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okay, can we talk about keith’s vlog tho? because all i see right now is that “we already have too much keith” and it makes me mad so i need to rant. here we go.

first of all, coran was so happy that he set up this system so he and the team could record vlogs and maybe talk about fun things and stuff like that. but keith lived on a desert for so long he didn’t even know what “fun” is at this point and he’s not the kind of person that would talk simply to fill the silence. so of course when you tell him to sit in front of the camera and talk, he will finally just say whatever is on his mind. and he starts to talk about being half-galra? 

like, it’s on his mind all the time; not only that he’s not 100% human but also that because of who he is allura hated him and other altea people would probably feel the same. most of the time keith acts like he doesn’t care about anyone but maybe shiro, but the truth is he cares so much? about what allura thinks, about what hunk thinks. he just bottles it up like everything else.

and then the “vol- tron” scene with lance. keith still thinks about that! he’s frustrated because a stupid chant shouldn’t be this complicated but keith thinks it’s important to lance. he doesn’t understand even tho he wants to! i don’t know, i just felt like pointing this out because of Reasons. 

and then probably the most important part. where keith talks about how his mom left him and that’s the reason he has trust issues. like, holy shit, of course you’d have trust issues and if i’ll ever see one more person getting mad at keith for being angry about shiro’s disappearance, i’m throwing hands. both his parents apparently didn’t give a damn about him and shiro was the only person he had, he was and is his only family so of course keith was angry. and in this last part of his vlog we saw how vulnerable he really is, he opened up so much i was surprised because keith is usually a very reserved person when it comes to his feelings, so i think that we saw more character development in those three minutes than in the whole show and it’s important! 

so if you think that it was a waste of time and they’re “shoving keith down your throat” (i saw someone saying that here on tumblr) then i hope you’ll choke on him, because honestly? keith is one of the more interesting characters in the show both because of his backstory and behavior/development. 

so do i think that the other characters deserve more screentime too? of course! matt fucking holt is my fave character so you don’t get to talk to me about too little screentime. but do i think that they should stop giving us more keith content and that it’s okay to insult keith because of the amount of time he’s getting? well, let me tell you that this is bullshit. 

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Hey mom, do you have any tips for dealing with sinus pressure and the related face/headaches? I have allergies, and I also tend to get pressure in my face whenever I get a cold or flu or stress or if the wind is blowing or there are stars in the sky, just basically always. Short of decapitation, I've got no idea how to handle this chronic nonsense.

Considering I just sneezed and went temporarily blind from the pressure build up in my skull, same. I suffer from severe chronic rhinitis as well as a pretty much permanent case of sinusitis they can’t cure, we found it when they did a CT scan for my dental exam and my dentist went “omg your sinuses!”. Which is always what you want to hear when your head is trapped in a rotating dome of uranium.

I’m generally in pain 90% of the time from the pressure this causes. So I feel you on the whole face headache thing <3

Not a lot of things help me I’m afraid, but steam facial baths have given me some relief when the pressure is caused by sinusitis (and sometimes allergies, but mostly the sinuses) Some people will swear blind that dropping eucalyptus oil in the water helps but honestly all that does is make my eyes water and most of the menthol solutions you can buy pre-blended don’t actually help you breathe more easily, it just makes your airways think they’re not inflamed (due to the numbing agents menthol possesses) so all you get is a feeling of relief, which is why things like those vicks inhalers are bullshit. 

The majority of the time it’s heat + steam that actually helps the most.

 You can also, if you have the facilities just steam up your bathroom, which is what my parents do for my brother (who has asthma and CF) when he has a bad cold, if sitting with your head craned over a bowl of boiling water is not feasible for you.

Things like sudafed can also offer temporary relief, but my doctor hates it with a passion because of what it can do to your blood pressure. Depending on where you are in the world, you’re not even getting the real sudafed otc because it’s been used to cut meth, so you wind up needing a prescription for the real stuff which again is only for temporary relief and not recommended for prolonged use.

If it’s more caused from allergies, my allergist recommended a nasal spray called Flonase which you can buy otc. You could also try a saline spray.

