because why would you want more people to see this film

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But stop with your comments saying it's not like -spoiler-. Even if he was for a few minutes in movie. Or that everyone knows that he's not at all in the film. blabla Sorry but no! Everyone has not necessarily seen or read anything about it. Because she wanted that. They believed it. Now many will be disappointed even before seeing the film. So thank you.

Look, if I have spoiled it for anyone, I’m sorry, I honestly didn’t mean to, I didn’t know I was doing anything wrong. I try to avoid spoilers, all I was doing was explaining why I didn’t consider it as one. But if other people do, I am more than willing to accept that, and I will tag it from now on, like I said I would..

So Spidey’s White

Big deal. Look I get that tons of people want to see Miles Morales but there are legitimate reasons why they can’t do that. Mainly that spiderman is not yet a part of the MCU. Let me repeat that once more. SPIDERMAN IS NOT YET A PART OF THE MCU. This movie will essentially be his debut in the canon Marvel film universe so they literally cannot do Miles because Miles is Spidey’s predecessor, i.e Spidey would have had to come first. You can’t take up the mantle if the character hasn’t been set up yet. It just doesn’t make logical sense. Besides it’s not like they have to do another origin story. They can just introduce him from a random point in the timeline post radioactive spider bite/death of Uncle Ben.