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Shatter Your Rose Tinted Glasses - A Hex?!?

I have an older brother, and as much as I love him, frankly, he’s an idiot. He has a fiancee, and I love the fact that my brother is so happy. However, I hate his fiancee. She’s two-faced, a narcissist, and uses him for his money. Like I’ve seen his bills. He takes her shopping and out to restaurants, and spends some serious money on her, money he can’t afford. Yet they don’t see each other even once a week because she’s “super busy with school” and I understand, I’m a college student myself, but whenever he asks her for help, she’s “too busy” to help him. Everytime she comes over, she acts like a guest rather than a fiancee. She doesn’t help clean any mess she’s made, she doesn’t help anyone with anything, she just comes in and acts like she’s fucking royalty, giving her opinions where it isn’t asked, telling people what to do, and frankly trying to act like my mother or ruler than an older sister. 

Now, again, I love my brother. If he’s happy, I’m happy. But I can’t just sit by and watch as he throws his life away and marries some girl who doesn’t love him for who he is. I don’t want to break them up via magick (casting a break-up spell), I couldn’t live with the guilt. But instead, I want him to see her for who she truly is, without the rose tinted glasses.

So @frankiezaltar and I came up with a sigil (because I’m obsessed with sigils) to help with the situation. 

Step 1: Draw some glasses, could be any glasses: everyday glasses, sunglasses, any kind, but make sure the lenses are big enough to write in.

Step 2: Color the glasses pink or rose, making them “rose- tinted”

Step 3: Write the names on one lens, and the other on the second lens. For example, my brother’s name would go on the first lens, either right or left, and his fiancee’s would go on the second. 

Step 4: Tear the sigil into pieces. This is to represent the “shattering” of the glasses.

Step 5: Burn the torn up pieces, because glass is made from fire, this is to undo the love that’s been formed in his mind for her. I do this step only because I know that he’ll try to use his love to blind him from reason, and try to use it as an excuse to stay with her even after seeing who she really is deep on the inside. 

I understand if this seems more like a curse than a hex, and I definitely understand how it could make others feel uncomfortable to cast it. However, this is the best solution I could come up with. My opinions are my own, spare me of your opinions if you somehow regard this as wrong or whatever. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to message me or @frankiezaltar if she feels up to it. Have a nice day!

“Platonic” Bed-sharing: A Snowbaz Fic

In which there is much Snowbaz fluff. 

Disclaimer: All characters and locations belong to Rainbow Rowell!

“Snow. No”

“Snow yes!”

Simon Snow is a complete nitwit. Baz thought.

The two boys were at a standoff. Baz always knew that Simon was plagued with nightmares. Some nights the sound of the curly-haired angel of a boy would keep him up until faint streaks of sunlight drifted through their bedroom door. He had never gone off in his sleep though. This was certainly new.

“Please Baz! My spine is too fucking boney to sleep on the ground. Do you want me to be miserable all night?” He was pleading now, his blue eyes wide, accentuating his freckles.

He was standing there in their chamber looking like an innocent child in a too-tall body. He was hugging a spare blankets and a pillow to his chest. His lanky, skinny limbs looked even skinnier in his baggy Watford pajamas. All his scone eating hadn’t done anything to increase his weight. Must be the pressure of seventh year getting to him.

“As a matter of fact, yes I do want that.” Yes, get bruises all over your perfect back you idiot. That’s what you get for being so attractive.

“If you don’t share your bed I’ll make sure you’re miserable all night too!”

It was a measly threat to Baz. He was already miserable enough every night to have the Mage’s Heir tormenting him through his presence every day and night. He rolled his eyes and smoothed out a single wrinkle in his bedsheets.

“Don’t ignore me! It’s just for one night. I won’t even touch you, I promise.”

Baz fluffed up his pillow. He could physically feel Simon’s glares.

“Come on man! S’not my fault Watford doesn’t have any spare beds lying around!” There was an intoxicating electric tingle to the air. Simon was getting too worked up about this. “If I have to sleep on the ground because of you I will go off on your bed and we’ll both be cold and sore from sleeping on the fucking stone floor.”

That was certainly a threat Simon could get away with doing, despite the anathema. Damn him. Baz thought.

“Okay. Fucking fine!” It came out more harshly than Baz intended.

Simon took a step back, the threads of his magic retreating immediately. It was certainly frightening how closely tied Simon’s magic was to his emotions.

“Thanks. I promise. This is just for tonight. I’ll build a spare bed myself if it means I don’t have to sleep with you.”

Baz snorted. Simon. Building something. Now that would be something. He sighed in annoyance as he realized sharing a bed with Simon would make it extremely difficult to sneak of to drink tonight.

“I’m going to change into my nightclothes. Make yourself at home, Snow.” He said sarcasm dripping from his voice like water from a leaky faucet.

Simon nodded. He looked exhausted.

Baz went to change his clothes in the bathroom. He stared at his own grey eyes in the mirror. His pupils were dilated and if he had more blood in him, he would probably would look flushed. He felt a surge of nervousness and anticipation.

Sharing a bed with Simon Snow. Simon fucking Snow. How on bloody earth am I supposed to not kiss the moles on his neck if he is bloody next to me?

This would certainly be a long night.

Emerging from the bathroom, Baz saw Simon fixing up a sheet to work as a divider in the middle of their already small twin bed.

“What the fuck are you doing Snow?” Baz asked incredulously.

“I thought it’d be more comfortable if there was a like… physical barrier between us.”

“Whatever floats your boat you nitwit.”

Baz carefully folded his Watford sweater, placing it in a drawer, and hung up his trousers. Then he stood by his bed, eyeing a reclining Simon.

“I promise I won’t bite or go off on you tonight Baz. And don’t even think about doing anything to me. Anathema, remember.”

Baz rolled his eyes and climbed into bed. He laid on his side, facing away from the boy he wanted to kiss ever since they met. Simon had already turned out the light. It was just the two of them now. Lying side by side. Lit by moonlight.

This would be incredibly romantic if were an entirely different pair of boys. And both gay.  Baz thought.

He heard Simon sigh. He could feel heat radiating of him in waves. He was so hot. Baz didn’t understand why Simon even bothered to use a blanket. He was already a walking furnace. In more ways than one. Baz swallowed, bit his tongue and did his best to repress the urge to turn and kiss the living hell out of Simon.

Moments passed in silence. Simon’s breath faded into a rhythm. But it wasn’t how he sounded when he was sleeping. More like he was relaxed.

Baz was not relaxed. It felt like every atom of his undead existence was on edge. He was going to have to spend at least eight hours lying like this with the boy he loved and wanted most lying next to him. This was all a terrible mistake.

A gentle touch and a whispered “Baz!” made his entire body flinch. The hand immediately retreated and Baz immediately wished it back.

“Blimey Snow! What the fuck do you want?” He turned to look at the boy.

It was a mistake.

Simon looked ethereal. His eyes were soft and tired. His bronze hair was silver and shone under the starlight. His lips. Crowley his lips looked devourable.

Baz swore he felt his vampire heart have a seizure in his chest. He was tingling all over. This was a mistake. He should just go stalk the Watford grounds and sleep under a tree or some shit. Even a cold Autumn night spent outside would be better than this infernal torture.

“Baz. Why are we like this?”

“Like what, idiot?” Baz spat a bit.

The bead of saliva landed on Snow’s pillow. Baz wished it had landed on Simon’s face. Then he wished he hadn’t thought that.

“Why do we hate each other?”

Baz sighed in exasperation. But some force he wasn’t entirely in control of made him turn completely onto his side and face Snow full-on.

“I don’t know! Maybe my parents hate your adopted father because he stole all that was good from our family?” Baz’s words raised in volume. 

He was getting annoyed.

Annoyed that Simon looked so calm. Annoyed that they could kiss right that moment Annoyed they weren’t kissing. Annoyed that it was even a possibility in his mind. He wanted to glare at Simon. But he was so tired. And thirsty.

This was a mistake.

Simon was silent for a moment. He seemed to be studying the wall behind Baz. Then he was studying Baz’s face and time seemed to stop.

“I’ve just been thinking a lot, Baz. None of this stupid rivalry makes any sense!”

“Welcome to the real world.”

“Sure. But right now. I’m scared.” Simon’s voice was getting soft and small.

He was so small and pale and delicate in that moment. Baz felt an insuppressible need to protect him. It made his heart feel like it could burst out of his chest and fly away.

“Scared?” Baz found his voice was getting softer now too.

Why. Why? He needed more control than this. Everything that was expect from him wasn’t what he really wanted. He had to stop his feelings. But he couldn’t. He had made a terrible mistake.

“I’m scared of the Humdrum. Of losing the people I care about. Penny. The Mage. Agatha. You.”

Baz coughed in suprise. Not a sarcastic cough. A genuine “what-the-fuckity-fuck” cough.

“I’m scared of sleeping tonight because I don’t want to wake up and find that I’ve destroyed everything I love.” Simon looked almost like he was going to cry.

“Are you afraid you’ll go off again tonight?” Baz asked.

Simon nodded ashamedly. Baz didn’t really feel concerned that Simon could hurt him. He felt concerned that Simon was sad. They laid there in silence, staring at each other.

Then, then, Simon took the sheet that was separating them, cast it aside, and flung his arms around Baz. Baz was too shocked to react for a moment. He couldn’t exactly fathom how this moment was real. Slowly, he wrapped an arm back around him.

“S-simon?” He managed.

“Sorry.” He muttered into Baz’s shirt. “I think I just needed a hug.”

“You want a hug from your mortal enemy in a bed?”

Baz could feel Simon sigh in response. Then he drew back but not that far back.

“I don’t know.”


They stared at each other. Baz knew his eyes probably looked as wide as Simon’s did. What did this all mean? What was Simon trying to accomplish through this? Did he know how Baz felt and was trying to manipulate him?

Manipulation or not, whatever Simon was doing was working.

Simon’s hand encircled his and he froze.

Physically and mentally, he froze.

Baz had so many questions. So many demands to make.

Why did Simon care about him?

Why on earth did Simon think hugging the boy who had only made him miserable would accomplish anything?

Why were they holding hands in a bed?

What the fuck was happening?

Why were they not kissing?

They should kiss.

He wanted Simon to kiss him. He wanted to kiss Simon.

“Simon?” He whispered.

“Kiss me.” Simon whispered back.

And he did.

Try Not To (Jungkook x Reader Fluff/Slight Smut)

Summary: “Try not to get nervous.”

(( Note: another story for the youngest member who stands on top. In this one I more so like the bickering than the actual ‘fluff’ or ‘smut’ which is so so so mild I warn you. So, idk about this one at all :(( Either way, I hope you all enoy! ))

Could you have taken any longer, holy fuck.

It was a far late into a chilly Sunday night and you were standing outside your friend’s door clutching your tote bag against your chest and curling your toes against the rubber soles of your not-so-appropriate flip flops you when sporting. A combination of that plus a thin cardigan and pajama shorts were definitely not the greatest outfit choice when in this close-to-frozen mid-February weather. In your defense, it wouldn’t have been as horrifyingly cold as it was if it weren’t for Jeon Jungkook who took his sweet as time answering the door.

