because you love her you stupid idiot


-Annabeth cheating on Percy and breaking up with him because she “found someone more powerful” than Percy… She isn’t some power obsessed maniac like Luke was. She loves Percy because he’s Percy. If she were power hungry, she wouldn’t have turned down the Hunters. Unless you’re a demigod that ascends to godhood, immortality and some Artemis archery skills running through you is as powerful as you can be. So in those fics where Percy leaves camp heartbroken because Annabeth cheated on him, it just completely craps all over her amazing character.

-Percy isn’t a blithering idiot… Is he a bit slow sometimes? Yeah. He definitely is. But he isn’t stupid. Remember when he challenged Briares, a monster with one-hundred hands, to a game of rock paper scissors when he’s just a guy with two hands? He outsmarted him. He pulled out a gun and trumped all one hundred of Briares hands and used some pretty great Athena-like intelligence that saved him, Briares, and Annabeth’s lives. ANNABETH HERSELF HAD NO IDEA HOW TO PUMP UP BRIARES’ SELF-CONFIDENCE SO THEY COULD RUN FROM KAMPE.

If you have any more, please add to this list.

Winchester brothers-Change

Title: Change

Pairings: Winchester brothers x sister reader

Word count:1010

Request:U doing sister Sunday? Can u write where she gets her hair cut real short so people can’t grab it, and the boys enjoy running their hands through it.

Request:For sister Sunday could you do one where they find out that their 16-17 year old sister is bisexual when they find her making out with her gf? Tysm I love your blog❤️

You took in a deep breath as you looked at the mirror, you picked up the scissors and grimaced as you held a lock of your thick hair. 

‘’Stop being a baby and do it’’You hissed to yourself before you placed the blades over it and chopped off a lock of hair. The hair hit the sink, your eyes shutting every so often. 

You were afraid it was going to look stupid, that you’d look like an idiot but you couldn’t keep it long because people liked to grab at it and use it against you when you were hunting. 

Your hair was a huge reliability so you had to chop it of. Thankfully, to your luck, when you glanced up at the mirror you found that you actually quite liked it. 

You cleaned up in the bathroom, hopping in the shower before you walked out. You were a little nervous to show your brothers, scared of Dean’s remarks and Sam’s nervous face. 

You finally got the guts and got changed, pulling on some fresh clothes. You walked out, trying to act normal. 

Sam and Dean were both taking about a hunt so you decided to add your input like you normally did. 

‘’Maybe it’s a ghoul’’you shrugged, sitting down next to Dean. 

‘’yeah I t-holy crap!’’Dean yelped as he did a double take. You blushed, cheeks flushing red as you looked away. Sam looked up after all the fuss, giving you a shocked expression. 

You nervous ran your fingers through it as Dean stared at you. ‘’You look bad ass’’Dean grinned as he ran his fingers through your hair. ‘’oh my god, it’s so soft!’’He yelped. 

Sam reached over and ran his hand through your hair, nodding along as you now had both brothers running their fingers through it,. 

‘’you like it?’’you asked shyly. Both brothers nodded as you smiled in relief. 

‘’Yeah, (Y/n), it’s really nice’’Sam nodded as he flashed you a kind smile. 

‘’yeah, your turn, Samantha’’Dean teased. Sam flipped him his famous bitch face as he tried to shield his hair. 

‘’yeah, Sammy. I’ll get the scissors’’You grinned as you raced to get them just to tease him. 

‘’No, get them away from me!’’He glared as he shot up out his chair. You began laughing your head off as he kept trying to move away from you. You snapped the scissors shut, gasping as a joke before winking at Dean and motioning him to go along with it. 

‘’Shit.. Sammy.. I’m so sorry I-I didn’t actually…’’You stuttered out. 

‘’You didn’t!’’He gasped as he reached for the back of his head. 

‘’Woah.. (Y/n), I was only joking’’Dean gasped dramatically as he looked at Sam with wide eyes. Sam looked at you both before running over to the mirror. 

‘’You little!’’he cursed as he chased after you. You dropped the scissors on the table so he didn’t really get hurt. Sam swooped you off your feet, lifting you over his shoulders. 

‘’Alright, alright, We got a case to do’’Dean chuckled. 


‘’And here’s to (Y/n)’s bad ass hair, saving her ass’’Dean grinned as you all held up your glasses. Your filled with coke of course. Sam chuckled, running his fingers through your hair.

You laughed at him before a girl caught your eye. She smirked at you, waving seductively as you flushed a dark red. 

