because you said you wanted to see these haha

If you’re wondering why I used glitter, my logic is that nothing bad in my life has ever come from using gold glitter, so why not? 

Today I’ve got probably the easiest, most beginner friendly jar I’ve ever posted. I need good luck, you probably need some good luck, this is what we’re making today. Usually I have jars that have different herbs ans such for different elements of the jar for the jar’s purpose. Not today. Today it is literally one jar full of herbs and spices that all have one purpose in mind – luck.

So, because of that, you can use any of the herbs listed, as many or as few as you want to or have on hand. In italics are the ones I’ve used in mine.

  • lilac
  • acorn
  • bay leaf
  • clover
  • allspice
  • poppy seeds
  • tonka bean
  • aloe
  • caraway seeds
  • catnip
  • parsley
  • chamomile
  • dill
  • star anise

While there are others, I have only listed a few that I feel like people have on hand.

The put together of this jar in simple. Light your candle, focus on your intention, and layer in your herbs. Feel free to additionally use anything that is lucky to you. Perhaps when sealing the jar, if you have a lucky coin you could press it into the wax to leave the print of it, use sigils, etc. Anything to make this more personal, the better. For me, I decided to use gold glitter just because I wanted to. Glitter is something I always want to use in my draft but I never do, so I decided to today because like I said, nothing bad has ever come to me when glitter was involved, haha!

If you have trouble sealing your jar, I have a tutorial for that here.

In addition to that, you can find all my other jars and original posts here, or here is just a masterpost of them (so far).

If you have any questions feel free to drop by my ask box! And as always, if you make any of my jars, I would love to see them, so feel free to tag me! 

BTS reaction to their foreigner s/o knowing fluent korean

Request: bts reacting to their foreigner s/o knowing fluent korean


Jin would tell some jokes that you wouldn’t understand even if you speak fluent Korean. He’d start laughing when he noticed your confused face.

“Haha! Don’t be mad! That’s cute that you don’t understand~”


He’d would be so proud of you and he would to brag about you all the time.

“Now we can rap Cypher 4 together!”


He’d be the one who was learning you Korean and seeing how much you improved your skills would make him a little jealous because now you are the center of attention.

“Now everyone wants to talk to you…” said with pouty face.


Jungkook would be with you non stop to make sure you can understand everything. You find it very cute when he tries to explain you some Korean words that you already know. He’d worry about you when you convinced him that you can go somewhere all alone.

“Okay. Can I really leave you all alone? Are you sure? I can go with you, you know…”


He would be jealous because people started talking to you when they found out you know Korean. He’d be angry that they keep interrupting you.

“Leave my Jagiya alone for one minute at least, please…”


Yoongi would smile every time he sees you talking to someone because he remembers when you weren’t that fluent and you were always stressed even before a small talk.

“I’m so happy seeing how much you improved your Korean.”


He’d just look at you with big smile on his face. Hobi would talk about you non stop and would want you to meet his friends to improve your skills even more.

“That’s my Jagiya! I’m so proud~”


“Yo, Jay, pass me the nachos.”

The boys and I were all watching Wonder Woman again in Father’s living room. His personal theater was being redesigned at the moment, so we decided to just stay in the one room where we always hang out. Jason took the nachos from Tim and passed them over to me, “Here, babe.”

I told him thanks and grabbed a handful of nachos, stuffing them into my mouth. “Can you guys pause the movie, I need to use the bathroom,” I asked after swallowing.

Damian took the control and paused it, “Don’t take long, the fight is almost over.”

As I got up from the couch, I heard my phone jingle on the coffee table. Probably a new message, “Jason, can you check that for me!?” I called over my shoulder. I barely left the living room when I heard Jason curse loudly, “What the fuck is this!? Artza, get back in here!”

I groaned, my bladder can’t take this kind of torture right now. I turned back into the living room, “What!?”

The boys were all angry crowding around my phone. Jason was the most furious of them all, “What the hell is up with you guys?”

Damian crawled onto Jason’s shoulders,“Pass it here! I want to answer this low life abomination!” 

“No! I know exactly what to say! Give it here!” Tim snatched my phone out of Jason’s hand but a few moments later, Dick was holding my phone, “Yeah right, I’m the oldest, which means I’m the wisest, I should answer!”

Before Dick started typing, I grabbed it out of his hand, “Why are you guys so angry? My gosh!” I scrolled up and read the newest anon, “Oh cool! New anon hate!” I grinned.

“How could you possibly say this is cool!?” Jason growled, “This fucking piece of throbbing turbocunt just told you to go die!”

“And they also want me to burn in hell! This is great!” 

Dick’s jaw hit the floor, “You gotta be kidding me!”

“I mean, I’m already going to hell so…”

“We can’t just let this slide!” Tim snarled.

Damian tried to grab my phone but I raised it up in the air, placing my hand on his forehead, pushing him back as he tried to climb up my body, “Unhand me, sister! I must answer!” 

I kicked Dick in the chest when he also tried to grab my phone, making him fall back onto the couch, “Oh come on!” He protested, “Tim’s right! We gotta give them hell!”

I glared at both Jason and Tim, stopping them from going near my phone, “Listen to me,” I snapped, “This anon doesn't deserve my time, not even yours. So could you guys please let this go!?”

Jason was fuming, “No! That fucknugget called you a bi piece of shit! How are you not angry about this!?” 

“Because I’m smart! They also said that I’m not even really gay, do you know how stupid that is?” I chuckled, “Of course I’m not gay! And this anon also called me a hoe, this is even funnier than the last one, to be honest.”

I still don’t know why these poor excuse of human beings don't understand that calling me a hoe will not bother me. It’s really sad. If you really want to send me anon hate, calling me a hoe wouldn't be such a good idea if you want to see me break. Come on anon, the word is in my damn username. You gotta try better than this.

I was still pushing Damian away, this kid just doesn't want to give up. My gosh, I’m so proud of him.

Dick fold his arms across his chest, “This person thinks you want pity.” He muttered.

I shoved my phone in my pocket, “Haha! I almost forgot about that. Pity for what? Being bi? That was strange for them to say, I love being bi. They just said that because they think being bi is a bad thing.”

“I hate people like that,” Tim sighed, “Being bi is still a significant part of the LGBTQ+ community. What else would the B stand for?”

Jason smirked, “They probably don’t know how many girls you’ve been with before me.”

I bit my lip, forcing myself not to laugh, “That’s another thing. I don’t need to prove that I’m bi. If I say that I’m bi then I’m bi, it’s that simple.”

Damian finally stopped trying to get my phone. He rubbed his forehead after I let go, “So…are you not going to murder them? Because Todd and I would gladly-”

I glared at Damian, “Don’t even think about it.” I said through gritted teeth. 

“What are you going to say to them then?” Dick asked.

I yawned, “I don’t know yet. Can we just continue watching the movie?” I asked.

Damian huffed, “Tt, fine. But we will talk about this again later.” 

I ruffled his hair, “Of course! But first,” I ran towards the door, “I still gotta use the bathroom!”

“Take your time!” Damian called behind me.


