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Can I please just say how pleased I am about the recent BNHA chapter?

Let me explain!!


So, despite the absolutely heart wrenching scene involving Nighteye and his ending, I just want to truly and honestly thank Horikoshi for not making that buildup end with: “Oh, miraculously he’s alive. So that’s cool, right?”

Because to make a story more real and relatable, tragedy HAS to happen. People DO die. We might not always like it or be prepared for it, but it happens. So when these things happen, and when you feel a little piece of you die alongside these characters, it makes the experience real.

And I just want to thank Horikoshi for actually having the courage to kill off a very lovable character. Too often do I watch Anime or read manga where I’m left rolling my eyes because “miraculously” so-and-so survived. Or “miraculously” this-guy-and-this-girl have recovered completely with zero handicaps, scars, or hang-ups. They’re just perfect beings who, naturally, heal perfectly. And honestly, it makes me a little upset, especially when it happens over and over again. You’re just left not caring about the characters because they’re perfect, right? So who cares. They’ll live.

When this type of thing occurs, it makes the story distance itself from the readers. It really, really does. The reason this happens for readers is because the author was too afraid to admit what we are all afraid of: life.

Life. Death. We’re all afraid of it. We’re afraid of failing, of losing someone close to us. We’re afraid of challenges that make us walk down a different path or of tragedies that take away hundreds of people. We’re afraid of looking weak in the form of a handicap (either mentally or physically) and we’re afraid of dying.

BUT it happens. All the time. Every day. It’s just the sad truth of life, but as Horikoshi has repeatedly taught us, it doesn’t mean we have to stop living. It doesn’t mean we have to fear life itself.

Will we be sad when someone we know passed away? Of course. I was absolutely heartbroken when my best friend passed away suddenly during her surgery at the young, young age of 20, two years ago. But, because of her being who she was, I eventually found the strength within myself to rely on the lessons she’d taught me, to remember her laugh and smile fondly, and use it to push me to become a better person.

Likewise, I expect that Mirio won’t just give up or stop being a hero or become dragged down by the death of his teacher. Nighteye will continue to teach him through his past self and thus, Mirio will continue growing and will eventually move on from his sadness, but will always remember his teacher.

This is the sad truth of life, but it doesn’t always have to be this way. Because life is always progressing and time is always flowing, but it isn’t always sad. Even with the tragedies and deaths and challenges that come our way, with enough strength in our hearts and love from those around us and those who will always be remembered, we can and will surpass the sadness that we feel. Life WILL move on and we WILL continue to grow; and that’s okay.

The world isn’t as bad as we think it is, even when we’re at our lowest, even when those we love pass on. That is the lesson Horikoshi teaches: through the dead and the living. And I thank him every day for being an author brave enough to teach us these facts of reality.

Thank you, Horikoshi, and thank you, Nighteye. You can rest easy knowing that fate will twist time and time again for both Mirio and Midoriya. They’ll make you proud! 👍

what i’m thankful for :-)

hello peeps! @tbholland completely inspired me to do this because her compliment to me was the perfect thing to wake up to on thanksgiving morning and it made my heart soar with happiness. and even though i did my gratitude/compliment activity this week, i don’t think it can summarize how much i love and appreciate every single one of you. before i was in this fandom, i felt kind of lost. i felt lonely, and i didn’t think anyone cared. but now, i’ve meet so many friends through tumblr that it truly makes me want to wake up in the morning each and everyday. so, i want to say thank you right now, to each and every one of my followers that are so genuinely kind and caring and make me want to be a better person. i love you guys with all my heart, and even if you don’t celebrate the holiday, i hope you all know how much i appreciate you.

@tbholland: meg. one of the first accs i followed on tumblr and my crush to this day. you’re seriously one of the most beautiful people i’ve ever met inside, and out. am i worthy of being your friend?? no tbh. your writing is stellar and absolutely everything you’ve written has made me i n s a n e l y emotional. i’m so sorry that people send you hate because you’re one of my favorite accounts/people in the world. i’ll always be here if you need me ♡

@hufflepuffholland: everyone knows that my lil charcake means the absolute world to me. charissa, thank you for being the most positive force in my life that never fails to make me genuinely smile. you’re truly so admirable because of how humble you are, and how much you really care about all of your followers. i truly don’t know what i did to deserve your warmth and kindness, but you’re the major reason why i love tumblr. thanks for always inspiring me, and i can’t wait to meet you in person, hopefully soon ♡

