because you belong with me

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Okay, let's just say they're not just music he likes. What else can we get from those songs? Is there anything to get?

I think there’s definitely something to get. It’s why I’m tracking them. From a cursory glance, Sherlock is clearly in love with John -  we knew that. 

The most interesting song is ‘you belong to me’ by far, because to me, it implies cheating.

Although (although) we’re apart
You are a part of my heart
But tonight
You belong to me

We talk for a while

trying something new here. this is my first ever original story i’ve written and i really love it and want to share it! (tagging @clearascountryair @marvelthismarvelthat @buckysbears @bioforensics AND @inevitablyfitzsimmons for reading this and betaing and @superirishbreakfasttea, @lapiccolina @bookedbyfandoms because you guys said you would read it if i posted and I LIKE VALIDATION )

We talk for a while

I have just pulled out yesterday’s leftovers from the refrigerator when someone knocks at the door.

‘Knocks’ probably isn’t the right word. ‘Knocks’ suggests that I was expecting someone, maybe my parents arriving—cooing and boisterous—excited to see how their daughter’s changed her childhood home. Or maybe a boyfriend, bringing homemade apple pie for dessert and cuddling and maybe something more.

But my parents are gone, I don’t have a boyfriend, and I hate apple pie.

And whoever was at my door was banging on it so hard and so urgently that for a moment I feared it was the police, even though the police probably wouldn’t knock at all.

“Coming!” I call over the noise as I make my way to the front, clicking my tongue when instead of stopping the pounding just seems to grow faster and harder.

I crack open the door and peer outside even though it’s almost too dark to see anything anyway. “Hello?”

The overhead light automatically clicks on and everything is illuminated.

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It is hard to understand that after years of suppressing a memory, it comes and attacks you in full force. Almost as if it is an old friend, feeling forsaken and ignored and wants to make their presence known. Its terrifying to understand that I am in an entirely different place in life than when we first crossed paths and I am as vulnerable as ever. Ive been trying everything to loose myself and ignore the past but its not working. I’ll see in you in nightmares, around corners, in the middle of the day, during lunch, fucking everywhere. I’m both terrified and relieved once I realize that it isn’t actually you because I thought when I moved, I would leave you behind but I have come to understand that I might not ever be able to get rid of you.
—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #1167 // the last time i saw you, you told me i would always be yours because i belonged to you and maybe this is what you meant //excerptsofstories

i’m like a 3-year-old throwing a tantrum because i claimed you but you don’t belong to me. i’m thrashing my hands and feet against the concrete, brushing my matted hair out of my crying eyes, spitting profanities against the empty air, wondering why this love has to be so unrequited, why the universe would give me you and then tear you away

and it’s not fair. i wish feelings grew on trees or that mind-control was a real thing or that i could somehow make you want me, because you’ll never love me the way i love you and it’s exhausting. it’s exhausting to keep loving you and loving you and loving you despite everything.

—  unrequited
  • Blake: This is why, Sun. This is why I left them all behind.
  • Sun: What are you… wait, where am I?
  • Blake: I’m done seeing my friends hurt because of me.
  • Sun: Blake—
  • Blake: Shut up! Do you think I like being alone? Every day— every day I think about them. Ruby, Weiss, Yang… They were my friends. I loved them like I never thought I could love anybody… and I hope they hate me for leaving.
  • Sun: You don’t mean that.
  • Blake, tearfully: Yes I do! Everyone thinks they can help me, but they can’t. You saw Ilia last night, and she’s not even the worst... no. No more. They’re better off without me. I made my choices and I’ll deal with the consequences, because they belong to me.
  • Sun: You think you’re being selfless… but you’re not. Yeah, that chameleon friend of yours got me pretty good… but I’d do it all again if it meant protecting you. And I can promise… Yang would say the same. You can make your own choices, sure, but you don’t get to make ours. When your friends fight for you, it’s because we want to. So stop pushing us out! That hurts more than anything the bad guys could ever do to us.
Imagine Peter’s reaction when you suddenly can’t hear the flute anymore.

