because you deserve to smile

lance sounding defeated: wait….. you’re the most popular character?


Anders + Looking at Hawke


jiyong is so lovely and precious in every way

  • Kasanoda: Hey you! The one who's reading this. We want you to do something for us.
  • Mori: Smile.
  • Kyoya: Smile because you're beautiful.
  • Honey: Because you're amazing.
  • Kaoru: Because you're unique.
  • Hikaru: Smile because you can.
  • Haruhi: Because tomorrow is a new day.
  • Tamaki: Because no matter what you think, someone loves you.
  • ALL: Smile because you deserve to.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @acnologically :D I hope you have an amazing day and like your little Acno present!

The Little Things

Characters: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Fluff and Feels, no dialogue

Word Count: 803

A/N: I saw a gif set the other day that show all the little ways that Dean says and shows that he loves those around him. It inspired this. It’s so Dean and I’m so in love with this little quick piece. Hope you love it as much as I do. 

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richiietozierr  asked:

yo babe Idk if u want to write anything but if u do itd be super great if you could write a fic where eddie gets his heart broken by a boy for the first time and richie sneaks into his room to comfort him

Ahhhh i tried i hope its ok!!! 

Hold Me- Richie Tozier x Eddie Kaspbrak -1.1k words

Richie Tozier had been in love with Eddie Kaspbrak for just over a year now. What started off as a banter-filled friendship, became sweaty palms and butterflies in Richie’s stomach every time he spoke to Eddie. The rest of the Losers Club saw Richie’s feelings as an open book and teased him all the time for his massive crush on Eddie, but somehow, Eddie was completely oblivious to it. In fact, Eddie had been dating Mark, a senior at their school for just over 6 months now. Mark fitted in well with the Losers and he seemed to make Eddie really happy, which made the butterflies in Richie’s stomach so much more violent, because Richie knew he was inexplicably in love with a boy who would never love him back.


The summer holidays had just begun, and although the sun was shining and the water in the lake was warm, Eddie Kaspbrak hadn’t come outside to hang with the Losers in weeks. Nobody seemed to question it, which was making Richie furious. He always felt empty when Eddie wasn’t around, Eddie was his person; Bill had Stan, Bev had Ben and Mike had a special bond with all of them. But he and Eddie always shared something that the other Losers didn’t; Eddie was the person he could rely on, the person that would never leave him or tell him to stop talking. Falling in love with him was so easy.

“Where the fuck is Eddie?” Richie finally snapped at the Losers. “He hasn’t been here in weeks, and no one knows where… no one gives a shit about where he is.”

The Losers looked taken aback, they turned awkwardly to face one another, as they realised that Richie was the only one Eddie didn’t tell about what happened.

“We thought you knew.” Beverly muttered quietly.

“Knew what?”

“Mark broke up with Eddie, Richie, I think it was a pretty bad breakup, Eddie wouldn’t tell us much, but he looked pretty shaken up,” Mike said.

Richie looked sheepishly down at the ground, trying to hide his hurt. The thought of Eddie not telling him something as important as this made Richie question everything. Maybe Eddie didn’t trust him at all. Maybe Eddie didn’t ever want him.

“I gotta go,” Richie said, quickly kicking up his bike stand and pedalling away from the Losers without so much as an explanation.


That night, Richie snuck out of his house, not even bothering to be quiet as his mother had been passed out drunk for hours. He nabbed one of her cigarettes and pedalled towards the Kaspbrak household. Although he never did feel welcome there, it was the only place he ever wanted to be, he felt closer to Eddie when he was in his house. Just sitting in Eddie’s room made Richie so happy; he would always make fun of Eddie’s dinosaur figurines and his lame posters but secretly he thought that they were super cute, he thought they were even cuter when Eddie would blush whenever he would point them out.

Richie lent against the oak tree outside Eddie’s house. The light was on in Eddie’s room, so he knew he was awake. Richie smiled at the thought of Eddie curled up in his bed, looking smaller than ever, being absolutely enthralled in whatever he was reading. Eddie would always tell Richie the plot of every book he read, and even though Richie would tease and act uninterested, he secretly loved hearing every single one of Eddie’s recommendations, and although he would never admit this, Richie had borrowed and read every single one of Eddie’s recommendations.  

Richie picked up a small pebble and threw it up to Eddie’s window. He had done this countless of times before, always sneaking in to Eddie’s room when he was feeling low or his mother had had too much to drink, but this time felt different, he felt he wasn’t welcome. Richie sighed as the pebble bounced of the window sill and fell to the ground, and turned around to leave. Eddie’s figure suddenly appeared at the window and he creaked open the window and beckoned Richie to come. Richie felt relieved as he climbed up the drain pipe, something he had become an expert in over the past 6 years.

