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Nothing To Lose- or, In Which Jack and Ryan Are Fucked

you guys asked, and so here it is! this is a sort of prologue to the other thing i wrote for @samijen‘s au. i hope you enjoy this as much as the last one! i had a lot of fun with this one too, mostly because jack and rye’s dynamic is Good. its a lil shorter but again, prologue. shrug. ill tag this and future fics for this with #ntl

We see the muted greens and blues of the forest at night. For a few long moments, we hear nothing, but the air is tense and the silence speaks of an unseen danger. Suddenly footsteps, rushing and pounding on the soft earth, and we see the blur of boots and then nothing, then another blur, then nothing. We begin to hear panting, desperate and frenzied, and we start to hear what the strangers are running from- low, gurgling moans, hisses and clanking bones.

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thank you guys so much for the kind words, it really does mean a lot and it’s sad to say that I let words like that even from asks/youtube comments get to me sometimes way too easily. I said to Brad from the start that I never needed him to make a video with me or any of the sorts because I didn’t want to seem like I am leeching off of him, but he did it because he wanted it to and he also admitted that when he plays with me he has a lot of fun.

I still feel bad from time to time because it seems from his videos with me and the videos he does with others mine seem to get a lot less negative responses- I guess it just makes me feel horrendous and not even because it’s negative towards me- it’s more that I was ruining Brad’s content. I’ve even gotten to the point where I said to Brad that it was probably for the best he wouldn’t make videos with me anymore but he said that was nonsense- The first 3 videos he’s made with me in it have all reached over 1mil views, which is quite amazing even to me.

I would never use Brad, I like him a lot. He does what he wants and I guess those words just hurt more because I am incredibly loyal. I want to make a ‘those are the perks of being a Leo lmao’ but like, that really has nothing to do with it hahah, just thought it suited it in a sense.

Thank you so much, though. 

so like. i just wanna clear one thing up

cause i keep getting asks about it

yes. i have a boyfriend. no, i’m not going to give “juicy details”.

i would very much appreciate if people would let me choose which parts of my personal life i am willing to expose to the public. i dont know why this sort of thing is something that everyone has to know about.

the most i will say, because i’m getting a little tired of people making their own unfair and frankly slanderous assumptions about my situation, is

my boyfriend i are in a polyamorous relationship. and we’re still trying to find someone to fill our relationship circle.

now please, PLEASE stop asking me about it. i make a very very strong (and wise) effort not to share too much of my personal life online, and i really hope you guys can respect this. i will not say anything more.

thank you.


Jurassic World, Owen Grady x Reader  smutty, in a romance novel sort of way, reader can’t comprehend Owen Grady being interested

Rated R, adult language and sexual situations

Word Count: 3427 (it’s a looooooong one, heh)

I’m the only one to blame for this idea.  It’s probably terrible and I ask that if you do think it sucks you don’t bad-mouth me too harshly.  It’s been quite a long time since I’ve written any sort of sex, so I’m just getting back into the swing of things. This will probably be the worst thing ever!

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Steven stone with a smol s/o?

Steven Stone, the tol husbando.

-While he doesn’t usually mean it, he enjoys patting you on the head and talking to you like you were a baby. He does it to poke fun in a joking manner, and never in a hostile way. He also doesn’t do it in public, because that would be embarrassing for both of you.

-Photo shoots with him are awkward, since the camera tends to focus on him, specifically his face. Since you two started dating, he’s asked anyone taking pictures of him to include you too. This leads to the dreaded vertical phone camera, because your height difference is, frankly, astounding.

-He’s sometimes paranoid that people will think you’re his child or something, so he makes sure you have some sort of identification of your age. He’s always been an anxious and scared guy, so to him this is just a precaution.

~Mod Sun

Les Mis Hogwarts AU because I love Hogwarts Aus. Who doesn’t love Hogwarts AUs?
This took me forever because I’ve been cowardly postponing the time of coloring the ties. It’s so difficult to sort these guys into houses! I’ve had doubts with everyone (except maybe Bossuet and Ferre?)
But hey, it’s completely okay if you have different HP headcanons! These are just mine, and they’re not even unchangeable. So if you want to know my reasons for, idk, Huffle Marius, you can always ask and I’ll gladly answer. And maybe, if you are interested in more things about this AU (like, what’s Joly favorite subject, or who is the DADA teacher) just say it and I’ll tell you more silly Hogwarts headcanons of mine.

(Don’t touch that cat, Bossuet! I’m sure you’re allergic!)

P.S: I’ve shamelessly copied the idea of Jehan with a carnivorous plant from another HP AU drawing I’m not able to find anymore? Because I can totally see him as a Herbology nerd

P.P.S: I still have the feeling that Slytherin R is going to be polemic. But I’ve actually seen him sorted into the four houses, so that’s a proof he’s pretty difficult to classify, I think. Congratulations on creating complex characters, monsieur Hugo.

