because why would you want more people to see this film


“People want to escape from their lives, from their brain, for an hour and a half. Maybe it feels good to watch somebody blow away 50 thousand people with a submachine gun. Maybe that’s a great means of escape because there’s no thinking to it, but maybe we’d be better off if there were more films around that made your think, made you have to use your own brain to figure things out. That’s why people don’t read anymore. They don’t want to chew their food. They just want to swallow it, get it fucking down, then move. If movie companies had a bit more balls, they could put more money into promoting a thing, then bang, people would go see it. Or more people would go see it, anyway” - Johnny Depp

everything going on with the 100 rn is such a gongshow but the dumbest rhetoric i see passed around is still this guilt trip of “why would you want to cancel the show! don’t you care about the people whose jobs depend on it!”

bc like 1) that’s not and never will be the relationship between the audience and the creators and it’s kind of screwed up to imply that it is? and 2) like. they are a film crew. they’re probably just happy they had four solid years of work (and i’m sure the cw recycles its crew!!)

like i am sure it is rubbing me the wrong way so hard because its a manipulation tactic built on blatant ignorance of my family biz but if i see one more “you’re selfish to want this show cancelled think of the poor crew” post my eyes might freeze mid-roll.

i want to see more high budget adaptations of books as a mini-series


because books over a certain length will take the better part of a day or two to finish if you’re a fast reader with lots of time, for most people reading a book is a commitment that means you spend a lot of time in it’s world, and the story format has the luxury of this time to cover so much and have more than one climactic moment

movies are restricted, they have maybe two hours to cover so much when adapting from a book, so much is cut out because it would mess with the pacing and there simply isn’t time enough for it all

and a full blown series can have a lot of filler and requires episodic action

a miniseries would have the benefit of either matching episodic action to chapters or using the natural ebb and flow of action in the book to pace it in the show

there’s more time for detail without too much time to fill

there are so many films based on books where i think a miniseries would have served the purposes better, you can include more detail that way at least, follow the story closer, give more characters screen time

idk it’s personal preference talking here probably