  “You’re not hearing it?” Peter asked, a sudden panicked expression taking over his features.
You eyed him, you knew he would know if you lied. “No… I’m not.” You replied with a gloomy gaze.
  “You want… to leave?”
  “No, I’m just not.. lost anymore.” You said and Peter cocked a brow, a small smile appearing.
  “That’s right,” Peter grinned. “Because you belong with me now.”

(Not so) Alone in the Dark

Pairing: Earth-2 Harrison Wells x Reader

Summary: Harry causes a blackout despite the readers warnings and both of them learn something new. (I suck at summaries and be gentle with me, I haven’t written in a while. Like if you read!)

(Y/N): Your name, (E/C): Eye Color, (H/C): Hair Color.

You rubbed your temples as you leaned over your desk. Caitlin and Cisco were on the other side of the Cortex swapping theories about the newest meta-human that had tried to kill Barry at the police station. You had created a new algorithm that could narrow down certain aspects of one’s DNA, specifically that of a meta-human. It was your small contribution to the team and almost useless without a blood sample so it was really thanks to Joe that this was even possible. He had shot the meta-human just before she electrocuted Barry, making her disappear. Cisco had almost passed out from excitement upon hearing this, saying she probably escaped via the buildings wiring.

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Drunk BTS:
  • Namjoon: *puts his head on jins shoulder* I really like water... It can destroy very big things, *hickup* when it crashes against it in high and dangerous waves. But *hickup* when you touch it, the water feels soft like a pillow...
  • Jin: *looks softly at Namjoon and plays with his messy hair* You are so poetical, Rapmoni *hickup* But we both are drunk and the last time none of us was sober, *hickup* we had to deal with Jungkook nine month after that...
  • Taehyung: *tries to flirt with a plant, but Jimin becomes jealous and tries to drag him away* You can't seperate me from my pricess! We belong together, no matter what!
  • Jimin: *Ignoring the fact that his nose is bleeding because of Taehyung* No, Tae Tae! You belong to me! I left my precious Tony for you! *Almost starts to cry*
  • Yoongi: *Snoring on a table, his third bottle of beer next to him*
  • Hoseok: *Laying on top of snoring Yoongi and sleeping*
  • Jungkook: *looks at the others and shakes his head* Amateurs... *he said, exing his seventh bottle of milk*

i had a dream that you came to see me
you crossed all of the miles that separated us
and showed up at my doorstep like you did the first time we met
you stood before me and no words were needed
because you were here, you were with me
and it felt so real
i wanted so badly for it to be real

i had a dream that we got back together
i could wear the necklace you gave me again (the one i took off because i was angry with you) without feeling like it didn’t belong on me
and i was yours again
you held me in your arms and kissed me the way you used to
it was all i’ve been wanting for a while now
and it felt so real
i wanted so badly for it to be real

i had a dream that you kept all your promises
and it felt so real

i had a dream that you loved me again
i wanted so badly for it to be real

—  don’t wake me up
(cc, 2017)

To: All you Hunks (*finger guns* ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy)

From: The most relatable character

Happy Valentine’s Day!

It always amazes me how you are a completely different person with me than you are with everyone else. It’s like you took all the best parts of yourself, hid them from the world and saved them all just for me.
Sometimes I don’t know if that if that makes me feel frustrated - because nobody gets to see the amazing, funny, wonderful, sweet person you are when we’re alone; Or contentedly smug - because that secret you belongs only to me….
Nobody would ever believe how hysterically funny you can be, how you make me laugh until tears roll down my cheeks and my sides hurt… or how you talk to me with that soft voice you only use when it’s just the two of us.  I can’t show them your love notes because they’re private - just between us - so they’ll never know how romantic and sweet you can be. They’ll never see the look in your eyes when you hold me; The way your entire expression changes and you look at me like a person seeing the ocean for the first time…. like I am the most amazingly sight you have ever seen. 
Nobody sees that side of you but me….
So when they ask me what it is I see in you, I smile and tell them I wish I could explain it - but I can’t…..
And they tell me I don’t need to - my smile says it all…

I made the mistake of going back and looking at my pictures of Iceland when I was already upset about not being there