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The Sweetest Protector (Newt X Reader)

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@2heures requested:  Could my request be that one of newts beasts harms the reader and he freaks out and lots of fluff please !

Hopefully I was able to fully answer your request! :D

Warnings: Fluff. So much you might die. Read with caution. PS–this is more of a drabble, I guess? Not sure how proud I am of this story, but if you like it, give it a heart… Because I can be self-conscious about my stories ;-; (i’m a sad person, okay? okay.)

Newt was in all of his glory, as he jabbered on and on about all the beasts he loved and adored. You could see just how passionate he was about it just by how he moved. His hands constantly moving, the way he smiled, all the way down to how he was standing.

“You see, my dear,” he said enthusiastically. “Dragons are actually quite intelligent creatures. You can tell when they’re thinking hard when their pupil’s dilate.”

You watched this man that you had let yourself grow quite fond of, showing you a picture of a dragon that he sketched. “And how intelligent are dragon?” You asked, smiling at the man, who was rubbing his hands in excitement.

“Very!” He exclaimed. “It’s just that dragons have a very different way of learning. Look here, see how I noted in my journal that this particular dragon is very acute to sound? It’s like dragon’s are most intelligent in their strongest field, be it hearing, seeing, feeling, or knowing.”

You gently tugged at Newt’s arm, and he looked down at you curiously. “Hello, what’s wrong?” He murmured, taking the book out of your hand and tucking it under his arm.

“Can you show me a dragon?” You asked innocent.

Newt bit his lip, and rubbed his chin thoughtfully. “Ermmm…” He fumbled. “Well, I guess Ophelia can be seen… It’s just that… Well… Um, she’s not the most tamed right now, you see.”

“Ophelia? You actually have a dragon? I was expecting you to say no!” You awed, watching Newt awkwardly avoiding eye contact. “I thought you said they were too dangerous!”

Newt rubbed his hands to keep himself distracted, from your weirded out gaze. “Well… I never said I DIDN’T have one… It’s a Scottish Ice Back! It was alone!” Newt pleaded, looking guilty and blushing bashfully.

“Newt. You have to show me. You’ve been going on and on about how amazing dragons are, and I want to see it!” You told him, reaching out for his hand in a comforting manor.

“Wait, you’re not mad at me?” Newt asked curiously, scratching his head.

“Why would I be, silly?!” You laughed, smiling up at Newt.

Newt looked a little a taken back, but smiled a sweet smile at you none the less. “Alright, let’s see her.”

Newt never let go of your hand as you made your way to one of the many world-like exhibits. You actually were surprised he was holding your hand, actually. He could be extremely shy around you, and he often avoided eye contact and especially stuttered, if you smiled at him. He was usually quite clumsy, and often made a fool out himself when around you. Like once he fell off a chair and ran into a wall, all in the course of a few minutes. It was ridiculously adorable, the way he got all flustered up, bashfully stealing glances at you, forgetting what he was going to stay, and always smiling.

“Ophelia?” Newt said softly. He was looking around big rocks covered with snow.

You were a bit nervous, not going to lie. You scooted closer to Newt, which made Newt extremely aware of the 3 inches of air space between the two of you. He seemed to grow a bit nervous too, but more from the close physical contact. “Where is she?” You whispered, almost not daring to breathe.

“She’s shy,” Newt said, ruffling his hair away from his eyes.

The two of you were practically sneaking now, searching for this dragon. “This is intense,” you murmured. You closed the gap between the two of you, fully freaked out by the silence.

Newt was more fully freaked out that you were now basically hugging him. He kept drumming his free hand on his thigh, nervously looking down at you. “You know… I don’t know if this—err, the best time… T-to tell you, but… I wanted—”

Newt was cut off by you placing your hand on his mouth. His face turned a tomato shade of red, but you were too busy to notice. “Look, Newt!” You hushed. You jerked your head to the left.

Newt looked to see a rather large and fat dragon watching them. She was completely white, blending in perfectly with the snowy background. Newt let go of your hand, and slowly walked up to her. “Don’t worry, mummy is here, Ophelia,” Newt chided softly, looking lovingly at the ice dragon.

Ophelia nodded in a majestic way, and slithered closer to Newt. She circled Newt and snaked her head against Newt’s hand affectionately. Newt sighed in contentment, and began to pet her. “That’s right, mummy is here for you,” Newt murmured.

You watched Newt pet her, and felt a tinge of jealousy. How was he so good at this?! You walked up to Ophelia and held out your hand. Newt took your hand and faced it palm down. “Palm down, Y/N,” Newt whispered to you.

