because you had a shitty day

little bad memory things :)
  • not knowing if you said something out loud or if you only thought it
  • “did i already ask you that?”
  • “what did you say”
  • raising your hand and putting it down multiple times in class because you can’t remember your question/comment
  • pausing in the middle of simple tasks because you can’t remember what you’re doing
  • “where is my [object i had in my hands literally 30 seconds ago]?”
  • not knowing someone’s name even though it’s the 5th time you’ve met them
  • rereading/rewatching books/movies because you can’t remember basic plot details
  • forgetting to look at the list of things you need to remember
  • forgetting the end of your sentence before you even start it/trailing off
Show Me Love 7

Bucky Barnes x Female Reader

Plot: Somehow you didn’t picture having to face Dr. Barnes would end up quite like this.

Warnings: StudentXProfessor relationship (No minors involved, Reader is a Grad student and completely legal at the age of 25), Language (you all know me by now, I mean c’mon), Shit SMUT, public shenanigans, Authority kink I guess?, spanking

A/N: TWO UPDATES IN TWO DAYS??? And this one’s shitty smutty!  And long!

I’ll be the first to admit that this is shit, and I’m nooooooot too sure if I’m happy with this one or not, but please let me know what you think.

Missed something?  Find the beginning HERE

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You weren’t sure if you’d ever get to sleep.

Saturday had gone by without incident, but it may have also been because you didn’t let yourself leave the apartment.  But now it was Sunday evening, and there you were.  

Wide Awake.


You glance at the tied up plastic grocery bag that you had folded Bucky’s clothes in.  How were you going to approach that?  “Hey, here’s the clothes I stole from you when I snuck out of your apartment after the best sex of my life.  Hope we can let things get back to normal, yeah?”

Yeah, you’re an idiot.

God!  How could you have just ran out of there?  The thought of Bucky’s face falling when he opened his eyes to find you gone kept replaying in your head all weekend.  Or perhaps he had reached out, fingers finding empty sheets instead of the curves he sought out.  What the hell is he gonna say when you get there?  Will he even be able to look you in the eye?  Will he pretend that you aren’t there?  Or will he look at you, really look at you.  Ask you why you left?

God, you hoped not.

Because then you would have to face it.

“Y/N, no,”  Nat says, standing in your doorway with arms crossed.  You simply cock an eyebrow at her.  “You are not wearing that.  He’ll know you’re sulking.  You can’t let him know.”

“But I don’t want to rub it in!”  You whined, glancing down at the sweats and hoodie you were wearing.  “I can’t get all dressed up and act like the last time he saw me wasn’t when I was butt-ass-naked in his bed!”

“Well, you can’t look like a hobo and do that either.  Happy medium, Y/N.  Happy medium.”  With that, she tosses you a pair of jeans and a casual, yet form fitting, v-neck.  “Wear the hoodie if you must, but put those goods on display.  You can still salvage this.”

“How?”  She simply shrugged as she turned to leave you to change.

“What man doesn’t love a chase?”

The classroom door had never looked so intimidating before.  You knew he wouldn’t be inside yet, he was always right on time, yet you still couldn’t bring yourself to push inside.  

Natasha stood beside you, an almost unreadable look on her face.

“Hey,”  she nudged your side with a small smile.  “everything’s going to be alright.”

You smiled at her reassurance, but you weren’t so sure.

Numb legs stepped inside, finding their way to your desk where you sat and set down the two bag next to your feet.  Your book bag, and the bag that contained the clothes that smelled entirely too much like him.

Every time the door opens, you jump a little bit, only to relax when it isn’t him.

When it is him, however, your heart all but stops.

He’s back to his usual dress, button up shirt that pushed up to his elbows and slacks that hug him in all the right places.

Beside you, Natasha clicks her tongue disapprovingly.

“You’re insane.  How the hell could you have left that man in bed alone?”  The glare you cast in her direction effectively shut her up.

Bucky hasn’t looked up yet.  Instead, he simply walks to his desk, turns his back to the class and writes two words on the chalkboard.

As he finishes the first, the entire class groans.

In big, white letters are the words ‘pop quiz’.

And Bucky is uncharacteristically quiet.

“This is all your fault,”  Natasha states simply, voice calm even though she’s lobbing all of the responsibility at you.  “You could’ve stayed, and then instead of a pop quiz he’d probably give us all A’s for the fuck of it.”

But you don’t really hear anything she says, because as Dr. Barnes turns around, yours are the first eyes he meets.

