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“Do you remember that restaurant where we used to get the chocolate croissants and the espressos in the morning?” Hammer asked Chalamet, who simpered in response. “Do you remember that little place on the piazza where they had the pizza and the other stuff?”

“Ahhhh, yeah,” Chalamet gushed.

“You remember everything,” Hammer said.

“Speranza!” Chalamet recalled, referring to an eatery.

“Yeah, Speranza,” Hammer said. “Where they had the fish. I mean, Timmy’s got some great memories, too. It was an experience that was so surreal and such a treat that honestly if nobody saw the movie, if nobody liked it, if it didn’t go anywhere, I’d still carry it with me as such a point of pride.”

no one talks about that Great BPD thing where you perceive all non-positive responses as negative and aggressive. there are 2 emotions people have: happy, and angry

if someone responds to you with just “OK” or “yeah”, there’s no way to apply a neutral tone to it you just?? feel that its angry and intimidating and they’re just telling you to go away

no one talks about this?? there are so many BPD symptoms that get brushed under the rug but this one is so huge because you know you’re being illogical and you know they’re being neutral but there’s no logic in this sort of thing you just feel that fear and shame and internalize it and let it keep happening

idk i saw a post in depth about BPD and it mentioned that and i was really happy about it.



I’m actually really proud of this one? It’s a bit longer than usual, and it’s very Keith-centric even though I’m whumping Lance because hi have you met me? I’m too invested in klance. I hope you enjoy!

@elsiemcclay aka the best person to run ideas and/or titles by. thanks friendo.

A groan sounded to Keith’s left, and he looked over immediately, trying to mask his relief with a glare. “Oh, good. He finally decided to wake up.”

“Hey, how many times do I have to tell you? Beauty sleep is important.” A pause. “Where are we again?”

Pidge snorted. “Guess that general hit him harder than we thought.”

“Lance! You’re okay! I was worried— that totally knocked you out, you hadn’t moved in a while,” Hunk rambled. “Does your head hurt?”

“Like hell,” Lance said, leaning back against the wall and pressing a hand to his forehead. “But nothing too serious. Thankfully, now that I’m conscious, I remember what happened. We’ve been captured, haven’t we?”

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~ Taking notice in best friend!Hoseok’s friend, Yoongi ~PART SEVEN

[part 1] [part 2] [part 3] [part 4] [part 5] [part 6] 

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You paced around your apartment waiting for Yoongi to show up. You heard your apartment doorbell buzz. Not even bothering to check who it was you pressed the button, unlocking the door.

There was a knock at your door and you reluctantly pulled it open.

Giving you a weak smile, Yoongi greeted, “Hey, Y/N.”

“No, you don’t get to do that. Stop being so cute all the damn time. I’m supposed to be sad–mad but all I see is the hair I dared you to dye blue. Let’s try this again,” You blurted turning around so you weren’t facing hime. “Start again,” You whispered. 

“Y/N,” Yoongi whined. “I know what you saw looked probably very wrong but as cliche as it sounds, it wasn’t what it looked like.”

“Then explain please.”

“She was one of my classmates from high school. She had a massive crush on me but I never returned her feelings for me. Long story short, she pined after me year after year until we graduated and I never saw her again. Until today. At the pier, where I was supposed to meet you, suddenly I heard someone shout my name and I turned and there she was.”

He paused just in case you had any sort of reaction. You turned back around and nodded stiffly, motioning him to continue. 

“I thought just maybe she’d grown out of her silly crush and get an actual boyfriend but no, after all these years she confessed she still liked me. That was when I mentioned you. Oh, by the way, irrelevant but if you ever meet her just let her know we’re dating because I kind of told her that. Anyway, she tried to pull moves on me but like before, I wasn’t falling for them. She tried to convince me that you weren’t the one for me.”

You scoffed at this. She didn’t even know you. How was it possible to get so jealous of a person she didn’t even know personally?

That was when she started getting real close and grabbed my hand. I’m assuming that’s what you saw. But as soon as she leaned in a millimeter I pulled away from her. She was so desperate, but I still apologized for me not feeling the same way and then she stomped off. Then I continued to wait for you. After waiting a while, I might’ve grew impatient and wanted to call you…until i saw your texts,” Yoongi rubbed the back of his neck, awkwardly. 

“And here we are,” You lifted your arms to drop them again at your sides.

