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Listen I am so here for platonic “I love you"s. I don’t care if you think "I love you” is some sacred phrase to only utter to one person in your life, i don’t care if you think it makes me look overbearing. I say “I love you” to my friends every time I say goodbye because I want them to know 100% without a doubt that I care for them and love them and am there for them so so much.

Victor’s Thought Process and his Decision to become Yuuri’s Coach

So I’m sure a bunch of people have talked about this by now but I just wanted to add my 2 cents. We can now clearly see Victor’s mental journey when it comes to his decision to be Yuuri’s coach and that, unlike what we had previously thought, it was never just based on a whim in the first place.

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I hope you’re ok… I’m worried
—  WordsThatICantSeemToSay

HAPPY 50TH BIRTHDAY, JOHNNY DEPP! This is a momentous day and I just wanna say thank you for all things you’ve done, for all your films and characters. You’re my life, love and inspiration. You made me better and I’m very grateful to you for it. I don’t even imagine my life without you.

Hey look what I found in my animations folder! This is from about a year ago (you can see how my style’s changed since then :P) but I thought I’d post it because I looove mermaids and it’s kinda cute.

I never got around to giving him a face, but yes that is Sherlock as a mermaid.

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♒ Ever walk in on any other marines fucking? What about officers? Family? People back home?

Send my muse ♒ and a NSFW/sexual question and they have to answer it

“Walked in on Chuckler and Runner once. Didn’t know about them at that point, so that was a surprise. I also walked in on my brother and a girl when I was younger. He thought everyone was out, so imagine his surprise when I walked in to check what the weird noises were.”

I Caved, I Doodled The Wolf Son


Aoi-oritsuru ( 2 / 2 )

October 1, 2016

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Every time I see how you tag the kitchen scene it warms my heart, because it's my favorite as well:)) - dpms anon

the kitchen scene is literally my absolute favorite ever and i will NEVER EVER EVER stop talking about it!!! I think about it at least 5 times a day!!! It’s just so happy and warm and just isak and even (i am just ignoring the bit with sonja bc yeahhhhhh but it had his reason and it’s an important part of their story!!! also i am so proud of isak and how he actually asked even about it) And i think the whole clip is just beautiful and like aesthetically pleasing??? like with the close up of their faces. How Even dances and Isak just being absolutely lost in Even and just wants to kiss him. Him being shy but also not? just literally everything about it is the best!!

Don’t say ‘can’t’.

Say 'will’.

Don’t say 'was’.

Say 'is’.

Don’t say 'later’.

Say 'Now.’

Don’t say goodbye.

Say see you later.

I have been following the American 2016 election ever since the candidates for both parties were announced and a lot has happened since then. I never wanted to turn this blog into something political because the whole point of this blog was that I just relax and look at cool stuff. 

After watching the debate last night, something inside of me just snapped. I’m sick and tired of people who at this point are still uncertain of Hilary’s credentials compared to this clown. 

May I remind you, Hitler rose to power through a democracy. I feel like I am watching the rise of the Fourth Reich here and there is only suffering to follow if Trump wins. 

One of the reasons so many people died at the hands of Hitler is because of something historians like to call appeasement. It’s where other people and countries ignore what’s going on as long as it doesn’t majorly effect them. In case you haven’t noticed, American or not, the outcome of this election will effect you. 

Regardless of whether you’re a Republican or a Democrat, please vote for Hilary. Don’t give into voter apathy, it sounds cliche, but every vote counts. Register as a voter, remember your rights, do not wear any form of political endorsement at the polls on voting day, do not take a photo of your ballot, please vote Hilary. Don’t even go for third party because this year, every vote that doesn’t go to Hilary is one more vote closer to a Trump presidency. 

Can we just talk about how “Han is maybe more grateful than anyone” to see that Rey is alright? MORE GRATEFUL THAN ANYONE. That includes Finn and I’m just saying, Finn was pretty damn grateful to see that she was alive so Han must have been absolutely ecstatic.

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If sarumi started living together do you think yata would be somewhat anxious about fushimi leaving him again? What do you think he would do to be sure that doesn't happen?

I could actually see Yata having some issues around that actually, especially considering the way Fushimi left in the first place. Like maybe right after they move in together every time Yata comes home he feels this moment of nervousness because he can’t help but be worried that he’s going to open that door and all of Fushimi’s stuff will be gone. Maybe right after he moves in too Fushimi’s too lazy to take his stuff out of the boxes so Yata starts getting used to seeing them sitting there in the living room and then one day Fushimi finally decides to take everything out and put it away. In kind of a weird reverse situation between them, Fushimi’s been leaving the boxes out because he couldn’t quite convince himself that something wasn’t going to happen and they weren’t going to break apart and shouldn’t he just leave everything still packed so he’s ready for when the inevitable happens, and then when he puts everything away it’s because he’s decided to trust in Yata’s feelings and believe that they really can be together again. But when Yata walks in to the apartment later all he can see initially is that Saruhiko’s stuff is gone and he’s all panicked for a minute and starts sending Fushimi all these texts wanting to know where he is. Fushimi comes back to find Yata’s all pissed at him and he doesn’t know why, because he only put his things away and Yata just looks away and mutters at him that it’s nothing, forget about it.

