because yeah this is how i see their relationship

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I still can not believe that Carrie and Quinn have not had sex. It would have been super interesting and attractive to see this encounter. How would it have been? Quick? Shy? Clumsy? Hot? Fearful? Passionate? All together? It's a shame because we could had known a little more of Carrie and Quinn, individually and in the relationship btw them. How would they have approached to each other physically? How would they have look to each other? Oh I really Really wanted to see it in this dimension.

Yeah, this is what we all wanted. An exploration of their relationship. But the writers were not ready to tell this story. So we have to stick with fanfic and create the images in our own heads. Well, or on Photoshop…

The good version of the morning after (fanfic):

Or the bad one (more likely on the show IYAM):

I honestly feel for Lance when it comes to him disliking Keith, especially in the beginning of the show

Here he’s told that he wouldn’t even be a fighter pilot if it wasn’t for Keith dropping out

I can’t even imagine how bad that must’ve made him feel, almost like he didn’t have a purpose there at all because of Keith. If you think about it, Keith being better than him in the Galaxy Garrison probably made him feel inferior and unimportant, which is why he developed a grudge against him in the first place. 

This feeling of inferiority and being put down before Keith is why he always feels as if he was one-upping him. 

Then there’s the fact of Shiro who he looks up to a lot and has literally called him his hero, and it has probably already been made aware to Lance how close he is to Keith. This also put him at a disadvantage when it comes to being noticed by him.

This is most likely why he blew up at Shiro that time when he chose Keith over him to come on the mission. He probably felt that Shiro was favouring Keith just because of their closeness, even though he has practically the same potential as him, and even more if anything. 

Then there’s Allura

Lance is always flirting with her and trying to make moves, but she never seems interested or cares in the slightest. 

Then she happens to become involved with Keith and it’s really no surprise why Lance would be jealous

He’s trying so hard with her and then he gets the impression that she may be more interested in Keith, someone who is literally always stealing the spotlight from him. I can’t even imagine how low that made him feel too.

Even though I feel like their relationship is slowly improving, because we got to see in season two how Lance actually cares about Keith

I think this issue of him being put below and feeling inferior to him will be very serious in season three now that Shiro’s gone

Who did Shiro put his faith in to lead the team if anything happened to him? Oh yeah, Keith. Then there’s also the fact that Lance felt like a seventh wheel

During this scene he made Shiro proud of him, which is why it was such an important moment. Shiro praised him, making him feel valuable and like an important part of the team. 

Then he disappears, and the news is going to be broken that he wants Keith to lead instead of Lance? Leading Voltron is a big deal, and if Lance finds out that Shiro has no faith in him to lead, that’s going to kill him guys I can just feel it. 

Keith and Lance, especially Lance, are going to have to overcome their differences if they want to move forward in Voltron and eventually find Shiro. Lance needs to face his inferiority problems with Keith, only then can they work properly together without any issues. Except if that doesn’t happen, there’s going to be a lot of conflict this season with them and no progress in their relationship. 

And that’s exactly what we don’t want, considering I’m almost 99.9% sure Keith doesn’t even hate or dislike Lance, he only has to feel that way because of how Lance acts towards him. 

Yuuri, Victor, and the Importance of Good Communication

Victuuri Week 2017 – Day 4 – Free for All

So for today’s free for all I’d like to talk about something I haven’t heard too much about in the context I’m hoping to present it. My topic is specifically about how Victor and Yuuri are both very independent individuals and how that, combined with both of them having zero experience with serious emotional relationships, works to create miscommunications between the two of them.

To start off, I’d like to clarify what I mean when I say they’re independent. Obviously they’re both able to take care of themselves when it comes to stuff such as physical needs (like feeding themselves, etc). I’m talking more about how they’re emotionally independent. They’re both the kind of people who keep their problems to themselves and try to solve them all without relying on the help of others. They both actually tell us this directly.

