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At some point can you do a 10 texts/sexts list from which we'd try to guess who sent it, Viktor or Yuuri?

Top Ten Texts/Sexts From Viktor Or Yuuri:

10) Let’s be real number 10 on this list has to be all the nudes they presumably sent each other when they were still long distance because that was definitely a thing that happened (more on Viktor’s side than Yuuri’s because he was more confident about it and has much less shame but Yuuri definitely did it a few times as well)

9) “Wear red tonight, you know how much I like it” Phichit saw this one and decided he didn’t want to know

8) “Now you’ll be thinking of me even when you’re skating. You did want me to make you remember me after all” the context of which you can decide for yourselves

7) “I can’t decide when you’re more beautiful, when you’re skating or when you’re moaning under me. Maybe you should come to visit me and we can find out”

6) “I’ve been taking my language lessons very seriously” followed by a string of very explicit statements in the other’s language that shall remain untranslated

5) A picture of certain items that don’t need to be mentioned captioned ‘If you win today we can have some fun tonight’

4) “We don’t have practice tomorrow which means that tonight you can fuck me so hard I can’t walk”

3) “You seemed to enjoy being on top of the podium today but I think you’ll love it more when I’m on top of you tonight”

2) A picture of Yuuri on a bed in the Eros costume taken by Phichit that someone mentioned in a previous ask, because if you’re going to sext your long-distance boyfriend you need to do it with style and it’s a best friend’s responsibility to make sure Viktor was very regretful that he was still stuck in Russia

1) “You promised you’d kiss my gold medal if I won so you better be prepared to get down on your knees tonight to do it.” “Gold definitely isn’t going to be the only thing I’ll be kissing tonight” 

OK don’t get me wrong, I completely respect what the Voltron creators are doing and how they’re staying faithful to the original series, but in my opinion, I just really don’t think that they’re going in the right direction with putting Keith and Allura together. 

Now, I’m not saying I’m against the ship or that I hate it, it’s actually kind of cute, but there’s no chemistry there, all I see is a forced romantic relationship between two characters that I feel literally only have a platonic relationship/friendship. 

I just don’t feel what they’re trying to sell us you know?

But then when Keith is with Lance like dude, I feel like there’s so much more there.

They have this moment where they connect with each other and just the mood and the lighting is perfect

Then there’s the undeniable flirting

And him getting all impatient over Lance not coming out of the pod, because he wants to get closer with him

Those pining looks

THE FRICKIN JEALOUSY (How can you pair Keith with someone he gets jealous of Lance over???)


There’s just so much more dynamic and chemistry here, more than I personally feel is between Keith and Allura. I just feel like as two really good characters, they deserve to be with someone that suits their other half (like in my opinion, Allura with Shiro, they definitely have chemistry)

But you know what, whatever the creators choose to do I’ll completely respect their decision in the end. I’ll love the show either way depending on who they put together.

Finally remembered that I was like halfway done coloring this good dragon and finished it, her name is Iris and she has claimed a little island in a lake as her own, occasionally people come to get her to move but run away shortly after seeing her in person~ Might use her for a dnd campaign since i’m working on possibly making one or two homebrewed ones!

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I kinda see why we can't be a part of lgbt+... I mean if you're an het ace you kinda are straight... I kinda understand too that why we should be a part of lgbt because of some struggles some of us have... I don't know I just want this discourse to stop ;-;

Heteroromantic aces aren’t straight, though. They may not always suffer the explicit oppression of attraction to their same gender, but that is far from the only criterion one must meet to be accepted by Straightness and have unconditional access to its privileges. Failure to demonstrate and act upon normative levels of attraction to a binary opposite gender is sufficient in itself to cause exclusion from Straightness, which defines itself and maintains its hegemony with exhaustive lists of requirements. There is ample evidence of Straight people forcibly and violently excluding aces, and to erase that is exactly the problem

Asexuality is non-straight in itself, and asexuality is a significant and meaningful part of people’s identity. We cannot find acceptance, support, or the resources we need if we continue to cling to the heteronormative erasure that relegates us to our romantic orientations or discounts the role our asexuality plays in our understanding of ourselves, our experiences, and our relation to society.



