because you punch like a fetus

How to identify Seventeen's voices
  • Vocal unit
  • Woozi: The guy that sings high notes but is struggling
  • Dokyeom: The guy that sings high notes but not struggling at all
  • Jisoo: the calmest voice you have ever heard its like literal honey please bless this kid
  • Jeonghan: that beautiful unexpectedly unique low voice; makes you melt; bless this child
  • Seungkwan: sings the chorus 89 percent of the time; SEULIP IN DA DIAMONDEU LIFE YEEEE
  • Hip hop unit
  • Vernon: if you hear a fetus voice rapping in English, it's Vernon
  • Wonwoo: That extremely low voiced rapper THAT KILLS 3/4 THE FANDOM EVERY TIME HE OPENS HIS MOUTH
  • Mingyu: That rapper who sounds like Wonwoo but then sounds like Vernon but doesn't get any proper lines
  • S.Coups: That low voiced rapper that you want to punch in the face when he raps because boy stay in your line
  • Performance unit
  • Dino: that rapper who has a very very very high voice like a baby chick so cute
  • Hoshi: the guy who sings in hip hop unit's songs; likes to kill the entire fandom with his voice
  • Minghao: YEE OMG YEE OMG SAY