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Don’t forget Gorillaz fans, Jamie Hewlett exist! He made all you’re favorite band members come to life in the music videos, shorts, ect! He continues drawing them countless times and works day and night to give you new content with the band members! So please appreciate him!!! ❤❤❤

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can you do a what kind of gf each sign is

Aries: the adventurer, she will be your human alarm clock and morning coffee all into one, she will tease you a lot and say ‘just kidding!’ at the end of it, she is very touchy-feely, warm and has a heart of gold. her love is priceless and strong. you’ll wake up with her in a tent in a foreign country as she sleeps nosily next to you and you’ll pull her in closer with a smile on your face.

Taurus: the poet, the one that relates every song she hears, movie she watches, and poem she reads, to you. she cares for you like no other with every empathetic bone in her body. she will love you through the very roughest of times. you can never win an argument against her though. when she is sad, when she is happy, when she is angry: everything she says will sound like a poem and you’ll wonder how you got so lucky.

Gemini: the kitten, 
she will make every day different, her kisses will slow time, her laugh will echo through your bones and sometimes you will get annoyed that she is so loud but when she is gone, the silence will feel like torture. she is playful and erratic, she studies you every day and leans you slowly. she guards her heart like a game but gives you whispers of walkthroughs in her smile.

Cancer: the daydream, the one that isn’t afraid to tell you how much she loves you every single day. will avoid confrontation like the plague. she will want to do every romantic thing in the book with you like slow dance in the kitchen at 2am while you make dinner together. she could write you a novel about the little things she loves about you that no one else even notices. she feels like home.

Leo: the pleaser, she will want to share her life with you, will be very open, loving and generous. her friends become your friends. will not stop taking selfies of you two together though. she will indulge in your happiness. she will make time for you through her busy day as if you two are the only sole survivors of an apocalypse. she will protect you from the things she had to endure.

Virgo: the submissive, likes to pretend she is tough and in control but she is willing to do anything you ask of her tbh. she likes to make you happy and see you smile. she wants to be your best friend and the love of your life at the same time. she can get snappy when she’s having a bad day but most of the time is very chill and humorous. she’s the type to drop all her work and show up for you when you most need it.

Libra: the mediator, the intellectual, the flirt. she will wake you up with rose petals but make you chase her all day. she loves to just talk to you 24/7 and keep the peace. she’s the type to plan a busy day for the both of you tomorrow but she won’t wake you up because she thinks you look too perfect and you’ll both spend the whole day cuddling instead.

Scorpio: the warrior- will never want to leave you no matter how badly you treat her but can make your life a passive aggressive hell instead. she will respect you, always listen to you and court you- she’ll want to tell you her deepest pains at 3 in the morning while you sleep as if you are her own personal diary. she’s the type to show up in the rain at 2am after a fight and angrily kiss you without saying a word, it’ll feel like heaven and hell collided.

Sagittarius: the traveller, she’ll travel your mind in ways you never thought someone could- she’ll ask just the right questions to known you better than you know yourself. she always knows what’s wrong and she always knows what to say. she’s the girl to tell you how it is, she doesn’t live in a fairytale but she makes reality seem like a dream. when you lay in bed with her at night you’ll be pinching yourself to make sure.

Capricorn: the teacher, she’ll teach you how it’s like to live as her, she’ll teach you how to be a better person. she’ll teach you so many things about yourself that you feel lost without her. she puts her walls high, but she expects you to make the effort if you care about her. she is deeply romantic and compassionate: her love with soothe any pain you face throughout your days and she’ll teach you that you’re never alone in anything you do if you have her.

Aquarius: the stranger, she’s so wonderfully unique and insane you’ll never find a love like hers again. she’s like flirting with a stranger on the train. she’s the most interesting conversation you’ve ever had. she’s like a once-in-a-lifetime photo captured, right in front of you. she will detach much like a stranger, then go all in like you’ve known her your whole life. she’ll make you question everything about love and it’s purpose, you will decide it is painful and strange, and yet you will still fall madly for her.

Pisces: the princess, once you slay the dragon and make her yours, she will sacrifice a lot for you and work to keep you happy. she will introduce you to her perfect dreamland and provide a place at the throne. to her, you are royalty and she treats you like you are irreplaceable. she is a princess: graceful, friendly, strong. she loves to be loved, by you, and everyone. she dreams of a prince who can make her feel as loved as the heroines she constantly reads about.

Legally Blonde thoughts

The thing that gets me the most about legally blonde the musical is that in Omigod, Elle’s sorority sisters call Elle and Warren are the perfect couple because “we love you guys.” Elle responds with “No I love you guys!” However in comparison in the last song, there is a reprise where the same girls call Elle and Emmett are the perfect couple “because we love you guys.” This time both Elle and Emmett respond with “No WE love you guys!”

To me this speaks volumes because it tells me that Warren didn’t like Elle’s friends, he just dealt with them and Emmett sees their true worth and how much they lift up the woman he loves and honestly Legally Blonde is so good and pure and I love it.


Perfect Wife x Woman of Dignity parallels

haha yea those two WOULD be cute together wouldn’t they? I don’t think I’ll end up making that canon though hahaha
—  Famous last words of a writer before a pairing consumes their life


This man left me with a really confusing impression, because I tend to dig deep into character (both real people I met and unreal character) so I was always feel there’s something off about him. After watching Secret Ending I came to the conclusion that this man is not a simple giver like most people in fandom think, if you’re looking for someone to blame then there he is. Hell, I even think he’s the mastermind that pushs everything to this point (oh hate me I love it)

V is the incredibly selfish man, because he wants to keep Rika to himself and everything that related to her in anyway. In Yoosung route, he told Jumin he did not want to be treated because he wanted to keep the wound to remember her, I dont get why people think its his devotion for love. What’s so noble about it? What’s so mighty about it? He just want to keep her to himself, thats why he’s so obsessed with keeping the wound. 

To RFA I know he told people that he just want to left people with good memory about Rika. I was questioning his motivation for this, because RFA own Rika greatly for what she did, they treasured her! If they know she was that sick, they would try everything to save her with every resource they have. Besides, is that how you remember a person? I think everyone has their bad sides that others just cant stand, but through thick and thin we stick together because we love each other. And that’s how you remember someone, both their perfection and imperfection. That’s the very beauty of human. V just do not trust RFA, or to be more precise, he want to own Rika completely by knowing that he’s the only one that truly KNEW her. 

