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Hey I know I am no one to tell you what to do and tbh after a whole year of dealing with a similar fate with my other main fandom I’ve kind of gave up but it’s always a good thing to remind people that please let others enjoy junk.

Look I know it’s tempting to fight sometimes and I know part of the issue is because Tumblr’s tag method sucks ass but PLEASE avoid putting hate and harshness on a show’s main tag.

This sounds dumb but you could be messing (and you have all the right to do that tbh you shouldn’t be forced into liking or enjoying anything) with someone’s special interest ON THEIR FACE, you could be making someone ASHAMED for liking what they do, and as someone who lived through suicide thoughts with only a cartoon as a backup, yes, you could be seriously hurting someone.

I know it sounds dumb but cartoons are not a silly game for ton of us, and some people need them to cope, some may have the guts to deal with a hatestorm or incredibly harsh comments, others may not.

You have all your right and I respect and encourage that, but please avoid putting it in the main tags, thanks you very much!

Roots (Part Ten)

(magical gif credit to @subaek

EXO Fanfic: Fantasy AU
Main Pairing: Female Reader x Byun Baekhyun (Light Fairy)

You are an Elven Outsider living in the Human World, living peacefully as a florist and gardener. But your peace shatters when you are discovered by a Representative from the Council of the Other World. Will he discover your secrets?

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The wind brushed your hair as you stopped, braking carefully, and slipped off your bike. You wiped the sweat from your brow as you unclipped one of the large baskets that were strapped on the back, hooking it under your arm, careful not to damage any of the flowers that were overflowing from inside.

You turned, walking up to the small round shelter that you had parked beside. It was your shop. Or rather, stall, to be more accurate.  It was tiny, but inside was enough space for a counter, a till and each night you could lock your wares up for safety.

You bit your lip as you looked around, juggling the basket slightly to find your keys. It was still early, nobody would join you on the pier for a few hours, but you liked to set up and prepare in the soft hours of the morning before the world was awake, it gave you peace and quiet.

Beside it was nicer to be here, outside, than in your small apartment. You yawned, blinking away tiredness as you set to work. No, you still couldn’t get used to your small apartment, even after all this time.

‘I need more outdoor space then a balcony,’ you mumbled to yourself, thinking about the small space you had, and how you had resorted to basically converting the inside of your apartment into a greenhouse. You sighed, thinking longingly of your old home…

No, you thought interrupting your own wistful thinking, I can’t go back there.

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hey kru how about them Clexa Fanfiction/Fandom Awards? 

back in my fuffy days (faith/buffy from buffy the vampire slayer) we had them annually and it was lit af even considering that fandom was like ten times smaller than clexa. so why not? i’m hella interested to see what work the fandom deems ‘best angst’, ‘best fluff’, ‘best au’, ‘best crossover’. and we could def come up with other nominations. include artists because the work they do is phenomenal. valentine’s day is near and it might be too ambitious to shoot for such a close date but we could try? or hold it on march the 3rd? 

@clexabrasil @n1ghtwr1ter @raedmagdon @feeltripping @chaoticspaces @lexa-is-eternal @officialdebnamcarey @entirelytookeen tagging y’all in case you guys are interested, sorry if i forgot anyone, reblogs and tagging other people is def appreciated. let’s put in-fandom fighting aside for just a moment and focus one the thing that brought us all together. 

Gaku Space @ Anime Impulse

Our precious prince™ Gaku Space, voice actor of Genji, graced Overwatch fans by appearing today (Jonny Cruz, Lucio’s voice actor, made a surprise appearance as well but that’s besides the point) at Anime Impulse, a very small anime convention in California. Just thought I should share some of the things he said and the things that happened!

Yes, this is Gency related.

Unfortunately I couldn’t record most of the talk, but I may upload video clips later.