I’m actually supposed to start using a neti pot on the regular as per his instructions, but I’m really phobic of things going up my nose (bad childhood memory) so I’ve yet to do it, so who knows, it may be the cure for all my ailments. Just always make sure you don’t use plain tap water. Boil it first to kill anything that regular filtration might not have taken care of. Then let it cool. I’d like to say “obviously” but according to my friend who is an ER nurse it is apparently not so obvious. You can buy little kits with saline packets in them too.

You might also want to make sure you’re getting enough fluids, especially if you take an antihistmaine on the regular, like I do. They actually dry out the mucous membrane too well if you’re on them for prolonged periods of time (mine have actually started to affect my menstrual cycle, so that’s a thing) and can start to make the problem worse, so making sure you’ve got enough fluid intake can be really beneficial. If I’m having a particularly bad day I’ll drink hot lemon water rather than cold. It might not be as refreshing feeling, especially in the summer, but it helps my airways not hate me quite as much.

You may also want to look into an air purifier (the $40 ones work just as well as the $200 ones provided you keep them clean) and keep it running 24/7 in the room where you spend the most time. If you’ve got central air, maybe check and see the last time the vents were cleaned, as that can hugely impact your quality of air. If you do have central air and you are the one in control of it, make sure you change the filter on the duct one a month. Don’t bother with the expensive filters. The $2 cheap pleated ones work just as well as the $30+ one, just make sure you change it out every month. We recently had our house air ducts cleaned and my dust allergy is a lot better.

Also check the rest of your environment, is it clean or dusty? Are you at risk from mold spores? Does outside pollution make it worse? I love my vogmask, it’s made cleaning so much easier to deal with, not to mention helping to protect me from the pollen that wants me dead (fuck you too birch trees).

A humidifier might also be beneficial for you too, but again, don’t add anything into the water, I see so many posts saying things like “just add a few drops of XYZ into your humidifier to clarify the air” and I always want to scream because not only are you potentially wrecking the machine, but also quite possibly irritating your nose/lungs more because it’s one more thing for your body to try and deal with processing. So again, plain water is fine.

If I’ve suggested things you’ve already tried to little or no avail, then I offer you my sympathy and solidarity. Cause fuck this shit.

The Witching Hour [1]

Summary: You and your husband Bucky move into your dream home, a few weeks after your marriage. You had no idea what you’d be in for.

Bucky Barnes X Reader

Warnings: Scary and/or unsettling/disturbing content; aspects of a haunting; will contain angst and fluff

Word Count: 880

A/N: I really hope everybody likes this and sticks with me here. It starts a little slowly, but it will pick up, I promise! This is very close to my heart, as odd as it sounds as horror is my favourite genre. If you’re on my Forever Tag list however, and you really don’t want to be tagged in a story like this, please let me know and I will make a note beside your name xo

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I’m pretty new to all the Undertale AUs.  I’ll admit I don’t necessarily see the need for them when the original universe is already perfection, but I love seeing all the different ways people reinterpret and enjoy the game.

But it turns out there’s an AU called Tribetale.

I know I’m just one person.  But when I stumbled upon the tag, my stomach kind of turned.  Because it’s pretty racist, even if I think it wasn’t intended to be.

Killing humans and/or living in isolation does not mean the monsters are an analogy for the 566 Native American nations.  I can’t believe I have to say that.  If you want to reimagine them as contemporary members of the actual nations, complete with research and cultural sensitivity, that’s a different story.  But browsing through the tag, that’s so clearly not what’s going on here.  I can tell from the clothes alone that you didn’t so much as Google tribal regalia.

You guys are way too talented to waste it on this concept.  For all I know, the tags are really old, and maybe you’ve all moved on by now.  I really hope so.

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Weird ask game but 🔥 about... Game Grumps in general. Sorry, too tired to think of anything

Unpopular opinion: I think people are super obsessed with Dan and it pisses me off. I may sound like a hypocrite considering that I talk more about Dan and his characters more than anything, but you wanna know WHY I do?