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  • Dates are usually late at night due to his busy schedule but you didn’t mind
  • He’ll bring you café hopping, watch late night movies and (if he has a day off) spend the whole day at the amusement park
  • He’ll be your listening ear and you’ll tell him your troubles
  • “Y/N everything is going to be all right. You have me! Remember that”
  • When you come across difficult questions while doing your homework
  • He’ll try his best you help you solve it, although he gets it wrong like all the time
  • On Valentines’
  • He’ll send you flowers, chocolates, and a hand-written letter, telling you how much you mean to him
  • He treats you like a PRINCESS
  • When he sees a dude checking you out
  • He gets REALLY pissed
  • He’ll either wrap his hands around your waist or kiss you on the cheek to tell the whole world that you’re his
  • Speaking of which
  • He is a HUGE fan of PDA
  • He really likes skinship a lot and he does show them to his members unknowingly
  • “Ew hyuNG gET a ROom”
  • Occasionally you go over to their dorm to spend time with the boys (but they know that you visit to see jaebum. oops.) and you don’t go there empty handed though
  • You sometimes bring, doughnuts, cookies, pizza, fried chicken etc. for the boys, knowing very well that they’re hungry 24/7
  • “hyung, you’re so lucky”
  • “if ya’ll happen to break up, I’ll be the next to date Y/N”
  • And bambam got hit for that
  • Well the boys love you and they’re really supportive of your relationship with jaebum
  • When his group has concerts near you, he’ll get tickets for you to attend it
  • During the concert when they get to interact with the fans, he’ll be sure to mention you
  • “ahgase, my girlfriend is in the audience tonight! And I want to say Y/N, I love you a lot”
  • “AWW” – ahgase
  • “EWW” – got7
  • You get to go backstage to see them (or him HAHA) after the concerts because since you hang out with them a lot, even the staff recognises you and lets you pass
  • You congratulated and hugged all the members
  • Jaebum intertwines his fingers in yours
  • “you know I meant what I said during the concert right?”

Favorite moments from the wedding:

  • Way more tears than I ever expected.  I was crying left and right.
  • A bee getting stuck between the layers of my tulle dress (that thing was a bug net!) and gently trying to get out without frightening it.  "Don’t get nervous little guy…You’ve got a big job to do…You’re not dying here.  You’ve gotta pollinate the world!“ (The bee made it.)
  • Little high five after his vows.  He did well, despite writing them the night before.  All about how he has horrible luck, and how I taught him that we make our own luck…And that we probably shouldn’t go to Vegas anytime soon because we used up all his luck on me. My pride and joy was the line in my vows that said, “I will be the DPS to you healer” and all the gamers in the audience shed a tear.  
  • A flower pedestal falling over right after the officiant said, “And for those of you who couldn’t be here or have passed, you are here in spirit.” My grandma was there, no doubt.
  • Going out for our first look, it’s sprinkling just slightly, I tap Harrison on the shoulder and I don’t even wait to let him see me because I’m just crying and hugging him and so overwhelmed by the moment.  I don’t think that’s how the first look is supposed to go, haha, oops!
  • Singing I Want You Back to a room full of my friends singing and dancing along with me.
  • My cute dusty pink jellies that I wore because there was no way this girl was wearing heels in the grass.
  • Singing Rivers and Roads with one of my bridesmaids and best friends to close out the night.  Belting is hard through happy tears.
  • Hearing my student, @braveasabadger , rock it with my husband at the keys, friends on drums and bass, and my voice teachers listening in.  So proud.  (Also, the Star Wars book she got Harrison had him entranced, so good work, Lucy.)
  • Friends from all over the world coming together for a day, and watching as they all become friends over the night. The best.
  • Jamming with so many incredible musicians and friends.   Which is so hilarious, because notoriously, when Harrison asked me to jam when we first met, I said no.  (For clarification, I thought he was way too good and way too cute and I didn’t want embarrass myself…But as he says, we finally got to jam.)
  • Singing Jenny (Flight of the Conchords) after our first song (Overjoyed) and completely shocking everyone with Harrison’s hilarious acting abilities.
  • New name.  That’s weird.  And really fun.  (I keep telling Harrison to say my name and he says super slowly, “Christiiiiiiine….  W…hat was that?”)
  • My officiant is one of my closest friends, the woman who took care of me growing up while my mom was at work.  I’ve since taken care of her kids for years, and she is like a second mother to me.  At the rehearsal dinner, she said this in a speech: “I asked your mom once, isn’t it hard to leave your kids every day for work?  And she said, isn’t it so wonderful for both of them to know that there is this incredible community that loves them and cares for them and will be there when I’m not.  And that’s what this room–that community that loves you more than anything.”  (Did I mention there were a lot of tears last weekend?)
  • It was magical, it was perfect.  My car may be totaled in a hit and run on the morning of (still waiting on the shop to get a final verdict on the severity) but hey, I’m married, and it was the perfect weekend.  The day flew by, but I enjoyed every moment and wouldn’t change any of it for the world.

So! I’m about 4 followers from 100 so I said to myself “fuck it” and decided to post these anyway.

Mostly because of the stupid fandom bullshit that has been going on - I feel like we need a little positivity in this fandom right now.

So, have some Scooby Doom Flower Crown Edits of Papa and some of the Ghouls.

I need more pictures of Ghouls haha.

With that, I would love to take submissions or suggestions, so my ask and submit boxes SHOULD be open now. If you would like to see more of these, that’s the best way to do it. Unless you want to edit them yourself.

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Okay so I'm really wanting to rp with someone over kik with a specific pairing (*cough* MARKISNOTONFIRE *cough*) but I can't find anyone who will??? I'm sorry if you don't support roleplaying, you can delete my question if you'd like. I hope you're doing well and bless you for this ship 💛

There’s not a lot of fandom stuff that freaks me out, tbh. :p I have a thirteen-year-long YuGiOh rp goin’ with my bestie, so nah, I don’t dislike rp. I know there are different considerations to be taken when it involves rpf, but I think as long as you’re respectful, using common sense and discretion, and making a solid distinction between your rp character and the actual person, you’re likely to be okay. I see it kinda like writing fanfic, but with more than one writer. I know it can be a disputed subject, but I think a lot of it really comes down to respecting the wishes and privacy of the person you want to base a character on. 

That said, I don’t have much advice for finding an rp partner, because I’m a creature of habit, haha. I guess you just kinda have to float the idea out there, and hope that someone with a similar interest will find ya. Maybe check through the ship tag on tumblr and see who’s around?

I hope you’re doing well, also. :3 And the ship is actually @pixelatedcrow‘s baby; they requested it initially. :)

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Sass Master

Author’s Note:: Changed the show because I do not know anything about the xfactor.

Anonymous said:

Can you do a grant gustin imagine we’re the reader is a judge on xfactor as well as grants celebrity crush. He brings the flash cast to an audition to watch and he’s surprised about how sassy she is and afterwards he and the cast meet her then they ends up dating

Grant’s POV

Today I decided to take the cast of The Flash to see the America’s Got Talent. I mainly wanted to see my celebrity crush, Y/N Y/L/N. She is so sassy, a nerd like me, a beautiful woman, creative, inspirational. Who wouldn’t love Y/N? I was so excited to go and see the show. I was buzzing and about ready to jump out of the car. If only I really was the Flash, I would already be there. (Like my joke?)

“Grant, man why are you shaking so much?” Carlos asked, because I was shaking my legs.

“Just excited to uh see the talent.” I say, and he sees right through my lie. Granted (HAHA) I was excited to see the talent, but I was more excited to see Y/N in action. I was in the car with Carlos, Danielle, and Tom Felton. Tom Cavanagh was going to meet us there.

“Mate, you want to see Y/N. We know you.” Tom said to me, chuckling because of the blush that had formed on my face.

“So what? Don’t tease me.” They all laugh.

“It’s in the guidelines. We must poke fun. But she is beautiful. I will say.” Danielle says, pulling into the venue parking area. I about jumped out of the car when we parked. We all walk inside, I want to scream with excitement. We go to our seat, which happen to be kind of behind the judging table. Perfect, I can look at Y/N. We were a little early. We had to be to get our seats. Y/N was walking around checking to make sure everything was okay. I overheard her.

“Now you are sure nothing will break or come tumbling down? I don’t want our guests to get hurt. I had that happen once on a different show.” The guy she was talking to nodded and told her something that I could not hear as well. She is so caring. She sees us and waves. OMG OMG OMG. I wave back quite enthusiastically. She giggles and walks back stage.

“If she didn’t know she was your celebrity crush, she sure does now.” Cavanagh said, laughing behind me.