To Saeran and Seven, perhaps you can say it was Rika that seperated them. Let dig deep. Why do they seperate these two, they must have known how the twins are important to each other. Ok hacker thing, but Saeran was just as smart, why dont they invite Saeran too? The choice to leave was made by Seven, but I think the pushing was from V and Rika side by making an invitation. They can just let Seven say goodbye to Saeran to guarantee that he will always support his brother (through many money channel because he’s a genius in hacking) and Saeran can be left in a orphanage or government institution where Seven knew about. Why dont they arrange it that way? I dont know who initiated the idea that Seven should left without saying he’s still there for Saeran, just a note is fine, but dont you question that? I cant say exactly who play the bad guy in here, but I know V was approached Seven to present a job. 

To MC, he knew he put an innocent life in danger but he’s still doing it anyway. He said that, he said he wanted to be with Rika again, and thats the reason why he choose to let it be. He fooled everyone, because everyone trusted him. This man is really something about manipulation.

To Rika, he said he loved her. So if she wanted to hurt herself she should hurt him. FUCKING BULLSHIT. My father was in depression for a long time and he wanted to hurt himself, but my mom never allowed it nor allowed him to hurt her. It just wrong, because by doing so he convinced her that she can inflict pain to others. If your loved one was in such phase, you should try to be patient, take them to therapy, and stay by their side no matter what but you never encourge them to HURT you. V give Rika this idea that she can be saved by inflicting pain to others, and he encouraged her to be that way. Remember, Rika always yearning for accepting from others and a place in this world, V did not give her that but lead her to wrong path. Sure, she can act but act always need certain kind of support to be implement. V did. By agreeing with everything she did, told her that it is ok to hurt him, he led Rika to doom. You might not think it, but the outsider actually can be an evil hand when it comes to people with pschological problem. 

The sun? The sun look so nice and warm but it is so fucking FAR! So far that human used to worship it like a mighty god, but its actually just a planet. JUST A PLANET, and that’s it (know what Im not gonna change this part, no need to educate me, because so many bitches picked this one to humiliate me for “talk bad about their precious V”, you just cant imagine lol). The relationship was so vague and selfish as a whole, and hell, I dont even know if there’s love from V side. Is that love or its just a form of something that looks like love?

If I draw V now, I think he would be really sick. But his sickness is different than Rika, its really close to the pride that he held. Under all the so seem good deeds and devotion, he was so manipulating and devil. Did he recognize it? Did he not?

All I know is that Yoosung was not wrong to hate him.

I’m still getting used to the idea of INFJ Izaya. I’ve written a compilation of that but it’s still hard to believe. All along I’ve thought he was a T, it was the automatic assumption…but I’ve been tricked so thoroughly. 

Izaya has so much Fe it’s not even funny. It’s there all the time, his love for humans, his envy, his goal in life is to love humans - I just never saw it as Fe

Hell, OOC needy Izaya in fics could reflect an overestimation of his Fe, or an exaggeration really. Maybe that’s why it could still be appealing (?) And I know Kanra is just a personality, but she has lots of Fe. And Izaya did feel jealous because they left him (Kanra) out of hotpot in Volume 4

Thank you Shun, really. You’ve solved the mystery of Izaya’s personality type for me. 

And to think the only other INFJ which can make Izaya feel not alone is his only friend Shinra who only cares about Celty…

Now I know why the fandom sees Izaya as pitiful 

Another Carter (3/?)

Summary : You’re Peggy Carters grand daughter, living as much as a normal life as you can with a giant secret weighing on your shoulders. What happens when you  ripped from your normal life, and thrown into the avengers hands?

Avengers x Reader (so far)

Warnings: Swearing , fluff

 { I swear the next chapters will be more interesting , you just gotta deal with the slow build ;)}

Marvel Master list

Another Carter Master List

                                                     Chapter Three

After telling everyone about project EAGLE & your decision to lay low until needed , everyone was silent .

well, until Steve decides to break it p>

“ You’re telling me , they recreated the serum and we are just finding out about it ?!” He says angrily .

  “ only one person knew of the contents of it , and she held on to that until death , Captain.” You say, trying to keep you tone calm . The entire time you were speaking Steve had a sour look to his face , which you didn’t expect at all. Your grandma spoke so highly of him all your life , being met with his bitch face was a let down .

“ if you were so close with her , how come you weren’t at the funeral?” Steve asks harshly . Bucky smacks the back of his head as Tony steps into the conversation ,

“watch it Ste-”

“ I was there , I was suppose to give the eulogy but when I couldn’t keep my crying under control my cousin Sharon stepped in for me. You know her quite well , don’t you Steve ? Actually I was wondering , do you ever call grandmothers name when your in the middle of fuck-”

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  “Y/n that’s enough!” Clint says, wrapping an arm around your waist to prevent you from going at Steve .

  When you heard of Steve and Sharon’s relationship it creeped the hell out of you . He was very public about his love for your grandma , and then jumped for the next carter he saw? Weird .

Tony loses his shit laughing, along with Bucky .

“ she’s definitely related to Peg. She’s not taking your shit Pal .” Bucky Barnes is absolutely stunning, how Peggy passed him up is a mystery.

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 He seems so much more how she described Steve to be , Steve really isn’t living up to his legend .

  “ Don’t think I didn’t hear the stories about you Sergeant ” you purr with a wink. Bucky turns a light shade of pink before clearing his throat. Clint can’t contain his laughter, making you follow with your own at the sight of the Winter Soldier profusely blushing .

  “ why would she pick you over Sharon? She’s in this life , you chose to abandon it.” Steve snaps.

 Your face falls at his question ; you’ve wondered the same thing for years .

“ I don’t see how that’s any of your business ,Rogers .” A voice booms from behind you. You whip around with a wide smile at the familiar voice .

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“ well hello Nick.” You say as you wrap him in a hug. The avengers all stare wide eyed at the sight ; none of them ever seeing Fury actually hug anyone .