Because it’s all anyone wants to know. And it’s one of the few ways to get anyone to pay attention to you here. Yeah, I know people love Arin, but honestly there’s so much more Dan love that I just get tired of it sometimes. Like, I get it, we love Dan Avidan. But like….Arin Hanson, man. ARIN JOSEPH HANSON.

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My mom about the DNA MV:

- before I even started the video she laughed her ass off about the title ‘DNA’ ( I have no idea why and she just kept laughing and slapping her knee .. like ???)

- in the end she really enjoyed the 'DNA move’

- *sees Jungkook* oh wow 😳

- *sees Taehyung* ohh his looks are really unique but so handsome

- *sees Hobi* well you know what ?!?!?! they’re all fucking beautiful

- she wanted to stop watching the video because she thought they were all so handsome and she needed a break from this masterpiece and I should ask in a hour again

- I didn’t complain because same mom. Same.

Dating Jack Headcanons

  • Being the only person to call him “ramen noodles” or “noodles” without him getting mad
  • Sassing each other on a daily basis
  • Stealing his hoodies and only giving them back when they stop smelling like him
  • Playing with his hair while he lays on across your lap when he’s sleepy
  • Him kissing all over your face for no reason
  • Holding hands 24/7
  • Bear hugs, sweater paws and movie dates in the winter
  • Beach dates in the summer
  • Jack spoiling you with stuff you don’t need while he’s on tour because “I saw this and it reminded me of you”
  • Pick up line wars
  • Him making you blush no matter how long you’d been together
  • Tracing his freckles while he giggles 
  • Bringing his smile out of him more
  • Accidentally staying up until dawn texting or facetiming each other
  • Not an obnoxious amount, but a lot of PDA because the world needs to know that he’s yours
  • “Can you sing me to sleep?”
  • And he would 
  • Hearing his morning voice
  • Him cuddling into you and not letting you get out of bed
  • “Five more minutes”
  • He’d try to make you breakfast but you’d end up going out for food instead
  • Hugs from behind, with his chin on your shoulder while he kisses your cheek
  • Letting him use you as a pillow because that boy is always tired
  • Him letting you be his personal koala and cuddling into him in return
  • A thousand compliments a day
  • Him wearing his glasses around you a little more than he usually would
  • Being the cutest couple in the world because that boy is a fluffy teddy bear on the inside

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*whispers shyly* can i have some pregnant tony moments with bucky and steve??? (fluffy or smutty or bOTH)