“Oh shut up! I can’t help it.” I pout.

It was time for the judges to come out now. First Howie comes out, Mel B, Y/N, then Simon.

“New year, new talent! New judge as well. Welcome Y/N!” Howie said into the microphone.

“Thank you, Howie. I am so glad to be here with the people I look up to. I am so excited to see the talent that is in America! How about you guys? Are you ready?!” She asks the crowd. We all cheer. There were many acts. One guy was a contortionist.

“Oh. My. God. What did I just watch?” Y/N asked to no one.

“I don’t know but that was disgusting but in a good way.” Mel B said.

“I just- how can you maneuver your body into all of those positions? I can barely do a split.” Y/N said. She was pretty funny.

“I can do a split.” Howie said.

“More like split the decisions Howie. You can’t do a split.”

“I can to!”

“No fighting with me Howie.”

Howie pouts but then they vote. He got through. Then this guy comes on, he is a comedian. He was saying some great stuff. Had Y/N laughing so hard she was actually crying. I was too.

“You remind me of me when I was your age.” Howie said, about to say something else but Y/N mumbled.

“When the dinosaurs roamed the Earth?”

“I am not that old. As I was saying. You were nervous but when you started, you got the groove and you were a natural.”

“I loved it, I was crying because I was laughing so hard. Howie can’t do that yet. You’ve got some great talent.” Y/N says making the crowd laugh and the comedian laugh. He was voted through. The show was over then. Y/N went around and got some pictures with some of her fans, then she came up to me and the cast.

“Hey, you guys are on the Flash right? I am a very big fan of the show. Would you guys like to come back stage with me?” She asks, I way too quickly said yes. Before she even got the rest of the question out. She chuckles and rubs my arm. We follow her backstage. She offers us refreshments and then she pulls me aside.

“A little birdy told me that you have a crush on someone at the judges table.” I look at her surprised, my cheeks growing red like a tomato. “Felton is a good friend of mine.” She chuckles and places her hand on my arm. It is so warm and it feels like it should be on me at all times. Whoa Gustin, way to be weird.

“She may like you too.” Mel B says, walking past us.

“MEL! I was gonna give him some suspense, make him sweat it. You are no fun!” Y/N retorts, causing me to laugh.

“That is nice to know. Very nice to know the feelings are mutual. Would she like to go on a date with me?” I ask.

“I will have to think about that.” She ponders the thought. “Only if! You give me a kiss on the cheek. And a hug. No fancy restaurant.”

“Hmmm I think I can do that.” I lean and kiss her cheek then hug her. Her arms go up around my neck and it is so nice. So perfect. She smells sweet too. Grant, stop being weird. I pull back and look into her eyes. She grabs her phone from her uh chest and hands it to me.

“I will need those digits.” She says, causing me to laugh again. I put my number in her phone and take a picture on her phone of us. She had a beautiful smile. I take one on my phone where we were doing silly faces. Still beautiful.

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Sorry to vent niu but Im really tired of capricorn always being all about work and crazy for money... It has to be more about them...

Stereotypes live hard in zodiac signs and it’s true that two common traits in Capricorn are Money and Work. However, just because your personal astrological chart is more than your sun sign (which is like 1 % of your whole astrological personality haha), not all typical traits fit you. For example I’m Sun Aries and Aries are said to fall in love constantly, be aggressive and always super sporty and competitive - and I’m 99,9% of the time not interested in anyone, I rather avoid confrontation than create it, you can’t make me move any muscle as I hate sports and competitive nature is rather mellow in me. I don’t want to do the typical Aries things like see how’s the best and the fastest and the strongest and challenge everyone to this match or that competition. Not even when I have Mars (planet of Action) in Aries!

That’s because I have a) Rising Capricorn (= uncaring, distant, private) b) Moon in Cancer (= lazy, private, more emotional than physical) and c) Venus in Taurus (likes things easy and mellow and soft).

As traits also lap over with each other and different elemental signs share similar traits, some characteristics between different signs are similar.

ANYWAY! Capricorn is TYPICALLY driven, goal oriented, workaholic, motivated by success, becomes more successful the older they become, have problems with their father or father figure (or men in general), can donate money to poor somewhere out there but isn’t interested in helping their family or neighbors unless they REALLYREALLYREALLY care about them, keeps distance even to their partner at times, keeps things private (not because they’d want to hide thing; they just don’t want to spill all their beans to others), warms up slowly but when has warmed up is super loyal and devoted, wants to be cuddled and taken care of but might not know how to express these desires, “introvert demisexual” haha, can’t put things into words so appears often either as awkward or distant (or both), gets to the goal even if it killed them, let’s nothing stand in front of them, are very needy for sense of security (which is the biggest factor in workaholism and money hoarding), like intelligence and deep conversations, can be snob,  usually understands the bigger picture, have SUPER DEEP emotions while appearing like ice brick on the outside, usually look very young even when get old (I have this trait as a Rising Capricorn lol), life might really kick in in the middle age, isn’t that family oriented but takes care of their responsibilities, are good managers, thinks sometimes that things get done the right way if they do it themselves, modern design and geometrical shapes appeal to them, certain darkness and coldness is always present in them, are often thin and tall, might have teeth and bone problems due Saturn ruling them, can have hard childhood/teenager years, might not want to be seen and likes to hide in the corners, can be interested in politics/social activism/activism any sort, is all about rules and following them, respect needs to be earned as they don’t give it to you easily, are actually  despite their chill distant and uninterested nature one of the kinkiest signs, have dry and sarcastic sense of humor, sometimes macabre humor too, can be saint like too, is actually feminine sign, super strong and chill and by the god don’t anger them..!

Some Capricorn examples are:

- Levi and Berthold from Attack on Titan (also both being officially Capricorns and representing the dual sides of the sign - both act in  a way which is typical to Capricorn). OH! Christa is also Capricorn and does fit the sign!
- Satsuki Kiryuin from Kill la Kill. Also Tsumugu Kinagase is Very Capricorn-like Aries or Aries-like Capricorn! I’d also say that while Ira Mako is more Scorpio like, he does have some very distinct Capricorn traits.
- Paine from Final Fantasy X-2 (sharing also Scorpio traits)
- Noctis Lucis Caelum from Final Fantasy XV has Capricorn vibe in him rather visibly (”demisexual introvert” lol) 
- Squall Leonhart is Capricorn like a guy
-  Dwayne from Little Miss Sunshine is very much Capricorn! (Also sharing Scorpio and possibly Aquarius traits)
- Hyuodou Kiyoharu from Ballroom e Youkoso is very typical Capricorn
- I don’t know much of Otabek from Yuri on Ice but what I saw him, my instant association with him was a Capricorn.
- Lightning in Final Fantasy X can either be seen Aries or Capricorn type of a woman. 
- Vergil in Devil May Cry has Capricorn traits in him, though he does fit Scorpio elements well, too.
- I put Sergei Dragunov from Tekken also into typical Capricorn list (surprisingly my fave character as a Rising Caprucorn lol)

A chat with SDJ:  A Lesson in Sugar Psychology – Into the mind of a Controlling SD

I posted the following last year and decided for a variety of reasons to remove it from my blog.  I recently decided that it was still a post worth reading, so, I am taking it out of my private archive and posting it again:

I got a message from a SB who raised some interesting issues.  I was in “procrastination mode” as far as my vanilla work, lol, so I turned my attention to her situation.  I am providing our “chat”, basically in full [Note:  she gave me her permission to share this with all of you!].  I think the coolest thing in this exchange was that I was able to zero in on this guy’s “psychological profile” in pretty short order and that she was able to confirm that I was “spot on”.  So, without further adieux, I present a sugardaddyfirst – “A Chat with SDJ”.  Enjoy!

