because what she wants is for him to be alive and happy

List o’ things I want from Season 3

*More Zeb. 
*More Zeb and Sabine being besties
*Sabine getting to be a translator again. 
*Vizago returns. 
*Lando returns
*Tseebo returns
(But screw Azmorigan. He can stay away)
*More Loth-cats
*Hera getting more development and a real character arc (Not backstory. Backstory is NICE, but it’s not the same as a character changing and growing)
*Sabine meeting Maul
*Sabine going to her family to forge her full armor/ more mando cultural stuff. 
*More Lasat (preferably with some more body types, colors, patterns, etc.)
* A good resolution of Kallus’ arc. My dream redemption arc is “Tua is alive and in prison because of what she knows and I’ll help you break her out.” and I would also be happy with the opposite, him going full villain “Yes my life sucks and is lonely and terrible and IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT I WILL DESTROY YOU.” breakdown.
*Han Solo. (preferably flirting with Hera/ jealous of her piloting skills)  
*Ezra with longer hair. I think he’d look good with Qui-Gon’s haircut/style.
*Inquisitor backstory.
*A seasonal villain as fun to watch as the Grand Inquisitor 

Random thing to be excited about for season 4

The first CS hug

Yeah, yeah, I know what you’re saying…but the Enchanted Forest! When Snow “died!” That counts! And yes. It does. But I’m talking about the first one where she's happy to see him. Maybe he did something adorable and cute. Maybe he’s greeting her after a long day. Maybe they’re just happy to be alive after dealing some terrible baddie. Who knows. But we’ve seen her lean into his arms when she’s grieving and sad. I want to see Emma embrace Killian because she’s glad to have him in her life. Because LBR here, girlfriend is NOT a hugger.

It took her a solid year to get to the point where she would willingly embrace her own son. Even longer for her parents. Physical affection is not her strong suit, even though you’ll get that long before you can get any words out of her. Touching implies trust, especially intimate touching (which a hug is). In a lot of ways a hug can be more intimate than a kiss.

And doesn’t it just kill you that there is a version of the memory potion scene from NYCS where Emma did hug Killian? That Jen, who knows Emma better than anyone, could see that as something Emma would do in that moment? It wasn’t scripted (because A&E want to drag this out, making all the firsts really count and fit into their proper place), so they didn’t use it, but the point remains. Jen could see Emma hugging Killian in a version of that moment. And if that doesn’t tell you everything you need to know about Captain Swan, then I don’t know what will.

Amara had said: Dean, you gave me what I needed most. I want to do the same for you.

Dean’s mind went to Cas immediately. There could be nothing he needed more than to be with Cas forever.

When he saw his mother it made sense. He had never had her. For decades she had been all he was missing and he was feeling bad about being a bit disappointed that he didn’t suddenly wake up with Cas in his arms.

When Cas reappeared in the bunker Dean’s heart filled with happiness that the angel had made it out alive. When Cas initiated the hug Dean felt like crying.

And when Cas told him how he felt, that he had needed all this time to identify his emotions, and when they fell asleep in each other’s arms, knowing Sam was safe again, Dean knew Amara had given him his mother because he had already had what he needed most.

okay before everyone starts freaking out about malia asking for stiles I’m going to be #proactive and get this in before the stydia tag turns as sad and down as it did last week

she’s literally looking for him like she would if the desert wolf had said that about scott because she doesn’t want him to die like what else is she going to do after her mom says that just pretend like she didn’t hear it? like I think she does still like him but that is not what this whole desert wolf going after stiles thing is gonna be about

and it is 100% not doing anything to stop stydia, we’re still alive as we were at 5x16 and will always still be alive after that episode and cause you know jeff said they’re the focal point of season 6 

so yeah, again I know it’s hard, but happy thoughts guys come on

Baby Mine

Summary: Sakura has a baby boy and all she wants to do is love on him and protect him as he grows up. Sasuke enjoys watching his wife and son, just as he knew she did with him and their daughter.

Pairing: Originally, it was going to be pairing neutral. Then I thought “Hey, why not SakuOC!” and NOW, SasuSaku is canon. …It’s SasuSaku because I suck.


Note 2: Sasuke has his prosthetic arm, I don’t care what anyone says. :<





October sixth ended up being one of the longest, absolute best days in the twenty-nine years Sakura Uchiha had been alive, and the reason was simply because she had given birth to her second child that day. A baby boy had been born to her and Sasuke Uchiha at four-thirty that afternoon, and she hadn’t put him down or stopped staring at him since he was handed over to her, nearly four hours ago.

She had tried to offer the infant to her husband, but Sasuke shook his head, obviously still worried he may drop their son, even though he never dropped their daughter, Sarada, when she was a baby. Sakura, though, figured that it was probably because this was their first son, and that was why Sasuke was afraid of dropping him (Sarada being their first daughter and child also kept Sasuke from holding her for a few weeks until he finally gave in).