Those blue eyes swirl as they find yours and immediately you find yourself having to squeeze your legs together.  His effect is instantaneous, and immediately you know you won’t be able to concentrate.

“This quiz covers everything we’ve talked about so far, so if you’ve paid attention, you’ll be fine.”  His accusing eyes meet yours. “Once you’re finished, you can just leave.

Somehow you knew that wasn’t about the quiz…

It feels like an eternity while you stare down at your quiz.

You finished ages ago, but you wanted to talk to him and there couldn’t be any witnesses for that.  Natasha seems to have caught onto your plan and stays right next to you as student after student finishes, and leaves.

Finally, you are the only three left in the room.

The two of you make your way down to his desk where you turn in your papers, then with a wink, Natasha turns and makes her way to the door.

Which she shuts behind her.

Both of your eyes follow the movement, the click of the lock that seeming to suck all of the air out of the room.

Then you’re alone.

The silence that ensues as the two of you just stare at each other is deafening.  Until Bucky apparently decides he can’t take it anymore.

Clearing his throat, he nods at the plastic grocery bag in your hand.

“What’ve you got there?”  At the reminder, you shuffle awkwardly.

“Oh, I…I kind of borrowed this, uh, the other morning.  I couldn’t figure the dress out by myself.”  You admit, realizing how stupid it sounded out loud.  By the way Bucky’s eyebrows twitch up and a small smirk breaks across his face, you know he does too.

“I would’ve helped.  Y’know, if you had stuck around or even just woken me up.”

“Yeah…about that…”

“Yes?”  He prompts when your voice seems to die in your throat.  “If you didn’t enjoy it, you can always just tell me.”

“God, no.  I enjoyed myself.  Multiple times.  Christ is that even a question?”  You rambled, trailing off at the way Bucky bit his lower lip bashfully.  

“Then what was it?”

“I…I panicked.  It just hit me that I fucked my teacher and I just had to get out of there. I’m sorry, I really should’ve said goodbye.”  He chuckles at that, dark eyes tracing the way your dark v-neck offers up just enough skin.

“Goodbye?  You’re so sure I would’ve let you leave without a proper send-off?”

“Dr. Barnes, please -”  A finger to your lips successfully shuts you up.

“Now, Y/N…didn’t we establish that the name’s Bucky?”  He teases, eyes flicking down to your lip and he leans toward you.  You suck in a breath in anticipation, only he doesn’t meet your lips.  No, instead his lips latch onto your throat.  “You didn’t seem to have a problem remembering it when you were writhing in my bed.”

A moan forces its way through your lips and your knees would’ve buckled had it not been for Bucky’s large hands finding your ass and holding you up.

“B-Bucky,”  You stammer, gasping when he squeezes your sensitive flesh through your jeans.  “This is wrong.”

“Didn’t seem to stop you the other night.”  He pointed out.  “In fact, if I remember correctly, it was you that seduced me.”

“I wasn’t thinking clearly…we can’t do this.”  You feel your mouth form the words, but your fingers lace in his long chestnut hair directing him to where you want his licks and nips.  “You’re my professor for god’s sake.  We can not do - this!”  The last half of your sentence comes out as a squeak when his perfect, white teeth catch your collar bone.

“So you don’t want this?”  He purrs, pulling you closer.  Your hips betray you, rocking forward against him.  “Then tell me to stop.”

The way he speaks feels like a command and a challenge all at once.  Those eyes bore into you and you know that if you tell him to, he’ll stop in a heart beat.  But…do you really want him to?

“C’mon, doll.  Tell me to stop and I’ll stop.”  He whispers in your eat, teeth nipping your lobe a bit.  “But that door’s locked, and I don’t know about you, but I’m dying to see what you look like bent over my desk.”

Resistance snapping, your hands find his face and pull him in for a fiery kiss.  The groan that tumbles from his mouth into yours only spurs you on further.  The sound of the chair screeching away from the desk vaguely reaches your ears moments before you’re set down on the desk.

Lips and teeth collide and clack as the room warms up and your head is absolutely spinning.  You’re hyper-aware of the fact that this is a classroom, that you’re going to see this desk every other day and try not to blush but you’ll be damned if you let this stop.

Deft hands pop the button of your jeans open and warm fingers tickle at your stomach before sliding your zipper down.  You rock back against the desk, pulling away from the kiss as he slides your jeans down your legs.

“We’ve got to be quick, doll.”  He chuckles, unfastening and lowering his own pants himself.  “There’s another class in here in 30.”

But you don’t hear him.  Of course you don’t, how can you when that massive thing is staring you in the face.