SB:  hey SDJ! Can you help me interpret a sugar daddy’s perspective? I’m with a married man. He offered to book me a hotel in my name and I freaked out because I didn’t want to give him my real name. He got upset over it and I told him I needed time to trust him. All of a sudden, he said he wants to be my boyfriend and that he’s going to leave his wife soon. Can you help me understand why he said that?

Me:  Hi there, sugar.  What do you mean that he offered to book you a hotel room?  For what?  In other words, were you planning to meet him for a rendez vous at Hotel X and he wanted to book the room in your name, or that he wants to book you a hotel room because you are traveling somewhere without him?

SB:  He wanted to book me a hotel for a few days because I needed a place to stay temporarily.

Me:  … so he was going to stay with you?

SB:  No. He wasn’t.  I needed a place to stay and I had a hard time finding one on my own. So he offered to take care of it for me without expecting anything in return.  but our convo following the refusal to giving him my real name was very weird. He was talking about being my boyfriend.  He’s always on SA, so I know he’s not looking to be my boyfriend. why was he BSing me like that? that whole talk of leaving his wife and stuff?

Me:  … it’s a common asshole stunt that married men sometimes pull.  He said that because he thinks that’s what you want to hear. But, he will never do it.  Also, he figures that if you are willing to be his “mistress” until “he leaves his wife”, you will be willing to fuck him for free.

SB:  I told him not to divorce his wife and responded with, “So you don’t want to be with me?”  Men are sooo confusing.  Should I have less reason to trust him now? I was eventually going to give him my real name. But now I’m kind of backing away.

Me:  lol. They are only confusing if you let yourself be confused by the bullshit they say.  I’m telling you, this is all an attempt to get in your pants for little or no money, nothing more, nothing less.  Nothing confusing about it.  

And, as far as the hotel room, if he is willing to put you up for less than a week, and, if he’s going to use his credit card to pay for it, he can and should put it in his own name, not yours.  It shouldn’t be a problem.

He wants to know your real name so that he can “find out about you” and stalk you, if he finds the need to do so.

I don’t blame you for not trusting him.  Two big red flags:  the whole “I’m leaving my wife” is a crock, so he’s untrustworthy as is his attempt to get your name for a hotel room when he doesnt need it.

SB:  Okay, so when my gut feelings were telling me that this man has got something up his sleeve, they were right.  thank you! I don’t think he would have sex with me for free, though. Money is not an issue for him. He’s paid me, even when no sex is involved.  another thing, he wants me to be loyal to him. Yet he’s always on SA. What’s up with that?

Me:  Yes, you have a good “gut instinct”!  Always follow it!  And, yeah, there is something up his sleeve.  Even if the issue isn’t money in and of itself, you can bet it’s something else. It could be a means to control or manipulate you, for example.  And, who knows, maybe he does actually “believe” that he will leave his wife or he wants you to want that.  It’s all forms of control.


Me:  haha! disco!  See what I mean?  lol

SB:  I would let him control me sexually as part of a fantasy, BUT NOT IN REAL LIFE. I’m a human being with my own goals!

Me:  He’s a control freak – and that would include sexually – but for him, it means totally control your life and that’s why he wants you to be “loyal”. He wants to control who you fuck, or more specifically, he wants to make sure that you don’t have sex with anyone else because, in his mind, it would weaken his control over you

SB:  He wants me to have sex with his friends.

Me:  … that’s still control, baby!  Okay, maybe he’ll let you have sex with others, but he gets to say who.  And he’ll wanna watch, film it, or who knows what! Which, if you’re down with it, that’s fine, but, believe me, it will happen on his terms, not yours

SB:  so you’re pretty much saying that he wants to be in control of my life outside of our SB/SD relationship? hmm, interesting. I don’t mind being honest with everything with the right SD, but I need to internally screen these men, you know?

Me:  Yes, exactly. He wants to control your life outside the SD/SB relationship, which is fucked up!  And, I agree with you and approach arrangements the same way – I like being honest and direct, because that makes the whole relationship so much better, but, you do have to do a lot of “screening” before you open up to a guy.

SB:  thank you so much, I LOVE YOU <3 this makes so much more sense!

SB (a little later):  So yes, he wants to watch other people have sex with me. I don’t want to, should I let him know?

Me:  hmm,  this guy is a kinky rascal, isn’t he? And, that’s saying something coming from me!  ;-)

Remember this:  it’s your body, so you get to call the shots.  See a post of mine called Your Body Your Rules”  

So, if you don’t want to do it, don’t, and, more importantly, don’t get put in the position where you may have no choice! Yes, let him know that you are absolutely not comfortable with that up front before you walk into a room, and to your surprise, he’s there with two of his friends and a camcorder!

SB:  A kinky rascal, hahaha! you sound like the coolest sugar daddy ever, your sugar babies are so lucky!


Have an Eddie Edit.
Because it’s beautiful and I want you to at least see it, and you said people are allowed to share creations with you.
I promise this is the last one for today. I promise.

NO. NEVER STOP. I WILL NEVER OBJECT TO MORE EDDIE IN MY INBOX. And I am being 100% honest when I say I wanna see your creations! They lighten my day! (and night, haha!) GUH. Such a handsome man! 

And if you break the promise of last one for the day, I am okay with that. Just sayin’……. *wink wink*

Dear ARMYs: For 보고 싶었다.

Just because I’ve been gone for six months, and this is my first graphic in nine, doesn’t mean I don’t know how to appreciate kind tags.

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Out Of Our Way

Originally posted by hey-seoul-sistah

Sometimes Jimin takes his love for Jungkook a little too far.

Word Count: 979

Warnings: murder, violence, swearing

Pairing: Jungkook x Jimin

Genre: angst, slight fluff, psychopath!jimin au

Song: Selena Gomez’s Undercover

A/N: THis was an exTREMEly hard story to write. I’m not much of a jikook shipper, but i am a HUGE taehyung stan, so i was pretty much crying while i wrote this help me. but anyways i hope my suffering paid off and you guys enjoy it and let me know if you want a part 2 or something

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Keith Ape - Are You Kidding?

I used Keith Ape’s given name [Lee Dongheon] in this story for those who might not know…..

Originally posted by sakura-xo

There you sat alone in the sheer white gown. Looking over to your right you see the IV bag halfway empty, the slow drip bringing the sleep to your eyes even though you just can’t seem to relax enough to drift off. The nurse came into the room to ask if there was anyone that she could contact to come take care of you.

“There’s no one,” you said in a weak voice. Sure you could have said a friends’ name or even your boss, but you just wanted to be alone. Your boyfriend had been the first person that you thought of but he had been so busy travelling and recording in the past couple days that you didn’t want to feel like more of a burden.

“I’m sorry, miss, but are you sure? You just had your appendix taken out. It’s a fairly difficult surgery to recover on your own. Is there no one at all?”

You let your mind wander over a list of people. Since it was still summer break, most of your friends had gone on vacations or were off studying so you couldn’t call them. Your family all lived in Busan so they couldn’t get to the hospital here in Seoul. That left you with just two options: you could break down and call your boyfriend Dongheon [Keith Ape to the rest of the world] or you could just be alone. Shaking your head slightly your eyes fell on the IV in your arm again as the nurse sighed and left your room.

Your pride just wouldn’t let you reach out to Dongheon. You had been avoiding your boyfriend of seven months for the past couple days ever since he returned from the United States in a foul mood. He had accused you of being needy and requiring too much attention when you just asked when he would be able to spend some time with you. Snapping back to reality you saw your phone ringing and showing the man that your thoughts kept coming back to. You thought to yourself if you should answer but decided that you would wait until the morning. A text flashed from him.

“Jiyong said you missed your shopping date with his girl…”

You had completely forgotten about your plans earlier as you were rushed to the hospital. You had collapsed in the train station on your way home from work. What you thought had been a stomach ache was actually a burst appendix which required emergency surgery.