We see this come up a bunch during the series even though both are aware that they do this. You can see it happen as early as episode 2 when Victor is hurt that Yuuri is rejecting him after the connection he felt they had at the banquet but never brings it up with him. Instead he sits on and stews in it. And likewise for Yuuri, he’s very confused as to why Victor is there at all and is being so forward with him but never asks him why. He just comes to his own conclusions and treats them as the truth until proven otherwise.

On top of them both being used to handling their problems on their own and internalizing their worries, they both also have no experience with deep emotional love relationships. I use the adjectives deep, emotional, and love to describe the relationship because you can have any other combination of those and have it not really touch the depth and type of relationship these two have with each other. They may have had other relationships but none that came close to this level.

(More under the cut, you’re not done yet!)

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Interviewer: “Are you a fan of their (Karamel’s) relationship?” (x)

Me: No. It’s horrible and I hate seeing how Mon El treats Kara. Lena or James or anyone else would treat her better. She deserves so much more than a manipulative, abusive, slave-owning, liar.

Melissa Benoist, an intellectual: “I don’t– You know what, I’m a fan of Kara being happy.”

Me at Melissa: ;-) 

Melissa at Me: ;-) 

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(I really need to get this off my chest I'm sorry) I like klance, and I'll enjoy when it becomes openly canon, but... I don't want the Getting Together/Confession Moment to be used as the answer to Lance's insecurities boiling over into a breakdown asking what he is to the team/what his thing is, you understand?

yeah! i get you on that!

a relationship isn’t how you get rid of insecurities. in fact, it can actually open up doors to new insecurities because now you could be worrying about “not being good enough for that person” or “feeling like they’re just pitying you” or “being scared they will break up with you because they don’t actually like you back”, all of which i can see Lance experiencing once he and Keith start a relationship. 

the kind of klance relationship i wanna see is this:

  • the boiling over moment for Lance when he finally snaps and all his emotions come gushing out, maybe him and Keith get into a not very good argument because of this because stress levels are already through the roof now that Shiro is gone so i can see them having a fight
  • i can also see this happening in front of the rest of the team, so. it won’t be very good.
  • i want Lance to off-handedly admit that he feels like he’s just Keith’s shadow/replacement, thus giving the team (and Keith) a glance at how he actually feels about himself
  • i want Lance to storm out of the room after realizing what he said and not wanting to see the team’s reaction to that and him finding a place to seethe, maybe going to the blue lion or his room. i want hunk or coran to go after him and talk to him. meanwhile Keith is trying to brush the situation off and get focused on the mission at hand because that’s what’s important, right? can’t let emotions distract you from finding Shiro?
  • i want coran or hunk (preferably hunk) to eventually go and find keith and convince him to go talk to lance about this because it’s Important and Needs to be Done, keith reluctantly agrees after some convincing
  • keith goes and finds lance, possibly moping around in his room or around the blue lion, and they have a talk. it’s a bit awkward at first because they obviously just had a bad blow out and i want lance to be defensive, and i want keith to be prickly
  • but i also want them to find a way to talk it out. i want lance to finally open up to keith about how he feels about himself and like, admitting that he doesn’t actually hate keith he just has Issues™
  • this is the kicker though, i don’t want keith to give any Big Motivational Speeches to lance, because he isn’t really the best in that department. i want him to like, try and reach common ground with lance, i want him to tell lance that he didn’t know thats how he felt, and in fact, doesn’t understand why lance feels this way
  • i want keith to tell lance that he doesn’t hate him either and, for them to just have a moment where they can see eye to eye? another Bonding Moment™? that would be so nice. lance doesn’t solve his insecurities right then and there but at least now he and keith are on the same page?
  • after this, i want them to start working together more. i want to see them co-leading the team. i want to see them grow together and supporting each other and lance slowly learning over time that he’s just as important as everyone else, and i want him to start to get over all his internalized “hatred” for keith. i want to see that small crush on keith that he has buried under all his insecurities to blossom into an actual adoration and love for the red paladin and i want their growing relationship to be rocky and hard because they have a war to fight and a team to lead. 
  • and i don’t just want lance to learn his worth through keith either, i want to see him working together with the rest of the team and them taking him more seriously too. i wanna see him and allura bond over their homesickness, i wanna see him and pidge bond over their longing for their families, i wanna see him and hunk bond over being scared of what the future holds for them. 
  • i want to see lance’s talents shine and new talents we didn’t know he had to pop up too, and i want him to learn to love himself and see how important he truly is. he’s a paladin of voltron man, he’s pretty damn important.