  • When Tony is pregnant with Peter, Steve and Bucky can’t handle being away from him. Part of it is an alpha instinct to always be there to protect their mate and unborn child; the other part is that they still feel awful for all the turmoil they caused Tony when Bucky was injured. Like Sarah had said, no one was right–but no one had been wrong, either. At first Tony is very pleased with the attention. Being alone for so long was not nice and he did not enjoy it at all. But as time goes on and he doesn’t get a moment to himself, he gets a little irritated. So when Steve and Bucky follow him into the bathroom for the third time in an hour because the baby is using his bladder as a trampoline, he shoves them back out, snapping at them, and slams the door in their faces. He feels a little bad, but come on! Let him pee in peace! Steve and Bucky are standing at the door when he opens it again, looking like kicked puppies at him from under their lashes. “We just wanted to make sure you were okay,” Steve says sadly. Tony hates them. Well, not really–he hates that he’s such a sucker for them. “If I am not okay taking a piss then I will let you know.” Steve and Bucky reluctantly agree because that makes sense. (And Tony is super pissed off that he does eventually have to ask them for help getting to the bathroom. He hates everything.)
  • Tony is super self-conscious when he notices the stretch marks. He knows they’re normal, knows that most if not all pregnant people get them. Still, it was one thing to know everyone got them and quite another to be standing in front of your mirror, feeling fat and unattractive, and finding more reasons to feel unattractive. He hadn’t really needed the help, thanks. So he tries to hide his body from his husbands as much as possible. Steve and Bucky let him get away with it for a while because they think he’s just uncomfortable in his pregnancy in general. But then they notice that Tony tries not to undress in front of them or he tries to make sure it’s dark when they try to touch him. That won’t do. Their omega is beautiful. Tony whines when they won’t let him turn down the lamps before they strip him, and blushes in shame when they take a moment to just look at his body. “Honey,” Steve says reverently. “You’re beautiful. You’re glowing.” “I–I’m not,” Tony tries to insist, but then Bucky leans down and presses a kiss to one of his bigger stretch marks and his breath hitches. “You’re perfect,” Bucky tells him, hand stroking over Tony’s stomach. Tony whines as his husbands spend time making sure each and every mark on his stomach gets kissed or licked or nipped, weeping at one point because he’s so overwhelmed, but at the end of the night he doesn’t feel so unattractive. His husbands rub his stomach and press soothing kisses to his neck and shoulders until Tony falls asleep. He needs the rest.
  • When the first basket of fruit arrives to ease Tony’s pregnancy cravings, Steve and Bucky just smile like idiots as they watch Tony dig in. He’s so excited to have the food he’s been wanting for so long, he’s grinning, and he’s beautiful even with fruit juice dripping off his chin and elbows because he’s too excited to cut up his food and is using his hands to hold it instead. Tony reluctantly stops eating because he wants the fruit to last, but Pepper had sent a letter saying she’d continue sending fruit until she made it back. Tony can eat as much as he wants. Tony nearly makes himself sick eating each of the six mangoes in the basket, but he looks happy anyway. (When Steve and Bucky kiss him, he tastes sweet. They nibble and lick his skin until they’re certain all the nectar has been licked off of him, and then when Tony grabs at them desperately in response, they make slow, sweet love to him that has him gasping and moaning their names like prayers.)
  • Tony’s stomach eventually grows so big that missionary position is impossible, and he feels uncomfortable sitting in his alphas’ laps when he feels like a bloated whale. It’s the worst few days of his life because for whatever reason he’s been very aroused lately and he can’t do anything about it but let his husbands eat him out. Which is fine!!!! But he wants their knots so badly he wants to scream. He guesses the ‘baby brain’ Sarah mentioned is a real thing when he tells his husbands that he wants their knots and they just stare at him before Steve tugs him up on his side so Bucky can settle behind him, dick rubbing between his cheeks before sliding home in one long, slow movement. Tony has a brief second to wonder ‘why didn’t I think of that this baby is making me stupid’ before he can’t think anything at all, writhing on Bucky’s cock even after Bucky has him knotted.
  • Near the end of his pregnancy, Tony is miserable. He’s hot and tired all the time. His feet hurt. He’s pretty sure his ankles have disappeared into his calves. And dear God are his breasts sore. Steve and Bucky try to make it bearable though, carrying him when they can, rubbing his feet, massaging his scalp and offering cool compresses so he didn’t feel so overheated. He appreciates all of it. So Sarah is very confused when she sees her son walking around with a red hand print on his cheek. Steve and Bucky explain that Steve got a little too handsy and leave it at that. (Steve is enamored with Tony’s breasts and Tony does not appreciate his attention toward them when they are sore and he is miserable. Steve understands. He knows that he shouldn’t have heard “God my breasts are so tender how do women put up with this their entire lives” and grabbed Tony’s breasts in response. Steve has always had poor impulse control though. And it wasn’t like Tony hadn’t grabbed Steve’s hands back when he’d yanked them away and put them back on his boobs because “wait a minute that helps.”)
  • Steve and Bucky kind of hate the second baby. Peter was not nearly as hard on Tony’s body as this one is. Sometimes Tony cries because he’s so exhausted and hungry and frustrated and they feel so powerless to help him. They’re pretty sure that when the baby is born they won’t be able to treat it well and they’re terrified because it’s a baby, it’s not like it’s doing it on purpose, and it needs taking care of! (Harley his born and Steve and Bucky wonder how something so small and precious can be so fucking awful to its mother. Harley’s just a very needy baby who will eventually grow up to be the biggest mama’s boy. Steve and Bucky worry they won’t give Harley the affection he needs. And then Peter looks up and asks, “Why is he bald?” and they fall in love with this little bald baby because he’s theirs and Tony looks so proud when he holds him.)

what I want from Lance’s vlog: basically him addressing the vlog to his family and just talking about the fun stuff he’s doing in space with the others, but then he suddenly transitions to reminiscing about his childhood back home, something like ‘hey remember that time we all did this incredibly lame thing together and mom was so mad at us for it’ and then his face kinda falls and he sniffles but then he smiles again and just goes, ‘I can’t wait until I’m back on Earth so I can introduce you all to my friends out here in space. I love them, they’re so incredible and I know you’ll love them all. Yes, including Keith. He’s not as bad as I made him seem in all those phone calls, I guess. I’ll see you all soon. Hopefully.’ And then he’s about to sign off but then at the last moment he just whispers ‘I miss you all so much.’ And then he signs off.