“ I think I have something you might want to see Y/n. Friday play the recording ” A screen appears in the middle of the room, stilled on beautiful, older Peggy Carter. Her hair was a deep chocolate brown, she somehow always seemed to manage to look so young. This must of been filmed soon after the project, God, Shes always been gorgous.. It begins playing, the sound of her voice making tears automatically form.

“ is this thing on ? ” she asks looking at the camera .

You hear a familiar laugh from behind the camera,“ Yes Aunt Peg and it’s called a video camera.”

“ Anthony , I’ll tell you what I told your father ; being a know it all isnt attractive . ” she says sassily . You hear Tony grumbling behind the camera before telling Peggy to begin . You laugh at the banter as tears cascade down your cheeks .

 "Right well, hello Darling. I’m assuming if you’re seeing this that I’m- we’ll that I’m gone . I know I left you with a lot of questions Y/n, so hopefully this helps with that. You were briefed on the serum , besides just a few things; and I’m sorry about that. Well first off, you’ve probably noticed you haven’t aged that much, maybe just an insignificant amount. That my dear , is because of the serum; it somewhat froze you at this spot in time. On the Brightside, you’ll always look in your twenties.You’re quite welcome. But with that being said,  the serum may muck up your life in some ways. There’s no way in telling how the world will react to another enhanced hero, times are different now , people are afraid of what they don’t know. When you’re revealed, don’t let the skepticism of small minded people impact you ; you will do wonderful things, there is no doubt in my mind. " She paused, wiping a stray tear from her eye .

“ Awh Auntie Peg, Y/n will be fine. ” Tony says , he isn’t sincere, you can clearly hear the hint of a smile in his voice.

“ Well I damn well hope Anthony.  You’ve known that girl since birth , If anything happens to her I will haunt your -”

“ Alright alright I get it , you know Ill always watch out for her. Don’t make this all mushy and feely. “ he complains, the camera slightly moves as he speaks. " Come on , I don’t have all -”

Hes cut off when Peggy sends him her signature glare.  You cant help but burst out laughing, Tony and a few others laughing as well .

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 She clears her throat and continues,“ You asked before why I chose you , & here’s your answer ; When you were 6, your mother called me from her work, requesting that I pick you up from school immediately . Apparently that morning , you punched a young boy in the face , and quite literally kicked him in the rear for picking on a pair of siblings . The school sent you home when you refused to apologize to the boy , you claimed ’ No one has the right to make someone else feel small. Any one who does can eat my boogers.’ You hear quiet laughter around the room as the tape continues.

” When you were teens, an older girl from school was picking on Sharon and you both did the right thing and walked away instead of starting a fight . Sharon still may believe that was the end of it, that the girl decided to leave her alone . I wonder if you’ll ever tell her the next day when you over heard her picking on another girl you pushed her into an open locker and threatened to shut the door if she didn’t leave sharon & her other victims alone . There was numerous times in your life that you rendered me speechless & proud for the way you stood up for others & what you believed in. You always fight for what’s right, even when the odds may be against you . In a way, I see a lot of Steve Rogers in you . That is why I chose you my dear .Never able to resist a fight . “ She shakes her head as a wide smile graces her lips.“ Your heart, loyalty and courage match his and that is why you were both selected . You weren’t chosen because you were a perfect soldier , but because you were a good person . What this world needs is someone with Hope , that can quiet the fears of others and show them you’re there to protect them . Just as you did for those siblings , and just as you did for Sharon and the others . I will always be proud of you , even when I am gone . I wish you would of been able to meet Steve , the way you two see things is truly - I think you’d care for him as much as I do . Maybe it’s a good idea that you’ll never meet. ” she winks into the camera and begins laughing, you hear young Tony gag from behind the camera . Your grandmothers laugh makes a sob fall from your body, causing Tony to pull you to him .

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“ You were given this opportunity to make a difference Y/n. I know at times it’ll feel as if the universe is on your shoulders, but I know you can handle it . It’ll take time , and I don’t expect you to just jump into with no fear . But I know eventually the world will see you as I always have; a hero . I love you Darling. ”      You watch the tears fall from her eyes before the screen goes black .

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The room was eerily silent , making your sobs echo. You turn to the team , your teary eyes meeting Steves .

Nick clears his throat,“ does that answer your question Captain ? ”

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Distractions pt 9

Pt. 1 || Pt. 2 || Pt. 3 || Pt. 4 || Pt. 5 || Pt. 6 || Pt. 7 || Pt. 8 || Pt. 9 || Pt. 10 || Pt. 11 || Pt. 12 || Pt. 13

Yoongi x Reader (ft. Jimin)

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Word Count: 2465

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“Hyung?” Jimin whispered as he peeped his head from behind the bedroom door. It wasn’t surprising to see a blanket burrito stuffed with only the most premium of geniuses: Min Yoongi. All that was needed was a side of guac.

“Hyung, are you awake?” With every step Jimin took, the ground beneath him creaked just slightly. From within the encased ball of cloth annoyed groans could be heard,

“Does it look like I’m awake?” A small tuft of black fluffy hair and the tired, irritated face of its owner could be seen from a teensiest of holes that breached his fortress. 

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Boyfriend Jaehyun

this was requested by @why-cody , hope you like it !! ~

  • shit this is going to get too serious because we can all agree that jung jaehyun is boyfriend material af
  • im so happy you requested this
  • and im even happier that i’m writing this
  • okay let’s start