I just watched the sneak peek with jace and alec in the institute and I think I’ve got a solid theory.

So the clave grants Jace the title of Head of the Institute since he is a newly discovered Herondale. Jace doesn’t want this role and he knows that it’s Alec’s birthright to run the institute, and after seeing just how difficult the task at hand is, he passes the title off to Alec. I believe this is what happens because we see Alec in 2x14 looking highly professional and the synopsis states that Alec is trying to mend the relationships with the downworld. The only reason Alec would be doing this is if he were in charge. So FINALLY Alec is put into a position of power and is not just there for Clary and Jace’s use. Malec Power Couple Hell Yeah.

All Bottled Up

This is Shklance that has been bugging me for two days now, so if you’re uncomfortable with that it’s ok to just skip this and scroll down.

Part 1

I made a part 2 😊

“Oh my god, have you heard?”

“I’m pretty sure everyone in this coffee shop heard you.” Keith grumbled, fighting the urge to turn around and glare at the woman behind him. It was 3 in the afternoon and he needed his iced coffee, it was too hot and humid for excited college girls.

“What?” Thankfully the girl she was with doesn’t seem fazed or mildly excited. Maybe she’s just as tired and sweaty as him this time of the day.

“You know that guy Ethan and the guy he’s dating? I heard they broke up like last night.”

“No way!” Or maybe not. Keith could feel the small jump the girl made on her seat considering that she was seated just behind him. Why the hell did he choose to sit here again?

“Yah. I heard they broke up in a restaurant. In a FUCKING RESTAURANT on their ANNIVERSARY!”

The girl behind him audibly gasp. Keith rolled his eyes but still listened. You can’t really blame him for listening, for one he was seated directly behind the girls; and two, the drama was quite intriguing.

“Oh no, poor Lance!”

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What is the likelihood of getting a Foodie Verse story featuring Carol and Jess the Caterers with Benefits?

Sam has banned me and all my drama causing shananigans from his verse forever.  Forever I say!

Because the conversation went like this:

Sam: Hey, can I borrow DJ for the foodieverse?

Me: Sure.  You want to write it, or am I joining you?

Sam: Jump in.

Me: Sooooooooo…

Sam: No.


Sam: Why are you like this, woman?


Sam: …

Me:  (pulls up an incredibly complicated map of relationships and backstory)  See?  Simple!  We just have to introduce six or ten or twenty more characters and give Tony a solid relationship that happened prior to the series and have you dealt with Obie yet? Because I think this is an ideal time to-

Sam: Get out.

(Sam will claim this is a lie, but he knows the truth.  HE KNOWS WHAT HE DID.)

But yeah, I had a lot of fun writing Carol and Jess.  They may need their own series of shorts.  I mean, everyone’s got a nightmare wedding catering story. 8)

McCall Pack, Meet Riverdale Part 3

Summary: Your the sister of the late Allison Argent. Soon after her death your father, Chris Argent, Isaac Lahey and you move to France. Not long after you find yourself living with your Dad in his hometown. While Riverdale doesn’t have a supernatural mess, it sure does have a strange and mysterious murder.

Characters: daughter!reader x chris argent, reader x undetermined love interest, Archie Andrews, Jughead Jones, Veronica Lodge (mentioned), Betty Cooper (mentioned), Stiles Stilinski, Scott McCall, and Liam Dunbar

Words: 2789

Disclaimer: I do not own Teen Wolf or the characters. I do not own Riverdale OR the characters, the show is based the Archie Comics which I do not own either. I also do not own any gifs, images or songs that may appear.

Warnings: possible swearing, mention of death, mention of murder, angst, hospital, Angry reader, Jason Blossom murder (mentioned), and Wendigo attack

Author: Caitsy

Tagging: Ask if you want to be removed or added! At the bottom.