Try to Understand (pt. 6)

Characters: Alpha!Dean Smith, Omega!Reader, Beta!Benny Lafitte, Omega!Charlie

Word Count: 2900, plus a few more

Warnings: A/B/O Dynamics, language, smidge of angst I suppose

A/N: And another installment of my AU Alpha!Dean Smith series has arrived! Things get interesting after Benny arrives and the reader has to figure out how to handle it all. My eternal gratitude goes to @roxy-davenport for her beta work, and to @dr-dean for hosting the initial challenge that starting this series - inspired by ‘Magic Man’ by Heart.

I’m always thankful for comments and constructive criticism, so let me know what you think!

Reader’s thoughts are in italics.

Get caught up - Part 5  Start at the beginning - Part 1

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Spending the evening on the phone arguing with your parents got you nothing but a headache and a heavy dose of guilt. Everything was done “out of concern” and because “someone needs to make sure you keep your head on straight” but you knew it was really to keep an eye on you and make sure you weren’t doing anything to sour the deal with Benny’s family. Benny kept fairly quiet during the whole evening, sometimes offering you sympathetic looks, other times expressing his agreement with your parent’s concerns. At the end of it all, when your battle was lost, he softly bid you goodnight, unable to hide the hurt written all over his face as he retreated to the guest room.

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What if the UF/SF skelebros S/O was sick but they don't wake up sick. As they go through the day they feel progressively worse so like they go on e a brunch date and by the end of it they look like they're dying? (Totally not self indulgent at all)

Being sick sucks, my poor @mage0flight. I hope you’re feeling better! And if not, you can probably use your sickness to get out of work. Heh.


He doesn’t really notice anythings out of place, aside from the fact that you’ve been coughing just a little more then usual. Well, it’s probably just some weird human thing, so he isn’t really worried. Besides, you’re a tough cookie. You can handle it. 

Then he takes you out to Grillby, and you eat about two fries off his plate. That’s it. Your laughter at his puns becomes more and more forced, and your fingers firmly clench the edge of the table. Your voice is strained, and your expression is one of complete and utter misery as you begin to nod off during his words. He’s starting to get suspicious, and when you actually begin to turn green, he knows something’s wrong. He starts freaking out. He doesn’t know how to handle a sick human, and he’s worried he’s going to kill you if he tries. You eventually shortcuts back home under your instruction before grabbing Alphys and shoving her into your room with the directions to fix my human.

He isn’t gonna lose you anytime soon, that’s for sure.


Edge doesn’t understand what’s happening when you start to groan at the table, clutching at your stomach and looking so miserable he wants to break something. He isn’t really familiar with human sickness, and he knows for a fact that you had been perfectly well this morning. When you explain that you think you have a fever, however, he’s a little concerned.

Well, a little might be understating it.


He’s freaking out. You eventually get him to calm down enough to get you home, where he pampers you like you’re made of glass. It’s kind of sweet, honestly.


Black doesn’t even know humans could get sick, to be honest. Monsters don’t really have immune systems to affect, and their magic usually filters out anything that isn’t supposed to be inside them. It’s usually only the weak monsters who get sick, and he knows for a fact that you aren’t weak. So when you begin to pale at brunch and you aren’t responding to him, he assumes you’re just being rude. When you explain that you aren’t feeling well, however, he just rolls his eyes.  Oh, that’s all? Humans are so delicate. He’ll impatiently wave for the check, and proceed to drag you back to your house.