  • you’d probably be working at a cafe or something like that ,

  • and he’d be a regular there that never failed to catch your attention
  • because he’s the definition of perfection honestly ?
  • everytime he comes he’d smile at you
  • you guys chatted a few times before on a few occasions
  • he probably hit you up a few times before with smooth af pick up lines
  • but back then you weren’t too into him so you brushed it off as a joke
  • you missed so many chances girl why
  • “ Has anyone told you what’s wrong today ? ”
  • “ No .. why ? ”
  • “ Good , because there’s nothing wrong ”
  • and you laughed it off and thanked him but didn’t think that much
  • until one day he did it again ,
  • “ Would you like to fill up a survey for me ? It’d be really quick ”
  • and you’d agree because you wanted to help him
  • and when he passed you his phone ,
  • you’d blush like mad and smile crazily ,
  • because he handed you his phone with the ‘New Contact’ screen open
  • that night he messaged you and the both of you chatted for hours
  • and eyebags could be seen on each of your faces
  • and both of you would laugh it off when you saw each other at the cafe
  • and you’d probably get ticked off by your manager because instead of taking orders you were talking with jaehyun
  • he’d wink at you and shoo you back to work while he sat at his usual seat , staring at you
  • one day he’d go to the cafe just 30mins before it closes ,
  • just to wait for you to end work so he could take you out
  • “ Jae i thought you weren’t coming today , why’re you so late ? ”
  • “ I’m waiting for you to end work , i have somewhere to take you ”
  • “ Oh shit give me like fifteen minutes more i still have things to finish up ”
  • “ It’s okay , take your time , i’ll wait for you ”
  • and then he brings you to the restaurant you told him you wanted to try out very badly just two weeks ago
  • he even reserved a private table for the both of you ,
  • ordered the dishes you liked ,
  • and treated you like a queen
  • you’d get suspicious and ask him ,
  • “ Jae why are you doing all these ”
  • “ For this special day .. ”
  • “ … special day ? …. ”
  • “ Yes Y/N , i’ve had feelings for you since a long time ago .. Are you willing to be together with me ? ”
  • you’d stare at him without saying anything because you’re too shocked and couldnt comprehend anything he said
  • but after awhile you’d smile and nod your head
  • and he’d smile like a child , his dimple showing
  • then the waiter serves you a cake and you’re like ????
  • how long did jaehyun take to prepare all of this ??
  • okay this guy would show you off anywhere ,everywhere
  • he probably went home that night to call all the other members to tell them about the relationship
  • and soon enough the whole neighbourhood knows the both of you are together
  • because he’s always holding your hands when you’re out together ,
  • his arms around your shoulders or waist
  • and if you were standing alone doing something he wouldn’t be afraid to backhug you and place his head on yours
  • he LOVES skinship so much i cant even
  • probably lots of teasing and jokes ,
  • mainly because he loves seeing you flustered and laughing ,
  • and it puts a smile on his face too
  • “ there’s a bee behind you babe don’t turn around ”
  • and you’d literally freeze in your seat with your eyes widened
  • and he couldn’t help but burst out laughing - “ you’re so cute baby , i cant even- ”
  • when you smacked him back he’d continue laughing , trying to catch his breath
  • and you’d just sigh and end up laughing with him too
  • he loves complimenting you though
  • you could be brushing your teeth in the morning with your messy hair and face,
  • and he’d still hug you and call you pretty
  • when he’s jealous , he gets really really protective
  • he’d probably have a really straight face and he’ll keep you behind his back like you’re his child
  • and when the both of you are finally alone again he’d kiss your forehead because he’s glad nothing happened to you
  • when you’re sad he comforts you and takes care of you no matter how wrecked you were ,
  • he might sing you songs and make some silly jokes for you
  • lots of kisses and hugs !1!1!
  • they’d would cheer you up so much because he just has that positive vibe ??
  • but when he’s sad he gets really quiet , unlike his usual self
  • he’d talk to you about it and ask for advice ,
  • because he needed your words and encouragement the most
  • people are legit jealous of the both of you because y'all are like the perfect couple
  • cause like couple fights hardly ever happened - like not even once ??
  • how is that possible y'all
  • he fetches you to and from work everyday without fail
  • and as a supportive boyfriend ,
  • he orders multiples times a day to help boost the cafe’s business
  • like he’s so sweet why
  • he loves hugging you to sleep ,
  • and waking you up with kisses
  • and have i mentioned you’d be blessed because he’d cook for you everyday ?
  • and you’d be so fascinated by his skills
  • when you tried to help , he’d make you do the basic things
  • like cutting and peeling the ingredients
  • because no one disturbs chef jaehyun when he’s cooking , he gets all serious
  • he’ll shower you with love and affection 24/7
  • he’s the sweetest and most caring boyfriend you’d can find basically
  • i’ll stop here before i switch lanes to Jaehyun
  • gotta stay loyal to mark
BTS reactions when you sing a duet together with them

requested by anon


*doesn’t want to perform it live, because it’s your song*

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“The best song in the existence of music.”

*proud af*

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*serious mode*

“This gon’ be lit af.”

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*not even 30 seconds into the song, he already cries*


*can’t take his eyes off you*

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*forgetting his lines frequently; he later says it’s all your fault, because you were distracting him with your beauty*

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*pure perfection; you both kill every ARMY there is*

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-Admin S and Moon

anonymous asked:

head canon rfa + v and saeran with a chubby, insecure mc? like they have a lot of stretch marks and they hate the way their their stomach sticks out from their body

Just saying, physical beauty is severely overrated. Sorry these are so lame.

-He’s had his share of self loathing. He always hated how unmanly he was (which is completely false).
-Because of you, he’s gained confidence.
-He would notice how you avoided wearing tight clothes or letting him touch you.
-Yoosung first thought maybe that kind of thing just made you uncomfortable and didn’t question it.
-But then he started to notice you eating less and less. He became concerned.
-Was it the food? He could make something else you’d rather eat.
-Upon further investigation, asking you if you are going to eat, he finds out he you hate your stomach, so you’re cutting down on the amount of food you eat.
-He’s really confused because you weren’t overeating before, and now you’re under-eating. It’s not healthy.
-You honestly don’t need to change anything about yourself because you’re already a God(dess).
-He’ll show you encouraging and body positive things he’d find on the Internet to give you and extra confidence boost.

-It’s pretty common for Zen to be compared to (and compare himself to) a Greek God
-So that kind of adds to your insecurities. This guys works out everyday and is extremely fit because of it. You can’t help but think you look like shit next to him.
-He saw the way you’d look at your reflection or the way you looked down at your stomach or thighs. It broke his heart.
-He used to hate his appearance and he hates that you have to go through the same thing. It’s such a shitty feeling to not be comfortable in your own skin. You don’t deserve to feel that way.
-He’ll make extra sure to compliment the parts of you you seem to dislike to help boost your confidence. He’ll make sure you don’t feel jealous of super skinny, borderline anorexic women he works with because even though their weight isn’t healthy, he has caught you staring at them with a frown.
-Zen worships you and your body because both are perfect just the way they are.