A/N Jughead is a strong romantic possibility. There’s different variations of asexuality and I’m just going to list them, aromatic: is someone who doesn’t have romantic attraction, demi-sexual: is when an ace can have sexual attraction to someone with strong feelings for them, romantic asexual: where they feel romantic attraction, gray-asexual: which I don’t entirely understand. Jughead had been announced to not be asexual for the tv series and while I’m not planning on announcing his sexual orientation in this I will say that I can make him asexual with romantic interest or demo-sexual. I relate to Jughead because I AM asexual.

Master List

Prompt List



You were annoyed that Jughead had ignored your warning and decided to bring Archie to Beacon Hills. They didn’t understand the seriousness of this because all they had dealt with was the relationship between Grundy and Archie or the murder of Jason Blossom. They wouldn’t be able to take fighting the supernatural.

“Great. This is perfect, guys.” You sighed turning to see that it was now only Scott and he was right next to you.

“What’s wrong?”

“The Riverdale teens decided to ignore us and come to Beacon Hills.” You groaned as you pushed off the wall, “This isn’t going to go well, nothing ever goes our way does it?”

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Better late than Never

Characters: Dean, Reader, Sam, Jess, Meg, Charlie and Amara.

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Just swearing. And waaaaay too many eye rolls and sarcastic scowls. FLUFF! (Dean being a sweety)

Summary: College Au. Everyone meets up for drinks as friends usually do and things take a very interesting turn. The reader finally admits how she feels.

A/N: This is for @dancingalone21​‘s AU Funny quote Challenge and I picked, “I have this code. No cash for ass.” I just wanna say congrats on 2K followers, your work is stellar and you deserve everyone of them. I hope everyone enjoys reading it as much as I enjoyed writing this. Thank you for reading and if you thought it was great, feedback would be appreciated. Lots of love!

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i’m just wondering why the crew & brenda sucrose decided to design stevonnie the way they are

like yeah i know they used the excuse of “stevonnie is suppose to represent all the ‘firsts’ of a relationship” and “how puberty changes how people see you and how you see yourself”, but it’s just. why were they designed like this?

why is stevonnie captivating people like this? they’re the fusion between two children that are both under the age of 15

i may like their design (because it does look nice), but stevonnie- epecially if you know about them in the context of the show- should not be seen in this way in the show due to the fact that they’re children

having this 

be the first way we are introduced to stevonnie will never sit well with me

Otayuri week 2017

DAY 2: Social Media or Celebration (online relationship headcanons)

  • I am 100% sure their relationship is build on social media and online relations, because they’re almost always so far away from each other. 
  • But everyone would be like “Yeah, sure, because they’re not 24/7 in contact”
  • They’re on messenger all the time.
  • They’re definitely sending each other snapchats all the time. Otabek would be the “I see something, I take a picture of it” guy, so Yuri would see every road Otabek goes, every new pet met and every place he’s in.
    Yuri would be the “Look at my face and how bored am I” guy, 100 selcas every day, with small breaks of Vikturi photo with snarky remark.
  • Yuri sending every cat related video/post for Otabek immidiately. He would get same in return, because Otabek would do everything to make him happy.
  • Skype calls every evening. Just to hang out, not even talking too much. 
  • When Yuri misses Otabek too much, he calls him in the night just to hear his breath and voice. They definitely pay too much for their phones, but well
  • Of course, they would do videos of his new routines/jumps, sending them immidiately, just to know if other person would like it.
  • Every morning (for him, of course), Otabek would send Yuri photo of sunset, or sky, or a flower, something beautiful, with “I wish you could see this with me, good morning”, or “May your day would be so beautiful like you and this flower” (SORRY BUT I THINK OTABEK WOULD BE KINDA ROMANTIC SHIT AND YURI WOULD ALWAYS LAUGH AT HIM BUT LIKE IT ANYWAY)
  • Yuri would be the one sending his photos late at night, sleepy, in his bed, with “You should be here”
  • But Otabek would immidiately write back “I love you too, Yura”
  • Yuri would have tons of photos from their meetings on his Instagram for world to see, because he doesn’t care.
  • They would have photos of each other as backgrounds on their phones. 