Fifteen minutes to be exact.

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First Times Are Diferents (Jeff Atkins x Reader )

🌸Request: Could you do a Jeff Atkins one shot where you can add smut if you want to but basically it was the readers first time and she’s best friends with Hannah Baker and she comes to school the day after and has hickies all over her neck and Hannah jokingly teases her and Jeff is all cuddly with her and lots of pda because he loves his girl and he was happy to be her first? Thank you!🌸

The room was quiet, without any element of doubt or uncertainty, Jeff was above you, panting, wanted you to be sure, he didn’t want to do something against his will or hurt you, he would not forgive himself.   

-Jeff, I already told you and I’ll repeat, you’re the best person I could ever want to be.   
-I know, honey, I just don’t want to hurt you.
-I know, you’re not going.   


The make-up you put early on the hickeys that Jeff had left the night before seemed to have no effect.
The night before could only have been the best thing in the world with the right person, you and Jeff had been together for about nine months, and that step was the biggest you’d ever given in your relationship other than high make out sessions that they never seemed to get past it.
Jeff would never force anything on you, you and your relationship was based on right times and Jeff was too much of a gentleman and would never do anything to hurt you.
Besides the make-up, which you hoped would be covering the hickeys, you wore a cloth around your neck, but you knew the reddish marks were still there, completely noticeable, and you just kept walking down the hallways to your locker, which looked like strangely far away.
By making the difficult hike that would take only a few minutes, you managed to reach the blue locker.
The task was very easy: Open the locker, take what was necessary for the classes of the day, close it and go to classes.   


But the plan to be invisible at least that day failed completely when your best friend, Hannah Baker, appeared abruptly on your side and instantly your hand went to the scarf around your neck to cover the marks.
You knew that if Hannah saw them, she would tease you for the rest of the day, or the rest of your life.
After all, your friend loved to embarrass you ever since she discovered the crush nothing secret in your current boyfriend before you started getting involved.
“It’s a hobby, Helmet.” She said to Clay once when he inadvertently got in the middle of the teasing Hannah was doing to you.   

- Hannah! You scared me, you came from nowhere.   
-I noticed it, you jumped.   
-Sorry, I was distracted picking up the books.

She suspected something, and you knew she knew it.  

-You’re late today, you’re usually the first to arrive to stay in the courtyard outside.   
-Oh yeah, sorry, I did not hear the alarm today.   
-The alarm or Jeff?

Picked up against the wall, it was practically impossible to hide things from Hannah.   

-How do you…   
-You’re my best friend, you can not hide things from me, and you have that scarf around your neck, and you hate wearing scarves around your neck, and the make up you put on is not covering anything, you’re terrible at wearing makeup To hide something.   
-I know…   
-Hannah, no.   
-Have you and Jeff finally changed much more than body fluids? 
- HANNAH! Why do you say such things?   
-What? Is it less disgusting than to say “Have you exchanged much more than saliva?”   
-I know, I’m sorry. But then?   
-So what?   
-It happened?   
-If you know the answer why you’re asking me?   
-Because I want to hear from you.   
-Yes. Hannah Baker, it happened. No, no one swallowed there, we just …   
-Woah, woah, spare me the details.   
-Thank you for saving me to say the details.
-So my girl finally grew up? 
-Hannah, no!   
-I can’t believe it, my little girl is not so small anymore.   
- Hannah …   
-I remember as if it was today that you could hardly speak to Jeff without stumbling on your own words.   
-I hate you, Baker.   
-And now you'rr exchanging more than kisses.  
- Oh, my God, I hate you.

And that’s how the day went: You’re ignoring Hannah because of the teasing and her laughing behind you at least until you found Jeff after school, with him noticing that you were upset with something.

-Hey, honey, what happened?
-There are moments in my life where I ask myself how I let Hannah enter in my life.

Jeff only laughed at it, knowing that you were just kidding, you could never hate Hannah for something like that and he just hugged you and kissed your forehead, knowing that would calm you.

-She’s just happy, let her be happy towards her shipp like she always says.
-I know, and I love her for being in my life.
-Ready to go?

You and Jeff then entered in his car and you could listen Hannah again.

-There they go, my beatiful shipp! I made this happen!
-Oh my god, Baker! You so annoying!

You screamed back to her through the car window even more ebarassed.

-You love me!
-I know!

And then, you and Jeff went away laughing from the school to his house while you were talk about everything that Hannah made you pass through the day.

🌸A/N: Sorry for the delay, I was studying for some tests and I was quite difficult on some subjects but I have already been through all this and now everything is fine. Send me your requests, my ask box is open for requests and suggestions. Sorry if this one got too short and a bit rushed, I did this during the time I was studying and I got some free time. I’m sorry if didn’t went like requested, but I rushed to do this request.🌸


(Requested by Anon) (Part 1 of this imagine here) (Part 2 of this imagine here)


You stepped out of your room, looking back and forth from one end of the hall to the other to make sure the coast was clear. You wanted to walk around the castle, explore a little.

Without Felix.

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Dating Sirius Black Would Include...

Okay, so this is my first writing thing for my blog and I hope this is okay. Thank you for taking some time to read this trash and please if you have any, GIVE ME ADVICE ON WHAT I COULD IMPROVE ON OR DO BETTER!! My ask box is free for anyone to send something in or anything. THANK YOU RANDOM PERSON READING THIS!! I LOVE YOU AND HOPE YOU ARE HAVING A GOOD DAY

- He would try sooo many pickup lines
- Mostly cheesy and bad ones
- But he knew they would make you smile
- He would stare at you a lot because he was entranced by your beauty
- The Marauders would keep teasing him about it and calling it his “little problem”
- “Having your little problem again, Sirius?”
- “What?! No! Do you think her hair is as soft as it looks?”
- “Sureee, you were totally not checking Y/N out…”
- Him trying to set an elaborate plan to ask you to be his girlfriend
- Which involves fireworks, flowers, candles, the quidditch field, and even a promise ring
- Which of course, you say yes to being his girlfriend
- Cuddles
- Like he would want to cuddle alll the time just so he could hold you in his arms
- He would be the jealous type
- Seeing a guy talk to you and he would grow really possessive
- Going right up to you and kissing you in front of the guy you’re talking to
- And then give you that smoldering look of his that makes you weak in the knees and melt and he knows it
- When sharing a blanket he would be such a blanket hog
- “Babe, give me the blanket.”
- “No, I’m cold and you keep taking it from me!”
- “I know what could warm you right up…” he wiggles eyebrows
- You face palm and then hit him lightly
- Sirius would love it so much because he’s such a great singer
- And he sings you a love song every time
- But seriously(no pun intended) serenading to you for everything and making the other girls jealous of you
- Okay, so maybe the pun was intended
- Don’t judge me
- He would be the boyfriend that always steals your food from your plate
- “Love, give me back my food. There is literally a feast before you.”
- “Don’t wanna. It tastes better from your plate.”
- You would face palm
- “Sirius, honey there really is no difference.”
- He would stick his tongue out
- Soft kisses to your forehead when cuddling
- Passionate ones
- Wild ones
- All over you
- Which both of you love
- But sooo many hickeys
- So you would need high necked shirts or makeup to cover it up
- But he does the hickeys on purpose because he likes to know that you’re his and he wants to show any guy who dare tries to flirt with you
- Just any guy in general
- Which causes some problems
- “Sirius, my potions partner won’t talk to me.”
- “Well he shouldn’t have touched your arm.”
- “It was on accident, and he’s gay for goodness sakes!”
- “You don’t know, he could’ve taken you away from me!”
- “Love, I’m never going to leave you.”
- “Really?”
- “Yes, now stop being such a big whiny baby.”
- “But I’m your whiny baby.”
- “Yes you are. Now please shut up so I can get this report done for Slughorn.”
- Being really close to the other Marauders
- Helping James with asking out Lily
- Making wolfsbane potion for Remus
- Because you’re just that awesome and smart
- Helping Peter get over some of his insecurities
- Sirius can’t cook worth a shit for you
- But he can bake(with the store brought mixes of course and him being fascinated by a supermarket when you first take him to one to buy some stuff)
- “Y/N! You can buy anything here!”
- You giggle at his boyish character
- “Sirius! Come back here! You’re supposed to pay for these at the cash register before leaving.”
- “But I thought they were some kind of weird magic that was going to poison the things we bought.”
- And of course, you face palm
- Leaving you cookies and treats with smiley faces on them because he loves you that much
- Him getting you a helmet for you so you can ride with him on his motorcycle
- Him still continuing to stare at you in class
- You notice and blow him a kiss
- Which he grabs and puts inside his robe and then winks at you
- Ugh adorable and yes I’ve always wanted to happen to me in real life
- Don’t ask me why, I’m weird
- Anyways back to you and Sirius
- Being there for him when his family disowns him
- He stays at your house because why not
- Your dad would look at Sirius and size him up because he doesn’t trust Sirius around you
- But then he sees how happy you are with Sirius and welcomes him to the family
- Your mom would love Sirius from the very beginning
- Your mom literally being Sirius’s second mom
- But you know, without the hate and stuff
- Cause ain’t nobody got time for that ish
- Late night talks with Sirius about anything and everything
- Learning all about his childhood
- Crying because you can’t believe that Sirius had to deal with everything with his family all alone
- “Shhh. It’s alright love. I finally have you in my life and James and those other stupid bloody arses.”
- Laughing and sobbing at the same time because only Sirius could be like this when talking about such a serious topic
- Him being such a cinnamon roll to you
- And you tell him that but he doesn’t get what it means
- So he just decides to bring you cinnamon rolls every morning
- Which you love, so you don’t tell him what it means
- Because yas and why not, it’s cute
- Discovering his Animagus and being all cute about it
- Teasing him by calling him a little puppy
- “Y/N, I can’t believe you would dare insult your wonderful, loving, caring boyfriend who is NOT A STUPID LITTLE TINY USELESS PUPPY!”
- “But you’re just so adorable. I can’t help it!”
- “Well no more kisses and cuddles for you until you admit that I’m a fierce, strong, big scary dog.”
- “Fine. I’ll admit it.”
- “I knew not even you could give up my kisses.”
- “Who says I was doing it for me? It’s not like you could survive without my cuddles. Might as well spare you the torture.”
- Playing with his hair
- Putting it into the most ridiculous hairstyles you can think of and telling him it looks “hot” to girls
- “Why would I want other girls to like me when I already have the love of my life with me?”
- cue the awwwws
- You would feel soooo guilty and you would take the hairstyle out
- Because you are now literally a puddle on the floor from him
- “You love me?”
- “I’ve always loved you and will keep loving you for all of eternity. You are my soulmate and my missing piece.”
- You stand there speechless because OMG THIS IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING. You only thought this happened in dreams
- He thinks your silence means that you didn’t want to hear that
- “Forget it. Let’s pretend like nothing happened. I’m sorry.”
- You start tearing up and quietly say, “Don’t go. I love you too.”
- His face splits into that smile you love and he grabs you and kisses you senseless
- He would gently wipe away your tears and kiss your face where each one of the tears were
- And then wrap you up in his arms and carries you to his bed…
- So y'all can cuddle and be with each other for the rest of the afternoon and then you falling asleep in his arms at night

Stop being inappropriate y'all. I know you all were thinking about sex when he carries you to the bed. Your dirty minds always gotta ruin everything. 😂😂Jk I can’t judge because I was thinking about it too. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING THIS TRASH THAT YOU DIDNT HAVE TO READ
P. S. Yes I know my URL sucks. I wasn’t thinking I would actually be posting stuff on here people wanted to see. And yes I know I literally elaborated on everything. Sorry! I had to. Come to my ask box peoples and tell me your thoughts on this


Jerome x Reader

Warnings: Strong language, violence

Part Two

“You should leave.” Paul said firmly as Jerome paced the room. He wanted Jerome gone before you got back, and seeing as you’d gone to pick your son up from school early you could be home any second.

