because while i allowed a few years of mistakes to hold me back and keep me caged

[Fanfiction: Vampire AU] Ruthless Beauty

Hongbin grunts as you playfully move from side to side, his fingers tangled in your hair. “Quit moving.”

“I wasn’t moving.”

He tugs at the braid before you mutter an annoyed ‘ouch.’

“Done,” he then finally announces as he slings your newly pleated locks over your shoulder, sounding quite pleased with himself. You stand and walk towards the mirror, closely examining how he’d braided your hair. He follows shortly after and gently wraps his arms around your waist, just before resting his chin on your shoulder.

“So?” he prods on, “Have I gotten better at it?”

You feign disappointment as you sigh, staring at both your reflections in the mirror. He gives you a look.

“It’s practically flawless,” you then say, to which he beams proudly. He kisses your cheek chastely and continues to hold you tighter.

You decided some time ago that you like days like this—you didn’t mind being his when he was like this: slightly perkier than usual, sweet, gratifying…

with his teeth not trying to sink down your neck.

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"Freedom" One Shot

Author: colleencloss

Summary: Michael and Lucifer are trapped, and The Cage finds a way to help.

Warnings: None.

Word Count: 1320


Lucifer leaned against the bars of the cage and slid to the dirty concrete floor. His eyes lowered and he stared at his jean clad legs.  Michael was shouting and raging in front of him from within Adam Milligan’s body. 

“Father get me out!  Let me out Father!  Castiel!  Someone?  Anyone?”

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