because you never won't see it

Listen I am so here for platonic “I love you"s. I don’t care if you think "I love you” is some sacred phrase to only utter to one person in your life, i don’t care if you think it makes me look overbearing. I say “I love you” to my friends every time I say goodbye because I want them to know 100% without a doubt that I care for them and love them and am there for them so so much.

the signs as i know them
  • aries: has a great sense of humour. soft voice. strong willed and stubborn. kind. fair. stunning appearance. doesn't talk much about feelings. adventurous. neither angry nor up to a fight 24/7. dreams of starting a family. gets along with people. never insults or hurts others on purpose. is actually quite sensitive.
  • taurus: master of organization. sometimes a little confused. is stubborn and rarely changes their opinion but always listens to what other people have to say. quiet when lost in thoughts. financial genius. generous. sometimes a little mean. will never let you down. great friend / husband / dad. is actually a great cook but doesn't eat 24/7. does sports and loves nature. is a "wow look at the moon"-person.
  • gemini: clever. hates boredom. always has a plan b/c/d. cares for their education. talks a lot. sometimes lost in thoughts. tends to overthink. always have a great story to tell. never underestimates others. believes in their friends. always know the answer. is not annoying 24/7. know when to shut up. bright smile. active. loves adventure. never shouting when angry. doesn't let others feel their anger. nature-lover.
  • cancer: very caring. will ask you how your day has been. invites you to their house to make popcorn and watch your favourite movie/series. very funny. good sense of fashion. is the friend who will take you home when you're drunk. makes sure you're ok. is fascinated by science. lovely eyes. adorable. never loud but always present. emotional but not a cry-baby.
  • leo: proud and loud. not easily insulted but when they are they roar. knows so many cultures. is interested in new things. can be very soft but won't show it unless they trust you. bright smile. always polite. will be there for you when you need them. unique sense of fashion. hard workers. chatty. always know how to handle a difficult situation. reliable. trustworthy.
  • virgo: feel much more than they would admit. don't have many friends but would do anything for the friends they have. careful. neither waste money nor time. a little stingy. the friend that feels what you feel. can read your mind sometimes. loves to surprise people. to be avoided when angry. calm down easily. loves to make others smile. sometimes too caring. loyal.
  • libra: sometimes a little weird. hardworking. sometimes they believe in themselves, sometimes they give up on themselves. aesthetic-lovers. usually very well dressed. polite. interested in art, history and literature. doubt their skills a lot. sometimes a little absent. instead of shouting they don't talk. loves conversations with new people.
  • scorpio: NOT EVIL AT ALL!! very emotional but never reckless. you can call them at 3am and they will be there for you. sometimes they don't know what to do with all their feelings but they will never let you suffer because of that. the best friends. adorable. stunning look. hard voices, hard souls, soft heart. are interested and show their interest in you and your feelings. will apologize immediately when they see they treated you wrong and they are truly sorry. mysterious. when they trust you they tell you everything. a little revengeful but would never harm others.
  • sagittarius: hilarious. clever. tell great jokes. are interested and caring. fight issues. don't show their emotions. won't be angry for long. colourful people with colourful minds. somehow they always know what's going on. love to work out. learn languages quite fast. honest.
  • capricorn: serious people. sometimes very stubborn. well educated. strong. smart. working to achieve their goals. never ever ever give up. never show defeat. don't cry very often. love the sun. good at making friends. do not forgive easily. forgive but don't forget. will remember almost everything they did / heard / said in their lives. loyal. know what they're worth.
  • aquarius: entertaining. bright personality. you can always spot their voice. has a very emotional part they won't show anyone. can make a bad situation good. great friends. sometimes a little bossy. tend to put on a show. won't mess around. chatty and makes new friends easily and quite often. has many friends but only like 2-3 real friends they would trust with their lives. hate to show when they hurt. very intelligent.
  • pisces: not crying 24/7. not weak at all. develop crushes easily but get over them very fast. either things don't mean anything to them or they mean the world to them. lost in daydreams but have the brightest fantasy. can be a storm. if they see you treat them wrong they leave. loyal to the people they love. can be revengeful. scheming. knows exactly what people deserve. would never harm anyone who doesn't deserve it. want justice. hard to get. hard to understand. great friends. worth the fight. will hold your hand and go through hell with you. passionate lovers.
For Love of That Mess

For @parkkate

It was just so smooth, he couldn’t help himself. Silky, and soft. It felt nothing like the way it looked. He’d expected knots. He’d expected it to be coarse. Instead, it parted around his fingers, letting them dive deeper. He could gently twist it around his fingers, and it would stay there, soft and silky. He could grip it tight, and tug, and it never gave way.

