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                 Koala-ty Bertholdt’s for ReiBert Week | A Sneak Peak

And on the right we can see how inconsistent I am with drawing Bert because I   can’t make up my mind when it comes to hair length and how long to make his face and nose. Reallyyyyyyy need to go back and fix the ones from the earlier                                               prompts my goodness….

              At least you guys can enjoy the variety before it goes lmao

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Hi Sin! I have a Newtxreader request! It pollen season in my area & it's killing me (swollen & itchy eyes,stuffy nose,sneezing,asthma etc.) I've been stuck in my house for 2 weeks. Could you have the reader in the same scenario and Newt takes care of her. She can't be around the creatures because it would make her worse, but the creatures really miss her so they sneak out of the case to see her, not knowing it would make her worse. It's a game of cat & mouse of Newt keeping creatures in the case

I hope you don’t mind a HC, dear.


-During allergy season, Newt would be by your side almost every minute. He’d have tons of boxes of tissues next to the bed, and a few potions he made for you on the end table.
-“Newt, I’m fine.”
-“Yes, darling….” He’d say, not listening to you because he knew better.
-You groan and blow your nose again, clearly being affected by all the pollen and animal dander in the air. But, you adored him and his creatures. You could suck it up and deal with this.
-“Newt, really…I’m fine-”
-He was too busy stirring a potion to hear you out, he simply looked over at you, smiling before looking back down at the concoction.
-Dougal would come into the room, happily coming over to you because he knew you were sick, yet not aware he was a root cause of it.
-But, you loved him too much to push him away.
-He sat next to you, playfully pulling your hair as you giggled.
-Newt would turn around, tutting at Dougal. “Now, Dougal…settle down, please. You must leave her be or-” He trailed off, taking the demiguise by the hand and leading him out the door.
-Except he didn’t see the Niffler squeeze through the opening, scampering over to you and snuggling against your side.
-You sneezed loudly, and Newt turned, sighing once more when he saw yet another creature near you.
-“You pilfering pest, out with you…come on!” He shooed away the Niffler, rubbing at his temples when he once again turned to find an Occamy by your side.
-“Merlin’s beard….”

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he stole my heart and all the valuables in that fucking train

Exo at the Doctor's office
  • *I've been sick for a while lol so why not drag exo into it! XD*
  • Kai: i know u said i have a cold but trust me the best cure is dogs
  • Doctor: and?
  • Kyungsoo: ...ALONE
  • Doctor: oh dear god
  • Chanyeol: (broadcasting to all the other patients about how he got sick smh) i deadass got strep throat after recording my own songs for too long fml :((
  • Baekhyun: *laying on the floor in the middle of the waiting room because fck you*
  • Suho: aigoo i must have skipped a day of vitamins tAKE YOUR VITAMIN C KIDS!!!
  • Sehun: i have fallen and i can't get up
  • Sehun: i need about 47 nurses to care for me...the king cannot be in pain...
  • Yixing: (literally has snot pouring out of his nose)
  • Yixing: (peers out of the window)
  • Yixing: (sees a granny trying to cross the street)
  • Yixing: im comin to help wait 4 me
  • Xiumin: (sneezes into sleeve) what's yixing doing?
  • Chen: (shakes his head as he mixes up magazines) just typical yixing things
  • Chen: helping others when his broke ass needs help the most,that baby oh my goodness
  • Chen: also he's probably going to catch bronchitis and donate half his wealth to a charity on the way there bc why not
  • **Don't get sick everyone! ^_^ **

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Someone should really make one of those looping gifs where you see Paper Jam screeching and it zooms into his mouth and then it shows Ink and Error screeching at each other and zooms into Errors mouth and so on. (lol cuz I can't make a gif)


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I love reading your thoughts on Anders. I'd love if you could discuss them more, possibly? They just hit me in a spot in my heart that I can't describe, especially because I see a lot of bashing of Anders, so it's meaningful to see someone describe his struggle.

it’s an endless, inevitable march, something pressed cold over your nose and mouth, clouding your eyes, and all you can do is stumble forward in the dark and trust, trust your hate and your memories of being hunted and your open wounds and the spirit you invited inside.

your heart beats too hot and full of blood.


you don’t remember if you were always this angry. it feels like you were. a buried, razored wire, just waiting for someone to trip across it.

but there’s direction, now, a purpose. surely that means something.


a hard and holy thing has its hands locked around your bones.


they say that when you’re lost in the desert, dying of thirst, you should suck on a stone. it puts moisture in your parched mouth, and fools your body into thinking you’ve found water.

you spend winter nights at the tavern, losing money you don’t have to friends who won’t collect, warm beside the fire while exhaustion leeches out of your limbs. you feel spare and thin and raw and home, for as long as the game lasts.


hours, entire days, blink away like huffed-out candles.


Justice has worn a corpse before, and he thinks you ought to be one, for all the good you do him alive, with your longings and your weakness and your limited human understanding of righteousness. there’s a woman who drives you to distraction, a group of exiles and cast-offs who seem unwilling to leave you to your work. Justice wants them gone. you don’t. it becomes a point of contention for as long as you have the strength to contest anything.


you’ve lied since the day you met her, and if she knew what was at stake, if she’d listen, she’d understand. her eyes wouldn’t darken, and her lip wouldn’t curl. something slithers between your skull and your scalp, whispering.


it’s swallowing a burning coal and discovering too late how it buries itself in the lining of your stomach.


the work waits for no one, and you will complete it. wan, sick, wild-eyed, dusted with the ashes of all the things it won’t matter that you loved. selfish, to want more; to refuse to make sacrifices.

he is just a spirit. why is it so difficult for you to be just a body?


you fight a monster for seven years.

you lose. 

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You know what's super hilarious? I was practicing my hip shoulder toss thing and I kept dropping because it was dark and I can't see the pole. One of my douchy cousins started making fun of me for dropping and started talking about how easy guard is and all that. So I was like "yeah okay it's super easy. show me how it's done" and I taught him (kind of) how to do a 45 he was like "yeah this is easy I can do this" He dropped the pole right on his face and bloodied his nose I love myself

YASSSSSS GIRL YOU GO GIRL! High five through the Internet. #boss

Patrick Jane, please! Kiss Teresa tonight! We're going to have a damn extra huge hiatus, I'm afraid my TM family can't take another episode without a great extra big Jisbon. And I hate seeing them sad. I'm getting sad too because of them. I've never asked you anything. Please, Patrick, a kiss only. Teresa can punch you in the nose, but you're used o being punched. At least it'll be Teresa's punch! And it'll worth it for a Teresa's kiss. Trust me it will. Already thank you. Carla, from Brazil