“Here we are,” He repeated. “Do you believe me?”

You stared at Yoongi’s face to catch any sign of bluffing. When finding none, you sighed. “Yes, I believe you.”

“Oh, thank god!” He embraced you and didn’t let go. 

“What did you have for me? Before all this happened you told me you had something for me?” You asked, your voice muffled into his sweater.

Pulling away, he smiled, somewhat nervously, before digging into the pocket of his jeans.

“I know it’s not diamonds but here,” He handed you a long, velvet box. Peering at him curiously, you opened it and revealed a thin, gold, bracelet chain with a single charm at the center. Turning the charm over, it was a small circle with the initials M.Y. embedded into it. 

“Yoongi, it’s beautiful,” You stared in awe. 

“It would’ve been much more romantic before,” he grumbled, swaying his hands.

“I would’ve loved it just as much. What’s it for?”

“Y/N, we’ve known each other for months now and I’d really really like it if you’d maybe want to see how our relationship would go if we took it to the next level?”

“Wait, so by that you mean, do exactly what we’ve been doing except have a title now?” You smirked.

“Yeah…And I’d get to kiss you now.”

“Now? Dude, I’ve been waiting for you to kiss me for months.”

“Why did I have to be the one to kiss you?”

“I had to know your feelings were there!”

“Fine, fair enough. So it’s a yes?”

“Of course it’s a yes!” You went back into the embrace and felt your cheeks heat up. “You know, I was the one who made Hoseok give you my number because I saw you on his snapchat story.”

“Oh, yeah. I was there with him, and he was showing me the texts,” He chuckled and your face got ever redder. 

“That sly little––I’m going to kill him.”

Yoongi only laughed again and pulled you both down on the couch. His head laid on your lap as you played with his blue locks. Giggling to yourself, you smirked.

“Does this mean I can call you pet names?”

Furrowing his brows, he asked, “Like what?”



So here it is! It’s over….I think! If anything I’ll post a bonus chapter if y’all want to see their cute relationship!! Glad you enjoyed it!!

you know what’s cool about my friend who has major social anxiety? she doesn’t use it to put herself down. she doesn’t use it to call herself weak, or lesser of a person. if i’m going out and i invite her out, all she has to say is can’t, anxiety. and i get it. and i go out with other friends and i see her on her time when she can socialize and not feel like the weight of the world is crushing down on her. when i tell her i’m hanging out in the living room and she lets me know, can’t, anxiety, i’m staying in my bedroom. i get it. and i don’t push her, and i don’t pity her. i understand her. 

all i’m trying to say i guess, is that when things get hard mentally, and someone calls themselves weak, it upsets me. knowing your limits isn’t a weakness. being able to openly say “yeah, i didn’t go to that last week, because you know, anxiety.” isn’t something i’m going to pity a person for, and it certainly doesn’t mean i’m thinking less of you. and it bothers me to see people who have severe anxiety, and other things, equating it to a weakness. being able to openly talk about your anxiety and your depression and your inability to function as what you or society sees as common isn’t a fault. hell, it’s a strength to be able to say, “can’t, anxiety.” and i think it’s an even bigger strength of the person you’re saying it to, to be able to understand that, even if they don’t feel the same way. strength and empathy. that’s all i guess. 


True Story

I saw a post like: “Just a reminder that Zen probably think about you now and wanna talk to you.” and I was like aaaaah DDDD: And…yeah. Than I saw the new Design and the cute messages I was curious about and than this happend…

Haaa, Saeran…I missed you so much you little Creeper~ And jeah good timing, because V Route, wiiih~ :D

thatrandomassassin  asked:

Hi! I just found your blog and wow, your art is amazing!! Saw one post and just instantly followed xD But yeah, I saw that you were open for requests (atleast a while ago) and I would really love some wolfstar with Remus actually being taller than Sirius, because that's just the best. Perhaps Sirius gets a bit cranky about it even? He would... Thank you for making such amazing art!

Thank you so much, for the request and the follow!! I’ve had a few wolfstar requests, and not as much time as I would like to actually do any of them </3. So heres…something! (+ a bonus sketch that..nobody asked for-shh)

(For some reason I really struggled to get sirius right :’), I’m still not…ok with the way he looks, but GOD I haven’t posted in longer than a month so I can’t be picky.)

