because you like this cutie so much *v*)

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honestly, i just.. (platonically) love you a lot. which is super weird because i never ever talked to you before, but somehow i grew really attached to you through silent bonding (aka reblogging stuff) ....okay, im a huge loser, but youre absolutely awesome, okay? i just wanted to tell you that! > 0 <

asdfghjndjkfjdk who told you to be this sugary sweet omfg thank you so much holy sht??? please talk to me someday off anon i would love to talk to such a cutie like you ( ; v ; ) and noooooo you’re not a loser you’re really lovely you cheered me up aaa thank you again

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OH GOD I love your OCs so much, ALL OF THEM, especially Lebanon, he's such a cutie ((I secretly ship him with Israel because why the fuck not //shot//

Woah, I seriously don’t know what to say! I’m really really flattered omg!! Thank you very much, I’m really glad you like them ;v; (( they would probably fight over everything lmao ))

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Hey my gf is a Scorpio and I'm a Pisces. I love her v much and want to take her on a nice date, any compatible places that we'd both like???

first of all you are an amazing bf OMG CUTIES I SHIP YALL

so since you’re two of the most intuitive and emtional signs, one idea is doing something that makes you both kind of in wonder and surprised and shocked because honestly you’ll love seeing the look of amazement on each others faces, so mayb something like a museum that kinda thing you know

I’m not great at these but I hope this helped!!! Best wishes for your relationship 💗

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I follow you bc your edits are GOALS OMg your personality is GOALS your blog is GOALS YOU ARE GOALS TBH ILY ILY

tell me why you follow me and i’ll give you a blog rate

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Comments: hhhNNN HELLO DEAR <33 thank you sooo so much but really im no goals at all im just a potato ;A; u know who’s goals? YOU ARE!! BECAUSE UR A CUTE CUTIE PIE AND ILYSM <33 *v*

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Hi! Ship me with BTS? 159cm, shoulder length black hair, big eyes & chubby cheeks. 21 but look like 18. Loves chicken, potato, hotdog! Likes maths/accounting, singing, dancing, reading, cooking, making handicraft, cute stuff! Afraid of cockroaches & park rides. Smart, hardworking, kind, shy (talkative when close), likes to laugh, dont really wears makeup, wears casual, not in relationship b4, Libra. Ideal: talented, nice laugh and makes me laugh often. Spore English and Chinese. Thanks! <3

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Aw, you sound so cute. Oh, I ship you with Taehyung and here’s why. You and TaeTae can just be little cuties together. And oh my goodness, with all those skills you two would just have so much fun together, which is great, because I don’t think V can actually handle being bored. Entertain the little goofball. Now go be cute with TaeTae. I love this. Bam!

-Admin Chrissy