@spideyparkerfilms: how would i have gone through these past few months without bee?? who was i before my angel came down from heaven and blessed me with her presence?? idk tbh. bee, thank you for being the most supportive person in my life, and for being there for me whenever i felt alone. you’re just the cutest in every single way, and i admire your strength because it makes me want to keep on going. tysm for your endless love babe ♡

@spideywritings: where to begin with you, kate? you’re one of the most encouraging people in the world and your positivity is truly radiating! i always smile whenever i get a dm from you, and i feel so blessed to have your friendship in my life. thanks for always pushing me to go outside my comfort zone. you deserve every single little ounce of love that comes your way bb ♡

@screamholland: liz. you gorgeous human being that i wish would see how incredible you are. you’re such a sweetheart and you calm me down whenever i’m really stressed or anxious just by talking to me, which i am extremely thankful for. you’re always ready to listen, and i love all of our conversations because they feel so natural, and i feel like i can really be myself ♡

@tomhollandxreaderr: koukla mou! s’agapo poli (which means i love you in greek). i know we haven’t talked in a lil while, but i will forever and always support you as you continue to thrive because i’m so insanely proud of you. i’ll gladly be your hype woman at any point in time because you deserve all the recognition and love in the world. keep on writing and i can’t wait to see what else you create in the future ♡

@parkerpter: jenna, you’re one of the funniest people that i’ve ever had the pleasure of talking to. your snapchats always make me laugh when i’m having a bad day, and you’re just such a fun person! idk what i’d do without seeing your radiant smile on my phone everyday. thanks for bringing so much excitement and energy into my life ♡

@petersspidey: madsmadsmadsmadsmads! one of my first friends on tumblr, and one of the people that really told me to actually start writing! you made me feel welcome in this fandom, when i was so nervous and scared about reaching out to new people, but you were so friendly, and the fact that we hit it off right off the bat (and that we’re still close) makes me smile ♡

okay alright there are seriously WAY too many to count but here are some other people (that are also my highkey tumblr crushes bUT ALSO) deserve every single sunny day, warm hug and happy dog in the universe. i would write a personalized message to each of you, but i’m getting very sleepy so i may fall asleep typing this list: @spee-iderman, @ballyhoobarnes, @arachnid-kid, @prettylilparker, @peterplanet, @sanjariti, @softspidey, @loverholland, @zendmylife, @tomshollandss, @dej-okay, @spiderling–parker, @parkerbenjaminpeter, @peterandchurros, @spiderparkerboy, @spideythewebsitter, @darling-parker, @nycspidey, @spider-junkie, @thebucckybarnes, @lovelyimagines, @tonky-stank, @tomsh0lland @dreamyholland, @homecomign, @invinitywar, @tomholladn, @parkerscupcake and ahhh every single one of you!! i wish i could give you all my love in person. thanks to everyone following me for constantly putting up with me. i love you all forever and ever xoxo.

PSA: As a writer I like to keep things fresh with various types of fic and I try to divide my attention between different genres (eg. fluff, angst, smut, pure shite lmao) because I like to expand both my abilities and my understanding of characters and dynamics. Y'all are under no obligation to read a fic which doesn’t appeal to you and I cannot stress that enough! Hate AUs? Consider mine with as much regard as you’d give a common housefly. Sex repulsed? Chuck my smut in the fucking SEA! Never put yourself in an uncomfortable situation just because you feel like you should. I won’t be offended or angry. I get it. I have things I cannot handle in fic too.

That said, if you know that you don’t like a particular style of fic then please please please don’t make yourself read it (or comment on it). I always try to tag as widely as possible to ensure people know what they’re in for and I don’t want people to be caught unaware by potentially upsetting material (eg. needles or violence).

Regardless of how much I believe that readers hold a good deal of responsible for their own consumption, to find that something I’ve created has caused someone upset genuinely hurts me in a number of ways despite how much my head tells me that I did everything I could in terms of putting it out there.