Sasuke had nearly an hour ago to get Sarada home so she could eat and sleep, and promised he would bring her to the hospital early in the morning so their seven-year-old daughter could meet her newborn brother.

Now, as she felt more awake than she should have at almost nine p.m., Sakura did nothing but smile at the tiny, chubby, pink haired baby boy in her arms, already deeply in love him.

Gosh, I love you so freaking much…

“Sorry you got my hair, kid,” Sakura laughed lightly, watching her newborn as he shifted ever so slightly in his sleep, sucking on the bright orange pacifier Naruto had given them the other day. “But if anyone tries to tease you for it, you tell me or papa. We’ll take care of them for you.”

After a few minutes, the boy made a hiccupping sound, before whining and crying, having scared himself with noise he made. Shaking her head, Sakura tried not to laugh as she started calming her son down, kissing his forehead (“thank goodness he didn’t inherit my forehead!” she laughed when he was handed to her, making Sasuke roll his eyes), breathing a sigh of relief when he calmed down and stared up at her, icy blue eyes wondering what was going on.

“Well, good evening! Nice to see you’re awake, sweetie, but I think you should go back to sleep. You’ll have a lot of visitors in the morning.”

Other than Sasuke and Sarada, Sakura knew her parents, Naruto and Hinata along with their children, and many of their friends would be coming in to meet the new Uchiha, just as they had done when Sarada was born. She didn’t really mind it, but hoped a few of them would wait until they got home with the baby, just so she could rest and try easing into being the mother of two children (she was ever so thankful that Naruto and Hinata had two children, as now she could ask Hinata for help with anything she needed or was unsure of).

When he stretched his arms over his head, the baby boy let out a yawn, losing his pacifier and not worrying about it, decided instead to suck on his thumb for a while. It caused Sakura to laugh again, shaking her head as she took the pacifier and set it on her bedside table.

“What an angel you are… oh! We didn’t name you yet! Hmm…” for a few minutes, Sakura just watched her once again sleeping son, running her fingers over is chubby cheek and the top of his head, surprised at how soft the little bit of hair he had was. “How about… Mamoru… Mamoru Uchiha. Ha yeah. I like that, a lot. What do you think, darling?”

The second he let out a small noise, Sakura nodded, smiling as she giggled.

“Then you like it! Your name is Mamoru Uchiha, and you… you’re my precious little son. I love you, Mamoru. I think your papa will like your name as well… he really loves you too, Mamoru.”

Kissing his forehead once again, Sakura hugged Mamoru to herseld a bit more, watching him with a smile as he yawned again, snuggling against her.

“Your big sister is going to love you, I know she will. She’s going to come meet you tomorrow darling.”

I just know you two will love each other. I can feel it.


The next morning, Sakura laughed and shook her head as Sarada sat in the chair on the other side of the room, looking anxious as Sasuke, who gave in at last and held Mamoru (whose name he agreed to rather quickly, shocking Sakura), carried him over to her, slowly and gently placing the newborn into his older sister’s arms.

“Sarada,” Sasuke gave her a smile, helping her adjust her arms to hold Mamoru correctly, “this is your little brother, Mamoru. Mamoru, this is your big sister, Sarada.”

Sarada stared down at Mamoru, who looked up her in wonder, not fully realizing who she was and why she was holding him. For a few minutes, the two just stared at each other, before Mamoru gurgle and smiled reaching up at Sarada and making her smile with a laugh.

“Does this mean he likes me?!”

While Sasuke confirmed that it most likely meant that, and answered the questions Sarada was now asking him, Sakura watched the two as Mamoru continued reaching at his older sister, causing her to smile as she attempted to rest some more, knowing she would need it in the coming weeks as she took off from working at the hospital to care for Mamoru.

This is absolutely wonderful. I can’t wait to see what he’s like as he grows up.

I feel like I’m the only one annoyed by what happened with Riarlie? I genuinely liked Charlie and thought him and Riley would have made a cute couple. Mostly, because all he wanted to do was make her happy. At the dance, it seemed like she was okay with her and Lucas being friends and that she was going to give Charlie a chance? Like… that was BEFORE Maya. She was going to be just friends with Lucas, BEFORE Maya in order to keep the Rucas friendship alive. Also she never gave Charlie a real chance and that makes me really sad because he was so sweet. I would love for a Riarlie relationship in the future, or for us to at least get an update on him??? Also, not to annoy any Rucas shippers (seriously not my intentions) but I think he’d be better for her than Lucas. He never even LOOKED at another girl, he was just focused on HER and thought that was so sweet. He waited forever just to ask her to a dance for pete sake! Then he waited until her and Lucas were for sure ‘done’ until he tried to ask her out. He’s so extremely underrated. 

