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Bucky, if you don't mind my asking, what in the world was Tony arguing with Backup about?

whether or not it was a good idea to put a rocket booster on sam’s jetpack. tony said yes, backup said no.

(technically, backup said nothing, on account of he’s a dog and can’t talk, but that didnt stop tony from assuming that silence meant ‘cap’ was disagreeing with him.) 

for the record, sam and i were both in favor. sam thought it’d be fun, and i thought it’d be funny to watch sam burn the back of his pants off, which is 1000% what would have happened. but neither of us joined the argument, because watching tony argue with a dog was just too entertaining. 

tony claims that backup has very expressive eyes. it’s true, but i don’t know what the hell kinda puppy dog eyes gave tony enough material to argue with for a half-hour straight.
(I’m editing this into the existing AO3 chapter)

Soulmate sanctuary~

Guh, definitely pulled some shit out of my ass with this one, but when I found an absolutely adorable OT3 (check the lovely art I found by @queenofliz4rds out here Thank you for putting an OT3 on my dash that I TOTALLY SHIP NOW)I had to write something cause holy shit, it’s cute. But first…

**There are minor spoilers for Chapter 195**

Without further ado…

Pairing: SeroKamiShin
Soulmate AU: Soulmate marks
Words: 2943

“It’s gotta be a fluke,” Sero frowned as Kaminari showed him the purple swirl that adorned his shoulder. He looked at the little yellow bolt that sat in the middle of his palm, and sighed, “There is no way,”
“No fluke dude, I swear I won’t cheat or anything, your my soulmate, period,” Kaminari told him frantically, he had wanted to share his second mark since they first got together, but he’d been a bit scared to.

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I love Camilla (Fire Emblem)

I love how she’s written. She’s an abused child with fragile sensitivities that can cause her to go from nurturing to murderous. And, yes, while her attachment to Corrin is overbearing, it’s probably because they had just as much of a terrible life as she did, and doesn’t want to be like her mother and neglect her family. 

I love how useful she is in battle. She’s as strong as the story portrays her. She’s varied in that she can use both Axes and Tomes, and has major utility in that she’s a flying unit. Her default class is badass in concept alone. She rides a tamed, magic, zombie dragon? Hell yes.

I love her design. Despite how much I want her to wear pants, I can’t deny that she’s very beautiful. Her colors alone of violet and black, along with gold trim, are very aesthetically pleasing. On top of that, she knows how pretty she is, and is confident about it, much like Sonya. (And before anyone plays the horny card, I’m like super gay, so I’ll stop you right there)

There are plenty of reasons to like Camilla.

But I feel like IS makes her look cheap. I don’t have a problem with all of them, I think her New Year and Adrift variants are pretty nice, and her Summer variant calls back to the Fates DLC, so I’m fine with it. But her Spring Festival and Hostile Springs variants are kind of shallow to me. 

This is why I’m looking forward to her Brave variant. Brave variants represent how badass and nuanced a character can be, and the art is a definite impression of that. What I hope for is a look that portrays how intimidating she can be. I hope for voice lines that show how confident she is. I hope for a Camilla alt that shows she’s not there just to look good. 

She’s a character that lots of people love, and she deserves to have an alt that represents that.

Better Without You || Jeon Jungkook (PT. 2)

Originally posted by baebsaes

Word Count: 1.1k

Genre: Angst

It was quiet in the hallway, save for the sound of laughter coming from your locker. Jimin had been telling you a story about his brother and him at the beach, resulting with both of them having sand shoved down their pants.

“Seriously. And neither of you told your parents?” You questioned, a grin spreading wide across your face.

“Nope. He shoved sand down my pants and I shoved it down his. There was no point in telling because than both of us would’ve been in trouble.” He said.

You laughed loudly at the thought and shut your locker, turning to face Jimin.

“You’re ridiculous.” You mumbled quietly.

“But you love it.” He replied, grabbing your hand to play with your fingers.

“Do I?” You questioned, pretending to think about it. Jimin mocked a look of hurt, only causing you to laugh louder. “Yes I do.”

A smile stretched across his face and you were about to say something else when a voice spoke up beside you. It sounded small and weak, but you knew who it was right away.

