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This one’s for everyone out there who isn’t celebrating Mother’s Day (in the USA). She doesn’t have to define you. x

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although weirdly enough out of all the people i can remember pete interacting with in the show, as far as i can tell, hes only taller than sonny and daniela,, which is weird to think about, he just seems really tall because he literally only stands by tiny tiny sonny

even so! he’s the perfect height,,

the perfect height difference for hugs and forehead kisses,, how lucky we all are

people who watch tbt just for kadena (and don’t when they’re not in the spotlight) wyd?? you do realize you’re gonna get the show canceled like that and that means no more kadena, right?? also the show is amazing?? badass ladies? empowerment? representation? stereotypes being broken? i’m just- why

  • Emma Swan: *can't worry when the child she placed for adoption tells her his life sucks*
  • Emma Swan: *can't punch Regina in the face after she poisons Henry because wow, SO RUDE*
  • Emma Swan: *can't wear dresses because being feminine is bAaAD*
  • Emma Swan: *can't go out with her boyfriend because good mothers don't go outZZZZZZZZZZZZ*
  • Emma Swan: *can't have character development because human beings aren't supposed to change*
  • Emma Swan: *can't exist because the show about Emma Swan is actually about Regina*

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Okay so how 'bout Weiss is having trouble staying asleep at night and wakes up to find that there's some serious late night bee action going on in the bed across from hers, feels awkward and offended at first because wow rude, but then starts imagining doing the same kinds of lewd acts with Ruby

She had always been a light sleeper, but of late Weiss was finding it more and more difficult to stay asleep out of worry. Worry about her feelings for a certain cloaked partner, worries about how Blake had spurts of refusing to talk to anyone, worried about Torchwick and his plans. And now she also had worry about her father arriving in a few days for a visit. How would he take her being on a team with not only a Faunus, but one who used to be a part of the White Fang? She could already envision the violent outbursts coupled with attempting to attack the feline girl, which Yang would quickly take offense to. Nobody, but nobody, tried to attack the fiery blonde’s girlfriend and walk away unscathed.

However, this time it wasn’t worry that tugged her from her sleep. It was noises from the bottom bunk across from her. Soft shuffling and whispered voices made their way into the waking girl’s consciousness. “Y-yang…. I swear to GOD, you better untie me.” Blake’s voice hissed in a slightly irritated but heated tone.

“But you look so cute all helpless and stuff. Shhhh…..” The blonde replied in a teasing voice. “You’ll wake up Ruby, and that would be a really awkward conversation….”

The white haired teen was suddenly wide awake, her blue eyes blinking rapidly at the wall as a blush crept up her pale face. Were Blake and Yang really….? While she and Ruby were just yards away?! A loud snore from the bed above Weiss told her that her partner was happily asleep and therefore completely unaware of what was taking place between her sister and the Faunus; which, judging by Blake’s complaints, involved ropes and no innocent intentions. 

"Mmmmmnn~~! Damn it, your sister is-”

“Ruby can sleep through a war, which means she can sleep through this. You, my dear, need a good fuck. And I need to work on my muscles a bit more. Primarily my tongue muscles.”

The heiress felt her jaw drop slightly at the conversation, vaguely aware of Ruby muttering something about cookies in her sleep. This was utterly mortifying to listen to! She had half a mind to demand that they stopped right this instant, but that would mean she would have to turn around, and actually see it herself. And honestly? There were just some things that Weiss Schnee never wanted to see as long as she lived, and two of her teammates having sex was most certainly one of them. A soft but breathless moan interrupted her thoughts; clearly, Blake was struggling to be mindful of the other occupants, and the swordswoman could guess that Yang wasn’t going to give her much of a choice about if she was or wasn’t going to be intimate with her tonight. “Ahh~ Wait, wait…. Don’t rip my shi-” The sound of cloth tearing punctuated by another round of loud snores above the supposedly sleeping Weiss was heard. “Dammit, Yang! I liked this shirt! Oh, fuck… Not.. not my ears….”

The last part of her hushed sentence was whimpered in pleasure, the notes heightening as a rumbling chuckle escaped the blonde. Obviously, Yang had gone for the Faunus’ cat ears, and it was enough to make even the temperamental bookworm nearly lose her resolve entirely. Weiss bit her lower lip as the other two carried on, her blush returning as she thought about Ruby, and how this scenario would go down between them. Which would Ruby be? The submissive Blake, or the teasing Yang? Considering how their personalities matched up all of the other times, it seemed safe to think that she would be more likely to be the Yang of the two of them if th- 

She could feel her face burning brightly. No, now was not the time to think of such things! Not about her younger partner and most certainly not while Blake and Ruby’s older sister were carrying on in the other bed. And yet, the blue eyed teen was squirming slightly as her imagination started to pick up where her thoughts had left off, trying to be as quiet as possible to keep Blake and Yang from being made aware that she could hear them. She could almost smell the gentle rose scent that clung to her silver eyed partner, almost taste the soft skin under her lips.Weiss could hear the brunette moaning Yang’s name over and over again softly, but she had replaced the name and sound with Ruby’s voice whimpering her own. 

