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Let’s examine a few important CS moments/milestones:

  • First kiss - In the same episode, we learn Neal is alive.
  • “There’s not a day will go by I won’t think of you.” “Good.” - Separated by a year and a curse in which Emma nearly gets engaged to a flying monkey.
  • Emma tells Killian she’s tired of living in the past and actively flirts with him - his lips have just been cursed by Zelena.
  • The kiss outside Granny’s - Marian reveal a few minutes later that causes Emma to put the brakes on their relationship for the next few episodes.
  • First date - Killian’s “cursed” hand.
  • Emma says “I love you” for the first time - Immediately becomes the Dark One and is transported to another realm.
  • “I DO want a future with you.” - Killian dies a few minutes later and is turned into a Dark One against his wishes.
  • “All sins can be forgiven when someone loves you.” - The entire ending of “Birth” JFC someone hold me.
  • “I love you” in a Nobody Is In Mortal Peril Scenario - They go home and make out for 30 seconds before that fucking dirigible ruins everything.
  • Killian is angsting over whether David will accept him as Emma’s potential husband but eventually gets an enthusiastic “Hell yeah!” from his future father-in-law - Five minutes later he learns he murdered David’s father in cold blood.
  • Killian seeks help and tries to do the right thing and works up the courage to tell Emma - Unplanned proposal because he can see how much she wants it, and keeps a secret 0.25 seconds after Emma says “no secrets.” Is overjoyed that she says yes for approximately three seconds before the Furrowed Brow of Self-Loathing and Awful Secrets returns.

If any of us are salty about current events or negative about prospects for future episodes, this is why.


BTS Reacts - You Having Tattoos

Kim Namjoon: Would offer to go with you when you get your first tattoo, partly because he wants to see how you’d hold up to getting one for the first time. Namjoon is open-minded. He wouldn’t see a person with tattoos any different than someone without them. He appreciates and supports the idea of self-expression, and if you wanted to do it in the form of tattooing yourself, then he’d say, ‘by all means’. He’d probably get one himself too if permitted in the future. Maybe not as many as most enthusiasts; he’d get a small but significant one, and you can bet that you’re the first person he’ll look to for tattoo recommendations and advice. Low-key impressed by your guts when you both walk out of the room with a big smile on your face.

“That… doesn’t look half bad, actually. And you handled that really well.”

Jung Hoseok: He’d have a hard time not being intimidated by you at first. Hobi knows it takes a lot of courage and pain tolerance to even get a tattoo, and he can’t even muster the steel nerves to imagine what he’d have to go through to have the amount of tattoos that you have. He might seem timid at first to approach you because of them, but he’s not the kind to judge someone by the way they look, so it won’t take him long to warm up to you after his initial reaction, and he may possibly admire you for your bravery. Excited to show Hoseok your new tattoo sleeve, you casually walk into their recording studio. His eyes widen in horror - he didn’t think you’d be daring enough to get a design spanning the length of your whole forearm.

“W-What is that? What did you do to your arm?! Did you dip it in a vat of tar?!”

Kim Taehyung: Won’t have a problem with you sporting tattoos; big or small. Tae himself loves art of all forms, and he would probably appreciate the craft of inking skin as well. He might be caught off-guard when you two first meet, but he’ll eventually come to admire the branding on your skin, the closer you get to each other. If there’s anything he might ever be concerned with, it’s for your health - after all, infections are not unlikely. You decide to get something new inscribed on the side of your arm, and when you present it to Taehyung, he gapes at the sight of fresh ink on you. He is a bag of mixed feelings, for he really thinks it looks great on you, but he would secretly be jealous that you even have the option of getting yourself tattooed. 

“Yah, you got a new tattoo? Ah, you look so cool, I seriously want one too…”

Park Jimin: If you asked this man for his opinion on you getting tattooed, he’d probably be opposed to it - at first. He won’t try to stop you, he knows that people should be able to do whatever they want with their bodies, especially if it doesn’t really hurt them, and it makes them happy. He just doesn’t want people to associate you with being a bad influence. However, he’d probably be singing a different tune when you actually get inked. Bangtan are relaxing in the lounge when you pop in to show them the new tattoo you’ve gotten, and while they all crowd around you to look, Jimin stares from further away. He doesn’t want to admit it, but he’s kind of turned on by it. You approach him and speak apologetically.

( Sorry, I know you didn’t think getting a tattoo was a good idea- )
“No, it’s okay, I changed my mind. You look… really good with one.”

Jeon Jungkook: Number one fan of your body art. After all, Jungkook loves to draw, and has said that he’d definitely consider being a tattoo artist in the future. Just for the sole fact that you are tattooed, he’d spend a lot of time with you just to be able to examine it in awe, and marvel at all the details that come with it. His envy isn’t as uproarious as Taehyung’s, but you can tell it is tenfold. It makes him wonder if he can think of a way to convince BigHit to let him have a tiny tattoo, just one, where no one would even be able to see it. He bites his lower lip when you catch him staring at you every so often. Seeing the ink on your arms just reminds him that he can’t have one, which gets him more frustrated than you think, even more so than Taehyung.

( Something wrong? )
“Aish, I really want one…”

Kim Seokjin: He knows he can do whatever you want with yourself, but for some reason, he can’t help but feel strongly against it. There are other things that you can do that aren’t as outright, like getting multiple piercings, so he’s not sure why you would feel the need to make such a bold statement with dark ink permanently etched onto your skin. Don’t misunderstand, for this is just the protective side of Seokjin being summoned. He himself doesn’t have a real problem with tattoos, but he’s aware that Korea, in general, is still a conservative country. People might not take well to the markings on your skin. He sighs, placing an arm around you to reassure you that this doesn’t change what he thinks of you - he’s just worried about you.

“I’m not trying to tell you what to do with your body, but… I just don’t want people judging you harshly because of your tattoos.”

Min Yoongi: Goes back and forth between wanting a tattoo on his own body, but shouldn’t have a problem with them on others. He believes anyone can choose to look however they want, as long as they’re a good person on the inside. He might respect you for it even more, as you would have gotten one in spite of what other people might think of you. He accepts that different people have different ways of showing their passion about something, and if his is through his music, yours can be through body art. You’ve never gotten inked before, so when Yoongi jokes about how he doesn’t think you’d ever do it, you’re determined to prove him wrong. You show up with a visible length of dark ink trailing up your neck, and all he can do is laugh and place his hands on both sides of his head in surprise.

“Holy shit, I can’t believe you actually did it, pabo! I was just joking!”

Found some time to complete a reaction, hope you guys enjoy it! Some of them are of the reader getting their first tattoo, some of them are of the reader already having them. <3


Monsta X after you have a hard day of work.

Shownu: You hear little mhmm’s here and there, feel small nods against your shoulder. Not that you can really pay attention to them you basically ran through the door explaining everything that happened with what little energy you had left. You barely have time to breathe before you realize he’s just hugging you and listening. Listening and letting you calm down, it’s moments before you’ve let everything out and you sigh into his hold. It’s minutes before you’ve settled and you’re relaxed and pliant. He didn’t need to say much but you feel ten times better. You’ve been needing a break all day and you found it in his arms.

Wonho: You’re tired. You’re so tired and sore. You worked a double without complaining and your other co-workers had the nerve to slack off. You did all the work and by the end all you wanted was a warm shower but the effort is just too much. So you make it to the couch, barely, when you trudge in. You mumble how tired you are but you manage a long groan into the pillow. Wonho’s silent for a few moments, probably laughing at the sight of you and then his hands are on your shoulders. If he’s going to tell you to relax so help you—– then he starts. He’s slow and a little amateurish but he’s trying. Trying to ease the tension in your shoulders and calm you down. You don’t get to say much because you’re falling asleep before anything else. You’ll thank him when you’re off cloud nine.

Minhyuk: He thinks he probably shouldn’t have asked. He could see the steam resonating from your ears. You were mad. The first thing you say is ‘can you believe them’ and Minhyuk responds ‘I know how dare they’. Like clockwork. And that’s how it goes. That’s how he does it. He’s an animated listener, all the while helping you peel your shoes and jacket off. He has a response for every outburst and he’s attentive and enthusiastic. So much that it rubs off. Your outbursts start having a smile, your rants are less heated and before you know it you’re burnt out of energy and busy laughing instead. Laughing and falling on his shoulder and feeling glad to have such a sweetheart with you.

Kihyun: It’s one of those days where you’re so busy you don’t sit down. It’s one of those days when you can’t even spare a look at your lunch because you’re bouncing back and forth. You don’t even notice you haven’t eaten before you’ve made it halfway into the house and you flop on the bed; only to be woken up by shaking and Kihyun’s voice asking you if you’ve eaten. He wants to scold you but he sees how much you sink in the bed and before you can ready your excuses he’s ushering you to the kitchen. An entire day of taking care of other people’s needs and he’s ready to take care of you, hear you out— right after you eat.

Hyungwon: You don’t get a word out. Maybe that’s a good thing because you’ve been talking all day. Smiling, repeating, and charming for hours and you’d actually like to stop talking. There’s a rush of things waiting to leave your lips when you reach the door and Hyungwon knows because you texted half of it beforehand. You barge in practically spewing out every incident, every situation that occurred knowing he can hear you. You keep going too, until you’re met with a blanket thrown across your shoulders. You’d gather that you woke him up with your tantrum but he’s busy shuffling the both of you to the couch. Sleep now, rant later. Two seconds on the bed and you realize this is a lot better.

Jooheon: It’s like he can tell. Usually you do come in ready to give him a bunch of tales about work. Usually you’re flopping beside him by the computer and going on and on. Today though, you come in quietly, sigh just as quietly and make your way to the room. You expect Jooheon to follow, expect it to be boisterous and probably not what you need right now. But he’s quiet, the door clicks open, the bed dips. You muffle words in the pillow. After three more tries and his fingers prodding at your body you get mad, and at first you really are mad. He throws the pillow first really he does but somewhere along the way it’s just laughter and movements and you two staring up at the ceiling. Air and frustration out your lungs now you can talk. But first you thank him.

Changkyun: More often than not it’s a bad idea to bother Changkyun when he’s playing video games. He doesn’t hear you when you march in and not because of the headphones but because he’s glued to the screen. He doesn’t hear you as you mumble on and on about how awful your day was. No he doesn’t even notice you when you slip right under the controller and lay your head on his leg, glaring at him with as much energy as your tired body can produce. When you’re this tired and this restless you need somewhere to put your energy. You think he’s not paying much attention until a controller is shoved in your hands. Two hours and several ties later and he offers to listen but you’re content just trying to kick his butt at Super Mario Kart. Stress forgotten.

Lucky (to be Alive)

For @minglewithadingle​, because, dogs. <3

Robert’s stuck in traffic.

