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Petty's Blind Sun Nuzlocke

Hey guys!  the stream is going to be at 5pm, once I get all my technical stuff up an running!

If you want to join in on the fun, hop in!

NOTE:  THE CHAT WILL BE ON-SCREEN FOR THIS STREAM AND FOR THE VIDEOS I POST TO YOUTUBE/TWITCH.  This is because I want to have conversations with you guys as I play and so that I can respond to questions/answers/comments and people watching this post-stream can see what was said and it doesn’t look like a one-sided conversation, haha.

Stream starts at 1:45 PM EST!

A Shelagh & Trixie friendship in 1963 pls pls pls with a cherry on top

Don’t ask me why I randomly thought about this at 2am and decided to make a post about it because I seriously don’t know (like why am I not asleep? I have class in the morning) but ANYWAY -  if you’re bored, read this and hear me out..

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So! I’m about 4 followers from 100 so I said to myself “fuck it” and decided to post these anyway.

Mostly because of the stupid fandom bullshit that has been going on - I feel like we need a little positivity in this fandom right now.

So, have some Scooby Doom Flower Crown Edits of Papa and some of the Ghouls.

I need more pictures of Ghouls haha.

With that, I would love to take submissions or suggestions, so my ask and submit boxes SHOULD be open now. If you would like to see more of these, that’s the best way to do it. Unless you want to edit them yourself.

Matt- Of course I understand what Tom is going through, I am still a vampire,

Tom- yeah, it’s hard to ignore those pearly whites.

Tom- everyone in the house knows, it would be something hard to keep a secret.

Matt- I never it fixed because I guess no one cared enough to fix it, haha… that’s something a little too hard to work on alone,

Tom- Matt, we do care, we even got that magic mirror that you can see your reflection through! that was hard to get enchanted!

Tom- You should have said something if you wanted it fixed so bad, we didnt know,

Matt- I kept asking for help…

Tom- …Matt-

Matt- I-its fine, because if I got it fixed I wouldn’t have been able to help you.


Matt- let’s just move on to the next question…

paper-lioness  asked:

So this is the conversation I had last night: I said to my husband, "Remember how I said I was the president of the Sean Fan Club? Well GUESS WHAT." "He's dead, isn't he." "Yes! Maybe, I don't know, I demand to see a body. I've read too many comic books to believe it. It's very upsetting." Then my husband LOOKED at me and said, "You know these are fictional characters, right? They're just sims." So now I'm getting a divorce.

are you sure you want to see a body because I can arrange that– 

Haha, seriously though, this made me laugh a bit. Thanks for cheering me up, sweetie. :’D
(and the tray file offer is still there, if you want him :V)

Malia Tate- I Saw You Kiss Theo

Love your fics haha! I wanted to request a Malia Tate imagine where Malia and the reader have feelings for each other for a while but they both never said anything,So when you see her kiss a boy your hurt and you knew there wouldn’t be hope for a relationship and try your best to avoid her. Little did you know the reason was because she saw that you and Stiles were getting close. After not talking for a weeks Malia asks what she did wrong and both of you confess your feelings and get together?

“She looks so beautiful…” You say. “Y/N, you’re drooling.” Allison said. “Oh, shut up” You say towards Allison, “Sorry” She says in return. You had a crush on Malia Tate, but you never said anything about it, to her at least. You have crushed on her for over 3 months. You don’t know how she will react or even if she is interested.


I walk into school and scan around the hallway. Allison and Lydia are by my locker. “Hey, guys.” I say. “Hey” They reply. We gathered our books and headed to our first class. I pass Scott and Stiles and then Malia. I smile at Malia and she smiles back.

The last ring of the bell signalled school was over. The pack was always late to going home after school since we all waited for each other. I was headed towards Malia’s locker when I peaked over the corner and saw Malia and Theo.

No one else was near the lockers. Theo was leaning over Malia. I was watching them before I would go over and retrieve them to Scott. Out of nowhere, Theo leaned into Malia and kissed her. Heart broken, I left the school after that.

A day or two passed. I didn’t want to even look at Malia and be reminded of that disgusting kiss. I avoided talking to her for a couple of days to numb the pain and the hopelessness of a relationship. I realized that she would never date me, I convinced myself that she wanted Theo.

Malia’s POV

Theo kissed me at the lockers. I know I should move on from Y/N because she obviously likes Stiles. They always hang out together and talk like they’re in love. I just want love from someone but, if that person can’t be Y/N, I have to move on instead of sulking around. Y/N seems to be avoiding me. I try to approach her but she walks away or says she needs to go. She doesn’t even respond to my texts anymore. I am worried. What did I do wrong?


It’s been a week since Malia and I have talked. I miss her but, I can’t keep trying to go after her if she already likes Theo.