@ Langst writers

If your fic contains langst because of his insecurities towards himself (and not romantic insecurities) then giving him a partner at the end won’t cure it. Yeah it might help him (because someone sees me worthy) but it also depends on the fic. If his insecurities and problems are intense then he may not even have the capacity to think about his crush in a good way. He may think he is incapable of love and use his crush in a twisted way of again how he doesn’t deserve good and stuff but i don’t think he would really think about and would actually be emotionally stable to start a relationship. 

It all depends on the fic and how you characterise him but i have read so many fics with lance going through insecurities or confronting his team about stuff and then his crush says something nice and he blushes which most of the time is not appropriate because he is going through some intense emotional breakdown, he won’t suddenly go mushy in between it.

If your end game is a romantic pairing either plan your fic that way or give them time. But if you want to concentrate on langst then romance should not be the sole end game. 

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I wanna see the reason why people like tordtom,, I don't hate it,, I'm just curious about this ship,, can u help me,? Could u screenshot all of your favorite moments with tom and tord together from all of the eddisodez? :D thank you


Okay so, I don’t know about every one else, but I love TomTord because I’m a sucker for love hate relationships!!!!! :3 The fact that they hate each other is what fuels the ship for me….


so… yeah like i said, I dont know everyone else’s reasons why they ship TomTord, But I ADORE LOVE/HATE RELATIONSHIPS!!!!!

Writing a Person-Centered Therapy Session

Writing a therapy session can often be daunting.  There are so many different approaches to therapy that it’s downright impossible to say “this is how all therapy looks.”

So I’m going to be writing brief guides to help y’all figure out what kind of therapist you should write depending on what purpose the therapy session serves within your story.

We’re gonna start with person-centered therapy, because it’s by far the easiest to write.

The whole idea behind person-centered therapy is that all that you need for a client to change is to really be nonjudgmental, understanding, and 100% there for the client. There’s no fancy techniques. The therapist just builds up a relationship with the client, and does their best to understand them.

What person-centered therapy is best for narratively:

The client character gets to express all the emotions they really feel inside, in a safe environment with no consequences to outside relationships. It’s a great way to show, not tell, your readers what your character is going through.

Advantages of using person-centered therapy:

You don’t have to worry about characterizing the therapist very deeply or learning fancy therapeutic techniques. Just make your therapist a good listener who never gives outright advice, and it’s hard to go wrong.

The client character is the driving force behind the session. You get to explore the client’s emotions in depth, without worrying about the therapist interfering or changing things.

It is especially effective in cases where your client character feels like no one listens to them, or that they can’t express their emotions to others in the outside world.

Disadvantages of using person-centered therapy:

Your character is carrying the weight of the scene. You have to already know exactly where your character is going before you start writing it.

Person-centered therapy is often inadequate for treating certain disorders on its own. 

If you need to have an outsider tell your character what they need to be doing, you can’t use person-centered therapy.

How to portray a person-centered therapist:

  • Kind, compassionate, caring, an amazing listener.  
  • Tends to nod & say “mmhmm” or “oh?” a lot.
  • Leans towards the client character; pays full attention to them at all times.
  • Speaks less frequently than the client character.
  • Tends to mirror what the client character is expressing to build their understanding of the client’s experience
    • “It seems like you’re saying…”
    • “You sound like…”
  • Really looks at how the client character is reacting emotionally during the session

Important: a person-centered therapist will NEVER tell the client character what to do or how to solve their problems. The client is completely capable of figuring it out themself if the therapist can provide a safe environment for them to explore the issue in.

So what does a person-centered therapy session actually look like? Let’s find out!

The following are some excerpts of this video, which is a filmed session between a woman, Gloria, and Carl Rogers, who founded person-centered therapy. Highly recommend watching this; there’s other videos with Gloria seeing other famous therapists that I will be discussing in future parts.