  • When asked who his favorite hero was (with the restriction that he could not pick Genji), Gaku responded with Mercy.
  • One fan asked each panel member who their OTP is. Gaku also responded with Genji and Mercy. (x)
  • There was a witch!Mercy cosplayer in the crowd, who asked, “Do you need healing?” during the Q&A session. Gaku very casually said (but was still somehow very endearing to me), “Yeah, later.” It wasn’t in a rude way or anything, but it was said in a manner that even the crowd got a laugh out of it. It’s hard to describe.
  • The witch!Mercy cosplayer made a heart with her hands because of that. I couldn’t catch if Gaku did the same thing. (Edit: greywardencommandershepard on tumblr is the witch!Mercy and confirmed that Gaku also made a heart with his hands! Thank you!)
  • I can’t remember off the top of my head, but there was another cute Gency reference and the same Mercy cosplayer made the heart again. The crowd “aww”ed.
  • There are voicelines in OW that Gaku did recently but is not allowed to talk about. I’m very sure it’s referencing to the famous Valentine’s Day chocolates voicelines, but I’m not sure if he’s hinting at something else beyond that.
  • I find it absolutely amusing and adorable that Gaku actually calls Mercy “Angela” rather than “Mercy.” It might be because he has so many voicelines that use the former rather than the latter. Even the host of the panel had to be told by Gaku himself that, when he said Angela, he was referring to Mercy.
  • During the meet and greet, I requested that he say a romantic line to Mercy in either Japanese or English. He did it for me, and I have no idea what he said since it was in Japanese, but I’ll probably upload that one. Because Boy Do I Need Help. Nevermind, got the translation! (x)

Feel free to send additional questions or clarify any errors I could have made! 

; v; )/


so i feel like a lot of people missed this because i know i definitely did, and not to burst anyone’s bubble, but the part where clarke elbows the grounder in the face so bellamy can shoot him isn’t non-verbal communication like i’ve seen a lot of people saying and how i used to assume. 

If you get to 1:00 and listen closely, you can hear bellamy shouting “GIVE ME A CLEAN SHOT” to clarke while the camera is focused on her.

this 100% doesn’t undermine their epicness as a team though. clarke still had no idea how bellamy planned on shooting that grounder, all she knew is that he was going to try. and once she saw how he was going to do that, she had to act in literally less than ten seconds to think of a way to get the grounder off of her, not to mention putting her life in bellamy’s hands and trusting that he would shoot the grounder while missing her.

in a way, it makes me love the scene even more. even though i loved the it without realizing that he told her he was gonna try and shoot the grounder, it did seem a tad unrealistic that clarke would be able to respond to something so quickly without some sort of a heads up. 

and this is the part i love. she knew as soon as he turned the rover in front of the truck that she had maybe two viable options. 

the first: to try and swerve out of the way of the rover. bellamy might have been able to shoot him through the passenger side window. and while it would been considerably more difficult to do so, it would be a whole lot safer for clarke. it had more of a guarantee of her own self-preservation because if she had swerved to the left of the rover, the grounder would have been the only person in the shot. but it would have had less than a guarantee of working for bellamy. 

the second: to do what she actually did, which was keep heading straight towards bellamy. and this means so much!!! this option was much less safe for her to follow through with but it gave bellamy a better chance at shooting the grounder. and i don’t care how good of a shot bellamy is and lbr he’s an absolute dead shot, sorry s1 raven, shooting a moving target that is right next to the last person on earth you would want to shoot is HARD. Hell, shooting a stationary target is hard, and i can speak from experience (i just feel like i have to note: this was in a very safe and controlled environment where everyone was extremely meticulous about everything to make sure there were no accidents and that everyone was safe). so when he’s got high stakes, extreme emotions, moving targets, and limited time, there was always the chance that bellamy could have accidentally shot clarke. Clarke knew this but instead of saving her own skin, she decided to trust bellamy wholly in order to give him a better chance at doing what he needed to do to keep her safe. and it worked!!!!   

honestly there are times where i have been floored by how much trust they put in each other. and something like this will definitely have a lasting impact on that trust in the best way possible.

EDIT: tagging @forgivenessishardforus and @abazethe100 to see what your thoughts are on this (because lbr everyone loves your meta)

sea witch stuff

Small list of things I associate with typical sea witch stuff! It’s a small list because I am pretty minimal in my craft. Plus, I use a lot of colored and textured rocks instead of shells. Please feel free to add or make your own and tag me! I love seeing what other people associate

Anomiidae/Jingle shells- Money, prosperity, financial gains, etc. This is my first association, I think it’s because I also know it as “mermaid money”. I like to put these in my treasure chest as part of a money spell. My other association for cleansing and positivity. They are just so pretty, light, and bright- it reminds me of happiness. When you shake them all together, it jingles, something I think could be used for cleansing in the way that bells are used!

Driftwood: I mainly use it in the creation of wands, honestly. Given the name though, it could be used for traveling spells, or for guidance in feeling lost.