“Y/n, can I talk to you?” Your eyes flickered over to the boy who had interrupted your conversation with Jimin. Jungkook looked at you with sad eyes and you could see something was really bugging him. The urge to ask him what was wrong was stronger than you had hoped for, but you managed to hold it down.

“Sure. Give me two seconds okay.” You told Jimin. He nodded and leaned over to press a kiss to your cheek quickly, causing you to blush.

“Anything for my jagiya.” He said smiling. You couldn’t help the smile that came over your own face at his words. Jimin was a sweetheart and he made you happy, and that was all that mattered to you now.

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Holy Ground

Pairing: Churchboy! Virgin! Tyler x Reader

The place i describe in this really exists down the street from me. 

You leave  your house for your daily afternoon walk like you always do, heading left down your street to the stop sign and taking another left, making your way to the busy intersection across the street from the Convent Christian Highschool. When the traffic clears you take a slight right up the street that leads to the paved trail on the schools property, it’s open to the public but there’s hardly ever anyone back there aside from the occasional student or nun, usually around lunch time, which is already over, but as you round the corner that connects the street to the path you see a handsome boy in school uniform walking towards you. You smile politely as you’re about to pass him. He flashes the most adorable grin in return stopping you in your tracks.

“Hey, shouldn’t you be in class or something.” You tease, placing a hand on his shoulder as he passes you.

“I-I have a free period, because I’m a-all caught up on my work.” He says nervously, turning to face you.

“Well Mr. Smarty pants, you wanna walk with me?  I wouldn’t mind the company.”  You smile. “What’s you name?

“Me? Ummm T-tyler , I was g-gonna head back inside, but I-I still got time soooo sure.” He stutters. “W-what’s your name?”


“S-so Y/N how come you’re not in class or work or something.” He speaks looking at your clothes; blacking leggings, and a loose, low cut, white graphic T covered by a light jacket to take the edge of the mid spring air; it’s obvious you don’t attend school here.

“I graduated public school last year, I bar tend most nights, except Wednesdays, those are my nights off, so right now is my ‘Me’ time, then I’ll take a little nap before work.” You answer. “So…. what year you in?”

“Senior. I’m nineteen. December birthday so I got a late start.” He says pointing to himself. “Isn’t this so beautiful?” He asks, sounding more like a statement than a question, motioning to the stations of the cross that line the path. “First station Jesus is condemned to death, second station Jesus carries his cross, third station Jesus falls for the first ti–”

“Tyler” You cut him off. “I’m not really into the whole religion thing.” You admit.

“Oh. Sorry. I’ll stop.” He looks down pursing his lips

“I’m sorry that came out rude, I just wanted to be honest with you. You don’t have to stop, I could listen to you talk all day, I like your voice, it’s so… sexy. You blurt out.

"Y-you think I’m s-sexy?” He blushes.

“Well I said your voice…” You say eyeing him up and down. “But umm yeah you too.” You elbow him playfully,  turning to smile at him. He tries to hide his huge smile and flushed cheeks, turning his head away from you. You drop your arm back down by your side, your pinky finger brushing against Tyler’s as you walk. You hook your pinky around his and he turns his palm face up, you slide your hand into his interlocking your fingers. Tyler turns his head back to look at you with pink dimpled cheeks, as you continue to walk hand and hand down the trail, stopping to sit on the bench in front of the nuns cemetery. You look down at your still interlocked hands resting on your lap an notice something-. “Oh my God Tyler you have the cutest thumbs!” You exclaim.

“Don’t talk like that!” He scolds tucking his thumb under yours.

“What, about your thumbs?” You asked puzzled.

“I meant about God, but y-yes my thumbs too.” He states. “You shouldn’t use his name in vain and my younger sister and I  both have clubbed thumbs, it’s a genetic thing, okay?!

"Well I think, they’re sexy.” You smirk slowly bringing your clasped hands to your lips, slipping Tyler’s thumb into your mouth sucking on it gently.

“S-stop that!” Tyler barks ,puling his thumb from your mouth with  pop, removing his hand from your  grasp and holding them over the crotch of his pants.

