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hi i just wanted to say a lot of people may be side eyeing stuff happening this season, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s something to side eye! people will have their speculations and if you think it makes sense for you to be cautious, then go for it! but don’t take this fandom’s word for how things will go down this season. a lot of people are making more guesses this season compared to the last because there’s way more of us now, so they’re bound to be correct on some aspects but it doesn’t mean they’ll be right about anything! julie almost always manages to surprise us and the story is creative and wonderful so just let yourself enjoy it that way! if you enjoy reading all the different theories even if they all cant come true, then go for it! but no need to feel like you have to read them or agree with them just to go along with the fandom! <3

soooo liiiikeeee…. one of the most important things I learned while studying International Cultural Studies in Hawaii wasn’t said by a teacher or as part of any class discussion. I was talking to a student, I forget who, but they came from somewhere tropical. And I was describing what the forests of the pacific northwest were like and she was like “so like the forests in Narnia? Wow! That’s so exotic!”

And for a second my brain completely flipped upside down because to me, exotic meant jungles, it meant tropics, it meant stuff from… you know… countries that weren’t the USA or Europe. And somehow I’d expected someone for whom that type of terrain is normal and everyday to associate the word exotic with that even though that would make no sense given the actual definition of the word. 

That was one of the first times I realized how eurocentric and USA-centric my thinking was. That was the first time I realized that to someone else, my lived experience is the exotic one, and that their use of the word to describe me is just as valid as mine to describe them.

NCT Promposal

i’ll probably do the rest of nct dream in another post soz 


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I think Taeil wouldn’t really see what the big deal in all this prom stuff was. Like he’d definitely want to go to prom but he wouldn’t make a big show of asking you. He genuinely wouldn’t know that a promposal was thing and when he saw some kids doing them at school he’d think they were just being extra. He’d probably just ask you like hey do you wanna go to prom while the two of you were studying. You’d be totally okay with it tho because you know he’s a simple guy and you love him for that. This gif is him when you say yes.


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Okay Johnny would be the exact opposite of Taeil. He’s all about the promposal. He would watch all the other kids at school and spend his time plotting something super special for you. He wouldn’t mean for it to happen, but whatever he did would attract a lot of attention. I can see him getting those cool gold letter balloons to spell out prom, and making a sign on the glittery poster board that says something about how prom with him is going to be golden and that you’re his gem.


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Taeyong would be shy af about all of the prom stuff. He loves you so much, so in his heart he wants to do something super big, but for some reason he’d be a little scared. He’d still be a insecure, no matter what you said to him. You’d probably end up having to ask him. That would really boost his confidence and motivate him to ask you, even though you already asked him. He would probably show up to your house with flowers and apologize for not asking you (because he didn’t want you to think that he didn’t want to go with you). You would tell him that its totally fine, and then he would ask you to prom just because he wanted to be the one to do it.


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Yuta would get super competitive during prom. He’d want to outdo all of the other boys because he wanted your promposal to be the best. So of course he would do something in front of everyone. I imagine he’d do something soft like stuff your locker with flowers. He would randomly ask you to get something from your locker in the middle of the day when the hallways were the busiest/ most crowded. And just imagine opening your locker and like a thousand flowers tumbling out and a note asking you to go to prom with him (and everyone just awwing in the back). And he would have the cutest smug smile the rest of the day after you said yes (because obviously you would say yes).


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Oh boy Doyoung would be super cheesy during prom. I think he’d want to do something super cute but just between the two of you. Also he would have like 1002082309 ideas and he would try to do them all. He’d get so caught up in trying to get everything together that he wouldn’t realize that prom was in like 3 days. So when he finally realized, he’d rush to your house with a bunch of your favorite snacks and he’d ask you to go to prom with him and he’d explain what happened. He’d feel really bad so you would invite him to watch a movie and yall would eat all the snacks. Also you’d tell him that you thought it was cute how he worked so hard on everything and then the two of you would make plans to go prom shopping.


