because white people are never just white people to other white people

After skimming through Emmett Till’s murder confession, because tbh I couldn’t read everything that’s how mad I was, we need to start holding white women accountable for all the pain, suffering and dehumanizing that they have caused Black people and other people of color for centuries. They’re not victims of Stockholm syndrome. They’re not victims of white supremacy. They’re not victims in the sense of racial oppression period. They have actively participated in the dehumanization of my people with pride and happiness. They have shown, just like white men, that when it comes down to justice and humanity that they will pick whiteness over my safety everytime. The presidential election of 2016 told us that much. Stop making them out to be the victims. They have never been one.

Tumblr seriously scares me. Tumblr users are not progressive or liberal, they are bullies that believe being a minority automatically makes you a victim and gives you the right to attack people who aren’t like you. Cultural appropriation isn’t a real thing. White people aren’t all evil and stop blaming them for every little thing. People need to stop saying that someone has privilege. Yes, it seems that some people are more blessed than others but that doesn’t give you the right to attack someone who seems to have it better than you. You never know what someone else might be going through. Just because someone voted for Trump doesn’t make that person stupid or a racist. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and you can’t attack someone else for disagreeing with you.

Why white-passing privilege is not white privilege to me

In the country I grew up in, I was seen as Chinese. When I moved to East Asia, things were flipped upside-down and now the majority of people saw me as white. There were still a few who could tell I was mixed race, but it did not happen often. Despite having white-passing privilege in East Asia, I still did not have white privilege because…

- White people never got rejected for jobs for native English speakers because of their very Chinese surnames and middle names.

- White people were wholeheartedly embraced and welcomed as local people enthusiastically set out to teach them about their culture, no one ever mentioning their race. I, on the other hand, had people going out of their way to constantly remind me I am `just white’ yet looked down on for not knowing certain cultural things. I was criticised for not knowing, but no one ever offered to help me like they help white people. White people were not held to the same standards as me.

- I learnt Mandarin as an adult, like a lot of white people there. Even though my Mandarin was excellent, I was rarely complimented and was even told of course it is good because of my Chinese father (but then I would be speaking Cantonese… which I don’t know anyway). My achievements were pretty much brushed aside in comparison to white people’s.

- While white people I knew were worshipped for their language skills after saying `hello’, I was often scolded for `not knowing enough’. White people are amazing with basic Mandarin and I am always seen as sub-par unless I am perfectly fluent.

- Friends who wanted English advice would not ask me: the native English speaker with qualifications to teach English as a second language and even to improve the English of native speakers… They would rather ask the white person whose native language is NOT English.

- White people I knew never got treated like the tag-along translator in groups of white people. Despite this, the same person who just assumed I was a local would insist I was not Chinese when I revealed my background.

- White people had plenty of stories about being randomly helped by strangers. I only remember this happening to me when I was with other white people. Never when I was alone.

- When I was with other white people chatting to locals, sometimes my racial background would come up. Afterwards people would seemingly lose all interest in conversing with me and get back to the white people.

You might be thinking maybe I’m not as white-passing as I think, but most people defaulted to English when speaking to me and would always be asking me if I’m from America (America=white people there). I can only think of one instance when I spoke to a stranger and they asked if I’m overseas Chinese and I lived there for three years. People always denied my Chinese heritage and kept telling me I am only white, I am a white person, I am more white than anything else, etc. Basically the same message over and over, but rehashed slightly.

I was simultaneously seen as a white foreigner and had expectations placed on me based on my Chinese heritage. That is not white privilege. But it was white-passing privilege because, in many cases, I received privilege based on people THINKING I was white. They were taken away once people knew or guessed I was a mixed Chinese person. Even the people who denied I was Chinese STILL treated me differently after knowing! White people do not have any privileges removed once people know they are 100% white. White privilege is a constant, but white-passing privilege can be taken away at any time.