It felt like heaven for his hands. It was like—

“If you could stop worshiping my hair for a moment, my cock would like some attention.”

Blinking, Draco realised Harry had stopped kissing his neck. Watching forlornly, he slid his hands out of Harry’s hair.

“Oh fuck, don’t make that face,” Harry groaned.

“What face?” Draco asked, sliding his hands down Harry’s torso instead.

“Like I killed your bloody cat or something.”

Draco made a noncommittal sound, looking down between them. How long had they been necking, anyway?

Harry sighed, and then the room spun, and Draco was no longer sitting on Harry’s lap, but was lying under him instead. Harry ground against his hip, and returned his mouth to Draco’s neck.

Making a pleased sound, Draco buried his hands in Harry’s hair again.

The sound of fond exasperation against his neck couldn’t ruin this for him, as he twisted the strands around his fingers.

Written just for you, Kate, and your love of Draco burying his hands in Harry’s hair =)  

You like it when I write about you
But lately it hurts too much
I feel like I’m writing poetry for
Someone who’s already gone

Being with you always feels like the last time
Like you’re just going to disappear into
Thin air as soon as I walk away from you
Like I’m never going to see you again

When a volcano is about to erupt
They send off warnings so people can be ready
But that never stops the volcano from erupting
It just makes the aftermath easier

You’re my volcano
And just because I know that the end is inevitable doesn’t mean it will hurt any
Less when the day comes for me to
Say goodbye for good

—  Sel Xxx
I hope you’re ok… I’m worried
—  WordsThatICantSeemToSay

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reasons why Evak's shippers are fetishizer:1) you'll starting watch Skam after the cuddle scene. 2) writing Henjei fics. 3) were upset for the false rumors of Targei leaving back in March only because you won't get your gay nut. 4) the birthday video was fanservice and disgrace for the LGBT community. 5) only care about the sex part in the hotel scene and not what really important. (1/2)

6) the reason Tareji didn’t win his gullruten for his acting is because it’s wasn’t horny teenage girls with gay fetish who voted, thanks god. 7) even Mari said that all you wanna see is Isak and Even make out8) you make Henrik and Tarjei uncomfortable till the point they can’t interact with each other. 9) you never use season 1+2 isaks gifts, only season 3+4 (2/2). Mic drop.

Hello anon. I heard you’ve been copying/pasting the same message on a number of blogs/ccs, and I’ve been told to leave it alone because you probably just want a reaction out of it. But your 6th point bothered me a little bit so I thought I would answer. I’m not sure why you’re spending so much effort trying to make a claim anonymously, but Isak/Even are too precious for me to just brush off your accusations.

1. I personally started watching Skam while S2 was airing so that’s a fail on your part. S2 spoke to me because it dealt with the reality of sexual assault and how utterly devastating such events can be. How isolation can eat at you and turn you into someone you’re not, making you turn your back on exactly everyone you know, but mostly yourself. How love can turn you into someone you don’t even recognize. S2 wasn’t important to many in the evak fandom, but it was important to me. So alright.
Many started watching after the cuddle scene because they had never seen love between two boys being portrayed so innocently and in such a raw manner. It was poignant. It was beautiful. It was butterflies inducing. There was nothing sexual about it. Just two boys with a crush lying on a bed, smoking joints, and talking about parallel universes while brushing each other’s hair. So I don’t know why you’re trying to shame people who started watching because of that.
Other people started watching because of representation. I personally had never seen a Moroccan girl portrayed in a tv show before and Sana’s character was a gift to me. Other people were drawn to the show because it tackled bipolar and stigma against mental illness. Because it talked about oppression and privilege and eating disorders and depression and the need to feel like you belong somewhere. Because it tackled issues and mundane things we go through every day and that anyone can relate to without glorifying them or turning them into a cliche. The show rang true with so many. So so many. But go ahead and tell me that it’s because of “our gay nut”.