Sand: Usually blank, but I use it for grounding as well, as I meditate on the beach a lot and feel like I become one with the sand.

Sea glass: Sea glass is a really blank thing for me. I use them based on color associations generally. I also think, since they are man-made but shaped by nature, can be used for transformation spells and rituals.

Sea-weed: I like to use these in curses. Preferably, to hold/tie someone down, keep them stuck, or even choking (metaphorical!) I’m sure there are other uses but this is my main use for sea-weed. It’s green so, always could be used for prosperity!

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Coming out story? :)

ok ok but i also might make a video sometime but idk?¿?¿

basically i never really liked boys much at all. like in elementary school I was never ever interested in boys. Also i was obsessed with lily from hannah Montana and sam from icarly (clearly both more tomboyish) and like wanted to be them sooooo badly. I guess I dressed “girly” when I was young but I also didnt care and just wore tshirts and shit all the time lol (ok like clothing has nothing to do with being gay but idk it fits in with the story.) In middle school I had a boyfriend lol and he always asked if we could kiss and stuff and i always just thought I wasnt ready for that yet. I just was really uncomfortable showing affection to boys like i remember my friends had boyfriends and they would hold hands and hug and shit and i was just soooooooo uncomfortable with it. So then freshman year came and this guy started texting me and we hung out and I would flirt with him and stuff but then he started asking me how far I would go with a guy and im like ummmm im not comfortable with that like I dont want to do anything with a guy right now, and I still thought I just wasnt ready for it. Also whenever our friends would talk about relationships and stuff I would always say how nice it was to be gay and be with a woman lololol. Also freshman year I was obsessed with women celebrities and would be like omg they are so cute and funny!

Then I literally had an epiphany in bed one morning like im not kidding lol. I was laying there thinking about relationships and a man laying next to me and then I was like “but what if it was a woman?” and it was like WOAHHHHHHHHH 

So yeah then began me searching all over youtube to see as many coming out stories as possible and girlfriend tag videos and just like every gay thing I could come across lol. 

So I told my mom and my friend Dominique before anyone, even before I was even 100% sure because I was really caught up on the label thing and like what if in the future I wanted to date a guy??? and I was scared to put that label on it. But tbh my mom is like the fucking best and I talked with her a lot about stuff and eventually I just slowly started telling other people like my friends and it just slowly got around school and stuff. 

But I accidentally came out to my dad bc i had all mens clothing on my christmas list and he asked me about it (but was kind of joking) and hes like “are you a guy?” and im like nah dad and then hes like “lol are you gay” and i just froze. and hes like “wait oh my god are you? i mean i dont care just like are you really?” and i was like yup. and he was super supportive and stuff. 

basically everyone was really supportive and the hardest part for me was really understanding myself and figuring out what i wanted to label myself as (which like labels ik but it really freaked me out when i was coming out)



A Captain America and Winter Soldier video, or Steve and Bucky, if you will (:

Illustrations all done by Minuiko, who is obviously very good at what she does if she can make me have a burning desire to edit for a fandom I’m not even really in, haha. Her images already had life, I just gave them some movement ;)

Vimeo link for those who can’t view it on Youtube!

this is what I posted a few days ago and then, in fright and anxiety and low self esteem, deleted. but that was 3pm Jax and this is 2am Jax, so I’m sure everything will be fine so!

– –

alright… was this what y'all were expecting with the Monster Village thing? maybe not. most likely not, seeing as it’s Pranks content.

trigger warning: ho rror (?), b ody horr or (though, not really. but could be seen that way), ask to tag!

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Things I’ve been tagged for.....

I may have been tagged by others for things but this is all I could remember off hand. Sorry :( 

@ninjaofthepurplethings​ tagged me for the mood board thing. At the moment I guess that would be Moises Pine-Gorden. (because you know I can’t take anything seriously. haha) psst. granola because I imagine he smells like it. 

Rules: put together a mood board using at least six images for the sim most associated with your blog (simself, legacy sim, character, etc.) and then tag more people to do it.

@thebleedingwoodland​ tagged me for the No Filter Challenge. 

With Moises….what you see is what you get. :P

And finally @simcatcher​ tagged me for…

once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly, and then send it to ten of your favorite followers! <3

This is me five times…..:P It’s my best feature. Lazy…Lazy….Lazy….well, you get the picture. ;)

Bonus….me laughing. Thank you guys. Love you all!