JB Homophobia Analysis

Okay so there’s been a lot of bickering within the got7 fandom over what JB said during his celebrity bromance with Youngjae. Firstly, I’m disappointed in JB but I’m more dissapointed in people defending his actions. It wasn’t just one mistranslation, it was literally throughout the entire video. This is gonna be long but I took screenshots and I’m going to break it down for people who still can’t see why what he said was wrong.

But before that I just want to say this does not mean I think we should be sending him hate. In fact, we should be educating him on why what he said isn’t okay and a simple apology isn’t the end of the world. Idols aren’t perfect, they make mistakes and have flaws. JB’s homophobia is one of them. There’s nothing wrong with correcting ignorant behavior, but ignoring it just means it can happen again. Alright, I will now go in depth about the screenshots I took. 

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Imagine having to remind Dean who you are every five minutes when he is under the remembrance spell.... and eventually you have to wear a sticky note.

Originally posted by supernaturalfreewill

“Ma’am I think you have the wrong room.” Dean asked as you sat at the table, typing away on the computer.

“No Dean, I am in the room we are sharing with your brother. You are sitting in the bed we are sharing.”

“And who are you?”

“I am the girl you claim to love every time you walk out the door.”

“Oh. So you and I…” he began to point between you both.

“Yeah baby.”

“Sweet.” He replied, yet several minutes later, “Ma’am I think you have the wrong room.”

“Dean, would it help if I wore a sticky note?” You replied, as he looked at you in wonder.

“How do you know my…”

“We have been dating for about five years now, we met at the roadhouse, I was Jo’s best friend. You and I started sleeping together the first night you were there. Jo was furious, and you and I just laughed. Soon it went from nightly flings when you and Sam rolled into town, to I tagged along. You told me you loved me first, I made you a pie, and you said, “[Y/F/N] [Y/L/N] I will Love you until the day you stop making me pie. I however was the first one to kiss you not during sex, it was raining and you gave me your jacket so that I won’t freeze. I kissed you as soon as we got in the Impala.”

“Oh… maybe a sticky note would help.” He replied as he started towards the sticky notes, scribbling something down. Then he walked over and pressed the note firmly to your chest.

“There, now I won’t forget.” He smiled, before leaning down and kissing your hair. Returning to his seat as you looked back to the screen.

“Hey Wife, what is this?” He asked, pointing to the unlabeled book.

“Well that is a book. Did you just call me Wife?”

“That is what your sticky note says.” He pointed as you looked down at the note and saw Dean’s chicken scratch, ‘Wife.’

A smile spread on your face as you looked back at him, “yeah, I guess it does.”

Originally posted by helpimanspnfan

When Dean and Rowena descended down the stairs you were met with the no fixed joke. And then he looked at you, “hello Wife.”

“Hello Dean.”

“Did I….”

“Write Wife in my sticky note, post it to my chest and called me wife the whole time because you forgot I was your girlfriend every five minutes. Yea you did, but hey, now you have given me something I am never getting rid of.” You smiled

“Well the next irreplaceable thing I sound get you is a gold wedding ring.”Dean answered as he took your hand in his.

“Dean, I think I will stick with just the sticky note for now.” You smiled as you left, happy that you were always going to remember Dean’s amnesia.

So I just saw someone say you shouldn’t tell an author if there was something in their fic that didn’t make sense to you because that’s the way the author wants and it’s like,

That’s not really how it works.

It’s next to impossible to get a beta. It’s even more impossible to get a beta who is above or at your level and is willing to actually help you rewrite things instead of just saying ‘yeah that looks good! You just missed a comma here!’ So authors aren’t necessarily posting things as-is because that’s how they want it, but because when you read your own story fifteen times you just begin to fail to see the errors. Authors also tend to forget they know things the audience doesn’t and leave out things they should have included, and the same for authors who feel they have to overexplain.

I mean if you’re just writing for funsies and because you have two minutes to rub together, by all means. Say you don’t really want anything remarked on. But if you plan to be a writer or plan on continuing to write in general, any criticism is very rare and ignoring it isn’t going to teach you anything.

Spencer Pratt’s track by track reputation review

1. “…Ready for It?”