“Weiss….. Weiss, please, stop teasing me…”

She buried her face deep against her pillow as her mind crafted the image of Ruby laying on her bed, blushing and pinned by her own grip on her wrists as the scarred heiress nipped down her throat and collarbones. She could almost feel the texture of those cotton sleep pants brushing her own bare legs, how the barely smaller frame trembled from her attentions. The sound of the whimpered, breathy moans were intoxicating, the scent of roses making her giddy with desire. This was what Weiss dreamed of; the younger Huntress moaning her name, pleading with her to go on, her skin flushed with lust….

Ice blue eyes snapped open, realizing that her own left hand had been trailing down her stomach and inching it’s way closer and closer to her heated center. If she thought she had been blushing before, it was nothing to how red she was now. 

Weiss quickly moved her hand away, drawing up her sheets to cover her ears, attempting to futilely block out the sounds of Blake’s languid moans, her lewd praises as the bed creaked with her straining against whatever bound her to it. Yang’s sounds were muffled, and at this point, the white haired teen was doing all she could to try to go back to sleep and forget about what was going on. 

“But…. whaddya mean there’s no more… cookies…?” The young leader muttered in a saddened voice, helping to distract the unwilling third wheel to the little late-night ‘team building exercises’ between the two other girls. 

A small smile grew on her lips. Maybe one day, she would have the guts to do something like that to Ruby. After asking her out, of course. But right now, she had to deal with her own aroused body and the sounds of hushed pleasure. Just when would she work up the courage to talk to Ruby? ‘Weiss, you useless lesbian…’ She scolded herself, trying to go back to sleep. It would take a miracle at this point, and she was resigned to have to hear Yang and Blake for the rest of the night.

Sometimes, it was so obnoxious being a light sleeper.

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What are your headcanons about what a long car ride would be like with the 7 (and other characters maybe)

  • Annabeth would be spouting off random facts about wherever it is you’re driving through while constantly reading maps but then like some particular song comes on and she can’t help but jam out and she just comes alive lol 
  • Percy would be all about that aux chord playing just straight fire while drumming on the dash board and maybe some nice air guitar and munching on candy while telling his best bully stories 
  • Leo would be playing with like a rubik’s cube or something he can tinker with constantly and just providing sarcastic commentary to whatever you’re talking about and suggesting stops for snacks every five minutes
  • Jason would insist on driving and while not driving he would consistently check in to make sure you’re ok– “Is your leg cramping? Need me to open a water for you? I can take my driving shift early if you’re tired?” what a sweetheart AND he would name famous historical landmarks as you drive past and ask very politely if you could stop to get a picture 
  • Piper would be eating all of the snacks and blasting the weirdest mix of music ever– in traffic she is the one who ends up in a face making war with the bratty kid in the back of the hatchback that’s next to you and she just ends up flipping him off as the traffic starts to clear– she is also very passionate about that game where you make up stories about the people in the car next to you  
  • Hazel would be admiring the scenery and asking you tons of questions about your likes and dislikes and just wanting to know your whole life story while being super empathetic and she’s a great active listener 
  • Frank shows up with all of your favorite snacks and at every pit stop he insists on getting out and filling up the gas tank because he is a gentleman and he really enjoys the license plate game cause he keeps a checklist of all the states like the nerd he is and when kids make faces at him he just frowns because wow that is rude does your mother know you behave like this?  
the signs and how much they ship stucky
  • aries: like 5%
  • taurus: so so so so so much.
  • gemini: "they work better as friends...."
  • cancer: values stucky more than themselves
  • leo: literally none.
  • virgo: lowkey 100%
  • libra: but cap loves peggy though!!
  • scorpio: lol cap and bucky are gay trash but theyre MY gay trash
  • sagittarius: sometimes they do sometimes they dont
  • capricorn: forever and always
  • aquarius: brotp

I wanted to resolve the issue about this post privately, but this person has their askbox closed.

So I guess this just gives me a chance to explain how I have permission to sell zodiac stuff with such high resemblance to Homestuck.

First, if anyone asks, that the Xkit extension “tag viewer” that lets you see what tags people have added to your posts. I just got it and am looking at stuff now. Most tags are very heartwarming, with all those “I want"s and stuff hehe. But I did stumble upon this, and another one, LESS RUDE, wondering how I got permission.

So firstly, a small reminder to you all, don’t go calling someone a bitch. That’s just downright rude. No wonder their askbox is closed

And now, for the real matter - how am I not getting into copyright trouble with WhatPumpkin for selling these?