2. ? Some people wrote a few RPF fics. It’s fiction. You don’t have to read it. And while I’m not a fan myself, I don’t like the idea of shaming some people for their thoughts as long as they don’t harass people in real life and post shameful stuff on their instagrams and bother their friends and family.

3. His name is Tarjei. I personally never believed those rumors because I knew Isak meant too much to him and also because people love to spread rumors when there isn’t much to do. Back then, people had this thing against Tarjei because he wasn’t as close to the fans as other cast members, so rumors flew left and right. Still. If people were upset at the idea of him leaving, it was because Isak was their favorite character, because he resonated with them, because his struggle was real and raw and haunting. Not because of “our gay nut”. But go ahead.

4. Please explain how showing a HAPPY gay couple is a disgrace to the LGBT community, because I think you just lost me here? How is a wonderful boy making his wonderful boyfriend a birthday video with footage from their every day life a disgrace? Do LGBT people not deserve a shot at happy representation? Does everything happy have to be labeled as fanservice? Do we need to live in constant angst and pain? I don’t get it.

5. You lost me here once again. I don’t think ANYONE only cares about the “sex part” in the hotel scene. Fun fact, I couldn’t even rewatch that clip because it was so haunting and powerful and incredibly executed. I had chills and I couldn’t stop crying because that’s how incredibly poignant it was. I had to go take a walk. I couldn’t function for a while. There was nothing but heartbreak and outrage after that clip. The reveal was so heavy although expected, and our hearts bled that night. No one was “nutting” to the hotel scene. Everybody was literally shaken to their core, worried about what would happen. Worried about Even. Worried about Isak. Everybody was worried. That clip was a masterpiece and to have you turn it into this is a bit hurtful. Not to mention that the “sex part”, as you put it, was just so beautiful and touching. Even simply wanted Isak’s first time to be perfect. I don’t see why YOU have to fetishize that.

6. The point that upset me. You’re implying that Tarjei* didn’t deserve a gullruten. Tarjei, the 17 year old boy who got the award show to lower the minimum age just to be able to nominate him. Tarjei, the 17 year old who portrayed the inner struggles of a boy so repressed and so isolated and so so harsh on himself, a boy who wanted nothing but to be loved and feel important and safe, a boy who led the loneliest life before allowing himself to feel and love and accept himself. You’re implying that Tarjei – who gave a performance that touched the hearts of so many and who poured his heart and soul into every line and every scene and every blink while attending school and keeping his private life private and staying humble – didn’t deserve a gullruten. You’re “thanking god” that he didn’t win. You’re reducing his performance and Isak’s entire story to “a gay nut”. You’re reducing Isak’s entire arc and journey of self-acceptance and of falling in love with Even who challenged him to his core and made him see just how wrong he was about mental illness and about the world to “a gay nut”. Okay.

7. Yes, we want to see our favorite couple who’s gone through so much just be happy and hold hands and make out and smile and laugh and be happy. Mari does, too. She was mostly there with them when they made the fanvideo. She released the unused pictures. She loves Isak and Even just as much as we do. Your point? I seem to have missed it again.

8. Henrik and Tarjei are fine. They have nothing but good things to say about each other and they did an incredible job portraying Isak and Even. They spent months filming that fanvideo for Isak and Even and for the fans to whom they’re very thankful. You don’t know how they interact in real life. You don’t know a single thing about them and we don’t either. Stop spreading groundless rumors.

9. Again. Wrong. We love S1!Isak and we use gifs* from that era all the time. Not sure what you’re referring to here.

10. *Picks up your mic* *Drops it again.*

I don’t usually respond to hate and propaganda because I don’t see the point. But many people outside this fandom love to point fingers and label us as fetishizers when all most of us do is literally cry at the beauty of their story. Their story has touched us so deeply that we can’t move on even after all this time. It was just so raw and pure and painful, but so so worth it. Many of us didn’t even believe in the idea of ‘love’ before their story, in the idea of self-love and of finding someone who would just accept you for who you are and turn you into a better person and make you want to live your best life. Many of us didn’t have that and you have no right to reduce all of our feelings to “a gay nut”. I don’t know what you get out of this but why would you want to rob people of something that brings them so much joy and hope?