It’s such a “here we go, boom,” turning the ignition on her Lamborghini or whatever she wants to have. That’s the vibe it has. “In the middle of the night, in my dreams, you should see the things we do, baby” — that right there, even with all the new songs, hits me so hard. I’ve heard it now a thousand times and every time it makes me sing to the clouds. That is poetic, like some shit Robert Frost would have been writing back in the day. Now that I know it’s the first on the album, it’s just even more powerful. It’s showing the swag that she’s gonna bring. Are you ready for it? I wasn’t actually ready for it. And the “let the games begin” — she already knows all the haters are gonna be out here. All the little blogs, all the little posts. Let the games begin. She knows she just brought this heat on so many people.

I’m so torn because I’m such a Kardashian diehard. I’m in such a weird predicament in this situation because she gets me so angry at Kim and Kanye on this album. It’s gonna be weird being a Kim fan post-Reputation. I’ll see how I can handle it. Maybe I’ll just only love Kris Jenner because you can’t blame Kris for anything.

2. “End Game”

Here’s the thing with “End Game.” Future is one of my top 10 all-time, so when I saw the track list leak and I saw Future on it I was so excited. Heidi thinks it’s fine. She thinks I’m way too Swift ganged out, she’s like, “He barely spits eight bars, Spencer.” I’m like, “Yeah, those could have been eight bars of Taylor lyrics.” That’s how deep I am right now in the Taylor gang where I didn’t need either of them on that song. I don’t need to hear Ed Sheeran rapping. When he started singing I was like, “OK, homie’s got pipes.” I’m feeling those singing parts. But him rapping with his Irish accent, I was like, “Come on now.” I don’t need this in my life. I don’t need Taylor to be on any records with anybody, just like I wouldn’t need Michael Jackson to be on a record with somebody. At a certain level you’re only wanting to hear that person because they’re a damn superstar. But I started liking it because my conspiracy mind was like, “Ooo, maybe Future doesn’t like Kanye and there’s more to this.” Like he hit Taylor up like, “Yo fuck Yeezy, let me get on a record with you.” Future’s eight billion times doper than Kanye so it’s kinda like, “I don’t need Kanye West I got Future on my team.” I hope Kanye’s now like, “Damn, Future’s riding with her.” That makes me like it, if there’s a conspiracy that Future wanted to piss off Kanye.

3. “I Did Something Bad”

This should be the next single, one billion percent. I hope she spends $10 million on the damn music video. I don’t know what she did bad, so I think that’s the joke. I feel that. Because I didn’t do anything bad and I got straight up hated on The Hills for somebody lying about their own thing they were lying about and I become the liar and the leaker. I love this because I’m like, “OK, if I did something bad it feels so good because you’re the damn liar.” I’m thinking she’s referencing this whole Snapchat thing, I don’t know. I’m sure the Swiftie YouTubers will break it down better than I will. For me, I relate to it because I didn’t do anything bad and I got hated and I have no idea why people hate on Taylor. Because she wants to have a really good image? Because she didn’t go out like Katy Perry and act like she’s some damn politician in the media? I don’t know wanna know who Taylor votes for. I don’t care. I wanna hear hit damn records out of her and that’s it. I wanna see her go on dates in Rome with frickin’ Tom Hiddleston. That’s what I wanted to see, not her running around with Hillary Clinton. I’m sure people are like, “She could have stopped Trump.” No she couldn’t, people! Hello, Hillary won the popular vote! What, is she gonna switch the electoral college vote? I don’t think so, so everyone needs to move off of, “Oh, I hate Taylor because she didn’t campaign enough.” I hate that shit. She’s a frickin’ pop star.

4. “Don’t Blame Me”

This one’s amazing. This is what I imagine I’m gonna play when I’m feeding my hummingbirds. My hummers are gonna love this one. I also love it because I just had a baby and my baby’s definitely like my drug that I’m straight high off of, snorting his little hair off his head daily, so again I feel like she’s writing for me. I know she’s talking about Joe or whatever. By the way, I need to do more research about Joe because this guy is frickin’ Romeo on steroids. He’s got Taylor so damn sprung it’s overwhelming. I feel like she just made her own Ex Machina robot Ava but Joe. She went to the mountains to live next to the waterfall and had Google make her a boyfriend.