Ophelia looked at you and then made a noise like she sneezed. A weird sort of mist shot from her nostrils and engulfed your hand. The first thing you noticed was that your hand felt like it was in an ice box. Then it felt like you were touching dried ice with your bare hands. The next thing you knew was your hand was burning. You looked at your hand, which was trembling. “Newt!” you squeaked in shock. Your eyes filled with tears, as the burning grew more intense.

Newt looked at your hand and then said sternly, “Ophelia! That is no way to act! I’m sorely disappointed in you! You should be ashamed of yourself!” He crossed his arms, glowing down at the dragon.

“My hand, Newt!” You whimpered in pain.

Newt took your cold hand and began rubbing frantically. “The one cure for this is friction, Y/N,” Newt explained rapidly.

Your hand slowly began to gain feeling again. Your hand was still twitching out of control, but at least it wasn’t hurting anymore. You were completely speechless. “Bad girl!” Newt shouted at Ophelia. “Very bad girl! Don’t ever do that again!”

Ophelia seemed to sense Newt’s displeasure and slithered slowly away in shame. “It’s okay, Newt,” You intervened.

“I’m so sorry, Y/N,” Newt said. He looked almost in tears, having to yell at Ophelia and then having you hurt. He was such a sensitive man with a heart of pure gold. Newt did a daring thing, and slowly wrapped you in a hug. “Are you okay?” He asked breathing in your sweet scent.

You nodded, tears spilling down your cheeks. You were a little frightened, you weren’t going to lie. You were glad Newt was there and knew what to do. You were especially glad for his warm hug. “Let’s go back up, and then come down to visit Ophelia again a little later,” You comforted Newt.

Newt nodded and said upset, “I’ve never yelled at my babies before. I feel horrible.”

You rubbed Newt’s back, and murmured, “It wasn’t your fault, Newt. You were just protecting me.”

Newt still looked a little upset, but he smiled a small smile at you. The two of you began to walk back, and Newt asked timidly, “Can I hold your hand again?”


Being their daugther would include...


  • he’d be very protective of you
  • him teaching you how to fight because that’s what women do where he comes from
  • being able to beat every man around thanks to him
  • him always talking to Gisla how proud he is of you
  • “Did you punsh him?” -”Yes.” -”Hit him harder next time, he could still walk.”


  • you’d have to look after all your brothers and take care of them because they’re reckless idiots
  • demanding to be taken along on raids because you want to see so much of the world just as he does
  • “You’re not coming with us.”“I can do what I want and I am coming with you.”
  • trying to make him get along with Rollo
  • coming up with ideas where to sail next and enthusiastically telling your father about it


  • coming up with new inventions together
  • he’d make you all kinds of toys when you’re little
  • you helping to build ships when you’re older
  • putting up with some strange behaviour of his
  • he’d always talk about the gods and teach you things about them

We all know the first big thing Jack bought with his NHL salary was Bitty’s oven. But what if the second thing was his pool table. What if he just always wanted one, and now he had no reason to deny himself. I’m sure he was caught browsing pool tables on the web while still living at the Haus and got a million recommendations, and bought one because his friends promised to go see him if he got ‘a motherfucking pool table, bro!’ Ransom made a spreadsheet, Holster wouldn’t stop mentioning movie scenes where characters had sex on pool tables, Dex and Nursey started many arguments, Chowder was just enthusiastic, Lardo promised to crush them all, Shitty wouldn’t stop hugging Jack saying how proud he was of him, and sometimes Bitty even took a moment to leave his new oven to throw him a radiant smile and tell him ‘You deserve good things, Jack, I can’t wait to see it in your new apartment!’

My favourite is Shiro falling for Keith post-Kerberos. I mean, who wouldn’t?? Especially Shiro who is in a very tender place. He’s just had a year so bad it probably doesn’t belong in a kids show, and when he finally escapes back home he’s strapped down and knocked out for god knows what else people who are supposed to be his allies are gonna do to him.

But then Keith rides in with goddaMN explosives and a sick hoverbike and busts his ass outta there. Because idk destiny?? The cave paintings told him to do it. So they’re basically fated to meet and reunite. Romantic. And he’s cool as shit doing it (even tho Shiro can’t see it but you know Shiro thinks lasers sound like BLAM BLAM BLAM and enthusiastically acts it out so he’s totally gonna imagine how cool his own rescue is). And then he probably wakes up on the couch in Keith’s desert shack and sees Keith’s back as he’s idk crawling across the ground looking for a Twinkie to feed him, and then Shiro knows he’s safe for the first time since he was taken onboard the Galra ship, because Keith is gonna do everything and more to protect Shiro from there on out. His buddy is BACK and nobody’s gonna touch him again if Keith and his knife can help it. That’s gotta feel real nice and warm after fighting to survive all alone like Shiro did for so long.