“Why Dad, family reunions make you uncomfortable?” Jerome drawled dangerously.

“(Y/N).” Was all he could bring himself to say which caused Jerome to jerk away as he cackled so hard he doubled over.

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Hi!!! I love you blog to pieces omg. How tall do you think Vanderwood is??? 5'9"??? 6’??? Hc for how Vanderwood and his s/o get together? (Bonus points if the so’s just as tsundere as Vandy.) Tysm! 

✿ In the VN sections, it looks like Vanderwood is just a bit taller than Saeran, who is like… 5″6? but i like Tall Vanderwood so gimmie that 6″ tall secret agent.

Anyway, thank for contributing to my Ko-Fi, Del! I really hope you enjoy this. (If anyone else would like a guaranteed request fill, buy me a coffee here♥)

  • If you could get an award for being a tsundere, you’d have won gold in the national competition every year running.
  •  No one is spared from your vicious tongue, even Yoosung, though you do tone it down a bit around him. It’s not because you think he’s nice, or
  • anything! He’s just too pathetic to deal with it.
  • Nyeh.
  • Zen, you call him a miserable narcissist while “saving his photos for blackmail material”. Jaehee, you call a ridiculous workaholic, all the while secretly wishing Jumin would give her a break. Jumin, you call a Cat-Freak who can’t see past his own ego, and Seven – well. You just bully Seven.
  • V is a moron. Saeran is a double-moron. But Mary Vanderwood the III takes the cake in being a goddamn idiot.
  • Like – SERIOUSLY. What is he thinking? Why doesn’t he just put his frickin jacket on? Why is it lined with leopard-print? Why is he wearing that goofy vest and v-neck purple shirt, it doesn’t matter that it brings out the color of his ugly honey-brown hair and warm earthen eyes?
  • And, okay, his voice??? Like, excuse me? Not only does this loser jump whenever Seven pulls a new prank, (dude, you’d thought he’d learn by now), but he also lets out this high-pitched shriek of surprise that – no, it’s not funny! It’s not cute!
  • You’re not smiling!
  • And, double-okay, he might be pretty (look that’s not a compliment on his appearance he just CAN ROCK HEELS AND MAKEUP, OKAY??? IT’S NOT??? IT MEANS NOTHING?) but that gives him LITERALLY NO RIGHT to make fun of you when you don’t immaculately tame your bedhead or dress well or whatever.
  • And like, it also gives him no right to say, “wow, you’re finally trying to look nice for once, huh?” when you put a little bit of effort in. Couldn’t he at least compliment you a bit? You look killer, if he doesn’t admit it, he’s an asshole!
  • (…i-it’s not that you wanted him to say something nice…)
  • Anyway. He’s a butt. A big, giant butt. And sometimes, you get into arguments over the messenger over who’s the bigger butt.
    • “You need to sleep more,” he says. “The bags under your eyes look terrible.”
    • “I don’t want to hear that from the fashion disaster!”
    • “You have no right to talk. You’ve walked out of the house wearing different socks on each foot!”
    • “That’s because I stayed up late working, unlike YOU, who spends all of his time taking care of an emotionally unstable hacker with a god complex!”
    • (ouch, Seven and Saeran say in tandem)
    • “Oh, come on! You’re not one to talk! You’re always doing just one more thing for the idiots at your job!” He says, and you kind of hate that it’s true.
    • “What, are you worried about me? It’s none of your business,” you snap back, and he replies immediately with, “Maybe I am worried!”
    • And there’s silence.
    • “Anyone would worry,” he defends himself after Seven posts three straight lines of ‘OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH’. “It’s not that I care, but you’re just that useless.”
    • (A traitorous feeling springs up – that you’re happy he’s worried about you. You crush it immediately, and you both resume fighting.)
  • It’s fair to say that pretty much the entire chatroom thinks this is the result of Mega Sexually Unresolved Tension, which they’re completely and absolutely right about because, despite their foibles, the RFA is not completely full of idiots.
  • Due to this, they ship you.
  • Mercilessly.
  • There are only two things that you and Vanderwood agree on – that a clean house is a good house, and that you don’t like each other, okay. The both of you comically protest this as the others make kissy faces at you, and in these moments, your interests are… kind of aligned.
  • Kind of.
  • You still insult each other, but it’s at least working towards a common goal.
  • “I don’t like him! He’s a moron! Also, his haircut is terrible!”
  • “I don’t like them! They snore like a bear and have the face of one, too!”
  • One night, though… Something unusual happens.
  • You slip up.
    • “I don’t care if Vanderwood looks amazing in a dress; I don’t like him at all!”
    • …The conversation starts with that line. Of course, Seven pounces on it immediately, pointing out that you just expressed some attraction to Vanderwood. You go on the defensive, saying, WELL YEAH, I MEAN, ANYONE WOULD THINK THAT??? IT’S JUST??? IT’S JUST OBJECTIVELY TRUE??
    • Seven says, uh-huh.
    • Seven says, I thought you said his hair was a rat’s nest.
    • Really attractive, Seven repeats, and you’re like…
    • YEAH.
    • So Seven is cackling like caffeine addicted monkey and Vanderwood is clutching his phone and blushing, because wow, you think??? He looks good??? Like you’re dumb but
    • But.
    • But…. .. ..
    • He doesn’t have the chance to really dwell on it because you continue digging yourself a hole to throw yourself in to.
    • “LIKE, I MEAN – part of why he looked good is the color of the dress, it really brings out his eyes! And he’s really elegant in heels! And he was photographed pretty well!” …As the excuses pile up, Vanderwood gets more and more embarrassed, until they can’t take it anymore and abruptly leave the chat.
  • The next time you two meet in person, things are awkward.
  • It’s Seven’s fault that you met; he told you that he was going to help you get a video game you really wanted, and he told Vanderwood that he was going to go clothes shopping with him, and when you both arrived at the appointed meeting location, all you found was each other.
  • You both considered just leaving, but…
  • Vanderwood was still thinking about what you said, and you’re still thinking about how he left without saying a word and it’s not like you’re worried that you offended him, okay??? You just wouldn’t??? Want to be a jerk…?
  • You both start speaking at once – Vanderwood, to ask you if you really think he’s pretty, and you, to ask if you’d upset him. You say he can go first. He says you can go first. You both end up saying what you’re thinking, and for the first time, you really talk.
  • It goes well. Vanderwood is flattered, and you can’t believe how cute he looks when he gets shy and blushes. So, you suggest – in the interests of pissing Seven off – that maybe you should not take his bait and have a comically ridiculous fight, and instead just… hang out? And later, neither of you will rise to his teasing and just be cool about it?
  • Right, Vanderwood says. That’ll show him.
  • So the both of you go on a date have a good time. And it’s so successful in taking everyone off guard that you do it again.
  • And again.
  • And again.
  • “Man,” you laugh after date excursion number fifteen. “Can you imagine how much everyone would FLIP OUT if we held hands?”
  • Hahahahaha wow yeah that sure would make everyone flip out, vanderwood says, audibly sweating. Totally because it’s so ridiculous that we’d do that
  • You’re like, YEAH, we should totally do it. Get back at Seven!
  • In the weakest voice possible, vanderwood is like “okay.”
  • You get the reaction you wanted. Everyone freaks out. And Vanderwood continues to look SO CUTE while blushing.
  • …So you do it again. And again. And it’s not that you like him, you’re just – teasing him! Bullying him! Making fun of him! Which is why you compliment him. And buy him flowers. And take him out to his favorite concert, and then he buys you flowers, and takes you to a convention that you really wanted to go to, and why you go stargazing together, and the two of you look at each other, and he looks so pretty in a dark quiet field and you just
  • Kiss him.
  • Because that’ll show everyone, right???
  • RIGHT.
  • Oh my god you’ve been dating for three months what the fuck happened
REQUEST: Sick Week [DedSec/Reader]

Originally posted by thectossystem

Lol, I’ll try not to get sick. No guarantees though. The weather in New York suddenly got cooler, and I tend to get sick with the radical changes in temperature/weather conditions. It sucks. :P I tried to treat all the characters as equals… but I am very biased and uninspired for some of these. I won’t lie. 

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Out Of Nothing At All - Eight

“I’m sorry. You and Spencer are having a baby together? I don’t understand,” Morgan was confused, and the rest of the team had perplexed expressions on their faces as well.

You and Reid had decided to bite the bullet and tell the team together, after spending most of the previous night talking.

You’d not made any official arrangements or agreements other than that he would accompany you to your appointments going forward, and agreeing that you and the baby would live in your house. Access arrangements could be sorted once she was born, although he fully understood that for the six months at least, it would be unlikely that you’d be allowing her to spend full weeks away from you. You still weren’t massively enthusiastic about him being involved but it didn’t seem as terrible an idea as you’d originally thought.

The question of work arose and you’d told him that were planning to take time off anyway, and assess the situation then. The problem was, with you being in the field so often and you not having any close family, who would watch the baby? The answer didn’t change now that Reid was involved either. It was still….. No one. There wasn’t anyone unless you employed a full time nanny, or took a desk job, that didn’t require you to be on location. You’d need to speak with Hotch some more.

Hotch was looking mildly amused at the curious looks on his teams face as they tried to make sense of the bombshell that you and the Doctor had dropped.

“So, you’re pregnant. We know that. But Reid’s the father? So you two are together? We’re profilers, how the hell did we not pick up on that?” Rossi looked back and forth between the two of you.

“We’re not together. And yes, Reid is the father. So she’ll be a little baby genius no doubt.” You explained, actually enjoying the team being shocked.

“So you two…….erm……slept together?” JJ asked.

“Nooo Jayge. His sperm just crawled out of his penis and across the office floor one day, deciding to take up residence in my vagina……Yes we slept together. It was a one night thing a while ago. Alcohol was involved, as it generally is.”

“You two…….Together…….In bed? That’s just weird.” Derek seemed to be struggling the most with this, probably because of yours and his little make out sessions.

A though occurred and made you chuckle. “You know Morgan, if you think about it. You and Reid have made out with each other, by proxy of me.”

“Yeah um, I’m not gonna think about that thank you very much.”

“Me neither,” Spencer agreed.

“How long have you guys known?” Emily queried.

Ahhhhh. And now the time has come for the team to find out what a horrible person you are. That he’d only found out 24 hours ago himself and that you’d originally had no intention of telling him.