I’ve had this issue a few times in the past through many different types of fic and I just wanted to put this out there again. Don’t feel compelled to read something which hurts ya cause it’s just gonna end up greatly upsetting us both and I really don’t want that xx

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hey sooo ive been wanting to get a haircut for years, one thats short but i keep wussing out at the last minute because i... dont consider myself attractive and im a lil chubby, my face shape and neck might not work w short hair but on the other hand having long hair makes me wanna die :( at this point i might be willing to look ugly for the sake of comfort but im sooo anxious... what do i do

the face shape thing is a complete myth. people only say that to girls because they want you to look as feminine and “pretty” as possible. no one ever says that shit to boys no matter what face shape or body type they have. you’ll look great with short hair but more importantly! you’ll feel comfortable with yourself. that’s what really matters

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Even though I dont think BH have sex in 2x07 it doesnt mean things can't get passionate. I mean Lili did say BH would get romantic and passionate and we really haven't see too much of that yet. I definitley think the Toni thing will come up and we'll see BH make up and get back to communicating because we also know in 2x08 Jughead is back to helping Betty figure out who the Black Hood is. What do you think?

Oh yeah I’m all for them having some makeup passion after they talk, don’t get me wrong. I just want them to move fully past it before going further ^^.  And of course they’ll get back to communicating and growing together again. (well they pass of the mission in 2x08 to archie and veronica, but they do that together so it counts lmao)

Often, being a teenage girl, I would think and sometimes still think thoughts like: “I’m going to work out more and eat healthier and then! he’ll want me”.

What I alwAys wonder is, if I think doing this thing will make other people like me, why don’t I just do it for myself. Because if anyone should like me, it should be me. If i want this thing, why isn’t self satisfaction enough to motivate me to do it.

First off, I don’t need to do shit for anyone. Second, aquiring a healthier lifestyle is a good thing, but I Don’t need to be so obsessed with it.

I hope this makes you look at thoughts like these differently. I still need to be reminded sometimes that if I want to change for someone else, maybe I should ask myself if It’s me I should change for. And why I feel the need to change anyway??

((Ps. I love you all, thanks for the asks recently! Ask for advice or send me a little message!)

It’s really kind of funny how non-writers seem to think that being a writer makes writing a book easy

On the one hand, yeah. I did the thing. Yeah, this is what I love

But on the other hand Buddy You Didn’t See The Screaming

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I met this guy at a bar. He is so damn fine!! ...but he is married. His wife has cheated on him with females. He wants to start a thing with me. Advise?

Don’t do it! Just because his wife cheated on him doesn’t mean he can cheat too. That makes him as bad as she (the wife) is and you deserve a better man than him. Somebody who isn’t married to someone else.

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Hey Sea! A bit ago when you replied to another anon you said that it’s strange that Louis is trying to establish his music by tying it to Northern England - to geography - and how weird that was. Honestly now that i think about it I can’t list an artist off the top of my head who do try to link their music to a geographic place. Thats so strange!!! It makes me more furious at Louis’ team, because you can tell that they are behind this. I can get that sometimes artists want to get back to (1/2)

continued: their roots, but what Louis is doing is going much further than that, with his accent returning thicker and other things you mentioned. I can’t understand why his team is doing this. Especially because everyone knows Louis is so well-traveled and worldly! He’s with 1D and how many world tours have they done? It makes me sick because his team may be mean, sick, cash-hungry leeches, but they’re not stupid. They know they’re pushing the wrong narrative with Louis - they KNOW. Worried for him (2/2)

Usually, if a strategy is not working, we see the artist’s team correct their course (as we saw with Harry’s Carolina promo. The song’s bts narrative was spiraling disastrously and it was halted. Same with Tess. She didn’t play by the rules and was dropped).

With Louis, failing strategies (or maybe just the laziest bare-bones) just keep running, as if no one’s home. To go from international recognition to parochial upstart is… not the usual trajectory, and not how one appeals to global pop radio.

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Send me a character and I’ll answer these!!

1: sexuality headcanon Lesbian 
2: otp WHITE ROSE 
3: brotp Strawberry Sunrise for SURE 
4: notp R//osegarden and L/ancaster both make appearances here 
5: first headcanon that pops into my head Ruby never sleeps. When she was a child, she had trouble sleeping because she had hopes and dreams more than nightmares, but now her guilt and terrors plague her every night. 
6: favorite line from this character 
“You told me once that bad things just happen. You were angry when you said it, and I didn’t want to listen. But you were right. Bad things do happen, all the time, every day. Which is why I’m out here, to do whatever I can, wherever I can, and hopefully do some good.” 