It’s been a hectic week. The scrapyard’s been doing well, which is good, but it’s been seeing Aaron leaving earlier in the mornings and coming home later in the evenings. And Home James has been doing so well that even with Jimmy and Rodney out on haulage runs with the rest of the drivers, Robert’s still been needed to take care of a few himself whenever he’s not been busy charming the clients through the Home Farm contract.

He’s supposed to be down south, now, stopping at a hotel for the night before heading back in the morning, but he’s managed to finish things up much sooner than planned, and he’s heading back home.

Robert checks the time on his phone. 9:47PM. If he’s lucky, he’ll make it back before Liv slinks off to bed, and before Aaron falls asleep. He’s not seen much of either all week, and he’s not ashamed to admit that he misses them. The reason he’s slowly losing his patience as the line of traffic crawls around an accident site up ahead is because he wants to surprise them both, and hopefully manage an hour in front of the telly together.

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I like the headcanon that Dark and Mark actually used to be close friends when Mark was young, like, 0-4/5 years old, but Mark abandoned him because people made fun of him for still having ‘imaginary friends’ when he was older.

Dark wants attention and wants to be ‘pleasing’ so much because he was abandoned and deprived of it and perhaps feels like people will stay if you impress them; but at the same time, he hates people and is angry at them because it was people who stole Mark from him. It was people who made Mark push him away. He manipulates the and lures them and actually m u r d e r s them because Mark should belong to //him//

Of course, he’s much too far gone to be anything other than aggressive and violet, but I feel like it fits in with Yanderiplier too and that’s kinda neat 

also,, if you wanna see some cute writing for this headcanon of mark/dark as kids, here’s something i wrote because it’s late at night and i like to write

writing: "You know, Mark,“ The smooth voice of Mark’s best friend, who his parents said was imaginary even though he wasn’t, kicked up from the left of Mark. “It’s getting late. Thomas has already headed to sleep. You should probably get ready for bed,”

“I haven’t finished this level yet,” Mark responded, keeping his eyes on the television in front of him. He heard his friend sigh.

“Mark, you can’t be awake too late. Bad things happen,” They explained. ‘They’ was who Mark had named Dark, because he wore darker clothes, had dark eyes, and had a dark aura surrounding him. Mark’s fingers paused on the controller hesitantly as he looked over to Dark.

“Like what?” Mark asked, his eyes wide. “Do you have stories? Tell me them, Dark, please!”

“Only if you go to bed, kiddo,” Dark chuckled with a slight grin as he leaned his head on his hand, which was rested on the arm of the couch.

“Oh, fine! You have to turn off the TV tonight, though!” Mark stuck out his tongue. He hated to turn off the television at night because of the blackness that surrounded the room once the light of it disappeared. He left his controller behind on the couch, racing up the stairs. Dark shook his head, moving it to the shelves that held all the games and their necessities. He shut off the TV afterwards, embracing the comfort of the familiar setting. After double-checking that everything was in its proper place, he followed the stairs to Mark’s room.

“Are you ready to sleep, Mark?” He asked, closing the door gently behind him. He saw the outline of Mark’s head nod, despite how dim the lights were, if they could be considered to be there at all.

“Tell me stories, Dark!” Mark said excitedly, turning on his side to face Dark with his enthusiastic gaze as he sat on a chair by his bedside.

“I have no stories of the monsters you think I refer to,” Dark said simply. Mark looked disappointed, until Dark spoke up again. “The monsters I’ve known are much worse. They linger within the minds, hearts, and very souls of people, waiting for the right time to strike.”

“Really?” Mark asked interestedly, staring at him. “How do you know that they’re there?”

“I know, because I can see them. Someday, I’ll teach you how to find them. And, of course, I’ll always keep you safe,”

“Okay, Dark!” Mark cheerfully said, believing every word. It would have done him well to have remembered the words of Dark well into his future. Perhaps he may have been safer. “Goodnight, Darkipoo,”

“Goodnight, Mark,” Dark whispered quietly, pulling the blanket up to Mark’s chin. “Sleep well,”

Being their daugther would include...


  • he’d be very protective of you
  • him teaching you how to fight because that’s what women do where he comes from
  • being able to beat every man around thanks to him
  • him always talking to Gisla how proud he is of you
  • “Did you punsh him?” -”Yes.” -”Hit him harder next time, he could still walk.”


  • you’d have to look after all your brothers and take care of them because they’re reckless idiots
  • demanding to be taken along on raids because you want to see so much of the world just as he does
  • “You’re not coming with us.”“I can do what I want and I am coming with you.”
  • trying to make him get along with Rollo
  • coming up with ideas where to sail next and enthusiastically telling your father about it


  • coming up with new inventions together
  • he’d make you all kinds of toys when you’re little
  • you helping to build ships when you’re older
  • putting up with some strange behaviour of his
  • he’d always talk about the gods and teach you things about them
Isaac Lahey Imagine- The Girl In The White Dress

Part1     Part2

“Y/N” Stiles said in annoyance. “Y/N!” everyone shouted, noticing you were zoned out completely. “Sorry, it happened again didn’t it?” you asked, rubbing your eyes. Everyone nodded, causing you to sigh. The whole being a siren thing was new to all of you, none of you knew exactly how to control it. You looked around the lunch room, not remembering how you got there, you often blanked out without memory of what previously happened. “Do you remember what we were talking about?” Isaac asked knowingly. You shook your head and smiled, trying your hardest to keep your heart rate stable. You could see Lydia, Malia and Kira smirking from the opposite side of the table. You widened your eyes at them, before turning to look back at Isaac. “We were talking about meeting up later in Derek’s loft for a movie night, you in?” he asked. “Sure” you managed to mutter, still trying to contain your heart rate. When the bell went, everyone began to pack their stuff away and head to last lesson. You barley stood up, before Lydia linked your arm and began walking you to biology. “He likes you” she said smiling brightly. “He only asked if I was coming to the pack night in” you retort, looking back to make sure he wasn’t listening to the conversation. “And do you know why that is?” she tugged at your arm, so you would turn back around. “Because I make the best popcorn?” you answered hesitantly. “Don’t be so naïve, he totally wants you”  she said, guiding you into the classroom and sitting next to you. “If you say so” you said with an eye roll. Students began pouring into the classroom; Isaac, Scott and Stiles included. They sat in their usual seats across the room, Scott next to Stiles and Isaac in front of them. You took your note pad and pen out of your bag casually, before turning to Lydia. “What would make you think he likes me anyway?” you said intrigued. “Your certainly his type” she said, noticing your clear curiosity. ”And that is?” you questioned. “Well, you’re intelligent, mysterious, super hot, bad ass, witty and a tad bit too sarcastic” she added. You smiled and looked over at him, his blue eyes bright and his curls resting perfectly on top of his head. “why wont you just admit you like him?” she leant forward to bock your view of him. “Because I don't” you exclaimed, folding your arms. She laughed and shook her head at you. “Even if I did, its obvious he isn’t interested in me, like that” you said with slight sadness. “You’re kidding right? When there’s a new threat he refuses to leave your side, he always makes sure you get home safe after watching the lacrosse matches, he glares at any boy that comes near you, he asks your dearest brother Stiles about you when you don’t come to school and he stares at you so intensely, like seriously, and that’s just to mention a few” she rambled. “Okay Lyd, breathe” you said laughing, to hide your blush. “Oh and not to mention Isaac stares at your bum, a lot!” she giggled. “I do not” he retort from the other side of the room, his cheeks flustered. You sighed in relief after realising that’s the only part he heard with his stupid werewolf hearing.

Later that evening you arrived at Derek’s loft, after reluctantly listening to Stiles sing to the radio for the whole journey. When you entered; Kira was setting up a film you could ALL watch, Lydia was propping up the pillows to take a cute ‘pack night in’ picture, Scott and Malia were having a competition on who could eat the most pizza, Liam was awkwardly watching everyone, Derek was doing push ups (he was actually staying for once) and Isaac was standing in the door frame shaking an empty popcorn bowl at you. You rolled your eyes and put your arm around Liam, dragging him into the kitchen “Come on wolf boy” you laughed, making him feel welcome. You grabbed the bowl out of Isaac’s hand and pushed past him playfully, before teaching Liam your popcorn making skills. Eventually, you all settled down in front of the TV. Kira and Scott snuggled up together on the far sofa with Malia and Stiles also snuggled up together and Liam squashed between the two couples. Derek was in and out the most of the time, but he dragged a single chair and sat on that. Meanwhile you, Lydia and Isaac sat on the other sofa. You sat in the middle, ignoring Lydia’s smirks when she noticed Isaac rested his arm on the seat behind you and how you kept bickering with one another because you couldn’t watch the film properly due to his constant fidgeting. “I love this part, watch, watch, did you guys see that!” Stiles said enthusiastically, as per usual he was giving you all a running commentary of the film. “Stiles shut up!” you shouted. “Wait I missed it, can you rewind it” Scott said in confusion. “ What film are we watching?” Malia asked with furrowed brows. “I think we’re watching Harry Potter” Liam answered. “No, that was the film we watched last week” Lydia said, staring at her manicured nails. “Great, my phone just died” Kira groaned. “Which one of you stinks of teenage hormones?” Derek asked bluntly with a loud sigh. All eyes went towards Isaac, who gave a quite innocent look followed by his signature smirk. You pushed him playfully and rolled your eyes at him, causing Stiles to heave at the thought.

After about an hour into the film, the majority of the pack had fallen asleep with the exception of Kira who was drifting in and out, along with Derek who was still watching the movie. You sat up and gently moved Isaac’s head, which was resting on you. You stood up and walked over to the kitchen to get yourself a glass of water. You noticed when you were pouring it your hands were beyond shaky, when you attempted to pick the glass up you dropped it and it smashed on the floor. It was happening again;the migraine, the dizziness and the tight pain in your chest. You stumbled out of the kitchen and back through the living room, holding your head. “I’m just going to get some fresh air” you said quietly. “Are you ok?” Derek asked, sitting up in his chair protectively. “I’m fine” you smiled. He didn’t realise that you weren’t wearing shoes and he wasn’t aware of the cold climate outside of the stuffy loft. You loved your friends, but you were tired of relying on them all the time. You opened the door and closed it quietly behind you, before going downstairs. You were in the parking lot for what seemed like a few minutes, not a few hours. It turns out your siren abilities had taken over, but this time it was stronger. You unwillingly began walking, until you were in the forest. You had no control but you were still aware of what you were doing, until you’d found yourself at the Nemeton, that’s where you completely lost yourself. 