Jungkook: Broken Paradise Part 5 (½)

Previous Parts: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

The day she was meant to leave didn’t go as planned. She was seated and just about to shut her phone off when an unknown number called. She answered hesitantly. “Y/n? Hi this is Lisa.” She was ready to hang up but something had her curious. “I know he won’t tell you because he’s scared for his members and even you. Our bosses forced him to break up with you and fake date me. They thought it would be a great promotion for everyone. Don’t leave like this. I’ll pay for a hotel for you or you can come stay a night at the dorm but don’t leave..not yet” she didn’t know what possessed her to get off the plane but she did. She stayed in the hotel getting her thoughts together. The next afternoon she went to the dorm knocking on it. When it opened she expected Jungkook but instead it’s Taehyung and his news hurt. He let you in and had you sit while he called Jungkook. After waiting for a while she went ahead and left going to her hotel..

When Jungkook got the news he was beyond happy. You got off the plane and you’re alive. He took off running no paying attention. Before he could react the sound of car horns filled his ears and suddenly everything was black.

After finding the distraught messages on her phone she immediately dashes out d the hotel. She couldn’t catch cab at this hour so she runs. She runs as fast as she can finally reaching the hospital out of breath. She pushes the doors open only to be shoved out “no fans” the guard stares at her judgingly “you don’t understand sir that’s my boyfriend in there” they laugh in her face not letting her by until Taehyung comes out pulling her in rushing her to the room. When she walks in her heart shatters and her stomach flips. “What happened?..” His skin is pale and littered with severe cuts and bruises. His body lay stiff hooked up to several machines. She reaches out to touch him jumping back at the coldness of his skin. “We told him you were okay. That you got off the plane. He was running back but was hit by a speeding car…” she covers her mouth screaming as her legs give it from under her. She screams and cries for the boy who stole her heart. “Tonight is critical. They aren’t sure he’ll make it through the night”

(I’ll be honest, this kind of sucked)

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What's the moustache enthusiast thing all about? What does a moustache enthusiast do? Is it just a sexual fetish or do you do something else? Is it all moustaches or just certain types of moustaches? Or just certain guys' moustaches? Or just Conrad Veidt's moustache? (I can somehow never recognize him when you post pictures of him with a moustache.) So many questions but I am dying to know. -A secret admirer, thinking of growing a moustache, but needing to know what kind gets the ladies going.

My goodness, that’s a lot of questions about moustaches… It’s not a sexual fetish for me at all, actually, and I by no means find moustaches attractive on just anyone and everyone. For some reason some people can just pull them off, others look weird without them, and then there are some who just make them sexy, somehow, no matter what. Oh, and of course, we mustn’t forget that there are those who use them for comedic effect *tips bowler hat and twirls cane* 

For instance, people like Clark Gable, Basil Rathbone and Anton Walbrook *owned* the moustache look so completely that it almost feels weird to see them without one, right? They just look less of themselves because the moustache gives them a little extra something without which they’d be slightly less memorable, slightly less watchable, slightly less *them*. Charlie Chaplin - and thus laughter - became synonymous with his little toothbrush one. And then you have Conrad Veidt, who on the whole I prefer without one, but then there are certain characters of his that just wouldn’t be the same without a wicked brush of hair luxuriating upon the upper lip. Never big n’ bushy or anything like that. Just something to frame the face, accentuate the features and add a little menace. I think that’s what I like the most - the neatly trimmed, close the the skin, dark and mysterious line that draws attention to the mouth. And if you have a bestial mouth, as Conrad Veidt most insatiably did, then it makes for quite the hypnotically alluring and perversely irresistible thing.

I guess essentially what a moustache does is to… accentuate its owner’s character. So with Charlie it becomes a point of comedy, with Clark or Baz or Anton it becomes a little extra confidence, and with Connie it becomes a goddam pussy trap. (I’d apologise for the crudeness, but if you follow my blog you’re most likely well accustomed to it by now.)

So yeah, went on a bit of a ramble there didn’t I, but I hope I’ve answered your question(s) at least a little. Good luck with growing your own, if you indeed decide to do so.

I leave you with my two favourite moustaches - Torsten (A Woman’s Face, 1941) and Jaffar (The Thief of Bagdad, 1940)

guess who didn’t sleep and has class in two hours

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The Tres Horny boys and Avi have been pranking the new recruits. They think if they see a sleek Black cat they're going to fucking die because it's "the Void cat" or "The Grim Reapers cat". Taako I know it's you and while you're fucking adorable as a cat, My Office Has been booked up for the next two months because of this. Please stop? You can stay a cat for all I care just stop scaring the newbies into thinking they'll die!