“J-Jesus!”  He moans out as you lick at the sensitive head.  “Didn’t I just say we have to be quick?”  The innocent look you give him is pointless with his cock in your mouth.

“But, Dr. Barnes,” you whine, noting the way his look darkens at that. “I want to taste you.”  His eyes flutter as you take him into your mouth again, taking him in with ease.

“D-don’t call me that.”  But he doesn’t mean it.  So you push.

“Or what, Dr. Barnes?”

The answer to your question comes in the form of you being pulled to your feet and bent over at the waist.

“You’re pushing your luck, babygirl.”  A calloused hand caresses at your exposed ass, a warning for what’s to come if you keep pushing his buttons.  “It’s almost like you want to get punished.”  A wicked thought forms in your mind and you can’t help but grin.

“So why don’t you teach me a lesson,” you push yourself back into him, into his hands and look him straight in the eye.  “Professor.”

You cry out as the smack echoes through the hall, but don’t back down.

“Oh, Dr.”  Bucky’s jaw clenches at the sound of you moaning his title and he feels so dirty but so fucking good.  “I need you.”

“You sure?”  He asks, hand meeting your tender skin again.  You feel his cock twitch against your thigh when you moan loudly at the feeling.  “You sure you want this?  It’s wrong, after all.”

“God, yes I want it!  I want you.  Please, Dr. Barnes!”  With a final blow, you’re spun over onto your back.  Lust filled eyes meet yours and you feel a thrill run up and down your spine.  His shirt is askew, a few buttons popped open and hair all ruffled.  You’ve barely touched each other and he looks ruined.  Running your hands down the shirt and popping every button you pass open, you grab him by the collar and pull him to your lips.  “Please fuck me.”

Bucky’s growl sends a chill down your spine and his hand lands beside your head, holding himself up as the other lines himself up at your entrance.

Your head flies back soundlessly as he groans into your neck, his thick shaft filling you in the best possible way.  His left hand finds your hip, holding onto you as he rolls his hips experimentally.

The mewl you let loose gives him the go ahead along with the way you drag your fingers down his torso, and he starts a slow and agonizing pace.

“Bucky, God, go faster.” You beg, wrapping your leg around him and dragging your nails over his scalp.  He groans back, eyes fluttering shut at the feeling.  Licking your lips, your tug your fingers through his hair again, thrilling when he shivers against you.  “Bucky, baby…c’mon.”

“Dr. Barnes.”  He bites back, lips find the sweet spot on your neck as he rolls into you again, his thumb finding your clit as he moves.

“Oh, fuck, right there.”  You roll your hips against his, feeling the warmth inside you start to coil.  “Oh, god Dr. Barnes right there.”

Beside your head, his fist balls up as he continues his assault on your bundle of nerves, thrusts speeding up as you goad him on with your nails.  Your moans grow higher and higher until he’s forced to silence you with his own lips.

“Cum for me, baby girl.”

That whisper is all you need to fall over the edge, inner walls clutching at the man who’s making you feel so god damn good.  He rides you through your orgasm, thrusts becoming more sloppy as you pull him over the edge with you.  If you hadn’t just cum, the sound he made alone would’ve made you explode.

Digging the boxers you borrowed out of the bag, he cleans you up.  He gifts you with a sheepish smile and you’re left wondering how a man who just talked you out of your pants was so shy now.

It’s quiet as you right yourselves and he rights the desk.  Glancing over at him, you find yourself unable to read him and grab your bag to leave.  Perhaps that was it?  That was all he needed, a final romp to prove that you didn’t leave because you weren’t satisfied.  But then he’s grabbing your wrist and looking at you and you’re frozen.

A tender kiss is placed on your lips, one that sends your heart racing in a whole different way.  When you part, goofy grins are plastered on both of your faces.

“So, I know this is really out of order and all, but…would you like to join me for coffee?”

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There must be a trophy for
“Forgetting the day your bf had f*cking eye lasers and dragging your friend into your shitty relationship jokes only to get him killed”
because Tweek you had earned it 🏆

Because you guys are awesome, I thought I’d give you this a little early. JACKSEPTICEYE CIVIL WAR VOICE-OVER!

Sorry that the quality’s a little shitty. I had to lower it to upload it to Tumblr. I would’ve posted the link to it on YouTube, but it got taken down :’(

If you want a (hopefully) better quality video, there’ll be a link to it on my channel in a couple days.