And THEN Keith takes on the EMPEROR OF THE UNIVERSE to save Black Lion and Shiro realises Keith isn’t just a cadet under his wing anymore, he’s a Paladin and the next leader, and he’s looking at Keith differently than when they were in the Garrison and seeing things he never used to. Shit man…it’s love. He felt it back in the shack but now he gets it for real. “I love this guy who probably didn’t shower properly for a year because I don’t remember seeing a shower in that shack.” Keith’s grown into a fine young man while he’s been away and Shiro gets the blushes…pls (keep) notice(ing) me Keith

plus Keith is just a huge badass anyway I mean who doesn’t wanna date an ace pilot who doesn’t take Shit from anyone but especially not the government

oh, These Twisted Games (Hiro Hamada)

i needed to post this, it felt unnatural to not

this is more hiro centric then anything, with a romantic side of tadashi x reader and a friendship side of hiro x reader

Hiro first meets you when he’s twelve years old (a junior in high school), as his brother returns home one day with you wrapped underneath his arms and the brightest smile touching the inner corner of his eyes. It was the first time in years that Hiro ever saw his brother look genuinely, truly happy, which was strange. He’s so use to being the only thing in Tadashi’s life really worth his attention that Hiro is not ready to have to suddenly split this kind of relationship two-ways. He wants to hate you, the one with the long hair, bright eyes, and big dreams.

But… he can’t. He really, really can’t no matter how hard he tries. Because seeing Tadashi so happy and enthusiastic over one single person makes him really happy and excited.

You’re Tadashi’s first girlfriend. Your name is (Y/N) and you attend San Fransokyo University with a major in English. You want to be a writer, a storyteller of inspiration towards others. You have ambition. You’re just like Tadashi in the way that the world has not yet hardened you and blinded you to all the wonder it contains. There’s so much you wants to do with your life, and Hiro sees the way his older brother looks at you. Apparently, he’s been in love with you for months, and only recently formed a relationship with you. 

No matter how badly Hiro wants to force himself to hate you, he just can’t.


Things get a little duller when Hiro graduates high school. He’s fourteen years old with no ambition, and he takes up a career in robot fighting. It makes his short life interesting and he’s good at it too. Yeah, okay, Tadashi constantly has to show up and bail him out of some particularly nasty fights but so what? If this is what he has to do to give himself the same spunk and determination as you and Tadashi, he’ll take whatever chance he can get.


Everything changes when Tadashi takes him to nerd school, where he meets Fred and Wasabi and Honey Lemon and Gogo and Baymax and suddenly Hiro knows what has been missing from his life, and it’s this school. San Fransokyo Tech is one of those things he doesn’t even know he wants until it he sees it with his own eyes, because he needs to get in otherwise it would drive him crazy.

Tadashi plants a new motivation and objective in his mind: San Fransokyo Tech.

He gets straight to work and wills himself to create something perfectly amazing and complex that’ll blow everyone away.


They’re all here to cheer Hiro on in his audition to apply for San Fransokyo Tech: Tadashi, Aunt Cass, Fred, Wasabi, Honey Lemon, Gogo, and you. It’s amusing to see you look so completely in awe of the all the new technology going on around you, and Hiro doesn’t miss the way Tadashi eyes you with a tinge of affection before carelessly wrapping his arm around your shoulders. Everyone helps his set up his presentation.

Hiro almost loses his nerve entirely when his name is called up, but one little signal from Tadashi to breathe is what gives him the courage to continue on.

He aces the application audition, turns down a big money deal, and gets accepted.

There’s not a single way this day could get any better.


A jerk of Tadashi’s head, and Hiro knows his older brother wants a word alone. The others all depart for the cafeteria, where Aunt Cass promises free dinner. Hiro notices Tadashi and you exchanging a few words before you kiss him on the cheek.

“Congratulations Hiro,” You says, giving him a light slap on the back of his shoulders blade. It helps ease the adrenaline rush flowing in his blood.


“Thanks for never giving up on me,” Hiro says.

Tadashi nods and nudges his younger brother. “I always knew you had it in you.”

For a moment, Hiro dares himself to believe that he is so much more important than he thought he was.


There is a fire.

And Tadashi is too brave and selfless and entitled that (of course) he goes in the rescue the headmaster that Hiro suddenly finds himself caring less and less about now.

Even the screaming and crying of his older brother’s name, Tadashi doesn’t listen as he dashes into the building.

It isn’t even two seconds before there is an explosion, and Hiro knows that things will suddenly not be the same again.