Gloria: I don’t know if [my 9 year old daughter] can accept me the way I am. I think I paint a picture that I’m all sweet and motherly. And – I’m a little ashamed of my shady side too. 

Rogers: Mhm, mhm. I see. It really cuts a little deeper. If she really knew you, would she, could she accept you?  

Gloria: This is what I don’t know. Yeah. I don’t want her to turn away from me. 

Rogers: That relationship-

Gloria: And I don’t even know how I feel about it because there are times when I feel so guilty like when I have a man over, I even try to make a special set‑up so that if I were ever alone with him, the children would never catch me in that sort of thing. Because I’m real leery about it.

Rogers: Mhm.

Gloria: And yet I also know that I have these desires.

Rogers: And so it’s quite clear it isn’t only her problem or the relationship with her, it’s in you as well.  

Gloria: And my guilt. Yeah. Yeah. I feel guilty so often. `

And later on, Rogers is super aware of how Gloria is expressing her emotions, and looking at what that means:

Gloria: …I hate myself if I’m bad, but I also hate myself if I lie.

Rogers: I guess, judging from your tone of voice, you sound as though you hate yourself more when you lie than you do in terms of things you disapprove of in behavior.

Even later on, Rogers reflects what Gloria was saying, in a way that made Gloria feel understood:

Gloria: …This has really bothered me. This happened with Pammy about a month ago and it keeps coming to my mind. I don’t know whether to go back and talk to her about it or wait. She may have even forgotten what she asked me, but uh – it just-

Rogers: The point is, you haven’t forgotten.  

Gloria:  I haven… No, I haven’t.

So that’s kind of an overview of what person-centered therapy looks like! It’s not too bad, right? 

Stay tuned next month for something a LOT more complicated!

Undeniable Heat Chapter 32: Revelations

Jensen Ackles x Reader

1350 Words

Story Summary: You’ve just gotten a job as one of the makeup artists on the set of Supernatural. Nervous on the first day, you become completely awkward, winning the affection of the divorced Jensen Ackles. You try to fight your desire for him, but he thwarts you at every turn. Will you be able you separate work and play, or will you let Jensen win?

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

Jensen’s P.O.V.

Mixed emotions raced through me as I stared at Danneel. Frustration, anger, and a little bit of sadness at what had been. “Danneel what are you are doing here?”

“This used to be my home too Jensen.” She purred, her tone of voice annoying me.

“Dee, you gave up this house when we got divorced. Now tell me, why are you here?” I asked, hoping I could get rid of her quickly and get back to Y/N upstairs.

“I’ve missed you so much, and you haven’t returned any of my calls. When I heard you were in Texas, I just had to come and see you.” She said, raising her hand and placing it on my chest. Once upon a time her touch would have been wanted,. But now, it did nothing for me.  would have ignited a fire deep within. But now it did nothing but annoy me.

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anonymous asked:

You say you're really sure that Evak will stay together and there are many reasons. Can you please reassure my heart? :(( I just feel like listening to some other perspective. I've been surrounded by a lot of negativity,

Okay, look. And these are just my logical (and a bit Evak clouded) reasonings:

• Evak has a big impact on many viewers. No surprise that the third season made this show known internationally with Isak’s story and their love. Most are rooting for their happy relationship.

• Julie listens to fans. Fans want happy endgame Evak. Simple.

• This will be a Sana season. I don’t think drama would surround them, actually. So we will probably mostly see them being beautifully in love from her eyes.

• Evak won the E!Online poll. This is literally such a know couple. A couple from a Norwegian show beating American show couples. Safe to say, they are really loved and popular. Julie understands it and appreciates it.

• Let’s compare with Season 2 and Noorhelm. Noora and William were surely meant to last. Julie admitted to building up their story carefully. Why were they broken up? Because Thomas left. It wasn’t in her plans to break them up in the story. Neither Henrik nor Tarjei are leaving. And they love Evak. There’s no needed reason for them to break up the way I see it.