Jack, if you’re reading this, I really hope you liked it, and thank you for commenting on some of my other stuff. I’m not ashamed to say I started jumping up and down like a little girl for at least 2 minutes after reading what you had to say. You’re awesome, and I can’t wait for the opportunity to meet you and get one of those super-special Jacksepticeye hugs… one day :’)

Also, I know you answered my question before, but I would really, really love for you to play Spider-Man 2 on the channel.. or any Spider-Man game. They’re all awesome (aside form the last one… ugh)… Sorry if I seem a bit too ‘requesty’. I’ll enjoy your content with or without Spidey :)

I’m pretty sure the only reason to be a supervillain these days is so you can tell the good guy at some point: “You know, we’re just alike you and I.”

They tried that in the Daredevil season one finale with Wilson Fisk. But it had a twist.

Matt blanked him. He just had that look on his face that said: “But, no. That’s bullshit, isn’t it? You’re lying.”

He didn’t buy it for a second. He didn’t budge. He just got even more determined to bring the man to justice. 

Because Matt understood: Only shitty people are truly eager to find “grey areas” and explain why they aren’t so bad.

“Him,” he repeats distastefully, his lip curling. “You like him.”

“Yeah, I do,” She shot back, her eyes flashing.

He sneered. “Why?”

She stared for a long moment at the boy standing in front of her, the boy who had shattered her heart.

“Why?” She asked coldly. “Why? Maybe because he’s nice enough to pick up the mess you left behind. Maybe because he doesn’t ignore me when he’s had a shitty day. Maybe he actually cares and-”

For just a second, his expressionless face revealed more than he had intended to show. “Don’t you dare think for a goddamn second that I didn’t care.”

And without warning, he grabbed her and kissed her. He kissed her until she couldn’t breathe and she was intoxicated on his scent. And just like that, she knew she didn’t like that other boy. He never left her breathless from a single kiss. Her heart never felt like it was going to pop out of her chest from a single glance.

What a twisted life it is, she thought, whilst her forehead was pressed against his. The boy who broke my heart is the only one who can make me feel whole again.

—  n.g. // excerpt from a book i’ll never write #8

I’ve had these finished and sitting in my pictures for a few days now and thought that I should post them before I forget about them entirely, so here *throws post at you* have this
(sorry for the shitty coloring, I drew these when I was at my dad’s and I didn’t have as many pencils/markers to use than I do at home; and on another note, the Virgil design is not mine but Serenity’s, I used theirs because I like it more than mine lmao)


Do It (Requested)

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request: omg could you please do a one shot where you tease Thomas (tmr) all day and talk really dirty to him (daddy kink mybe) and he is fed up with you and takes you really hard and long with teasing and dirty talk and omg so dirty but between the dirty theyre really cute

A/N: Sorry it took me so long, also this turned out kind of shitty because I don’t know how to talk dirty because I’ve never talked dirty before and this is basically porn I’m sorry.

warnings: SMUT, don’t read if you have a soul, daddy kink, thomas not looking confused


3 months. It had been 3 months since Thomas and I had been intimate together. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I constantly wanted to have sex, but seriously I was just a teenager that discovered how good sex is with one helll of a boyfriend. Yead, you’d be the same. 

Just going for it? I tried, believe me I did. But Thomas was just so… polite. Yes, he was pretty sarcastic and sometimes I wanted to slap him, but whenever it was about something like that, he would become all nervous and didn’t dare to touch me without a direct permission. But how could I tell Thomas that I wanted to have sex with him without sounding like a slut? 

At some point, I stopped caring. At some point I was watching Thomas helping Newt in the gardens even though it was his free day, I was watching him sweating and the face of determination on his features, and god that was a turn on. Who cared about what I sounded like? He was my boyfriend and I wanted sex, nothing special. 

“Hey Tom.”, I smiled as I walked up to him with my tank top pulled down a little too much. I had made sure my breasts were more than just obvious, just like the shortness of my hot pants. There was no way he could not get distracted by that. 

“Hey Y/N. You need something?”, he asked and looked down to meet my Y/E/C eyes. How could this boy be so perfect? I felt the dampness between my legs just because of his stare, that should give you a little impression of how sensitive I was during our ‘love making’.

“Just wanted to say ‘hi’ to my favorite glader. I would ask why I haven’t seen you that often in the last few days but the reason is kind of obivous.”, I responded and actually forgot what I wanted for a second. A situation like ours wasn’t easy, especialley not for a teenager. I felt Thomas’ lips one mine before I could say anything else. The kiss was sweet and short, at least that was what he had in mind, but he found himself in a steamy make out session with myself, in the middle of the glade. 