“About six weeks. We didn’t want to tell you just yet. We wanted to wait until Y/N had been for the second ultrasound.” Spencer spoke and both yours and Hotch’s eyes flickered to him.

“That was yesterday though right? You were here all day kid.”

“The appointment got moved at the last minute, and I had that conference call that I couldn’t get out of. So as much as I didn’t want to miss it, I had to. Hotch was kind enough to take my place though instead so she wasn’t alone. I’ve seen the pictures and the video though so it’s fine. I’ll make the next one.”

They seemed satisfied with his explanation and after giving their congratulations again, they moved into the board room to go over the case that had just come in this morning.

You hung back slightly, touching Reid on the arm so he’d do the same. When the others were out of earshot you turned to him.

“Why didn’t you tell them that you’d only just found out yorself?”

He shrugged, “Because they don’t need to know the full ins and outs…. And, I didn’t want them judging you for not telling me straight away.”

“Well…. Erm…. Thanks, I guess. You don’t have to lie for me you know.”

“I’m not, just bending the truth a little…. Thank you for copying the photos and sending me that video by the way.”

“No worries. I’ll book in for another scan in another couple of weeks if you want? So you can see her for yourself?”

“Do you need another one yet?”

“Nope. Technically I’ve had the two that are normally insisted upon, unless there’s any complications. But you can go for extra, if you pay for more.”

“Okay, send me the bill then and I’ll pay it.”

“No you won’t. I owe you this much, okay.” It was the least you do, you guessed.

He nodded and you turned to make your way to be briefed.

The case had taken you to Boulder City and had lasted five days. You’d ended up sharing a hotel room with JJ and had found her watching you one night as you changed for bed.

“I can’t believe how tiny you still are.”

“I know. She’s being very good so far, not costing me a fortune on maternity clothes.”

“Well if you need any, I still have a lot of mine leftover from Henry. We’re about the same height, they’d probably fit. Save you some cash.”

“Thanks Jayge, but I reckon I’ll be okay. I appreciate the offer though.” You smiled at her.

“No problem.” She was still looking at you and you knew she wanted to ask something else.

“Just ask JJ, I know you want to.”

You pulled down the covers, settling into bed.

She looked sheepish before speaking. “It’s just, you and Spencer, having a kid together? You don’t even act like you particularly like him. How?”

“Alcohol. It’s as simple as that. And……We don’t not like each other, we just don’t like each other like that. But we’ll be fine. You don’t have to be in relationship with someone to have a kid with them.”

“Oh I know that. I just, I guess I still can’t quite believe that Spence is gonna be a dad. I’d always imagined him actually settling down and getting married before that happened.”

“Well we definitely won’t be doing that! But we’ll work something out between us.”

“Yeah, I’m sure you’ll both do fine. You’ll both make great parents. Night Y/N.” She turned her lamp off and rolled over to sleep.

“Night night.”

The case wrapped the next day and Reid asked if he could speak with you and Hotch for a second, pulling you both to one side.

“What’s up Reid.” Aaron eyed the younger man carefully.

“Nothing’s up, but I was just wondering whether we needed to return straight away or if we had a few hours spare. We’re erm…….Only thirty minutes away from Vegas so I thought now might be a good time for me and Y/N to go and see my Mom.”

“Wait what? Why do I have to go?” Meeting the parents? Really?

“Because you’re the mother of her grandchild and it’s only right that she meets you? And I need to tell her and I’d prefer to do it in actual person rather than by phone.”

“Personally I think it’s a great idea. I can delay the flight home for a few hours. If you go now, can you be back here by six?” It was midday so that gave you six hours.

Reid nodded, “That’s plenty of time if we leave now.”

“Do I not get a say in this here?”

Both men looked and you and said in unison, “No.”


The drive took about forty five minutes due to traffic, Spencer taking the wheel for once.

“Y/N, you know about my Mom’s condition right?”

“Yep.” The whole team knew.

“And you know it could be hereditary right?”

You did. You’d done some extensive googling on the subject when you’d finally accepted the fact that you were having this baby. You nodded.

“Does that not worry you?”

“Honestly Spencer, everything about having this baby worries me. But if we’re just thinking about illnesses and the fact that she has a slightly higher percentage of developing the same illness than another child does then no. It doesn’t. There’s so many other things that could wrong, I’m not going to let myself get hung up on that. And you shouldn’t either. We’re both intelligent people, if that were to happen, then we’d deal.”

He was quiet for a while before speaking again.



“When are you going to tell your family.”

“When I have to.”

“Would they not be pleased to be grandparents?”

“They’re already grandparents Reid. My older sisters have kids already. I’m the youngest.”

“So what’s the issue?”

“Erm I just don’t really get on well with my family that’s all. They’re not very nice people. They didn’t want me to join the FBI. They wanted me to do what my sisters have done and marry some poor, rich guy and become a trophy wife. They’re kinda old fashioned in a way. Women shouldn’t be out working and all that.”


“Yes. Oh. Don’t worry Spencer, I’m not expecting you to offer to ‘do the honourable thing’ here.”

“I would you know,” he glanced at you quickly.

“I know you would. But I don’t want a marriage of convenience. If I get married, it will be for love and not because I was stupid enough to get knocked up. But you know……not much chance of that happening any time soon. Being pregnant and having a kid will kinda take me out of the dating pool for a while I imagine.”

“Well yeah. It’s kinda inappropriate for you to be dating whilst you have another mans child inside you,”

“Inappropriate? Dangerous word there Dr Reid.” Please don’t let him wind me up before I have to meet his mother, you thought.

“Wrong choice of words. Sorry. It would be awkward, is what I’m trying to say. For all parties involved.”

You had to agree with him there.

He turned off the main road and into a parking lot.

“We’re here. Ready to go meet my mother?”

Not really, but you nodded all the same.

Fic: make short the miles between

@pomrania submitted to obianidalasuggestion: Long-distance fluff prompt

It’s rare for all three of them to be able to get together, so when only two of them are together, they make sure to share and describe, with the third, all the fluffy comforting bonding activities they did. Think “dirty talk”, but without the smut.

“You should have seen how his eyes lit up when he saw the cake.”

“Her hair is so soft, I wish you were here to braid it with me.”

“He made an adorable little purring noise as I wrapped the blanket around him.”

What a fluffly prompt!  The ficlet might have wandered away from the original idea a bit but I hope you still enjoy.  


All her attendants and aides have left for the day when the Jedi master comes.  For that if nothing else Padme is grateful, even as weariness hounds her, the buzzing of all that is yet undone and all she must do rattling around in the back of her skull and pressing down upon her shoulders.  

Obi-wan’s robes are scorched.  They stare at each other across the apartment.  

“General Kenobi,” she says warily.  

He cocks his head, reaching out for something she cannot see.  “Padme,” he replies.  

No bugs.  Her posture sags with relief, and when she opens her arms Obi-wan falls into them wordlessly.  

There’s no heat in their embrace or the exhausted kiss they give each other before practically falling onto the couch - her comfy one, not the brocade monstrosity in the formal receiving room.  His head rests on her shoulder as she holds him, the smell of char and ozone filling her nose and mingling with the scent of ink, recycled air, and day old perfume.  

“How is he?” she finally asks.  

Obi-wan’s voice is muffled by the soft fibers of her house robe.  “Tired,” he says honestly.  “Angry.  Brilliant, as always, despite everything.”  Quietly, after a moment, “Sorry that he can’t make it back here with me.”  

I’m sorry too, he doesn’t say.  Padme smooths back his hair from his face, frowns at a smudge across his forehead, licks her thumb and tries to rub it away.  Obi-wan bats it away with a snort.  “Not you too,” he grumbles, startling a laugh out of her.  

“I picked it up from him!”  

Obi-wan gives her a wry look.  “Really.  Because he says the same about you.”  He shakes his head, mutters something suspiciously like “…deserve each other.”  

The thought of it - Ani leaning down over their third, fussing over him like a mother nexu - makes her dissolve into hysteric giggles which may or may not be born from lack of sleep.  “If I taught him anything about personal grooming it’s a boon to all three of us,” she finally retorts, though there’s no sting in it.  “You’ve been a terrible influence.”  

“I beg pardon?”  

“Don’t act like you’ve forgotten that haircut, Obi-wan.”  

“It was a perfectly acceptable styling choice!”  

They lapse into silence, disturbed only by the humming of the temperature generator.  “Tell me about him,” she finally says.  “Just- anything, anything at all.”

He hums for a moment, breath tickling her collarbone.  “His hair is longer now - he uses the hair tie he stole from you to pull it back.  Sometimes when I comb it out for him he’ll fall asleep with his head in my lap.”  

“Is it the blue hair tie, with little golden bells on it?”  

“Yes, that one - he’s very fond of it, probably trying to figure out where to buy more of them for your lifeday, knowing him.”  

She chuckles.  “He’s always been so odd about taking things and then trying to figure out how to replace them.  Did I ever tell you about the time I found him puzzling over our bed spread, because he had stolen your blanket and accidentally destroyed it with engine grease.”  

Obi-wan sat up.  “Is that where my blanket went?” he sputtered.  


“Please don’t tell me the new ones that mysteriously appeared in my room was yours.”  

“It…may have been a spare?”  

“Anakin,” he groaned, as if the man in question could hear his exasperation from the other side of the galaxy.  

Do not laugh, Amidala, she told herself severely, do not.  “If…it makes you feel any better, I think the arrangement pleased him in a strange, round about way.”  

“What, that we were all under the same covers if not at the same time,” Obi-wan said flatly.  Paused.  “Oh Force, that’s probably exactly what he was thinking.  Padme stop laughing.”

“I can’t help it, your face,” she gasped, mirthful.    

Obi-wan buried aforementioned face into his hands.  “Why is our husband so weird,” he moaned.  

Padme grinned.  “Do you remember the time we all went out to eat and he frazzled the server by insisting on serving the food to us himself.”  

“And the way his face lit up when we just ended up dismissing the poor boy and ended up all serving each other,” Obi-wan added wistfully.  

She giggled.  “He does have a weakness for being taken care of.”  

“Doted on,” Obi-wan said with resignation.  “Like a lothcat.  Or how about the time he was ordered on medical rest and ended up making a nest of blankets in the Resolute’s common area.”  

“He did not tell me about this.”  

“Oh, it was a thing of beauty by the end of the day,” Obi-wan conceded.  “Five mattresses, sixteen pillows, and ten napping troopers and a padawan later Kix ordered it disbanded.  Something about Anakin doing debriefs and resting only on a technicality.”  

“Oh gods.  That poor man.”  

Obi-wan looked over at her in askance.  “Who, Anakin or Kix?”  

“Yes,” she said firmly, bringing them both into another fit of slightly hysterical laughter.    

“What about the time you surprised him with Alderaanian foam cakes and he thought it was soap?”  

“Better than that time you took him out for Mon Calamari cuisine and he ended up being allergic!”  

“Oh Force, I’d almost forgotten about that one.”  

The mood in the room was tangibly lighter now - a safe haven, worries and strategy and the body politic all forgotten outside of this moment.  Tomorrow, there would be the Senate, the war, and the secrecy that dodged their heels, love and devotion tucked deeply away behind what duty required of them.  