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Kaisoo mega post @ EXOrDium in Mexico 042717

Finally I arrived home yesterday! I was very excited to comeback and tell you guys all my experiences at the EXOrDium in Mexico. Unfortunately I did not record a lot because I wanted to enjoy the concert 100%. This gonna be my kaisoo post, if you want to read my entiere experience I’ll update it soon. And I’m very sorry if this a little bit late, I wanted to post it ASAP but I was so tired. TT And thank you so much for all  of you wishing me fun!!

So first things first, yeah Ksoo have the best ass and thights in e.xo like man he has the perfect body ¡his shoulders are so narrow! He’s very cute and JI is a ball of happiness and very handsome! TT They look the same as in TV. 

Well how you already saw in some photos or fancams they whispered into each other ear at the first ment, Ksoo literally was kissing JI’s ear, like he whispered REALLY close, I was in shook because I watched in the past a lot of photos/fancams of it (whisper is something very common for them) but watching it live is really something else, Ksoo and JI really get REALLY close to each other to whisper more close than necesary in my opinion lol.

They smiled at each other A LOT through all the concert, like if they saw each other at any moment they would smile ASAP.

At the acoustic part JI were staring at Ksoo almost all the time he were speaking or singing but it’s so unique, he stares at him in this way in particular, I can’t describe it but when someone says JI have this special stare for Ksoo is true 100%. But it wasnt one sided, if you could see with how much pride and fondness Ksoo stares at JI when he’s dancing, like everything disapear for him when JI is doing his solos, Ksoo couldnt stop staring and have like this little secret smile just reserved for him.

At Unfair meanwhile Ksoo were inside the TVBox JI went and pretended to knock the door (idk what was he thinking like come on JI thats a tv wtf) trying to get ksoo attention then there were a part where Ksoo, JI and Mseok disapered for like 1-2 minutes inside of the refigerator box. 

Ksoo walked by and pat JI’s back. I don’t really remember in what song this was but they were wearing the outfit they wear for overdose in concert (black shine jacket?)

I don’t quite remember when this moment happen if when Ksoo and JI found each other in the middle of the stage or they were standing side by side but i’m pretty sure it happend because they smiled at each other with so much emotion and fondness, like they were so happy and enjoying of sharing the same stage. I was smiling like a fool the entire time it was happening so that’s why i remember it.

They stand next to each other when signing Angel and were waving at the fans.

These were all the Kaisoo moments I can recall and that I saw but now I want to add something really interesting I want to share with all you guys. So you can skip this is you just want just know what moments happened at the concert.

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I once saw this post that said they want them being autistic to piss people off and you know what? Sometimes I do too.

Sometimes I want me being happily autistic to upset people who get upset. I want a sense of power over allistics and NTs for once. Because if someone’s very existence upsets you, they have power over you. You know?

We need more badass autistic positivity. Yeah, we’re cute, we’re pretty, we’re beautiful, we’re downright damn gorgeous. We’re sweet, we’re innocent.

But you know what else? We’re tough as nails. We’re fucking badass. Some of us go through abuse everyday. A lot of us face ableism, dehumanization, infantilization, etc,. on a regular basis. And yet we keep going.

I dunno.

mangareader88  asked:

Hey ^-^ what are some Trimberly headcanons you have?

- Trini and Kim fight over whose house they’re gonna go over for dinner because they love each other’s ethnic foods. 

- Kim managed to convince Trini’s brother that the pink ranger is the best one. Trini has brawls with them over who loves her the most. They don’t understand why she’s so obsessed with a random superhero she never met…

- When she can’t stand her mom, Trini will often sneak out and stay over with Kim’s family. They might love her more than they love their own daughter, honestly.

- Kim is a brilliant artist. Trini thinks she is as well, though she isn’t… The Harts have Trini’s scribbly stick figure people hung up all over their fridge. 

- As cool and unaffected as she tries to act, Trini is the total sap in the relationship. She knows the exact date and time they started dating, and posts “Happy _ week anniversary” snaps on her story every week. Almost all her instagram posts are of Kim. Her followers are getting annoyed. She doesn’t care.

- “Are you okay?” “Yeah, duh.” “Trini, last night you texted me a video of you crying because you saw a dog on tv.”

- Trini likes to embarrass Kim by dancing in public to literally any song that plays. Kim changed her ringtone from a beep to a song because she secretly loves it.

- Kim loves photography. She’s been hoarding polaroids of them in a drawer for ages, and gives them to Trini as a birthday gift. “To decorate the wall you finished.” Trini is less scared of being alone in her room now that the damage from Rita’s attack has been replaced with hundreds of pictures of happy moments with her favorite person. 