“Y/N…”, he said in a voice that probably was suppose to sound annoyed and scolding, but the lust was easy to overhear.

“I’m sorry Tom… I just miss you, you know. I mean yes, we see each other everyday, but I really want to… be closer to you.”

Thomas continued to stare down at me as I playfully unbottoned the highest  button of his shirt before I met his with my cloudy eyes. 

“To be honest, I wanna get laid. I want you to fuck me mercilessly until I’m a writhing mess below you. I will even  enjoy your stupid teasing, but that’s really worth it right? I mean I don’t think I want to live a life without your cock in my mouth.”

He cleared his throat and blinked a few times before he grabbed the spade and pretended to ignore me. Although I could see a certain part of him standing straight. 

“Not here and not now Y/N.”

“Oh come on Tommy. Don’t you miss a good old blow job? I have this faint memory of you really enjoying fucking my throat. Do you know how good you feel inside me? Just thinking about your dick makes me want to come right now. Do you know how wet I am for you Tom?”

“Seriously. Stop it Y/N or I will…”, he growled and I could see on his tight grip around the spade that I already had him. 

“What? Spank me? Because I’d love that. Seriously all I want is your big fat cock deep inside me. Please. Please daddy.”, I continued, sighing the last part into his ear. He let out a noise and secured a hand around my waist, keeping me close.

“If you don’t stop right now, I will fuck you so hard you won’t be able to walk tomorrow.”

“Then fuck me. Fuck me hard daddy. Show me who I belong to.”, I whispered, biting my lip, fully aware that it drove him crazy. I smirked satisfied when I saw him angrily drop his spade before he quickly guided me toward the homestead, still with his hand around my waist, too careful to hurt me. 

Once we were inside, he immediately pushed me against the door and kissed me deeply. His hands were all over me and I remembered how much I missed that feeling. When we had to break apart for air, he began to plant kisses on my neck, until he found my sweet spot, making sure to leave a mark on it. As he did so his hand quickly found their way into my panties. He quickly unbottoned my hot pants since they were nothing but a disturbance. I gasped when his fingers finally arrived where I wanted to be touched most, circling my sensitive area. He let out another deep groan that made me want to jump him. 

“Fuck you’re so wet.”

“No shit Sherlock.”, I shot back with raised eyebrows. He smirked, knowing I wouldn’t keep my cocky demeanor as he began stroking my clit, making it impossible for me to think straight. After such a long time of nothing, this felt like heaven. As he went back to kiss my neck I felt myself bucking my hips against his fingers, desperate for the touch. Everything felt so…intense. I was not prepared when he dipped two fingers into my heat, but I sure wasn’t complaining. In fact Thomas knew exactly what to do with his hands to please me, probably better than I. 

He pumped his fingers inside me with a strength that made me want to cry out, letting everboy know how good he made me feel. He noticed my slowly fading try to keep in the noises of pleasure, and grabbed my neck. 

“Don’t hold it back Y/N. I want to hear who you belong to. I want to hear who makes you feel that good.”, he whispered huskily in my ear, driving me crazy with lust.

“Thomas…”, I moaned as I felt myself nearly reaching my peak, incredibly sensitive for all his touches. I felt myself tightening around his fingers, intensifying the whole feeling but then he pulled out. I whined and looked up at him disapprovingly. 

“I forgot how fast you come.”, he chuckled. “That’s for giving me a boner in the middle of work.”

“Then this will be my redemption.”, I responded with a mischievious smirk before I got on  my knees, unbottoning his pants. After I had removed his underwear, I watched his hard dick slapping his stomach. Damn, he was bigger than I remembered. 

I let my tongue taste the precum on his tip, making me lick my lips for more. I begant to suck on the tip with delight, encouraged by his moans. I took more of him inside my mouth, but not much, making sure to tease him. I slowly started to bob my head, pleasuring him with my mouth. 

“No teasing babe.”, he growled and forced his cock deeper inside my mouth, causing me to gag. He at least let me time to adjust before he began fucking my throat in a steady rythm. I moaned at the intensity of the situation, enjoying our closeness. I knew he was close when his thrusts became faster and lost their rythm. 

“Y/N I’m gonna…”, he tried to warn me but I completely ignored him as I swallowed all of his warm liquid. I made sure to clean him up and saw him gazing down at me in awe. Thomas pulled me up and connected our lips softly. It was a nice contrast, the rough pleasuring which I really enjoyed, and the gentle proof of love in between those acts.

I didn’t know how long we were standing there, just enjoying the presence of each other, but I felt a smile creep up on my cheeks when I felt him getting hard again. 