Alt er love. 💛💛

Hogwarts House for Percy and Annabeth according to the fandom:


  • -Hufflepuff/Slytherin
  • Gryffindor


  • Ravenclaw/Slytherin
  • Gryffindor

Something that I found very funny about the Percy and Annabeth Hogwarts debate is that while it feels there is a Hufflepuff vs Gryffindor and Ravenclaw vs Slytherin…I have never seen someone say they are both Slytherin? Usually is only one of them.

Also, everybody knows Hufflepuff is not an Annabeth option and Ravenclaw is not a Percy option which if found very funny because is one of the main options for the other.

Astro as shit my family says
  • MJ: "Is that like dark chicken?" "That's....that's steak"
  • Jinjin: "You see this scar? That's from playing chicken down a hallway. Turns out when you run full force at someone slightly taller than you, you risk their teeth slamming into your head."
  • Eunwoo: "Hey Eunwoo, do-...wait that's my name. Never mind."
  • Moonbin: "I dance when I am about to eat because food makes me happy and I dance when I'm happy."
  • Rocky: "If the reason you keep changing the song is cause you want to find something that I won't dance to, you mind as well give up now. I'll dance to anything."
  • Sanha: "Teach me how to adult! I don't know how to adult!"

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Hello! Uh I saw someone take the humanized cuphead picture that you drew and put it in a video on YouTube called “Tumblr Ruins Cuphead”. In the video, the guy and his friend said that your picture was disgusting because of personification aspect and they were about to even dm you on Twitter telling you to kill yourself but only to say that “that’s a 2016 meme”. I already told another artist that was in that was in the video as well and they and their followers flagged it. I hope you flag it too.

Gosh! Thank you for your concern! I searched about it and thank you for informing me. I wouldn’t know about it without your message.

I understand if they don’t like personified versions since it’s not everyone’s cup of tea (hehe cup) I can’t do anything about it, everyone has opinions after all.

But, I’m glad they didn’t message me to kill myself though because even if  I’m mostly a chill pacifist, I will never back down against someone so uncouth who threatens me into ending my life even if it’s a ‘meme’. 

It’s fine if they shit on my art but threaten me as an artist,

t̴͉̖́̉̄͐̉ẖ̷̡̫̬̹̽̈́̓̽̉̚͝e̶̲̦͚̠̗̋̍̿r̷̢̛̯͍͇̥͔͎͋̀̀̑̕ę̴͕̏͋ ̸̼͇̮̜̌̈w̷̤̟̹̰̤͉̐į̷̮̼̱̬̋l̷͎̳̟̀͐̈́̈́̐̆l̴̻̈͐̂͝͝ ̴̭̬̈́̅b̸̻͔̙̬̫͑̋̕͝ȩ̵̛̙̝͖̺͙̿̈́̕͠ͅ ̶̨̝̼͙͈̤͝b̴̛̠́̂̆l̸͈̙͊͐͑̈́͋o̶̞̟̩̱̓́̋͝ö̶͖̟̳̮̞͕́͊̇̐̒͝͝d̷͍̥̜͉̖̪̖̀b̷̺̀͠ã̶̼͔̗̰̒t̸̡̡̬̠̘̼̼̊̇͊͌̽̒h̶͚͙̻͋̇̌͋͛͗͘͜͜ͅ ̴̹͚̯̟̍͗̄̍̇͝b̸̛̙͙̌̔͐͌ṟ̶͛͂̎͐̓̾ō̵̡̨̙̗̯̮͖̽̓̑.̸̲̘͕̈̔̋.̵̨̺͗͐̀ ̵̠̘͚̠͉͆͆̍̊̾̿̅ 

