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recently i got more into the issue about gender and society and such, but i have a question that didn't get answered anywhere so i thought i could ask you ( a book/post rec would be fine). so about the western gender binary: where does it even come from?? is it christianity, the antique or even older? i've read that in the last couple hundered years this binary system got (incorrectly) backed up by "science" but the believe must have existed before that. So what are the roots??

i now have an incredible mental image of like a white leather gender binary with gold tooling, sitting in an antique store somewhere. 

WHOA I just learned something wild. I started googling around, because my impression is that the gender binary has had a lot of roots in Western imperialism but I don’t actually have a lot of details on that before, say, Columbus. And look at Wikipedia: 

The term gender role was first coined by John Money in 1955, during the course of his study of intersex individuals, to describe the manners in which these individuals expressed their status as a male or female in a situation where no clear biological assignment existed.

I was just thinking about him the other day! Because I returned a book to my old college library that I’ve had for about ten years, and it reminded me that I accidentally-on-purpose stole an old copy of John Money’s “Sex Errors Of the Body” from there. Like, I checked it out, around when I was learning about intersex stuff for the first time, and then was like, “okay, I can never give this book back, it is too heinous.”

(Also holy shit? I thought, from the looks of it and what I knew at the time, that the book must be really old, from like the 50s when he was first creating intersex genital mutilation as a thing. But it’s from 1994. That is some nonsense right there.)  

AAAAAAAA I clicked through to the article on John Money to see exactly how terrible he was (and what the book I stole was called) aaaaand it’s actually so bad that I’m going to reblog this to add it, so that I can put it behind a cut. Like, wow. Wow. Jesus fucking christ. wow

(less egregious but still gross: he apparently also wrote a book called “Gay, Straight, and In-Between,” like… no.) 

ummm anyway so 

I actually don’t know if there are any good sources on this stuff, because part of the problem of binarism in colonialism and post-colonialism has been that it colors the way people have studied the past.

So for example, it’s hard to pick an aspect of the gender binary and look at when it started, because people have tried so hard to project our gender binary onto whatever writings and artifacts they’ve found.

Looking specifically at the roots of the patriarchy will probably be a good starting place, both because people have done a lot of work in that area… although it’s going to include a lot of cissexism, I can tell you that right now, and quite probably a bunch of TERFs…. and also because the difference between the gender binary, and just having gender roles, imo, is the power structure, where one way of expressing gender is considered good, and all other variations and genders are seen as less-than and gross.  

But maybe someone else will have some good suggestions! 

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You do realize that the majority of the time you're actually making their skintones DARKER than they are in REAL LIFE, right? Colorism doesn't only go in one direction. Calling them unattractive or describing them as "gross" because they're pale is just as rude and discriminatory. Most of the members are NATURALLY EXTREMELY PALE and it isn't always a result of intentional photo altering. Jfc. Stop trying to fit them into your definition of beauty.

I knew I’d get a message like this sooner or later even before I created the blog, so I’ve prepared a mental reply that I’ll write out. And wow, this entire ask was a mess from the second sentence onward. I’ll make the answer to this nice and long so other idiots won’t ask me the same thing because this topic is something I won’t stay quiet nor be nice about.

WARNING: Super long post ahead. I’m really pissed.

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the funny thing about Mai hate is that Mai is actually a career duelist in a way Yuugi and Jyou aren’t. (Kaiba’s kind of a weird in-between, because his career life is Duel Monsters but he’s not as into tournaments as he is into running tournaments, hoarding cards, and making cool shit.) She’s already a seasoned duelist by Duelist Kingdom, and she continues dueling after Battle City. And she probably gets some dueling in while she’s off-screen between major tournaments!

Yuugi and Jyou kick ass in tournaments, yeah, but they just kind of show up and win things. Mai is more experienced, with more tournaments - and off-screen wins - under her belt. When she loses to the major characters, it’s because they have Major Character Powers, not because she’s any less skilled.

Kaiba is a celebrity who makes things happen, Yuugi is a celebrity who gets invited to things, and Jyou is his best friend who gets dragged along, but Mai is a professional duelist. She deserves just as much mention in GX as the boys do - perhaps even more, given that becoming a pro duelist is a goal for many Duel Academy students. Mai is what characters like Kaiser and Manjyome aspire to be, and what Edo already is.

When it comes down to experience and number of wins, Mai is a better duelist than the boys. Which doesn’t make her a better duelist period; being a true duelist has a lot to do with attitude and perseverance and other things that Yuugi and Jyou have in spades. In a shounen anime, having the mindset of a true duelist is all you really need.

In real life - well, would Mai even be in the same age bracket as the boys? But if she were, I wouldn’t be so quick to bet on Yuugi.