-She actually felt herself fall more in love with you when she saw you for the first time. She absolutely loved your body type.
-One day, while you were talking, you mentioned that you can’t stand your stomach.
-Jaehee was surprised because she’s always idolized you and your body. She’s loved how you look from the first day she saw you. It wasn’t what made her fall in love with you -your personality did that- but you were so beautiful she couldn’t help but feel her heart beat faster.
-You tell her that you also hate the stretch marks, and she’s a bit offended. She also has some stretch marks.
-“Do you think stretch marks are ugly..?”
-You could hear how nervous she was. “Oh, no, I’m sorry. That’s not what I meant. They’re not ugly.”
-“Then why do you judge your body so harshly compared to how you judge me and everyone else?”

-You were trying on some clothes Jumin had bought for you because they “reminded me of you.”
-He was sitting in a chair while you were changing in the bathroom. The clothes he had bought you were a bit short. You didn’t like how you could see the stretch marks on your thighs.
-You were refusing to come out of the restroom you were changing in despite Jumin constantly saying “I’m sure you look beautiful. Just come out already.”
-Eventually, you realize you couldn’t argue with him forever, and because you’ll be with him the rest of your life he’ll probably see your stretch marks eventually…
-You finally open the door just hoping he won’t be too disgusted.
-“Hmm…” Jumin looked deep in thought as he looked at you. You grew nervous, until he added “That color suits you. I’d say it being out your eyes.”
-“But you can see the stretch marks on my legs.”
-“…Your point? I don’t see how that’s an issue.”

-He doesn’t eat healthily or take care of himself, yet he’s still so thin. It makes you, and honestly everyone, envious.
-Since you’ve come into his life, his bad habits have died down and he’s starting to take better care of himself.
-You’ve been taking better care of yourself in return, but that doesn’t mean you still don’t hate how your body looks.
-Seven used to make self deprecating jokes all the time so you thought he would be chill if you joined in.
-So you casually made a joke about how gross your body is.
-But Saeyoung isn’t laughing. You mentally curse, feeling awkward.
-“…Why would you say that?”
-You feel so awkward, embarrassed, and guilty, so just stay quiet.
-“Do you really feel that way?”
-He took that as a yes. “_____, don’t think that about yourself. Stretch marks, weight, none of that stuff matters. Why do you see it as a problem? It’s just something else about you to fall in love with, like your eyes or your smile. Everything about you is stunning, please don’t forget that.”

-Because of his poor sight, he doesn’t pay attention to details often, which means he barely even noticed your body type.
-Once you’re both comfortable with adding physical affection into your relationship, he noticed you were still a bit hesitant to let him touch your body. He read this as you weren’t actually comfortable with touching yet, so he asked you about it.
-He wasn’t expecting you to tell him you don’t want him to feel how big your stomach and your thighs are.
-V is so confused.
-Is it an issue? He’s never seen your body type as an issue. Ever. He loves your body because it’s your body.
-“Don’t say things like that, _____. You’re beautiful.”
-“Of course you’d say that. You’re almost blind.”
-“I don’t need eyesight to know you’re the most gorgeous being on this planet.
-Admittedly, it was a bit cheesy, but he meant every word of it.

-I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Saeran could not give any less of a fuck about appearance.
-You’re the one who has saved him and believed in him and supported him when nobody else would. Who cares if you have stretch marks or you think your stomach is too big? You’re a miracle worker and he could never find the vocabulary to describe how amazing you are to him.
-He’s honestly really sad that you hate your body because in his eyes everything about you is perfect.
-He wants you to not care about looks like he does, but he realizes that you truly dislike your weight.
-You’re the only light he’s ever had in his life. What you look like doesn’t matter. All that matters is what kind of person you are. Saeran strongly believes this and will try to pass that knowledge onto you.

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could you do a scenario with bakugou comforting his s/o because they hate their birthday n they always get super depressed when it comes around??

HI! Sorry, I decided to go with headcanons because I feel like I could cover a lot more and I wanted to throw in some special birthday headcanons for you as well! ♡

Bakugou Katsuki

  • Bakugou wears a frown on his face when he notices that you’ve been acting depressed recently, and since he’s rather clueless as to what could cause your saddened state since everything seems to be normal and there’s no one bullying or messing with you, he confronts you about it when you both are alone. He comes right out and asks what’s been bothering you because he can tell you’re not being yourself these last few days, and it’s useless if you try to cover it up and put on a happy facade because he knows you well enough to see straight through that.
  • When you reluctantly tell him that you have the birthday blues, he becomes confused because aren’t birthdays supposed to make someone feel eager or happy when it comes around with it being a “special day”? He doesn’t push the issue and leaves it at that because he doesn’t want to make you feel even worse about it than you already do so he says something like “Well, shit. I had no idea you feel that way.” Then he grabs a hold of your hand and takes you on an impromptu date to make you feel better because he wasn’t about to let you continue feeling gloomy and sad. Bakugou hates seeing you like that and he’ll do whatever he can to cheer you up.
  • When your birthday comes around, Bakugou plans something simple and special for you and invites you over to his house. He kicks his parents out of the house for the entire evening and tells them to go treat themselves to something nice and relaxing because he doesn’t want them interfering with his plans. He doesn’t tell them the reason why either but his parents can guess that you would be coming over and assumes that there’s a “special occasion” that’s going to be taking place (the night where Bakugou finally becomes a “man”). Bakugou blushes profusely and scolds his mom to stop teasing because it’s nothing like that and he just wanted to do something special for your birthday.
  • Bakugou cooks you a nice birthday dinner that he made careful preparations for to ensure that it will turn out amazing, and he also practiced preparing the meal several days in advance because he wanted everything to be perfect for you. You both would enjoy your meal while watching a movie together and once the credits begin to roll he tells you that he’ll be right back because he’s going to surprise you with a cake that he baked himself. He comes out moments later and says “Happy birthday, babe” and presses a kiss to your lips and tells you to make a wish. And although you’ve always hated your birthday, Bakugou managed to make this year at least a little better.