“Eager are we?”, I asked with a smirk and massaged him lightly. He let out several noises of pleasure, hiding his face in the crook of my neck. He stopped me after a few seconds, wanting to give me back the pleasure he just felt. 

I sighed when he pushed me down on the bed, following right after. The cold fabric of the pillows greeted me, making me arch my back.Thomas’ hands roamed over my body, freeing me from my tank top and my bra. My niplles were already errected, due to the cold and the temptation of the moment. He embraced my left breast in his warm mouth, sucking on it lighty. He did the same to my right breast, sending shock waves of pleasure over me. 

“Do you want me to fuck you baby girl? Do you want me to make you cum?”, he asked teasingly and bit my earlobe. 

“Yes daddy. Yes please…please fuck me daddy.”, I begged and rolled my hips against his.

He inhaled sharply, not prepared for the way my words would affect him. We stayed like this for a few seconds, until the tension became too much to bear. I felt him enter me with a very deep thrust. The feeling of being completely full was incredibly gorgeous. He knew he had to give me a few moments to adjust, and yet it was hard for him to not thrust into my tight core. 

I slowly began rolling my hips once I was ready, and Thomas immediately got the clue. I somehow always forgot how strong he was. His thrusts were still at a slow pace and he already made me sink into the sheets and back against him. I crossed my legs around his waist, intensifying the feeling. He groaned and propped himself on his hands, so he could look at me during the sex. 

I felt myself getting closer to the edge again, making my breath hitch. He again, felt me becoming even more excited, but this time he didn’t stop. The power of his thrusts made the whole bed squeak and shake and that was everything it took to made me orgasm. My grip on his back got stronger as I tightened around  him, reaching my peak. 

Instead of stopping, Thomas put two fingers on my clit and put pressure on it. I was writhing below him, just the way I described it to him and I did not regret it. His dick twitched inside me and soon I felt him come inside me. He flipped us over so I could cuddle myself into his chest. He kissed the top of my head as our feet were tangled together. 

“Why the hell haven’t we done this in 3 months?”, he asked breathlessly. 

“You’ve been counting?”

“Don’t act like you didn’t.”

“I love you, Thomas.”

“I love you more Y/N.”


Don’t Say a Word (Part Two)

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Part One - Part Two - Part Three

Pairing: Yoongi/Yoonji (Suga) x Reader
Featuring: Jungkook and Namjoon (Rapmon)
Genre: Fluff, Smut
Contains: crossdressing, alcohol mention, a little sexual content
Word Count: 3.7k

Author’s Note: I’m so glad to be home right now to post this. Work was so shitty and I actually cried because a customer started yelling at me (and instead of talking back I held it in and cried out of anger after they left). Please enjoy this because I couldn’t enjoy my day.

A little over a week has gone by since Yoongi had returned into your life. Every night since his first visit, he would text or call you to tell you about his day as Yoonji. He made college sound fun, but he was only experiencing the fun parts of it: the partying. Since he went into the police academy right after high school, he never had the chance to experience the true college kid life dealing with the stress that stemmed from deadlines and exams. He wasn’t required to attend classes, but he was given a schedule just in case any of the staff or students got suspicious of him hanging around campus all day long. He had to carry around his student ID with him, but had to leave his real ID behind at home, so he wouldn’t risk losing it or having someone find it.

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The Hall Monitor

by reddit user Vincent_VenaCava

I was running down the hall when I came across the high school’s most irritating student. This self-important jackass loved to lord his tiny bit of power over the rest of the student body. He was the hall monitor and he made sure he let everyone know it. He stepped in my path to stop me.

