke : His kindness. Luke always has a way of making people feel better simply by talking, and you are no exception to that. When ever Luke is around, you always find yourself so much happier. With Luke, you had hope that there were still good people left in the world, and it made you want to be a better person. One time, you were on a coffee run to Starbucks. When you guys got there, you noticed the long line of people, and instantly you wanted to leave. Luke was fine about it though, laughing it off easily and joking around to pass the time. This sort of carefree act was one of your favorite things about him. When you two were finally the second person in line, you sighed deeply again, watching as the man in front of you struggled to find the remaining two dollars of his pay. Luke began taking out his wallet, and you watched him in confusion as he pulled out two dollars of his own, placing it on the counter in front of the man. His reaction was priceless, and you have never seen someone smile that much over coffee. “Thank you, sir!” He kept repeating, and Luke just smiled. Since then, you’ve slowly found yourself doing things somewhat like it, you’ve actually paid the extra for someone a few times yourself. You could see now, why Luke was so damn happy all the time. Making someone else smile by complimenting them or just showing small acts of kindness really can make your day. Altogether, being around Luke was showing to be a good influence on you, and you weren’t complaining.


Authors note : This wasn’t requested, I just randomly thought about it and thought it would be cute. I hope you guys like it <3

A convoy from Lorien

They came every now and then, but Tauriel was always excited when the convoy from Lothlorien came. They always had interesting stories about what was going on in the world, in places she could only dream of, places she had never seen before. Of course, before any stories could be told, the papers had to be dealt with and meetings sat through, but luckily she wasn’t a big part of that. Elydir was a slightly bigger part of those meetings, but Tauriel had always heard they were usually quite boring, so she didn’t envy her that much and stuck to her own duties.

That night, she was sitting in the hall, listening to some elves but too shy to actually join the conversation, merely listening on the background. She absorbed a lot of information like she always did, every now and then walking over to Elydir to talk to her but she couldn’t really express their love because no one knew of them.

She was having a nice conversation with her when Haldir came up to her. “Tauriel, would you like to hear some of the stories I have to tell?” He smiled at her, and her eyes started twinkling as she smiled back. “Yes of course.. Ely I’ll be back soon..”


Are Those Jeans Too Tight Or Are You Just Excited To See Me (Michael Clifford)

michael’s got a bit of a problem and he’s out of condoms. well, michael’s got two problems.

warning: very light smut (also side note this is my first attempt at writing any type of smut).

(requested) (have a request?)

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