7: one way in which I relate to this character Alright listen guys. There ain’t just ONE thing because I am literally just real life Ruby Rose. Like things I say, how I act, how I DRESS is so like Ruby it’s a little TERRIFYING 
8: thing that gives me second hand embarrassment about this character Ruby Rose I love you dearly but oh my word watching your hand-to-hand HURTS. I can’t wait to see you succeed with it, however. 

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you sound like a jealous bitch. just because you know whats going on you can shade others who dont,and be so high about it. if you were us you would do the same thing too and be invasive

How does me saying not to invade jojis privacy make me sound like a jealous bitch? I’m not jealous of anything lmao. Im a person who believes you children don’t have a right to know things that joji doesn’t want people to know. This whole thing started cause someone saw a girl in the BACKGROUND of a photo. And you people have been messaging her and she made a Instagram story telling you guys to stop. Which proves my point. You guys are way too invasive. Also I never claimed to know anything. All I said was to stay out of his business. The fact that some of you are actually taking offense to me saying to leave jojis private life alone is honestly alarming. You’re making yourselves sound like stalkers. Which is exactly why joji is never gonna be as open as you guys want him to be.

anyone else kinda terrified you’ll never be able to hold a job in the future because of your mental illness

Meet the JSE community official prompt list!

Hey there friends! Earlier this week I made a little post brain dumping for a little activity the community can do!

As someone who has gone on to really talk to and connect with people on tumblr through meeting them within the community, it’s made me realise that people are SO much more than their avatars and screen names, and I really want to get to know you guys!!

So I’d like to start a meme similar to “Meet the Artist”, where I list a bunch of questions you have to answer, with some space for creativity in there if you want to illustrate it or make your list stylised and have that #aesthetic.

This will be open for as long as you guys want to do them, but at the end of the weekend, I’ll post a little collage of everyone’s submissions!!

To help me find them, please tag it #meetjsecommunity, @ me and spam my inbox because I am the WORST at finding these things. Also, if you could reblog this post to share it around so other people can find it and join in, that would be awesome!!!

So, here we have the official list! Please keep in mind, these are prompts, and you all have creative freedom to not answer these questions, or add your own!! Some of these questions have a focus on Jack, but I really want to focus on YOU guys and who YOU are so the majority are personal :)

1. Name, Age, Country? (I always like seeing country Cus it’s incredible how widespread the community is sometimes)
2. Appearance? (For all you artists you can draw some pictures of yourselves!!)
3. Hobbies?
4. What is your dream job?
5. What kind of shit would we find in your bag?
6. How would you describe your personality?
7. When did you find Jack’s channel?
8. Put in order your top 3 favourite Egos!
9. Favourite/ most nostalgic video/series of Jack’s to watch? (Multiple answers are fine, I know I’ll find it hard to answer)
10. Would you describe yourself as an active member or a quiet member of the community?
If you’re an active member, what is your favourite part of what you do? Do you write fanfiction? Fanart? Theories? Or do you just enjoy chatting with others?

Feel free to skip or add your own questions!! I’ve tried to make it so that these questions are easy to draw accompanying illustrations because I know how much you guys love to draw!!

Have fun guys! I can’t wait to get to know you all a bit better!

BTS replaced you. - pt.3

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“Ah… they did? What did they say?” Hongseok passes my phone to me as I read the messages I haven’t opened for the last few hours. Seeing them still hurt because it still feels insincere, as if I was alone in this friendship. 

“Are you going to reply?” Hongseok asked while taking one of my hand in his from under the blanket. It was barely even 6am and I wasn’t down for the drama just yet. 

“Not yet, let’s have cake.” I say smiling, and dragging him with me over to the kitchen still with my phone in one hand.

I took the cake out from the fridge and set it on the table between Hongseok and I. He placed a candle in the centre and lit it, turning the light off before he took his seat. The room was dark and the winter sun hasn’t yet risen and so all that was left to light up the room was the moonlight seeping through the gaps of the blinds and the orange candlelight. A few seconds after, the room was filled with his voice - he sang happy birthday and I couldn’t help but wear a smile on my face. His voice was pretty and I honestly couldn’t thank him enough for doing all this for me. When the short song came to an end we both clapped, I clapped to applaud his singing and he clapped to applaud me fo coming to life twenty-one years ago.

“Make a wish Y/N.” 

“Wishes don’t come true Hongseok.” 

“I’ll make sure this one does, as long as it’s realistic and I can afford it.” He laughed as I smiled. 

“There’s nothing I want.” 

“But there is, I can tell.”

“I just want a shoulder to lean on and not be a burden to people.” 