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tis the season yo: a guide to not being a shitty customer this december
  • if the line is long, why are you surprised? it’s 2016, you have a phone. play some apps or go on Facebook while you wait. I know the line is long, that’s why i keep saying “sorry about the wait” when you get to the damn register. i’m going as fast as i can.
  • speaking of lines, if you try and push in because you only need one thing, tough shit. back of the line.
  • have a list so you don’t get up to the counter and go “shit, i forgot aunt linda’s present” and have to either a) leave all your purchases at the counter and run to the back of the store to get aunt linda’s fucking present while everyone else waits in line or b) take all your purchases and do the walk of shame to the back of the store to get aunt linda’s fucking present and then rejoin the back of the line which has gotten longer while you’re away, because fuck you.
  • make sure you have enough cash, or money in your account, and if not, have a damn banking app so you can rectify that quicksmart so you don’t have to a) make everyone wait in line while you transfer money around or b) do the walk of shame to the back of the queue while you transfer money around.
  • also on this topic, please keep track of where your wallet is. you have one job - being able to pay for the shit you wanna buy. if your wallet is in the car, at the bottom of one of your shopping bags, in the changing rooms, you cannot do your job, and you had one job, which was to pay for the shit you wanna buy.
  • say please and thank you. i’ll go a million miles for a customer who’s nice for me. that said, i’ll go a million miles for a customer who’s a dick, but i’ll do those million miles very slowly.
  • if someone’s in the store in a uniform but missing a vital part of that uniform - like a hat, apron or nametag - or has a jacket on over their uniform, chances are they’re not clocked on, are shopping before work, or are on their break. leave them alone.
  • if an employee does a nice job for you, maybe ask for a feedback form to fill out giving them some kind words, like “i was there on this day and cashier X was not terrible. she was pretty fucking good.” most major retail stores have these somewhere, or email the store telling them that X was a brilliant cashier and polite and all that. at the worst, it gets ignored; at the best, the employee will get some kind of reward from management. and it’s nice to be appreciated.
  • check the website if you can, to see if the store has something. if it’s not on the website, they probably don’t have it. amazing, i know.
  • bring reusable bags. this is just a preference, and more and more stores are charging for bags. i do enjoy seeing the light in a customer’s eyes die when i tell them i need a dollar before they can use a bag, especially if they’re a dick.
  • why would you pay with a cheque.
  • why would you not know your own PIN.
  • chances are, if you’re entering a store, you’re agreeing to let them check your bags on the way out. don’t bitch and moan at the person checking them. if you haven’t stolen shit, let them check. if you have stolen shit, it better be necessities.
  • if you’re coming into the store and they’re about to close, someone better be dying and require whatever you’re buying to live.
  • keep ya fucking receipt ya drongo. if you’re shitty at keeping receipts/the person you’re giving the present to is shitty at keeping receipts, take a photo of the receipt because a lot of stores accept that as proof of purchase these days. 
I’ll Cheer You Up Forever (Steve Rogers x reader)

requested by @pandarosita : Can I request some fluffy af Steve???? I’m desperate with today smdh [~1100 words]

warings: language (as always, it feels like), mentions of blood, fluff

A/N: after the amazing (notice the sarcasm) results of the election, I feel like everyone needs some fluffy Steve to comfort them. also, I have never written Steve and I hope it turned out alright. fun fact: the thing with the bleeding knee was inspired by one of my shitty mornigs.

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Today was definitely not your day.

Immediately after waking up, you had known that something (or rather everything, as it turned out) would go wrong.

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So I went to sleep and woke up this morning feeling a lot less angry over the Not Today situation. I still think what they did to Jin was unfair, embarrassingly so, and that he deserved better than that. Without a doubt (Whatever you think about the mv, only 1 second of individ screen time for a member of the group is just unacceptable in any MV). But I needed a bit of distance. Because this is a k-pop band. Even if I love them, it’s not something to get that upset over. (I also had a real shitty day yesterday–someone keeps stealing my food.)

But I think the outrage was probably big enough that BigHit would have heard it, and well there’s not a lot that we can do anyway. Just hope that he will have fair share in the future and try to love on him as best we can. I don’t want Jin to feel guilty or uncomfortable for all this, I’m sure he has his own feelings and thoughts about it and we can’t know what happened behind the scenes. A win for BTS is a win for Jin, at the end of the day. 

Rather than let this divide the fandom, I hope that it’s a reminder to love our dorky, pun-wielding foodie sweetheart hyung Jin and show him as much love as you can, so he can hear about our support for him, rather than our fights with bighit or ourselves (or other fandoms). 

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Life is not that easy...

Hey guys!
I’ve been quite away lately. Lots of unread messages/chats… I know. And I am sorry.
A lot of crazy things happened last couple of weeks.

To begin with, someone very close and dear to me had a heart attack. And I’m kinda living at the hospital to take care of her. So you can imagine… my last few days were not very easy.
And besides that, I had some other problematic issues to deal with, like breaking up with my bf, etc. I’m not going into details, I just want to briefly share what’s going on.