Meanwhile, Isaac had woken up after realising there was no longer a warmth or the smell of your perfume beside him. He looked around noticing everyone else was asleep, he glanced over to the kitchen but you weren’t there. He waited for a few minutes in case you’d gone to the bathroom or something. He rubbed his eyes and looked back at the Tv screen, it was just the Netflix home screen by now. After another minute he began to get worried, he pulled his phone out his back pocket and sent you a text to ask where you were. That’s when your phone went off on the coffee table, it was placed next to your jacket and your shoes were still by the door. “Derek… Derek!” he whispered, his voice getting louder. Derek’s eyes soon drifted back open, “What?” he asked grumpily. “Where’s Y/N?” he questioned. “You mean she isn’t back yet?” Derek was just as puzzled as him. “Back from what?” he interrogated. “She went out for fresh air about an hour ago” Derek said, sitting up. “Wake them up, we need to find her, something could of happened, anything could of happened to her while we’re doing nothing to help her” he exclaimed, which was enough for the other werewolves to hear and begin to open their eyes. But Isaac had already stormed out in search of you, he already had your scent fresh on his mind so it wasn’t like he needed anyone’s help anyway.

“Y/N!” he called, after tracking your scent to the forest. Every worse possible scenario ran through his mind as he wacked through the low hanging branches and bushes. He was looking around for about 20 minutes and all he made was two circles of the same area, your scent was somehow scattered all over the place. By now he was sure the rest of the pack was also out looking for you, followed by your dad and the police department, but something came over him that made him adamant to find you first. He turned a corner and bumped straight into something, you. The pearl white dress you were wearing had now been slightly tinted grey by the outdoors, your feet covered by the grass and moss you had been walking on, he slowly looked up to see you staring directly at him, your eyes were glazed over and glowing silver. You wrapped your arms around his neck, not breaking eye contact before pulling him into a long attentive kiss. You then pulled away from him and brushed past as if nothing had happened. Every being in his body wanted to grab you by the wrist, so he could take you back to safety but he physically couldn’t. The only thing he was able to do was follow after you admiringly. He did this until you reached a river, by the time he got there you were standing at the other side, by the edge. “Y/n!” he tried to shout, but all that came out was a faint whisper. You didn’t look at him, you simply took another step until the water was up to your knees. Break out of it, break out of it Isaac, he kept repeating to himself trying to get out of the siren trance you had put him in, but it wasn’t working. All he could do was watch as the girl he loved slowly submerged herself into a freezing cold lake. “Y/N!” he shouted, he had broken out of it the second your whole body had been submerged. He kicked off his shoes and shoved off his coat, before diving into the lake. He was instantly hit by the coldness, but the usual blackness of the deep water seemed to be illuminated by your presence. He swam over to you, after seeing your silver eyes glowing, however all natural light seemed to have drifted from them, the closer he got to you the louder a voice got inside of his head, your voice. Repeating the same words “I love you, come closer, Isaac, I love you, come closer”. He grabbed your body and pulled you back to the surface. He took you back onto the river bank, noticing your eyes had drifted closed and your skin had grew pale. Twigs snapped behind Isaac as Malia and Scott emerged, running over to you two. “Y/n” “Y/N! Wake up!” “She’s not breathing” “Someone call Stiles and an ambulance” “Don’t die please” “WAKE UP!”.

Part two? Comment if you’d like to see it x Requests are currently closed, dw if you’ve already sent one as I will be getting around to them as soon as I can x

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EXO reaction to you being a messy eater?

I hope that’s what you meant by being a messy eater. If we misunderstood, we’re terribly sorry! We’re not English native speakers. 

- Admin Gumi


Laughs his ass off whenever he sees you eating and imitates you because it looks so funny to him. “Jagi, you made a mess again!”


He on the other hand thinks it’s the cutest thing he’s ever seen and seeing you covered in food he smiles and kisses your cheek. “You have some on your face”


Laughs and teases you (it’s Chen we’re talking about). Sometimes even takes pictures for future blackmails uses. “Where are your manners, my lady?”


Is broken between seeing the mess and you being cute but eventually gets used to it and smiles at you. “Now, you really liked it, yeah?”


Doesn’t care at all. He loves how enthusiastic you are about food, sometimes just laughs about it. “You’re perfect even with all of this in your mouth”


At first is confused and judges you silently but deep down he’s fangirling about it. Soon he’s okay with it and just sighs with a small smile. “Oh you, what should I do about you”


He loves watching you eating because you always seem so happy with your food. “You’re so adorable, you know that?”


Chuckles quietly every time you’re covered in food and sometimes wipes off some food off your cheek. “You’re so funny, Jagi~”


Makes fun of you and takes a photo just because. He thinks it’s ridiculous and always laughs. “Yah, come here! I’m not gonna clean this up!”


Smiles at you and pets your head, letting you eat your food in peace. “She’s so pure, how is it even possible”


Even though he’s probably just as messy as you, he doesn’t let you live and makes fun of you each time. “You know I love you Jagiya but…” *starts laughing*


Actually likes seeing you eating all messy and being enthusiastic about it. Though he’s also shocked about how much you can eat. “Don’t tell me you ate all of that!”

- Admin Gumi and Admin Tian

Bucky Barnes: Flowers

Originally posted by maorisakai

Title: Flowers

Prompt: So soulmate AU where each pair has a matching tattoo to depict part of the story of how they fall in love.

Characters: Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes

Warnings: None

Word Count: 2494

Notes: I wish this would happen haha.  Anyways, I hope you are having a lovely day!

“Hey Steve, where are you going?”  Bucky observed Steve jumping around as he attempted to put his shoes on without bending down- what an old man.  

“I’m going to visit Peggy today.”  

“Oh, okay.”

“Do you need anything while I’m out?”  Steve asked more out of habit than anything else.  He was always looking out for his friend, and this included making sure Bucky had all his essential supplies.  

“Nah man,”  Bucky replied, lying back down on the couch, “I’m good.  

And then Bucky was alone with nothing but his thoughts to keep him company.  He flicked through the tv channels idly as he absentmindedly brushed his fingers over his soulmark, shivering when his cool metal hand connected with his warm skin.  

Bucky couldn’t help but wonder if his soulmate had died like Steve’s had- he shuddered at that thought.  The thought of some girl growing old and alone bothered him greatly, knowing that he could never go back and do things differently.

Or maybe she was in an old nursing home somewhere, surrounded by her children and grandchildren.  Falling in love with people other than your soulmates was not too common, but if it meant that Bucky’s soulmate was happy, then he was happy.  Or at the very least, bittersweet.


“That will be twelve ninety-five please,”  You said, waiting as the customer pulled out his wallet.  “I think that they will really love it, by the way.”  You nodded your heads to the bouquet of flowers in your hands, excitement for the man running through you.  This was your favorite part about working in a flower shop- the pay may not be great, but putting smiles on the customers’ faces was enough for you.

The man smiled and handed the cash over to you as you handed him the bouquet.  “Thank you,”  He said, “I think he will too.”

As soon as he left the door you started to busy yourself again, not liking moments of stillness.  That was one thing that everyone knew about you- you always needed to be moving.  You were alway talking, always moving, always doing something with your time.  Sometimes you thought it was because you didn’t want to be left alone with your thoughts, but before you could answer yourself you had already started doing something else.

You were watering a pot of pink gerbera daisies when the door chimed, signalling that someone else was in the shop with you.  Thinking that they would call if they needed help, you continued on to water the next plant, and the next plant, and the next…

“Excuse me, miss?”  You nearly jumped out of your skin when the man’s voice penetrated the silence.  Apparently the man took notice of this, because he quickly apologized, “Oh, I’m so sorry!  I didn’t mean to scare you!”

After catching your breath, you waved him off.  “It’s alright.  You’re just have really quiet footsteps, that’s all.”  You gave the tall blonde a friendly smile before continuing, “So what are you looking for today mister…”

“Steve, my name’s Steve.”  The way he said his name, like he was surprised that you would want to know it, bothered you.  He seemed like a sweet guy and it saddened you to know that he didn’t think you would care.

“It’s nice to meet you Steve!”  You placed a hand on your hip while pushing a strand of hair out of your face.  “What do you have in mind?”

“Actually, I was wondering if you could help me with that.”  

“Okay, well, what’s the occasion?”  His smile fell and you chided yourself for not being more sensitive.  You knew there was something off about the man- he was sad.  He probably lost someone, and here you were trying to be all perky.

“A friend of mine passed recently,”  He said, looking at the floor, “and I wanted to get some nice flowers for her.”

“Okay,”  You said, taking his hand and walking him towards the front desk of the store.  You pulled out a booklet filled with different flower assortment types, from small flower pots to large lavishing displays.  You handed it over to him gently, well aware of how he was feeling.  You have also lost people important to you and you knew how it felt.  “Do you see anything you like?”

His eyes flitted up from the booklet to meet yours before he spoke, pain clearly showing in them.  “I think she would have liked Selection B, if that’s okay.”  He handed the booklet back into your hands.

“Ah,”  You said, peeking at the picture that he was talking about.  Selection B was a moderately long display of an assortment of white flowers, a beautifully modest set in your opinion.  “And I can show you some different types of flowers for it if you’d like.”

“Thank you, that would be great.”

“But before we start off, do you have any specific colors in mind?  A favorite color of hers perhaps?”

Steve’s eyes flickered with something nostalgic for a moment before returning to the present.  “She liked red.  She was always painting her nails this beautiful shade of red…”  He trailed off, a sad look on his face.  You couldn’t help but think that he looked like some sort of lost puppy with that face.

“Okay, that’s good because I have lots of red flowers in here.”  You took his hand again and led him to the red section.  (Yes, you color coded your flowers.)  Releasing it, you used your finger to point to the different plants he could choose from.  “Now here we have the traditional red roses, and right next to them are the tulips, and below the tulips are the customer favorite- the carnations.  I have someone who comes in every week to buy his wife a bouquet of them- it’s really cute,”  You accidentally started to go off, mentally palming your forehead as you did so.  “Sorry, I’m just rambling now.”  You gave him a sheepish smile, hoping that he wouldn’t mind.

“It’s alright.  And I can see how they are a customer favorite, these carnations are beautiful.”

“Yeah, they are.  And then over here we have dahlias, and the daisies, and over there are the calla lillies…”

You continued to name off all of the flowers in the section enthusiastically, point to each one as you went.  If he was annoyed by your antics, he was good at hiding it because it seemed as though he was actually interested in what you were talking about.

“And that’s it for the red flowers, unless you want to look at some white ones too?”

“I think red will be just fine.”  

“Okay,”  You said, walking behind the cash register to retrieve the basket he chose for the assortment.  You quickly walked back to him, ready to start picking the flowers out.  “Do you have any ideas?”

“I liked the roses and the calla lillies- I think she would have too.”

You hummed in response, placing four of each in the basket.  “This is good- what else?”

“I think the carnations and the hollyhocks would work with them, don’t you think?”