‘’Erm, guys there’s something I need to tell you’’You coughed as you nervously fixed your hair from it’s ruffled mess. 

‘’What’s up?’’Dean nodded. You glanced back over at the girl who was still eyeing you before turning to your brothers. You jiggled your leg nervously, Sam noticing your nerves as he placed his hand on top of yours. 

‘’Hey, it’s okay. You can tell us anything’’Sam nodded, smiling reassuringly. 

‘’I’m bi’’You spat out, cringing at how quickly you had said it. They both looked at you with blank faces before Sam spoke up. 

‘’OKay’’He shrugged as he turned back to Dean and carried on his conversation. 

‘’W-what… okay? Is that it?’’You gaped. Dean looked at Sam with an amused face before turning to you. 

‘’Yeah, (Y/n), who cares where happiness comes from’’Dean chuckled. He glanced over to that girl. ‘’Go talk to her’’Dean smirked whilst nudging you with his foot. 

‘’What! no. She’s probably straight’’You defended. 

‘’Then why is she coming over?’’Sam whispered to you with a wink. You almost spat out your drink as you blushed darkly. 

‘’Just because your bi doesn’t mean we’re not still protective over you’’Dean warned. 

‘’Shut up and act cool Dean!’’You hissed as she walked over. “Anyway, she’s probably coming over for Dean’‘You mumbled. Sam chuckled, sipping through his glass. 

This was humiliating for you since your brothers were here. ’'Hi’'she smiled towards you. You looked up from your glass, nervously tapping your fingers against it as you threw her your Winchester smile. 

You were a Winchester, you reminded yourself. You got the charming gene. ’'Hey’'You smiled. 

’'I was wondering, maybe you wanna go get another drink?’'She asked sweetly as she flashed you a smile. You bit down on your lip to hide a huge grin from marking your face before you nodded.

 She gave you a flirtatious smile before clasping your hand and walking off with you. You turned back to your brothers, giving them a smirk as you wiggled your brows.

 Sam laughed loudly, Dean mouthing 'get in there’ as you turned back around and took a seat next to her. You were having a good time, not wanting the night to end when you saw your brothers getting up. ’

'I’m sorry, I have to go now’'You apologised, she frowned but nodded before bracing her hand on your shoulder and kissing you. You jumped before relaxing into the kiss and kissing her back.

You flushed a deep red when she kissed your cheek and walked off. You turned over to your brothers, huffing out a breath as you quickly speed walked towards them. ’'Shut up’'You hissed to an amused Dean. 

’'Hey, I didn’t say anything”

Don’t you love it when people hate on Catherine for lying to Steve while conveniently forgetting his behaviour in S6 and S7? He lied to his booty call/lady friend, lied to his “friend” Ellie in S5, and he lied to Catherine before too.

But let’s keep the double standards right? Just like liking Abby but hating Cath. Because, you know, Abby never lied for her job…

Also, let’s not forget Steve saying her understood both Cath and Abby’s reasons. But only being acceptive/forgiving of Abby .

menteansiosa  asked:

You have no idea how happy I'm everytime I see that you have update your fic... i stay smiling like a idiot to my phone... I think W&A is so sweet and pure and I love how cute Jackson is.. Instead of making fun of April because of her beliefs he tries to understand her.. But I have a stupid question: what degree is Jackson taking? Because I don't understand why he has poetry and literature when he likes maths and science. I'm not american so I don't know how college works there so I am confused!

thank you for this nice message!!!!! i think the same way about w&a - i love how sweet these two are. its so happy to write. <3 

and its not a stupid question at all - it can be confusing!!! i wrote him into the college where i went (DePaul) and even if youre like, a major thats more math or science, you still have to complete english courses. it’s so you still get a well-rounded education. in my mind, i hadnt really picked a major for him anyway - hes basically undeclared, which is still common for college sophomores. which would be even more of a reason why he’d have to take those kinds of classes!! 

The more I think about it, the more I think “Another Miss Oh” is about subverting the characters of traditional kdramas. The second leads do all the things that the main leads are supposed to do. 

Taejin commits Noble Idiocy where he thinks that lying to Haeyoung would let her lead a happier life. Other Haeyoung is the one who suffers at the hands of a bad mother-in-law, psychologically terrorizing her and pushing her away from her son because she is not good enough. Isn’t that usually the role of a female lead?

Perhaps the writer wants to explore what happens when TV tropes don’t work out. When being a Noble Idiot and Suffering from Mother-In-Law doesn’t lead to OTP. Sometimes stupid tropes are just stupid. 