“Hey Eds,” he smiled as he appeared at the window and crawled inside. “Long time, no see,” he cheekily said, playing off the fact that he knew it had been exactly 23 days and 5 hours since he had last seen Eddie.

Eddie rolled his eyes feeling comforted by the first degree of normalcy he had had in weeks.

“You okay Eds?” Richie asked. “I heard about you and Mark and I was a bit sad you didn’t tell me but… anyways I want you to be okay, do you want to talk about it?” Richie tentatively lent on Eddie’s shoulder, he wasn’t sure if he should, but he really wanted to be close to him right now.

“I didn’t tell you because… I knew you’d probably go and fight him or something,” Eddie cracked a smile, which Richie knew was fake because his dimples didn’t show, as they did when Eddie was genuinely happy.

Eddie sighed. “Things were going so well Richie, he told me he loved me, I’ve never felt love like that before…” Richie’s face fell.

“…Romantic love like that,” Eddie continued. “It was like everything was always going to be okay because he was there you know…I don’t know Richie you wouldn’t understand if you’d never been in love before.”

Richie understood all too well as the boy who made him feel all those things was looking right at him.

“I just miss being held,” Eddie said. “I miss the feeling of someone holding me tight and the world didn’t feel so messed up anymore.”

Richie smiled and nodded at the boy who made him feel that the world wasn’t so messed up anymore.

“C-Can you hold me Rich, you can stay here tonight.”

Richie twitched, the thought of being that close to Eddie made his heart flutter, it’s not that he hadn’t ever cuddled Eddie before, they used to all the time as kids, when it was winter and Eddie’s mom refused to turn on the heating in case it triggered Eddie’s asthma.

“Of course, Eds.” Richie lay down next to Eddie and wrapped his arms around him. Richie would have given anything in the world to kiss the small, sleepy, Eddie next to him, but he knew it wasn’t right.

“Everything is gonna be all right Eds.” Richie mumbled. “You’re gonna find someone who thinks the sun shines out of your ass and the flowers grow just for you because that’s what you bloody deserve, damn it.”

Eddie smiled. “Love you Rich.”

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To who it may concern

Hey. I hope you have a nice day. I don’t care who you are; if we’ve argued or if we’ve never met; if you hate me or if you like me; if you agree with my opinions or you don’t; if you are having a bad day or if you’re sad; I hope your day gets better. Because you deserve to smile.


This is what happens when Sam leaves Dean and Lucifer alone together. (instant karma for your impertinence, Dean Winchester.) 

{{and we all know Sam’s the one who programmed Luci’s phone… 😈}}

for my darling sinners @whatisitlikeinyourfunnylilbrains and @charlie-bradcherry because you both deserve to smile a little (a lot) more. <3 

Just a message to remind you to keep smiling

Because you deserve to feel happy

But you don’t always have to stay strong

It’s okay not to be okay

Because we’re only human

And sometimes you need to let yourself feel it

I hope you have a wonderful day

run away with me

Synopsis: You meet Taeyong at his birthday party, a rich, high class birthday party that you were just catering for. You weren’t supposed to go any further than that and yet, somehow, you spend an entire year together.
Member: Taeyong/Reader
Word Count: 13,572
Notes: a second installment/companion to this fic, a little before mr bodyguard Johnny came along. somehow it got stupidly long… fucking, but i hope yall enjoy;;;;

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY @frostbitebakery <333 Here’s a birthday fic for the Steve x Bucky coffee shop meet cute prompt. Hope you enjoy it!

Also based on Seb’s look here

Steve doesn’t need to check his phone to know he’s late, probably even later than he thinks, and he’s decaffeinated, trying to outrun an apocalyptic black cloud that’s hot on his heels and threatening storms.

Rain isn’t the only thing breathing down his neck today either. It’s Tuesday morning, which means his Tuesday morning deadline has tiptoed past the point of pressing and has bolted headlong into the realms of urgency.

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Fight For It

This is my entry for @avasmommy224‘s Birthday Challenge!  My prompt was #19 “Nothing that’s worthwhile is ever easy, remember that.”