ehe~!  ☆⌒(*^∇゜)v

wanna one as things i've said
  • Daniel: my sweater smells really good right now but i know if i wear it for the day it won't smell as good and i'm afraid that i'll never be able to get this smell again.
  • Jihoon: i look so cute right now but no one wants to go out but you know what? fuck them i deserve to show the world my beauty.
  • Daehwi: yesterday i cried while making toaster strudel. i didn't cry because of the toaster strudel i cried because i saw a stray cat and he looked so lonely.
  • Jaehwan: i am so talented in so many ways but people can't seem to see it? sure, i almost set my kitchen on fire making noodles and lost my dog while walking it but doesn't everyone?
  • Seongwoo: sometimes i wish i wasn't as loud and extra but then i realize that that's my brand, my gimmick it's what people are gonna remember me for.
  • Woojin: it's 3:55 am and i just heard a loud noise i'm not sure if it's a murderer or a tree but either way i'm still not going to be able to sleep.
  • Guanlin: i hate and love when people tell me what to do because on one hand i like being independent and strong but on the other i forget how to tie my own shoelaces
  • Jisung: some days i feel like i'm 80 and other days i feel like i'm 4, like one second i want to sleep for nine years and others i just wanna yell about everything.
  • Minhyun: i thing i could be a better person. not in this life but maybe another. i could be reincarnated into the nicest fucking bird in the world and everyone would love me.
  • Jinyoung: i'm tired of people thinking i'm depressed because i don't smile. like i'm not sad it's just i don't care about what you're saying and i'm thinking about ducks.
  • Sungwoon: i wish it wasn't weird for people my age to go trick-or-treating because now if i want candy i actually have to buy it with my money. i wish i could still dress up as a furry and not be judged.

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Hc about MC who has soooooo much trouble to get up from bed? Like she needs 12h of sleep and she is so ded when she must wake up at 7 and only RFA can wake her up but its so hard because she keeps falling asleep and they must watch for her she won't do it again and when they finally wake her up she's in bed for next 30 min. And when she finally gets up she is soooo slow and guys must do her hair because she is so sleepy and she is ALWAYS late for work? Lolol please I want to read this so much

Once he notices, Saeyoung times MC on her off days to see;o_O wow, you really…. thought this one through. Are you okay?


  • These two never get out of the house on time
  • Okay, between school, LOLOL, and other things, it took Yoosung a good… two to four years before he realized how bad it was
  • Like, he knew that MC had trouble getting out of bed, but it took Yoosung having a regular sleep schedule himself to figure that out
  • Yoosung experimented to see what exactly was the best way to get her up
  • He tried feeding her and giving her coffee in bed, but she’d eat while dozing off, then thank him and curl up to go back to sleep
  • He tried setting five alarms for her, but she just turned all them off while still half asleep
  • Yoosung even considered splashing water on her face, but he didn’t do that because he realized that was a really stupid idea
  • In the end, he asked if MC had seen a doctor about all this, as it didn’t seem normal or healthy, and it turned out she had and was fine
  • In the end, they figured out a morning routine together, and it mostly consisted of them scrambling through all the necessities in the last half-hour before they had to leave
  • These two are a mess in the mornings, but a joy in the evenings


  • Jaehee is on top of this
  • Once Jaehee knows all MC’s morning obstacles, she makes sure that MC gets to bed early enough that she has enough time to get up and go through her routine
  • In the morning, she always has coffee ready, and is never afraid to help MC get undressed and into the shower
  • And redressed, as MC wanders out of the shower dripping and naked, searching for coffee, if she doesn’t
  • Before Jaehee got a routine down, she occasionally had to help MC eat and once spoon fed her cereal
  • As thanks for taking care of her in the morning, MC takes care of worn-out evening Jaehee everyday


  • He picks her up and carries her to the table on more than one occasion
  • Zen may not be able to cook much, but at the very least he can cook breakfast
  • So he gets them both their coffee and breakfast ready everyday, then helps her get dressed (usually while planting kisses on her to try to motivate her)
  • When she falls asleep at the breakfast table, sitting up or face down, he sometimes takes pictures because she’s so cute
  • Zen would totally help her into the shower, too, and if she’s too sluggish that morning, he’ll help her bath ;) (it’s really not that sexy, but he can’t help laughing sometimes)
  • The one that Zen can’t understand is why she goes to bed so early, but still can’t get up by herself in the morning


  • Upside to being married to Jumin, she can take her time
  • Maybe they rarely have breakfast together, but she’s able to take all of her sweet time getting up and out of bed
  • However, Jumin figures out a routine with her that helps her wake up faster so that, when he does have time off, they can spend as much time as possible together.


