because you are the sharpay to my ryan


Blame @my-name-is-fireheart for this because SHE STARTED IT.

So hear me out.

High School Muscial AU:

  • Feyre + Rhys are obviously Troy and Gabriella who won’t stop having freaking drama and won’t stop singing about their epic love, who were originally ‘star-crossed lovers’ but now everyone just accepts it as the OBVIOUS end game bitches don’t try interfere with this ship or they will sing you to death
  • Rhys is the most powerful singer ever
  • Yet Feyre has a 7 Octave range so take that Rhys
  • Nesta + Lucien are clearly Ryan and Sharpay, the two Original Theatre Kids™ who are kinda both pissed and delighted that everyone is getting into their world, but regardless are The Sass Queens and Nesta will slay a bitch who gets in her way. Also obviously Nesta is #Fabulous
  • Cassian is Chad no questions asked, the Basketball star who insists he is super masculine and manly and gets all the ladies and insists #IDon’tDance but then he meets Lucien and oh shit dance off and oh shit they’ve mysteriously swapped clothes half way through the movie wonder what that means, although he’s also kinda hinted as endgame with Nesta/Sharpay. 
  • Elain is the happy go lucky kinda shy kinda sweet piano chick who can’t seem to catch a break and has weird sexual tension / epic friendship with Lucien despite the fact that he is the living embodiment of the Gay Theatre Kid stereotype
  • Az… Az is just that one guy who can make soufflé. But the epic deadpan version of it.  
  • Amren is too good for this shit she’s a dragon fire being or some shit she is not your singing dancing monkey (and yet somehow come every production she’s a background character glaring in absolute fury at how she ended up here - altho there are the perks of getting to screw the super cute set designer Varian)

HSM AU where Gabriella never moved schools and Sharpay got a chance to pursue her crush on Troy and her career and dreams unapologetically without being villainized for it and had to learn how to be nice and friendly while not sacrificing her drive and independence. 

The first year, when Troy is looking at the audition call sheets curiously remembering his karaoke with that cute girl during the holidays, Sharpay comes over and invites him to join. He laughs it off but can’t take it off his mind. In the end, he auditions late for a minor role. The teacher likes him so much, he’s in the second call for a principal role. He still struggles just the same between basketball and singing. Sharpay, looking forward to spend time with her crush, volunteers to sing with him too in the second audition, ignoring Ryan’s complains. She can sing with both of them and, since she’s the only female contender, that way they can see how both pairings work. 

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anonymous asked:

Its a shame.. I really liked your ow art... wish you wouldn't post sh/ima//d/a//c/es/t..

Oh sweetheart, they are brothers, it’s just them standing next to each other my sweet sweet friend, it was a high school musical au from when we were messing around on twitter. Because Ryan and Sharpay are siblings, nothing serious.

But also next time you want to send an artist something like this, please don’t, regardless of context. It’s a little ridiculous. Although I am glad you at least sort of messaged me for clarification (in a way I guess), you could have just unfollowed me without a word and the problem would be solved, okay ?

Thank you ❤️


Kelsi, my sawed-off Sondheim, I’ve been in seventeen school productions. And how many times have your compositions been slipped in?
This would be the first.
Which tells us what?
That I need to write you more solos?
No. It tells us that you do not offer direction, suggestion, or commentary. And you should be thankful that me and Ryan are here to lift your music out of its current obscurity. Are we clear?

Just some out of context quotes from a meeting at the Musain part two:
  • ‘I’m not asking if I should do it or not I’m asking if you think it will hurt when I inevitably do.’  - Bahorel 
  • ‘My Sith Lord origin story is Enjolras’ ass.’ - Grantaire 
  • ‘If Enjolras is Sharpay does that make Courfeyrac Ryan?’ - Bossuet
  • ‘I think my cat is left handed because he’s the devil.’ - Grantaire
  • ‘If you buy me a drink I’ll let you throw my cane at Enjolras when he gets on the table.’ - Joly
  • I HAVE A PUBE IN MY MOUTH oh wait nevermind that’s Bahorel’s beard. Bahorel, keep your beard to yourself.’ - Grantaire 
  • ‘Wouldn’t drowning him in orange juice hurt?’ - Bossuet
  • ‘But my feet aren’t webbed so that would be lying. ….but how cool would that be of course I’ll lie about that.’ - Combeferre
  • ‘Do dead flowers make good flower crowns? My niece wants a flower crown for her birthday but all I have are dead flowers and ivy.’ - Jehan
  • ‘Like, knock knock, it’s Santa and I’m here to RUIN EVERYTHING.’ - Bahorel
  • ‘And they all kept running but eventually the police caught them because they stopped for pizza.’ - Feuilly
  • ‘And that’s how I got pink eye.’ - Courfeyrac 
  • ‘I can’t! I have a small bladder!’ - Marius
When you first imagine a Carmilla High School Musical AU...

It’s really easy to picture Laura as the shy, smart new student Gabriella and Danny as the sporty hunk Troy. And of course Carmilla and Will would be the Sharpay and Ryan evil brother sister duo. That was my first idea, too…. BUT Who’s Perry? Who’s LaF?

Consider this instead:

  • 5'2" basketball star Laura Hollis as Troy Bolton, captain of the East Silas High girls’ varsity team under the guidance of coach Papa Hollis.
  • Intelligent and introverted Carmilla Karnstein as Gabriella Montez who moves schools a lot because of her mom’s job and just transferred to East Silas.
  • Basketball bro AF Brody Kirsch as Chad Danforth who is Laura’s BFF for life as they’ve known each other since they were little playing basketball on the coed elementary team when they were like 5.
  • Smart and sassy Danny Lawrence as Taylor McKessie who totally hates basketball and Kirsch and all he represents because the teams steal money away from the academics.
  • Bossy organized teacher’s pet Lola Perry as Sharpay Evans who runs not only the drama department but the entire school on her own schedule because she’s convinced she knows what’s best.
  • Loyal submissive quirky LaFontaine as Ryan Evans who follows Perry around like a lost puppy because that’s all they know and they really do like performing in plays with Perry even if Perry is a little hardcore sometimes and they don’t agree with everything she does.
  • Genius musical composer JP Armitage as Kelsi Nielson who kinda hates Perry becacuse she turns down all his ideas for her own, even though LaF and Laura and Carmilla think he’s a smart guy.

And then imagine all of the ships. Because that is the fic I’m writing.

a toumaki fanmix because i have nothing better to do tbh ʕ´•ᴥ•`ʔ
(listen here)

1. What I’ve Been Looking For- Sharpay and Ryan / 2. Anyone Else But You- The Moldy Peaches / 3. Stephen- Ke$ha / 4. Wow, I Can Get Sexual Too- Say Anything / 5. Escape- Rupert Holmes / 6. If I Die Before You- Ludwig Goransson / 7. Rhythm Of Love- Plain White T’s / 8. Trouble- NeverShoutNever / 9. My Girl- The Temptations / 10. Lovebug- The Jonas Brothers / 11. Accidentally In Love- Counting Crows / 12. Perfect Two- Auburn / 13. Call Me Maybe (Cover)- Alex Goot, Dave Days & Chad Sugg