“Yeah, of course!”  You placed a couple more of each in the basket.

“The poppies and pansies would be nice too.”  You nodded your head, placing stocks of them in with the rest of his flowers.  “And I think the cosmos would go well with those.”

“Okay, let’s put some of those in there too then!”  You placed a nice amount of the flower in the now full basket before turning to Steve.  “Is there anything else you would like to put in here?”

“No,”  He took the basket carefully from your hands, as if he was handling something extremely precious.  You deduced that whoever he lost must have meant a whole lot to him, which only furthered your concern for the man.  “That’ll be all.”

“Okay, then let’s ring you up.”  You walked him to the front desk again, entering the amount of each type of flowers he had picked out.  “That’ll be one-oh-four thirty-four.”

He placed the basket delicately down on the counter before fishing for his wallet in his pocket.  He then proceeded to pull a one hundred dollar bill out along with a twenty.  You took the money and placed it in the cash register before starting to sift through the bills to give him his change.

“No, please, keep the change.”  He reached for the basket and grasped it tightly in his hand before giving you a small smile.  “Thank you for helping me.”

“The pleasure was all mine.”  You said, walking him to the door.  “I’m sorry for your loss, by the way.”

He sighed before looking at you.  “It’s alright.  She isn’t in pain any longer.”  With that, Steve walked out the door and into the gloomy day.


By the time Steve came back home it was the grey sky had started to rain, so it was no surprise when Steve came in soaked to the bone.

“Hey Steve.  Do you want me to start a shower?”

“No thanks, I got it.”

“Is there anything I can do?”  Both men knew that there was a double meaning to Bucky’s words; he wanted to know if Steve wanted to talk about his day.

“I’m fine Buck.  I just went to give some flowers to Peggy.”  Steve disappeared into the bathroom, his head popping back out a second later.  “You would have liked the girl working there- she was really kind.  She seemed genuinely concerned for me, which was really sweet.  You always liked the sweet ones, didn’t you Buck?”

“Yeah,”  Bucky laughed, “I guess so.”

The bathroom door closed behind Steve as he went to take a shower, but Bucky could still hear him shouting over the running water.  “You should stop by tomorrow.”

“Why would I do that?”

“I dunno, I just have a feeling about this one.”


True to his word, the next day Bucky stood outside the flower shop.  ‘Y/n’s Florals’ the shop read.  For some reason, when he read your name he couldn’t help but feel tingles run down his spine in the most pleasant of ways.  

The bells over the door jingled as he passed through the door, entering the shop with curiousity.  There was no one at the front desk which discouraged him, but if he strained his hearing he could hear you softly humming to yourself somewhere in the shop.  His footsteps were light as he walked through the aisles, as he didn’t want to interrupt the beautiful sound of your soft humming.  He found you towards the back watering a line of eerily familiar purple flowers.

“Hello?”  Bucky couldn’t help but feel bad for you as she jumped nearly six inches in the air with fright.

You turned around holding your hand over your heart, which was still beating horribly fast might I add.  “What is it with people and sneaking up on me!”  As soon as the words left your mouth you instantly regretted them, placing a hand over your mouth in shock.  “Oh my god, I’m so sorry!  That’s terribly unprofessional of me!”

The dashing young man in front of you chuckled before speaking.  “Don’t be sorry- I should be the one apologizing.  I was the one that snuck up on you.”

“True,”  You said before converting back into your professional mode, “Anyways, I’m Y/n.  How may I help you today?”

Bucky didn’t want to stop talking to you, but for some reason he felt as though he couldn’t ask you out straightaway- something told him that you were more special than just any other girl that he would ask out casually.  

He attempted to think quickly, searching for a reason as to why he would need to talk to you.  “Um, my friend came in here yesterday to buy some flowers-”

“Oh, you Steve- was it?  The other really quiet guy?”

Bucky couldn’t help but smile a bit as you seemed proud of your deduction.  “Yeah, Steve’s my friend.”  You smiled back at him, glad that you guessed right so you didn’t make a complete fool of yourself.  

“So what are you looking for today mister…”

“Barnes, but please call me Bucky.”

“Okay Bucky, what are we looking for?”

He looked around the room before zeroing in on the purple flowers behind you. Maybe he would get some flowers for Wanda or Natasha or something. Anything to keep the conversation going.  “I was looking to get some purple flowers?”

“Okay, sure.  What size bouquet are you looking for?”


You chuckled at his uncertainty- guys could be such goofballs when it came to flowers.  “Okay, medium then.”  You motioned for him to stay put before walking to the front of the store to get one of the plastic wraps for a medium sized bouquet before walking back to him.  “What would you like?”

Bucky had no idea what to choose when it came to flowers, so he decided for you to choose.  “Um, I was hoping that you could help me with that?”

“Sure, okay.  I might be a bit biased though- is that okay?”

“Of course.”

“Alright then,”  You said, leaning over some pots to get to stalks of lavender.  “You wanted to stick to purple only, right?”

Bucky didn’t know why he said yes when there were so many different colors of flowers around them.  But, for some reason, he knew that purple flowers only was the right choice.

“I think I’ll put in some salvias and some carnations in, if that’s okay?”  You had always liked those flowers, as they were the ones that were in the tattoo on your hip.  You were only encouraged when he nodded his head for you to keep going.  “Some daylilies would be nice too, and some owl’s clover would be fun…”  

Before you knew it, you had unconsciously made a replica of your tattoo.  “Is this good?”  You asked, looking from the bouquet over to him.  

Bucky was standing next to you, staring at the flowers attentively.  He squinted at them, searching his mind for where he had seen them before.  And then it dawned on him.

“You’re the girl.”

“Yeah, I’m Y/n, remember?”  

“No, you’re the girl.”

“I don’t understand-”  You said, watching as Bucky started to lift up his shirt.  You were about to smack him until you saw the tattoo on his abdomen- one identical to yours and to the bouquet in your hands.

“Oh my god.”  You felt like you should have been saying something more, but you couldn’t think of any words to say.

“Oh my god.  I finally found you!”

Before you knew what was happening, two strong arms wrapped around you and your face was smooshed into his hard chest.  You threw your arms around his large frame, a feeling of warmth flourishing across your body.  

For once in very long time, Bucky was at peace.

so I got a bucnh of Pony/Monoma (not as a ship) hc because I love these two for some reason so I’m just going to throw them in here

  • so what if Pony is part of one of those exchange student courses where they have to stay at other student’s house during the time they attend school
  • what if she is staying at Monoma’s house
  • can you imagine Monoma in class one day “oh Pony I’m so sorry that we could only put ONE grand piano in your room but there wasn’t any space left with the Louis XIV table there… you know that’s the room we use as a warehouse hope it’s comfortable enough for you”
  • Pony being genuinely amazed by everything Monoma does and trusting every single word that comes out of his mouth and Monoma is so touched he won’t let anyone hurt his precious friend
  • Pony waking up in the middle of the night because she’s thirsty and running into Monoma in his fourth trip to the bathroom and he’s like “you shouldn’t go around at night it’s dangerous what if you fall down the stairs go to your room I’ll bring you something to drink you problematic child gOD”
  • Monoma’s relationship with Pony is basically the “you are allowed to have other friends you just have to love me more” post
  • Pony is actually very popular in Class B because she’s really cute and everytime a boy talks to her Monoma is staring Monoma is listening always there lurking in the shadows
  • “You have such a cute accent” “aRE YOU MAKING FUN OF HER YOU JERK”
  • Monoma showing her around and Pony getting all excited and pointing at things asking “how do you call this?” and Monoma has to control himself because she’s so cute
  • when she says things like “Monoma-kun you are so smart” Monoma is lowkey crying because nice words???? towards him????
  • people approaching Pony and asking her how can she put up with Monoma and think such nice things of him when he’s so conceited and bigheaded and Pony being just like “is he? well, I don’t know”
  • but she knows because she can see how Monoma is when no one is around
  • Monoma turns into a soccer mom when it’s Pony’s turn during their hero classes
  • Pony turning into a supportive overly enthusiastic friend when it’s Monoma’s turn and mixing Japanese with English 
  • it’s true that Monoma teaches her some nasty things but if Pony gets stuck and doesn’t know how to say something and starts getting embarrassed he will help her out 
  • when Pony starts hanging out with the girls Monoma feels so lonely like “oh yeah…. sure go with your new friends…. I’ll be at home… the new season of Yo-kai Watch starts today anyway so…”
  • then Pony comes back home with something silly like a cat keychain and says something like “I saw this and reminded me of you because you are a copy-cat” and Monoma has to make an effort to not start crying there and then
  • he carries it everywhere and shows it to everyone until one day he loses it and he panics and Pony is like “it’s okay it was just a keychain” but Monoma is like “but YOU gave it to ME it’s important!”
  • Monoma slowly opening up to Pony but then immediately backing off before saying anything too personal when it’s 3AM 

I occasionally tap into the energy of my parents’ house to do a quick check on the wards there. When I did this a few months back, I noticed that there was a new presence hanging out in the pool. I finally got the chance to astral journey there and see what’s up.

I use my altar there as an access point to the house and step out into my room. I say hello to the land guardian who doesn’t even look up from the book that he’s reading as he sits on my bed. Leaving him, I make my way outside to the pool where a hippocamus with aqua-colored scales quickly swims to the far end away from me. His fishtail undulates through the water like a seahorse’s and his translucent, dark blue mane floated in the air like steam. As I sit down on one of the nearby chairs, he nervously glances over his shoulder multiple times as if to keep checking if I were still there.      

“Hello,” I finally say, breaking the silence. “Ah!! I’m sorry!! I’ll be leaving right away,” he skitters over to the edge of the pool and hastily throws his webbed hoofs onto the concrete trying to hoist himself out. “Woah, woah woah! You don’t have to leave!” I exclaim as I move over to him to try and coax him back into the pool. Up close, I realize how small he is, no bigger than your average-sized human. He doesn’t respond to my urges and instead keeps struggling to pull himself out, “No, I’m sorry! I don’t want to be a problem or burden!! Sorry to bother you, Captain, uh…?”

“Doom, Captain Doom,” of course I give him the name that I actually use with spirits and not the comical nickname that my friends gave me. I don’t think I’d be taken seriously if I went around calling myself “Captain Doom”. However, I’m entertained by how he called me a captain based on my pirate attire and decide to talk to him about my ship and the only crew member that I currently have. My stories calms him down a bit and he relaxes back into the water.

When our conversation reaches a lull, I ask where he’s from. “The beach!” he chirps. “The beach? What are you doing here then?” I question. The beach is only at most 10 minutes away from the house so for a hippocampus to choose to live in a small pool over the wide open ocean struck me as odd. “Because the pool is warmer,” he answers. I shake my head, “I don’t believe it. How can this pool be hotter than the ocean? I mean there’s the solar panels but I can’t see them helping that much.” Silly me forgot that while, yeah, a smaller body of water will lose heat faster than a large one, it’ll also gain heat faster. “It’s true! It’s true!” the hippocampus exclaims as he enthusiastically bobs up and down.   