There is a memorial service in front of the school, honoring Tadashi and Professor Callaghan with candles and photographs and tears. Hiro stands with the others and watches the way your back is hunched with the tears and the grief that you refuse to share with anyone else. He tries to think about how it must feel to lose someone you love in the romantic sense, but he doesn’t understand. He may be smart, but there are just certain aspects of life he doesn’t quite get yet.

There must be something different about the grief of losing a friend to losing a family member to losing a love. None of them are quite the same, but Hiro just clenches his fists tighter in his pockets and tells himself more than once to breathe.


He doesn’t leave his room for anything. The college calls (of course they call) but he ignores them. Gogo, Honey Lemon, Wasabi, and Fred try to contact him, but he ignores them too. There’s only so much grief he can will himself to shoulder.

Aunt Cass tries to lighten the mood with jokes, but he doesn’t need any of that. He needs Tadashi. He wants to talk about Tadashi, but at the same time he doesn’t really want to talk about him. At this point, Hiro isn’t really sure what he wants.


There’s a gentle knock at his bedroom door, and Hiro turns to find you standing there. For a brief moment, he wonders how you’re doing at San Fransokyo University. Just because he can reject the life he’s originally wanted doesn’t mean that you can do the same. You have obligations and work and jobs to fulfill, and can’t ignore the real world while he can.

It’s a slightly unsettling feeling, to know that the world still turns even when it feels like time has stopped.

“Hey Hiro,” You whisper, lingering by the doorway, the uncertainty clear in your stance. “Can I come in?”

“Sure.” He shrugs, shifting in his beanbag chair when you step in and gingerly sits on the foot of his bed.

You averts your gaze. Your conversations were never awkward, even when Tadashi was alive. Hiro is use to being alone with you and doesn’t mind the presence of your company this time around. “How are you doing, Hiro?”

“Fine,” He answers a little too quickly. For a brief flicker of a second, he doesn’t care about you and your feelings. He just cares about himself because he’s fourteen and just really fricking selfish.

You stare at him for a moment before you sigh. “Look, Hiro,” You starts slowly. “I know you like to shut people out and I know you think that no one else understands how you feel. And I’m not going to pretend that I know what you’re feeling, because I don’t. I didn’t know Tadashi the way you knew him, and the way you looked up to him. The love that we had for him, it was different.” You reach over to take his hand, and he doesn’t pull away. “But I’m here for you, okay? We are all. So don’t keep shutting us out.”

Hiro takes in a breath and squeezes back. “Thanks,” He finally says.

You almost smile.


Things start to change when Baymax is reintroduced into the world and Hiro discovers the mass development of his microbots.

He teams up with Wasabi, Honey Lemon, Fred, and Gogo, and they become a superhero team.


Even though they’re supposed to be preparing to find the villain, Hiro decides to have a little fun of his own while the others are testing out their new suits along with the equipment that goes along with it.

He flies Baymax to your house. You answers the door with a pencil in your hair, looking a little better than the last time he saw you while you were both still mourning. It’s easy to tell that there are still things on your mind that are bothering you, but your smile is breezy and a little bit more relaxed as you take in the sight of Hiro and Baymax dressed up. “Hiro, what are you doing?” You inquire, the traces of an amused smile on your lips.

“Gave Baymax a sick upgrade,” Hiro answers, motioning towards the robot with his thumb. “Want a go?”

You frown a little and look down at your attire before comparing it to what Hiro is wearing. You laugh. “I don’t think I’m properly dressed.”

“Don’t need to be,” He reassures, grabbing your hand and practically hauling you out of the house. He helps you mount onto Baymax’s back, and you fly.


“So you’re trying to find the man in the mask who stole your microbots?” You conclude, looking over at Hiro.

Hiro nods. “I may just be able to find out if he’s the one who set the fire.” He tightens his hands on his lap, and you notice. “I have to figure it out.”

You stare at him for a moment before you suddenly lean forward and kiss him lightly on the cheek. The action jerks him out of his thoughts as he turns to stare at you. Baymax reports signs of high triiodothyronie and thyroxine (hormones that control heart rate) and Hiro has to tell Baymax four times to stop talking.

“What was that for?” He asks.

“For not giving up,” You answer, and resumes your gaze back onto the setting sun.


“Take me with you,” You beg when you all meet up at the Hamada household to lie out one last plan before heading out. “Please, I want to help!”

Hiro levels his gaze with you, sees your vulnerability, remembers your chaste kiss against his cheek and realizes that he can’t lose you either. Taking all of Tadashi’s friends and Baymax with him on this mission is enough to get him to pull the hair out of his roots with worry, and bringing Tadashi’s girlfriend into the mix would only make things worse.

“I can’t,” He rejects, watching the way your lips settle into a thin line. He looks away from you. “If something were to happen to you… Tadashi would never forgive me.”