Summary: Sam gives you a pep talk and you decide to fight for what you want, soon realizing that you didn’t actually need to fight for it after all.

warnings: Dean x Reader sexy times, oral (male receiving), intercourse, beginning a bit angsty, best friend!Sam

word count: ~2800

You had tears in your eyes as Sam rubbed your arm, trying to give you whatever comfort he could.  As your best friend, he was the only one who knew about all of your inner demons, all the thoughts that rolled around your head about life, hunting, the loss of your family, and most recently, your realization that you were in love with Dean Winchester.

It was all just too overwhelming, and you had finally cracked.

So here you were, curled up in Sam’s bed in his room, as he was the ever-incredible friend, consoling you and being a warm body to snuggle with.

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You Deserve to be Saved

Synopsis:  Destiel Coda for 12.14.  In which Cas takes issue with Dean perpetually rolling over for his parents and serving as the family’s emotional giving tree. 

“So you and your mother reconciled,” Cas reiterates, having just been brought up to speed on the latest Winchester drama.  

Dean shrugs, not looking up from the firearm he’s currently dismantling on his bedside table.  “Yeah, Cas, I guess we did.”

“And you…apologized,” Cas concludes.  “To her.”

Dean looks up, a little surprised by how taken aback the affirmation sounds.  “Well, yeah,” he huffs.  “I mean, I was wrong, wasn’t I?  Mary…Mom, she’s her own woman, and I’m my own man.  We’re all adults here.”  Dean pauses, metal clinking in his hands.  “I should be able to get by without someone to…to kiss me on the head every night, or, or make me lunch or whatever.” 

Cas observes him quietly, noting the way his head ducks slightly, almost subconsciously, as though he’s ashamed by the admission.  

“I’d be happy to kiss your head every night, Dean,”  Cas offers.  “And though I’m not certain my culinary skills are up to par, I’d be honored to prepare you lunch every day as well.” 

Dean looks up again, brow furrowed, as though trying to determine whether Cas is serious.  After a few seconds, he manages a scoff.  “Come on, man, I just told you:  I don’t need all that junk.  I’m an adult, and I should be able to act like one.”  

With that, Dean hopes the matter will be resolved and Cas will let the subject drop.  Needless to say, he’s not so lucky.

“It’s not childish to crave love, Dean.”

This time, Dean pauses, dismantled pieces stilling in his hands.  He doesn’t look up – just stares comprehensively at the gun in front of him.  Reduced to the sum of its parts, it’s useless.  An ineffective weapon, just like him.

Nevertheless, Cas continues to pull him apart.  “Lunches and head kisses…they are a means to an end,” he says.  “What you really wish for, Dean, is someone to care for you.  To hold your needs as equal to theirs, and to treat you with tenderness and affection.”

Dean blinks damp eyes, wishing above all else that Cas would just stop.  “Cas-”   

“You deserve that, Dean,” Cas concludes.  The statement is almost ponderous, as though it’s a philosophical principle.  “You deserve to be loved.”

These words are the final straw, and Dean is the proverbial camel.  He breaks: he hates crying in front of people, even Cas, but he does, heaving quiet, shuddery sobs, pieces of his useless gun still cradled in his fingers like a broken toy.

He feels like a child, but he can’t stop.  Next thing he knows, Cas’s arms are around him, warm and strong and reassuring.

“I can’t…” he tries to say, gesturing futilely to his unfinished sidearm.  “I gotta…I gotta finish this.”

“It’s alright, Dean,” Cas assures him.  “Just leave it for now.  You’re more important than any gun.” 

Dean cries harder.  He feels like an idiot, but he can’t help but curl into the warm firmness of Castiel’s chest, letting him hold him tight like he did all those years ago. 

They stay like that for what seems like an infinitely long time, Cas resting his chin on the top of Dean’s head and murmuring soothing words in his deep, gravelly voice that make Dean feel as though his muscles are turning to jello.  He knows he should loath to be this vulnerable around anyone, but some part of him – a very large part – loves it.  Needs it, even, at his very core. 

“Now,” Cas grumbles, once Dean has calmed down somewhat.  “About Mary.”

“Cas, you know I-”  Dean starts to protest, but Cas silences him.

“I know how it feels to serve as the perpetual punching bag for those around me, and I know how easily it can wear one down.  Even the likes of the great Dean Winchester,” he adds wryly.  “So please, Dean, for my sake if not for yours, know that you don’t have to accept anything other than the best treatment and the utmost respect.  You deserve that, Dean.” 

Dean looks up, a tad desperately.  “Cas, look, I get what you’re sayin’ here, and I appreciate it.  But Mary…” He searches for a way to articulate his feelings.  “…She’s my mom.”