I imagine they’d probably have to talk about it eventually, I think Yata would probably realize that clinging to Fushimi harder out fear he’s going to go isn’t good for either of them. Fushimi would probably be surprised and somewhat upset to realize how much his leaving affected Yata, like he hadn’t even considered how coming home to a half-empty apartment must have felt and immediately he thinks that here’s another thing he fucked up. Of course Yata’s kinda thinking the same thing, like he knows he can’t keep freaking out every time Fushimi doesn’t answer a text but on the other hand he can’t stop worrying either because how can he know that Fushimi’s not just going to up and leave him. And then they’re both upset and possibly Fushimi gets to be the one who starts crying first this time as he manages to choke out an apology because it’s not like he can’t say he didn’t want to hurt Misaki that time because he did, he wanted to hurt Misaki by hurting himself so that he could still have a place in Misaki’s world and he can’t really take that back but he wants to, he wants to try and believe this time and maybe he screwed up because here Yata’s given him all these things to believe in and he can’t even give Yata something as small as believing that he’ll stay this time. Yata is super shocked to see Fushimi actually crying and he calls Fushimi an idiot and he’s like yeah, Fushimi fucked up but if they want to stay together this time they both have to talk about this shit and make it work and they both kinda hug and cry and Fushimi mumbles into Yata’s shoulder that he won’t leave without saying anything again and if Yata can’t believe anything else he says just believe that and they’ll be all right.

To any anti that will stumble upon my blog:

No matter how many times we say that we don’t assume their sexuality, antis will never get it it seems.

We don’t think they are together because we assume they’re gay because we stereotype their behaviour. We assume they’re together because we see that they are in love with each other. That’s it. We sometimes speculate about their sexuality yes, but I’ve never seen anyone on my dash or anyone that I follow ‘assuming’ their sexuality and saying its the absolute truth, unlike a lot of antis who assert they are straight.

Edit: We do speculate and theorize about their sexuality (like you do when you try to prove they are straight, so stop the hypocrisy about how it’s personal), and it has nothing to with Larry. It has to do with the signals they send: not that important, the rainbow shirts, little comments in interviews and concerts, about masculinity, about being yourself, Harry constantly using gender neutral pronouns when asked about girls … (And no, we don’t say the rainbow flag is about larry, it’s about the support to the community, we all agree on this, those who don’t are a tiny minority that you constantly use against us even though even Rainbow Direction has a non-shipping policy.) If you want to think these comments are meaningless, okay, do you, but stop proclaiming that everywhere you can and keep it to yourself. Because there are people for whom these signals are very important. Do you ever think about the fact that it takes a lot of courage for someone in the closet to send these signals? Do you ever think about how damaging it is for someone to take these leaps and have them reduced to nothing because people are heteronormative and assume you don’t know what you are talking about? Whether H&L are gay, pan, bi etc. or straight, it doesn’t change the fact that it helps people in the closet or searching themselves who see all these signs. Stop erasing them.

We regularly say that we don’t know what they identify as and what is their sexuality. We celebrate when they don’t conform to gender norms, not because it validate our theories about larry, but because it does so much good to the LGBTQIA+ community precisely because it breaks gender norms.

When you accuse us of shipping larry because of stereotypes when in fact it has nothing to do with it, it’s YOU who are stereotyping. Because YOU point out the flamboyance, the feminine clothes etc. as being a stereotype of sexuality and it being used as a proof of sexuality. When you try to ‘call out’ (and who do you think you are?) this behaviour that you imagine, YOU are perpetuating it.

I’ve never seen anyone that I follow saying Louis being flamboyant means that he’s gay. We’re happy when he’s flamboyant because we see how he smiles, hos he seems more free. I have never seen anyone that I follow saying Harry wearing feminine clothes means that he’s gay. We’re happy when he wears them because it breaks gender norms, because it shows that clothes have no gender and it helps a lot of people to feel good with themselves. Larry has to do with their behaviour in regards to each other, not with their behaviour as a person.

My last point is: if you have a problem with twitter and instagram larries spamming the boys, go take your problem with them, stop harrassing us about them when we also regularly say we are fed up with this spamming. Stop complaining to us about things we don’t do.

Oh and I have a question: do you harrass ziams, liloes and narries the same way? Because believe me  I see a lot of spamming from them too. But no you don’t. So, try again to tell us that you’re not the product of the bullying culture that 1DHQ has created and that you blindly started following?

(I’m probably going to reblog this from time to time because I don’t want to get asks about this and have to keep repeating myself)

Golden eyes widened as the latter nearly dropped the book he was holding in his hands, and smiled, broadly, completely forgetting that he was in odd clothing, looked different and ‘wasn’t Kida Masaomi anymore. Grinning broadly, he approaches the other, noticing the other look at him funny because of his getup but pays it no mind. “M-Mikado, is it really you? I-I never thought I’d get to see you again, I just can’t talk right! T-There’s so much I wanna say to you, my dear friend! Are you real? Are you not some illusion conjured up by a djinn or something?”

“Um, don’t you know who I am, Mikado?”