You’re quiet for a moment before you sigh and give him a small smile. “Okay.”

He makes sure to hug you before leaving.


It’s strange, and all done completely out of luck and the sheer way Hiro’s brain has a nasty habit of coming up with the best plans with he’s the most stressed, but they do it. They defeat the microbots and stop Professor Callaghan from following through on his selfish revenge plot, but there are a few other things that are in the way.

Abigail Callaghan in hyper sleep, trapped in the portal.

The last words of Tadashi echo through his head, and Hiro dares himself to try and be just a little bit more like his older brother and a little bit more like you, both of you who live and breathe helping others and constantly trying to put the lives of everyone else before yourselves.

“Someone has to,” He says before disappearing into the portal.

He’ll learn to be braver.


The three of them (Abigail, Hiro, and Baymax) won’t be able to make it to the end. One of them will sacrifice themselves and that certain someone is Baymax. His willingness to ensure that Hiro will make it to the end reminds him of Tadashi for the brief flicker of a second, and suddenly it dawns on Hiro just how important Baymax has been to him over the course of the previous few days.

“I can’t lose you too,” Hiro begs, remembering Tadashi, remembering all his friends from the college, remembering you, and he gets sick again. He’s tired of having to cross off important people on his list to death. He doesn’t have the heart for more disappointment.

But he can’t risk the life of Abigail and himself just because he’s too scared to let go of someone. So he lets go.

He has to tell himself more than once not to look back.


For the first few days, he refuses to unpack the box containing the fist Baymax used to push them out of the portal. Trying to run away from Tadashi’s death had been painful enough, and that’s something he’s still trying to overcome.

He dares himself to look through Tadashi’s stuff, to think about all the good things and try not to focus on how his selfless older brother is dead for no real reason other than his need to protect other people. His brother lived a fulfilling life, and had died trying to accomplish something he believed in.

Hiro continues to rummage around through the boxes and locks that Tadashi would never have showed him while he was alive, and Hiro stumbles upon a small little shoebox that looks so out of place amongst the other more age-appropriate items in Tadashi’s side of the room. Slowly, he lifts the lid, scans the items for a second before closing the lid, grabbing his shoes and dashing out of the house.


“Tadashi would be really proud of you, Hiro,” You start, handing him the glass of water he requested before taking a seat next to him on the couch. “Finally using that annoyingly impressive brain of yours.”

He grins before taking a sip of the water. “He told you, huh?”

“Yup,” You answer, leaning back a little to laugh a bit. Time has definitely done a lot to you, but all in a good way. The dark circles and red spots in your eyes are gone and replaced with the little bits and pieces of what Hiro remembered seeing when he first met you. “But he always believed that you were going to find yourself. And now you have.”

“I have.” There is a moment before Hiro finally realizes that this is something that he needs to tell you about. “Tadashi really did love you too,” He finally says. “He always talked about you, always talked about how great you were and how far you were going to get in life.”

You smile sadly, and the tears well up in your eyes. You sniff and look away for a moment to wipe at your eyes. “I know,” You say, wiping rather ungracefully at your eyes. “It still hurts from time to time.”

“This may not help right now,” He finds himself saying as he pulls the shoebox out from his backpack. “But I found this in Tadashi’s room.”

You give him a curious look as you accepts the box. Your expression is still one of placidness as you lift the lid and take in the items inside. There is a note and another smaller box inside, and Hiro watches as you take the note and open it to reveal Tadashi’s neat print dancing inside.

He watches the tears fill up in your eyes, and he watches how you don’t even do anything and they well up so quickly they start to slip past your cheeks and onto your legs and how you slowly brings your hand to your mouth to muffle your quiet sobs and he knows immediately that whatever Tadashi wrote in the letter cannot be good.

You put down the letter and open the box, the tears glistening over your eyes once again. Hiro has to lean up a little to take a peek at it, but when he does it’s almost like he can’t breath. It’s a ring. “Was my brother going to propose to you?” He asks rather bluntly, immediately regretting the question.

You laugh a little, chokes out a small bit of it even though there are still tears in your eyes. “No, not a proposal,” You answer, sliding the ring over to him. “He called it a promise ring, something that we wear to show that we’re waiting and promising to save each other until we’re ready to get married. It was supposed to be the gift for our two year anniversary.”

Hiro thinks about this before paling. You guys were supposed to celebrate their two-year anniversary next week. He suddenly remembers the first time Tadashi brought you home, how Hiro wanted to hate you so much but couldn’t. How your relationship with him grew and how you had proven time and time again that you refused to leave him alone and wanted to contribute to making sure Hiro was okay.

Just like Baymax.

Just like Tadashi.

He wraps an arm around you, and you do the same.