  • Once he notices, Saeyoung times MC on her off days to see;
    • How long she sleeps
    • How long it takes her to get out of bed
    • And how long it takes her to be awake
  • He treats the whole thing like a science experiment, and once he has all the necessary data, he sets up a few tricks
  • First, he makes sure that all clocks set themselves forwards two hours at midnight, so that it goes off when she sets it, but its earlier than it needs to be, thus giving her extra time to wake up, then they reset at 10am, by the time she’s already gone. It also works to scare her out of bed if she’s slept for longer than she meant.
  • Then, he has Meowy ready, if he’s not there, to help MC by doing a little dance for her and playing music until she gets out of bed
  • And the coffee maker is set on a timer so that it automatically has fresh coffee brewed and ready by the time that she is up
  • Basically, he uses technology as their mutual best friend

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Hello does maybe some Korean fans follower you? I wonder what people in that country think of the promotion? I always see the complain by international fans never saw it from Korean fans but this could be because sadly i only make friends on internet with international friends. For me i don't know what goes on behind maybe the boys don't won't to do it or the company/manger/team isn't good organized.. no idea how the organize thing is going or if the manager team of got7 need permissions to do🤔

I think Korean fans were upset this time around because they started a trend on Twitter  #JYP_GOT7_아티스트대우해 and demanded justice for GOT7. They’ve never done it before. JYPE never respond to fans’ complaints though, so I don’t know if it helped in any way.

Twice, Suzy and 2PM have their own, separate management teams. GOT7 doesn’t have one. Not making enough albums for GOT7 so they can sell a lot is a huge mistake on JYPE’s part. They didn’t pay enough attention orthey’re trying to sabotage GOT7. They haven’t done anything and it’s been 24h since fans started messaging them about the lack of albums in stores. The week is ending and we need huge first week sales to win on music shows.

Animal Adoption Center: Hogwarts Houses
  • Ravenclaw: So why would you like to work for our animal adoption agency?
  • Hufflepuff: Well, I love all animals. I've always loved them and I always will. It makes me feel so satisfied thinking that I might be able to save some of them from a life alone. I want to give them homes--it would make me feel like a better person.
  • Ravenclaw: Thank you, and what are your qualifications?
  • Hufflepuff: *slides papers across desk*
  • Ravenclaw: *smiles* I'll examine them tonight. Thank you again for applying
  • Hufflepuff: and thank you for allowing me this opportunity and your time!
  • The Hufflepuff walks out of the office and toward the front desk. The Puff whispers reassurance to itself as it moves closer to the door. A Slytherin working the front desk spots the Hufflepuff and grins.
  • Slytherin: Hey! Hey you!
  • Hufflepuff: *turns around* Me?
  • Slytherin: *rolls eyes* yes you.
  • Hufflepuff: *walks to the desk*
  • Slytherin: did you just apply for a job?
  • Hufflepuff: *nods head slowly*
  • Slytherin: I would wish you good luck, but I won't because honestly, I don't want to see your face ever again.
  • Hufflepuff: But-
  • Gryffindor: *walks in from another room with a dog on a leash* Will you stop teasing the poor kid? Gosh, he's already a nervous wreck
  • Slytherin: I just said I'd never wish to see his face again...because...I'd get distracted by his gorgeous features and precious smile
  • Gryffindor: *drags big bags of dog food across the floor to the other room* Sly, stop.
  • Slytherin: What? He's cute
  • Hufflepuff: *tilts head confused*

                                     EXO Halloween Series ; Kris as Griffin / ɡrɪf.ɪn /

“A legendary creature with the body, tail, and back legs of a lion; the head and wings of an eagle; and an eagle’s talons as its front feet. The griffin was thought to be an especially powerful and majestic creature; the king of all creatures.

