because when i did this on my disney blog

don’t gang up on me over this but like it’s weird as fuck that there are minors (some as young as 14 or so?) who are part of age regression communities. you’re still kids, you still have time to enjoy your childhood and your teen years. not only that, but you can enjoy childhood things, relive your early childhood, and live your childhood dreams/wishes without regressing. you don’t have to enter a mental state where you feel younger in order to enjoy things like macaroni n cheese, coloring books, plushies, or wearing cutesy clothes. it’s OKAY to not be ready to grow up yet, especially if you’re a teen girl (because it seems to disproportionately be teen girls).

i feel like people are very quick to label regression as a Healthy Coping Mechanism but it’s just a coping mechanism. there are healthy and unhealthy ways to do it, and you can get “hooked” to the care and comfort you require while being regressed. in my honest opinion, as someone who has had experience with regression, it’s not something you should be engaging in on the regular without a therapist involved in some way. 

however, a lot of my discomfort with tumblr regression communities and minors being involved with them is the fact that regression communities are often run by adults. now, i’m not accusing people of being sketchy or having ulterior motives, but it does rub me the wrong way to see adults give minors “regression activities” and run regression networks as like “group caregivers” or whatever. it’s just weird to me, especially when said adults ask to be treated like actual children when there are actual children present (and subsequently getting the actual children to defend them as if they were all the same age). there’s something unsavory about that.

Not only that, but the aesthetic of age regression seems to be homogenized, much the way “littlespace” things are. as a former age regressor, i did have a blog where i put things that were safe for me to view when i was in that state of mind. HOWEVER i can tell you that my comfort things are very different from tumblr regression content as a whole. regression is.. personal. YOUR thing. it’s not just looking at drawings of disney princesses with too-wide eyes and sucking on a pacifier, you know? i guess i’m being incredulous because i was never really a girly-girl or anything and it’s hard to think that i was the only tomboy on this fucking website.

i stopped participating in regression because i outgrew it as a coping mechanism. it is no longer helpful to me and outgrowing a coping mechanism leads you to inspect it and take a critical eye to yourself, those who participate in it, and those who may be pressured to participate in it. i’m not saying it’s unhelpful for everyone because clearly a lot of people find it helpful, but just always be aware of what you’re doing and who you’re surrounding yourself with. nothing is infallible and tumblr is not a safe website to be on when you’re in that state of mind.

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#knowyouraudience????? Like Sarah J Trash did when she and people like you promote hideous books to impressionable teenagers. You're all a joke.

[I try not to feed the trolls but this was a gift.]
Clearly, you’ve never been to my blog. Where I consistently and constructively criticize these books. In case no one ever explained it to you, it’s constructive criticism that gets heard and makes real changes. Not anonymous just-because-I-can hate.

“Like Sarah J Trash did when she and people like you promote hideous books to impressionable teenagers.”

Sorry, but have you ever been on the internet? Or turned on a TV? Or seen a movie? Or gone to Disney World/Land? Or seen a Disney princess movie? Or the cover of a magazine? Or watched a commercial? Or talked through the toy or clothing section of a Target or Walmart? Or sat in a high school classroom? Y/A books are the LEAST of your worries for “impressionable teenagers” of the world. (I could go for days in this topic on this.)

ALSO. DON’T BELITTLE TEENAGERS! Nothing is more annoying than old people, or “older” people, who think that teenagers (or people who are younger than them) are lesser, or somehow not capable of thinking for themselves. Being a teenager is ALL ABOUT learning to think for yourself. Teenagers are not idiots. Sure, at that age, hormones can get the best of you, and peer pressure is a dick—but teenagers are smart, and feeling, and brilliant, and artistic, and thinking about the world and life and what it all means and how we mediate it. And we have teenagers to thank for changing how we think about gender and sexuality. Sure adults helped, but it was these “impressionable teenagers” you’re so worried about who refused to back down and shut up when no one was listening to the problems they (very uniquely) could see.

“You’re all a joke.”
No seriously. You’re the joke because you left this comment anonymously. And your didn’t even #KnowYourAudience. And then you belittled teenagers as if we shouldn’t allow them to be exposed to differing ideas, and decide for themselves, to agree or disagree or fall somewhere in between, or to form their own opinions.

Come on.


Not fish related but who cares it’s my blog and I can do what I want >:)

So yeah I got bored and sculpted Scrooge Mcduck because I love him and the new Ducktales reboot and have been itching to try sculpting.

I actually wanted to sculpt him in clay so I could also paint him but “money”, so yeah I went and dug up my old plasticine I got when I was younger. So this is like a trial run because I haven’t sculpted since I was in high school and for when I do get some clay. I’m planning to make more and my next may or may not be of a certain terror who flaps in the night..

Also def did not make this cause I’m salty about not being able to buy duck figures so I just made my own.

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I know the is may sound like a silly question but how did you and your squad meet?

Not a silly question at all!
So I met Amanda via YouTube when I was like 12 and we were both in the Disney AMV community, she was one of my first ever fandom/Internet friends.
Then I my partner Nate ( @i-love-animation) via tumblr in like summer 2013, and we met IRL 6 months later and started dating and then we moved in together in like 2016.
Then I met Bella (@radiationstinks) via the tumblr Cars fandom in 2016, because we were both blogging about Cars and both mentioned the same museum exhibit and were like “wait what the fuck do we live in the same city??” (We did)
Then she made a group chat with me and Alex ( @islesme ) which was the first time he and I “met” but I had been lurking on his blog since like…2012.
Then Amanda made our Snapchat group chat with all of us, and added her long-time friend Bree ( @zip-a-dee-lady ) for he purpose of our Cars 3 road trip in Summer of 2017 and the Gay Internet Squad™️ was born!

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Nickname: Delilah, Della, dell , moos , duck lady , 

Mostly Ashley by my family

Gender: Female

Star Sign: Leo bitchessss

Height: 5 foot 7 inches

Time: 8:15am

Birthday: august 15

Favorite band: I don’t have a specific one but I do like hall and oats

Song stuck in head: right now its counting stars by one republic because I had to pick a song for DT Della duck song match up

Last movie I watched: Ummm I think the last movie I physically went to was ducktales,secret of the lost lamp (our resort has a free movie theater and they did 80s night last night)

When did I create my account: Maybe a few months ago?

What do I post: Memes, cats, Disney, Ducktales, my pictures on Ducktales, 

Last thing I googled: I was looking up phobias for a story with a friend from twitter.

Do I have any other blogs: I have none.

Do I get asks?: rarely tho I would love some

Why did I chose my URL: when I was younger they were my fav snack.

Types of blogs I follow: ducktales, artists,fan artists, fan fic writers, friends I’ve made…

Following blogs: 42 (I’m picky with who I follow. I recently had a friend be petty and I lost a friendship.)

Followers:148 …guess I am good at drawing?

Nationality: native american

Favorite colors: green in all shades

Favorite song: I have many but right now its honey honey from mama mia

What am j wearing: Donald duck pajamas

Number of blankets I sleep with: 2 in the winter. Summer just a throw

Dream job: storyboard artists. I have been wanting to go out for that my whole life but I want to get better first and school is expensive

Fav food: pizza

Welp, I’ve only had this blog for about a few weeks or so; it’s a blog I’ve been wanting to do since January, had the URL saved and everything, and I just had to make it finally. I’m glad I did, because Oswald is a muse of mine I’ve held near and dear to my heart for MONTHS, since October of last year when I first discovered Epic Mickey and made some amazing friends as a result of finding the fandom (getting back into Disney period, making Minnie’s blog, was the best thing I’d ever done then, for it helped my branch out).

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