because you see people who have abused animals

Large chain pet stores, like Petco and Petsmart, are notorious for neglect and abuse of the animals they sell. People especially look over animals that are not cats or dogs. People think “Oh its just a fish” or see reptiles and birds as display items. These stores sell the animals as a commodity.

I personally have gone and talked to someone about their ball pythons because they had no water, humidity under 15 degrees and no shelter for the two little wrinkly pythons. And I have seen and heard stories about employees who do their best and inform costumers about the animals. Take time and research the animal you want and if you can afford it and care for it properly and find a someone/or group who sell healthy animals.

allowing animal abuse to happen is permitting dangerous and aggressive people to test out how much harm they can inflict on another creature and still get away with.

Stop saying vegans hate everyone who isn’t vegan. It’s not fun anymore.

I don’t hate my family. I don’t hate the man I live with. I don’t hate his family. I don’t hate my friends. I don’t hate my acquaintances. I don’t hate the strangers I meet at the supermarket.

But I do hate it when my brother says “aw, what a cute piggie” and then proceeds to eat the flesh of an animal of the same species. Or when my sister silently teaches her kids there’s nothing wrong with exploiting animals for taste reasons.

I do hate it when the man I live with drinks glass after glass of milk. When he resorts to passive-aggressive nonsense (if buying animal products from small, local brands is as wrong as buying from one of the worst brands, then I guess I shouldn’t bother buying from the small, local brand, should I?) When he shows exasperation every time I get mad at animal abuse in movies.

I do hate it when I have lunch or dinner with his family and they give weird looks at my food while eating carcasses and bodily secretions from abused animals. And in the meantime, they’re watching some cute show about cute animals they care so much about.

I do hate it when I show my friends the horrors that lie behind the food industry, and how we’re using and abusing billions of animals every year, and they play carnist bingo and give me every absurd excuse I’ve heard a million times. I hate it when one of my best friends tells me her partner would dump her if she went fully vegan (by which she means eating 100% plant-based).

I do hate it when I talk to acquaintances about veganism and they come up with more excuses, even if they agree with me that animal exploitation is wrong. Even if I prove to them their reasons don’t prevent them from living vegan. But anemia. But body-building. But convenience. But taste. But yeah, I live in a contradiction and I’ll keep it that way.

I do hate it when I’m paying the cashier and the person behind me puts flesh, eggs, milk and cheese in front of her. I do hate it when I see an old lady wearing fur in the street; a young man wearing leather in the street; all kinds of people wearing leather shoes in the subway.

And I also hate it when vegans act all apologetic. Or when animal groups launch ridiculous campaigns and promote anything less than veganism. Because they’re the only hope those animals have.

I hate what these people do. I hate what these people say. But I don’t hate them. Because most of them are trapped in the social conditioning machine, just like I was.

But I will show no sympathy towards anyone who actually sees what’s going on in the world and says “I don’t care”. Or anyone who mocks animals’ suffering. Once you’ve seen it all, you can’t keep supporting oppression when you have the choice not to. 

So stop telling us to be nice and respect people’s “choice” to enslave, abuse, steal from and kill those victims you so frequently, conveniently forget about.

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You vegans NEVER mention human/labor exploitation when you talk about veganism. I am against animal abuse but it disgusts me that you people don't even care the slightest about the fact that humans, usually immigrants, are also abused in the process and are forced to do things they don't want to do because it is their only source of living. How about you discuss that in your advocating for veganism. Humans are worth just as much as the animals. They are both abused in the animal/meat industry.

  1. This is a FOOD blog. So vegans and people who are interested in veganism have some ideas because it’s something I struggled with when going vegan. I try not to discuss anything other than food on this blog, because well…it’s a food blog.
  2. Veganism doesn’t just help animals. Do you know it’s actually the most disgusting thing that you can see a help feed starving children commercial followed by a Burger king ad? We waste so so much food, water and energy for animal products. Unneeded animals products. It has to stop, our planet is suffering too.
  3. It’s a start, and a really good one. Actually, I see more vegans on tumblr speaking out against all kind of exploitation human and non human alike, than I do anyone else. Or just a whole lot of whining about not wanting to miss cheese when veganism is brought up.
  4. You can do both : Animal AND human rights.
  5. Burn all slaughterhouses to the ground and create new jobs. You think you can do that overnight? get goin’

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Kageyama is an abusive piece of shit. I'm sick of seeing abusive violent behavior being made into a fucking joke. I'm guessing most people don't know what it feels like getting kicked hard in the stomach.

1. it is animated/slapstick comedy and was never intended to imply or encourage abuse…who in the right mind would even think that it’d be funny to imitate this act in real life

2. why are you following me, a Tobio Stan

3. are you seriously going to every blogger who reblogged that gif to spread your negativity?

IMAGINE the uproar if the attacker and the victim were reversed. If this isn’t a clear point on how modern feminism is the biggest joke and full of double standard hypocrisy, I don’t know what is.

Oh wait! Let me guess! Since she’s a minority, being both black and a woman, she can get away with it? Minorities can’t ever get called out on their wrong doings, bc datz racism and misogyny!!!!!

o noez, its ok bc shes a woman and deres no way she could do any damage 2 a grown man!!! it wasnt a serious attack!! stop overacting!!!!!
I don’t see how that argument is any different than ‘cat calling isn’t really harassment because the guy is not psychically touching or hurting you.’

Before you all group together and chant “male tearz!!”, I am a woman, who has been in an abusive relationship, and regardless of what gender the abuser is, I have absolutely no tolerance for people who set out to psychically hurt someone else. No matter the harm or damage done, the intent was still there. Sorry for any use of wrong words, English is not my first language.