Because this is the internet and people are always going to give their 2 cents, and I’m no exception. It especially helped that the person said “I don’t understand why antis don’t see it” like oh guy lemme give you the answer. And then it turns out they didn’t want the answer and decided to call it hate so they could play the victim.

I know Kakashi isn’t perfect and people are allowed to acknowledge those imperfections, but I’m really curious why you don’t like Kakashi for doing something as simple as showing favoritism but Sasuke can defect from Konoha to join sides with a mad scientist who experimented on humans and wanted to destroy his home town, attempt to kill his team mates, join a terrorist organization whose goal includes killing one of said team mates, trying to kill those teammates AGAIN, try to kill all the Kages, and try to kill a team mate a whopping third time [at least]… and that’s all acceptable as long as he just says he’s sorry? Hoo boy… Also, Kakashi gave a hell of a better apology to Sakura about neglecting her training than Sasuke ever gave her and Naruto for everything I’ve listed above. “I’m sorry” “For what?” “Everything” OH IN THAT CASE YOU’RE FORGIVEN YUP THAT TOTALLY MAKES UP FOR ATTEMPTED MURDER. And I can already hear you saying “It’s just fiction” but sit tight and listen here.

I throw around the word abusive when it comes to SasuSaku for the same reasons I would throw around the word racist if a work of modern fiction showed PoC as horrible caricatures and harmful stereotypes, or how I would throw around the word homophobic if a work of modern fiction presented queer people as sinful or unnatural. Their situation was that Sakura loved Sasuke and was kind and patient with him, but he neglected her, hurt her emotionally and tried to kill her. [”But the curse of hatred–” him having the “curse of hatred” does not change what he did, nor does it excuse what he did] It was acknowledged in the story that Sakura had absolutely no reason to love him and Kishimoto said that her moving on “would have made her a horrible woman”. Not only is their relationship toxic, its basis is sexist as hell.

People say “yeah but we don’t ship Sakura with that version of Sasuke” the version of Sasuke that never did those things to Sakura does not exist. The version of SasuSaku that is not toxic and sexist does not exist. People think shipping SasuSaku means they are supporting a happy relationship between the two, but the only version of SasuSaku that exist is the one where Sakura was expected to put up with neglect and attempted murder because otherwise she would have been a “horrible woman”. When people support SasuSaku, that is what they are supporting whether they want to admit it or not.

Yeah when said things have a basis of sexism I’m probably gonna shame them, just like I would if people enjoyed something with a basis of racism or homophobia. Sorry if that makes you feel bad, but there are hundreds of other things you can enjoy that does not have a basis of sexism that you could enjoy. I strongly suggest you look for them.

The gratification is that they’re venting about a toxic problem in popular media, and they continue to do it because people refuse to listen because “it’s just fiction”. Art mimics life and life mimics art, nothing is ever “just fiction”.

I’m not sure what post I would have put in the SS tag, any original post of mine about it I either tag as anti-sasusaku or I don’t tag it at all if it’s small enough. If you’re on mobile, search with a hashtag in front of the words so you don’t find any given post that says Sasusaku anywhere in the post, including anti posts.

The world isn’t going to just try to make you happy all the time, and neither am I dude. Here I put my thoughts and opinions about stuff and if our opinions conflict then you’re just not going to like what you see no matter what.

At the beginning of the season everyone was like “SANA AND ISAK” “give sana and even scenes together” “wht’s awesome is that sana sees everything, she pays attention so we’re gonna see the stories through her pov” (this one isnt well phrased) and now everyone islike “LET NOORHELM DIE” lmao it is not like it was all that thzre was in the season? Sana is helping a friend? That’s who sana is? It isnt obershadowing her. And if you hate it so much why do you feel the need to tag everythingyou post ‘noorhelm’ 'noora x william’ 'william magnusson’? There are still fans of them, could you try to be respectful? The noorhelm tag rn is 50% antis and 50%people calling out antis and telling them to go elsewhere? I mean if you hate noorhelm you probably arent looking up their tag page so like why are you posting in it? Use “anti noorhelm”. I guess no one is gonna see it and actually do it but it s pretty fun tht y'all are preaching about “everyone making mistakes” and also goingon about “emotional abuse” “william the asshole” and yet you have no tolerance and wont let anyone enjoy what they love in peace. You probably wouldnt take it that well if “sana bakkoush” and/or “evak” were used in hate posts incessantly. what does it cost you to stop putting your shit in the tags and let other fanshave a different opinion?