Well, the thing is, I legally can’t get in trouble. Zodiac signs are not copyrighted, nor are certain colors.

That’s…basically it.


When I was selling my zodiac bottles at first, I did get contacted by WhatPumpkin. They thought of taking them down, but after a short chat with their copyright person, they let me keep them and continue selling, as long as I do not have any kind of official names in the shop page’s names, tags, descriptions, nowhere. If I did, I would be considered as selling merchandise. If I don’t have official names anywhere, I’m selling simple astrology stuff.

And at the end of our discussion, they even told me I did a nice job. WhatPumpkin’s staff are really nice and friendly and there’s no need to think that they’re some tyrants trying to take every single "probably homestuck” thing ever off sale. They will even help you figure out how you can continue selling, just like they helped me!

So there you have it. That’s how I have permission.

who’s the bitch now huh thought i wouldnt see that tag I DONT THINK SO

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not to be a dick, but dont you want to create anything original? everything you do is stock disney design and poses

Hi Anon, 

I just want to write how personally offended I am because of this accusation.

Stylistically, I can understand where you are coming from. The things I have done for my characters are done in a Disney-esque style. That is close to obvious enough. You know why? Because I like the style, and I like working in that style that I’ve become so used to drawing like that. It also provides a good learning experience. You know, doing expression sheets and those things. 

Now, this is where I am absolutely offended. My characters are my own characters. Their poses are their own poses that correlate to their personalities. Their expressions are those that coordinate with their characters. The fact that you said that everything I do is stock Disney design and poses is absolutely shocking and downright rude. You want to know why? Because it completely disregards my own personal input and personal ideas and thoughts that I put into them. Each of my characters are a piece of me. I put a piece of myself into them and that comment actually hurts me. 

Completely disregards the fashion research and historical background I put into the characters. Completely disregards the amount of trials and errors I went through. I went to life drawing so the poses and body shapes would get better and more proportionate. I mean, if everything is “stock” as you say, why would I bother showing the structural work I did for them? Wouldn’t have I just have directly copied and traced the poses? Did you see my Joan of Arc progress? 

What would be the point of doing these sketches beforehand? 

Very stock disney poses.

Much copy. 


Did you ever even stop to look into my characters? Or did you just see them and think “Oh hey they are drawn in the Disney style so this person must have copied their stuff “ before assuming who they actually are or the work the artist and designer puts in. 

Personally, I don’t think there is an 1930s African-American lady, who wears men’s clothes, and dreams to become a dancer and pursues a ‘frowned-upon’ relationship with an curious white girl in Disney before. 

And was there ever a female Admiral of the enemy fleet who swoops in, disguises herself as a lowly sailor and proceeds to assassinate the opposing Admiral and burn his flagship as part of a mission? 

And physical design-wise I am proud of my characters. 





I should say that it is partially my fault since I do not generally describe my characters and just give a brief bio of them but thinking about it now.

It isn’t my fault.

It isn’t my fault that you rudely accuse me of unoriginality because all you are looking at is the style they are drawn in that you overlook everything else. 

I may have nearly gotten the Disney style but it is what I can do with that style, what I can mix and transform and make of that style and use it for my own creations that counts. I am still learning and evolving my style but I love what I am doing at the moment.

So anon, I would not like to say thank you for the message. And that you certainly are a dick, not because you accused me of unoriginality. But because you completely ignored the work, energy and soul I put into them.

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Top 20 chez fics?? Nothing with SC because that's cheating :p

Wow rude (kidding i love this)

  1. Vice
  2. That Familiar Feeling
  3. Banni
  4. Close Encounters 1
  5. Unvanquished
  6. Wrecking Ball
  7. You’re Mine
  8. Things To Do In A Boring Meeting
  9. Advent
  10. Ultimatum
  11. Dash
  12. Go Out Fighting
  13. Worst of Times
  14. The Frog at the Bottom of the Well
  15. Inherited Traits
  16. Convection
  17. Change of State
  18. Little Lion Man
  19. HimitsuBako
  20. Ink

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Richard Castle or Bree Van de Camp

Richard Castle: the author’s choice from a fic they have not published yet.

so this is from an intern au i’m hoping to finish over the summer!


“So, uh, about this thing,” Stiles started, only to stop mid-sentence when Derek held up his hand.

“Look, you’re cute and everything, but if I’m going to get this job, and I will, I can’t afford any distractions, so I’ll take you out for a coffee or something afterwards, yeah?”

Stiles’ jaw dropped, because, wow, that was rude.

“How do you know I won’t be getting the job?” he snapped back, arms crossed over his chest, immediately affronted when Derek had the nerve to start laughing.

Like, full-on, throwing his head back and his whole body shaking, laughter.

“That’s adorable, really,” Derek said with a smile. “I’m going to go grab some punch, I guess I’ll see you around, Stiles.”

What a dick.