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Okay so since Ten is the literal inventor of art/drawing he would def draw you something. Y’all would both probably like Goblin this is non negotiable. So he would probably get you the plushie even if you already had one. And he’d draw you a really pretty card with some cheesy/romantic quote from the drama. He’d take you on a date just to ask you to prom because he’s such a sweetheart. And he’d give you the card then. He would probably bring you like flowers and chocolates too because he’s cheesy af. ^the gif is him doing his happy dance bc you said yes


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Jaehyun would do something cute. Okay so like he would make a poster board designed to look like an Instagram profile. And he would glue a bunch of cute couply pictures of the two on dates and stuff on it. (Like he would cut them into squares and arrange them in the Instagram layout). He would be dorky and make the username your ship name (tbh yall wouldn’t even have a ship name he made it up just for this). The actual promposal would be in the bio, like he would put something about making even more cute memories at prom if you say yes. ofc you would say yes, and after all the prom stuff was over he would always tease you about hanging up his poster in your room.


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Awwws okay I feel like Winwin would be the shyest. He would highkey lowkey be freaking out about how to ask you, because yall wouldn’t be dating. Yall would be really good friends tho (and he had the biggest crush on you). He would be really nervous that you would say no, and also he would be freaking out because he thought he couldn’t come up with something as good as the other boys. He would also be too shy to ask any of them for help. So anyways one day you stayed after school for a club meeting or something and he stayed for a practice or smthn. And yall saw each other while you were waiting for your mom to pick you up so the two of you started talking. And then out of the blue he would ask you. You would look really confused because he jumbled his words, so he thought you said no. But then he repeated what he said slowly and you said yes ofc. Both of you had the biggest smiles when you got home and the next day at school.


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Everybody knows that Mark is the sweetest. So he would do something super adorable and elaborate. Like everyday at lunch he would give you candy or something and a card. And then after like a week or to he would ask you on a little picnic date to the park and he would tell you to bring all of the cards. When you got to the park you saw that his picnic was just candies and pastries and little cakes and cookies. And he’d give you one more card that said smthn like “the only thing that could make this day sweeter was if you said yes.” And you’d be super confuesed and he’d tell you to put the cards together. And did it would say something like “will you go to prom with me?” You would c r i. (and say yes ofc).


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Lol this boy is a savage. No one can escape him not even whoever he’s dating. So he would basically pretend to forget about prom. Any time you would bring anything about prom up he would act like he wouldn’t know what you were talking about. Like you would tell him “aww did you see Mark’s promposal?” and he would say “lol who’s Mark? What’s prom?” Honestly you would be so busy with school that you wouldn’t even notice that all your friends were ready for prom and that he still hadn’t asked you. Once the last of your friends had a date he would finally ask you. He would do something super simple like bring you a chocolate bar but make his own wrapper that said “prom?” At this point you would have figured out what he was doing and you would try to get him back by telling him that you were busy that day. But as soon as you saw him start to freak out you’d tell him you were kidding and you’d say yes.

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Hi i hope you don't think this is rude but I'm a bit disappointed that you chose to reduce isak and even to horny teenagers who fuck all the time in YDEKM because I was really enjoying it. I don't know, especially Even. Him being so open and wanting to do sexual stuff to Isak constantly seemed a bit OOC to me and borderline like you were trying to make fetishizing side of the fandom happy. I think that's sad because i enjoy your writing otherwise

Hello anon. I saw your message earlier but I was at work and wanted to wait until my break to reply. I’m sorry that that’s what you got from that chapter because that wasn’t the goal/purpose/intention. I don’t think it’s fair to say that Even was OOC because he was clearly experiencing mania/hypersexuality. I feared I would get misunderstood and actually mentioned this in the endnotes. I always feel awkward writing smutty scenes for this exact reason: people assuming I’m getting off on it or doing it so that other people could get off on them.

Honestly I put so much effort and research and time and sleepless nights and passion into my stories, and it hurt me a bit that you would say that. I know I sound a bit vain but I actually love getting feedback. The response to chapter 4 for example made me so happy despite being very polarizing. But this is kind of not even constructive because I think you missed the point entirely.
I don’t want to sound rude and I’m sorry if I do. But it kind of ruined my day to see my efforts being reduced to “pleasing the fetishizers”.

Portraying mania/hypersexuality shouldn’t be considered fetishizing. And even regular sex scenes shouldn’t be. I mean what’s wrong with sex in a healthy relationship?
Idk. I’m sorry I’m rambling. I hope you give it another shot and read it again? Idk. I thought the hints that he was hypersexual were pretty obvious. I guess not. Sigh

I also read your comment on ao3 and you mentioned that other people probably felt the same way you did which is why the chapter didn’t have many comments. Honestly Idk what you mean because 45 comments is a lot to me. Hell even 10 comments is a lot to me. That’s not what I’m after honestly.
But thank you for reading and I hope you’re having a better day than mine.