For now though in this place of safety the two of them leaned into each other and reminisced, the memory of their absent third filling the space between them, the object of their mutual affections.  

Arranged {Part 1} [D.M.]

Character: Draco Malfoy
Word Count: 1191
Requested?: Yes/No
Summary: Draco and Y/n aren’t on the greatest of terms, however when both receive news of an arranged marriage, they must learn to tolerate each other, and possibly fall in love…
Other Parts: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 8 Rewrite Part 9
Disclaimer: Gif isn’t mine, credit to whoever made it

+ + + + +

“Move out of my way, mudblood!” Draco sneered as he pushed past you, followed by his cronies Vincent Crabbe and Gregory Goyle. You rolled your eyes and scoffed, “I’m not a-” You cut yourself off with a sigh. Draco Malfoy knew full well that your blood status was almost as prestigious as his - your family prided itself on its pureblood lineage, as did his.

Malfoy just loved to get on your nerves any way he could.

Watching as the blonde’s figure retreated away, you pulled your cloak further around your body, beginning to walk to the Great Hall for dinner. The loud sound of students chattering filled your ears as you entered the Hall, and you quickly located your friend group sitting to the end of the Slytherin table.

You sat down in a slump, barely making an effort to join in the conversations happening around you, and only focusing on the food on your plate.

As you glanced up, your eyes locked with a pair of blue-grey ones, belonging to a certain pureblood you couldn’t stand. As he sent a smirk in your direction, you diverted your eyes back down to your food, annoyance written into your facial expression.

“Is everything okay, Y/n?” Y/f/n asked you, raising an eyebrow at your unusual behaviour. You nodded slightly, “I’m fine, if a little annoyed. I’ll be okay.”

Poking your food with your fork, you looked up as you hear the familiar flapping of wings as owls flew around the Hall. Letters decorated with intricate cursive, and brown paper parcels tied with string dropped onto the tables in front of students. Finally, you caught sight of your owl as he dropped your mail beside your plate.

Sliding a finger along the small envelope, you allowed a smile to play at your lips. You loved receiving letters from your mother - she could always brighten your day no matter how down you were feeling.

Slipping the parchment out, you began reading the carefully printed words.

“Dearest Y/n,

Your father and I send our love to you, and hope you are doing well.

This letter, however, has a different purpose than usual. As you are in your 7th year now, I’m sure you’re already aware that we have been looking for the perfect suitor for you. He, of course, has to be 1) from a pureblood family, and 2) in Slytherin. After careful consideration, your father and I have come to a decision.

As soon as you graduate Hogwarts, you will be wed to the son of the wonderful Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy, Draco Malfoy. I’ve been told he is in your year, and in your house; now would be the perfect time to become friends, so the transition to husband and wife will be that much easier.

I know this may come as a slight shock to you, but I’m sure you understand the importance of ensuring our bloodline is kept pure.

We can’t wait to see you next,

Mother xx”

Your mouth fell into a slack ‘o’ as you shoved the letter back into the envelope. A few of your housemates jumped as you dropped your cutlery onto the table with a clang, and quickly stood up. Ignoring the questions being fired at you from every which direction, you started to exit the Hall, only sparing a small glance at the platinum blonde, who was in the middle of reading a piece of parchment - most likely with the same news you just found out.

As you leave the Hall, you managed to gulp down a sob, though the tears building in your eyes burned. Running down to the dungeons, you could barely speak the password before oh so finally making it to your empty dorm room.

You fell face first onto your bed, burying your head into your pillow as you let out a muffled scream.

Your life hadn’t even started yet, and already you were being given away.

And to a guy who clearly hated your guts.

Not good.


“L/n! Hey, L/n!” You froze as Draco’s voice yelled out your last name. Hearing his footsteps catching up behind you, you started to walk faster, your breathing becoming uneven as you tried to lose him.

If it were anyone else following you, they would have lost you in the crowd by now. However, since this was Draco, he wasn’t about to give up, so even when you could no longer hear or see him, you knew he couldn’t be far away.

You slowed your pace as you round a corner, before letting out what could only be described as a half scream half shriek as your back hit the hard wall.

Opening your eyes, you found Draco staring intently at you as he pinned your arms to the wall with his hands, and pressed his legs against yours. His face was mere centimetres away from yours, and you could feel his warm breath hitting your lips as he breathed heavily from having to chase you.

“What do you want?” You asked, irritated. Draco sighed, “Look, I’m no more pleased than you are about this arrangement, but you haven’t even spared a glance at me since we both found out. If this is going to work, which it will because I’m not letting my parents down, you’re gonna have to get used to the idea of us being married.”

You tried to push him away, not wanting to have that talk with him at that moment in time, however you underestimated his strength as he barely even moved. “Come on, y/n. We have to talk about this.”

“About what?” You finally spoke, “About the fact I’ve just been given away? About the fact I’m being forced to marry someone who I don’t even get along with? About the fact this marriage is something I definitely hadn’t planned for my future? Huh?!”

Draco was silent as he stood, wavering slightly. “You said you wanted to talk about it, and that’s what I’m doing, so either you respond, or I’m leaving,” you said angrily.

He rolled his eyes as his jaw clenched. “You know what? I’ve tried being nice,” Draco started as you scoffed. He glared at you before continuing, “I’ve tried to be civil. But if you’re not going to cooperate then I give up. Once we’re engaged we can just act like we always have. And there’s no need to wear the ring I’ll no doubt be forced to give you! In fact, if you really want you can wear it on another finger and pretend it was from someone else! And we’ll just carry on dating whoever the bloody hell we want, because clearly this isn’t going to work between us, because you won’t even try!

Draco gritted his teeth before storming off, leaving you alone in the hallway. You found yourself staring after him, suddenly missing his warmth, and the way his body felt against yours.

You shook these thoughts out of your head. Draco Malfoy was a cold hearted git, and there was no way you’d let yourself fall for him.

No way at all.

A Friend in the Night

I love the idea of a dorky vampire!changkyun! Don’t you?

Vampires were always something to be afraid of in your household. You’d heard horror stories from your parents about how they like to kidnap unsuspecting children in the night, never to be seen again. It was always a bunch of hogwash to you, but whatever. If your parents believed it, you had to believe it, too.

Until you went off on your own, of course. Besides being able to walk around your apartment naked whenever, and eat pizza everyday, for every meal if you wanted, you also got the chance to make some new friends.

One being a vampire.

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Last Goodbye.

Summary: Y/N is a young avenger with cancer saying her last goodbye.

Word count:2k

Being an avenger is an awesome thing. Knowing that your actions saved someone’s life is the best feeling that you can ever experience. Having people thanking you on the street. But of course there are many bad sides to it, like not being able to save everyone, ruining and breaking buildings, houses, cities. But it’s important that you remember the good things, and how they made you feel. Life isn’t worth spending your time torturing yourself with what you could’ve done and what would be better at that moment.

And as an avenger you can’t be hold down, like the government wanted us to be. We are also people, this is free country, and we have right to choose, and yeah sometimes we choose badly thinking it’s the only way, but we learn and we never do anything without the reason.

So of course when the war between Tony and Steve took place, I was placed on team Cap. I am not saying Tony was wrong, and I don’t hate him, but I just don’t feel like someone should tell me what to do, when there are lives that need to be saved. Also I never had anyone parenting over me since I grew up as an orphan.

But the fact that Steve and Tony went from friends to enemy’s its killing me. It’s just not right and now I worry I won’t be here long enough to see how everything plays out.

Just because I wear the title “Avenger” doesn’t mean I am immortal, I do have better immunity than other human beings, but I am not resistant to everything.

While battling one war I was fighting another on my own. Not like anybody could really help, so I haven’t told anyone. One battle ended up even we could say, this one is ending up badly for me, because I am losing, big time.

Diseases don’t choose between black or white, short or tall, poor or rich, they just strike and kill. And that is exactly what’s cancer doing to me.

I know for some time now and I hoped I could prevent this moment, to make some more time, but in this war I don’t get to choose anything, I am just a solider that is slowly losing. But I wanted some more time, some extra time so I could prepare, but I guess you can never prepare to say your last goodbye.

And the death isn’t what I fear, I’ve almost died five times on my missions, but what I do fear is telling this to the avengers, to my friends, my one and only family that I ever had and that ever cared about me.

It’s gonna be hard to break it to them, especially now when they are one against the other. It’s gonna be hell of a ride.

And I feel like my time is coming, it’s right around the corner and I fear I won’t have enough time to say goodbye to everyone. They noticed something was up when we went out for lunch and I couldn’t eat and I became weak. I lost a lot of weight and I just can’t walk fast anymore like I used to.

And even when I get up to walk to the balcony to get some fresh air, it’s very painful. And now I even fear if I do to many steps I will just collapse and stay somewhere laying unable to get up or seek for help.

I know I should’ve gone to the hospital but what good would it do? I would give me some extra time but the medicine would do even worse to my body. So what kind of superhero am I if I can save everyone but I can’t save myself?

I decided that it’s time, not like I have plenty of it to choose, and I texted the avengers yesterday, separately, tell them I have to confess something. They don’t know the other side will be here and I hope Tony will go over his pride and show up.

Whole day and this whole morning I have been thinking what to say, how do I break it to them? How do I start? Do I just burst out that I have cancer or do I try and avoid it in some poetic kind of way?

They are about to come and I still don’t know. I am already standing in front of my apartment door, because if I hadn’t I would have hard time getting up and before I could reach the door they would turn around and leave thinking I pranked them.

I heard a knock and my heart rate went way too high up. I waited ten seconds which would be the time I would require to get from my living room to my hall, while I was still healthy.

I opened the doors and I could see Tony, Natasha, Vision, Peter and T’Challa standing there. Probably they texted and realised I called them all. Tony gave me a questionable look and I just smiled and waved to my living room telling them to go and settle I will be right behind them.

“If this is some kind of trap and you plan on killing us I suggest you to stop it right away.” Of course Tony couldn’t go without some kind of sarcastic comment.

“Just shut up and go in my living room.”

And just as I closed the door there was another pair of knocks. I again opened the door and let Steve, Scott, Bucky, Wanda, Sam and Clint in. I hugged everyone and followed them to the other part of the avengers. Well I tried to follow them but it was a bit hard with my condition.

When I finally stepped in living room I could see that nobody was sitting and that there were some intense staring going on. I sighed and before I could say anything tony cut me out with a comment that five against seven isn’t fair and that if that’s not the case he won’t make peace with baster who killed his parents.

Before this could turn into civil war part two, I raised my voice and asked them nicely to sit the hell down because I have to tell them something. For once they actually listened and I was quite surprised.

But when the moment came for me to sit down I wasn’t so sure on my legs and I probably started to swing back and forth because Steve quickly stood up and grabbed me by my left hand. It took me a moment to get back from dizziness.

“Y/N, is everything alright with you?”

Before I was able to answer or even nod, tony cut me with his sassy little comments that I would most likely love to shove up his ass.

“Does she look okay to you? No offense but you look like crap.”

“Tony.” Was all that Natasha said and he just gave her a “What?” look.