So, maniacani asked me for AbeMiha for this OTP meme!

Though initially I only reblog that for the tags I added, I actually kinda curious to fill this meme with AbeMiha… and I think to make a mini strips for each question will be interesting!

I can’t fulfill all right now, because there’re here and there about works and life sobs but here’s sort of ‘intro’ of the series!

Annnd— in addition—

As thank you for 900++ follows (REALLY, THANKS GUYS ;A;) and maybe Val’s day too, I sort of open for more questions about this meme till 14th February.

So if you want to, you can add questions for the theme of the comic, as long as it’s around domestic!AU theme :) Just send your question to me in ask box! X-)

I can’t promise to get it all done in February, since 19th is Chinese New Year (and I’ll be sooo busy celebrating lol) and I have to go for some event in 21-24th, but I will try to finish it all little by little :))

Please look forward to it! :>

I feel terrible for Jessica from Rick and Morty
  • At the beginning of the very first episode, a drunk, dangerous scientist plans on forcing her into a sexual relationship with his grandson by wiping out the rest of the human race. We haven’t even met her yet and already she’s targeted. 
  • In Rick Potion No. 9, Morty’s feelings of entitlement towards her actually lead to the destruction of the human race. She is already in a committed relationship with another boy, but Morty feels like he deserves her more because he’s “a nice guy,” and asks his scientist grandpa to help him DRUG HER into loving him. If you’ve seen the show, you know what happens. Rick at least calls Morty out on how gross the whole thing is, but by then its too late to reverse any sort of damage. 
  • Some of her “appearances” are not even actually her: it’s one of Morty’s perverted dreams or his acid trip. It’s not her as a person, it’s her sexualized image. 
  • Some people in the fandom are convinced she’s a bitch, as all popular girls in the media are usually written to be, but she’s never been shown as being anything less than a sweet, decent person. You can actually understand why she’s popular. She always greets Morty by name and is friendly to him. Is her “flaw” not being romantically interested in him as he is in her? Shut the fuck up. You’re gross. 
  • So far her character has not been developed any further than being a typical “hot girl” and Morty’s object of desire. In Ricksy Business, it’s vaguely suggested that she might have an interest in science, because of how impressed she is by what Morty’s shows her in Rick’s lab, but that’s it. Is she good at science at school? Does she read science fiction novels or watch shows like Doctor Who for fun and dream of sci-fi adventures? What does she enjoy? We don’t know, because the show gives us nothing. Also, she’s upset because her boyfriend’s a jerk with a bad temper, but it’s not explained why she stays with him. Is he abusive to her? Is she scared to break up with him? Does she have low self-esteem and feel like her relationship with school sports star Brad gives her some status? Again, the show gives us nothing. 
  • In conclusion, Jessica is a much-abused character and she needs protection. 

New Friends and Old - part three

Ophelia and Lilith quickly discovered that they had a lot in common.

“Wow, so you married your high school boyfriend too?” asked Lilith. “What are the odds?”

“Well, we took a little time off for a year in university,” said Ophelia. “So it wasn’t straight from that to marriage.” And then there’s that other guy too. She wasn’t sure when she should introduce that into the conversation. Lilith seemed like the sort of person that would take it in stride but Ophelia was still hesitant to bring it up too soon or at the wrong moment.

“Oh, we did too. For longer than that, actually.” Lilith admitted. “I dated some other people. I had one other long-term relationship, and this one sort of casual thing in university.”

“Casual thing? That sounds interesting…”

“Yeah, ‘friends with benefits’.” She laughed. “He was a lot of fun. But then I met that other guy–he was a musician–and it started getting pretty serious, so we ended that. Listen to me! Spilling my guts. I’m not usually like this, I swear. It’s weird… I feel like I’ve known you forever.” She took a sip of her coffee. “So how about you? Any wild flings on your year off?”

Ophelia smiled. “No, not really. I dated a bit. Nothing too wild.” That came later, when we got back together. “Yeah, I dated some other people, but nothing really serious. Nothing long term.” She thought back on that time, all on her own. The three of them had gone to separate campuses that year. Truth be told, she’d felt a little lost without them. But it had been good to do that, to have that time to herself. To explore her options.

“Oh, I love this song,” said Lilith, as the music changed.

“So do I,” said Ophelia. “It’s one of my favourite bands.”



he was sweet, just turned eighteen.