Heathers Week: Day 2- Favourite AU/Headcannon

JD power ranger jokes aside my favourite Headcannons are probably just LGBT Heathers ones (boring I know but I love it) so here’s what I think and you can disagree or whatever

Heather Macnamara- Lesbian 

I think a lot of people think this especially Mcnamawyer and Chandlmara shippers. I’ve honestly saw very few people disagree with the fact that Mac likes girls, it’s basically a fact, and it’s the only reason I’m gonna watch the reboot. 

Heather Chandler- Lesbian

I used the musical gif specifically because I’m still debating what I think about movie Chandler. I would say a lot of people agree because on movie night every time she came on stage, the whole chat just said “gay”. Like come on she had no reason to be like that with Veronica in Beautiful if she’s straight.

Veronica Sawyer- Bisexual

Once again I think like the entire fandom agrees (I’m so basic). She has to be attracted to chandler, like who isn’t? and holding hands with Mac at the end is adorable, but she obviously had feelings for JD and finds guys attractive so ayyy Bisexual Veronica. I also think movie Veronica is bi, like the cute little head rest thing with mac is cute and she like fucked JD in a car so.

Heather Duke- Aromantic Asexual

I used movie duke because I don’t have the same opinion on musical duke. I haven’t saw a lot of this but maybe that’s just ‘cause I haven’t went looking. I know I joke about Duke’s “oh shit I’m gay” moment after Veronica kisses her cheek but in all honesty I can’t see duke being in a relationship, or wanting to be in one for that matter. Dude she just wants to take over Chandler, be a bitch and rule the school in peace, she doesn’t need some other person taking up her time.

Betty Finn- Asexual Lesbian

Finally sweet, sweet, under appreciated Betty Finn, gay, gay, adorable Betty Finn. I love her and idk why but I think she’s gay af and totally has a crush on Veronica but I also think she’s ace, like hand holding and cuddling? YES. Sex? Nopedy Nope Nope.

This was far longer than intended, feel free to give me your opinions on this or other characters.

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Hello. Your blog is beautiful. I just want to confess, I'm very confused. I don't know if I have crushes on people or not. I only had actual crushes at school, but for about 5 years now, I can't feel anything, like back then. I only like people for a while and then it's gone. I really like romance and the concept of romantic love but I can't feel it irl. There's no way I'm asexual, cause I have no problem with sex. I'm bisexual. Is there something wrong with me?

Wow did I ghostwrite this? Haha, honestly, anon, this is literally me. And I can tell you there’s nothing wrong with this. You have plenty of time to find someone you want to spend your life with. I promise. Just because you haven’t had an official crush yet doesn’t mean there is ANYTHING wrong with you. The right person will come along, and you will know!

“Madam Shaun and I were both injured during the Civil War. But then we were saved by two Amestrian doctors… To be honest, I do hate you. But the two of them saved me, and you deserve the same treatment.”

Why, I know of a certain two Amestrian doctors. This is why I pay close fucking attention to every detail I can… Because when connections like this are made, it just feels great.

It sounds like Winry’s parents were some great people.

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Part of me wants to meet Brendon Urie more than anything, but the other part of me would actually pass out if it ever happened, so that's fun. (do you know if/how often he replies to fan mail because I sent him a letter like two weeks ago and my impatient ass can't keep cool about it)

Sometimes he’ll shoot someone a reply on twitter for art or smth but usually he doesn’t, also I thought I was but then it was actually really chill meeting him, he gives off such a calming vibe

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How do you get yourself out of an abusing relationship? I know it's bad for me but I love him so much

The National Domestic Abuse Helpline has a safety leaving plan. CALL 1-800-799-SAFE for a safety plan and other help. They have a website, but be sure that your internet use is not being tracked by your partner before you go there. Delete your browser history.  Have a plan.  If your internet is not being tracked the website is or call 1-800-799-7233.

Abuse can be physical, mental, emotional, verbal and sexual. It can be but doesn’t have to be all 5. Just because someone isn’t hitting you doesn’t mean they are not abusive. Name calling is abusive, cheating is abusive. Feeling as if you’re walking on eggshells is abusive. Being put in no-win situations is abusive.

My dear Anon, I know you love him… but it’s not okay for someone to belittle you like that. It’s not okay for him to take advantage of you. You’re not supposed to be scared for your life when you’re with someone. I am very glad that you’ve acknowledged that you’re in an abusive relationship. I need you to please get help if you are in immediate danger - tell a loved one, call the authorities, anything! 