When you decide to be a Noble Idiot, sometimes your girlfriend just falls in love with someone else – she may even fall in love with your enemy who caused all your pain and END UP WITH HIM.

When you get bullied by his mom, sometimes he doesn’t come rescue you. Even when you reveal the truth to him, he doesn’t come flying back into your arms. He might feel apologetic but he’s already moved on.

Sometimes, on the peripheral of these tropes, a new pair of lovers emerge. The evil guy who broke up a marriage. The girl who is unreasonably jealous of her childhood classmate. They end up together and the audience will root for them anyway; because love comes in all ways and forms in real life.

“Someday.” | Aomine angst final part.

You had no idea how everything ended up that much twisted. It was his fault. That’s what you kept saying to yourself. Everything was because of this stupid idiot that had drag you into all of this. He had a girlfriend , and he claimed that he loved her — He had left you broken and alone for so long — he had hurt you with the worst way , and now he was there one more time , asking for your attention , asking you for one last talk.
“Thanks for coming.” , he said as you stepped into the gym. It was a quiet spring afternoon , everyone was already gone , practice was over. You and Aomine were the only ones remaining. “I had no choice..” , you shrugged , watching him throwing the ball lazily over the hoop , never missing his shots.
“Eh? What does that mean?!” , his annoyed expression almost made you laugh. You left your beg in the floor of the gym as you walked closer , taking the ball off his hands with a spontaneous move.
“So what do you want to talk about , Aomine? I’m all ears.”
“Tsk. Oi! Give that to me.” , he demanded as he tried to steal the ball from yours hands , failing completely as you just giggled and dodged his move.
He chased you a lot as you kept laughing at how bad he was at that. You were always escaping him somehow.
“You will never catch me~” , you laughed , but the next thing you knew was that you were lying on the flood , Aomine’s hot breath on your cheek as he topped you.
“Say that again.”
You just paused , staring up at his serious face for several seconds. Had he actually throw you on the floor just like this? Bastard.
You coughed , causing Aomine to pull a bit back as you both sat across each other. “So , what is it anyway?”
“I’m letting you go.” , he muttered as he rubbed his nape — his eyes awkwardly fixed on the floor as you stayed quiet , trying to understand what he meant.
“Wh - what do you —” , “____, i’m setting you free.” , he said in a quiet , low tone. “I can’t stop thinking about it , about you. But the thing is i can’t be selfish with you. I can’t do this to you.”
You felt your body moving on it’s own , your legs suddenly crawling closer to him , your hand on his chest , your lips brushing his softly — but even at the very end you couldn’t do it . You just , couldn’t.
“Why would this happen to us , Daiki?” , you whispered, your eyes gazing down before closing , not standing to watch him anymore. “I mean.. I - why? I loved you!” , you yelled , your fist suddenly meeting with his chest , he didn’t even flinch as you kept hitting him , not even when your own hand had started to hurt. “Wasn’t that enough for you?!! I was in love with you! Didn’t you care?!”
”____ left me yesterday.” , his murmur was so quiet you could barely hear him talking. He leaned back , his eyes staring up as he spoke again. “I was expecting this would happen anyway. _____..” , he eyed you once before continuing , making sure you were listening as your shocked expression gave away how much you needed to hear him say more. “I’m in love with you. — i will probably always be. But i can’t let you be with me.”
“What do you mean?” , you muttered as you sat closer to him.
”____…” , he whispered. His hand slowly came up to cup your cheek , his tender touch causing you to tilt your head and lean on his palm. “I don’t deserve to want you back that badly.” , he paused , his eyes meeting yours again.
“You deserve someone who will make you happy.”
“ I already had someone that made me happy. Daiki? I was the happiest with you.” you said as you couldn’t stop the tears that kept wetting your face. You never wanted to cry in front of Aomine like that , but it was too much to hold inside anymore. He came closer and rested his forehead against yours , his eyes closing in the sound of your words. “I can’t become what you want. You know i will eventually make you suffer again , and i can’t live with that.” , his thumb wiped a tear , and then another as his face pulled back from you so his eyes could look inside yours one last time. “___ .. I’ve lost many things but , i regret losing you the most. Maybe someday..” , you nodded and wiped your other eye slowly , breaking the eye contact. “Maybe someday i can be yours again.”
His lips touched lightly your forehead as he let your hand go — Getting up from the floor. “Yes.. Someday.”
“Daiki?” , he had already turned around to walk towards the door of the gym but stopped and looked back at you with the corners of his eyes. “Do you promise me?!” , he just smiled and nodded his head — whispering a little “of course i promise you , idiot.” before walking out of your life completely. Someday you two would meet again , maybe then you could give each other another chance. Maybe someday. )

Say You'll Remember Me

Title: Say You’ll Remember Me
Notes: Taylor Swift - Wildest Dreams, my really sad Makorra song.  And because I secretly love when I read FF and my heart breaks for the characters.  (LOL ;_;)  

[for tarakaboom​, thanks for following!]