“Sorry……Tyler have you ever kissed a girl? You ask quizzically because of how flustered he seems over your actions.

"Of course, I-I kissed a girl, at a church retreat, playing spin the bottle, when we were all supposed to be asleep.” He admits.

“Oh you little rebel you.” you say, your words dripping with sarcasm. “Tyler that hardly counts as a kiss, Did you even use tongue?”


“Can I ..uh…kiss you now, ya know show you what it’s really like.” You ask squeezing his thigh.

“Ummmm I-I guess."He says, his body trembling from your touch. You bring your mouth to his lips pressing yours lightly to his, waiting for him to engage in the kiss. He kisses you back pressing his lips firmly to yours, you slide your tongue between his lips, prying his mouth open. Tyler finally relaxes his jaw allowing your tongue access into his mouth, your tongues swirling around each other, before pulling away to catch your breath.”

“OK..Um.. Wow…C-can we do that again?” Tyler ask, fidgeting with  his pants. You look down to see Tyler tying to mask the obvious tent that’s forming.

“C'mon lets go somewhere more private.” You say pulling him by the hand to a secluded field behind a row of slightly overgrown arborvitae trees. You grab him by a fistful of his shirt pulling him to you, crashing your mouths together and pushing him down into the grass,straddling  him. He breathes heavily, speechless, as you pull off your jacket. You lean over him to start kissing him again, your loose shirt hanging down from your body, but Tyler suddenly flick his eyes up to the sky avoiding looking at you. “Tyler what’s wrong?”

“Y-y-you’re not w-wearing a b-bra….I-I can see your….” he stutters nervously, as his length hardens under you.

“So…. You like what you see? Don’t lie to me.” You tease grinding down on the obvious bulge in pants.

“Yes.” He chokes out, barely audible. You pull off your shirt throwing it to the side, and grab his hands bringing them to both your breasts. “Touch them Tyler.” You practically  beg as you continue to grind against this clothed erection, producing a needy moan from the boy. You slide your hands under his shirt, lifting it over his head pulling it off. You resume kissing him, your nipples grazing against his bare chest, and for the first time he bucks his hips up, grinding back against you.

“Mmmmm Tyler!” You moan in surprise.  You trail your hands down his body to his belt starting to undo it.

“W-what are you doing? He says crawling back on his heels away from you. "I-I’m a v-virgin, I-I t-thought we were just gonna kiss? T-this has already gone farther then I ever intended and I-I’m okay with that, b-but I don’t wanna have s-s-sex okay?”

“Tyler relax, we don’t have to do anything you don’t wanna do.” You say resuming your spot back on top of him and kissing his neck. “I just thought maybe I could ..kiss you somewhere else.” You tease as you start kissing down his chest. “Would that be okay?” You ask lifting your head as your lips approach his waistband.

“H-here? On..On.. holy ground?” He says, looking shocked that you would suggest such a thing.

“Technically were not in the cemetery, we’re just next to it ” You tease. “So what do you say?” You ask placing one last convincing kiss along his happy trail.

“I-I guess.” He breathes, writhing under you.

“No, Tyler, Not ‘I guess’, I need a yes or no. Are you okay with that?

"Yes.” He gulps.

You quickly undo his belt and unzip his pants, shimmying his pants and boxers down his thighs , springing his erection free.

“Fuck, Tyler you’re huge!” You exclaim as you begin pumping him.

“I-I am?” His breath hitches, as his back arches off the ground.

“ Yes! Fuck, I can just barely get my hand around it, it’s so thick.” You say before stretching your lips around the head, swirling your tongue under the tip. You feel Tyler’s whole body tense at your actions, his hands gripping at the grass on either side of him, as you begin to bob over his length. Suddenly you hear footsteps approaching and see the bottom of the  long black habit of a nuns attire from the small gap under the arborvitae trees. Tyler panics trying to push you off of him but you push him back down, cover his mouth with your hand and continue to suck him harder and faster, pumping what you can’t fit into your mouth with your other hand. In mere seconds he’s filling up your mouth, the vibrations of his moans tickling your palm.  You swallow, as you watch the nun turn on her heels and head back in the other direction, releasing your hand from Tyler’s mouth once she’s at a safe distance.