Here's the thing about Light Skin Privilege

As a person of color, I experience certain discrimination and unfair treatment that a white person will never experience, but as a person of color of a lighter shade than others, that discrimination is watered down, it’s diet discrimination, and that’s just fact. What light skinned people need to realize, is that we sometimes appropriate the struggles of our darker skinned sisters and brothers in an effort to “unify” our race, but what we’re really doing is silencing a very real issue. For example, a common struggle amongst black people in the face of Eurocentrism is to grow up hating our skin color, wishing it were white, but in all honesty, and because of my lighter skin, I’ve never actually had that issue. And I’m not denying that it happens, but what I’m saying is that sometimes I have to check myself when I’m talking to white people or anyone on racial issues, because that isn’t MY issue, and we tend to take specific issues people of darker skin face, and generalize it to “all black people.” Lighter skinned people need to realize when it’s not our place to speak on certain issues, the same way we can recognize when it’s not a white person’s place to speak for black people, and if we are speaking out, it’s acknowledging our privilege FIRST. Otherwise we’re helping no one. Growing up in a neighborhood that was almost entirely Black and Latino, light skinned girls were put on a pedestal, as they are anywhere, and with that came a sort of conditioning that led us to believe we were the “better black.” Now that I’m older I fully understand how much bullshit that is, but that doesn’t erase the years of brainwashing that went into us as children. I’m lowkey rambling now I think but the point I’m trying to make is that we need to realize when we’re doing harm within the black community, and a lot of that comes from making blackness a one size fits all issue when it isn’t. We can’t tackle racial discrimination OR self hate without first recognizing that being lighter gets us a certain level of privilege that we don’t get to ignore, and instead of appropriating the struggle of people who deal with the actual effects of colorism because “we’re all black,” understand that we have a hand in that conditioning. At least start there.

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not trying to start any fights, im legit asking why shouldn't people be drawing mae as white and/or skinny? is there indisputable evidence in the game against that or..?

!! Well the white part is really just an interpretation thing (like I said in the tags, since I’m assuming that’s the post you’re referring to~) but like. it always seems that White is people’s default when making a human form of a nonhuman character and it’s just??? Boring??? And like Mae’s in-game character is a very dark blue (which I know is really fur and not her skin but still that’s what we see of her) so it just makes sense to my mind that she would have darker skin as a human? But again, I’m admitting it is a personal choice thing because to my knowledge the game never says anything about skin color (since she’s, yanno, a cat in a world full of animal-people).

HOWEVER, the game does state in a few places that Mae is NOT a swizzle stick:
- When she’s looking at herself in the mirror before going out to the party, there’s the option for her to talk about how her shirt “accentuates [her] roundness” in a less-than-positive tone, and then goes on to talk about needing to stop eating everything she sees and wanting to start eating healthier & work out more, or conversely trying to be more body-positive about being round.
- Also, one of the times when you have the option to look at the family portrait in the hallway, she talks about how she’s grown “A little bit taller… A regular bit wider” and how her Granddad called her “sturdy.”
(I also feel like there might have been something else that I can’t remember right now?? But the biggest ones are the ones I already said)
So, I mean, tbh all of that put together really points to her not being skinny lol~
And plus–there’s a million bazillion skinny characters out there???? So if the game hints that she’s got some chub then I say let our smol sturdy girl have some chub~!!!!

And thank you for asking so nicely~ :3c Hope this answered your questions~!

Even Armenians in soviet Russia were NEVER viewed as white!!! Back in the day when my mom lived in the former USSR she and other Armenians were ridiculed and othered because they weren’t white. Russians would call them “chernozhopiye” or in English “black assess”. There was and definitely still is heavy white supremacy in Russia. Turkey doesn’t even recognize that it ethnically cleansed one million and a half Armenians and stole most of their land. Armenians have received heavy oppression from so many fucking countries and yet here again on this stupid fucking site we see MORE other-ing, LIES, invalidation, erasure of our culture, people and genocide. FUCK ALL OF YOU WHO PERPETUATE THIS BULLSHIT, TRY TO CLAIM YOU KNOW ANYTHING BECAUSE YOU GOOGLED WITH YOUR WESTERN GOGGLES OF KNOWLEDGE ON AND TRIED TO EDUCATE THE ARMENIAN PEOPLE ABOUT THEMSELVES.

Just know that Armenia has been here for a long fucking time. Our culture is deeply embedded in the history of the origins of mankind, our people aren’t perfect but are hard working, earnest and the most hospitable and compassionate community you will ever meet. Nothing you say will ever invalidate what WE know about our country and people. Sit down and shut up. Back up. This isn’t your culture. These aren’t your people. Back the fuck up.

(Special shoutout to the Armenian American youth on here that can’t escape this other-ing in real life and even online, on tumblr which is self proclaimed social justice oriented) Love and solidarity to you all.