“I must have forgotten. I’ll give her a call,” you texted back, annoyed that he didn’t even bother to ask how you were. Sure he was always straight to the point but he normally still at least pretended to care. Your phone went off again but you didn’t bother to look.

Flipping on the TV, you tried to distract yourself with a rerun of a drama but you just couldn’t focus. Your phone kept buzzing every so often before you finally checked. Dongheon had sent multiple messages.

“It’s not like you to forget something like that…..are you okay?……why haven’t you been texting me the past couple days?…..hello…..hello~… me…… please I’m getting worried”

You sighed at his persistent attitude which was something that you loved but didn’t want to deal with at the moment.

“I’m fine. Just tired” you sent him back. He had known about your recent stomach pains but he didn’t know about the severity. You surfed the Web and checked social media. The phone started to ring as you heard a knock at your door and the nurse coming in. She looked at the screen but didn’t say anything as she checked your vitals and helped you to the restroom. Your phone was still ringing as you got back into bed. The nurse gave you a small smile and goodnight before leaving. You checked the voicemail, giving a long exhale at Dongheon’s raspy voice.

“Call me back or I’m going to break into your apartment.” He sounded agitated and worried so you finally broke down and gave him a call.

“Oh! Are you okay?” He answered in a rush which caused you to chuckle and in turn take a sharp intake of air with the pain for using your tender stomach muscles.

“What’s wrong? Are you hurt?” He asked into the receiver. You could hear the blinking of a turn signal.

“Oppa I’m fine. Just fine. What are you up to?” Dongheon told you about his trip and you tried to focus on his every detail but sleep was finally winning the battle and you dosed off slightly. Waking up you searched for your phone which you found had been place on the table next to your bed. There was a hooded form resting their had next to your thigh while holding your hand as you tried to pulled yourself up slightly, the form moved.

“You’re awake. Good, good. Here, drink some water and I’ll go get the nurse.” He pressed a straw up to your lips before you could process how he was here. He gave a call down the hall and the same nurse came in.

“I’m sorry, you had left the call up and I had come in to check on you. I asked him to come and I hope that you don’t mind,” the nurse gave gave a slight bow. “You spiked a high fever as a result of the procedure. It appears as though you have as minor allergy to the anesthesia and we gave you some medicine. You’ll have to stay overnight for observation but luckily it was only a small reaction.”

You felt Dongheon’s grip on your hand tighten, his mouth drawn in a straight line as he stared at where the IV was inserted. The nurse excused herself from the room as you sat in silence with Dongheon rubbing patterns on the back of your hand.

“When were you going to tell me?” He whispered not yet meeting your eyes. You rubbed your face slightly.

“I was going to later,” he just scoffed and rolled his eyes.

“So I’m not important enough to be your emergency contact? I can’t know when my girlfriend is in the hospital after she collapsed for fucks sake?” His voice was louder than appropriate for the setting and you cringed at his words.

“You were mad, remember? I didn’t want to be a burden since you didn’t have time for my whining. Or don’t you remember that call?” You spat back at him with defiance in your eyes making him cringe in response this time.

“I thought that you would realize that I’m just stressed. I mean, you know how much you mean to me baby.” He kissed your hand gently. “I thought I was going to die, I was so worried.”

You gently tugged on his hand and pointed at you’d lips. A sly smile broke out as he pulled himself up to plant a kiss on your lips. He pulled away much to quickly for your liking which caused you to pout.

“So I’m not too needy?”

“You are no where close to a burden to me. Couldn’t be if you tried. I promise that I will always take care of you and try my hardest even when I’m busy. I’m such an ass for saying that to you, it’s not your fault that I get stressed yet I somehow took it out on you. How can I make it up to you?” You searched his eyes which were tired as the dark circles made themselves known. Dongheon always tended to look terrible when he hasn’t been taking care of himself and you could tell that he had been skipping meals and sleep for the past couple days.

“Just come up here and take a nap with me.” You tried to move gently but made some room for him to climb in the hospital bed. There was barely enough room and Dongheon didn’t want to squish you but based on the determined look in your eyes, he wouldn’t have another option. He gave a sigh but crawled into bed carefully as not to jar you too badly. You rested your head on his chest as his heartbeat soothed your worries.

“I love you, Dongheon,” you whispered in slight embarrassment as these weren’t words that you often said to each other. While you had exchanged them before, they weren’t often said unless there was a great meaning for them.

Dongheon placed a kiss on your hand again.

“Baby, I love you more than you could even imagine.”

You were released from the hospital the next evening. Dongheon looked a bit more rested but you had made him promise to take off the weekend, insisting that it would help you to heal faster. Now you were sitting up on the couch while watching your favorite show and waiting for Dongheon to finish on the phone.

“You have to ask the boss, hyung. She has all control over my schedule today,” Dongheon came wondering back over to you. He held the phone out to you, mouthing “Oscar” to you.

“Hmm, Oppa?” You greeted.

“Are you feeling better?” He asked while shushing the guys in the background so were being rowdy as usual.

“Yeah, Dongheon has been taking care of me. The pain is almost gone now,” You informed the Cohort leader.

“So do you feel well enough for us to come over? The guys missed you and wanted to celebrate the lack of appendix and new roommate.”

You coughed slightly, “I mean, that’s fine but what roommate?” Dongheon froze, eyes wide.

“Hyung!!” He cried as he reached for the phone. You held up your hand as the wheels turned in your head.

“Haha, oops! Well I guess he hadn’t said anything yet? Well see you in a bit!” And with that Oscar was gone and your attention was back on your boyfriend, who stood there biting his lip.

“Well, you know how we fought because we were lonely and hadn’t seen each other in so long? Well my lease is up soon so I guess if you want we can get and place together?” He was scratching his head as he asked you in the most round about way possible.

“I guess I could do that,” you gave him a warm smile as he bent down to meet your lips.

Yugyeom Imagine - Worth It

A/N - I loved doing this one because I could see something like this happening in real life, y’know? Anyway i hope you guys enjoyed it and please keep sending in all your requests! I love getting inspiration from you guys and without it, this blog definitely wouldn’t do well haha. Love you all ❤️

Yugyeom had called you earlier, asking to see you. He had seemed nervous and said that he “needed to talk to you”. A million and one things were going through your mind as you wondered what it could be. You knew he would be going on tour soon so he might just want to see you before he goes but who knows. When you arrived at the Got7 dorm, you were met with Youngjae who seemed to know why Yugyeom had invited you over, based on the morose look on his face.
“Yugyeom’s in his room,” he said as you walked into the dorm, taking off your jacket and shoes.
“Okay thanks, Youngjae,” you replied smiling warmly at him before going towards your boyfriend’s room.

You knocked on the door and walked in to see Yugyeom sat on the bed looking at his phone. When he glanced up at you, he smiled weakly; it was almost as if he didn’t want to see you.
“Is everything okay, Yugyeom? You didn’t seem too happy on the phone,” you asked him as you sat beside him on the bed, placing your hand on the middle of his thigh, something you often did when he needed comforting. Instead of letting you comfort him, he removed your hand and place it on your own knee. He fidgeted nervously on the bed before saying, “Listen, we need to talk.”
“Okay,” you responded, become even more worried. 
“I think we should break up.”
“What? Break up? Why?”
“I just think it’s time for our relationship to end.” He gave you a sad look when he saw the tears forming in your eyes. You were devastated at the thought of losing him.
“That’s not a good enough answer, Kim Yugyeom and you know it!” You said, raising your voice as tears spilled down your cheeks. “Tell me the real reason why you’re ending a perfectly good relationship. Have I done something wrong? Or is there someone else? Please just tell me.”
“No, it’s not that it’s just-”
“Then what is it?! Tell me!” Your crying got even worse and tears were also falling down Yugyeom’s cheeks.
“It’s because you deserve better,” he admitted, looking at you sadly.
“I’m going away on tour and we won’t see each other for two months and you deserve someone who won’t leave for that long.”
“Yugyeom you cannot tell me what I do and don’t deserve. I decide that. Besides, I don’t care if you’re leaving for two months. I’ll wait for you.” You had sat back down after your little outburst and your hands were on Yugyeom’s cheeks, making sure he looked you in the eye as you spoke to him.
“You shouldn’t have to wait.”
“I don’t care about that. I’d wait forever as long as I can be with you in the end.”
“Of course I would. You’re worth it, Yugyeom. You’ll always be worth it.” You leaned your forehead against his, hoping he’d accept your sincerity. 
“Now I’m the one who doesn’t deserve you. You’re too good to me.”
“Oh shut up and kiss me.” Your lips met in a sweet and gentle kiss.
“I love you, (Y/N).”
“I love you too, Yugyeom.”

caustic-synishade  asked:

I want art thieves to be sent to another planet. I cannot handle this anxiety right now. holy shit. That person on your post that said they steal from me? they just baited me on twitter.