//most of it are romance-related stuffs. I like shipping and a lot of ships… but… you know? I kind of dislike jumping right into a relationship and I would like a build up and all. And this is an ASKBLOG, I tried to make things interesting.

And man. It’s hard. Because it’s SANJI. He is swooning on every women and declining every men. It’s kinda hard to make each interaction differ and interesting. Sometimes things even becomes too repetitive. But I managed.

i miss talking to all you guys a lot but i just feel so violated posting here bc like. i cant post anything about where i am/what im doing clearly or my ex will literally show up like. and i hate feeling this chased and afraid. especially because i know he likes knowing he can make me feel that way. so idk if im gonna post here or not but yea… i miss it and i dont want to let him take things from me but at the same time i need to consider my safety literally so like. idk maybe ill keep posting but keep the personal stuff to peach.

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Hello! I don't really have a blog so much as I reblog cool stuff I like, basically just an observer. I love reading your stuff and how sweet and funny you are. Your anon who said blogs can be rude is right. The one time I did post my thoughts I was SLAYED by one of those blogs because I didn't agree with her Gillian and Peter garbage. I don't know how you handle their crap. Oh well, I'll just stick with nice blogs like yours!

Hey! I’m really sorry you’ve been slayed by someone. Tumblr isn’t supposed to make you feel bad, it’s supposed to be entertaining and a happy place to go to. There’s enough problems in real life not to add more online!
Thank you so much for your words! Keep doing you!

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Do you know where I can find a free version of Sue Klebold's book? Also, love the blog! Very insightful stuff.

I posted that on my blog not too terribly long ago - and have only done so once. So, if you’re determined - you’ll need to read through my blog a couple of pages in to find it. 😏I don’t want to make a point of posting the electronic version of Sue’s book on the regular because I feel like people should purchase a copy for themselves. If you buy her book - which is out in paperback now and not all that expensive in cash, the proceeds of your purchase go to mental health research. I feel that that is a worthy cause. 🙂And you are also honoring Sue and all the hard work she put into writing the book because of her son’s tragedy. I feel like it’s important that people buy her book rather than me just providing a link to the free E copy whenever someone asks. There are plenty of other blogs that post the link and you might be able to get the ecopy from friends on the tag too. I know some of you can’t buy the book online or don’t have a credit card or worry about your parents knowing you purchased a book on ‘the Columbine killer’ (YIKES). That said, I did post the link once on E-C so, again, if you’re motivated to obtain the free e-copy, I’d encourage you to explore my blog for it. A little hard work will pan out for you. ✨and thank you! Glad you enjoy E-C. 💕

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wait how did you know I was puppy pouting? Get out of my head! lol. jk love you!

Because I know you, and you friggin’ love it. 

The other thing that I spent most of my day “working on” was fanfiction for…. another fandom.

*dramatic music below the cut*

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Hey!! I don't agree with your opinion on whitewashing, but I won't get into that. The real point of this message is that some of the stuff people are saying to you, are literally making tears well up in my eyes. They are treating you so horribly to the point where it hurts me to just seeing somebody treating another person like this. Even though I don't completely agree with you, I want you to know that you matter. That you're not this demon because of disagreements.

Thank you ◇ that’s fine if you don’t agree :>

the content literally no one asked for


pt1 | pt2 | (2/5)

pairing: jimin x reader

genre: smut, fluff, slight angst + expecting parents au

word count: 11,035

request: sperm donor ex-boyfriend jimin

description: Okay, maybe in hindsight asking your ex-boyfriend, who you never really got over, to be your sperm-donor wasn’t the brightest of ideas.


six years prior.

“Do you wanna have kids one day?”

Jimin tilted his head as if to ponder the idea before tugging you across the bed until you were leaning against his chest, curious eyes catching your own.  

“Sure, I mean one day. One day, far, far away,” He said, pointing his finger off into the distance jokingly.

You laughed, hand skimming along the back of his neck. “Yeah, me too.”

“Any particular reason why you’re asking?” He said as he began playing with the strands of your hair.

“I dunno,” You shrugged. “We’ve been dating for a long time, just thought that it’s something we should know about each other.”

Jimin nodded, “No, you’re right. It’s kind of something you should figure out before things get too far in the relationship… Guess we waited a bit too long, but we’re on the same page, so that’s good,” He smiled, leaning down to place a short peck against your lips.

“So that means you think that information will be put to good use one day?” You asked, quirking your brow to insinuate.