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can you write a fluffy pregnant imagine where josh is just super sweet to you? thanks :)


It’s almost midnight, and you know that you should be fast asleep. Josh is curled next to you, a protective hand sprawled across your swollen stomach.

But your baby keeps kicking, and no amount of shifting around, this way or that, will make her stop. you frown, lifting the sweatshirt that you had borrowed (or stolen) from Josh earlier that night.

“Baby..please, just stop kicking. It’s hurting your momma.” You whisper, but the kicks continue, harder than before. You can’t help but let out a small whimper, squeezing your eyes shut tightly.

A sleepy Josh shifts in bed next to you, blinking his eyes open.

“Love? What’s wrong?” He sits up, leaning down to press a kiss on the top of your head.

You pout, making grabby hands at him. Josh immediately complies, pulling you into his lap.

“'It’s the baby. She won’t stop kicking"

Josh stiffens, becoming instantly more alert, holding you closer.

“Do we need to go to the hospital? Is she coming?” You can’t help but giggle at his adorable antics, pressing a kiss to his cheek.

“No, you dork. She’s not due for another month. But can you try to sing to her?”

Josh blushes slightly, nodding. “‘Course babe. Anything for my little princess.” He leans down, nudging his nose against the skin just above your belly button, sending goosebumps down your spine.

“Hi baby girl..” he whispers ever so softly, “Momma asked me to sing to you since you’re being a trouble maker and kicking her. But I forgive you since I love you so much.” He presses another soft kiss to your stomach, before whispering a lullaby into the skin of your belly.

You smile slightly, chewing on your bottom lip. You were nearly eight months along, and Josh had been getting more and more excited about the arrival of your daughter. He had even gone out and bought a whole wardrobe of baby clothes, and set up the crib by himself one afternoon.

You couldn’t help the burst of affection swelling up in your chest, making your face soften as you watched Josh continue. This was the same boy you had met all those years ago in a little coffee shop by the edge of town, the one who had tripped over his own feet while attempting to flirt with you. That was the first time you had felt that now familiar warm feeling inside, your cheeks tinted pink from laughing at the clumsy boy. You had gone by the coffee shop every day for weeks until Josh finally built up the courage to ask you on a date.

That was four years ago, and here you are now, lying in bed with Josh singing to your unborn daughter, and you trying not to burst from how much you love them both.

You wake up the next morning to soft kisses along your neck, and a warm hand rubbing gentle circles into your pregnant belly. You roll over to face your boyfriend, scrunching up your nose as Josh nips at the tip of it playfully.

“Morning.” He grins, kissing your forehead. You just groan, throwing an arm over Josh’s waist.

“'It’s too early for life.“ you say dramatically, curling into his side. Josh just laughs and pulls you into his lap, rubbing a hand possessively over the swell of your stomach. You pout slightly, nuzzling into his chest.

“Josh—-“ you groan, fluttering your eyelashes at him. “'I’m hungry.”

Josh just smiles fondly, ”Pancakes?“

You nod gratefully, watching as Josh stands and stretches his arms out.

"I’ll be back in a bit.” and your heart swells just a little bit with all the love that you had for this boy.

He had been catering to your every need ever since the pregnancy test came out positive, and the realization that you were having a baby together finally set in. He would run out to McDonald’s in the middle of the night to buy a Big Mac, then hurry along to the 24-hour grocery store across town for chocolate syrup and olives, just as you requested. And through everything, he never once complained. Josh always complied immediately and went out of his way to make sure you were happy.

You snap out of your thoughts as Josh comes bounding in with a plate full of chocolate chip pancakes topped with a thick syrup.

“That was fast.” you chuckle, smiling at the face Josh pulls. And then, yeah, there it is again. That warm feeling spreading throughout your entire body as you watch Josh cut the pancakes for you.

Josh looks up and catches you staring, but only sticks his tongue out in order to hear that giggle that he loves so much.

After all the pancakes had been eaten (with more seductive looks and finger-licking than necessary), Josh’s lips are on your stomach, blowing raspberries into the skin.

You giggle, pushing him away, “Josh—“ you laugh, “cut it out!”

“It’s for the baby!” he insists, laughing along with you.

“I love you.” You finally say, after he’s stopped motor-boating your stomach and finally let’s you breathe.

“I love you more,” he challenges.

"But I love you most.” You huff, scrunching your nose up. Josh laughs.

And you can’t help the warm feeling in your chest that’s bubbling up again, making your cheeks pink as Josh flips you both onto your sides, spooning you and rubbing your swollen tummy. You thinks that maybe, just maybe, this could be what you were destined for.

Destined for a love like no other.

Almost a month later, your small, perfect baby girl is born. Tears are shed, and kisses are shared.

But you still can’t help but swell with joy, because Josh is yours and you both have a perfect little baby daughter with Josh’s chocolate eyes and wild head of hair.

And in the car on the way home from the hospital, you feel it again as you watch Josh light up when your daughter wraps her tiny hand around his finger.

You can’t describe it, the bubbling feeling inside your chest, but you know it’s deep, and you know it’s real.  A love like no other.

Brawling Love Part 6

Summary: Bucky and the reader get handcuffed together to “work out their differences” according to Natasha and Clint.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: swearing

A/N: Sorry I didn’t post yesterday, I was super tired and I have an earache which sucks bc I have to leave for New Mexico tomorrow. Speaking of that, I may not be able to post tomorrow or Monday but I’ll try to make up for that on Tuesday :)

Unfortunately you didn’t get to talk to Ben for the rest of the night. Steve had kept him away from you, keeping his promise to Bucky to ‘make him go away’. 

Bucky was happy. Genuinely happy. He was happy because you started talking to him again, to everyone. But he still felt bad about what he said to you only a week ago and would constantly tell you how sorry he was.

Today was just a regular day, minus Bucky continuously apologizing.



“I’m sorry.”

You roll your eyes yet again that day, entering the kitchen to grab some cookies to snack on.

“Hey guys.” you greet Natasha, Sam and Wanda who were sitting on the couch, watching some show. They all turn their heads as you duck down in the pantry, opening the carton of Oreo’s and grabbing five before standing up straight again.