“Aren’t you supposed to be in a herd or something? I can’t imagine a hippocampus would like travelling alone,” a voice from behind me interrupts. I turn around to see the land guardian leaning against a wall with crossed arms. “What?” he says, “I just wanted to see how you were going to handle the situation.” I step away from the hippocampus and approach the guardian, “And what is your opinion on it?,” I ask.  “I want him gone!” the guardian growls while cutting his clawed hand through the air, “He doesn’t belong here and I don’t need him bothering the residents.” The hippocampus speaks up, his voice weak and cracking, “B-But Mr. A and Captain Doom, I haven’t hurt anybody! I haven’t eaten anything and I don’t try to talk to anyone. I just like the warmth.” As he finishes, he meekly shrinks down into the water, nervously awaiting our response.

“You haven’t eaten at all?!” I ask in surprise, “But you’ve been here for at least two months! What do you even eat?” He quietly answers, “Kelp. That’s why I haven’t eaten anything.” The guardian impatiently beats his wings, “Don’t get distracted, Captain,” he says my title with mocking distaste, “This creature cannot be allowed to remain here.” He jabs a finger in the direction of the hippocampus and declares, “You must leave come the first day of summer. I think that’s a pretty generous date.” Turning back to me he says, “Captain, can you ensure that the hippocampus is gone by the first day of summer?” It was more of an order than a request but I would have said yes either way.

“Good! Then it looks like my work is done here. Ha! It seems like I handled the situation for you, Captain. Say, since when did you start going by “Captain” anyway?,” he plays with the feathers on my hat as he asks that. “There’s been a lot of changes since we last met,” I answer. “I’ll bet,” he steps back, spreads his wings, and takes off, flying away. I direct my attention back at the hippocampus who speaks before I do, “I’ll be gone by the first day of summer, don’t you worry!” He says that while looking completely worried himself. I wonder if he’s afraid of something at the beach or if he’s scared to be without his herd. I decide not to ask just yet and instead offer him food. I tell him that while not kelp, I do have nori in the house and fetch it for him. The nori is too thin for him to eat, he can’t chew it as he’s used to and it just sticks to his teeth.

I offer lettuce for him to try instead but he’s suddenly wary of my largesse. “Why are you giving me so much food? Do you have some devious plan?” he questions. “What are you talking about?” I ask in confusion. “You must want something if you’re being this nice to me,” he explains. He can’t bring himself to look me in the eyes as he states that but he still feels a little more confident than before, or maybe just serious. Since I want to make his future departure a smooth transition, I decide that having an amiable relationship would be a good idea. So, I hopped to my ship in the astral and my one-member crew and I harvested some kelp for the hippocampus to eat. I brought it back to him but he still regarded it with fearful suspicion. I decide to just to bet on time giving me the chance to improve our relationship and left.

Do you have one with the boys reacting to if their s/o did competitive swimming? If not could you try to do it for me :3

Oh for sure, I have a lot of ideas for this!

Korekiyo Shinguuji

  • he thinks you’ve picked a very honourable and beautiful field of competition!
  • the way the body moves while swimming is incredible, especially yours.
  • he constantly compliments your figure and form, comparing you to a mesmerizing siren, to a beautiful mermaid, to a graceful koi fish.
  • he has a million things to compare you to, and a million compliments to shower you with.
  • he really loves to watch you compete live, but he doesn’t like the large crowds that come with that.
  • so even though he’s really proud, and loves you so much, he doesn’t come to a lot of competitions…
  • or at least, not in the building! he watches the live stream outside from the car and comes in to congratulate you when it ends!
  • he can do that much, at least.
  • he’s very proud of your amazing talent! you can accomplish anything, you’re an incredible human.

Rantarou Amami

  • very supportive!
  • he brings up your swimming success at parties and in group conversations, he wants to show you off, he’s just so proud!
  • he’s willing to pay for anything you might need to succeed, and pretty much devotes himself to coaching you.
  • he learns everything he can about swimming to help!
  • he also manages your workout regime!
  • he comes to every competition, and makes sure you’re well fed and well hydrated before every swim.
  • above your success, he cares about your safety.
  • when you win, he’s so excited!
  • he hugs you, kisses you, congratulates you, even cries a little! he’s just so proud of you for working so hard and having it all pay off!
  • he thinks your talent is really something incredible, and does his best to enrich you!

Kokichi Ouma

  • basically the overly supportive soccer mom of the group.
  • he comes to every competition and cheers for you at the top of his lungs, ordering members of his secret society to take up as much of the audience as possible and do the same!
  • empty seats? god no, not to YOUR competition! all ouma’s underlings!
  • the crowd is absolutely ROARING with your praise!
  • if anybody else in the crowd dares to cheer for somebody else louder than he’s cheering for you, he will silence them.
  • you do not need to hear that. off they go now. 
  • will pick a fight with ANYBODY who claims you aren’t the best swimmer i the entire world. Children, elders, animals, anybody! nobody says that about you without going through him!
  • you have to make him promise not to rig the competition or injure any of the other competitors.
  • when you win, he bawls.
  • he’s out of his seat, applauding and screaming your praises, telling everybody sitting around him that you’re his S/O and also the best.
  • however, when you meet up with him after, he says you were…alright.
  • but that doesn’t stop him from shouting how fantastic you were at every swimmer who passes.

Shuuichi Saihara

  • tries his best to be supportive, but really doesn’t know the first thing about swimming.
  • and it doesn’t help that he doesn’t like the big crowds of people, so he actually doesn’t go to any of your competitions, which he feels terrible about, honestly.
  • but he wants to hear all about them when you get home!
  • eventually you show him the live streams, and he is fascinated! he could have been watching all this time!
  • so he starts watching every single stream, cheering you on from home and smiling proudly the entire time.
  • he’s just so, so impressed! you’re so talented!
  • he hugs you so tight when you get home, you did such a good job!
  • he never misses a competition now, and is always cheering for you, whether you can hear him or not.

Kaito Momota

  • cheers loudly for you at every single competition!
  • makes sure to bring friends, so you always have a large crowd of fans!
  • he meets up with you the second you’re out of the pool and puts his jacket over your shoulders, so everybody knows who the incredible swimmer who just owned that competition came here with!
  • he brags about your win pretty loudly, but he can’t help it! he’s just so proud!
  • he keeps asking you all sorts of questions, he’s very curious about your practice, he doesn’t know much about competitive swimming.
  • but he wants to!
  • he does your workouts with you, including your laps of the pool, but he’s not as fast a swimmer as you, so you take it easy on him.
  • he likes to cuddle you a lot after your competitions to help you unwind, and because he’s so proud of you.


  • he can’t get anywhere near the pool, so he can’t go to your competitions, but…
  • he watches the live streams avidly, and he’s very proud of you no matter if you win or lose, because your skills are so impressive!
  • he knows he could never do that, so the fact that you can amazes him.
  • he tells you how impressed he is after every single competition, just to make sure you know!
  • he made sure to do lots of research on competitive swimming, so he knows what everything means and what’s going to help you compete.
  • he makes sure to give you lots of tips when you need them!
  • he also provides you with some very good stretches and exercises, which definitely help your performance!
  • he just wants to be able to help!
  • likes to segway conversations with others towards you being a competitive swimmer, because secretly, he does like showing you off a bit.
  • you’re just so incredible, he has to!

Gonta Gokuhara

  • does your training with you every morning, for encouragement!
  • he also makes sure to come to every single competition, he’s so interested in what you do!
  • his cheering is adorable. never intentional, he just gets completely swept up in the excitement and starts cheering for as loudly as he can! you’re his star!
  • he absolutely drowns you in affection after every competition, constantly hugging and holding you, kissing your face and head constantly, but it’s particularly bad after a win!
  • he won’t put you down or leave your side, interrupting his own sentences or your sentences occasionally just to kiss you!
  • he’s just so proud of his beautiful S/O!
  • he works out with you all the time, just to be sure you’re doing your workouts right!
  • that’s his area of expertise, he can help you out there if not with swimming!
  • really, he doesn’t actually know how to swim that well…
  • he can doggy paddle??
  • not much else-

Ryouma Hoshi

  • the only time you see him so enthusiastic is when he’s cheering you on!
  • he’ll gladly fight anybody who insults your skills, right on the spot. won’t even take it outside, just fight them right then and there.
  • makes sure to always get front row seats to your competitions, won’t settle for less. 
  • because he wants a good view of you!
  • and because he can’t see if he doesn’t sit in the front.
  • but people think he’s a toddler so they usually let him take the front seat if he tries to take it.
  • brags shamelessly about being your S/O, which embarrasses you but he’s just so proud to be the boyfriend of such an incredibly talented person.
  • he comes to every competition, and always takes you out for dinner after to eat and talk about your competition!
EXO react when you (an idol) are feeling sad and struggling to act happy

Here you go :)

(I made this suitable for all genders btw)

Sehun:*it took him a while to pick up that you weren’t usual happy self and when you finally opened up to him and told him about the stress your management he dropped his sassy act and become a total dork. He didn’t know how to solve the problem with your management but always made sure he was someone you could vent to whenever you needed to*

Kai:*with your group’s comeback happening soon, you were trying to get in all the dance practise you could and wanted to perfect the moves. Kai had been helping you because he’s so sweet, but as the days wore on he noticed that your movements became less enthusiastic and you seemed less energetic all-around. Knowing that, although exciting, comebacks can be stressful he wanted to see you relax before the comeback date and the hectic performances and interviews that will follow. So when you were both in the car supposedly on the way to the dance studio, he drove on further in to the city to pick up some food and take the evening off*

Kai- “Come on, we’re getting takeout.”

Y/N- “But…”

Kai- “No buts, we’re going!”