Internally, he’s screaming. Are you going to be okay? He doesn’t know what to do, and you don’t seem to be getting any better. If there was an external would, he could fix it, but he doesn’t know what to do when its shit he can’t see. He ends up buying every single med he can at the drugstore, even ones you don’t need (or want to know exist).

He just wants you to be okay.


Honestly, Russ wouldn’t have even let you leave the house in the first place. He’s pretty perceptive and can tell right away that you aren’t quite as peppy as usual when you’re about to walk out the door. It’s a good thing he made you stay inside, because it only takes a few hours for you to be a pitiful mess of fever. He had to take care of his little brother by himself for years, so he knows how to take care of someone. He all but straps you in bed, nestling you up with a mountain of blankets, medicine, and your favorite TV show playing on the TV. It’s super sweet, honestly, except for the fact that he won’t let you get up for about a week. 

And he won’t let you have any sex, either. He doesn’t want to hurt you.

It’s okay, though, because he makes up for it in cuddles. 

Lots and lots of cuddles.

“Nothing gets my heart racing like realizing I slept through all my alarms.”

“You hate rumors, but you’re spreading them? That doesn’t make any sense to me.”

“I want to know how someone can be so oblivious to what they actually are. You, my friend, are not a human.”

“I just want to be liked and I want to have friends, is that so bad?”

“You need to know when to stop and I think that’s right now.”

“Stop trying to pick me apart. I’m being kind because I want to be, not because I have other ulterior motives. I don’t, by the way, have other motives.”

less than a year after moving in my landlord has decided to sell the flat meaning I need somewhere else to live. I’ve moved 3 times in 4 years due to circumstances that weren’t my fault and I’m exhausted. If you know of a place going in Cheltenham please DM me

My rent history because the housing market is shite and I can’t afford to buy

1st flat- a mould palace where we had a women next door who would scream and bang on the walls all night. We also got burgled.

2nd flat- 8 months of hellish building work. Also a mould palace and water ran down the walls. Downstairs neighbour who would have coke parties from 2 am- midday on a weekly basis. The landlord sold the place

3rd place- nightmare housing association neighbours who were drug addicts and alcoholics. They would play meatloaf on repeat, have daily drinking and party sessions, violent outbursts where the police were called, and once they vomited into a box and threw it at our door.

4th place- heaven. We love this flat. Landlord then sells and we can’t afford to buy it.

5th flat?? No idea.

Someone please buy me a house in the woods.

people need to be more careful when they talk about school and ‘just trying harder.’ because usually, they do not have a learning disability if they think you can simply just ‘try harder’ in school and that will fix everything for students with learning disabilities.

many students with learning disabilities struggle in school not because they aren’t trying? i don’t know where people got that from but it’s incredibly hurtful to people with learning disabilities to be told “you aren’t trying hard enough clearly that’s why you aren’t passing this class” because that is not it at all. i try so hard in class but i can not help it and hearing shit like that makes it much harder on me in school and it’s the same for others like me with learning disabilities.

school is already hard enough for us so if anything you could make it a bit easier by being understanding and patient with students with learning disabilities. and also it would make school easier for us if people would stop saying stuff like “you just aren’t trying” or “you’re just lazy and don’t want to do the work” because that is super hurtful and not at all true!

Our world continues to fade away and the noise of its dominion gets louder. The noise easily spreads lies and fear because of the communication we now have: the internet. All the more we need not only be vigilant but also discerning - found still in the glory of God.

Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world. By this you know the Spirit of God: every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God; and every spirit that does not confess Jesus is not from God; this is the spirit of the antichrist, of which you have heard that it is coming, and now it is already in the world. You are from God, little children, and have overcome them; because greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world. They are from the world; therefore they speak as from the world, and the world listens to them. We are from God; he who knows God listens to us; he who is not from God does not listen to us. By this we know the spirit of truth and the spirit of error. (1 John 4:1-6 NASB)

This temporal world will end one day. What matters more than the when and how is WHERE… Where will you be when that comes and where will you be after that? May you be heaven-bound because of the gift of grace that comes from Christ Jesus 💛

— From @sisterssaved on Instagram

Hiiiii, someone asked me to make an icon tutorial so here I am. First of all, english is not my native language (and I don’t know the tools’ names haha what a mess), so please bear with me because this is going to be a long ass ride.