I walk into Scott’s house to hangout. Malia is there, not surprising. She sits at one end of the couch so, I move to the other end. She looks at me and smiles. She gets up and sits right next to me. “Hey.” She says. I only nod back. “Can we talk?” She asks. “Sure.” I reply. She leads me upstairs avoiding the rest of the pack. We sit on Scott’s bed. “Do you hate me?” She asks. “Wh-what no. Of course not. Malia, I…” I try to confess my feeling but, the words are stuck in my throat. “Then, what is it?!” She screams at me obviously annoyed at my acts of avoiding her. “Malia…” I say. “Please, Y/N. I need to know why you have been avoiding me for a week. Why you don’t answer when I call or respond to my texts. Why you only talk to me to say you need to leave. Why you are acting like all of a sudden you hate me. I need to know why you are acting this way towards me. Please.” Malia says. “Malia…” I begin to say, “I saw you kiss Theo.” Her face changes from sadness to shock. “Oh- no… I… Y/N….” She stutters out. “Malia, I saw you kiss him and I couldn’t bring myself to try anymore. I didn’t want to annoy you with my desperate acts to get your attention. Malia, I like you, a lot, and when I saw you kiss Theo… my whole world fell apart.” I say. “Y/N…. I like you, too. I only kissed him to move on. You and Stiles have been getting so close and I thought that you two liked each other.” She says. “Oh, Malia.” I giggle, “You are so wrong. Stiles and I are friends. And besides he likes someone else… like you know the girl he has crushed over for years.” I say. “Lydia.” She completes my sentence. “Yep.” I giggle. “Um… will you–or do you want to be my girlfriend?” She asks. “Yes.” I reply. She smiles. I lean in and kiss her lips, softly. I stare deeply into her eyes before kissing her again.

freerebelmentality  asked:

Hey, I almost did a thing and wrote Michael. I couldnt because I feel as though I am stealing him from you and I stopped myself from writing him. I dont know why I feel that way, I just thought about you and said 'oh shit, no I cant do that' So I just deleted it. I know you dont own the character but I dont know, he is your muse and I felt as though I was stepping on boundries haha


Oh please you didnt need to do that on my behalf. Like you said, I dont own the character and I certainly wouldnt mind at all because I would love to see other writers write him and how they write him.

Please, never ever feel that way. Never. Write what you want to write and dont let anything stop you. I want to see more Michael fics, imagines and so forth.

Other than my own

Get creative babe =D

That look on her face was priceless

Last day I went out eating with some friends. A young girl helped us she was arround my age (19/21) and you could see on the way how she acted that she was new there. We ordered some drinks and food. But everytimes she forgot me haha. She forget my drink she forgot my cutlery and other small thing. Everytime I told her it was okay and I smiled. But you could see that she was really sad about it. I had such a nice dinner and when I wanted to pay I asked to her. “hey can I pay by you?” sadly she said that she was not allowed yet. I said “aawh sad because I wanted to give you a big tip” and the look on her face was so priceless she was so gratefull. She smiled and said thank you with a big smile. She was so not expecting that. I give a good tip and they made my sure that she did get it.
It made her day better and also mine
What I want to tell you guys. It is not bad to make mistakes,just make the best of it.

The adventures of Eye-Goat and Salty Badger~ 

Ye..halloween-kigurumi-tiiiimeee!! Since I (atleats for now) haven’t come up with halloween-outfits for them, let’s make them chill in some comfy cuteness~


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@colourinside said:

I love that you included (really sweet^^) comments, explaining what you’re doing! Like that it is possible to follow your steps and kind of understand (as well as I can haha) the process :) I love how you also make your struggles visible. It’s kind of amusing to see you “fighting” with his hair while you style it because it’s stubborn and wouldn’t do what you want it to do… comes close to what his hair stylist must have had to deal with hahaha!

OMG, I hadn’t thought of it that way!  Yes, I was David’s stylist for a day… and when painting his face, I was his makeup artist.  Hahaha!

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You know when you see a post so stupid and you just need to shoot it down for your own sanity? This is what this is, so feel free to skip and not read, haha.

I saw a post from someone saying that most of Killian’s actions in S3 that were in service to Emma and her family, were just Killian trying to get in Emma’s pants and not truly wanting to help out of the goodness of his heart. I know that’s been said left and right by people who are anti-Hook and haven’t even tried to learn and understand the inner workings of his character but I just want to talk about that – because Killian’s character is important to me and to see his actions sold short like that just really pisses me off.

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“haha I’ll see you tomorrow. you can’t hide.”

we attend the same community college and I met him in one of my classes. he was really good at the gentleman façade. I really liked him but it didn’t take long for his controlling and aggressive side to show. we were never official and he wanted to tell me who I couldn’t talk to anymore and criticized everything I did or said. I had to keep it mutual because we still shared a class together and he honestly scared me. I was beyond relieved when the semester ended but he sent me a snap asking if he could buy an accounting book from me I told him to leave me alone and he sent me this. he always denied he was mean and aggressive and said it was all my fault he acts that way towards me.
a few months ago I ran into him while I was waiting for my class, he was walking with a girl and mouthed “I’m sorry” to me.
I’m so glad I got out before his emotional abuse turned into physical.