I loved last night’s episode of Agents of Shield so. freaking. much. You have no idea. Everything was just so beautiful..Everything.
But do you want to know what really pushed me off the edge? The “I was as clearheaded then as I’ve ever been” thing.
Like she literally didn’t even let him finish his sentence. As soon as she saw him doubting himself again, she immediately cut him off and told him “no, look Fitz, I know exactly what I was saying. And it doesn’t matter if I hadn’t had water, or food, in days, because you were my fixed point. And I meant those things back then just as much as I do now.”

Fitzsimmons is more alive than ever, and no alien planet, no space boyfriend, no NOTHING, will destroy it.

Ugh, that clip killed me.

Look how happy he was. When has he ever smiled that big? My face hurt just looking at it. 

Aside from his mother being alive and his father being free Barry was finally getting the thing he wanted the most in life. Why wouldn’t he be over the moon?

But he didn’t get it. Because Iris never got to take the final steps she needed to finally be at the place where she could admit what she felt for Barry. She loves him but she doesn’t know it yet…or at the very least she’s not open to admitting that she knows it. 

So here he is getting his heart broken. We have to watch as his face fills with confusion because he knows that she loves him. He knows that moment at the waterfront was real. He knows that he had the girl that he has loved since he was a child.  But now he doesn’t. Now she’s back to being ‘in love’ with Eddie and being pissed off at him for putting her in the awkward situation of being the bad guy. 

She said he was acting like Christmas came early which is ironic given how everything goes down in the clip. It does appear that it’s Christmas all over again.

Let the Memory Live Again

This is a monster one-shot. I’m sorry. But I didn’t want to break it up into parts; it would have ruined the flow of the story. Basically because of all the fluff and happiness in canon I needed to write major angst. So, this is what I would absolutely love to happen over the summer. Song title from “Memory” from the musical Cats.

Will is just getting out of class when his phone lights up with Adrienne’s face. He stares at his phone for two rings, confused, since Adrienne hardly ever calls him, despite being his mother-in-law. He hits the answer button and says, “Adrienne?”

Immediately, he knows something is wrong. She’s crying and barely stutters out something about an explosion at the club, that Sonny’s alive but he’s in the hospital. Will hangs up on her in the middle of a sentence and flies across town to University Hospital, running faster than he’s ever run in his life.

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anonymous asked:

but like, Joyce Byers, I mean isn't she the most precious human bean??? I watched ST with my friend and she hated her! How dare! All I want is for Joyce to be happy with her boys (that includes Hop, obvi) anyways I LOVE your blog, have a nice day♡

Ditch that friend right away because HOW CAN SOMEONE HATE JOYCE

Is she related to Lonnie or something

No but really, I find hate towards Joyce something so inherently unfounded because she spent the whole season DEVOTED TO FIND HER SON

She knew he was alive and even though everyone thought she was losing her mind she kept going anyway because HER SON WAS ALIVE AND GOD HELP HER SHE WAS BRINGING HIM BACK

Joyce is someone who suffers from anxiety problems, have an ex-husband who does nothing but gaslight and verbally abuse her, she’s overworked, underpaid but still manages to give her sons what they needed because SHE’S ACTUALLY A REALLY GOOD PARENT

All she did was to fight to bring her son back and guess what she did

She’s a hero, that’s what Joyce Byers is

And she’s gonna be happy, she deserves and she earned it

Have a nice day too, nonnie, love you right back! 

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Hi Nicole, are you still alive?? What was it like to see her and them in person? OMG, I was watching the concert on Periscope and afterwards saw the vid of the duet with Blake eating her up with his eyes again. My heart can't take it. How did she even keep it together? I think the reason they don't kiss is because she'd probably wrap herself around him and won't be able to let go. Sigh.

I am! Still trying to catch up on everything, lol. It was absolutely AMAZING. I didn’t have the best angle but was in the front row, which was just stunning. I kept worrying I was going to start dropping the focus of the camera because she’s got a freaking magnetic presence and I just wanted to watch HER and not make sure my shots were okay. 😄

Blake’s face during that duet was just ridiculous. Sooooo happy and soft and loving. And she bounces around like a kid. Hilarious.

but what if sam hasn’t had nightmares about jess in a long time and the hallucination of her burning brough all of the emotions back

and on top of that he’s dealing with how crazy it is to have his mom back and how much he wishes he knew her and how he wishes he could help her adjust

and he can’t talk about jess because he’s never really talked about how much it hurt, just like quick mentions of her you know?

and neither dean or sam are going to bring up jess because they don’t want to remind mary of her death in case she was still alive on the ceiling (because it’s my headcanon that jess was) 

and overall having mary back just reminds him of his happy ending that he didn’t get with her, how he ended up getting the girl he was head over in heels in love with killed and he was ready to marry her and ugh

i don’t know i’m just emotional about my bb being thrown into the pit of pain surrounding jess again