“Jesus Christ! What was that?” He pants, chest heaving.

“Don’t talk like that.” You mock. “That was the thrill of almost getting caught, kinky boy.”  You tease as you wipe the corners of your mouth. Just then the church bells chime.

“Frick, I’m late! He exclaims, grabbing his shirt, forcing it back on in a panic. He stands attempting to run pants still mid thigh as struggles to pull them up.

"Same time, same place, tomorrow?” You call after him.

“I’ll be here.” He shouts back.


You pay extra attention to detail  the next day, making sure your hair and makeup are perfect, and slip on a flirty dress. You check the mirror one last time before leaving the house and heading to the trail. You don’t see Tyler the whole length of the trail and you hope he didn’t chicken out or end up in too much trouble from being late to class yesterday. You look behind the arborvitae trees and see him sitting there cross legged, nervously twirling the floof of hair atop his head.

“Hey.” You speak, causing him to jump. “Sorry didn’t mean to scare you.”

“Y-you look so beautiful.” He blurts out.

“Thank you” You blush. “Now where were we?” You tease, immediately climbing on top of him, kissing his neck. “So how much trouble did you get into for being late baby, hmmm? Did you go to confession for the sins we committed yesterday ? How many Hail Mary’s did you have to say for being a dirty boy?” You question, using wet kisses as punctuation.

“C-christians don’t go to confession.” He whines, craning his neck to allow you better access at it.“

"See I told you I don’t do the whole religion thing.” You laugh, switching your tongue to the other side of his neck.

“B-but I-I did get detention.” He moans rolling his hips, pressing himself firmly into the palm of your hand. “I-I’ve never h-had detention.”

“Naughty boy” You scold playfully. “Mmmmm I couldn’t wait to get my hands back on you.” You breathe between tonguing at his neck, running you hands up under his shirt. “I touched myself thinking about you last night.” You say trailing your tongue over the shell of his ear.

“Y-you touched yourself.” He questions

“Yeah what’s wrong baby?  Don’t you ever touch yourself? You break contact with his neck, looking him in the eyes, sliding you hand down his body to palm him through this pants.

"It’s a sin.”  He whines at your touch.

“Tyler?” You say cocking your eyebrow

“Ok, I- I do, b-but it is a sin.”  He informs you.

“And so is this but it feels damn good doesn’t it?”  You taunt, lifting his shirt, kissing along his happy trail as you undo his pants.

“D-do you t-think umm….I can….ya know…to you.” Tyler asks nervously.

“If that’s your way of asking if you can eat my pussy, then fuck yes you can! I was hoping today would be my turn, why do you think I wore this little dress? You smirk, with lust filled eyes, as you climb off Tyler laying down in the grass on your back with your knees bent. He runs a shaky  hand up your inner thigh, running his hand over your panties.

"T-there all wet.”

“That’s from you baby, Take them off.” You coach him. He takes a deep breath as he loops his thumbs under the waistband of you panties, you lift your hips from the grass aiding him in there removal, he slides them down your legs, and over your ankles removing them completely. You spread your legs for him as he positions himself on his stomach in front of your dripping core. He trails his fingers through your wetness before pushing two into you, and begins long slow licks over you clit.

“Fuck, Tyler!” You moan loudly.

“W-what’s wrong?! He asks, his  mouth glistening in the afternoon sun with your wetness. "I’m sorry I don’t know what I’m doing.”

“Nothing’s wrong, you know what you’re doing, trust me!”  You exclaim pushing his head back down, making him moan against your core, the sensation driving you wild. “Just curl your fingers as you lick, Mmmmm… you’re doing just fine baby.” You encourage. He takes directions well, curling his fingers repeatedly as his tongue moves in waves over your clit. “Yes! Fuck, Just like that Tyler!” You whine, lightly holding the back of his head in place as you arch  your back, your orgasm drawing near with each lick, with each thrust of his fingers. “Shit, Tyler I’m gonna cum.” You moan placing your other hand on the back of his head as well, as you rock your hips against his face, riding out your orgasm. “So good baby.” You praise. “Kiss me!”