And now, let me share the current status of my webcomic project, The Red King, because this is an art blog and not Heylenne’s personal journal:
☆ Weeks ago I said I would start posting pages late november. And It doesn’t matter how shitty my days become, I will not postpone the webcomic date. ☆

Even though it’s not the priority at this moment, I need to get hold of myself and learn to deal with personal problems and work at the same time. Of course I’ll be dedicating even less time to its production, SO… instead of the first 15 pages I planned for the next week, I’ll be posting only 3~4 pages of intro and the following week I’ll post 2 more and so on.
I know I’ve been delaying this comic project for a long time… (more than 1 year I guess?) And I also know you must be very tired of the constant teasing images without seeing the real thing. -_- I’m sorry for that as well.

As I said, I have to work, manage my crazy and busy routine and finally take some free time to draw and work on TRK. Please, keep in mind that I’m doing this webcomic for free, only for the sake of sharing something with you all.
I hope I didn’t disappoint you too much with the long waiting. 💔

Thank you for bearing with me until now. Your support is like magic to me, it’s what gives me strength to keep on.

Thank you with all my heart and soul. 💙

Headcanon 15

Okay… So I dunno if this technically counts as Headcanon, but whatever. I don’t care at this point.

So like the idea that Yang as shit eyesight and like wears contacts. But like she has glasses just in case she needs them but like they are those big bulky indestructo-frames that kinda look like the “hipster” glasses. But they are like that because she’s a huntress.

Well like one day, she runs out of contacts because there was a shipping error or somethin’. So she grumbles about it but eventually puts the glasses on. And like the others like react in their own way.

Ruby is totally neutral to it because like, Yang has had shitty eyesight since she was little so she’s like “oh.. Run out or something?”

Weiss is kinda confused, wondering how she never noticed Yang had shit eyesight. Like you think she would’ve noticed like contact cases in the bathroom or something.

And because I’m total trash for BumbleBY, Blake thinks she looks hella cute and is like grabbing Yang by the face. “Why don’t you wear them more often!?”

And another thing to add for sake of Yang looking adorkable… She has freckles. And like she normally covers it up with make up because she thinks they make her look like she five years old and hates that. But again, BumbleBY trash so Blake reacts about the same.

I dunno… Just some thoughts…

i asked @audiaphilios for an idea, so she said check please birds headcanons.

okay (this is mostly based on birds I owned)

Jack is a cockatiel because they’re beautiful, and streamlined, and affectionate, and can be pretty independent too. He chirps once in a while.

Bitty is a budgie because they’re small, social,  and spend the day telling you about their day. Constant chatter. Based on my gay budgie. (my male budgie spent his formative years having a crush on my male cockatiel, and following him, trying to groom him and be groomed in return.)

Ransom and Holster are lovebirds, because in French they’re called Insérapables.

Shitty is a huge cockatoo because those things are LOUD

Lardo is a parrotlet, those things are tiny and FIERCE, they fight leopards in the jungle, yo. (I had a female parrotlet who flew freely all around the house, the kitchen was her domain and no one could enter without shoes otherwise she’d bite our toes off.)

I don’t know what kind of birds the frogs are, but you can assume they’re all eating off the same bowl at the bottow of the cage.

I got teeth for days.

Today I had my 2nd root canal in one week.

Turns out, in addition to being a complete jerk-faced asshole, my childhood dentist was also pretty shitty at his job. 

He neglected to tell me that a dental instrument broke off in my tooth about 15 years ago, despite being legally obligated to. 

And then instead of stopping the root canal like he was supposed to when you break something inside of someone’s face (because there’s almost no chance it wont get reinfected), he kept going, and ruptured the root, and ended up piercing my jaw bone with the crap shit he used to fill the root which he shouldn’t have used.

And thanks to him, I have a terrible fear of dentists and have put off dealing with a clearly infected tooth for an unreasonably long time.

Anyhow, lots of smoothies and soup in my near future. And beer. Grumpy beer.

I really just want to fall asleep with you. Not next to you. With you. I want to cuddle with you and I want to kiss every single bit of your face. I just really want to fall asleep with you beside me, and I want to just know that you’re safe and comfortable and warm and happy. I really just want to protect you and ugh. I want to just feel you, and I want to show you how much I love your smile, your eyes, everything. you. I want you. I want to feel your body (in the least sexual way possible) because it’s you, and I love you. and I just want to hear you speak and laugh and be happy all the time. I want you to be able to wake me up in the middle of the night to talk about a shitty dream you had. Or even if you want to talk about absolutely nothing important. I want to be the person you can rant to at the end of the day, and I want to be the person who lays in bed with you all day if you’re depressed or sick. I want to be the person you wake up next to. I want it to be me. and I want you to be the person I wake up next to. I want you. Everything that comes with you. I love you quite a lot. and you deserve every single bit of happiness I can give you.
—  Him. (5:10AM)