I am so sick of how white people “study” us for “science.” When I got serious about fitness every other board i frequented looking for advice was full of “sources” being posted by insecure white guys going on about genes and certain traits that are exclusive to black people. same with white women, they all just seem to have such a fascination with race (black people) and what makes us so different.

I was never a fan of that corny phrase, “they’re obsessed with us” but there’s some ugly and hard truth to it. They exclusively see us as subjects and statistics and it burns them to have to face us as PEOPLE. Whites are NEVER in favor of equality or the dismantling of white supremacy because it’s their life force.

Honestly in another world I’d be so stoked for an interesting origin story that includes the Avengers not really on Wakandan ground, but in New York, where T'Challa could really show off his skills and they get to know each other. Just short simple scenes.

The truth is T'Challa doesn’t have any problems with white people he has a problem with greedy people and people trying to use him and harm Wakanda.
I think we are all very much aware of that.

But years of dealing with racism and anti blackness in fandom taught us one thing, put white people in a film about a character of colour all fandom will do is focus on the white people.

So when we say no White People in Wakanda it’s NOT because all of a sudden we dislike everyone but T'Challa or because T'Challa hates white people. Not even because there have never been white people in Wakanda, because they have. It’s because we dread the idea of going into forums, on fanfiction sites, tags etc. trying to find something about T'Challa but only seeing, B*cky, N*t, St*ve,T*ny and all the other white faves.

That’s what always happens. I’m already seeing stuff where T'Challa builds St*cky a house on the outskirts of Wakanda? Not happening.

So as long as you don’t show respect to characters of colour we don’t want white characters in the only movie about a black man in a country full of black people.

I find it VERY ANNOYING when I’m with my brother and someone will come up to us and say something along the lines of “Wow you two look so much alike! Are you related?”, when we say yes the first thing that almost everyone says something like “But he’s black and you’re white so you two can’t be related”.

It makes no sense that you would even ask us if we are related and then say that we can’t be related because of the color of our skin. My brother and I aren’t just black and white we’re actually mixed with a number of races, however people only focus on black and white. If either of us our by ourselves then no one could guess our race because from past experience everyone assumes that we’re mixed, yet whenever we’re together it’s always “YOU’RE BLACK AND SHE’S WHITE SO YOU’RE NOT RELATED”. I NEVER have this problem when I’m with my other sibling (keep in mind my other siblings and I have different dads but the same mom and we don’t actually look alike at all.) when I’m with my other siblings people will say “oh is this your sister? You look so alike!” of course my other siblings and I have lighter skin which is probably the only reason why anyone would believe us when we say we’re related.

So please for the sake of my sanity




White people literally don’t get the point Nicki Minaj or Kanye West were trying to make at the VMAs the other night like Miley ain’t no golden child she was a racist who told a black person to be silent while on stage wearing dreadlocks, and Kanye basically said he hates award shows because no one does their part as artists to use their voices or mediums to talk about important social events (racism, natural disasters, poverty, sexism, feminism) and then gave them a big fuck you and they all laughed. Like you have no fucking idea how intelligent we are, and you never give a chance. You don’t care. It’s easier for you to laugh at us than to actually think for more than two seconds and realize that they’re fighting things and for things that you (white people) make it difficult for POCs to obtain as a basic need or for important issues to be discussed. AND DONT EVEN GET ME STARTED ON DONALD TRUMP BECAUSE I WILL FUCK YOU UP. (I hate him!!!!!!). Just get the fuck outta my life I don’t need your bullshit

Ok I keep seeing these whites complaing cuz ppl don’t like Macklemore even though he’s apparently like a Model Citizen or Exactly What Tumblr (the One Entity) Wants White People To Be or some shit.

Butlike? Maybe he’s just annoying? Maybe we are freaking annoyed by him because no matter how self-aware he is. He’s still a white guy who is getting praised to the ends of the earth and back for doing things Black people have been doing for ages. That’s freaking obnoxious! We don’t gotta praise him or kiss the ground he walks him or wtf ever because he is self-aware. Being self-aware as a white person should be fucking baseline. Same as you don’t get praised cuz you didn’t punch a random stranger in the face cuz that’s fucking baseline.

So a white guy talks about racism and how he benefits from it and all that other shit. So what? Black people have been rapping about racism and how it effects us since the dawn of rap. And y’all have criticized and pigeonholed our music and our words as trashy and angry and horrible until some white guy comes along and does the same exact thing in a way that’s more palatable to your delicate white sensibilities.