• Literally, don’t see the logic behind it to hurt fans like this. Isak and Even are one of the most beautiful and touching love stories in fiction (I’m not even saying maybe, they really are, ok). They deserve happiness.

• Yeah, Even will graduate and I truly believe they will stay together, wherever he would study, because if Season 3 thought us something, is how strong they both are and how much they love each other and are willing to work for their relationship at any cost.

• They are also a positive, happy LGBT+ relationship representation in a popular show? A healthy relationship between boys that has a happy ending. There.

• And also, as I mentioned before and I’ll mention again. Henrik AKA the Evak captain would scream and refuse this idea and then probably sue.

Colin O’Donoghue--OUAT Chicago 6/11/17

Colin O’Donoghue Q&A Panel

Note:  I had some issues with my recordings of this particular panel.  I had to record the panel in 4 separate parts, because my voice recorder couldn’t handle any more than 17 minutes at a time.  A couple of the parts went missing.  I was able to fill in most of the missing segments after hunting through YouTube for videos to supplement what I had, but there are, I think, a couple of minutes I’m still missing.

Announcer:  Welcome Captain Hook himself, Mr. Colin O’Donoghue!

Colin:  Awesome!  A bit of Led Zepplin.  You can’t beat it.  Hello everyone!

Fan (from audience):  Hello, gorgeous.

Colin:  (looks around behind him)  Who you talking to?

Fan (from audience): You!

Colin:  Oh, thank you.  It’s a lot…it’s a lot of people.  Hello.  I guess I’m gonna start with the questions.

Fan: Hi, sorry. (giggles and cries)

Colin:  This is a good start.

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Fans finding out about you and Wonho

Originally posted by hx-nd

pairing: Wonho x [y/n]

Warning: none

Word count: 1332

a/n: credit goes to owner for that amazing gift above 

“Hana, dul, set, Hoo! Monsta X, annyeonghaseyo, Monsta X imnida!” The boys said and bowed for the camera as the interview began. They recently came out with their first full length album and were currently traveling through South Korea, Japan and China to promote it. But suddenly the interviewer decided to change the topic. 

“I’m sorry but I have to ask this next question.” She laughed and continued. “Are you by any chance interested in someone? Because a lot of fans wanted to know.” 

Everyone was quick to say no by either shaking their head or answering. “No, there’s no time for such a thing.”

Wonho kept quiet the whole time but the interviewer noticed and asked again. “Yah! Wonho, don’t lie to me now!” She teased and he laughed, shaking his head. “Really, we’re so busy all the time that we can’t imagine ourselves in relationships right now.”

Hyungwon scoffed quietly, seeing through his lie. His scoff made everyone turn their head which made it awkward and quite obvious that Wonho was lying. Wonho was never a good liar due to grinning all the time. So that’s exactly what happened next. Wonho turned red and started grinning from ear to ear, blowing his cover. 

Wonho felt embarrassed and hid his face behind his hands, too shy to confirm nor deny anything.

“I see.” The interviewer said with a comforting smile and waited for the boys to calm down before asking. “Can we at least get a name?”

Wonho shakes his head immediately thinking about your plea to keep your relationship a secret. “Just say it, she won’t get mad.” Kihyun whispered into his ear so that only he could hear. Wonho looked a bit uncomfortable but decided to atleast say the name, he wanted to be honest with his beloved fans.

“(Y/N).” The rest of the boys cheered when he said your name making him blush once again. “Aw, good luck.”

Wonho mumbled a shy “Kamsahamnida.” into the mic before hiding his face into Jooheons shoulder. All the boys laughed at his embarrassed state but quickly changed the topic.

Just when the interview ended the boys got up and walked out. “Well, that took an unexpected turn.” Shownu said, walking beside Wonho.

“You kind of confirmed your relationship with (y/n) just now.” Minhyuk said. Wonho let out a sigh in frustration and debated if he should ask the interviewer to cut that part out or not. “Even though we’re all happy that you’ve finally went public, you should still consider how she feels about this and talk to her.”