When I finally sat down, I thanked Steve for help and tried to reach for a water bottle that was on the table but I just didn’t have that strength in me. Natasha quickly grabbed one and handed it to me. I gave her a small smile and took a big sip of water.

I wasn’t even thirsty, but I wanted some extra time, and I looked around the room to see how’s everyone siting. On my left was Steve followed by Sam, Bucky, Wanda, Scott and Clint, while on my right there was Tony, Natasha, Peter, Vision and T’Challa. It makes me sad that Thor and Bruce are missing but I just couldn’t reach them. I wish I could say goodbye to everyone.

I settled the bottle in my lap and put my arms around it. I took a deep breath, praying to God, if he even wants to hear, to give me strength to say everything that I want to say.

“You all probably wonder why I called you here, and by now you maybe suspect something, but you just don’t want to except it. Trust me it’s mutual.

I took another deep breath while taking in their confused facial expressions and their lost looks.

“For quite some time I’ve known that in my organism lives an uninvited enemy. To be honest I didn’t try to fight him on that decision to stay in my body. Probably I should’ve but I found it useless and waste of time. There is no cure for this little bad boy and probably for some long time there won’t be.
While we were fighting each other acting like little spoiled brats, nobody knew I was having a battle on my own. And it’s all my fault that you didn’t know, because how could you? And I had planned to tell you sooner, but then everything happened and the rest it’s history.
In meanwhile, the little enemy became bigger, and no Scott I am not making fun of you. My enemy took and took from me and he will continue to do so, but sadly not for long. And my enemy doesn’t spare anyone, so why would he spare me? just because I save the earth a few times? Some still think I am dangerous.”

I could hear a sigh from Tony and I knew he wanted to make a protest, but for once he kept it in.

And somehow I came to the hardest part, which I was preparing the whole day and now my words are stuck in my throat and I just can’t make a sound nor a sentence.

I tried to focus my eyes on my water bottle but they just got blurry and I could feel hot tears on my hands. I cleaned my throat but after all that came out was just a little broken whisper.

“I have cancer.”

As the words were out I felt so much better because the burden wasn’t on my shoulders anymore, but I still couldn’t look at them.

I could hear signs and deep breaths, a little silent what’s coming from all around the living room. They weren’t ready, how could they be? How could anybody be ready to face horrific reality? And they weren’t ready to lose another avenger nor was I ready to lose them, and they were already in bad relations, this was just like a cherry on top of the wrong cake, that didn’t bring any happiness.

I am ready to face death but not their broken hearts and red eyes full of hot tears.

I heard a movement and in the next moment well known pair of strong hands was wrapped around me. I tuck my head in the crock of Peters neck and started sobbing slowly. Everybody was broken, this isn’t what they wanted to. There was already too much that they have lost.

I could hear someone sobbing but I wasn’t ready to look to whom the belong. I could hear Bucky’s voice, so unknown, so lost asking me why, saying it’s not fair. And it’s not, but there is nothing we can do about it.

I pulled away from peter and he sat on my right side still rubbing my back. I took a deep breath knowing that the words I will say now, won’t be easy and I will break in the middle but I just had to.

“So basically, this is how I imagine our last goodbye. I do-don’t much time left, I am weak and I can feel it so I want to say goodbye now before I can’t even sit properly. I want you to-I- I want you to remember me by my good days, by all the good things I did. I want you to remember me in the times before the Sokovia accords, I want you to remember me smiling, running, killing some monsters. I want you to remember our fights and how I knocked you down, Sam, when you ate my last slice of pizza.” This brought them a little smile but it wasn’t a happy smile.

“I said I was still half asleep.” He tried to joke it off, but the tears in his eyes didn’t allow him to.

“Sam I want you keep watching Supernatural after I die, and come to my grave and tell me everything that Sam and Dean did this time.
Bucky, I want you to keep moving forward, you will remember don’t worry, the things that you did weren’t pretty but it also wasn’t you.
Wanda, don’t blame yourself, you are young and beautiful, don’t mourn too much it’s not healthy, also make me some paprika soup, sorry Vision you can’t beat hers.
Scott, keep an eye on them all, okay? Make sure nobody joins me any time soon.
Clint, kiss your kids in my name and tell them that I went on a big beautiful trip filled with cars and flowers and that we will see each other, but not so soon.

Nat, keep being the way you are, and don’t worry he will come back sooner or later, and tell him I love him and that I will miss him.
Peter, don’t let the ruin you my thunder buddy.
T’Challa, your highness, I will make sure to find your father and tell him that you love him and miss him.
Vision, I give you the biggest duty, keep them alive, together with Scott, and if they don’t listen, kick their ass in my name.”

By this point most of them were crying, but my eyes were dry, I cried a lot before but at this moment I just can’t anymore. I told everyone something but now two of the most stubborn people are waiting for their turn.

“Steve and Tony, what am I gonna do with you two? I am not gonna ask you to make peace, because I know you won’t and even if you did, it would never be a true one. But what I am asking of you is that you talk it through, just two of you, without any weapons, in a closed room where the biggest weapons are your words. Please don’t stay like this, don’t make enemy’s where you don’t need them. You are both stubborn old fellas and work it out. Don’t let this fight tear you apart completely, and I am so sad I won’t be here to see you two working it out, but I-I will watch you from upstairs or where ever I will be. Make me proud. All of you, whatever you do, make me proud.
This is the goodbye, I love you all and remember who I was, who I defeated, but not who defeated me.”

We were all crying together for an hour and then they left saying that they will come tomorrow and that they will visit me every day. Steve even wanted to stay with me but I didn’t want him too. Well I did want his company, but not tonight.

After they left I slowly walked into my bedroom, turned on the tv and put “Me before you” on. I laid on my bed, put my blanked on and closed my eyes. And when I wanted to open them again I just didn’t have enough energy in me anymore and I slowly drifted away, leaving this painful world.

Hope you like it.


  1. Do you even know how many times you have been arrested?
  2. I don’t know all the answers, sweetheart. I just do my best to pretend.
  3. Like many things in life, it started great and ended in disaster
  4. Oh, come on guys, who steals trash cans?
  5. I could barely find a decent one-bedroom for under one grand
  6. I still do believe you owe me dance
  7. Dee, your stupid ass Irish boyfriend isn’t answering his phone… Call me.
  8. “Shit, I didn’t realize how tall he is…”
    “Kick him to the knees!”
  9. “Jimmy’s whore house, how can I help you?”
    “It’s me. Can you stop answering like that?”
  10. Kicking people in the head didn’t give out a great impression to be honest
  11. I don’t know where the fuck you learned to whisper, but fucking hell…
  12. Could you stop sending me creepy pictures of yourself with no context?
  13. “You need to talk to your brother.”
    “The brother who tried to kill me with a phone book last christmas?”
  14. “Are you crying?”
    “The walls are thin, sweetheart. Are you okay?”
  15. “Is he gonna pay for that?”
    “Don’t worry, buddy. We’ll send somebody to go through the damages.”
  16. Don’t set off the alarms, this is our only change
  17. If Iain calls, deny everything and tell I wasn’t involved
  18. “You’re crazy, woman!”
    “How come? Was it me who put a gun against a six-year old’s head, huh?”
  19. You’re many things but not a failure
  20. Is it weird being back?
  21. “Who are you hiding from?”
    “Matthew. You?”
    “The blonde guy.”
  22. She was friends with people who can help me
  23. It’s scary how bad you are handling money
  24. “Do you see double?”
    “Can you even see out of that eye?”
  25. “Are you crazy?!”
    “I could be. Did you know my brother spend half of his life in asylum? Oh, and don’t even get me started with my mother.”
  26. Mrs. Gill wants her house painted again, when should I book her up?
  27. Can you stop laughing like this is something you enjoy?
  28. “Don’t you worry about money?”
    “I have you doing that for me.”
  29. I majored in kicking rich brats to the nuts
  30. It’s amazing if she spares you from beating after this
  31. “Are you okay?”
    “I didn’t see anything for fifteen minutes because you mazed me!”
  32. I slipped on a condom today! I’m not fine!
  33. You are fine, tovarisch.. You’re just fine.
  34. Can you not put the cards into a straight pile?
  35. I’m pleasantly surprised that I’m alive
  36. Alana, darling, let me sleep
  37. “Shut up! We are all in trouble, mate”
  38. “I’m trying my best!”
    “I know.”
  39. How late do I have to be to make him realize that I don’t give fuck about this date?
  40. “You son of a bitch -!”
    “No, no, no! Jimmy, calm it!”
  41. Okay, your aunt screwed up and now she’s going to go before your mom and dad find out what happened and kill me.
  42. Oh God! I think I killed him! Oh God… He’s fine.
  43. I’m armed with concussion
  44. “What happened to your arm, kiddo?”
    “There may have been a small – very controlled – fire at the garage.”
  45. Don’t wear that in public, please
  46. “I can’t date anybody who owns a yacht”
    “Why? Obviously he has ton of money. “
  47. “What on your to do list today?”
    “I have to bride a cop and then make sure that the fire on 9th street isn’t blamed on Ian. You?”
  48. Did I make this awkward? Sorry, I’ll go
  49. “Don’t trust me.”
    “Whatever you do… don’t trust a thing I say. I will get you killed and that’s blood on my hands.”
  50. “I didn’t do it! I swear, I didn’t!”
  51. Deny everything. Deny until you have no other choice than to slightly admit to it.
  52. You think this was my first choice of career? I wanted to be a dance, own an auto shop?
  53. Her face turned from sad to anger in a second
  54. He called me wifey material and I don’t know how to feel about it…
  55. I have gone fourteen years with only four pairs of shoes. 
  56.  Oh god dammit.. Where the hell did he come from? Get rid of him!
  57. Dad, why are you wearing superman suit?
  58. You scared me. Oh God.. Are you okay?
  59. Let me at least walk with you
  60. I ain’t the greatest listener, but I’ll give it shot with you.

Guys, I’m so sorry about my shitty blog


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Summary - Okay, so I’d like to request a oneshot where Sami saves the reader from Kevin and Chris? They could be bullying her, or even threatening her, I dunno. I’d like it to be kinda fluffy, if that’s okay. 😳😳 

Pairing - Sami Zayn X Female Reader

WordCount - 1,236

Requested by - Anon

Written By -  Tacha

Warnings - Threatening behaviour, violence etc

Everyone knew that Sami was your best friend, you had gone through so much together, the good, the bad, the right out weird. You too had struggled together, thrived together, you picked each other up when the other was down. You travelled together, you fought together. You had seen the worst of each other and the best. You knew how to mirror each other without having to verbalise it. You protected each other and everyone knew that if you were going to attack either you or Sami, you always had to prepare to battle the other. Being a wrestler sometimes is not the easiest job in the world being away from family and friends from weeks and sometimes on end, but when you had Sami, you always had a piece of home with you comforted you even when you felt true homesickness Sami was there to take the pain away.