- They take so many naps together.

- Will Trini ever go one night without sending a really long, sappy goodnight text? no.

- Kim’s family brings Trini on family vacations a lot. Trini thanks them every five seconds for it.

- Kim takes spanish classes, and always tries to impress Trini by speaking her language. This is always followed by a lecture about Kim’s failure to understand how to pronounce “ll”s and “goddamnit Kimmy, it’s not called a ‘squiggly thingy’ it’s a fuckin’ tilde”

- Kim meets Trini’s extended family, and it takes everything in her to not throw a fit when Trini introduces her to her Lita as “my friend.” 

- Every time someone thinks Kim is gay, Trini gets really defensive about how she’s actually bi. Kim doesn’t even mind it, though.

(I could go on forever but I’m tired)

random quotes from Super Best Friends play Final Fantasy XV

“I want him to just pick this thing [Carbuncle] up and eat it.”

“I remember that first trailer back when I was nine. This game took 85 years to come out.”

“Noctis looks like such an asshole I can’t stand it.”

In game: Find out what Gladiolus is weak to and let him have it.
Matt: “He’s weak to insults about his performance in the bedroom.”

“Prompto is the most boyband of them all.”

“When Noctis’s Papa Roach CD is done, the game is over.”

Patt: “I will rescue you buddy.” *revives Prompto*
Matt: “I rescued you with my magical boy hands.”
Patt: “My magical boy hands for my magical boy bands.”

“When teaming up with your buddies nobody can stop the amount of dicks you draw on each others faces.”

*seeing Ifrit in the first cutscene*
Patt: “The fact that it’s a perfect naked man that will not leave his chair–”
Matt: “I feel like at the end of my life that’s what I’ll be fighting. And I will fail.”

*imitating Regis* “So your boybands doing shit huh, what, you’re gonna go on tour?”

“Gladio can you please button up your shirt it’s distracting everyone.”

“Gladiolus looks like he’s from The Bouncer. In fact he might be from The Bouncer for all we know.”

“Gladiolus and Ignis look like that one guy from The Bouncer in the cactaur outfit put into two people.”

*Matt, imitating Regis again* “Remember Noctis, every moment you live is a disappointment for me.”

“And please… do something about your hair. It’s a constant embarrassment.”

*Patt, now imitating Regis* “You look like such an asshole, but, you’re my asshole.”

“It would really suck if he was doing the deed with Lunafreya, and he yells out some other dumb girls name in the Final Fantasy universe. Like ‘Oh! Yunalesca!’ and she’s like ‘Who the fuck is Yunalesca?’ ”

Matt: “Push the fucking car losers!”
Patt: “Push the car, and make sure that Gladio’s butt is the one that’s really in center there.”

“Why is Prompto always on the floor?”

“Wait, I don’t wanna play as Gladiolo– Gladiyolo, god–”

*after seeing Noctis summon his weapons* “No wonder she’s getting married, she probably saw that and went ‘Yes!’ ”

*sees Ignis walk off in the background* *Matt bursts into laughter* “Ignis is just like ‘fuck it I’m out of here!’.”

“I’m seeing photos people are posting of these guys taking selfies with themselves walking around in the background.”

Patt: “I just did a backflip slash for no reason, other than I think Noctis thought it was cool.”
Matt: “Well it’s because he knew Prompto was watching.”

“That should be the Logo of our channel – stop bitching, start killing.”

*Prompto starts singing the FF victory tune* “AHH!!– AH YEAH! ALL RIGHT, YOU WON ME OVER!”

*Ignis explains the Crownsguard attire* Patt: “Oh, so that’s why. They’re forced to dress boyband.”
Matt: “Or forced to dress like they just raided a Hot Topic.”
Patt: “It’s the law… So the King, that King? [Regis] Was like ‘everyone has to dress like this in my army’.”
Matt: “Okay, you know what? Fair enough. I never realize that.”
Patt: “That King is the weirdest old man in the world.”

*imitating Regis* “I want all the hot boys to dress in leather in my army.”

“Cindy, and one of these guys, I wanna help that along.”

Matt: “You know what this place [Hammerhead] needs!? It need one of those big inflatable floaty guys!”
Patt: “And it should be a cactaur.”
Matt: “Yeah! OH!! That makes me so excited!”
Patt: “There might be in here, who knows?”