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Tao:*got very upset when you confessed to him about how stressful your management can be after he begged you to tell him what’s wrong. At first he yelled and raved to no one in particular about how cruel your manager is before holding you close clinging onto you like a koala to try and comfort you. Over the next week or so he toned done the whinyness and tried to be more aware of how you’re doing since you’re usually so happy and he hated to see you miserable*

you’re baek okay

D.O:*he’d noticed that your usual bubbly personality was rare to see recently when you weren’t in front of a camera, and he asked you if anything was bothering you. He sat on the couch with you, holding you in his arms as you vented all that was getting you down - the root of your problems being your overly-strict manager, who was very controlling about your personal life and how much time was “acceptable” to spend with family and friends. He promised you he would talk to the manager and reach some kind of compromise. Until then he would always try to make you smile and act like a complete dork to see you happy*

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Chanyeol:*being labelled the happy virus himself, he knew how sometimes it was a lot of pressure to always be upbeat and enthusiastic, and so was very sympathetic when you explained all that was wrong. He did everything in his power to distract you from the stress, whether it was nighttime adventures hunting for Pokemon or playing video games or teaching you how to play guitar. Expect random outburst of aegyo too, all he wants is to see you happy until the pressure passed*

Chen:*he listened to you as you voiced everything you had been worrying about with your management recently. With the threat of one of your group’s members leaving soon, management had been overbearing to ensure no one else would feel the urge to pack up and leave too, and it was getting on your nerves as well as worrying you. Afterwards, he wouldn’t stop cuddling you until you were begging him to free you, and until this difficult period in you career passed he incidentally exhausted himself by acting silly and doing stupid things even more than usual to see you laugh*

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Baekhyun:*he quickly realised that you weren’t yourself, and that your energy seemed to be drained from all the hard work you were doing for your group. Having an overly harsh manager had made you more and more stressed to improve your skills and gain their approval and all the extra training had finally gotten on top of you ;))) . Knowing you wouldn’t listen if he asked you to stop working so hard, he resorted to making sure you were still always busy, but having fun. You’d constantly receive texts or phone-calls along the lines of “Y/N we’re going bowling and you’re coming!” or “Don’t go to the studio let’s go to the arcade instead!” - before you knew it, you were already feeling far less stressed*

Lay:*he sat on the bed with you as you poured out everything that had been stressing you out with your management recently. Your group had just debuted but already you and your group’s members could tell your manager wasn’t the kindest or the most patient. Already she’d upset three members with her harsh criticism, and you were worried for them. Yixing dutifully listened and when all your complaints were out he took you in his arms and pulled you back to lie on the bed before telling you not to worry and to take a nap since you were exhausted with performing and worrying*

“Come get some sleep, it’ll all be okay Y/N”

Suho:*your management wasn’t the most organised or nicest, and you’d had to cancel a trip to visit your family because your manager had supposedly forgotten to tell you that your group was crazy busy with rehearsals those few days - this wasn’t the first time he had “forgotten”. Feeling devastated since you were so excited to see your parents again, you moaned to Junmyeon who after you were done gave you some good motherly advice and then proceeded to cheer you up by being the motherly idiot he is*

“If this happens again, complain. He’s a terrible manager and should probably be replaced”

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Kris:*he realised something was bothering you since you weren’t acting your usual hyper and happy self. He asked you what was bothering you, and, grateful to talk to someone, you ranted about your manager. Everything seemed stressful recently, with your group being booked for so many activities you were run off your feet. He listened hard to all you had to say, and brought you into a huge hug in his long ass arms and promised all the events and interviews would finish soon, and you’d soon enough have plenty of free time*

also this gif is rlly hot to me idk i wanted to use it so

Luhan:*your subdued behaviour made him panic at first, made him think he’d done something wrong and he racked his brains to think what it could be. But one day you came home and vented about your manager and his annoying tendency of never complimenting your group, there was always a “but” - “you did well, but..” or “you have improved, but..” - and it had really gotten you down. You complained about never feeling like you were achieving anything and how you never felt like laughing anymore. After comforting you until everything was out of your system, he whipped around the room in attempts to make you laugh which it did because come on*

“See you’re laughing now!”

Xiumin:*as soon as you told him how demanding your management had become, he instantly started babying you. Being the fantastic listener he is, he gave his full attention to everything you said and complained about. After promising you that all the stress would very soon go away and everything would slot back into place he tripled the aegyo and became even cuter and even sweeter than he normally is because he is a perfect human being we are not worthy of him how is he 26  oh god im emo again im gonna stop*

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HC Of MC being an artist?? If you could do that I'll love you foreverrrrrr my lord

Hope you like it! It was fun trying to make each MC a little different artistically :)


  • He walks in on you sketching one day on the bed, taking a break from your studying to relax.
  • He didn’t know you drew!
  • You try to hide what you’re drawing but the way he pouts at not being able to see it melts your heart.
  • So you show him the little comics you doodle to relieve stress.
  • He reads through them, his little giggles and gasps helping to relieve your nerves; you’d never shown anyone them before.
  • “These are amazing!”
  • He’s gushing as he goes through each, moving on past your sketches to the ones you’ve fully colored, eventually dropping it on the bed and grabbing your hands excitedly.
  • “You’re so talented! I’m so jealous!”
  • You’re laughing, not having expected such a reaction.
  • If he had a tail, it’d be wagging enthusiastically right now.
  • Begs you to draw a comic about you two and of course you agree because how can you say no to him?
  • When it’s done, you give it to him and the dork frames it, showing it off to everyone he knows.


  • He watches as you set up a desk in the corner of your shared bedroom and arrange your supplies meticulously once you’re fully moved in.
  • It seems to be something you do often but he’s never around to see it? He loves seeing the finished product but he would really love to watch you sometime.
  • You usually paint whatever catches your eye, landscapes, plants, animals, but he hasn’t seen any portraits of people.
  • So he asks one day if there was a reason, and you say you’re not very good at it. He wants to see you try, so you give in.
  • You pick a picture of you two that you like a lot and proceed to swipe your brushes across the paper, slowly bringing the two of you to life via your art.
  • It’s absolutely breath-taking, but as you focus on the details of his face he realizes something
  • no, what are the odds of that
  • He goes over to a bookshelf and pulls out a book in which he’s stored any art he’s received from fans in the past, flipping through it until he finds what he’s looking for.
  • Pulling out an old but well-taken care of picture, he stares at it in disbelief before bringing it back to you.
  • “Was this… from you?”
  • You nod shyly; you’d told Jaehee you’d been a fan of his for years and the proof was in front of you now.
  • He leans down and gives you a passionate kiss; his prince/ss is so talented and he’s so proud.


  • She’s absolutely captivated by the things you paint on your canvas.
  • She’s so impressed by the amount of talent flowing from you.
  • It’s incredibly relaxing to sit with some coffee and watch as you fill up the white space with whatever crosses your mind.
  • She incorporates as much as possible into the decorating scheme of the cafe, and she changes them out occasionally when you produce things she likes more.
  • She suggests selling some at future RFA parties to replace V’s pictures since no one’s been able to find him since he disappeared.
  • You’re not sure they’re good enough for that but she informs you she’s had customers come up to her and inquire about buying what she displays in the cafe.
  • You’re shook
  • People want to buy your art?
  • Wow.
  • She ends up shyly asking if you’ll teach her and you two start spending the mornings of your days off lost in a world of your own making.


  • You don’t tell him, nor do you have any intention to.
  • Revered online for your talents, you’re actually quite proud of your work but you’re positive he won’t understand.
  • Because you generally only draw fanart.
  • Your favorite movies, books, games… any and all of it. You even offer commissions, which brings in a little cash of your own for you to spend.
  • It’s not that you need the money, but sometimes you just want to bring in something.
  • Unfortunately, someone uncovers your identity and the newspaper catch wind of it.
  • How embarrassing. Some of your more popular pieces are featured in articles, though they thankfully don’t pick any of your more… risque works.
  • Yikes™
  • You’re waiting on pins and needles for him to bring it up to you, but he just… doesn’t.
  • So one night you bring it up to him. Isn’t he upset? Ashamed?
  • He just stares at you blankly, his hand twitching in the manner it does when he’s confused.
  • “What do I have to be ashamed about? My love is an extremely talented and skilled artist. If anything, I am proud of you.” wait what
  • “B-but I draw fanart…”
  • He pulls you into his arms, pressing kisses to your forehead. “Maybe it’s not what people consider conventional, but that doesn’t make it any less beautiful.”


  • He’s very impressed with what he finds when he looks you up online.
  • Wow… you’re quite skilled in a manner of different things, but you seem to prefer animating things.
  • You end up sending him emojis you design for yourself for the chat and they’re even better quality than his shit does he need to ask you to redesign all of them now?
  • He’s completely shocked when he sees the crappy tablet you’ve been using but you’re a poor college student, what did he expect?
  • When you move in with him, he surprises you with the nicest one he could find he did a lot of research to figure out what the best one would be for you
  • He’s lowkey jealous, especially when you start to teach Saeran and his brother quickly becomes better?? than him?? how is this fair??
  • When he opens his toy shop, you’re the one designing the ads and doing anything super artistic.
  • He ends up convincing you it’s a good idea to market your abilities and maybe he helps a little with his old skills
  • He’s so proud of his artsy fartsy babe~
  • that really upbeat guy in your group that’s always optimistic and friendly with everyone
  • sometimes people get annoyed at how bubbly he is because goddamn boy it’s the apocalypse why are you so happy
  • but he just shrugs and goes ‘well everything else is shit so there’s no point in adding to the sadness’
  • you often admire that about him like when the two of you are out scavenging for food he’s always so enthusiastic and says stuff like ‘i hope we find a can of chocolate pudding chan loves that stuff’
  • and you’re just like ‘soonyoung we can barely find a can of beans how are we gonna find chocolate pudding’
  • and he smiles and says ‘you never know’
  • he avoids close contact with zombies as much as possible because although he sees the importance of surviving, he’s still pretty uncomfortable with killing zombies
  • basically the two of you are inseparable like if he’s on watch then you’re on watch as well
  • and one time while both of you were on watch your conversation turned really personal and you started to talk about your families and friends and your old lives 
  • “you know what i miss? tv and cellphones”
  • food, man, food how can you not miss the food like shit i’d do anything to have a box of pizza right now”
  • and then after a while you notice that soonyoung’s not saying anything anymore and you’re like wh at
  • and you see he has tears in his eyes and you’re so surprised because you’ve never seen him cry so you scoot a little closer and you’re like ‘hey hey are you okay what is it’
  • and he’s like ‘i don’t know i just really miss the world you know. like, the world before everything went to shit’ and then he’s sobbing into your shoulder and you’re holding him and rubbing his back 
  • “it’s okay, i miss it too, soonyoung”
  • after a while he calms down and you’re still cuddled together and neither of you have the intention to move and then suddenly soonyoung looks at you and he has this look on his face 
  • “but you know, i’m alright with what’s happening now. i mean, it’s still terrible but i’ve come to accept it. because if it wasn’t for this whole apocalypse thing i wouldn’t have met you.”
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They’re all sitting in Akaashi’s room when it happens. It’s nothing unusual, they’re just watching a movie, Akaashi sitting cross-legged on one end of the sofa, Kenma sitting on the floor beneath him while Akaashi braids his hair, Tetsu sprawled over the rest of the sofa, his feet in Akaashi’s lap. And then there’s Bokuto, lying with his head beside Kenma’s thigh, his feet propped up on the sofa, resting on Tetsu’s chest.