(I wont go as far as tagging it inappropriately so that y'all could see it because th only thing i’d get is hate, and honestly i am not one to enter into a hateful “conversation” with each person insulting and shaming the other but i am tagging it anti noorhelm because i guess the tag is used by some people and maybe some of you will check it and do it… not that respect is your thing apparently)

Imagine what we could have, if they do make another live action RK movie, if they adapt Jinchuu. Because they could streamline the parts of the arc that were the weakest. Watsuki admitted he wished he had just had Enishi as a terminator character who destroyed everyone instead of getting all the other dudes who’s names I’ve forgotten besides Gein cus they didn’t matter.

And I always felt like the movies meant to, because there’s been flashbacks to Tomoe but the full story hasn’t been explained in the movie canon. And because the ending was a proposal, and that could be seen as a happy ending or a cliffhanger.

And imagine the Jinchuu arc a few months after Kenshin and Kaoru’s wedding. The movie starts with flashes of their wedding, of their joy, their happiness. Cute scenes of marital bliss. (Maybe have Kaoru be pregnant but I kinda think that would be going too far. I’m looking at you GoT)

And Kenshin thinks he’s safe finally. He thinks he’s finally hound home with his beloved adopted family and his beautiful wife and he’s finally letting himself be happy.

And imagine how much more heart wrenching, how much more soul destroying Enishi’s justice would be, then.


I’m so in love with March Family Letters right now I mean:

  • quality modern youtube adaptation of a classic (Little Women)
  • adorable canon lesbians
  • shows social anxiety as a disorder not just being socially awkward
  • racial diversity in cast
  • explicit ace representation
  • differentiates asexuality and aromanticism
  • people can’t complain that the LGBT+ focus ~distracts from the plotline~ because it fits with the framework of the original story when put into a modern context
  • it’s free because it’s on youtube (with additional/optional info on other social media if you’re into that)
  • just an all around great series honestly like this is way more than I could hope for in any series at this point


// why are there so much long tags, it’s weird, i just put ’#♥Hero♥’ instead of ’#🔨If i were a Hero where could i be? (out of character)🔨’ because what if you mess up a tag? keep it simple man? i don’t care of aesthetics because i only care of Love in composition instead? my baby isn’t smart but neither a mimbo i get it… erryone has their style and i get it… but putting a paragraph instead of three letters for a tag is not practical (i won’t spend 10minutes writting my softy reply and other 20 minutes writting each one of my tags xD)

personal, open opinion: less tags more Love-writting yo! ♥♥♥

PD: the debut of ’#🍌 Bananas 🍌’ is successful for my crack tag n.n

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Hi! I was wondering if you had any fic recs for Ace attorney? (must it be klapollo or narumistu.:))

hello anon!!! i have actually only ever read narumitsu and klapollo fics for ace attorney so i’m glad you asked for those~ although i have to admit that i haven’t read new ones in a while so this is probably outdated. i’ve been meaning to create a fic rec list, but i kept putting it off… thanks for giving me an excuse to finally do it.

btw the vast majority of these will not be nsfw, it’s not really my thing… and i read most of these a long time ago so i might not remember a whole ton about each fic except that i enjoyed them.

ok here we go! i put it under the cut for length. most of these link to ao3 or ffnet. i apologize in advance because i’m sure i’m missing a lot of other amazing fics… also please always check the tags for potential triggers. i tried to call out fics that could be potentially triggering but this ended up taking me so long i could have missed some. stay safe and i hope you enjoy!

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Spread KanoKido Love

So we’ve been faced with a bit of hate too this precious couple. But how about everyone who ships it reblogs this and puts what they love about KanoKido <3 you can post in tags or on the post whatever~

Like i love just how perfect they are for each other, they are best friends and soulmates in my eyes because they love and care for each other so much. They were each others first friends and continue too be best friends, who totally like each other even if they are poopy’s and haven’t admit it yet. And i could just go on and on about why i love them forever.

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i just saw another country, and i can't stop thinking about harry that age and eggsy together. young harry could be one of the candidates that was put forward at the same time as eggsy. at first they can't stand each other because eggsy thinks harry is just a posh, spoiled rich guy and harry thinks eggsy is brash and rude. but as they're trained they find out they have a lot of common and of course there's sexual tension. and you can guess what happens next lol.