Unbeknownst to you, Sami would battle anything that came your way. He would do anything to protect you, to see you smile and laugh, Sami wanted to see you happy and content. While he often denied it to everyone who speculated, he was head over in heels with in love with his best friend and he knew there was nothing he could to change how he felt. He had definitely tried on more than one occasion. He wasn’t ashamed of his feelings towards you, he just didn’t want to lose you because his feelings got in the way because his heart decided it wanted you to be his. It made things difficult, when Sami was around you, he was mesmerised and distracted by your presence, when Sami was around he missed you like crazy and was distracted by these thoughts about you. Sami definitely had it bad.

You were walking through the corridors of the arena that Raw was being held in, you weren’t paying attention as you scrolled through Twitter. Later on, once you had returned to your hotel room,  you had planned to do a Q and A on twitter. It had been a while since you had spent any quality time with your fans. You stumbled and fell to the cold concrete ground, you originally thought you had tripped over a stray cable or something. You checked your phone to make sure it  hadn’t cracked. When you heard deep eruptions of laughter, you turned onto your back to notice Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens.

“Oh, would you look at that, Sami Zayn’s best friend laying on the ground because she was too blind to look away from her phone. What was she doing texting her pathetic bestie?” Chris taunted as you began to feel pain in your knee, touching it lightly you winced.

“Are you scared, Chris? Maybe I just hit my head but I’m pretty sure Sami beat you which means at some point he’s entitled to a shot at your United States championship and when he beats you and then what will that leave you what? A ridiculous list and a best friend who will never be as loyal to you as Sami is”

“How dare you insult me? Do you know who I am? Do you know how many times I’ve beaten you’re pathetic, weak, so-called best friend? He’s nothing compared to me.” You scoffed, rolling your eyes.

“Yeah you’re right but reverse it because you are nothing compared to him. Sami’s more of a man than you will ever dream of being, your pathetic. Tripping me up, what are we in high school?”

“Hey Y/N, I’ve been looking everywhere for you. I know your doing that Q and A on twitter tonight, I was thinking perhaps we could do a live Q and A together….what’s going on? Why are you on the floor?” Sami had entered the corridor excited, he really wanted to spend some time with you tonight but he knew you had planned the time for the fans so he selfishly thought about joining in.

“It’s nothing,” You replied instantly, Sami knew were lying, your eyes wouldn’t meet his.

“It sure as hell don’t look like nothing. Why are you holding onto your knee?” Sami looked between you and Chris and Kevin. Sam was not stupid.

“Did you put your hands on my girl? Who do you think you are!?” Sami backed Chris of course Kevin was quick to attack Sami. Punching and kicking him down.

“Leave him alone!” You yelled as you attempted to get up but the pain in your knee was too bad.

“Well, at least I’m not a coward who’s been hiding a secret! Why don’t you tell your so called best-friend the truth? Come on Chris, let’s leave the losers alone.” Kevin began to walk around the corner that Sami had just come from. Chris began to follow Kevin before he turned.

“You will never get my United States champion, you stupid idiot!” Chris began to walk away.

“Yeah well you make the United States Champion look stupid with your stupid Bon Jovi hairstyle, you scarf wearing imbecilic moron!. Your an insult to that Championship and scarf wearers across the globe!” You spat back, you couldn’t be sure if Chris heard you not as he sulked away. You dragged your body over towards Sami,

“Sami, are you okay?” You asked you made your way over to him.

“Yeah, I’m okay, is your knee okay?” Sami asked.

“Yeah I think so. I’ll know no more when I get up. What was Kevin talking about?” You asked as Sami pulled himself up from the floor, so he was resting himself against it.

“Have you ever been scared about something because it could possibly change everything?” You nodded as you scooted closer towards him resting your head on his shoulder.

“Yeah, I was petrified about the Draft. I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t see you everyday. Do you remember what you did, we spent every spare second leading up the Draft together. You helped me get over all of the anxiousness I was experiencing, so let me help you?” Sami moved his shoulder so he could wrap his arm around you. Nestling your head against Sami’s chest, he smiled as began stroking your hair softly.

“You see the things….the thing is….I’ve fallen in love with my best friend, you…I thought it was some stupid crush that would pass. It hasn’t. It’s gotten worse. I soon realised that maybe it wasn’t such a bad thing because we were already half way there. You don’t have to comment or say anything. I just needed to tell you. We did promise never to have secrets,” Your best friend had just confessed, that was in love with you yet somewhere deep down you always knew. Your friendship had been difficult than any of previous friendships. it was easier, you didn’t find yourself over thinking or being worried about actions. It was just you and Sami and you wanted that to say. Unable to use any coherent that would make any sense. Raising your head, your eyes met with Sami’s, slowly leaning in giving Sami the time to pull away. But he didn’t, your lips touched, there were sparks as you put your hand on Sami’s bearded cheek, your fingertips stroked his beard softly.

As you both pulled away you didn’t need to say anything else, both of knew exactly what was going through your minds…..

Your Savior - 21

Thank you all so much for your patience with me on getting this chapter out! Going to Walker Stalker Con was a huge, amazing, time consuming, energy sucking adventure that made it impossible to write! But now I am back and ready for action, freshly full of JDM inspiration!

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Chapter 21


Swearing, serious feels

“It was Davis.”

Immediately Negan tensed around you. You pulled away from his chest slightly to see that his face had gone cold and blank. He wasn’t your Negan anymore; Negan the Leader of the Saviors was back. 

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i'm sorry

I hate to ask for money and honestly it’s like pulling teeth to do this but I’m having a really hard time. I’m a college student in New York, seeing doctors every week for my mental illnesses and money is really hard right now. I don’t even know how I’m going to move out of my dorm or where I’m going to go. I have a job in the town I went to high school but I don’t have time nor a car to go there and work, and I’ve had three interviews and submitted over ten job applications this semester in the city but nothing worked. I’m trying to save to go to Colombia with my mom next month because some of my family is really really sick, I haven’t seen them in 8 years, and I don’t know how much longer they’re gonna make it. Honestly anything at all will help, from pennies to dollars, and I’d appreciate anything anyone could spare. My paypal is

If you can’t help financially believe me I get it, so if u can I’d really appreciate a reblog. Thanks guys

tothestarsandbacktofireheart  asked:

In reference to you saying that you don't shit on anyone who has different opinions then you, "I fucking hate elriel. Every time it shows up on my dash I want to vomit..." "... except to say that Elriel can die". Would you say that these quotes from you encourage friendly discourse? Cause I wouldn't. You said other inflammatory things about this topic but I felt these quotes summed it up the best. Honestly I've seen you encourage us all to be nice and polite to each other,but then you post this?

The negative things you say about ships or other things you don’t like are the opposite of what you tell others to do. So I’m calling hypocrite. You definitely will shit on someone and their opinions if you don’t like them, a quick skim of your tags clearly shows that. So please get off your high horse and stop pretending your *above such things* because you’re clearly not. This post came out more aggressive then I intended, but hypocrisy really gets me. Sorry for that.

So I’m responding to this publicly because apparently I need to contextualize a lot of what I’ve said, as well as clarify the difference between real people and fictional people, and having a negative opinion versus being a jerk to said real people.

Since you have pointed out my feelings about that particular ship, I thought I would contextualize your argument a bit within my blog. I am very much in a numbers mood, so bear with me:

  • I have made 2,253 posts on this blog.
  • I did a search of my tags, as you did, and I have around 20 posts that mention el*riel, but just to be safe I rounded up to 30. That means that 0.01% of my blog has ever discussed them.
  • To contrast, my pre-acowar OTP was moriel; a quick search of that tag reveals around 400 posts, or 17.7% of my blog talking about them in some way.

Now, clearly, I do not like el*riel. That much is glaringly obvious. What you failed to take into account is how little I discuss them, the fact that I did put my negative opinions under the cut with a warning yesterday, and that I did also start tagging those posts as anti, or using “el*riel” so that it wouldn’t come up when people searched for the ship. I avoid talking about them bc I know that it might hurt people’s feelings because they have difficulty understanding that me not liking a ship does not mean I don’t like them. I do what I can to help people avoid my negative opinions.

So cherry-picking my opinions on that particular ship, when it’s clear I don’t like it, while failing to take into account the other 2,223 posts I have made, and while failing to recognize that I have done what I could to spare people from my negativity on the topic, seems a bit… well, you cherry-picked your evidence. And a few of the posts you mentioned are months old, which… I had 10 followers at the beginning of the year when I started this blog, so I wasn’t exactly concerned at the time about anyone actually paying attention to me. Maybe that’s my bad.

A couple other things that are more generally related to me and my blog and this fandom, not necessarily what you said:

  • I am a person
  • I make mistakes
  • I can be a huge smartass and really snarky
  • I am allowed to dislike things
  • I am allowed to say that I dislike things
  • Me disliking fictional things is not me disliking actual people
  • Not liking a ship is not at all the same thing as being rude to people, and if people (not just you) don’t get that, I really don’t know what to say to you.
  • Again, there is a difference between fictional people and real people. You will notice that the quotes you pulled out? Were never in direct response to someone, or conversation with someone.
  • If you can find an actual example of me being needlessly rude or aggressive to a flesh and blood person, a human being, I will absolutely apologize. But I’m not going to apologize for not being afraid to say what I think in the shitshow that this fandom has become.
  • If someone had sent me an ask that said “moriel can die in a fiery pit of unhealthy obsession and death and torment”, do you know what I would say? Ok then, buddy. Because that opinion? Is not about me personally.
  • You can say you hate a thing that I love. I can say I hate a thing that you love. We can still be friends.
  • Feel free to unfollow or even block people you don’t agree with or who make this fandom less fun than you want it to be. I have become much more liberal with my unfollowing and blocking of people, and let me tell you - it’s been great. You have to take care of yourself, here.

I have received approximately 110 asks since I finished reading ACOWAR just under two weeks ago. Do you know what this tells me? It tells me that people are not afraid to send me their thoughts and opinions, that they do not assume they will be treated with disrespect. Because they aren’t.

My final point about this and the other asks I received last night, is that this is the kind of crap that makes people frustrated. This is the kind of crap that makes people take hiatuses, and message me saying that they want to leave the fandom, and makes people afraid to say what they think. Which, what is the point of any of this, if we don’t feel like we can talk about this stuff without people getting needlessly offended or feeling like they can never say anything negative.

If me trying to be kind and respectful to people as much as possible while still occasionally failing in that regard puts me on a high horse, then I’m going to ride off into the motherfuckin’ sunset on that horse, and never look back. Because at least I’m trying.

A Friendship Broken and Repaired (SherlockxFem!Reader)

Name: A Friendship Broken and Repaired

Author: Maddy (laterthantherabbit)

Pairings: SherlockxFem!Reader, Watsonxreader (platonic)

Words: about 2300


You had awoken to the lazy patter of the raindrops falling over London and Baker Street on a cool, Sunday morning. Today was a lazy day and you felt content in curling up in the flat above with the boys, a book in your hands and a fire in the fireplace. Well you were until you went to put in your contacts and found them missing. Sure you had put them back in your tiny bathroom the night before, you looked around your bedroom and within the bathroom cupboards. Even your spare contacts had disappeared. Frustrated, you pulled out the glasses you had for these emergencies from your bedside table and made your way up the seventeen steps to ask Sherlock and John if they had seen them around, messy bedhead and raggy pajamas be damned.