He nodded his head and said his goodbyes before getting into one of the big cars waiting in front of the studio to bring him back to his hotel where (y/n) was already waiting for him.

You heard the door open and stood up, excited to see Wonho after such a long day. “Babe?” You asked and came around the corner already smiling big by just seeing him. He smiled and greeted you with a kiss before grabbing your hand. “How was the interview?” You asked and sat down eager to hear about his day. “Yeah, um, that’s what I actually wanted to talk about.”

He waited and chose his next words carefully. “Don’t you think we owe it to the fans to be honest to them and go public with our relationship?” He asked not sure how you’ll react.

You sighed and looked down. “I don’t know, Wonho.”

“Because, I may or may not have confirmed our relationship today during the interview.” He said quietly, biting his lip waiting for you to burst and yell at him.

“You what?!”

“I’m sorry?” He asked not sure if he was really sorry. You sighed again and flopped down on the bed looking up to the ceiling. Wonho was quick to jump on top of you, crushing you underneath him. You grunted and let out a laugh trying to push him off of you but this boy simply wouldn’t budge. “We can make this work.”

“When is the interview going to be released?” You asked him. He thought about it before answering. “Tomorrow morning, I think.” You nodded taking in the new information. “I guess we’ll have to wait and see how the fans react.” Wonho smiled already excited for everyone to know. You on the other hand were quite nervous about this whole situation but as long as Wonho was happy you didn’t care about any negative backlash.

You had your hopes up high that most of the fans would be accepting. “Don’t worry, babe. They’re going to love you. Just as much as I love you. Okay, maybe not as much because no one loves you as much as I love you but you get what I’m trying to say, rig-” You quickly cut him with a kiss to stop him from rambling. “Shut up, would you?” You chuckled at his flustered expression and stood up to get ready for bed, feeling anxious thinking about tomorrow morning.

You woke up feeling a tight grip on you and at least 165 pounds pure muscle on top of you. You felt the need to empty your bladder but Wonho wouldn’t move.

Your arms were definitely too weak to move him on your own so you did the first thing that came to your mind. You bit him.

“Yah!” He rose with a grunt and turned over to his side. “What did I do to deserve this?”

“Gotta pee!” you squealed out and run to the bathroom. All you could hear was his bright laughter filling the hotel room. You couldn’t help but laugh too while sitting on the toilet.

While being in there you decided to brush your teeth and comb your hair out. After you were done you went out and saw Wonho scrolling on his phone with a frown on his face. That’s when you remembered. The interview from yesterday!

“Is it that bad?” You asked shyly standing frozen in front of him. He sighed before saying. “You won’t be too happy. Some of the comments are really nasty.”

You felt your heart drop to the bottom of your feet. All they know about you is your name and they still chose to judge? Wonho gave you the phone and you mentally prepared yourself for the comments. You quickly read through some of them and couldn’t believe what you’re seeing.

Wonho looked so happy!

(y/n) must be really pretty.

How can you hate someone that makes Wonho this happy???

I need a Wonho and (y/n) selca asap.

I’m so happy for them.

“You jerk!” You yelled and jumped on top of your boyfriend who tried to keep a straight face this whole time. The moment your face turned red he bursted out laughing. He caught you and hugged you tight. Your face hurt from smiling so big, feeling your eyes getting a bit wet too. You were just so relieved that most of the comments were positive and loving. “I told you, didn’t I? I know my Monbebes the best.” he smirked and pecked your cheek then your nose and then your lips. “Meh, if you say so.”

His face dropped as he looked at you with a serious expression on his face. “Excuse you?” he started tickling you. “What did you say.” You couldn’t help but wiggle around trying to free yourself from his grip but he was too strong. “Getting a bit cheeky here, are we?”

“I’m sorry.” You laughed and pushed him away. He laughed too and stood up from the bed grabbing his phone again. “Our management can release an official statement about us now.” He smiled big and dialed his manager’s number.

From then on you encountered a few rude fans here and there but got overall accepted by the fans. You would often see nice tweets about you, fans asking you how your day has been and if you have been eating well. You were touched and amazed by their kindness towards you.