You've Never Said That Before
  • Draco: You weren't supposed to see that guy again!
  • Harry: But you know that I had to do it this time.
  • Draco: Actually no, I don't. *begins to walk away*
  • Harry: *grabs him* Draco please. Nothing happened! Why won't you understand?
  • Draco: Because you already slept with him back when we barely started dating!
  • Harry: *holding back tears* I was an idiot back then, ok? Things are different now. I love you! You don't have to worry about that anymore. You have to trust me and... why are you smiling at me?
  • Draco: You just said that you love me. You've never said that before.
  • Harry: Of course I have!
  • Draco: No, I would've remembered.
  • Harry: Well, ok then. I'm saying it now! I love you. Do you have a problem with that?
  • Draco: *still smiling* Hmmm... *starts kissing him*
  • Harry: *flustered* You can't kiss me now. I'm yelling at you!
  • Draco: *in between kisses* Well, I'm listening...

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You could say I have a "disability hierarchy" in my head. I'm in a wheelchair, and when I see someone in a handicap spot with no mobility device, my first thought is "where's your device, buddy? Move. If you can walk that store no problem, an extra 50 ft won't kill you." I never act on it or shame other people, but I feel so wrong for having those thoughts.

I hear you, me too. And that’s internalized ableism. I’m ashamed of using accomodations that were actually made for me because even if I need them and they could make my life easier, I think I could do without them. 

My boss (who is a fierce Human Rights activist) lectured me on that today saying I should never feel ashamed to demand what by law is my right. It is not courtesy nor civil education, it is a right I have to demand because ablebodied people have access to things I cannot access because society makes me vulnerable by excluding me. As long as they don’t include me in planification, I’ll have to demand for accomodations to have the same rights able bodied people have. 

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Hello! This may be a weird question but I wanted to know, how do you begin to draw? Like, before drawing the details and stuff. Do you make any quick test or sketches for the position and stuff? If so, could you show us how you do it? I've been desperately trying to draw but it just won't stop looking unreal and giving me problems ;;

Sorry for the late reply!! I always sketch guidelines for general positioning/proportions/etc, like so:

(new comic pages!!)

These guidelines can be varying degrees of sloppy but I never just jump straight into drawing the final sketch because everything would look awfully weird. It’s easy to fix wonky anatomy at this stage but not so much after you already started fiddling with details, those should come last.

Once I finished my draft, I reduce the opacity until I can barely see it and then start drawing on a new layer.

Hope this helped a little!! :D

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Hey just purely curious, absolutely no hate whatsoever, you seem like a super chill person who won't get mad so I thought I'd ask you- what makes you like Laxum? Like it's adorable and the art is super cute but in the actual show Lance doesn't rly like Plaxum romantically until he finds out she's hot. It just seems a bit shallow to me. Again, no hate or shaming at all (love Lance w/ all of my heart would never hate), I'm genuinely curious of your opinion on this.

for one thing i’m super glad that a lance/female character ship is actually getting popular in the fandom because you don’t really see that often and like, it just makes me really happy because a big majority of the fandom hcs him as bisexual so it’s good to see both sides of his sexuality being represented (if he’s hc’d as bi i mean)

why do i ship laxum tho? i think it was cute when plaxum gave him a kiss, like i don’t think he was interested at first because of the jellyfish on her head and he didn’t know what she looked like so of course he would have been like “ew” when he got a stinky jellyfish kiss. and like, you didn’t see him act the same as he did finding out plaxum was really pretty when they met florona and she was really pretty too. personally i interpreted the situation as “ew gross a stinky jellyfish- waiT ohhhH”. but i guess it does seem a little shallow if you look at it differently :0

i think they’d make a fun duo? she’s a badass rebel mermaid and lance is a hopeless romantic goofball so i think they have a pretty fun dynamic, albiet pretty underexplored. they saved the mermaid planet together, which was pretty cool to see. right now i don’t ship it as much as like klance or heith but i certainly think it’s a cute ship! plus lance is shown to be a big mermaid nerd so he’d probably think having a mermaid gf would be the coolest shit lmao

Hey look what I found in my animations folder! This is from about a year ago (you can see how my style’s changed since then :P) but I thought I’d post it because I looove mermaids and it’s kinda cute.

I never got around to giving him a face, but yes that is Sherlock as a mermaid.