It’s just another normal Saturday night for them, really. But then.

“Are we dating?”

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Tangled up in Webs:Pt:3

Warnings: Violence, Spoilers (???)

Pairing: Spider-man x reader, Peter Parker x reader
Summary: You are one of the Avengers hiding in Wakanda. Being the youngest and the only one with a secret identity, you are sent to New York to be undercover in Queens. You’re supposed to be focused on the mission- but then a distraction pops into your life. Well- more like swings.


Pt 2:

Pt 4:

Pt 5:

Pt 6:

It had been three weeks since the incident with the water balloons. It was an easy fix, despite how much discomfort it had caused you.
The only sign you could see of the damage now was your old notifications. Before your tech had been improved because of the Avengers, you would get images flashing across your vision.
Not glitchy ones like when the water balloon hit you- useful things.
Things like heart-rate, internal temperature, heat signatures, even news feeds. You didn’t mind having them back- but you felt less human now. It was just something you would have to deal with.
Your hearing and visual panel had been slightly water logged when you first started, but you and Scott had managed to figure out how to fix it. Which had almost seemed impossible with how many times Cassie would ask questions about your abilities, or why you had wires in your head.
But despite finishing the work in a couple hours, your mind flittered back to Tony, knowing how easily he could have fixed you.
Those kind of things you tried not to think about.
After that, the next three weeks passed by quickly without you noticing. You became used to where you were- knowing Peter, acting like you had a family, doing your homework even.
It all had begun to feel natural.
And that was the problem.
You were getting attached- you weren’t supposed to do that. Especially forgetting to actually investigate. The only time you had really investigated was late at night and you had run out of options. You decided to go down to the shadiest place in town and wait, hoping to hear anything Super villain worthy.
So you stood on the roof of a building, scowling as you tried to sketch the street below.
Where would the best place for super-powered villains to attack be? You quickly erased a line as you groaned, looking up periodically to see if anyone on the slummy streets below would make any moves on the various bars and clubs that littered the dingy neighborhood.
You sighed and cupped your chin into you palm, tapping the side of your cheek.
And you had thought posing as a normal teenager was the hard part.
“What are you doing?” You felt something land behind you, and it took all of your willpower not to generate a gun from your arm and shoot whoever had snuck up on you.
Instead you jumped, dropping your sketchbook. You spun around, coming face to face with the superhero you had met twice.
Well, now it was three times- that didn’t matter.
The first time had actually been when you were in costume, fighting him at an airport.
He had been really annoying.
Crazy annoying.
You scowled at him, your face bunching up.
“What do you think you’re doing- running around, sneaking up on people like that?!” You exclaimed, fists resting on your hips and making yourself look angry.
“Me? I’m not the one who should be getting interrogated- what are you doing around here, on a building… sketching people?” He asked as he bent down and snatched up your notebook.
You lunged forward for your book, but Spider-man simply danced out of reach.
“Huh. You’re pretty good at this.”
“Give it back!” You huffed, still reaching for you sketchbook. He held the book way over his head, to far away for you to reach it, just enough to give you hope.
“Aw come on, isn’t art supposed to be public?” He said, still laughing at you. This last laugh must have pushed you over the edge, because you made up your mind.
You lunged at him a second time, expecting him to dodge again. But Spider-man had been caught off-guard. You barreled directly into him, arms wrapping around his chest and taking him down. You both landed hard, the superhero directly under you.
“Ow…” He said, weird mechanical eye-holes squinted shut.
“HA!” You exclaimed and reached over his head for one of his hands, the one gripping tight to your sketch book. You ripped it from his hands triumphantly and sat up, still laughing.
“For someone who looks so small, you hit really hard.”  Spider-man said, looking up at you.
You smirked, knowing the exact reason for that.
“I guess I’m just full of surprises.”
“Yeah. You definitely are… Can you get off me now?”
You blinked and then looked down.
You were straddling him.
You blushed and scrambled off, mind racing. A red line of text flashed in your vision, telling you your heartbeat was abnormally fast. You dismissed the notification.
“Sorry.” You muttered, looking anywhere but at Spider-Man.
“It’s fine. I’m not hurt. No harm, no foul.” You looked at him sideways, realizing that he didn’t understand the implications of the position you had been in a couple of moments ago.
You were relieved- but another feeling seeped into your mind.
You closed your eyes, wishing you weren’t a hormonal teenage girl.
“So really, why are you out here? Shouldn’t you be at home? In bed?”
“You don’t know my sleep schedule.” You quipped, flipping through the pages of your book.
“Sure- but I know your schedule doesn’t include hanging out in shady places late at night”. You cocked an eyebrow suggestively, a smirk risk  to your face.
“What do you do stalk me? I didn’t take you as that kind of guy.” You teased, pressing the notebook to your chest. To your surprise, Spider-Man instantly became flustered, the tech in your brain telling you that his heart rate had increased.
“No of course not!” Spider-Man exclaimed, arms waving expressively, “I wouldn’t follow you around- people who do that are weird! I definitely haven’t followed you home and watched you!” You stared, mouth hanging open slightly.
“Oh my gosh. You totally followed me home.” You stated, one arm extending and moving for emphasis.
“No! I didn’t I swear!” You almost giggled. Spidey’s voice had again become higher, increasing with his emotion. You walked over to him, looking him up and down. An orange light blinked in the corner of your vision. He was definitely lying. But he seemed flustered enough that you couldn’t believe that his intentions had been anything but well meaning. He was kinda annoying- but he seemed to always mean well.
You smiled and moved closer, patting him on the shoulder.
“I’ll forgive you- if you tell me about Kraven. Does he have any affiliates?”
“Just because I’m embarrassed doesn’t mean you can trick me.”
“So that means I’m ‘still in danger’?”
“Okay. See you around Web-head.”
You shrugged and turned around, heading for the edge of the roof.
“Wait- how are how you getting down?”
“Same way I came up. Parkour.” You answered enthusiastically, edging your way off the roof. Spidey watched you go, staying silent for a long while. He sighed, putting a hand on his head now that you were out of earshot.
“Uhhhhh she’s gonna kill me. I think I’m getting gray hairs- and I just turned sixteen!”

“What’s that?” You asked, looking at the crumpled flyer in Peter’s hand. Peter looked at you as you walked down into the subway after school.
“Uh, it’s nothing really important. Just a dance.” He said, sounding pretty negative about the subject. You snatched the paper from his hands, all while maneuvering around other people.
“A dance? I didn’t know that high schools had dances…” You said, looking at the flyer with intense concentration.
“You didn’t?”
“No. I didn’t think education systems would bother with things like that.” You replied, turning the flyer over to find more information.
“Well don’t worry, our dances suck anyway. There’s no reason you should have to worry about it.”
Peter said sullenly as you both made your way to the subway platform. You looked at him and cocked an eyebrow.
“You sound kinda bitter about all this.”
Peter laughed half-heartedly.
“Let’s just say that it isn’t fun to go to these without a date- or friends.”
You looked at Peter, a feeling of sympathy weighing on your chest. If you hadn’t met Peter that first day at school, would you have been friendless? You looked at him as he stared at the subway, running something back and forth in your mind.
“Peter-” You opened your mouth, but before you could say anything, loud screaming came from behind you.
You turned around, seeing nothing but a large mass of people swarming out of the subway.
“What is- oh…” You said, eyes landing on the large group of men two hundred feet away from you, gathering up people and forcing them to the floor. They were taking hostages- and guess who was the leader?
You caught a glimpse of his gaudy outfit as people streamed past you, running for the exit.
You turned, expecting to see Peter right next to you. He wasn’t there.
“Peter?!-” You cried out, and then in your confusion was knocked over by  nicely dressed New Yorker. You fell to the floor, wincing as people rushed over you, not bothering to help you up. You grimaced and got up on your hands and knees, starting to crawl backwards and stand up. You peered through the frenzied crowd, looking for something.

Your eyes landed on an upturned table, maybe it had been for someone selling things.

But at the moment it didn’t matter why it was there, overturned against a wall. All that mattered was that you had a hiding spot.

You sprinted towards the table, both thankful and disappointed the crowd was thinning out. Sure you could move easily, but you didn’t have the best cover. You dashed through the remaining people, weaving until you neared the table. You jumped and landed cleanly behind it, safely blocked from view by the tipped over appliance. You pressed yourself to the underside of the table and pulled out your phone, getting it ready to record what was transpiring. You turned and peered from your hiding place, seeing the last of the unlucky civilians being corralled together and thrust to the floor. The loud thumping of your silicone heart rushed in your ears as you fumbled with the phone. A small alert clouded your vision, telling you that your adrenaline was becoming rapidly high. You took a shaky breath and held the phone up.
“Good, good!” Kraven roared as he sauntered across the dirty tile, brandishing a… hunting spear. You narrowed your eyes and zoomed in on the supervillain. His costume is what you were focusing on.

He wore a dark leather vest over a sleeves less orange v-neck shirt. Kraven was practically bulging from the shirt, dark hair and muscles looking like they were about to escape the orange madness. You wrinkled your nose and dismissed Kraven’s gaudy fashion sense, and focused on the accessories.

His necklace was adorned with shriveled heads, bones, teeth, bullets, and small pouches. Along numerous places in his dark tan skin, burns cropped up. The most prominent was on his right cheek bones, in the shape of an animal skull.

That had to mean something.

Either he was a masochist, or that burn had some kind of ties to other villains. 

The rest of his outfit was composed of weapons, slung across his back, across his chest, around his cargo pants, and around his waist. It was a miracle he hadn’t stabbed himself. You were so intent on drinking in and  analyzing Kraven’s appearance, that you didn’t see the broad chested man who was approaching your table with panther-like stealth.

Suddenly you were plucked from your hiding place, a calloused hand wrapping around your exposed neck. You spluttered as you were lifted into the air.

“Kraven, look at this.” The large man held you up, your struggling feet dangling in the air. Your vision was infiltrated with warnings, informing you of lack of oxygen. You gasped, eyes wide like a fish out of water.

“Hm. I thought we had caught all the animals left in this station. Looks like we passed over a delicate fawn.” Kraven brought a large, sausagey finger to your face and traced it down your cheek. You made a disgusted sound in your throat as Kraven inspected you.

“Drop her.” The large man who had caught you released his grip. You fell to the ground, clutching your throat. You winced-  your were definitely going to have bruises. You scowled at the dirty tile floor.

If only you could break cover- then this wouldn’t be a problem.

And you could shove one of those serrated spears right up Kraven’s-

You stop and looked forward to see Kraven’s large boot step dangerously close to your head. You froze, keeping yourself low to the ground.

“Actually, I think I recognize you, little deer. Quite a nosy thing aren’t you?” Kraven harsh voice sent shivers down your spine. You looked up, alarmed.