“Why aren’t your lips moving Ignis?”

Spencer reid dating a plus size reader head cannons

An: so my loves, i saw a lovely post in the spencer x reader tag from a @ladydork who was in need of some plus size reader fics. So i was like fuck yeah we do, so why not start with some head cannons of spencer dating a plus size reader….because i love making things like this.
Tagging: @dontshootmespence @bookofreid @reidbyers @emilyfuckingprentiss

-Thighs. Spencer loves your thighs. He likes to kiss them, bite them, often he runs his fingers up and down them when he reads to you or you guys are sitting and talking.

-He loves when you show off your body, like he knows you are insecure about parts of yourself but he loves watching you get dressed, seeing every part that’s always covered outside the apartment.

-He loves to wrap his arms around your middle, like when you cook or are at his book shelf he will come up behind you and lean his head on yours while you browse or cook.

-He is a sleep cuddler, he just like grabs you and holds you close, and if he reaches put for you and your not there he starts to freak a bit, with his line of work he is always hyper a where of what could happen. But calms down when he feels you return.

-He only lets his walls down with you, when a case goes wrong, you can tell because he gets home and just holds you close, through the night he cries holding onto you.

-He likes laying on the couch with you. You reading to him, his head on your chest or stomach.

-Days when you feel most insecure about your body he can tell, so all through the day he’ll send little texts to you. Telling you how beautiful you are, how he loves you, and you are all he thinks about.

-Sexy times in the beginning are hard, being naked with someone else, but he showed you, through his lips dancing over every inch of you, that you are all he will ever want.

-He loves to pick out outfits for you, showing off his favorite parts of you.

-He loves your butt.

-Beware bending over for he will walk by and pinch, or smack it.

-Meeting the team was a night of anxiety for you and spencer assuring you they would love you.

-And they do, like you have become Morgans second baby girl.

-The kids love you. You have the Reid effect.

-Reid loves to slow dance with you in the middle of the living room. Just grabs you off the couch, you protest but he just hushes you and starts swaying.

-He reads to you at night, he reads slower so a book lasts you a while.

-You two are currently on the 4th harry potter. Yes Spencer does voices. Yes its as cute as it sounds.

-Halloween is a stressful time. Because costume shops suck for plus size decent costumes.

-Spencer nods and after the fifth costume that was marked plus size was horridly fitted to an average woman’s figure he grabbed your hand and lead you to the master of clothing. Garcia.

-You and spencer went as The doctor and the tardis.

-Garcia made you a beautiful police box skater dress, perfectly fit and flattering. And spencer helped with the light up head piece.

-Spencer often does magic tricks for you to cheer you up. Just pulls a paper heart out from behind your ear.

-“pardon me miss…it seems i have lost my heart…oh….ah here it is…right where it has always belonged”

-Master at pick up lines that he hadn’t realized were pick up lines.

-“oh were staying in…netflix and chill style…”

-Actual ball of pure sunshine.

-Never lets you order less food then you should be eating. Often rambling stats to make you eat the proper amount.

-When people are seen staring/judging he is the first to grab your hand stop you, hold your face gently and kiss you with the most love and passion in his entire string bean body.

-At your highschool reunion, he destroys the people who were mean to you. Angry protective reid takes no prisoners.

-‘wow…how’d you get…him? Like….he can see right?’ And spencer just nods sets his drink down before destroying them, their children and future grandchildren.

-Leaves with you and you guys end up getting pizza.

-Loves you. Every single inch.

Thank god in my language inanimate objects has no gender because I just saw a post on my dash about gender discourse of frigging nutella in German and asddffgghjjjkk what the fuck I would cry everyday if things were that confusing in Bengali. But we have three “you"s and their uses are confusing so yeah that kinda balances it out.

LGBT and straight

I saw a post where these girls were lifting up LGBT girls and putting down straight girls,I don’t think this is far at all,I think we should all stick together but most of the LGBT community call you guys “sis scums” like wtf did they do to us? Yeah they at first put us down when we first came out to the world but they didn’t know any better! There just people like you and me so…

🌹 this rose is for the straight,the LGBT,the men and the Women because we all deserve support


Some moments from billdipwirt fic The Paths We Travel by llyrical (pokespec)