“Hey there.” Wanda smiles. “What are you doing?”

“Getting cookies.” you respond, showing them your hand.

“You got anything planned today?” Sam questioned and before you could reply, Bucky answered him.

“Yes.” he spoke. “She’ll be with me the whole day.”

You scoff, a small smile playing at your lips and Sam smirks, shaking his head because he knows Bucky likes you, even if he won’t admit it.

“I’m sure she wouldn’t voluntarily spend the day with you if you two weren’t handcuffed together.” Natasha says and you chuckle.

“We’ll be in my room watching movies if any of you need us.” you say, tugging Bucky over to the elevator.

You pop an Oreo in your mouth and press your floor number before leaning against the elevator wall. Bucky looked over at you and smiled. Why did he hate you? He never had a solid reason as to why he hated you. While he was in deep thought, a voice interrupted the both of you.

“Y/N, Bucky, I need you guys to come to my lab.” Tony’s voice rings through the small space.

“Right now?” you groan.

“Yup. Hurry up.” he responds. You groan louder, causing Bucky to laugh. “Groaning will get you no where, lazy ass.”

“Alright old man, we’ll be there in a bit.” you say.

“Um, I’m not old, Bucky is.” Tony stated and Bucky frowned. You lean forward, pressing the floor in which Tony’s lab was before putting another Oreo in your mouth.

“We’re on our way, now leave us alone. You ruined the peacefulness of the elevator ride.” you say with a mouthful of cookies.

“You’re welcome.” Tony replied and you could practically see the smile on his face.

You and Bucky make your way Tony’s lab, Bucky standing abnormally close to you. He’s been doing that quite frequently but you usually brush it aside. When you enter the lab you walk over to Tony who was sitting at a table.

“What do you want?” you question, walking up to him. He turns around in his chair and sticks a key in the keyhole of the cuffs. Tony tries twisting it but it doesn’t move.

“Great.” he huffs. “I made it wrong.”

While he examines the keyhole to the cuffs, you take an Oreo and hold it up to Bucky. “Cookie?”

Bucky smiles at your gesture and takes the cookie from your hand.

“Okay,” Tony mutters. “Okay I think I got it. I think I know what I did wrong.”

“You always do something wrong.” Bucky scoffed and you chuckle when Tony gives him a death glare.

“I’m just going to pretend you didn’t say that and give you guys good news.” he says, looking through somethings before turning back to you. “I know what I did wrong so I’m going to fix it and the right key should be done within a couple of days.”

“Took you long enough.” you say and this time he glares at you.

“You two would make a perfect couple because both of you love to attack me.” Tony spoke, rolling his eyes and you go silent, feeling yourself blush slightly.

“We’re gonna leave now.” you say as you regain your composure.

“Don’t do something I wouldn’t do!” he shouts as you near the door.

“Shut up!” you respond and Bucky smiles, snatching another Oreo from your hand

You don’t know how but Bucky somehow persuaded you to go to the small cafe down the street with him. You ordered lemonade and Bucky ordered tea. He just wanted to get out of the tower for a bit.

The waitress came back with your drinks and you thanked her as she set them on the table. She also decided to slip Bucky her number on a piece of her little notepad paper which you took from his fingers and ripped up in front of her.

“He’s not interested.” you smile. “He’s with me.”

Bucky held back a laugh as the waitress walked away before looking over at you. “What? If I can’t get with anyone, neither can you.” you shrug, taking a sip of your lemonade.

“You’re unbelievable.” he chuckled, twirling his straw around in his cup.

As you two continued to talk and drink, you noticed a familiar face sitting a couple of booths away from you. “Ben?”

He lifts his head and smiles when he spots you. “Y/N hey.” he greets, walking over to you.

“I would get up and give you a hug but Bucky won’t budge.” you smile up at Ben who now stood at your table.

“No worries.” he chuckled. “I wanted to talk to you the night of the party but I got stuck in a conversation with Steve and a very drunk Tony.”

“You poor thing.” you giggle.

Ben laughed softly before speaking again. “I’ve been meaning to ask you, well, I wanted to ask you if you’d like to go out sometime. When you’re not handcuffed to James of course.” he smiled over at Bucky who’s jaw was tense.

Don’t punch him, Bucky, don’t punch him.

“I’d love-”

“She’s not interested.” Bucky gives him a tight grin. “I don’t know if you caught on yet but I’m her boyfriend and I’d appreciate it if you’d stop flirting with my girl. Thanks, you can leave now.” he waves Ben away.

Benjamin chuckled and waves to you. “I’ll see you around Y/N.”

He walks back to his table and you glare at Bucky. “What? If I can’t get with anyone, neither can you.” he repeats your words from only moments ago.

You groan and sip on your lemonade while Bucky laughs at you. “You’re cute when you’re mad.”

His eyes grow wide as his own words and your eyes do the same. “What did you just say?”

“Uh nothing, nothing it was nothing.” he rushed out.

“You think I’m cute?” you repeat with a smile and Bucky looks at his drink.

“Wow this tea is amazing, you should try it.” he tries to shift the topic as he brought his drink over to you.

“James.” you say, placing his cup on the table.


“You said I’m cute.” you grin and Bucky shakes his head.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about Y/N.” he says before looking at his wrist which had no watch on it. “Wow look at the time, we should really get back to the tower, c’mon.”

He pulls you out of the cafe, drinks in hand. The whole way home you teased Bucky for calling you cute to which he kept denying.

A/N: sorry it was shit, just a little filler again.


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#2 - What went wrong?

Read Chapter 1

(I kinda got carried away with this chapter oops lol)


Monday, 5th June 2017

Jasmine: Why don’t you just go surprise him at the office? Bring him food or something? Or a slap to his face haha.

You: I already went past his office and asked the receptionist. She said he went out and wasn’t sure when he’ll be back. I also told her not to let him know I was there.

Hallie: Why? 

You: I don’t know… Anyway can we talk about something else? 

Once brunch was over the three of you headed to the mall for some shopping. This was a good distraction from everything so you used the time to really put a dent in your wallet. You didn’t care. 