“And she’s my friend and charge to protect,” Cas affirms.  “As well as one of the finest warriors I’ve ever known.  This does not mean you have to accept her dishonesty, her manipulation, or the manner in which she’s treated you.  She’s an adult, and it’s well in her rights to make her own decisions – that does not mean you have to passively allow her to hurt you, even inadvertently.”

“She’s not, Cas.  She’s just-”  Dean starts to say, but Cas gives him that irksome, knowing look, and he falls silent, eyelids fluttering.  “Fine.  Then what should I say to her?  Tell her to kiss my ass?  Go screw?”

“No,” Cas refutes patiently.  “Merely inform her that she’s hurt you, specifically what she’s done to hurt you, and then don’t apologize afterwards.”

Dean blinks, attempting briefly to think up some snarky retort, but he falls flat. It sounds so simple, the way he says it.  

“Can you do that for me, Dean?” Cas prompts, looking at him with such gentle adoration Dean almost wants to break something. 

Instead, he just nods, swallowing wetly.  “Yeah, Cas.  I can do that.” 

The two of them just sit there for a moment or two, looking wordlessly into one another’s eyes.  It’s a kind of intimacy Dean’s never had with anyone else in his life.  No one but Cas.

After a moment, he manages a chuckle.  “You know, it’s funny:  all these years, Cas, and you’re still pullin’ me out of hell.  I don’t know how you do it.”

Cas smiles softly at him.  “It’s because you deserve to be saved, Dean,” he murmurs.  “You always have.” 

anonymous asked:

Hello! Can you please write a imagine with Raphael Santiago from Shadowhunters with the February prompt 37, 90 and 100. Can you make a Raphael x female reader? Thank you :-)

Raphael Santiago - “You can tell me anything”

“Did you enjoy it?” Raphael raised his eyebrows and folded his hands under his chin. He stared at your almost empty plate and already gestured the waitress to bring you the menu again so you could order dessert.

“Raphael…” You licked your lips and took a deep breath. “You don’t have to spoil me rotten each and every day of the week.” You smiled and placed your hand on your filled stomach. “But I did enjoy it, yes.”

“Good, because you don’t deserve anything less than the absolute best.” Raphael smiled back at you and once again you were surprised that his teeth were so incredibly white.

You had asked him more than once to turn you into a vampire, to make you like him.

So far he had always said no, telling you that this life was not something he wanted you to take lightly. Since that day he had been taking you to the most expensive restaurants as if he had been trying to show you what you would miss. “I’ve seen they have creme brulee on the menu.” He locked his glance with yours.

You paused for a moment before you swallowed. “Raphael, I think we need to talk about something.” You bent your head and placed your napkin on your plate. You didn’t need dessert. You didn’t even want the creme brulee.

“Of course, you can tell me anything.” Raphael leaned back in his chair. His ankle was resting on his knee and he seemed to make himself comfortable.

“I know that you are taking me to the best restaurants in the world to convince me that I would give up way too many things when I become a vampire and I know that you only tell me the horror stories and the downsides of being what you are, but…” You paused for a moment. “I’m afraid it’s not working.”

Raphael frowned his eyebrows and he placed both his feet on the floor again while he leaned towards you. “What do you mean it’s not working?”

“I think something else is happening.” You took a deep breath and hesitated for a moment. You knew there was no way back anymore. You had said a and now you would have to say b too.

“What is happening?” Raphael cocked his head.

“I think…” You paused for a moment. “I think I love you.” You didn’t dare to look up at Raphael, didn’t want to meet his eyes. “I know that we were supposed to be just friends. I know that you would simply take care of me until I had found another place to stay, but…” You eventually looked up and saw the surprise, almost shock on his face. “I love you. And you’ve only given me another reason to want to become a vampire. I want to be with you forever.”

Raphael didn’t say anything. He just stared at you. He stared at you and he seemed incapable of finding the right words.

“Can you please say something?” You bit your lip. “Anything?”

Raphael stood up from his seat instead. He walked towards you and kneeled down in front of you. His delicate fingers brushed a strand of hair behind your ear. “No, I wouldn’t know what to say, but…” He pressed his forehead to yours. “Can I kiss you?”

“That depends…” You felt your heart racing in your chest and knew all too well that he could hear it. “Are you planning on turning me into a vampire?”

“No…” Raphael shook his head. “But I am going to make your human life extraordinary beautiful.”

You took a deep breath, but eventually you nodded and you curled your hand around his neck, closing the distance between your faces. “Okay…”