“Done!” I laughed at his enthusiasm.

“I’ll always be your shoulder to lean on, and you’re never going to be a burden to me.”

“It makes me feel as though I’m replacing them because that’s exactly what they said to me five years ago.” 

“I’m not asking to take their place silly, but just know that I’m always going to be here for you.” He grabbed my hand again from across the table and rubbed his thumb on the back of my hand. I wanted to cry in this moment because I was so grateful of him and his words. 

“I don’t deserve someone like you in my life.” 

“Idiot, I told you this already. You deserve more and better but you’re stuck with me now.” 

“I like the sound of that though.” We both laughed and enjoyed one another’s company. Until my phone dinged, showing a notification from the group chat. I un-muted the conversation but didn’t think they’d be up to say anything.

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“He was lost, Cas. Our last hunt, he almost didn’t make it back and said he saw Billie.”

“He saw Billie?” Castiel parroted. They were both still in the war room in the bunker, the aftermath of recent events still fresh and new in their minds as Sam recounted what happened while Castiel had been “away.” 

“Yeah, and it wasn’t great.” Sam bit his lip. “Cas, When Mom disappeared…when you died. I think it broke him to a point where he couldn’t come back from it and deal with his grief. More than one night he’s had nightmares where I’d have to get him out and it’s always your name that’d he’d scream.”

“Grief is a complex emotion that is difficult to understand. The both of you have suffered with it greatly, but I have passed before.” Castiel paused, cognizant the statement should make no sense to anyone else except for the three of them. “He had been in grief then but had managed to find a way out. What made this time different?”

“I saw your wings, Cas.” A voice interrupted them from the threshold of the war room.

It clicked in Castiel’s head then. Understandable. "Dean.”

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There’s this E. E. Cummings quote I was reading earlier today. To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else—means to fight the hardest battle any human being can fight. I always come back to that quote. That keeps on coming back to me, that sentiment and that idea and how strangely hard it is to be oneself. It feels like it is a lifelong pursuit to dig down and bring whatever is the true self—that mysterious thing of the true self—up to the surface, offering it and giving it because it wants to be given. There are so many opportunities to run away from it. It’s so easy to say: ‘No, not safe, not safe, not safe—I’m going to be rejected or I’m going to fail or I’m going to be disliked or someone won’t understand.’ What I’ve discovered is that if people are not understanding you or you are failing, that often tends to be a good sign. - Andrew Garfield by Eliot Lee Hazel for Flaunt Magazine’s Reflection Issue (December 2017)

Okay, but did Mike’s parents even thought that Mike plagiarized that essay, because he fell asleep in the fort one night, trying to contact El and, being exhausted from lack of sleep because he keeps having nightmares, he passed out from exhaustion, the latest thing he said being a teary and desperate'please come back to me I can’t do it without you’’, and then he had to make something up on the spot between periods because he didn’t want to let his grades drop even more??? Or that ‘cursing out mr Kowalski’ was because the English teacher, asked for opinion about King’s “Carrie” by one of the students said that it was and idiotic, pointless story about a pathetic telekinetic girl who couldn’t handle herself and Mike had a really bad day and this seemingly unrelated comment was just too much and the words ‘shut up you asshole!’ just left his mouth without his conscious decision?? And graffiting the bathroom stall was just a tiny 'i miss you’ which he felt pathetic writing and then and drew a huge middle finger over it just to cover the words up??? Yeah right they didn’t


@therealjacksepticeye Yeah, hey dude, I just wanted to ask you something here. you know Kill Jacksepticeye video? Oh yeah you do, and you remember the part where you said you posted it in summer because it didn’t make any since and it was ‘Just because’. Yeah, you remember that. 

And then you remember the raspy hill video you did a while back where you did kinda like a uh, lost tape type thing? yeah, you remember when you posted it? 

Here, let me help you:

Aw, little Jack doin’ some creepy stuff back in 2013! 
you remember specifically when you posted the Kill Jacksepticeye bit? 

And now look! big Jack’s doin’ some more creepy stuff back in 2017! But, wait…

Could? Wait-. 

Let’s zoom in on something real quick…

 Okay, now let’s zoom in to 2017 bit…

Oh, wait…do you see it? hold on…


@no-strings-puppet @lum1natrix @markired @anti-support-group @fear-is-nameless @ego-surveillance-squad

Have fun, guys…

He’s a baby boy.