You’ll get through it.

ff-sunset-oasis  asked:

Blaise/Theo <3 thank you!!

  • who hogs the duvet theo. theodore is a messy sleeper. it took blaise almost a year to get used to sleep by his side. mostly because he would always end up on the floor.
  • who texts/rings to check how their day is going blaise. every respectable wizard uses a smartphone nowadays. blaise zabini is overly enthusiastic about his brand new iPhone and he practically forces theo to get one too, so they can communicate faster. theo doesn’t see the appeal of the device and rarely replies to blaise’s “good morning” texts.
  • who’s the most creative when it comes to gifts blaise. he puts a lot of effort on his gifts, okay? and theo is the one that is always forgetting their anniversary and buying the first thing he sees.
  • who gets up first in the morning blaise. theo likes his sleep way too much.
  • who suggests new things in bed theo. to everyone’s surprise, blaise is pretty traditional in bed. theo is the one who buys toys and is always suggesting new positions. 
  • who cries at movies both. and then they pretend it never happened. once pansy dropped by with a dvd copy of fried green tomatoes and it changed their lives forever.
  • who gives unprompted massages blaise. with ulterior motives, of course.
  • who fusses over the other when they’re sick theo. every time theo gets sick, blaise has coincidentally to attend an unknown relative’s funeral and spends a whole week away.
  • who gets jealous easiest theo. blaise is really good looking and dating him is like dating maureen from rent.
  • who has the most embarrassing taste in music blaise. but he will literally choke you if you ever tell anyone that he went to every taylor swift concert in great britain.
  • who collects something unusual theo. this kid is a huge nerd, okay? he loves muggle comic books. 
  • who takes the longest to get ready blaise. “you can’t rush a masterpiece, theo!” 
  • who is the most tidy and organised theo. blaise is always leaving his stuff around just to get on his nerves.
  • who gets most excited about the holidays theo. blaise used to hate christmas, but it all changed when they started to date. theo’s holiday spirit is truly contagious.
  • who is the big spoon/little spoon blaise is the big spoon ‘cause he is tol. theo is the little spoon, of course.
  • who gets most competitive when playing games and/or sports both. and after a nasty fight over monopoly, they’re both forbidden to attend pansy and daphne’s game nights forever.
  • who starts the most arguments blaise. theo tends to space out every time his boyfriend starts yet another silly argument over which season of sex and the city is the best.
  • who suggests that they buy a pet theo. except, the suggestion part never happens. one day, he just decides that they need a cat so he brings home a stray - and blaise takes almost a week to realize they actually have a pet now.
  • what couple traditions they have they love to watch muggle tv shows together. blaise is a huge hbo fan - sex and the city, game of thrones, the sopranos and deadwood. theo likes superheroes shows - smallville is his guilty pleasure and tom welling was his first man crush.
  • what tv shows they watch together even though they have different preferences when it comes to tv, they always agree on scandal.
  • what other couple they hang out with pansy and daphne are their favorites and they’re still getting used to the fact that draco is now dating hermione freaking granger.
  • how they spend time together as a couple they are the kind of couple that doesn’t feel the need to fill every moment of silence. they just love to spend time in each other’s company. theo and blaise also love to try new food together. theo is a wine connoisseur and he’s always dragging blaise to wine tastings.
  • who made the first move a slightly inebriated blaise, in their five year reunion.
  • who brings flowers home theo. and he knows that this lovely gesture is guaranteed to get him lucky.
  • who is the best cook none. but at least theo tries to cook - and blaise eats it, always ignoring the incoming food poisoning. 
SW Preference- How They Confess Their Love: P2


-Very elaborate and romantic

-Spelling it out in the sky is a possibility

-He would yell it, loud and proud, he loves you .He doesn’t care who knows, and probably wants everyone to. 

-Quick kisses, but lots of them. All over. While just repeating how much he loves you.


-Pep talks in the mirror

-White lies to impress you, that you can totally see through.

- “I only lied, because, well, I wanted you to think I was interesting.” “Because…I love you”

-Slow, nervous kisses at first, then you guys get comfortable.

-Protective, but sometimes you have to save his ass, too.


-She isn’t much of a “love enthusiast” so she might have to convince herself a bit that what she’s feeling is real before she confesses it to someone else, especially to you.

-Super protective of you, and might yell at you for all the times she’s had to take care of you but she secretly loves it.

-She’d probably say it on accident, if you make her laugh or do something cute she’d say “I love you,” and then try to take it back but then just get over it and kiss you already.

Kylo Ren

-He’d keep his feelings for you buried very deep down, not wanting you to get hurt if anyone knew you were important to him.

-He’d always take his helmet off around you, for respect and so he can see you properly and you aren’t afraid of him.