“Sherlock! John!” Your voice echoed throughout the flat and you could hear the murmuring of Sherlock’s baritone voice in the kitchen, along with something that sounded vaguely like ‘John’s out’. “I can’t find my contacts. Have you seen…them?” Upon entering the kitchen, you trailed off your question and anger surged through your body. You had found Sherlock and your contacts in the kitchen, well, more like you had found Sherlock with a pipette putting drops of who knows what into your contacts cases and hence, on your contacts. “Sherlock?”

“Hm?” He barely registered the angry waver of your tone and continued to drop whatever it was onto your contacts.

“What are you doing to my contacts? I need them!”

“Experiment. I needed to see how quickly hydrochloric acid will react with the contact lens cleaning solution on the lenses. It’s for a case.” He didn’t even look up from the table, instead just waved his unoccupied hand nonchalantly around the flat in place of an eye roll. “Obviously.”.

“I don’t care about your case! You can’t just take these things! I need them to work and read and see, you bork!” Your face had now become flushed with your boiling blood, eyes in a frenzy and your posture furious and irritated as Sherlock continued to experiment on your contacts. You couldn’t stand it. You grabbed a tea towel and threw it over the now useless contacts and pulled Sherlock’s chair, along with Sherlock away from the table, causing him to protest with a series of whines. 


“I needed them Sherlock! What if I took your microscope?”

“Nonsense Y/N, it’s far too heavy for you to take.” You scoffed and made your way back to the entrance of the kitchen whilst Sherlock stood. “Anyway, I’ve gathered enough evidence about you to know that you had a pair of glasses somewhere for these…” He put down the pipette and looked towards you, his eyes widening minutely and a faint blush dusting his angled cheekbones as he finished his sentence, “… situations.”

Sherlock had never seen you in anything but your generic pair of washed, worn skinny jeans and loose-fitting button shirt hanging undone over a plain tee-shirt, hair in a messy bun or ponytail with your feet clad with odd socks (he never understood your preference for socks). Now, he saw you in your most messy (but comfortable) jammies, which consisted of worn-in, plaid, blue and red flannel trousers and an oversized graphic tee with the Star Wars logo plastered over it, both of these thoroughly holed, stained and absolutely too big on you. The shirt reached your mid thighs alone and the pant cuffs had to be rolled up several times to stop you from tripping over them. Your narrow feet were bare from socks, allowing your mint green toenails to be exposed to the chilly flat and your slightly wavy Y/H/C hair was loose from its usual hair tie, instead falling past your shoulders in a messy array of kinks and knots, one side flattened from sleep. You saw his eyes scan your unmade appearance but quickly becoming transfixed on the glasses perched on your dainty nose. The tortoise shell frames encircling your bright round Y/E/C, making them seem darker than their usual shade and the turquoise arms of the glasses caressing your face, becoming hidden by the unruliness of your hair.

“Sherlock?” He had been staring at your face for an uncomfortable period of time now, causing your anger to slowly melt into concern as he stood stock-still for a couple of minutes. “Sherlock!”

“Hm? Oh yes Y/N, what do you want? John’s gone out but he’ll be back shortly. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some contacts to acquire since the last attempt of my experiment is now irrelevant.” Just like that, your anger resurfaced like a wildfire. As he tried to make his way past you, you grabbed his bicep hard enough to earn a yelp from Sherlock. “What are you doing?” He looked down at your petite figure and saw your eyes through the frames of the glasses, shrouded with anger, and he shied away from you slightly.

“You are not leaving this flat for anything until you apologise to me for destroying my contacts Sherlock! You can’t just run away from this, I needed them!”

“I don’t see what the problem is really. You have your glasses after all.” Sherlock rolled his eyes as you released your grip and he flopped onto his chair by the fire, not wanting to experience your iron grip again.

“Oh my God! Do you not have any respect for other people’s things? No don’t answer that it was rhetoric, of course you don’t!” Sherlock just glared at you as he began to sulk in his chair and by now you were fuming with irritation. How dare he just go into your room and take your lenses? “Hang on…”

“Yes Y/N what now? You’ve pulled me away from my experiment and now your thinking is driving me mad. What is it?” Sherlock’s snapping did nothing to pull you away from your musing as you settled yourself in John’s chair.

“How’d you get into my room? When did you go into my room? I wore them all day yesterday and took them off before… oh my God you were in my room whilst I was sleeping! Sherlock that’s just creepy!”

“Calm down it’s not like I was watching you sleep! I just broke in to use your lenses for this experiment, it was imperative for the case I’m working on!”

“You could’ve just asked me!”

“You would’ve said no!”

“Exactly! You can’t just take my stuff, especially stuff that I need, for your experiments!”

“Then I wouldn’t get to do any experiments!” Your bickering was quickly escalating into a full blown yelling match when you heard a third voice join the apartment.

“What’s going on here?” John’s arms were full of groceries and his face was full of concern.

“Sherlock took my contacts and destroyed them as well as my spares and won’t apologise!”

“Y/N won’t let me experiment in peace!” You both began to argue at the same time whilst John put the groceries on the left over space on the table, returned and stood between you, his Captain Watson persona emerging from the jumper wearing Doctor Watson.

“Enough! Sherlock, say sorry.”

“Me why? She’s the one who wrecked my experiment!”

“Because I said so that’s why! You shouldn’t have used her contacts for whatever you were doing if you could have just gone and gotten some another way.” Sherlock grumbled and burrowed himself further into his chair and John sighed, exasperated. Like living with a child.

“It was a matter of convenience.” This was the final straw. Did Sherlock not think your feelings as important to you? Of course he could be brash at times but even so, to completely ignore you as a person for his own selfish needs was all was needed for the dam to break and your despair to completely wash over you. You could feel tears prick your eyes and begin to well against your eyelashes.

“Whose convenience Sherlock?” He straightened up in his chair at hearing your wavering voice, laced with the oncoming tears. He glanced at you and immediately regretted doing so. The glasses you wore did nothing to hide the redness that threatened to seep into the whites of your eyes and the glassiness that now covered your irises. If anything, they made them all the more heart-wrenching. He looked back down into his knees and said nothing.


“No, it’s okay John. I don’t know what I expected from all of this. I’ll see you later maybe, okay?” Without waiting for an answer, you left the flat and returned to yours, silent tears streaming down your face as your friendship with Sherlock broke into pieces.


“You really should apologise Sherlock.” John sat back into his chair, a cup of tea perched on the arm of the chair and another handed to Sherlock. “That was really very childish.”

“I know.” John just looked up from his cup, slightly smug, and sighed. Sentiment and feelings always were somewhat of a lost concept on Sherlock. “I don’t understand though, it’s not like any of my other experiments haven’t affected her. Why did she react like this to this specific experiment John?”

“I don’t know. Maybe it has to do with you abusing her privacy and her possessions and then not taking responsibility for it?”

“I may be unaccustomed to many social cues but sarcasm isn’t one of them John.”

“What do you want me to say Sherlock? You really went out of line here and not only aren’t you taking up the responsibility of your actions you completely disregarded how Y/N might have been hurt by this!” Sherlock stretched out on his chair and flung an arm over his eyes, his face picture of sorrow and regret.

Though he didn’t show it often, Sherlock really did value your friendship in the highest regard. You were one of the people who could actually stand being with Sherlock. You usually encouraged him in doing his experiments, becoming just as engrossed in the process as him which was why this situation was completely foreign to him. He didn’t know why this would have been different to all the other times he did an experiment with you. He groaned and shuffled further into the chair. If he were to admit it to himself, he would admit that there could be something more he felt for you but now, he may never get the chance to explore this because of his ignorance. 

“I need to fix this John.”

“Yes. Yes you do.”

“But how John? I never meant to hurt her like this. How do I undo this?”

“Don’t ask me. Figure out your mess yourself.” With that John opened the paper he had bought and proceeded to read, completely leaving Sherlock alone to fix the mess he had made. He repositioned his body in his chair and grabbed his laptop, determined to find the perfect way to apologise to you.


You had returned to your flat nothing short of disappointed and extremely upset. For how good your friendship with Sherlock was, you both had days and issues which could just rupture the relationship between you two, yours just happened to be belittlement and a complete disregard for your emotions. But what did you expect, this is Sherlock, high-functioning sociopath with no intention with making friends and keeping in check with others emotions. You reasoning with yourself did nothing to keep your disappointment from your person. All you had wanted was to be with two of your best friends on a rainy day but instead, your argument could have just made that impossible for the foreseeable future, could have just made one of the most interesting people in your life not want to look at you ever again.

Your feelings for Sherlock had quickly surpassed mere friendship into more once you had moved into the flat below him and John, however you had always been sure to keep them to yourself, not wanting to ruin what you had with Sherlock. But what use is that now? I ruined it anyway.

Your tears kept running down your face and you sniffled back the sobs that threatened to escape your throat. Not wanting to wait around in your despair for tomorrow to come, you made your way back to your bedroom, took off your glasses and got back under your doona. Though you had only woken an hour or so ago, sleep came swiftly to your emotionally drained body and you slept fitfully for the rest of the day.

It wasn’t until just after seven in the evening when you woke again, and what you woke to was anything but normal. Your room had been decorated with your favourite flowers in a variety of intricate vases, their fragrance becoming entwined with that of your flat and something delectable coming from outside your door. Your eyes still stung slightly from your crying and you could feel the streaks of dried tears on your cheeks and the clench of your empty stomach. You made your way to the bathroom and scrubbed off the evidence of this morning’s emotional ride before entering the small living area of your flat, glasses once again on your face. Here the flowers continued and the scent you picked up before was stronger. You could here clattering coming from your kitchen and a deep mumbling as well. You didn’t know whether to be happy or mad at Sherlock for entering your flat without your knowledge again to put your favourite flowers around the entire place. You walked groggily to the clattering to see Sherlock setting a plate of your favourite comfort food onto the table, along with even more flowers and a simple card. “Sh’lock? What’re doin’?” You saw him jump at your raspy voice and clearly look sheepish at being caught in your flat again.

“I-I wanted to apologise for my b-behaviour this morning. You weren’t meant to be up until I was finished and see me here because I…” He started to look flustered as you took in his efforts. “I know that you don’t appreciate me coming into the flat unannounced, especially while you’re sleeping but I just didn’t know what to do and John wouldn’t help so I don’t know if this is okay but I’m sure that flowers are given when seeking forgiveness and…Oof!” His rushed speech was cut off by your small frame enveloping his in a tight hug.

“Thank you Sherlock. You didn’t have to do all of this but… thank you.” He could feel your tears that had once again surfaced seep into his shirt.

“I really am sorry Y/N. I should have considered your emotions before taking your contacts.” You couldn’t help but huff out a little laugh at his way of apologising. His arms encircled your body and you leaned even further into his embrace.

“Yes you should have.”

“I like the glasses more though. They look nice.” You laughed out a little more as you continued to hug Sherlock, sensing his mouth curve into a rare smile. You could feel your friendship knit itself back together, and though your feelings grew stronger for the madman in your arms, you continued to bury them into your body, unknown that Sherlock was doing the same. And if you decided to wear your glasses more often, no one said anything about it.