I’m so sorry to hear that, dude, it really sucks. I’ve had some arguments with people on G+ who were all saying that we were the ones bullying on them for calling them out about stealing out stuff. As you can probably tell, it wasn’t pleasant haha Someone also said that there are some netiquette rules about this sort of things? Like, some people think that reposting other people’s stuff is actually totally legit and okay because there is no actual copyright on the thing and the thieves cannot be “punished” in any way. I don’t know, it’s a big mess and I just want people to understand how frustrating it is to see your work straight up stolen are reuploaded without you consenting to it or even knowing

I’ll Always Be With You (Loki x Reader)

A/N: It’s been a while since I posted, I know. So here’s a request which stood in my ask box like forever. This was a beautiful request, I hope I didn’t ruin it. 

PS: So Loki and Thor are actually 1000 years old or something but in this fic I wrote their ages like they’re normal people. I used the phrase ‘a few years’ at some point because I have no idea how old they were in the first Thor movie. 

Originally posted by crushabledotcom

“Get up.” (Y/N) said as she walked towards Loki, who was sitting on the corner of his cell, his back against the wall. He had dark circles under his red eyes, his dark brown hair was messy, his knuckles were bleeding. 

Loki just looked up at her, before turning back to staring blanky on the other side of the cell.

(Y/N) sighed as she sat in front of him, opening the aid kit she brought with her. She pulled his hands to clean the wounds as he turned his eyes to her. 

“Why are you doing this?” He asked as she started to clean the blood off his knuckles. 

She didn’t answer.

“Didn’t the books I brought earlier interest you? I thought you’d like them.” She said.

“(Y/N),” He said, like he was warning her. 

She looked up at him, but didn’t say anything.

“Why are you here, taking care of me?” He asked, his voice harsh. 

Which words could she use to say she still loved him after everything he had done?

“Okay then, just tell me; does anyone else care? Does Thor? Does Odin?” He spat, rage in his voice as he ment,oned his brother’s and father’s names. 

“Your father-”

“HE IS NOT MY FATHER!” He shouted so loud, she jumped back in shock. 

He breathed out heavily, trying to control his rage. 

They remained silent, (Y/N) eyes away from him as his was on her. 

“Get out,” He said, his voice tone normal. 

“I am not going anywhere.” (Y/N) responded.

“(Y/N), leave.“ 


“Why are you still even with me?!” He yelled again as he stood up. 

“Because you were there when I needed you! Now-”

“I do not need you. I don’t need any one of you.” He spat.

“You’re just angry.” She said. 

She was right, he was angry. All of his childhood, he had always felt lefted out, living in a shade, a shade of his brother’s. He felt like he wasn’t needed in his family, he didn’t feel good enough. Because he wasn’t treated as equals with his brother, the man who he grew up with. Yes, he was angry. 

“You build walls around yourself, push people away. Not because you don’t need them, but because you do. And it scares you.” She added. 

Loki didn’t yell again. He knew she was right, deep inside. His blood ran cold but he wasn’t going to yell at her again, push her away. She didn’t deserve that. 

“Let me help you.” (Y/N) said with a soft voice, her eyes watering. She took a step towards him. 

He didn’t react, he just stood still as she came closer to him. 

She placed her hand on his cheek, “Please," 

He relaxed under her touch. Warm. Safe. 

His hands went to her waist, pulling her closer gently. Their foreheads rested against each other as they closed their eyes.

This…“ (Y/N) whispered. ”…Don’t you want this?“

He felt his heart warm up, he felt home with her. She was a light he had in his darkness. 

I can’t. 

His hands fell to his sides, he took a step back. He turned away from her, ran his hands through his hair, biting his lip to not cry. 

"Just go.” He managed to say without his voice cracking.

Her eyes watered, and her heart ached as she turned turned to leave. 

She just wished everything could go back to how they used to be.

Age 6
“You boys can’t catch me!” (Y/N) shouted as she kept running as fast as she could.
“That’s not fair! You started to run first!” Thor prostested, trying to catch up with her.
“And you are the son of Odin!” (Y/N) said, running even faster. Loki and Thor were running equally fast next to each other.
“Come on (Y/N)!”
All of a sudden, Loki got an idea. He remembered the little trick his mother, Frigga taught him. He transported himself, right in (Y/N)’s way.
It happend so fast, (Y/N) was surprised, she couldn’t stop and she ran into Loki. They both fell on the floor. She hit her forehead to Loki’s chin, and it hurt pretty bad.
“I got you.” Loki said, laying on the floor.
Thor started laughing at them.
“Ouch. That hurt.” (Y/N) mumbled, her hand on her forehead. Thor ran towards them, still laughing.
“I am sorry.” Loki said, getting up, pulling (Y/N) up with him.
“Kids! Are you alright? I told you no running inside the house!” Frigga came in running, a worried look on her face.
“Oh, darling.” She whispered when she saw the bruise on (Y/N)’s forehead. She gently touched her bruise. “Stay here, I will get a healing stone, it will be alright.” Frigga said, looking at Loki and (Y/N).
Frigga rushed out of the room.
“Shut up Thor! It hurts.” (Y/N) said, glaring at Thor, who was still chuckling.
“I don’t think it is wise to say that to your future king, (Y/N).” Thor said, smirking. She smacked his arm as Loki watched them. Thor said he was just joking, and kissed her forehead.
Is there any chance for me to be the king?, Loki thought to himself, watching Thor hugging (Y/N). Why doesn’t anyone love me as much as they love Thor?
“I am really sorry, (Y/N).” Loki said with a low voice.
“It is okay.” She mumbled before pulling him to their hug.
“Are you really going to make us hug?” Thor said, trying to pull away.
“Yes!” She said as she forced them both to group-hug.
Age 10
“Thor! Stop!” (Y/N) shouted as she tried to swim away. Thor just laughed as he kept splashing water to her.
Loki watched them play together, then decided to do a little trick, he threw water right at Thor’s face, with just imagining it. Then he laughed at his expression.
(Y/N) joined laughing with him, watching Thor glare at them.
“See? It is not funny now is it?” (Y/N) said, smiling at him.
“That was really cool!” She added, turning to Loki, who was sitting on the chair, watching the two swim in the pool.
“Thanks.” Loki said, smiling shyly.
“Why don’t you come swim with us? I know you like swimming!” (Y/N)smiled back at her friend.
“Yeah brother, come join us!” Thor said.
“Loki, come on!” She said, and he took his shirt off. He already had his swimsuit on, so he walked towards the pool slowly.
“Jump! Come on brother!” Thor said and Loki jumped inside the pool as they cheered.
“Let’s race.” (Y/N) suggested when the boys swam towards her.
“You know you’ll lose. Why suggest that?” Thor said, challenging her.
“Actually, I am pretty sure I can beat you boys.”
Loki smirked at her.
“Let’s see.” Loki said, and (Y/N) smirked back at him.
“First one to swim across the pool wins!” She said.
“On count to 3! 1, 2-”
“No! I’ll count.” (Y/N) cut off Thor.
“Why do you always get to count?” Loki protested. She shot him a look.
“Because I want to.” She answered confidently before starting to count. “1…2…3!”
They all rushed forward, swimming as fast they could.

