because you once said you liked parallels

oohh myy gooood if i see ONE MORE PERSON talk about how even is simply playing isak and he doesn’t care i swear i’ll….well, idk, but i’m going to be very annoyed. have you not SEEN his face when isak came back to school?? and how he literally could not keep his eyes off of him??

and then his face when he bumped into isak at the cafeteria???

and how nervous he seemed?? and the fact that he remembered that isak told him ONCE in person like a MONTH AGO that he liked cardamom on his toast, that he remembered what isak said about parallel universes and that he took the time to draw this very very personal and meaningful drawing and made sure isak got it?? 

idk how you could possibly get “i don’t care about you” vibes from this?? like are we not watching the same show?? 

idk what even’s deal is. none of us do. i’m not saying that the guy is behaving perfectly, because he’s not. but if there’s one thing you can’t say about him, it’s that he doesn’t care about isak