Michael as a father would include:

• “Wow, I honestly expected her to come out with some crazy colored hair.“
• Convincing him that he could not dye her hair and that he wasn’t allowed to anytime soon.
• “Luke, stop pissing her off like that. She doesn’t like you.”
• Him wanting to teach her how to play video games because he would need a video game buddy even though she definitely wasn’t old enough yet.
• Letting her lay on his chest as he played said video games.
• Him being grossed out when he changes her diapers.
• “What the fuck do you keep feeding her, Y/N?!”
• “Stop swearing around our child, asshole!“
• Him talking to her all the time as if she’ll talk back, but she instead just looks at him like he’s crazy.
• “You know you’re a very good listener, little one.”
• Letting her help decide what color he should do his hair next even though she’s too young to understand.
• “Calum, stop running around with her like that! You’re going to break her!“
• Him letting her draw on him with markers when she’s old enough to.
• "Ashton, stop telling me how I should raise my own daughter!”
• Him becoming an absolute softie when it comes to her.
• "Only for you, baby girl. This is our little secret.“

5342) In order to forget about my dysphoria, I'll try to focus on my non gendered parts that I like. Sure, it's difficult to like my penis, male body, and gross guy face, but sometimes, saying "Wow, I have pretty eyes" or "I like my hair color" can feel really empowering, because I'm more than a bunch of mis-assigned sexed characteristics thrown together on one person.

Was tagged by mahouprince as one of their followers! So here you go, 6 selfies from 2014, from oldest to most recent.

It was a very strange year, really. While I wish I’d gotten more pictures in makeup and outside of my room (LOL), it was several months of constant change and development, battling health problems and working several jobs and lots of other gross things. So of course other priorities took place!

I’m really bad at tagging people, too >.< Uhm uhm confusedbird, just-jame, and anyone else because I’m awful with urls! I choose yooouuu! (and of course you don’t have to if you don’t wanna eue <3)


“Hello!” Beamed a boy as he walked up to Nico. Nico looked around confused, maybe he was talking to someone else. Nobody had talked to Nico the entire day. He didn’t mind too much though, he liked being isolated.

It was Nico’s first day of preschool, and frankly, it wasn’t as fun as everyone made it out to be. Story time, wow the little engine could, big deal. Art, coloring, he could do that at home if he wanted too, which he didn’t. Music, a pitchy song of the “Itsy bitsy spider.” And lunch, that food was gross. It was now playtime and all he was doing was sitting in the corner all alone.

“Are you talking to me?” Nico asked pointing to himself. The boy nodded enthusiastically and joined Nico on the floor.

“I'z been wonderen why you being all alone and stuff,” the boy answered.

Nico shrugged. “I guess because nobody like me…”

“Wells, I likes you.”

“But,” Nico said looking up at the boy, “you’s don’t even knows me.”

“So, that don’t mean we’s can’t be freind’s” The boy reassured.

“Okay!” Nico jumped up, for once happy to be there.

“I Jason.” The boy, Jason, thrust out his hand. Nico shook it.


“Well Nico,” Jason poked him on the shoulder, “tag, you’re it!” He laughed, racing away.

“No fair!” Nico complained, but chased after the boy anyways.

They played tag for the rest of playtime. Jason also laid next to Nico during nap time and  held his hand when Nico couldn’t fall asleep. Jason even shared his cookies and juice box during snack time. Nico was actually genuinely sad when it was time to leave.  

“That’s my sister…” Nico said sullenly as Bianca entered the classroom.

“So you gots to go bye-bye?” Jason said, his tone matching Nico’s.

“Yeah,” Nico paused but then brightened up,“But, I’ll see you tomorrow right?”

“Course!” Jason also perked up,

“Nico, come on!” Bianca called.

“Ok bye-bye,” Jason said encasing Nico in a warm hug and giving him a kiss on the cheek. Nico blushed but tried not to show it as he raced to his sister.

“Bye-bye!” Nico called as he waved behind him, Bianca grabbing hold of his other hand and leading him outside.

“So I see you found yourself a friend,” she observed.

“Yeah! His name Jason. He’s pretty isn’t he?”

Bianca looked a little shocked at first but then smiled, “Yeah, I guess he is. You know his sister, Thalia, is in my archery class. I could set you two up a play date if you want.”

Nico jumped up. “Yeah!” He cheered. “I could show him my Mythomagic cards, and we could play tag, and hold hands, and have cookies, and…” The list went on and on as the siblings walked home. Bianca was thrilled that her little brother had finally found a friend and was for once happy.

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Consider: Asriel is white and fluffy. Very easy to die his fur exciting colors. Whether this is choice, a prank by Chara, or Frisk trying their hand at being a hairdresser, who can say.


When Chara first comes to the Underground and they’ve had like, a few months to recover, they’ve settled in, they’ve become a part of the family, they find out that monsters have these really-easy-to-use magic hair dye potions

so one night while Asriel is asleep, Chara somehow manages to dye that entire little floofy mane bit on top of his head bright pink

and it was supposed to be funny, he was supposed to freak out, because pink are for girls, right? Boys don’t like pink, boys are supposed to be grossed out and embarrassed by pink, that’s how colors work

but of course, Asriel is a monster, they don’t have a concept of gendered colors or misogyny, so Chara wakes up to this loud gasp from the other side of the room like “Oh wow, Chara, did you do this? Golly, it looks amazing! Thank you!”

and they’re just like “what”, but the lil monster is just so happy about this weird new surprise gift from his best friend, he didn’t really expect it, but it looks so cool, Chara’s so nice!

meanwhile, Chara is stewing in guilt because oh god how could they try to humiliate this cinnamon roll, look at him and his stupid adorable trusting face, surely this is their personal guilt-ridden hell