-He’d train you harder than anyone, so he’s sure you can protect yourself before he tells you the truth. 

-He might get angry at you for being angry at him, “Why are you so much harder on me? What did I do to you?” *throws baby tantrum with lightsaber* “Because I love you, damn it, and everyone else might be disposable, but you’re not!”

  • that really upbeat guy in your group that’s always optimistic and friendly with everyone
  • sometimes people get annoyed at how bubbly he is because goddamn boy it’s the apocalypse why are you so happy
  • but he just shrugs and goes ‘well everything else is shit so there’s no point in adding to the sadness’
  • you often admire that about him like when the two of you are out scavenging for food he’s always so enthusiastic and says stuff like ‘i hope we find a can of chocolate pudding chan loves that stuff’
  • and you’re just like ‘soonyoung we can barely find a can of beans how are we gonna find chocolate pudding’
  • and he smiles and says ‘you never know’
  • he avoids close contact with zombies as much as possible because although he sees the importance of surviving, he’s still pretty uncomfortable with killing zombies
  • basically the two of you are inseparable like if he’s on watch then you’re on watch as well
  • and one time while both of you were on watch your conversation turned really personal and you started to talk about your families and friends and your old lives 
  • “you know what i miss? tv and cellphones”
  • food, man, food how can you not miss the food like shit i’d do anything to have a box of pizza right now”
  • and then after a while you notice that soonyoung’s not saying anything anymore and you’re like wh at
  • and you see he has tears in his eyes and you’re so surprised because you’ve never seen him cry so you scoot a little closer and you’re like ‘hey hey are you okay what is it’
  • and he’s like ‘i don’t know i just really miss the world you know. like, the world before everything went to shit’ and then he’s sobbing into your shoulder and you’re holding him and rubbing his back 
  • “it’s okay, i miss it too, soonyoung”
  • after a while he calms down and you’re still cuddled together and neither of you have the intention to move and then suddenly soonyoung looks at you and he has this look on his face 
  • “but you know, i’m alright with what’s happening now. i mean, it’s still terrible but i’ve come to accept it. because if it wasn’t for this whole apocalypse thing i wouldn’t have met you.”


It was really cute! Though I cannot believe there was a Breaking Bad reference in a Disney movie.

But yeah, it was a more nuanced take on prejudice than you typically see in Disney movies, which was a pleasant surprise. There were some “eh” moments and probably would be more if I thought about it, but over all, I enjoyed it. It’s funny because it followed the typical perky girl/streetwise guy thing Disney movies seem to love these days, but sort of commented on the fact this was product of how they’re socialized- like he straight up says at one point he is streetwise and cynical because he’s already assumed to be, so what else can you do. And the rabbit girl has to be perky and enthusiastic to keep herself intact against all the pushback she faces, and does legit get depressed sometimes.  So that was kinda interesting? 

And mostly it was entertaining and had a generally nice message. 

Bruce Banner + Interest

So the newest argument against Bruce and Natasha is that it’s abusive because Bruce “shows no real interest in Natasha” during AOU. 


1. Bruce does show interest. 

Mark Ruffalo isn’t romcoming it up, no, because this is not a romcom. Usually when Bruce smiles there’s more than a pinch of sarcasm/bitterness behind it (see: “I thought Ultron was a fantasy”; “…you don’t wanna tell the team?”). The only time we see him genuinely enthusiastic is when he’s talking about Cho’s science (and notice how Natasha can’t keep her eyes off him then). 

But, man, when he’s talking with Natasha in the quinjet and at the bar that bitter smile turns fond and genuine so many times. There’s real light in his eyes. 

2. Y’all are disregarding Betty Ross. Like usual.

As much as the haters preach about “why has everyone forgotten about Betty???” they sure are quick to forget about Betty when it doesn’t suit their aim. Bruce left her for the same reason he tries to reject Natasha: ”I can’t have this. Kids. Do the math, I physically can’t.” As much as it hurts him, he wants Betty to continue to have happiness with Leonard Samson (the man she chose to be with after Bruce left her the first time and who she makes promises to in the deleted TIH scenes). 

Wouldn’t it be way more of an affront to Betty if Bruce started out actively pursuing Natasha with no qualms? 

3. Bruce would be out of character if he showed to much interest in AOU.

Bruce, because he had happiness with Betty, looks at the future in the picket fence kind of way. Natasha pushes back against that very narrow and traditional idea, bless her, and that’s when Bruce accepts a different kind of happiness (in the theatrical release; in the extended scene he temporarily rejects her for a much more complicated reason).