She won’t let him come with her.

She’s embedded him into the rock wall, caressing his face gently as he vainly struggles against his unbreakable bonds.  There are tears in her eyes but her smile is as radiant as ever.

“Korra, you can’t do this, I can–”

“Sorry, Mako.  Looks like I’ve got to go solo on this one.”

“–Seriously, I can’t let you do this alone–”

She cuts him off, a firm finger on his lips.  "Say you’ll remember me.  Doing something stupid like staring at the sunset, smiling at you like I’m an idiot because I’m so in love.“

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5x01 “The Dark Swan” (spoilers)

Just some thoughts as I was watching…

Baby Emma is so cute!

Robin is so stupid.  I have never seen anyone more ill suited for Regina.

Even Hook says Emma sacrificed herself for Regina.  LOL!

Sean Maguire has more heat with Bex Mader than he does with Lana.  LOL!  Is this deliberate?

I love Zelena.

Merida… Hmmm… need to see more.  I don’t really care for her.

Zelena, please throw Hook against a wall again.  Please.  

I hate Hook.  I hope he dies.  What an idiot!  When even Zelena says that one should have listened to Regina, you know she’s right.  Why can’t Emma see what a stupid screw up he is?

Robin loves MARIAN!  Hahaha!  That’s what I got from that little kiss!  "…though funny, you couldn’t tell when I was glamored as Marian though.“  I love it!  Because deep down he WANTED it to be Marian, which is why he CHOSE "Marian” again in New York over Regina!  Wake up, Regina!!

REGINA tricks Zelena.  REGINA IS AWESOME!  She really didn’t do it for Robin, she did it for Emma.

Okay, then a little of the CS show… yada, yada, yada… then the dagger scene!

EMMA GIVES REGINA THE DAGGER!!  I still say that if she had to kill Emma, Regina would not be able to do it.  AND she can’t kill her with the dagger, otherwise Regina would be the new Dark One.

So, pros…

* Swan Queen
* Emma & Rumple/Dark One
* Hook showing what an idiot he is.
* Regina yelling at him for it.
*Hood showing us he is not worthy of Regina.
* Zelena
* Blue
* Granny and the Dwarves go on the adventure.


* Hook and Hood are still breathing.
* Merida because I am not really feeling the whole “Brave” infusion.  I hope we don’t see her again to be honest.

Bring on Episode 2!

honestly if i get one more stupid fucking ask that “the 100 is more than just a ship!!!” i’m turning my entire inbox off again bc holy fucking shit how can you be that stupid, it was never about clexa, that’s not what people are sinking into depression about you fucking idiots, it’s that yet another lesbian was killed off minutes after she finally found happiness in her lover’s arms, and died because she loved clarke. if you’re not a wlw you have absolutely NO right to comment on this, thanks.

&. message > idiot 😡💙😍😤
  • alexa: why do girls keep asking me about you just because i was seen at that stupid event with you?
  • alexa: like why??? i swear i was just at this shop and this girl went like
  • alexa: 'oh my god, you were with bas bristow at that event, weren't you? what's he like? i bet he's awesome, he's so hot'
  • alexa: do you have any idea how annoying that is?

Lemme teach you because u re stupid
1. YOU FUCKING listen the songs she shares and her status
2. If she says she’s having a bad day and she says she’s fine after that SHE ISN’T SHE FUCKING NEEDS U IDIOT
3. Buy her a fucking flower. Not 100 roses. Just one fucking flower. Or food
4. If she ever turns her back to leave U FUCKING GRAB HER AND FUCKING HOLD HER. YOU DON’T LET HER LEAVE
5. YOU HOLD THE DOOR U SHIT SHE LIKES THAT (u also get 2 see da booteh)

I am seriously starting to lose hope :( I am never going to get my Taylor follow back, because I am an idiot. A stupid idiot who accidentally blocked her idol and has been crying about it for a solid week. I just want her to refollow me. I miss her so much. This year has been really hard and her follow made me so happy. And now it’s gone because I am a freaking idiot. I hate myself. I always do stupid things. I love you and miss you @taylorswift