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(pls forgive me, i’m not a photo editor. i just wanted ot7)

Hey, everyone! I recently hit 100 followers! I’ve had this blog since January and even though I had a rough start and I wanted to leave a few times, I’m very glad I pushed through. I wanted to save a follow forever for another milestone and just do a drabble game for this one but there are so many amazing blogs a wanted to thank. I really appreciate every single one of you guys. This blog has been a safe haven for me, and I can’t imagine how my life would be without it. I’ve felt much more loved on this blog in the short time I’ve had it than on my previous blog, which I had for 2 and half years before I left. Even though this blog may be considered ‘small’ to some people (not that it matters to me), I still feel as if I genuinely matter to all of you, and I can’t thank you enough. I will never be able to fully express my gratitude. I really do care about all of you. All the users that show up under my followers are my friends, and I care about each one of you so much. Thank you all so much for all that you’ve done for me. I’m beyond grateful.

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the gay kiss in svtfoe is like 1 sec long i wish you guys would stop gaslighting people with this being good rep when the entire second season is given over to a completely unnecessary supposedly heterosexual love triangle, because they won't ever canonize marco as a girl. like seriously. pretending this is great rep has consequences, it alienates fans and it tells disney and other corporations they can throw us scraps and that they don't need to try to get our pink dollars. Stop.


First of all, I can do whatever I want. Second of all, I can do whatever I want. And third, I can do whatever I want.

Okay? Glad we established that. With that out of the way, I’m gonna be very clear with people like you who keep telling me and other people like what we should want, need and demand. 

Star has done a lot in terms of destroying gender roles and other stereotypes and taboos for kids and young people out there. Its characters are not flat and they have their own personalities, their own lives and agency, which don’t conform to gender norms as they have been force-fed to us by society. Breaking this kind of stereotypes is gonna be so liberating for so many kids. For example:

  • You don’t have to be girly to be a girl (Janna is into a lot of creepy and icky stuff usually considered boyish, just to mention someone)
  • Being feminine doesn’t define your gender (Marco, and I’m gonna get back to you on this)
  • Having trouble managing your anger does not make you a bad person (Tom. who is working so hard to keep it under control and improve because he wants to be better)
  • You can have a bunch of mixed, apparently contradicting traits, and that doesn’t make you less worthy of the gender you identify with (Star is very girly and likes cute stuff but still kicks ass and loves every second of it)
  • Boys can be affectionate with other boys (if we assume, based on what we know at the moment, that Marco identifies as a boy, and again, I’ll get back to you on that), and that’s okay (Marco and Tom, even though I still think the whole Friendenemies episode was very homoerotic)

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I’m really grateful for this new wave of cartoons (such as Star vs The Forces of Evil, Gravity Falls or Steven Universe). Different shows are exploring different themes from different angles, and that doesn’t mean that one is necessarily above the other. Star may not be exploring queerness in full (like Steven Universe does, for example), more like touching upon its surface, but it is still playing a role in its normalisation.

Never did I say that the infamous 1-second gay kiss was good rep. For me to call it rep, I would need it to feature at least characters whose names we know. But you know what? I’m okay with it being something in the background and I don’t consider it gaslighting, because as far as I know, the show did not make a big deal out of it, they did not announce “Hey! We are giving you guys gay rep! Look at all the diversity we’re including!”. I actually heard nothing from the show-runners. It was the media that blew up and made a huge deal out of it because of some stupid parents’ reaction. The whole thing was a nice detail that acknowledged the existence of gay people and made an effort to normalise queerness by showing them doing something as mundane as going to a concert with their partners. Period.

And on that note, I want to add that yes, more than this is desirable and it’s okay (it’s very important, actually!) to ask for proper representation. But we can’t close our eyes to the stuff that’s already come our way just because it’s not as much as we wanted it to be. Things take time. Society is still coming to terms with LGBT+ people, and rushing them is only gonna make them clam up and reject any notion of it. Hell, parents wanted to take Star out of Disney XD because they were outraged by a 1-sec cartoon gay kiss! Even though I’m tired of waiting, I see that Disney is treading on thin ice with its more conservative audience and has to carefully plan its every step. And they are still making progress. Slowly, but surely.

We got Beauty and the Beast with gay LeFou (even though I still think it should have been the clock and the candelabra), despite the foreseeable boicot from many people. I’m not saying “we’re good, we can stop demanding stuff from show-runners and movie directors”, I’m saying, “let’s appreciate the progress we’re making while aiming for more”. We’ve come a long way since Disney’s massive no-homo when High School Musical gave a girlfriend to Ryan, literally the gayest man alive in the Disney Universe.