You girls shopped until closing time and bid each other farewell. You had so many shopping bags in both your hands. You bought several dresses, tops, jeans, perfumes, make-up, new hand bag and a new pair of shoes. You even bought Jay a few dress shirts that you think would look good on him. See. This is the thing with you no matter how angry, upset you are with Jay -  you always care about him. 

While you wait for the next available bus back to your apartment you decided to message Jay:

Went shopping today and bought you something :) What do you want for dinner?

The moment you sent the text a car pulled up at the bus stop. You take a few steps back and saw the window bring rolled down. You hope the person in the car wouldn’t jump out and kidnap you. The man in the car wore a black face mask. Oh shit, you thought. You turn and walk a few steps away from the car before you heard you name. 

Man: Hey [Y/N], it’s me. Where are you going? 

You turned your head back and still couldn’t figure who it was so you continued walking away. He called out again and this time the car honk went off. You were thinking what the hell is this guy’s problem. You stop in your track and try to figure who this guy was. He got out the car and walked up to you. 

You: Errr who are you?

He pulled the face mask off. 

You: Omg. Gray! The hell is wrong with you?

Gray: With me? The hell is wrong with YOU? Why were you ignoring me? 

You:  I didn’t know who you were. Next time, put that mask down first. Geez. 

Gray: Alright, noted for next time. Need a ride? I don’t think the bus will be coming any time soon. 

You: Really? Ok. I’m just going back home. 

Gray took your shopping bags from your hands and put them in the boot of the car. You didn’t realise how red your hands were from carrying the bags. You rubbed them together and went to sit in the passenger side of Gray’s car. Gray turned to you and noticed that you’re rubbing your hands together.

Gray: You know if I get a parking ticket, it’s your fault. 

You didn’t respond to his joke. 

Gray: Did all the shopping cure whatever you’re feeling hm?

You didn’t answer straight away but looked at him and turned back to the road. You wanted to tell him what has been going on. To you, Gray was like a big brother. He always knew what to say and what you’re thinking. 

When you first started seeing Jay, he introduced you to Gray first. Gray was the one who “pressured” Jay into dating you. He knew you were perfect for Jay because both of you complimented each other so well. Jay and you balance each other. No matter how tipped the scales are, both of you would either give in or sacrifice whatever it is too make sure the scales are balance again.

Gray: Hellooo? Earth to the Big Boss.

You: Sorry. Um yeah, shopping was good.

Gray could tell you weren’t in the mood to talk so he turned up the radio. The drive back to your apartment was longer than usual because of all the roadworks. You kept checking for Jay’s reply but still had no answer. You wanted to call him but with Gray being here, it would’ve been hard.

Gray: So what’s for dinner?

You: I don’t know. I asked Jay but he hasn’t replied. Probably gonna have take out. Can’t be bother cooking at this time.

Gray: I thought you hate take out?

You: I don’t hate it just prefer home cooked meals. By the way, have you seen Jay today? Or spoken to him?

Gray: Yeah it was rehearsals all day today but I left early because my head was hurting. You haven’t seen him?

You: No, I haven’t. We spoke for a lil bit this morning. Rehearsals all day? Wow no wonder your head hurts. Anyway I went by the office and the receptionist said he was out. So I left. He probably went out to eat or something. 

Gray: You came by? When?

You: Around 11.

It was nearly 7pm when you got to your apartment. You hand the apartment card to Gray so that he can swipe it to enter the underground car park. Gray then parked the car in the allocated spot. He turned off the engine and went to the boot to grab your bags. You went to grab them off him but he pulled away.

Gray: I got it. Just press the elevator button.

You unlock your apartment’s door and the lights weren’t on. Jay wasn’t home. Gray put the bags in the living room.

You: Want anything to drink? I would offer food but there isn’t any. Sorry. 

Gray: Water is fine. Um I haven’t had dinner yet. Do you want me to order take out. I could go get it. Waiting for it to be delivered would take too long. 

You went to check your phone and saw that Jay finally replied to you 20 minutes ago:

On my way home and I bought dinner. See you soon baby.

You: Well it’s good to know Jay is alive. He’s on the way back and he bought dinner. Join us?

You opened the fridge and grab a water bottle for Gray and handed it to him. 

Gray: Thanks. I would love too but I don’t feel like being a third wheel tonight. I’ll just buy something on the way back.

You: Thanks so much, Gray. I owe you one.

Gray finished his water and started to walk out. Just as he was putting on his shoes the door opened. Jay was standing in the doorway. You weren’t close to him but you could see his tiredness from his eyes.

Jay: Oh hey man.

Gray simply nodded.

You: Hi to you too, babe. What did you get?

You walked to grab the take out from him and gave him a peck on the lips. You could taste and smell alcohol. He had been drinking. You then headed to the kitchen and start setting up.

Jay: Got your fav from that ramen store. There’s dessert in there too - Ice cream and Tiramisu.

Gray: Alright, I’m gonna go. Bye [Y/N].

You called out from the kitchen, “Bye and thanks again!”.

Jay: See you too, man. I’ll be at the office around lunch time. Simon, Loco and Pumkin will be coming in early. Oh and I left the notes you gave me on your desk. 

Before Gray walked out, he leaned into Jay and making sure you weren’t standing nearby.

Gray: You told us you were going out for lunch with [Y/N] today but she stopped by the office around 11. Front desk told her you weren’t in and [Y/N] said she hasn’t seen you all day. What’s going on, man?

Jay was speechless. He didn’t know you stopped by the office. He figured you must have told front desk to not let him know that you came by.

You: [calling from the kitchen] Jay! Come and eat now otherwise I’ll eat it all!

Gray: You better not be doing what I think you’re doing.

Then Gray left without saying another word.

Mystic Messenger Analysis: V’s role in the story.


I wanted to write another Mystic Messenger post after my analysis on the timeline regarding Mint Eye and the RFA (which I suggest you read if you haven’t!) and I came across cool artist @zoecam37‘s analysis of V’s character in the story

In all honesty I respectfully disagree with them in every single way conceivable so replying to their post and their views on V is a good excuse for me to write a bit on what I’ve been meaning to! @zoecam37 I hope you don’t mind I made a new post for it!

This got LONG but it’s divided by small sections where I address five different issues concerning V. 

Keep reading