  • Phososhop CS6 Portable.
  • Basic skills (remove a backgound, crop and coloring).
  • Screencaps.
  • This PSD and this one.

Okay so here we come. Please like or reblog if this is useful in any way, thanks!!

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The two tried for most of the day to figure out if Yasmin had any superpowers, but they didn’t find any. They decided to relax and cloudgaze. Maybe Yasmin’s brain needed a break.

Hope: That cloud looks like a bunny! What clouds do you see?

Yasmin: I don’t know, I think they all look like blobs. What’s a bunny?

Hope: My grandma’s favorite animal! We have this giant stuffed one at home. It has polka dots. I guess bunnies are supposed to have polka dots!

Yasmin: That cloud didn’t have any.

Hope: That’s because they were invisible. You have to use your imagination!

Yasmin: I think that one looks like a marshmallow!

Hope: I guess clouds are sort of marshmallowy.

 Hello all my wonderful darlings!

As some of you know, I’m currently transitioning into another position at work. It’s all very exciting and new, but sadly, it has started to dawn on me how much time and energy this will cost. I’m practically going to work 24/7, seven days/week (at least in the beginning) because there’s just so much stuff I need to deal with.

What this means is that I won’t be able to write and post as much as I would like to. I might pop by here to post something every now and then, and whenever I can I’ll work on my WIP’s, but I don’t see myself being able to post something almost every day like I normally do. It makes me really upset, it really does, because I love coming on here and write for you guys, to read all your amazing stuff and see your lovely edits, and interact with all of you ❤

I am by no means abandoning this blog. The reason why I asked you guys to tell me what you prefer me to write is so I know what to post when I find the time. I have every intention to keep writing as much as I can, but for now I want you to know why this little corner may become a little silent for a while. Lots of love, 


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I know it's 0% my business so feel free to not answer, but how did you arrive at the conclusion that you're lesbian instead of bi?

it’s cool, dude, i don’t mind talking about it

i’ve always been a person that’s like “you can know your sexual identity without ever having dated anybody!!” but it turns out i actually needed to date some people to figure out what i like and don’t like. because as far as physical attraction goes, i’m attracted to all genders. and that’s easy to figure out without dating. but i didn’t really figure out that i’m ace until i attempted to have sex. being ace adds a whole other layer to this because it’s hard to figure out that i don’t want to have sex with men specifically when in reality i don’t want to have sex with anyone. however, i’ve definitely always had a lot more anxiety about sleeping with men than sleeping with women - which i’ve always blamed on my religious upbringing, until now. 

anyway, i’ve recently dated a couple of men and just couldn’t get into it. i didn’t care about them, their affection made me uncomfortable, it felt like a waste of time, and the real kicker is that i always miss women when i’m with men. getting to this point was a slow process that started with “i won’t date straight men,” then, “i’m not dating men at all right now,” until finally i realized i just don’t like men. i have no desire to be intimate or romantic or affectionate with them in any capacity. and, yeah, it took actually dating them and trying to be close to them to figure this shit out lol. 

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Dad (can I call you dad?) My mom wants to send me to therapy again but I'm so scared because I feel like it made me so much less trusting but she thinks I need it. Last time it didn't go well and I got worse anxiety and it didn't help at all. I don't know what I should do.

I’m going to go ahead and assume talking your fears over with your mom is out of the question?
Dear, I hate, hate, hate to say it, but every day we have to face things that we dread and we hate with a passion. No matter what we do, there will always be stuff like this that gets our anxiety going or makes us lose trust or respect, but we have to deal with it, unfortunately.

Something that I suggest is, if you are able, compromising. Maybe say that you will go to therapy (i assume for anxiety?) so long as you are completely in charge. You pick the therapist, and you can decide if it is working. I think if you can research and choose for yourself, you’ll feel a lot better about who you’re going to. And, most importantly, know that no matter what happens, you can always, always, always come tell me what’s bothering you. I may not be the best advice-giver, but I will always be here to listen.

(And yes you can call me dad, you’re not the only one that does!)