(Y/N) cheered when she finally reached the to corner of the pool, followed by Thor, then Loki.
“I WON! I WON! HAHA!” She clapped her hands, jumping inside the water.
Thor splashed more water to her face. He didn’t like losing. Loki splashed some to Thor, then war started.
“Just admit! I am better than you Thor!” (Y/N) shouted, shutting her eyes so they couldn’t get water in them.
“Loki! Say something! I am right!”
“My brother just can’t accept defeat (Y/N)!”
After a while of (Y/N) and Thor splashing water to each other, (Y/N) was losing, so she gave up.
“Please stop, alright, alright…” Thor stopped splashing water at her, then smiled cockily. She shot him a glare.
He was confused when she saw her eyes, they were glowing in a bright color. Loki must have realized it too, he swam closer and looked at her eyes.
“What, is there something on my face?” She asked, confused.
“Wha-” Thor said, feeling the pool’s tempature rising.  "What’s happenning?“
Loki was confused too, soon the water was too hot, him and Thor got out of the pool, watching (Y/N).
Soon, her hands turned red-orange, but she didn’t feel anything at all. Her eyes widened, she watched her hands, confused. Seconds later, the water started to boil. She still couldn’t feel anything.
Thor wanted to tell her to get out of the pool, but he knew she wasn’t getting hurt. Whatever was happening, she was doing it.
”(Y/N), how are you doing—what are you doing?“ Loki asked, watching her.
"I am not–It is just happening!” She shouted, her eyes still glowing at the brightest shade of red.
She couldn’t take her eyes off her hands, which were still red-orange. She pulled them out of the water, then watched flares coming from them. She was shocked, she couldn’t even speak.
Then she got out of the pool, sat on the floor.
“Oh my…-”
Loki’s eyes widened when he understood what was happening to her.
“Kids! I made—” Frigga stopped talking when she saw what was happenning. (Y/N) was sitting on the ground, her eyes glowing red, flames coming out from her hands. Thor and Loki were next to her, watching her hands, trying to understand what was happening.

Frigga did know what was happening. It was the same exact (Y/N)’s mother before she had passed away. Her mother was a really close friend of Frigga & Odin’s, and they had (Y/N) under their wings after her mother passing away. Her father also didn’t seem to be around. (Y/N) knew he had abonded her and her mother, so she didn’t ask about him much.

“Boys! Back away.” Frigga said, running towards them. Loki hesitated, but they both stepped back as Frigga sat in front of her.

“Sweetheart, (Y/N)…Hey.” She whispered, pushing her wet hair out of her face, being careful not to touch her hands.

“It is going to be alright, look at me. You can control this.” She said, trying to smile.

(Y/N) just looked at her, terrified.

“(Y/N), just close your eyes. I need yoou to close your eyes.” Frigga said, trying to keep calm. (Y/N) did so, listening to her words.

“Now, take a deep breath. Imagine the flares going away. Calm down.”

(Y/N) shut her eyes, trying to stop it. She was scared, so scared.

“I can’t-I can’t! It is not stopping!” She cried out.

“No! Honey, you can do this. Hey, just focus, alright?” Frigga said with a soft voice, looking directly at her eyes.

(Y/N) shut her eyes back, this time more focused. She imagined turning back to normal, the flares going away.

When she opened her eyes back, Frigga took a deep breath of relief. Her eyes weren’t glowing red, her hands were back to normal. She tried to say something, ask what was happening, but she couldn’t. She didn’t move, didn’t look at Frigga.  

Am I monster?,

she thought. That thought disgusted her.

“You are not a monster.” Frigga said, like she just read her mind.

“You are a warrior. That is why you were gifted with these powers.” She added with a confident voice, giving her courage.


Reader’s POV, Age 10

“You are not doing bad.” Loki said, his hand on my shoulder.

“Yes I am doing terrible.” I said, trying to keep my voice from shaking. I was a ten year-old girl, who had the power of burning down the planet. I wasn’t doing a good job controlling it, that much power was too much to me.

“You started a little fire, that is not a failure.” Loki said, holding my chin so I would look at him.

“You do not understand! What if I hurt people Loki?” I said, pushing his hand away.

“It has been only a few days since the accident (Y/N)! You won’t hurt anyone, you will learn how to control it.”

“Maybe they’ll lock me up…You know, I am dangerous, I mean–” I started to babble, not even listening to him.


“…No one would want me around anyways, why would they? I am nothing, just a little girl who can’t even control her own powers.”

Those were heavy words for a 10 year-old kid to use.

“NO! Don’t ever say that again.” Loki said, looking at me. He pushed my hair out of my face.

“You are not just a little girl! You will be a warrior, a goddess when you grow up! Don’t you dare ever say that. You are worth more than you think you do.” He added, his voice confident.

“R-really?” My voice came out like a whisper.

“Really.” He said, smiling a little.

“So…you think I can control this?” I asked.

“I know you can. I will help you, alright? I will always be with you, no matter what.” He said.


Age 14

“Checkmate.” I said, smiling evilly to Loki. He didn’t look surprised, he just sat back, his eyes on me.

“Impressive.” He confessed and took a deep breath.

“Did she win again, brother?” Thor came in smiling at us. Loki shot him a look.

“I won the round before this one.” Loki said.

“Sure you did.” Thor said, smirking before pulling a chair and sitting with us.

“Well, it makes two of you now. You boys can’t accept defeat.” I smirked, they both rolled their eyes.

“We should leave before she starts bragging, brother.” Thor said, looking at Loki. Loki smiled at him before getting up.

“Hey! I do not brag!” I protested, getting up with them. They were already walking towards the door, I ran to catch up with them.

“Yes you do.” Loki said, smirking at me.

I thought for a moment. “I would call that ‘enjoying victory’, not bragging.” I said, trying to step between them.

“We call that bragging.”

“Than what is it you boys always do when you win, which is rare, but still?” They ignored me.

“Ugh. You boys are hard to put up with. I always win, accept it already!”

I looked at my friends, who I spent my whole life with. Who I grew up together, played together, fought together.

They sighed before going back to walking. I chuckled, I loved annoying them.

“Oh! I forgot, I have to meet Sif.” Thor said looking at us.

I raised my eyebrow. “You have to meet Sif?” I repeated before smirking.

“I promised her.” He said, ignoring what I actually meant.

“You promised her?” Loki repeated him like I did, standing next to me, smirking like I was.

Thor shot us a look. “We will spar.”

“Uh-huh. Sparring. Sure. Go, loverboy.” I said before waving him good bye. Loki pushed him gently out of the room.

“Bye, loverboy.” He said with a playful voice. I couldn’t help but laugh at Thor’s expression.

After Thor left, me and Loki walked back to the table and took a seat.

“Want to play another round?” I said, smiling at him.

“I have better ideas, goddess.” He said, and got up. He showed his hand out for me to hold.

I smiled at his nick name for me, I was clearly not a goddess, even though he would always call me that.

“What are those ideas, future king?” I took his hand and let him lead me out of the room.

He chuckled.

“Future-king? I am not so sure that is going to happen, darling.”

“Why is that?” I asked, already knowing why is he thinking like that. He would always think he was living in Thor’s shade. I didn’t know why, Frigga and Odin loved both equally.

“Don’t act like you don’t know why.” He said as we got out of the palace, and head to the garden.

I stopped walking, looked at him.

“I know what are you thinking, but you are wrong.” I said, holding his other hand too. He just gave me a sad smile.