“B-but I just…” He starts.

You sit up grabbing him by the shirt, cutting him off . “I said kiss me!”  You demand pulling him in for a sloppy kiss. “MMmmmm I love tasting myself on you.”

“Oh s-shit, that’s hott.” He exclaims. as you lick your lips.

“Let me help you with that real quick before you go back to class.” You laugh eyeing the obvious erection in his uniform pants.

You slide your hand into his pants jerking him off while singing his praises of how good  he made you feel until he’s coming in your hand.

“Same time, same place again ?” You ask ask as he begins to head back to class.

“I’d like that.” He smiles.


The two of you continued your rendezvous almost daily for weeks, craving each other more as more as time went on, the two of you even exchanged phone numbers and took part in the occasional phone sex whenever his younger siblings weren’t around to catch him; you learned he was the oldest of four. You also learned that not only did you live with in walking distance of the school but he did as well, and you would often meetup on there on weekends just to walk the trails, talk and actually spend time together; this Saturday was one of those days. Tyler meets you and the beginning of the trail, his eyes lighting up as soon and he sees you. He extends his hand you and you take it in yours, it’s trembling as he seems more nervous then usual.

“Tyler, is everything okay?” You ask concerned, sandwiching his hand between the hand holding his and your free hand in attempt to stable them.

“I-I wanna ask you s-something?” He stutters

“Anything , Tyler, what is it?

"W-what are we?” He blurts out taking a deep breath.

“What do you wants us to be?” You smile.

“A-a-a couple, I want you to be my g-girlfriend.” He admits shyly.

“I was afraid you’d never ask, of course I’'l be your girlfriend baby.” You smile placing a soft kiss on his lips. You thought he would be relived but he still seems worked up. “I can tell there’s something else Tyler, what is it?”

“I’m ready now.” He quickly spits out, nervously twirling his brunette locks with his free hand, as the two of your stroll the trail hand in hand.

“For?” You question, stopping to look at him.

“S-sex.” He answers, his eyes shying away from your gaze.

“Oh…like right now.” You ask surprised.

“No, preferably not here, I-I want it to be special.” He says seeming to relax a bit, as you start walking again.

“I promise I’ll make it special for you baby.”


The next night at sundown you meet Tyler at the end of your street.

“S-so where are we going? He asks his voice full of nerves and excitement.

"Here can you carry  some of these? You say handing him one of the two comforters your holding  and a pillow. "I told my mom I was sleeping at my friends house down the street since it’s a holiday weekend, but I figured these would come in handy anyways.” You smile. “Just follow me I’ll explain when we get there”

“Yeah same, I told my mom I was sleeping at my Best Friend Josh’s.” He laughs nervously as he follows your lead. “I’ve told him all about you so he knows to cover if my mom calls. You’d never know I was nineteen by the way she still treats me.”

“I get that! Trust me.” You say, knowing your mother is the same way.

“Are we going back to the trail?” Tyler asks, as you walk, sounded disappointed.

“Yes and no, just hear me out okay?” You say stretching your neck to look at him over the pillows and blanket. “I know you said you preferred if we didn’t have sex in the field by the cemetery where we’ve been fooling around and that you wanted it to be special, but I thought what’s more special than having sex where we first met , but I found an even better spot. Just trust me okay?”

“Okay I trust you.” He smiles over the bedding.

You arrive at the trail but instead on continuing straight like you always do you take a left onto the paths that are carved into the wildflower meadow habitat there. Once you reach the middle of the path where the entrance to the path is now hidden my the natural topography of the land, you stop, laying your comforter out and dropping your pillow at the top.

“So what do you think? You say as you lay down, patting the the fabric for him to join you.

"It’s perfect.” He smiles, plopping his pillow besides yours, and pulling the blanket he was carrying over the two of you.

“If you wanna stop at anytime just tell me okay?” You say as you slide your hand up his stomach towards his chest gathering the material of his shirt as you go. He nods, acknowledging your words, as you slip his shirt over his head and straddle him. He repeats the action to you, removing your shirt as well.

“Do you ever wear a bra?” He laughs, as he slides his hands from your waist up to cup your breasts.