In the beginning of AOU Bruce is very much a man with a crush that he can indulge as long as it’s just play. He’s also a man who is “exposed, like a nerve” when he’s the Hulk — and the Hulk is clearly infatuated with Natasha. He’s absolutely going to try to play that down both to save his pride and to protect Natasha from crushing back on a man who, as he sees it, is a threat to her future happiness.

4. Again, Bruce does show interest.

The way he keeps look at Natasha in the lab scene. The way he approaches Natasha and starts the role play. That expression after, “You both deserve a win.” The body language when he and Natasha are in their own little world at the party. The fact that he’s the one to realize that Natasha hasn’t taken a turn at the hammer lift. The way he smiles and flirts lightly with Natasha even though a second ago he was glaring himself down in the mirror with intense self-hatred. 

5. Even when he’s rejecting her, the pain of that is evident.

Look at the way Bruce can’t maintain his distance when she’s opening up to him (”What did you dream?”). And the fact that the man who said, “Sometimes exactly what I want to hear isn’t exactly what I want to hear” forgets himself because his first instinct is to comfort Natasha — “I think you’re being hard on yourself.”

And how audible his breath becomes when she moves into his space. The way he grips her hand. The way he scrubs his face after he asks her, “Are you out of your mind?” (a genuine question — she’s been catatonic for hours, only to be roused by kids, the American Dream he can’t give her). 

And look at the way his eyes soften with regret when he says, “In the future with me.” Really watch his jaw working with suppressed emotion when Natasha is telling him about the Red Room. Look at the way his Adam’s apple bobs. When Natasha says, “Still think you’re the only monster on the team?” he exhales in a very emotional way, even if he’s repressing — because he has to, because he’s Bruce Banner and emotional repression is how he gets through the damn day.

[And in the alternative scene, we see that Natasha has the capacity to make him angry. That he’s not afraid to be his darker self around her. When Tony pokes at him, he cracks jokes (“I don’t think you’d like that very much.”) When Natasha lies to him, he gets angry. When Natasha comes at him with something as disingenuous as, “They’re dead,” he isn’t afraid to show her how much that hurts him. Bruce doesn’t treat Natasha like she’s fragile, because she’s not.]

6. Again, again, Bruce does show interest.

He sets himself up in a corner behind Natasha at the farm. He watches her interactions with Lila Barton intently. He is clearly anxious when she’s taken, but he can’t give into that because Natasha got taken doing her job and she’d want him to do his. 

7. He clearly states his interest and intentions when he comes for her in Sokovia.

Oh, right, and then there’s the part where he does the thing he fears the most — going back into a high-stress environment in the heart of a city full of civilians — in order to find Natasha and get her to safety. To tell her that she was right, their fight is over. To tell her, “I have a compelling reason not to lose my cool.”  

Oh right. That part.

8. Even after she pushes him down a well, the Hulk still treats her with infinite care.

The Hulk and Bruce are very connected in the MCU. The Hulk likes who Bruce likes. Bruce comes out more after the second failed lullaby. The Hulk is more focused, gentler (the way he carries Natasha). He’s also more emotional. Those are tears in his eyes.

Bottom line: It is entirely clear and evident that Bruce cares about Natasha in his in-character, repressed way and wants to be with her despite the risks and problems but circumstances get in the way.

Finn and Rey being adorable space dorks together

Finn and Rey both kind of awkwardly maneuvering around each other in the Falcon because some places are a little cramped and they can’t help brushing against each other or something and neither want to acknowledge the blushes on their faces

Finn absolutely loving Rey talk about piloting and mechanics because there’s this light that sparks in her eyes and she gesticulates wildly and she speaks with such a passion that Finn adores (that, naturally, is the moment when he realizes he’s in WAY over his head)

Finn and Rey training and sparring together and initially Finn is a little clumsier than she is but once he adjusts they’re a pretty even match and Rey can’t help loving how enthusiastic and intense he gets like “DID YOU SEE THAT???? I did that!!!” And pumps his fist and is distracted enough for her to surprise him and he ends up on the ground blinking and Rey just smiles innocently at him (thinking all the while ‘what a nerd…my nerd’)

Just….Finn and Rey, these two people who’ve never had a family before (or at least ones they could remember), finding something they’ve both longed for in each other, in their fellow resistance members, and being /happy/ and healthy and nerds in love

He writes you a song

Luke (Ashton/Calum/Michael)

You can’t help but practically run up the stairs to Luke’s apartment. Between his writing and recording sessions and your classes it’s been almost a week since you’ve last seen each other and you already miss him like crazy.

You try to tell yourself that that’s not pathetic. It helps that Luke has sent you over a hundred text messages telling you how much he misses you too.

When you knock on his door you only have to wait a couple of seconds until it opens but, to your disappointment, it’s not Luke who’s in front of you. It’s Calum.

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