Good guy Danny Zuko - or Danny Tvuko, to be precise (with the dress run-through hairstyle because I am headcanoning that as canon Q_Q). Scribbled a cartoony sketch on packing break and decided to finish it up digitally with a sort of Disney Little Golden Book look. This isn’t actually directly ref’d off any of the rehearsal photos, I had a bunch of the dance shots open - but you can tell I gravitated toward a fave for his face. Love them all, though, we’ve watched the dance about fifty times and if only they’d stuck with the run-through hair we might have accepted all other ills with equanimity rather than this Grease: Live review I’m still slowly working on filling up with unequal parts praise and rage.

He was always asking you to do him a big favor. You take a very handsome guy, or a guy that thinks he’s a real hot-shot, and they’re always asking you to do them a big favor. Just because they’re crazy about themself, they think you’re crazy about them, too, and that you’re just dying to do them a favor. It’s sort of funny, in a way
—  The Catcher in the Rye

anonymous asked:

what do you hate about it? sorry I've never seen it/heard of it

no it’s okay so it’s this commercial for chocolate where they made a cgi audrey hepburn which is shockingly realistic but it makes me really uncomfortable and i can’t really explain why

i thought it was kind of slimy to bring a dead actress back to life to sell chocolate but i guess her family said it was great so i guess that’s cool

but just on a personal level it’s just…painful? it would be like in 80 years when cumberbatch is dead they make a…i dunno a jaguar advertisement where a young benedict is driving. how fucking excruciating would that be to see. pretty damn awful, i’d say

sorry this is not a well thought out argument or anything ugh


So I get a lot of asks about art techniques and what not, and I’ve been asked a bunch about doing tutorials too. 

Soooooo I might give that a go? Since that way it would be like answering a bunch of art asks in one fell swoop which sounds awesome because I am all about sharing what I know to people who are curious.

Although, I have no idea where to even start XD. Still, if I hypothetically were to eventually do a tutorial on a thing what sort of thing would you guys like to see?

Put’cher votes in now =U

Reply or send me a note or whatnot if you’re interested in a particular thing =D

The argument “if lesbians can control themselves around girls wearing short skirts, the skirt is not the problem” doesn’t work–for the exact reason it was created. Because, you see, guys who blame girls for wearing short skirts or say that short skirts are “asking for it” are the same guys who believe that their dick can make a lesbian straight. In their minds, women are falling over themselves, and they’re some sort of sex god, and no mere woman could be that powerful or important.
Basically, in those cases, rape has nothing to do with the girl and everything to do with their ego, which is how they can write a rape off as only “20 minutes of action”. They don’t recognize that women are, too, human beings, with souls, feelings, hopes, dreams, and goals–women are toys, which can be used and discarded at will.
Betcha they don’t believe the patriarchy exists, either. 

I had an amazing time at the DMV today (if you don’t count having to sit there and wait for literally 3 hours.)

I walked up to the counter to do the drivers license swap from Indiana to Oklahoma, and the guy started filling stuff out and sort of chatting with me the way clerks do. 

We get down to the “personal information” section and we do hair color, eye color, height, weight, and he asks “glasses?” to which I say “nope” (which is technically untrue, because I have readers I’m supposed to wear, but only for closeup stuff, which driving isn’t), and then he continues “Reasonably healthy otherwise? no conditions? you’re too young for hearing problems-”

and of course that’s where I cut him off and say “Actually, double hearing aids.”

He sort of squints at me for a second and then sighs and says “well, we’re going to need a doctor’s note to make sure that you’re OK to drive,” (which, I, of course, don’t have, because this whole thing is still new)

but then I have a genius moment, and say “well, I mean, we’ve literally been having a conversation for the past 10 minutes, and you didn’t think I was hard of hearing,” 

AND AMAZINGLY, he pauses, sort of squints at me again and goes, “Y’know what? Good enough for me.” and clicks in the “approval to drive” box. 

So now I have a OK drivers license with a swanky “hearing aid” symbol next to my organ donor endorsement, and a new appreciation for the state employee who used their brain instead of their regulations for me thismorning. 

The Summer Fandom Raffle Exchange - FiKi / Mitchers /AiDean, etc. style

Hey!  We’re thinking about a fun way to exchange crafts and fanworks in a summer raffle and we’d like to know what you think!

This whole thing started because Linane has too much yarn and needs an intervention, but since then it kinda grew…

The question is simple - Would you guys be interested in a sort of ‘fandom for fandom’ raffle organised as follows:

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(Just to keep you guys informed as well, I’ve just cleared out my ask inbox, as I’ve had waaay too many backed up messages of various sorts, and I should probably try to be more organized in that department. :)

Tumblr’s never been on my list of ‘priorities’ before several months ago, because of Five Nights, and even now I’m still not used to having to check here for mesages now as well. But, I’m trying to work on that, so what better way than to start fresh? I greatly appreciate any/all messages I’ve recieved before as well, folks! It means a lot! <3)