“Not in this one (Y/N).” I squeezed his hands.

“You are worth more than you think you do.” He stared at me for a moment, I knew he was trying to understand if I was telling the truth or not.

“Do you really think so?” He asked, his face lighting up, his eyes filled with hope.

“I do.” I smiled at him. He did the same, and we just looked each other for a while. I didn’t know how long, because I was clearly ‘lost in his eyes’. We both looked away at the same time, realizing it was getting a little bit weird.


Age 16

“Why are you still here?” I asked Thor, who was now sitting next to me on a bench. “I thought you were with Sif and the

“I am here to check up on you.” He said.

“Why? I am fine.”

I actually didn’t know if I was fine. Loki was having a talk with another girl across the garden, and I was just watching them. We were only 16, young, inexperienced, we knew nothing about ‘feelings’.

We were still just kids who couldn’t stay apart from each other.

“You don’t seem like that, (Y/N).” Thor said, looking at me.

“He is just talking to another girl, …like I- don’t know! I just want him to be sitting here with me.” I said, taking a deep breath.

I had known Loki for my whole life, I had gone through my worse and my best with him, we had been together as long as I knew we were. It just felt weird that now we were grown up, and I wasn’t the only girl he spent his time anymore.

“Do you…have a crush on my brother, (Y/N)?”

“Don’t be ridiculuos! It’s just…Look at him, he doesn’t seem to be happy hanging with her look at hi-” I stopped talking when Loki let out a laugh to something the blonde girl had said.

“Well, you are right, he looks sad. So sad.” Thor said sarcasticly.

“Oh dear Odin.” I mumbled and put my hands on my eyes.

Thor put an arm around me, pulling me to him. I layed my head on his shouder and took a deep breath.

*Loki’s POV*

His eyes left the blonde girl and found (Y/N) very often. He had a quiet hard time trying to just stop looking at her these days. He had no idea what was happening to him.

(Y/N) was a loved one of his, as long as he remembered. They had been always with each other. She had always been his number one priority.

When he saw (Y/N) rushing out of the room, he mumbled “Excuse me.” to the girl before running after (Y/N). 

“(Y/N)!” He called out for her as he entered the hallway. 

(Y/N) stopped walkingi and turned to him, a broken look on her face.

“Look, I swear sh meant nothi-”

“You don’t have to explain anything to me, Loki. I guess I am just used to having all your attention, and now that we grew up, things changed-”

“No. No, nothing has changed. You still have all my attention. You always have, you always will.” He said as he approached to her. 

Her face lighted up as the words left his mouth. 

As he pulled her into his arms, they were sharing the same thoughts; what were they? 

They shut their eyes as they hugged tightly, wondering what will the future bring for the two.


Age 22

“When the hell will they kiss?” Fandral said as he stood next to Thor, looking at (Y/N) and Loki talking at the balcony.

“I have no idea when, but I hope they don’t wait another 22 years.” Sif mumbled.

“They should have admitted their feelings, been together already!” Thor said to others.

“You’re right, my friend.” Volstagg responded.

“We should do something about it.” Fandral said, turning to them.

“Like what?” Thor asked, raising his eyebrows. 

“Maybe, I could go talk to (Y/N), flirt a little, he would get jelaous, right?”

“Jelaous? He would cut off your head.” Sif said.

“Yes, that is not a good idea.” Thor answered.

“Then what will we do?” Volstagg asked.

“We shouldn’t do anything. I believe they’ll find their ways to each other.” Sif said as they watched the two laugh.


“Congratulations.” Loki said as he smiled at (Y/N), who was now in a silver armor. She was now a warrior. 

“Thank you.” She said as they hugged.

“I knew you could do it.” Loki said to her ear as they lost themselves in each other.

It was amazing how safe they felt in each others arms.

“Yeah? Just like I always knew you’d make a great king…” She said. “…and you will one day.” 

Loki’s heart skipped a beat as her words left her mouth. He needed to hear that. 

As they slowly pulled away, (Y/N)’s hands stood on his shoulders as his stayed on her waist, they stayed close. 

Their foreheads rested against each other, and Loki finally placed a kiss on her lips. 

It was such a gentle, soft, loving kiss; she lost herself in it.



They had belonged together; everybody knew that. As the time passed, they became lovers. Nothing changed until Loki went down a path (Y/N) couldn’t follow. 

They separated, and she stood by Thor’s side as his madness grew. His rage was consuming him; he couldn’t stand being under Thor’s shadows anymore. He wanted more, he wanted power. He wanted to rule. Which led him attack New York with an army, becoming a whole new other person. 

(Y/N) did everything she could to stop him, talk him out of it, assure him that he wasn’t himself; but it didn’t work. 

Now there they were; he was held prisoner in their homeland. She didn’t go to visit him after her last time, even though how much she still loved him. And she tried to move on. 

Time passed, things went on ordinary as it could be for her until Thor showed up with a mortal, Jane Foster.

In ancient times, the gods of Asgard fought and won a war against an evil race known as the Dark Elves. The survivors were neutralized, and their ultimate weapon, the Aether, was buried in a secret location. Hundreds of years later, Jane Foster found the Aether and becomes its host, forcing Thor to bring her to Asgard before Dark Elf Malekith could capture her and use the weapon to destroy the Nine Realms. 

Malekith, awakened by the Aether’s release, turns Algrim into a Kursed and attacks Asgard. During the battle, Malekith and Algrim searched for Jane, sensing that she contained the Aether. Frigga was killed protecting Jane, and Malekith and Algrim were forced to flee without Jane. Despite Odin’s orders not to leave Asgard, Thor reluctantly enlisted the help of Loki, who knew of a secret portal to Svartalfheim, where they would use Jane to lure and confront Malekith, away from Asgard. In return, Thor promised Loki vengeance on Malekith for killing their mother. With Volstagg, (Y/N) and Sif stalling Asgardian soldiers and Fandral assisting their escape, Thor, Loki, and Jane head to Svartalfheim.

“I’ll come back,” Loki whispered to (Y/N)’s ear just before he got on the ship with Thor and Jane.

“For your beautiful cell you love to to stay in?” (Y/N) said sarcasticly, anger in her voice.

“For you.” He said, his voice soft. 

(Y/N) stood still, shocked; her heart pounding. She didn’t get to ask anything before he left.

His voice rang in her head as she waited for them to return home; what could that mean? She remembered clearly that he didn’t want her the last time they saw each other. 

“Do you think he’ll betray Thor?” Sif asked the others when their ship disappeared from their sight. 

“This is Loki, we’ll never be sure what to think,” Fandral said.


This will have a part 2. I got some good plans! I hope you guys liked it. 

Satan and Me, T, Natan

In which Satan realizes that Natalie’s the one thing he wants to come back for. (Also, emotions? What’re those?)

Part 1/3

(Part 2)

He always came back to her. 

Even after it was all said and done - the contract, the Horsemen, the so-called (but inappropriately named) “End of Days” - Lucifer still found himself going back to Natalie. He didn’t want to question why his life felt strangely empty without an overly bubbly teenager pestering him, so he didn’t. 

He was the Devil. He had more important things to question. 

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Matt- Of course I understand what Tom is going through, I am still a vampire,

Tom- yeah, it’s hard to ignore those pearly whites.

Tom- everyone in the house knows, it would be something hard to keep a secret.

Matt- I never it fixed because I guess no one cared enough to fix it, haha… that’s something a little too hard to work on alone,

Tom- Matt, we do care, we even got that magic mirror that you can see your reflection through! that was hard to get enchanted!

Tom- You should have said something if you wanted it fixed so bad, we didnt know,

Matt- I kept asking for help…

Tom- …Matt-

Matt- I-its fine, because if I got it fixed I wouldn’t have been able to help you.


Matt- let’s just move on to the next question…