“Nope, when you got perky tits like this you don’t need to.” You crack a smile as you place your hands over his on your chest.

“I wanna taste you.” He blurts out, biting his lip.

“Tyler!” You exclaim, taken back by how confident he just sounded. “I guess it’s a good thing I’m not wearing panties either then huh? You smirk as you bunch your skirt around your waist and place a knee on either side of Tyler’s head lowering your core to his mouth. He flicks his tongue through your wet folds as he undoes his jeans, pushing them and his boxer down his thighs.

"Ride me.” He says pulling his mouth from your core, looking up at you. You don’t know were this new found confidence is coming from but you’re loving it. You work your skirt off, then assist Tyler is removing his pants completely. You position yourself above Tyler and slowly sink down on his length. You let out a gasp as you adjust to his size, and he hums loudly in response.

“Why’d you let all these girls miss out on this cock, baby! You feel so good!” You whine as you skin presses against the base with him all the way inside you.

“I don’t believe in sex before m-ahh-rriage.” He pants, as you pick up speed, sliding up and down his length.

“Don’t or didn’t?” You question pausing all movement.

“Didn’t, Didn’t! Sorry Fuck! Keep going!” He shouts sounding so needy, the combination of his neediness and use of profanity you’ve never heard him use driving your desire.

“I was gonna say that’d be ironic since your thick cock is stretching me out so good right now baby.”  You whine rocking your hips, with your hands gripping his chest. Tyler presses himself up on his hands into a sitting position sucking at your breasts as you continue to ride him. “Mmmmmm Tyler, baby!”  You moan, grasping the back of his head.

“Can I try going on top now?” He asks breathing heavily , looking up at you ,his head still pinned to your chest.

“Of course.” You roll to your back, Tyler not missing a second before he’s lined back up with your entrance pushing in. You’re mouths collide as he begins to thrust perfectly hitting your spot. “Tyler, Fuck, right there baby.” You moan against his lips. He keeps perfect rhythm hitting your spot repeatedly. “I’m so close baby your’re doing such a good job.” You praise , pulling him into you by the small of his back. “Fuck, Ty, I’m cumming.”  Your words enough to bring him to his own climax.

“That…was…ama…zing.”  Tyler breaths heavily between syllables, placing a kiss to you lips. You cuddle up close, resting your head on his chest; his heart bumping like a speaker against you ear.

“I wish I lost my virginity like this.” You say, twirling his hair in the way he always does, admiring how the moonlight falls on his dewy skin.

“Why how did you lose yours?” He asks brushing the hair stuck to your forehead with sweat from your eyes.

“The ole cliche; freshman cheerleader  fucks a senior football player in the back seat of his car after the winning game.” You  admit.

“Did you love him?” He asks.


“Well I love you.” He says softly.

“I love you too. Tyler.”

You’re Not Her

Originally posted by imaginesforlifetime

Request:Hi!!!!!!! Can you please do a Steve x reader where the reader is dating Steve but somehow Peggy comes to the future, and you can take it from there please?!?!?

Summary: Exactly what the requests asks for.

(A/N): Hey guys thanks for all the feedback and stuff. Sorry this took so long I have been slammed with school and everything. Okay well enjoy this request feel free to request anything else.

Warnings: language  mention of sexual content don’t actually think there explicit sex

“Hey Steve!” You yelled. You had just gotten home from a long day of work at SHIELD. “Babe? You home?” You walked into the apartment you shared with your boyfriend Steve Rogers, aka Captain America. You stood in the living room just outside the doorway, you set down your briefcase against the back of the couch and

“Yeah I am.” He said coming up behind you. He wrapped his arms around your waist and turned you around before kissing you.

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KHR 067: Baby’s First Fight!

This chapter is a very important milestone because it marks the very first time that Yamamoto Takeshi, natural-born hitman, smoother than a fresh jar of Skippy, and all around capital fellow and good egg, has his very first miniboss fight!

No Shigure Souen Ryu here. No sharks or walls or sword-carrying pups. Just a kid and the power of his beautiful face, magical baseball bat, and relentless shounen optimism.

Best of luck to you, Ken.

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