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Hey, Arthur! First I want to tell you that you are so adorable, and your eyes are beautiful! And second... since Alfred has your number has he called (Doesn't he forgot you can't answer phonecalls because your mute?) or texted you? ((I love your blog and how you draw Arthur)) Sorry for my bad English...

[ Thank you very much. But I’m not adorable, all right? (。-_-。)
Alfred never called me but my word, the amount of texts I receive in a day now is…. amazing. Usually it’s just Francis who texts me all day. ]

So I had til recently avoided the clusterfuck that is the world of online fandom.  My brain has addled from all I’ve taken in.  This however, is a thought-provoking blog and I appreciate the intelligent critical perspective - have spent many hours reading all the interesting discussion.  Wow…  I’ve been back and forth as to how I want to approach things  and  whether I should give you a laugh with my (hopeful/stretching) to read much more depth than is actually there interpretation of OQ-Regina.   However….

 don’t I feel monumentally stupid…

Lana’s pretty much singlehandedly slayed this OUAT viewer with her declarations  of certainty that Robin’s Regina’s One Soul Mate True Love Marian will have to find another ... I kinda of can’t believe she would make comments that clearly effect how people receive the story. (*) WHY would she DO that?  I mean, she’s engaged enough with the fandom to know what a bomb she’d be setting off.  Is she preparing people? Saving SwanQueen fans (or any non-OQ-Regina-fans, for that matter) from having ANY false hope? …  But, then she also said that she has NO IDEA what the writers have planned for the 4th season—so that’s a contradiction.  Is something else going on? 

(*as someone passionate about drama I kind of have an ethical objection to actor’s making comments that influence/impede the audience’s experience of a thing.)

Has ANY good EVER come from actors/writers’ comments at conventions?  Or any media at all actually for that matter.   If you need a multi-media accompaniment to a drama series, there’s something wrong with the drama series.  

Thing that gets me, is from JUST watching  the show (no fandom. No media. No writer, or other “explanations”) – just The Show, I got: Emma-the-not-all-white-flawed-human-Saviour and Regina-the-not-all-black-redeemable-human-Villain: strong female protagonists on compelling interwoven solo journey’s that also has all the makings of being revealed as a Love Story  (I say the makings of, not in a ‘real-world show’ definition— the potential’s there IF they choose to go there, but actually they have used all the metaphors, devices and symbolism-of the genre, making it perfectly reasonable for anybody with any knowledge ‘of the genre’ —who knows these things MEAN SOMETHING—  to conclude that tell a love story is in fact exactly what they’ve done *).  And was not particularly fazed (apparently naively) about OQ or CS, seeing them as just temporary story devices (however unfortunate their development may have been).   

* I was going on the assumption Eddy & Adam an’ co.  can’t possibly be so arrogant and irreverent as to just recklessly, pointlessly, break all the rules of the genre they are of. The genre they love….  Apparently I was mistaken.  

Maybe because I had some sort of blind faith that they had some deeper genius, some ultimate vision, or maybe because I was naïve, gullible and clueless as to their true intent/motivations… either way, I felt I had a better—big picture— perspective when I just watched the show. All the extraneous noise seriously pollutes one’s experience… Problem is, if the extraneous noise pollutes the show—we have a bigger problem.

Despite everything, I wasn’t ready to give up on OUAT yet, I was holding onto some smidgeon of hope that these Love Interests were merely experiences along the journey, to serve character development/story/whatever – not some  final-True Love crap. Because the show has constructed the possibility of only ONE overarching beautifully crafted organically evolved  Love Story: Emma and Regina.  They just have. That’s what they’ve built.  THAT’s your hidden in plain sight ready made Love STORY. Robin/Hook are contrived introduced love INTERESTS — it pains me that people seem to have enormous difficulty discerning between those two things.   (And people who get caught up in the “gay” and “straight” of it do my head in—I know I have an atypical approach—it’s not even about that, it’s about good free-thinking-story telling.)  Does this (supposedly  innovative subversive smart heartfelt) fantasy series share the same viewership as The Bold & The frickin’ Beautiful?  Is THAT what’s going on here?  Because that’s the only logical explanation for such shallow undeveloped twu wuv interventions to these refreshingly original strong complex female protagonists  engaging journey’s …..What the fuck?

(I apologise for the rant. And thank you for the indulgence.)

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Why don't you like bbw follows when you're a bbw? Doesn't it mean big black woman?

It stands for big beautiful women and what I mean is that I don’t want blogs run by men that have pictures of nothing but fat women following me because they’re usually fat admirers who aren’t interested in me as a person but want to sexualize me and photos of other fat individuals featured here.

I am fat, and beautiful and a woman but I will not accept being reduced to a porny categorical acronym.