It’s obnoxious. It’s annoying that nobody thinks we’re worth listening to until some white mouthpeice comes along and says it. And it’s worse that if we’re at all critical or sour about this bullshit situation, we’re all yelled at for being unappreciative assholes.

Like get off your fucking high horse. I get that sometimes cirticizm of him seems unfair to you but like? Most of the time it’s not even about him in particular. It’s directed at the greater context of the situation… And the bizarreness of all these white people who didn’t even consider rap music to be music until Macklemore came along, suddenly caring about racism through the lens of defending their precious white.

i know there are horrible white christians in the us and in other parts of the world but please don’t associate christianity with white racist homophobic republicans/conservatives because they have nothing to do with each other. jesus was not white and he’d never preach what these people are preaching.  so don’t say “christians are” or “christians say this or that” or “christians do this or that” as if christians were all the same people and just because some christians happen to be absolute assholes doesn’t mean you get to shit on an entire religion that is so important to so many people in many parts of the world

What is so racist about someone inquiring about a persons ethnicity? When someone asks where you are from they are not denying your nationality they are just curious about your background. It is a perfectly normal thing to ask someone.

Stop assuming nobody ever asks white people where they are from. I get asked where I’m from all the time by all kinds of different people, including other white people. I never get defensive and offended about it because there is nothing to get offended about.

If white people are asked about ethnicity less than you perhaps it has something to do with where you live? Are white people the majority there? Stop being facile and assuming you are asked a question because of racism. If a white person lived in India I’m pretty sure they would be asked about their origins more than an Indian would there and that would also be perfectly normal and acceptable. Or maybe white people are asked less because of the racist assumption that white people don’t have a culture to be proud of so most people don’t care. There’s always more perspectives than just yours. Stop assuming you can tell others what their experiences are because of their skin colour. 

Also when someone asks you either tell them its none of their business or answer the question you know they are asking. Stop answering questions about your ethnicity with your nationality. If they know you live in America it’s obviously not the answer they are looking for. Stop playing dumb because you want to be offended by a simple question.

Oh yeah, because dystopian fiction only ever features white people

They’re never about any other races

Nope. It’s always only white people.

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There’s never any black people shown being subjected to these dystopias either.

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They’re just full of white people

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And when non-white people do show up, you’re not meant to care about them at all.

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Dystopian fiction is just the whitest thing you can find.

C: So in my first period class today I was talking to this guy I half considered to be my friend at this point. He’s white and gay and calls himself and other gay people faggot. I asked him why would he refer to himself as that and that it’s a term of abuse toward gay men. Eventually the convo got to a point to where e said it’s like how black people call each other the ‘n’ word. That the same principle applies here. I tried explaining to him that it’s not at all the same. Somehow police brutality against black people got into the convo and by this time I was ready to never talk to him again. He even said that there are more minorities in the US than white people and that minorities are able to oppress white people. I was mentally punching him in the throat. He’s just so ignorant and he’s allowed to be because he’s white. He doesn’t even understand how America is a country ran on white supremacy. This is why it’s exhausting to talk to white people about black issues. This is why I’m so in between about dating white guys as well. This is the anxiety I have about dating interracially. Ignorance like this among white people is like a disease most of them seem to have. It’s like it’s inescapable.

I got so excited about the other black, white, and Cherokee girl that I wanted to submit, too! I don’t usually tell people I’m Cherokee too because I never got official identification. I wish I could identify with it, I really want to learn more about that part of me. But anyway, I want people to understand that when I identify as mixed, I’m not shying away from my black side. I think of me being mixed as a subcategory of being black. I’m still black…I’m just a mixed black person. They’re not mutually exclusive, and I wish people would get that. Instead, I get the identity police telling me what I should say in THEIR opinion, and I hate it. How I identify is nobody’s business but mine. I say I’m mixed because it affects me. Growing up, girls usually look up to their moms. Well…when your mom is the palest shade of white, with light eyes and pin-straight hair, it’s difficult to see yourself in that. I was lucky enough to have a mom that told me that she wished she had curly hair, that I should love my skin, etc. But that doesn’t change how confused I was as a kid. And I still feel like being mixed affects me, and that’s why I say it. So to the identity police: leave me ALONE.