And about the “unnecessary heterosexual love triangle”: I dunno, anon, I’m a storyteller and I saw it coming for a long time. The show built up to that point. It’s not like they pulled it out of their asses. Would I have wanted it to be a love square featuring Tom? Why yes, absolutely, but oh well. It still makes sense in the story they’re telling and it’s integrated in the plot. It would have been weird if Marco, who had been crushing on Jackie since Day 1, had just moved on from her without thinking twice.

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Now, about Trans!Marco: I’m gonna be very honest with how I view it, and I’ll also let you know that I’m transgender myself (non-binary pal here, hey, how are ya), as well as a transgender rights activist and lecturer, so I know what I’m talking about. I have nothing against the Trans!Marco fannon, obviously. I think some seed has been planted in the show and as of now, people can make of it what they will. I’d be thrilled and on board if there were any confirmation from TPTB. But I’m not taking it as anymore than that for now, and I’ll entertain both Trans!Marco and Cis!Marco notions. Why?

Yes, Marco has been shown as Princess Marco several times already, pronouns have been changed to feminine and nobody has questioned Marco’s new status during those times. However, Marco hasn’t expressed a particular preference for being treated as a girl (true, no preference for masculine treatment has been expressed either, so we’re kind of in a neutral zone I guess?). I mean, you see Marco wearing dresses and a wig with no complain, as well as being treated as a girl, but after that episode is over, you don’t really see Marco displaying any signs of discomfort with gender identity or pronouns or disphoria or gender expression or anything like that. Actually, the character’s development continues as it was before that happened (anybody else remembers that episode where Marco lives on a different dimension for 16 years and embraces every masculinity trope under the sun?). 

Originally posted by soyalexnajera

Now I’m not saying you have to meet a bunch of requirements to be trans (I’m no trans gatekeeper), but these are the kind of things that usually give it away when we’re talking about someone else’s experience, since we are not inside their head. 

Yes, Marco does possess some traits traditionally associated with femininity (like spending hours getting ready for the date with Jackie), but they’re vague enough that they could mean something or nothing at all (like I said, the show does a lot to destroy gender roles). I feel like I can’t really call it for sure based on that. With how indifferent Marco seems to be to different pronouns, I’d actually say that there’s higher chances this character falls somewhere in the non-binary spectrum, rather than identifying as a girl. This is, of course, my personal opinion, and I might be wrong. But it goes to show that the hinting done in the show has been so subtle for now that it could go either way, and so, I fail to see why we should get angry that Marco isn’t being treated as a girl at the moment.

Just my two cents.

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As someone who's white, is it better if I write in an authors note or something that if there's anything racist in my fic that I haven't noticed/didn't know about to please let me know? Because I completely understand that pointing it out can be difficult sometimes (I experience *similar* interactions when I try pointing out transphobic things in fics) and I want all my readers to know that if there's anything offensive and/or incorrect in my writing I want to remove that, learn and apologize.

that would be great, actually! actively saying that you’re open to people telling you when you’re messing up is a great first step. i know personally i’m still always worried abt coming off as an “angry black person” or “too sensitive” partially because people always say stuff like “stop making everything a race thing” when, like, 9 times out of 10, it IS a race thing.

additionally, as A White™: don’t try to evaluate yourself on whether or not you’re being a racist. it’s highly likely you won’t know, because you’re white, and racism is so incredibly pervasive of a disease worldwide that goes back literally centuries. just stop, recalibrate, stop the thing you’re doing currently, and then watch for things like it that you might do in the future.

and like, last thing. don’t stay silent on racism! other white people are (sadly) far more willing to listen to their Fellow Whites on racism than they are to actual poc. don’t, like, call yourself the authority on racism, but if you’ve been told something is racist before, and you see someone else doing it, pull them aside and say “hey, this is racist and i know that, so you should probably (definitely) stop doing that.”

thank you for this ask! this was a really great question to answer.


The park had a piano and a rose covered gazebo! 🎹🌷


nicest badass (a list for my soft but powerful faves): Lorelai Gilmore

“I’m lucky, I know. I just…I feel like I’m never gonna have it…the whole package, you know? That person, that couple life, and I swear, I hate admitting it because I fancy myself Wonder Woman, but…I really want it – the whole package.“