“I didn’t think your brain was big enough for you to remember things.” You snapped, speaking before you thought. You realized what you said and silently cursed.

You were really bad at this acting normal thing.

Kraven’s eyes widened.

“What did you say?” He hissed through his facial hair. You shrunk back, eyeing the knife his hand was hovering over. Kraven seemed more angered then glad at your silence. He grabbed you by the collar of your shirt, hefting your closer until you could smell his breath.

Jerky- gross.

“What possesses you to speak so disrespectfully to an ultimate predator?”

Ultimate predator?

You wrinkled your nose, forcing yourself to glare into Kraven’s beady eyes.

“Well not a ghost I can tell you that for sure. Though recently I have been feeling some indigestion-” you had already messed up- so why not keep making him mad? You were already in trouble anyways.

Kraven growled-like an animal growl- and pulled out a knife, holding it to your skin.

You stifled a flinch and chuckled awkwardly.

“Is that the knife you shave with? That would explain all the scars.” You prattled on, making him angrier. Maybe in his anger he would spill some useful information?

Yeah- that was your logic.

Kraven seemed to reach his limit with you. He pinned you to wall with one gigantic hand, tile shattering around you. You cried out, wondering if this kind of attack would let you blow cover.

Kraven came dangerously close, his knife centimeters away from poking out your eyes.

“You think you are funny? That you are protected, just because you know the Spider?” You grimaced, trying to ignore the knife. You kept your comments to a zero this time, not wanting to end up skewered. Kraven grunted, the knife moving from the bridge of your nose to your forehead.

“Well little fawn, I hate to break it to you- but the Spider-Man? He is no predator. He is prey. Just like the rest of you.” You gasped, the knife piercing your skin. Kraven drew across your face, coming down around your cheekbone. Blood began to seep, flooding your vision. You bit your bottom lip as Kraven kept talking, holding in a scream. If he kept this up…

“And soon, we will show New York what it truly is. A house of prey… But where to do this?” Kraven asked, flicking to knife. It curved across your neck, grazing the skin there but deeply cutting your collarbone. This time you screamed, kicking your legs. You caught Kraven in the gut and sent him skidding away from you. You gasped, knees shaky. Blood was streaming down your face, but head wounds always looked worse than usual. You were just worried you couldn’t see out of your left eye, and about the cut across your collar. You wiped your eye with the back of your hand, trying to get the blood out.

Kraven on the other hand?

He was laughing.

Kraven stood up, waving his men away when they tried to help him.

“It looks like you’re not as helpless as you look huh?” Kraven chuckled, picking up his knife.

“Nevertheless, you need to be made an example of.” Kraven stalked over to you, wiping the blood on his knife onto his bare arm. You pressed yourself to the wall, running over the options in your head.

He would kill you if you didn’t do anything. You crouched, preparing to run. It was better than dying or giving up your cover, but if still made you feel like a coward.

Kraven chuckled, knowing what you were attempting to do.

“Do you really think-” Kraven stopped, seeing something under his foot. The villain bent down slowly, snatching a piece of paper from under his foot.

“A high-school dance? On this date? How amusing. Is this yours?” Your eyes darted to the flyer in his hands- it was yours. You kept a straight face and glared.

“Oh… It is. How amusing. Actually- this is just what I required. You certainly are full of surprises little deer. But now, it’s time to say-”

Before Kraven could finish his monologue, he got completely blindsided. Kraven’s men yelled, pointing and brandishing spears. Spider-man.

You don’t think you could have been more happy to see him. You watched as he took out the goons, one by one. It was pretty impressive. Kraven was still passed out. You glared at his unmoving body, tempted to run over to him. Instead your eyes landed on the knife he had cut you with. You ran over, grabbing the bloodied knife from the floor. Now that you looked at it, it looked nothing like you’d have expected Kraven to be carrying. It was high tech- and green. You frowned and quickly shoved it in your backpack. You leaped up, seeing Kraven starting to shift.

“(F/n)! Get out of here! What are you doing?!” You looked up and saw Spider-Man gesturing towards the stream of hostages flooding the exit. You held back a retort and nodded, dashing up the steps.

You may have been bloody- but you had information. You ran, dodging your way through the crowd.

Now you had only one question- where was Peter?

You had waited for an hour, looking for him. Peter hadn’t been one of the hostages, so where was he? He hadn’t completely ditched you had he? You crossed the street, ignoring the loud honks directed at you. You winced, feeling the cut on your chest widening. If you could find Peter you needed to patch yourself up. You were strong, but you didn’t want to bleed out. You were just about to call off your search for Peter when your phone rang. Your phone. Of course- you had stuffed into it pocket when the big guy had grabbed you. All this time you could have just called Peter. You took a deep breath and slipped out your phone, seeing that it was indeed from Peter.

“Hello? Peter?”

(F/n)! I’m so glad you picked up. Where have you been?!” You smiled, hearing that Peter was definitely fine and was acting like himself.

“Actually, I got caught up.”


“Peter, I was one of the hostages.”

“Really? (F/n)- are you okay? Do you need me to come and get you?”  You stopped and sat against the sill of department store. You sighed and looked at yourself, knowing there was no way you could walk home like this.

“Yeah.. actually Peter, I do need some help.” You admitted. Peter seemed shocked.

“Oh. Okay- um where are you?” You looked behind you, seeing the name of the store.

“I’m at Katie’s kitties… Who names their store like this?” You muttered, taking in the bright store window. Inside you saw kitten products, and then cages with cats in them. You felt a pang of homesickness, the cats reminding of Wakanda.

“Wow. Okay you’re actually kinda close to my apartment. You hang tight, I’ll be right there.”

“Thanks Peter. Really.” You said as you hung up, looking back at the store. You stood up and walked inside, frowning as the doorbell was replaced with a cat’s meow. You looked up, seeing the bell was in the shape of a calico cat.


The only one else in the store besides the cat’s was a old lady, red glasses balancing on her hawk nose. You waved, only to realize she was sleeping. You dropped your hand- at least you didn’t have to explain the blood.

You walked over to middle of the store, seeing a large glass display case holding around fifteen to twenty cats.

You couldn’t help it.

You scampered over and peered over the plexiglass wall, grimace dissipating into a content smile. The nearest kitten looked up at you and mewed. You sighed and dropped your arm inside the case, petting the tiny kitten with one finger. The kitten was light brown, with big blue eyes. It continued to talk to you, mewing as it curled around your finger.

It was so cute.

You smiled and past the time by playing with the kitten, forgetting your injuries. When Peter finally go there, you didn’t notice him at first.

“(F/n)? Oh- there you are…” You sat on a small stool, playing with the brown kitten. But Peter wasn’t looking at the cute little kitten- he was looking at you.

“(F/n) you’re hurt! Are you okay?” Peter asked, rushing towards you. You looked up at him and dropped the kitten on your lap, suddenly remembering what you were doing.

“I’ve been better.” You croaked, lips caked with dried blood.

“You said you needed help- not medical attention!” Peter exclaimed, looking you up at down.

You stood up looking Peter in the eyes as you shouldered your bag.

“And you can help me with that right? Besides- the cuts aren’t that deep.” Peter gave you a skeptical look.

“Come on, let’s go. We’ll determine how bad you are back at my place.”


“Sorry (F/n), but this is necessary.”

“I know- it just stings.” You muttered as Peter applied more alcohol to your forehead. You sat against his bed, Peter crouching over you as you tipped your head back. Peter rubbed some of the excess blood from your closed eyelid, and then dabbed at your cut, removing whatever invisible germs had manifested there.

“How do you know how to do this?” You asked, looking up at Peter as he worked his way down your face.

“Uh- boy scouts.” Peter said absently. You nodded, which caused Peter to grab your head and move it back in place, much to your annoyance.


“It’s fine. It’s just your health- that’s all.” Peter said sharply, avoiding your eyes as he worked. You looked back up at him.

Was he… mad at you?

You frowned at him, taking in his attitude. Sure he was trying fixing your cut- but he wasn’t doing it gently.

“What?” Peter asked, noticing that you were glaring at him.

“What do you mean what?”

“You’re glaring a hole in my face (F/n).” You let out a long breath through your nose, not looking at Peter.

“You’re mad at me.” You snapped, arms folding. Peter stopped working on your face and looked down at you.


“Peter you’re pissed at me! I can tell! Don’t deny it.” You said and glared at him head on. Peter made a frustrated noise in his throat and dropped to his knees.

“I’m not really mad at you- not intentionally,”

“Really? Seems kinda like you are.” You snapped. Peter made a face at you, throwing up his hands.

“Well how am I supposed to feel?! It’s like you’re asking to be in danger!” He exclaimed loudly. You looked at him, mouth wide open.

“And how am I doing that?” You asked angrily, wincing when you tried to move.

You hated being injured.

Peter made a frustrated face and ran his hand through his hair.

“You’re just- I don’t know- being yourself!”

“Oh so being myself puts me in danger?” You asked. Peter realized what he said and shook his head.

“No (F/n)- that’s not what I meant just- first you want to meet Spider-man, then you get attacked by Kraven-”

“The second one is not my fault Peter-”

“(F/n)! Just listen okay? I know it’s not your fault-”

“Then why are you mad at me?!”

“Because I care about you!” Peter shouted. You blinked, falling silent.

Peter realized what he said, eyes widening.

“I mean- like I care because you could get hurt or…” Peter trailed off, closing his eyes as he slumped forward, hanging his head. A warm feeling had crept into your chest.

You blinked, watching the fading light from the window fall across Peter’s brown hair.

“Peter…” You sat up and extended your arm, letting it fall on his shoulder. He flinched, jolting when you touched him. You stared, surprised at his sudden movement’s. Peter looked at you, and then down at the hand that laid on his shoulder.

“If it makes you feel better, I-”

“Peter, someone is here too- Oh! I didn’t know we had a visitor!” Peter shot up, looking at the brown-haired women in the doorway.

“Aunt May! What are you doing here?”

“Peter. I live here.” The women- Peter’s aunt said and then looked down at you.

You smiled awkwardly and waved. Aunt May saw you injuries, eyes widening.

Peter looked back at you, and then back to his aunt.

“(F/n) was in an attack by Kraven. One down in the subway. I’m helping her.” Peter explained, beating her to the question. Aunt May nodded, eyes still on you.

“Are you okay? Do you want any snacks? You can stay as long as you want.” You smiled, liking Peter’s aunt immediately.

“But I’m gonna have to steal Peter from you for a bit- he needs to talk to someone who came by to see him.”

“Came by to see me…”

Someone leaned into the room, peeking past Peter’s aunt.

“Yeah- and we need to make it quick. I have a meeting in an hour… (F/n)?”

You froze, terror and shock overriding anything else you had been feeling.

Tony Stark stood in the doorway.