((Gonna tag @vulcancherry​ because they were bemoaning the lack of young Harry fics earlier and @yeseggsy​ cause she’s always a slut for young!Harry))

Eggsy isn’t sure what it is he’s expecting when Merlin nods towards the pair of double doors in front of him. He glances up at his father (who is apparently not just the Lee Unwin he always knew, but also Agent Galahad a fucking spy) but Lee doesn’t say anything, just raises an eyebrow, one corner of his mouth twitching up in something that might be called a smile under less confusing circumstances.

Merlin clears his throat and Eggsy wraps his fingers around the handle, tugs the door open, and steps inside. The group that greets him already have him feeling out of place and so far all he’s done is breathe their air. But that’s sign number one, innit? he thinks. They’re obviously the ones who have the greater claim to it; he’s just there taking it up. His dad has some explaining to do.

He doesn’t have long to dwell on this before Merlin is slipping in behind him, expounding on how they’re about to ‘embark on the most dangerous job interview in the world’, whatever that means. The magician lifts up a shapeless mass and tilts his head towards it. “Does anyone know what this is?”

‘Body bag’ Eggsy’s mind supplies. God knows he saw enough of them in the Marines.

A young man raises his hand and Eggsy catches the movement out of the corner of his eye. He turns his head to get a better look at him and has to bite his lip to keep from snorting in amusement. His hair is obviously not a thing to be tamed, mass of brown curls that it is. Whiskey-brown eyes are sharp and alert and his posture is that of one who legitimately put books on top of their head to practice when they were younger. In other words, he’s the very picture of a posh brat. Wonderful.

Merlin nods at him and the young man’s hand falls to his side, shoulders getting impossibly straighter. “Body bag, sir,” he replies without hesitation and Eggsy has to admit he’s a bit startled by it. It lies at odds with his slim frame, deeper than anticipated.

Doesn’t change anything. Still a git.

“That’s correct,” Merlin says and Eggsy realizes time is, in fact, still moving. “Harry, isn’t it?”

The young man, Harry now, nods and goes back to standing at attention. He seems to sense Eggsy looking at him, side-eyes him critically. Apparently he doesn’t like what he sees because he only rolls his eyes and returns them to the front.

Still a git indeed.

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so i have just been approached by someone who didn’t appreciate the tags that i had put on their gifset.   my tags weren’t inflammatory, they didn’t insult the OP or what they had made.  they were simply my opinion on two characters and their experiences and, i agreed with what the OP and the gifset said.  ( and if they hadn’t added an add on, they wouldn’t see them on their notifications. )   yet i was insulted.   threatened and gilt tripped into deleting my reblog of their gifset, even though the OP could have just blocked me and ignored me, which is what i do when i dont appreciate what people put on reblogs of my art.     now i dont know what other people’s opinions are on this, but if you make a gifset and tag it so it can be found in searches, posting it into a public forum, you cannot demand that someone takes down the reblog if you disagree with their tags because their tags contain slightly different opinions to you, or variations of the same opinion.     you can, if they are offensive but if it’s just an honest different opinion, threatening to report their blog and have them deleted is ridiculous.

stimming app!

i was going to send this as an ask but it ended up being rlly long but!! i found this blog through some other blogs with slime and other stim stuff and i saw someone recommend that fireworks app, and i realized that sooo many people on here could benefit from the following app:

Fluid Monkey

short explanation: liquid in a bowl simulator

long explanation: it’s so customizable??? i have it on my ipad and i think it’s available for android as well

it has eight preset things that vary how thick the liquid appears and what they appear to be in (Bowl Of Paint, Gelatin, Ink In Water, etc)

you get sliders for opacity, force, amount of sparkles in the liquid, friction, pressure, speed, and diffusion, as well as the option to slide a ball around in it and it’ll swish the liquid around. i typically find a preset that’s close to what i’m in the mood for and then mess with the sliders until it’s perfect.

you can make the liquid any color you want and, as part of it having really good realistic physics, you can set it to have the liquid sink to the bottom if you hold your device upright

it’s super soothing and has come in handy a lot when i dont have something stimmy with me, and could be a really good stealthy stim if you aren’t comfortable using a stim toy publicly and just want to look like you’re playing on your phone

anyway!! it’s called Fluid Monkey and it’s really good and i want other ppl to know about it!!! :Dc

!!!! Thank you for sharing this, what a cool sounding app! I’m going to check it out right now :D