I know that losing him may feel like it’s the end of the world, but baby, you will move on. You will find someone better. Someone who is going to make you feel SAFE and loved. So please, please - I know it’s easier said than done - but leave this guy. You deserve better.

For my followers - if you guys have any words of wisdom or encouragement to share to this lovely anon, please feel free to add them. Reblog or comment.

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Hey i saw your Bendy blog and it's really cool, can you tell me how he acts like ?

Well first off, i REALLY really tried making him look different then the other Bendy’s ask blogs,y’know giving him the big eyes and crazy sick mental personality with the shit eating grin,and these expressions i’m giving to him n ect.He can snap at any second because the quietness is just killing him.He’s also not very small, rather a bit taller.He also gets a fucking ‘seizure’ breakdown when someone touches his bby ((aka the kink machine ohoho))

Relationships :

Boris - Bendy likes him as a friendo,but also wants to stab and kill him at the same time.

Joey - There are no words for that fucker Bendy wants to shove that Dick under the wooden planks  I mean Bendy would probably draw some ‘no no bad’ stuff on his face with.. The ink he has yeah

Could we… Could we just stop talking about Rhys’ sister? Because I swear I can even just read Rhys’ sisters anymore bc, you know, feeeeeeeeeeelings. My heart hurts. You’re always hurting me. Why?

But also, we need at least her name. No, seriously, I need more about her

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Sorry to ask but do you have an ultra sound mod or something like that? I'm sorry if it kills the magic but I'd really love to know because that would add up so much to game and stuff... Sorry to be Anon, I'm shy.

no need to apologize at all!!! it’s actually a pose with an echography machine! you can get it here

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Qrow x Winter: "He can't know a thing, got it?"

“He can’t know a thing, got it?” Her kiss was hungry and tender at the same time. 

“Jimmy?” Qrow chuckled, pinning her against the wall. “Why don’t you want him to know you’re pregnant?” 

“I don’t want him to give me any special treatment because of it.”

“Winter, it’s going to show, your uniform does nothing to prevent that. Also he probably shouldn’t send you on the most dangerous missions now that- ouch, stop pinching me.”

“Do you still want me to take your clothes off?” 

i don’t know if this is something everybody does or if it’s like a stim thing for me, but i like to play around with coins. 

i like to drop them onto hard surfaces and on top of each other, put my finger on top of them and slide them around in circles, i like to drop them into my hand and shake them around in my fist, i like to slide them around on my palm and between my fingers, and sometimes i bite on them too. 

i don’t really know why i do it. i think if it’s a stim thing then it might be like an auditory and texture stim because i like playing around with coins so i can hear all the pretty jangly noise you make when you toss them around, and also the smooth metallic surface of coins feel so satisfying for me to touch. i also like how shiny they get when you hold them in a certain light

….idk where i was going with this post. i just like playing with coins

Drunk Masterlist

An Awkward Encounter by snowkatze

There’s a cute boy in the bar and Baz is too scared to talk to him.

And They Slept by bazsnowsimonpitch

simon loves baz’s name and is also very drunk

Can I Kiss You? by theinsidiouscinnamonroll

Simon Snow was drunk. He stumbled into the room, latching his hands on the door frame as he slid to the floor. Baz closed his book abruptly and looked at the mess that was Simon Snow.

Celebration and Revelation by rosebudbasilton

Because, who - in our reality - falls in love with their roommate?

Good by thiswaytothevampire 

Simon Snow was tipsy.

i hate you by admlynch

Simon and Baz are roommates, and they hate each other. Simon didn’t ask for a posh git of a roommate, and Baz doesn’t even know what he did to provoke the asshole he shares a room with. But at least he’s a hot asshole.

I wouldn’t Even Notice by magicath

Featuring the returns of Drunk!Baz and Drunk!Simon.

intoxicated by myrosebudboy

in which simon is drunk and baz gets the job of bringing him back to their dorm

not as think as you drunk i am by rosebudbasilton

Baz walks in more than drunk and Simon is more than happy to have some late night chats with him.

Party Games by arituzz

How to fall for your enemy—A Dummies Guide

Party Games by carry-on-kissing-snowbaz

drunk snowbaz

stillness in woe by admlynch

baz and simon go to a boarding school together, they’re roommates, baz’s mum died.

To The Moon and Back by thelittlebluebeast

Simon is a terrible drinker.

Undisclosed Desires by dantevirgilius

based off of P!ATD’s line in DTWAGT: “I’m not as think as you drunk I am”